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You're making a film? Oh, man, that's def gonna be amazing, you're an awesome artist! Are we gonna be able to see it after it's done? Or buy it or something?

I am! It’s just a student film tho for my final, Ill be posting updates on it and then post the final video on vimeo then add the link here!


                   ✿ NANASEHH’S FOLLOW FOREVER 

Hi guys! Recently i hit 1.7K followers and omg, i didn’t expect people would actually like my anime blog, I started this not so long ago, this blog actually turned one this past july and I was so happy, because thanks to this blog I have met wonderful people, from amazing bloggers that take time to reblog my posts and send asks to friends that I talk to in skype & outside tumblr! 

You guys are seriously amazing, i still can’t believe i have gotten this far with this blog, and that people are actually so nice to help me with personal and dumb stuff. And to be honest, i don’t know if i’d have keep it up this far if it wasn’t by your decisition of following this shitty blog, your nice comments, your funny selves and your amazing blogs!

So not to make it more long than it already is! Here it is my follow forever which you guys were part of (sorry it’s not tokyo ghoul but i couldn’t think of anything good to do), also this was meant to be done when i reached 1K, then i got lazy and waited for the 1.5k and when i realized i hitted 1.7K and i said to myself it was enough and i had to make it now. 

Bold: mutuals
Italic: faves of faves
✿: friend

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Oh man, me and Terrence were so taken aback by the story!! We were like, where is this going??? And then the reveal had us reeling!! It was so cool!!!! Fave part would be the songs!!

  • OUAT: Emma might be going evil
  • Me: So what you're trying to tell me is that Emma and Regina are going to have all the hot sex
  • OUAT: We never said tha-
  • Me: Oh man this is going to be awesome
  • OUAT: I don't think you're listening to-
  • Me: Evil Emma and Evil Queen together at last :)))

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Man oh man, you're going to make me watch Leverage with all these awesome Parker and Hardison gifsets you reblog. :) It's been on my list forever, but you're getting me to really look forward to it!

That’s the idea!

Let me tell you why Leverage is best.

Leverage is best because no matter how far-fetched the plots become, they’re all drawn from things that have really happened, and sometimes have been toned down because fiction has to be believable and reality doesn’t.

Leverage is best because it’s a show about people finding each other and finding themselves and finding out they can be a family.

Leverage is best because my girl Parker is never once called broken for the things that are, well, not quite standard issue.  She’s been through a lot, and she still laughs and steals things and falls asleep dangling from the rafters, and I adore her beyond all words.

Leverage is best because Eliot.

Let’s go steal ourselves a fandom.

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Hm... so on this blog we appreciate your work with violence ... ? *takes out gaster blaster* OH YEAH SO YOU'RE GREAT & NICE LINES MAN THEY LOOK AWESOME! *gaster blaster BLASTS you away*

Seriously, I done nothing today except… Be an idiot with you guys ! That was cool but damn… I had works to do ^^’ So this end this epic adventure ! XD Love you all, I give you all a huge final hug ! ^^