oh manu

OH MY FREAKING NUTELLA!!!! He should ALWAYS do this, you know, lift his undershirt~ or better yet, he should NOT wear any undershirt at all!! *drools* MANU NEUER JUST KILLED ME 1000000000000000000000000000000x!

Since I keep seeing posts about cast for Boba Fett, and choosing between Daniel Logan and Manu Bennett is Difficult, I have a proposition that has a potential to make everyone happy:

Daniel Logan as Boba Fett in Boba Fett movie

Manu Bennett as Kix in Star Wars VIII

And (this is dream!cast, since we already know cast for Rogue One):

Temuera Morrison as surviving clone (Rex? Cody?) in The Rogue One

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anonymous asked:

Oh, the "Manu-and-Nina-wedding-haters" have found somenting new: the was no kiss! What makes everybody so sure about that? Has anyone seen the complete wedding ceremony in the church? Perhaps, there was at least a little something, the both want to keep in private.