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Cursed Child rant

Alright, Witches, Wizards, Muggles, and magical creatures big and small, hold onto your broomsticks because I’m about to tell you why I do not like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child nor accept it as canon. 

Spoilers ahead. Obviously. but c’mon who hasn’t read it or been spoiled by now Also, it got super long. 

Let’s start off by saying: it’s been months since I read it. If I get some things off a little, go ahead and tell me; I’ll edit the rant and correct it. If you just don’t agree with me… that’s great for you. Okay? We good? That’s all the disclaimer you’re getting. Moving on! 

Where do I begin? Um… Let’s recap shall we? 

It starts with Albus Severus Potter (who’s name I still cannot get over) meeting and becoming friends with Scorpius Malfoy. 

Okay. Great. We’ve all wanted that for years. No problem. 

We’ve also played with the idea of Albus in Slytherin for years. I have no problem with that either. 

What I do have problems with is the way Albus is treated after he is put in Slytherin. He’s the outcast of his family. He’s the “disappointing son”. After Harry’s canon “the bravest man I knew was Slytherin” speech (don’t get me started on Snape), I expected a bit better treatment of Slytherins. But Albus is Slytherin and looked at sideways by the entire cast, except Scorpius. This could easily become a rant about Slytherin’s and stereotypes and treatment, but I give enough of those already. 

My issues are mostly with Albus’ personality. Now, I didn’t write the character. He’s not mine. I don’t have the authority to tell anyone how he should be. All I can do is have headcanons. But “canon” Albus doesn’t exactly display a lot of Slytherin traits. Sure he sneaks around, but so does Harry, Ron, and Hermione and they’re all Gryffindor. If my memory serves me correctly, Albus goes to Slytherin because he basically thinks, “Well, the Gryffindors I know suck, let’s try Slytherin.”it’s been a while since I read it okay  

Albus is jaded by the time the plot picks up. He doesn’t like flying, isn’t that good at it or Quidditch (which honestly feels like they’re just trying to make him as unlike Harry as possible which I could handle if it wasn’t so badly written), and is basically convinced his life is horrible. (I’ll get into why a little later.) This kid shows no Slytherin traits that I remember. He hardly shows any traits really. I think it was the play format, but Albus becomes a stereotypical teenager who has daddy issues and doesn’t like his life. 

Scorpius I don’t really have a big problem with, besides it going against my personal headcanons. He at least shows a bit more Slytherin traits than jaded Albus. I feel like they were trying to break Slytherin stereotypes with him- which is great and all, but it almost makes me feel like that’s all Scorpius’ personality was. As if he was made to simply disrupt our preconceived ideas of what Slytherin is. I don’t like it. Stereotypes are something I can’t stand, but come on, people, don’t strip my house of what we actually are. 

Okay, moving on from Slytherin. 

Let’s take a step back from the new characters and visit the one’s we already know, we already love. Oh wait, they’ve been ripped to shreds. 

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Taron Egerton, Golden Boy

Action, explosions and impeccable tailoring, the new Kingsman film has it all. Following the worldwide success of the first film of the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit the big screens this September and packs a star-studded cast. Taron Egerton talks about the excitement of returning to the role of Eggsy for the sequel, his on-screen love interest and what to expect for the highly anticipated release.

Where is Eggsy when we pick up with him?

We meet Eggsy an undisclosed amount of time after the first [film]. But you can see in his mews house that there are three additional Sun headlines on the wall, indicating that he’s done a handful of missions on his own. And he is now going steady, to use a very 1950s term, with – shock horror – the Swedish princess from the first movie. Love blossomed in an unusual place. He’s trying to juggle the lifestyle of being a Kingsman and a full-time spy with also trying to nurture a blossoming relationship with a person who he really loves. He’s basically the same guy, just with a really important job.

He still has those rough edges?

Oh, the rough edges haven’t been sanded off. Eggsy still fucks up. That’s essential for the audience to have a window into the movie, to experience it through his eyes. He still has to escape through a sewer and emerge covered in shit. That’s not Harry Hart. That’s Eggsy. If we’d started the movie with Eggsy being Harry Hart, he wouldn’t have anywhere to go. He’s the rough-around-the-edges lad. We even see him return to an adidas hoodie – that’s who he is on his downtime.

This is your third film now with Matthew Vaughn, who also produced Eddie The Eagle. You clearly work well together – were you in contact with him as he pulled the movie together?

For the whole time he was writing, he always calls and says ideas. There is a real big kid in Matthew. When he has an idea he’s excited about he wants to share it. Just when you think you have a handle on Matthew, who he is and how his creative brain works, he comes in with something else which is really fucking clever. On a daily basis, it’s something I could never have thought of.

The first movie was your first time on a movie set. Did it feel easier this time?

On the first one I thought Matthew could fire me at any moment. I was a bit more tight-lipped and reverential. Now I give as good as I get. It felt easier in that I’ve spent far more time on film sets, and felt more certain of myself and how I function within a film set and this world I now occupy. In other senses, Matthew kept calling it the tough second album, and it is. People shout ‘Eggsy!’ at me in the street sometimes, and that’s quite a thing to reconcile yourself with, that you’re coming back and playing the same role again, and people have a level of expectation from you. They want the same thing again, but they also want it to be new and exciting. Kingsman has totally changed my life, so coming back, the overriding emotion was excitement, and real anticipation. The script was great, and it’s a really great story. I was so excited, and to be doing a sequel to your first film within four years of coming out of drama school, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Have you changed your approach to the character?

On the first, I was constantly thinking about the accent and it doesn’t cross my mind now. He’s very much a part of me. I don’t think about it for a second now. I’ve played this character from his inception and I feel secure.

The best-kept secret in movies – that Colin Firth is back as Harry Hart – is now out. So what can you say about Eggsy’s relationship with Harry in this movie?

Well… we were on the same set, and we are friends and I love his company, and it was really nice to revisit a job well done. There were a lot of ways Matthew could have gone with the sequel, but in my mind, there was no doubt. I’m not sure how far the movie goes without that Harry and Eggsy relationship. That dynamic, and riffing on that dynamic, is the beating heart of the movie.

Has the relationship changed?

When they are reunited, it’s lovely. It’s very affecting and they’re pleased to see each other. But for undisclosed reasons, a tension grows in their relationship. That’s enormously fun and an interesting dynamic. When Harry and Eggsy’s relationship came to its untimely end in the first one, they weren’t on good terms. It’s quite sad. Eggsy hasn’t dealt with the situation particularly well. So in this movie you expect a reconciliation and you get it, but because of other facts it’s not always harmonious. Matthew knows that’s the key. You’ve got all the guns and fighting and that makes it brilliant, but for me it’s about Harry and Eggsy.

Early in the film, an attack on Kingsman has huge ramifications for Eggsy. What are those ramifications?

What it means for Eggsy is he was disenfranchised at the start of the first one, and aimless and not content. This wacky world he becomes involved with gives him direction and purpose, so to dash it to smithereens at the top end of this second episode is mad. Eggsy doesn’t really know what the hell to do. Sometimes sequels don’t work. This works because we get a reset. Everything was OK, and now it’s not again.

The big new additions to the film are the Statesmen, the American equivalent of Kingsmen, who Eggsy and Merlin discover in the wake of the attack on their own organisation. What can you say about these new arrivals?

The Kingsmen make their money through tailoring and that’s their front, but it’s more limited in terms of reward and finances than selling booze. The Statesmen are a level up. We thought our jet was good, but theirs is a fucking jet. You can see Eggsy being wide-eyed with wonder again.

The cast Vaughn has assembled for this movie is astonishing.

It’s amazing. One minute you’re working in Peacocks and then all of a sudden you’re sat at a table with Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry! It’s a weird thing to be part of. They’re such great characters and so animated and larger than life and played by such great performers.

What’s the relationship like between Eggsy and the Statesmen?

I think to begin with it’s one of mistrust. These organisations aren’t aware of each other. They’re only supposed to become aware of each other in the event of a serious disaster. Eggsy and Merlin find themselves face to face with Agent Tequila, and have a fight… I don’t recommend fighting Channing Tatum. He’s a dancer, but that guy is like an ox. I had a few sore fingers after that.

Talk us through the Statesmen.

Ginger (played by Halle Berry) is the equivalent of Merlin. She’s very clever and you might describe her as bookish, she’s a quieter character. And then there’s Channing Tatum, who has a bit of bravado and is butch and manly. He’s quite gung-ho. He likes his weekend parties. He ends up in stasis, having taken some sort of illicit substance. Jeff as Champagne is really cool. He’s an alcoholic who doesn’t drink, but is forever swilling and spitting whiskey, or he sniffs the whiskey as he’s talking and trying to figure [stuff] out. Then there’s Pedro Pascal, who plays agent Whiskey, and he is a kind of seasoned veteran, their top field agent, who takes me under his wing. For a little while, it begins to feel like he might be a new mentor figure for Eggsy in the absence of Harry Hart, who is not quite what he once was. But you also get the sense that Whiskey might be a little reckless, and a little cold.

And, of course, there’s Julianne Moore as the villain of the piece, Poppy.

She has a dastardly plot that’s every bit as chilling as Valentine’s plot from the first movie. That’s thematic of these two films. There’s a very cold world in which you get what Valentine was saying about global warming. You can also sort of see where Poppy is coming from, depending on how conservative you are. But Julianne is lovely. She’s a children’s author as well and heard that I had two young sisters and she sent some of her books. She’s really great in the movie, really disturbing and saccharine and rotten to the core. The smile never reaches the eyes.

The first film pushed the envelope with its R-rated tone, exploding heads and stylish violence. Does the second follow that up?

You’re not going to be leaving the cinema feeling like Matthew played it safe this time. It takes a character like Matthew’s to be as resolute and uncompromising as that, in the face of all the pressures that come when it’s a commercially viable property. If you call the first one provocative, you’d call this one a punch in the face.

So it’s a movie that may ruffle feathers.

I think it may ruffle feathers more than the first one ruffled feathers.

This is the interview and photos that appeared in M2 Magazine

First Impressions (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on)

Word Count:

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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First Impressions Tag: @goodnightwife


A week had passed since you met Sebastian, Chris, and Bee. Bee was an absolute delight and you and her were becoming best friends quickly as you texted each day about the trials of being actresses. You sent funny snaps back and forth about being in hair and makeup, staying up late to learn lines, the typical actress life.

You were now at an interview for Jimmy Kimmel live. One, for promoting the movie you just started directing, second, to announce that you had been chosen for the newest Marvel movie. Just as you emerged from the dressing room to await for your announcement, you ran into Sebastian.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (to change a life)

Words: 10.3k

Genre: fluff

Warnings: little bit of swearing, homophobia, (light) drinking mentions

Description: Dan Howell is a rising star in theatre, Phil Lester is an actor acclaimed by the audience and the critique. They both get a role in the same play.

Read on AO3

A/N: apologies for any typos or mistakes made, I’ve read it over too many times and don’t notice them anymore. Shoutout to @palephantom for letting me rant endlessly about this without hating me! 

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great comet 8/5 matinee

so first of all, great comet was amazing, not that i was expecting anything less, but still. i saw the matinee on 8/5, sat in the front mezzanine (house left, row A seat 3. 10/10 would recommend this view) and pretty much everyone was the usual cast except anatole was blaine alden krauss, sonya was ashley perez flanagan, and mary was courtney bassett. and they, and everyone else, totally killed it

so here’s some of the stuff from the performance i saw (under a cut because its A Lot):

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Taron Egerton, Golden Boy

by: Matt Genefaas

Action, explosions and impeccable tailoring, the new Kingsman film has it all. Following the worldwide success of the first film of the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to hit the big screens this September and packs a star-studded cast. Taron Egerton talks about the excitement of returning to the role of Eggsy for the sequel, his on-screen love interest and what to expect for the highly anticipated release.

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Golden Hearts - Dean Winchester x Reader (Single Father AU)

Title: Golden Hearts

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,168

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean Winchester. Single Father of two amazing twins. Love of your life. Your boss and… teacher?

I’m telling you Sam-” Dean breathed out a chuckle “She’s amazing!” he couldn’t fight the grin at the thought of your image.

And the girls- gosh they love her so much! And she- she is so good with them. You should just see her. Mary had made a total mess of the living room when she was helping Sammy brush her teeth but- but instead of being angry she just cleaned it up!”

Sam chuckled shrugging softly “Sounds great then.”

Oh she is, Sam! And- and it’s not that but she- she is literally so great with everything. All of the things she loves she just-she is so gentle and caring and-”

Everything to make her a good catch huh?” Sam smirked, raising an eyebrow at his brother “Why do sound pretty smitten huh?”

I’m- I’m- No, Sam I am just stating facts. You should- you should see them all three. Man, I’m telling you she’d be a wonderful mother one day. And- and it’s not just the kids- If you saw her how interested she is in class and eager to learn, especially when it comes to all the biochemical stuff. You know how I even hated those.”

Wait- what?!”

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #189 - Spy

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #358

Format: Blu-ray

1) So the movie starts by introducing us to a sort of typical white guy spy. A James Bond type, but without the British accent (for some reason). It starts with the familiar, the usual tropes, before really fucking them over when Jude Law (who for some reason is trying to do an American accent and he’s not doing it well) sneezes and accidentally kills a guy.

Originally posted by foxmovies

Which is an excellent joke to introduce is into the film’s wonderfully strong sense of humor. If you think you know how a trope is going to play out, you’re probably wrong. In fact, the entire opening sequence is a strong representative of how the film blends quality action with quality humor which will be consistent throughout the film.

2) Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper.

Originally posted by replicants6

McCarthy is the foundation on which the rest of the film is built. From the very first minute we spend with her character she is established as not only good at her job but incredible at it. It is easy in spy spoofs for the main spy to be a bumbling idiot, but Susan’s continued competence is in fact one of the key factors which makes this film as incredible as it is. Especially considering the fact she does have some insecurities at the beginning, insecurities which are largely unfounded because she is fucking good at her job. McCarthy is able to have incredible warmth, heart, and vulnerability as Susan which she doesn’t always show in her film roles. But also when the script calls for it she can have this amazing brashness and humorous loudmouth/angry quality. Susan goes through an incredible transformation from the moment we meet her to the moment we leave her and McCarthy is able to play that absolutely perfectly. It’s HER story, it’s HER movie, and we are just along for the ride in an amazing way.

3) “Who Else Can You Trust?” is abbreviated in the film’s opening credits (I own the full version found on the album) but feels like a real Bond song with the opening credits feeling like a real Bond opening credits. This is part of the reason Spy is able to differentiate itself from other spy comedies like Austin Powers. It takes the genre, action, and stakes seriously throughout. This is real danger and true villains who are trying to get their hands on a nuke. It’s not like “oh, it’s funny because the spy is stupid and the bad guy’s want to kill all cats” or something like that. This sort of silly comedies can and have worked in the past, but Spy’s comedy is born out of its strong sense of characters and performances from the actor. Not by making fun of the genre, but embracing it in a wonderfully fun and funny way.

4) Jude Law’s Bradley Fine often times steps over the line which divides nice guy from Nice Guy™.

Susan: “Could you imagine me as a spy?”

[Fine, who has seen how badass she was in training, laughs at the idea.]

He’s an idiot and kind of a jackass. He may not actively be trying to belittle her but that’s what he does in pretty much 99% of their conversations. He’ll talk about how great she is but he gives her chores which she is overqualified for like picking up his laundry. It’s frustrating but then it’s supposed to be. It’s one of the key conflicts in the film that Susan is underestimated and belittled by all those around her because she’s not what a spy is “supposed” to be like.

Originally posted by summersroot

5) This film is pretty freaking great, but it could’ve used a little more Morena Baccarin.

Honestly, everything could use a little more Morena Baccarin.

6) What the fuck is this bullshit? He’s secretly SLEEPING with this bad guy and yet…

Fine [upon being caught by villainess Rayna with a gun]: “An awfully big gun for such a little girl.

Originally posted by mulder-scully-gifs

7) Allison Janney is someone who I love in literally everything I’ve seen her in. Even when she’s pretty much the straight man in this, the CIA director, I am just drawn to her. I just really fucking love Allison Janney.

8) Jason Statham as Ford.

Originally posted by gendrybaratheonn

Holy fucking shit. Somehow Jason Statham is in a movie with modern day comedic legend Melissa McCarthy and ends up being the funniest person in the film. He is totally committed to Ford’s arrogance, jackass qualities, intensity, and hyper masculinity in a way which is 100% hysterical! It’s a tricky business because Ford doesn’t think he’s funny. Ford doesn’t think he’s weird or an idiot, and Statham plays it like that knowing it will derive the most laughs. Ford is basically the super testosterone filled action hero in every movie ever and Statham doubles that while stealing every single fucking scene he’s in. And his chemistry with McCarthy is off the charts funny! Melissa McCarthy is the bedrock this film rests upon but Jason Statham is the fucking cherry on top (I think I’m mixing my metaphors but whatever), he is absolutely amazing.

9) I love this because it makes me angry.

CIA Director Elaine Crocker [about why Fine pressured Susan to stay out of the field]: “Yeah, he sniped you.”

Originally posted by simplybridal

THIS IS REAL! THIS IS FUCKING REAL! MEN IN CHARGE KEEPING WOMEN DOWN BECAUSE THEY’RE WOMEN, WHETHER THEY KNOW THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING OR NOT! GAH! I mean, the film including it is fucking awesome and handled really fucking well but holy shit it pisses me off that this is even a thing.

10) I find it endlessly frustrating (and I think I’m supposed to) that all of Susan’s aliases and spy gear are not the “sexy” stuff but things which could be considered “frumpy”. Why can’t she be a gorgeous baroness with a super slick ride and men on her shoulders? Have you seen Melissa McCarthy? She’s fucking gorgeous.

11) Melissa McCarthy has a very strong chemistry with Miranda Hart, who plays Susan’s best friend Chummy in the film. Their relationship in many ways is much more important than the ones Susan has with any other character in the film, including Fine. And you understand how good friends they are with each other as the movie continues. It’s really great.

Originally posted by ludi-lin

12) Ugh.

Ford [after McCarthy points out he didn’t even like Fine]: “It’s called the rivalry of men!”

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

As a man I can say, “The rivalry of men,” is the equivalent of, “who’s dick is bigger,” because society has convinced us that we’re not a “real man” unless we’re the “biggest” man in the room. It’s fucking stupid.

13) One of the key things that makes Susan as strong a character as she is are her motivations. You understand what is driving her VERY clearly: her memory of Fine. It evolves into more than that as the film goes, it evolves into her just doing her job, but you understand why she does things which are outside of her norm. It’s because she is in pain over Fine’s (supposed) death and needs to make right by him. It’s clear and powerful and helps make the film as good as it is.

14) Aldo - as portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz (legendary character actor who can be found in Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I, and most recently “The Tick” on Amazon) is incredibly funny. Every overly sexualized moment with him & just his general chemistry with McCarthy makes him a worthy addition to the already stellar ensemble cast.

Originally posted by foxmovies

15) As I mentioned in note #10, I don’t understand why McCarthy is given all the frumpy gadgets and covers when she can pull this off:

She’s fucking gorgeous.

16) I’ve mentioned this with a few pairings before, but McCarthy and Statham have this intense/incredible comedic chemistry which is born out of their strong bickering. This is most plainly seen when they’re both at the hotel/casino arguing and I think the fact I’ve mentioned it so often is just a sign of how well put together this fucking cast is.

17) There is an incredible sense of tension that plays through most scenes (for example: when Chummy is trying to kill power to the casino) which ties into what I mentioned in note #3: it helps elevate the film over silly spy spoof into this engaging and riveting action comedy.

18) Rose Byrne as Rayna.

Originally posted by spiderliliez

Rayna was apparently originally written as a 19 year old girl (this according to IMDb’s trivia section), which makes a LOT of sense considering how much of a BRAT she is. Don’t get me wrong, Byrne is absolutely excellent at giving of the appearance of this elegant and sophisticated socialite. But that’s where the humor is from. The juxtaposition between what you expect from her (a refined Bond villainess) and what she actually is: a moronic spoiled brat. Byrne plays the humor and juxtaposition perfectly. The key part is that - like Statham - she’s not actively going for laughs. She’s not hyping up the stupidity or the silliness, acting like Rayna knows she’s stupid, but instead trusting the script and playing it in a way where Rayna takes herself seriously. And THAT’S the gag! And it’s great!

19) At this point Rayna has called Susan a child multiple times, compared her to a depress homeless clown, and insulted her ability to address herself.

Susan [to Rayna]: “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

20) I’m starting to sound like a broken record but McCarthy’s ability to hold her own against how Byrne plays Rayna’s horridness is a testament to her talents as an actress and the chemistry between the pair. God, this movie is just so fucking funny.

21) I mentioned earlier that McCarthy gets the chance to play Susan as both more reserved and brash. It is when McCarthy is acting like “Amber Valentine” (the cover Susan uses to make Rayna trust her) that she gets to show off this aggression WONDERFULLY. It’s also wildly cathartic because a lot of people - including Rayna - have just been consistently putting Susan down for the ENTIRE film. Now she gets to go off on them and it’s amazing.

Originally posted by myawesomeblog99

22) I’d like to point out that very few women die or get “fridged” in this film, not when compared to the men. I think during the entire movie only one woman dies but that’s a nice proportion swap to most male dominated action films. (How many women have died on Bond movies versus the men?)

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

23) The Budapest car chase scene is one of the strongest action set pieces in the film. It’s filled with this intense and enjoyable action, sprinkled with just enough jokes to make it hysterical, it’s well choreographed, and just altogether a fun ride.

Originally posted by spy-it

24) But even the Budapest car chase can’t compare with the kitchen fight.

Originally posted by fuckyeahnargisfakhri

The action is INCREDIBLY well done. The fight choreography and energy throughout is just truly kinetic and it just grabs your attention and NEVER lets go. It’s just insanely well done and by far the best scene of the film.

25) I would like to point out - similarly as I did in note #4 - that Fine is kind of a jerk to Susan. He attributes her continued success to Rayna’s inexperience just casually, like it’s no big deal, not realizing he just undermined all the amazing things she just did in this film. Meanwhile the creepy sexpot of Aldo supports Susan and reminds her she’s been doing an incredible job in this film.

Originally posted by findreactions

26) When Susan learns that Fine is alive, her entire initial motivation for going the distance of being a spy is gone. But that doesn’t matter because she’s not doing this for any man anymore. She’s doing this because it’s the right thing to do and because she knows she CAN do it. I love that. And when Susan embraces this and kicks some serious ass, Fine sees her for who she is.

27) Wait…I just realized that Ford didn’t actually DO anything in this film. He just kept getting caught and screwing up.

Originally posted by spymovie

I love that! It’s so much funnier for me that way! :D

28) I love that it’s Chummy who saves Susan in the end. Not Fine, not Ford, but her best gal pal. Friendship over romance/sexual attraction is something I really appreciate.

29) And by the time the film ends, all three of the main guys - Aldo, Fine, and Ford - want Susan now. But she doesn’t chose a guy, she choses Chummy. She choses a night out with her girls instead of even Fine, the guy she’s been pining over FOREVER. I love that.

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Spy is an incredibly funny and heartfelt film with a powerful message about competence/self worth. Melissa McCarthy gives an absolutely stellar performance and is surrounded by a just as strong supporting cast, with Jason Statham being a particular stand out. The action is crazy, the humor is spot on, the characters are well developed, and the relationships are pure. All in all, it’s just a really freaking good movie I think everyone should see.

Zack Snyder Defense Squad??? Patty Jenkins DIRECTED Wonder Woman

There’s A LOT of attempts to defend and legitimize Zack Snyder involvement in the DCEU. Wonder Woman is getting great reviews and Snyder fans want a piece of the credit because he’s being bashed.

Here’s what they’re saying and where they are WRONG:

“Snyder cast Gal Gadot”

Not exactly. WB cast Gal Gadot. When it comes to big movie franchises, the studios and producers weigh in heavily. They’re not going to leave the decision all up to a director when a central character will be appearing in multiple movies across the board. Do you think Marvel lets one of their directors do all the casting? Nope. A lot of people above the director weighs in on it. 

Patty Jenkins was the one who brought the best out of Gal Gadot and let her achieve her potential. She gave Gal Gadot the material to work with and gave her all the support and resources to become Diana. Gal Gadot was able to have a great performance with the help of Patty Jenkins

“Snyder wrote the story and produced Wonder Woman.”

He was NOT the only one. Snyder has story credit. When it comes to movies, story credit means something very specific. The reason why Snyder has story credit is because of WGA and the fact that Wonder Woman has to fit in with BvS and Justice League. Snyder was NOT the only person to get story credit. Other people were involved as well so to mention ONLY his name is a mistake. Allan Heinberg has story credit AND wrote the screenplay. The screen play is what is filmed and what we see on screen. Allan Heinberg did the most when it comes to story. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns also did a lot to polish it and make it good.

Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, and Richard Suckle are ALSO producers.
Stephen Jones and Geoff Johns are the EXECUTIVE producers. They did more than Snyder. Story ALSO by Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs. Screenplay by Allan Heinberg. Other people were more involved than Snyder when it came to the story. Snyder only has SHARED credit. Patty Jenkins solely has the most important credit of ALL.

Here’s a comparison. Snyder did NOT get story credit for Man of Steel. Christopher Nolan produced and had story credit for Man of Steel. Oh, and Nolan was the person who picked Snyder in the first place. Would it be fair to constantly bring up Nolan when talking about Man of Steel? No, it was Zack Snyder’s Movie. If Snyder is so good with story, why is the story in HIS movies so poorly received?

Wonder Woman is Patty Jenkin’s movie. She’s the one who directed and translated the story into a movie. Patty Jenkins has stated that Snyder was not involved with production. She worked on the script along with everything else.

TLDR: Wonder Woman is very much Patty Jenkins’ movie. Snyder has some credit to the film but he was NOT the only person who produced or has story credit. There were other producers and story credits who did more than him. If Snyder was such a good story writer and producer, why are his films so heavily criticized? Yes, Snyder helped start the DCEU but in no way is he someone like Kevin Feige. Wonder Woman’s success is due to Patty Jenkins being an outstanding director. She would have made a great Wonder Woman movie without Snyder even with a different story and actress.


The ABCs of Death 2

I figured I’d take a different tack with this one, considering it has such a large scope for an anthology film, and give my thoughts on each short separately, assigning it either a PASS or a FAIL. I did see the first one and was thoroughly underwhelmed, as there was an equal number of passes and fails; but hey, maybe this one will serve as a much-needed improvement. Honestly, the boring opening with the Suspiria rip-off stock-standard music didn’t do much to get me in the mood. But without further ado…

A is for Amateur

Directed by E.L. Katz

This tale about an amateur hitman trying to bump off what I guessed was an amatuer porn baron (which, if it is, great title parallel) has already set a pretty high bar. It’s slick, stylish, but most importantly ultimately very funny and creative. My first exposure to E.L. Katz’s work was Cheap Thrills which I wanted to like but it ultimately left me cold, so it’s nice to feel enthusiastic about this short here. It makes me excited for his upcoming Netflix movie that’s to be released this year.


B is for Beaver

Directed by Julian Barratt

I’m a sucker for the found-footage genre, and I found this short to be amusing for the most part. The whole trope of the narcissistic TV presenter who hounds his crew is done very well here. Personally, my only problem is really that it doesn’t hold up technically. The special effects are a bit hoaky and the sound mixing’s a bit iffy, which I wouldn’t call out except found-footage is a genre that tends to rely on some kind of artificial sense of realism. The punch-line at the end was a bit forced as well. Nevertheless, I still think it suceeds at what it sets out to do, as I did say it still managed to be amusing.


C is for Capital Punishment

Directed by Julian Gilbey

An interesting little short about a small town that enacts vigilante justice on a supposed child-killer. It’s well shot, well acted and the gore effects are nice and over-the-top. The ending was a bit so-so, being rather predictable, but that’s no reason to condemn the whole thing.


D is for Deloused

Directed by Robert Morgan

This one is so fucking surreal and unsettling that I love it. It’s everything a horror short should be. The art-style and animation evoked a Hellraiser by way of Dario Argento kind of vibe, featuring a colourful aesthetic and heaps of interesting creature design. The animated shorts always tend to stand out, with Lee Hardcastle’s T for Toilet being one of the best of the last movie, and this is no exception. It could literally be its own feature length film, and I would not be opposed to the idea at all.


E is for Equilibrium

Directed by Alejandro Brugues

Quirk and tone seems to be the name-of-the-game here, as two castaways find themselves at odds with each other when a beautiful woman washes ashore. The cinematography is fantastic, with some great camerawork and a clever use of colours to show the characters’ descent into madness. The ending is also very funny, and not what I expected at all.


F is for Falling

Directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado

An israeli soldier has parachuted into a tree, only to be confronted by an Arab boy with a rifle. Honestly, this once just feels aimless. It’s well shot, but the tone is all over the place and it just ends up being really silly, not to mention that this is the first of the shorts where the bad acting really starts to show. It’s not an awful short, but it’s the first dip in quality.


G is for Grandad

Directed by Jim Hoskings

Oh god, the acting in this. This short revolves around an old man and his grandson drinking by the fireplace. The actor playing the grandson is just… so bad… The whole thing has a Greasy Strangler vibe (mainly because Jim Hosking’s only feature is The Greasy Strangler), except it feels like it was written seconds before shooting started, because it’s just nonsense. There’s no point to it. It’s just shock for shock’s sake, which is ultimately how I ended up feeling about The Greasy Strangler, to be honest.


H is for Head Games

Directed by Bill Plympton

This one’s obviously metaphorical, and if the not-so-subtle commentary on relationships and how both parties can destroy each other by playing the titular headgames doesn’t grab you, the animation style will, even if the short visibly struggles to fill its short running time.


I is for Invincible

Directed by Erik Matti

This felt like it was directed by Sam Raimi, with the over-the-top makeup effects and camera-angles. This segment, about a family trying to kill their demonically possessed grandmother to collect the inheritance was the kind of devilish fun I was hoping for from this movie. It’s got a lot of energy to it, thanks to a great cast, even if the lighting is a bit flat and the ending’s a little abrupt.


J is for Jesus

Directed by Dennison Ramalho

A father hires a private investigator to observe and kidnap his son for reasons that are both darkly comedic and bleak. This one’s really sold by a clever script and some decent acting. The cinematography’s a bit uninspired and the ending’s a bit predictable, but the story is solid and the short makes for an interesting watch overall.


K is for Knell

Directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper

Beautifully shot and lit, employing a warm colour pallete, this short about a mysterious apparition in the sky causing the residents of an apartment building to go insane and kill each other is hypnotic and vivid. The sound design aids the suspenseful atmosphere, which is unfortunately let down somewhat by the hokay supernatural angle which ultimately doesn’t go anywhere. That said, on a purely technical level, this is definitely one of the best shorts.


L is for Legacy

Directed by Lancelot Imasuen

Some truly obnoxious editing really lets down what would otherwise be an interesting short about an african tribe and the scheming that occurs within, causing a beast to emerge. Not only do the constant cuts and whatnot make the story hard to follow, but they really do no favours to the aformentioned beast, which is clearly a bloke in a costume stomping around, causing people to turn into really bad photoshop effects. Once again, not a terrible short, but not exactly worth the watch either.


M is for Masticate

Directed by Robert Boocheck

Gaining entry into the movie via the winning of a contest, this slow-mo horror show is hilarious, chronicling the journey of a madman on bath-salts as he tries to eat his way through a group of bystanders. My only beef with it is that I have a pet-peeve against obvious contact lenses, but that’s because I’m a prick. The short is still insanely well done.


N is for Nexus

Directed by Larry Fessenden

It’s Halloween, and some poor bloke is running late to meet his girlfriend. What transpires is a Rube Goldberg-esque sequence of events shot like a music-video. There’s not much to say about this one. You can pretty much guess how it’s going to play out, but the presentation is good enough that you won’t get bored watching it. Bonus points for the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to You’re Next.


O is for Ochlocracy (Mob Rule)

Directed by Hajime Ohata

This is fucking brilliant. In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the living dead, who’re capable of cohesive thought thanks to a new wonder-drug, mobilise and begin to put humans on trial in a courtroom where they sentence the survivors accordingly for their barbarism. It’s an interesting subversion on a seemingly tired genre that makes up for its lack of visual style by heaping on a large amount of wit and cleverness that always keeps you guessing. This feels like it should be a feature film. If I had the money, I would fund in a reanimated hearbeat (because I would have to have sold my kidneys).


P is for P-P-P-P Scary!

Directed by Todd Rohal

More like P is for P-P-P-P I couldn’t think of a word starting with P, so I contrived this weird homage to the Three Stooges in which three bandits on the run encounter what looks like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade and his fucked up baby. I don’t know, I appreciated the visual style, but once again, it’s another short that has no point and never goes anywhere. It’s not interesting, let alone scary or funny.


Q is for Questionnaire

Directed by Rodney Ascher

This one was probably the most unpredictable of the shorts. It’s insanely well-written and acted, and it’s nice that it’s not initially obvious at all where the violence is going to come from, plus the gore effects are decent and the ending is staged perfectly.


R is for Roulette

Directed by Marvin Kren

Eeeeh, this is another one I’m not too enthusiastic about. Technically, it’s not bad. It’s well shot and the art-direction is interesting, not to mention the acting’s not terrible either. The problem is that the premise isn’t really suited to a short film. It’s a game of Russian Roulette, but there’s a lack of context and emotional weight. When the big twist happens, I couldn’t tell you why it happened or why you should care.


S is for Split

Directed by Juan Martinez Moreno

The short is easily the best edited of the bunch. The colour-correction and the whole Brian De Palma-esque split-screen technique is used to really unsettling effect. Unfortunately the short, with its extremely clever premise and execution, is let down by some bad acting and make-up effects, but I think the end-twist makes up for it somewhat, so it does eke over that edge.


T is for Torture Porn

Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska

I have not seen a Soska Sisters production yet, but their reputation certainly preceeds them, and this is what I assume a movie of theirs would look like. They try for suspense, but they give away the twist way too early, at which point it pretty much devolves into a strobe-fest that plays out exactly how you’d expect. It’s perfectly serviceable, but it’s nowhere near as clever, funny or engaging as the majority of these shorts.


U is for Utopia

Directed by Vincenzo Natali

The premise is very Twilight Zone. Chances are you’ve seen something like it before. The casting is really what makes it work though, particularly with regards to the main character, who you genuinely feel sorry for even though you know exactly what’s coming to him. Not to mention the visual aesthetic is interesting. It was very reminsicient of the Robocop remake, which is definitely a way to go.


V is for Vacation

Directed by Jerome Sable

H is for HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE!!! Man, you wanna talk shock value? This one takes a predictable premise and tries to make it work by making it as repugnant as humanly possible. I was just bored and repulsed with this one. There was nothing clever about it. The only thing I’d note is the guy playing the obnoxious friend was so over-the-top that he was actually kinda great. That said, this is probably my least favourite of them.


W is for Wish

Directed by Steve Kostanski

80s Nostalgia never gets old, and this He-Man parody is perfectly cheesy and over-the-top with the bad acting and great special effects. It’s like a self-aware version of the Cannon Masters of the Universe. Another one that I would be more than happy to see a feature made out of, even with the incredibly dark as fuck ending.


X is for Xylophone

Directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo

Jesus Christ, guess where this one’s going. If it takes you more than a second, you probaby wrote this short. It’s another one that’s technically well-made, but with an entirely predictable premise that it tries to overcome with shock value. It’s a shame, because the effects are good and that last image should be haunting, but we all saw it coming.


Y is for Youth

Directed by Soichi Umezawa

There’s nothing better than a good J-horror, is there? There’s so much visual creativity to this striking short about a young girl venting about her neglectful parents as we see her dark thoughts visualised to surreal effect. It’s so great to see that this one doesn’t rely on shock-value either, with an ending that’s restrained yet still poignant. Definitely one of my favourites.


Z is for Zygote

Directed by Chris Nash

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. They certainly saved the weirdest for last. Issues of neglect take a very insanely literal and absurd turn. The special effects are sickening, the acting is great and the cinematography is evocative as hell. That said, I think what really makes this work is the sound design. Holy shit, the sound design in this short makes it the most unsettling of the bunch. It’s definitely a strong note to end the film on.



I found myself enjoying this one a lot more than the first. There was a lot more creativity on show, with a smaller number of shorts relying solely on shock value. Perhaps I had written this series off a bit too quickly. Maybe a third one would be absolutely perfect. Who knows?


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Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader

Request: “Hey as you are taking request can you write Grant Gustin imagine where his girlfriend is a European tennis players and for that thet have lond distance and she injury abd hopibg he will come to meet het but cant and after some time she start playing again and she is having the game in the same place where he shooting first he thought he will come but he say he cant because he bussy but he bring whole flash actors to support her and he also introduced her to all of them.”

Word count: 1.623

A/N: Sorry if I took so long to post this. I was busy at school and I never found time to post stuffs. I am so sorry and I hope that I satisfied your expectations. If not, feel free to send some feedback. Thank you so much.

- G. x

P.S.: My requests are always open, but you have to bear with me because I take so much to write one. I hope you understand my situation. Thank you.

Links: Part 2

Warning: (Y/B/F/N) is Your Best Friend’s Name.

You were living in a great way and you couldn’t ask for more in your life, because you almost had it all. Yes, that’s right, almost.

You had a place where to stay, you had enough food to live fair enough, you had your sport career and you’re a well-known European tennis player around the world, you had your loving and caring boyfriend Grant Gustin, who was a famous actor and he is known around the world too, because of the TV series, The Flash.

In conclusion, you couldn’t complain of how your life was going. But this is the almost in your life: you and Grant had a long-distance relationship and you couldn’t help but envy those couples that lived together, that had each other in their times of need.

It was a difficult situation to cope with, because you were both busy with your careers and you never had time to visit each other. Yes, you have always talked on FaceTime and you both sent messages each other, but it was not the same when the person you loved was not by your side. It was hard to wake up every morning and find the other side of your bed empty, maybe even cold.

You remembered that one time when you were injured because you made the wrong move during a tournament and you had to do an operation in your right foot. That happening was the lowest point of your life because, first, Grant wasn’t able to visit you, not even for a short period of time, and you still can remember how your conversation on the phone went.

“Love.” Grant said in a melancholic way. You could hear in his voice that he was heartbroken for what has happened to you and he was no help on making you feel better.

“Hey babe!” You weakly greeted him. It was late in the evening and you just woke up from a long sleep during the operation.

“Your mother called me and I heard what has happened on the news.” You started to recall everything that has happened moments before you were brought to the hospital and your tears started to stream down your face.

“It sucks.” You tried to say in between of your choked sobs, you didn’t want to let him know that you were crying.

“I know, babe.” He sighed. “And do you know what sucks even more?”

“What?” You knew what he was about to say, you just knew it, but you were a masochist and you still wanted to hear it.

“I’m too busy at work, love. I have new episodes to shoot, meetings with my managers, photoshoots. I’m sorry, babe, but I can’t go there to visit you.” You were disappointed and his news made you cry even more. Silent sobs escaped your lips and hot tears left their stains and burnt your cheeks.

“It’s okay, Grant.” You pretended that it was okay. “I know that you’re busy.” You bit the inside of your cheek and tried to ease the pain that you were feeling.
It was surely not okay that he’s not with you. You wanted him to be with you because you needed him, you needed him by your side, you needed his hugs, his kisses, his touch. You needed him, you needed Grant.

“I’m sorry.” He said and you just nodded your head, as if he was able to see your response.

“I need to go, babe.” You calmed yourself down and stopped crying for awhile. “Bye, thank you for calling.”

“Oh, alright.” He answered with disappointment. “I’m calling you once again, okay?”

“Okay.” You shortly answered.

“Bye, babe.” You weren’t seeing his angelic and sweet face, but you knew that he had a smile drew on his face. “I love you.”

“Bye. I love you too.” You quickly told him and you ended the phone call. You curled yourself in a ball and you let your resentments go by crying, luckily there was no one with you in the room. You just wanted to take the weight off your chest.

And, second, you had to stop playing tennis for awhile and you couldn’t move that much. You had a plaster cast and crutches to support you for months. And there, you somehow felt useless.

You didn’t know that a wrong move could’ve caused such a horrible happening. In short, the idiom kill two birds with one stone was right.

But even though you had these difficulties, your relationship with Grant was growing stronger as ever. You were still together after months and months of not seeing, hugging and kissing each other and you both think that it’s your love for each other that bonds you together.

You also started to play again and you started to go in tournaments once again. You gained your strength once again and you thought that it was great to be back into the line. In fact, today you were in Vancouver, Canada with your team to join an important game.

You were so excited to arrive in Vancouver because you knew that Grant shot his The Flash episodes there and you thought that he could watch your match, but then another disappointment arrived in your way when he told you that his team was out of time and they had to go on with the shootings.

This time, though, you got angry with Grant because it seemed like he doesn’t want to see you, but you also thought to yourself that you were being selfish because you knew that this long distance was killing him too.

Even though you were dismayed and your head was full of negative thoughts, you still managed to win and to get through the next level. You were sad, but, at least, a great thing happened to you that day.

Once it was announced that you made it through the next level, you ran to your team mates’ section to give them quickly a loving and thankful hug, you were so thankful to have them, of course.

“Great job, beautiful.” A tall and slim man said while he was standing beside your best friend, (Y/B/F/N). You knew exactly who it was. His sweet wide smile and green happy eyes caught your attention, you knew him and you missed him so much.

As you saw his beautiful face, you let your tennis racket fall on the ground and you quickly ran to him as he opened his arms widely. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tip toeing a little bit to reach him, and you buried your face in the crook of his neck.

“I missed you, Grant.” You murmured as you enjoyed the scent of his perfume and the security his arms were giving you.

“I missed you too, (Y/N).” He pressed his lips on your temple and, all of the sudden, you just forgot all of the disappointments he has given to you in the past few months.

“You made me sad, did you know that?” You pouted your lips as you broke the embrace you’ve shared for awhile.

“Surprise!” He smiled apologetically and you playfully slapped his arm with your right hand. “Hey, I just wanted to surprise you.” He defended himself as he caressed his arm, trying to take the pain away.

“Thank you.” You sweetly smiled and you know that he missed seeing you that happy.

“And I’m sorry if I let you down for several times now.” He looked at his converse as if they were the most interesting things in this planet. “I brought you some friends as a token of my apology.”

“OMG!” You were exhilarated as you saw Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton and Cisco Valdes behind Grant, smiling widely as they watched you and Grant reunite once again. “I love you, babe.”

He laughed at your reaction and he introduced you to his friend proudly.

“Congratulations, (Y/N). I am proud of you, but I know that Grant is prouder. He never shuts his mouth whenever it comes to you.” Carlos winked and Grant shook his head as he smiled at the ground, you knew that he was blushing.

“He always misses you.” Danielle mocked Grant too, joining Carlos. “He always has a picture of you to stare at.”

“Aw,” You were fluttered because of the nice words they have said. “I miss you too babe.”

“You, guys, never shut up. Do you?” He rolled his eyes.

“She needs to know what you do in the set, duh!” Candice butted in and the others have agreed to her.

“Oh, I am Grant Gustin,” He changed the topic as he handed his hand out, ready to shake your hands. He didn’t like to be the centre of people’s attention. “your favourite character between these annoying people.”

“Oh, shut up!” You playfully slapped his chest and you both made the group laugh, not even caring of the next match going on in the tennis court.

“I love you so much, love.” He hugged you once again.

“I love you more, babe.” He shook his head.

“I love you most.” He contradicted you and you were about to say something, but he cut you off quickly. “Just shut up, (Y/N)!”

He slowly grabbed your waist and put his right hand on your right cheek as he leant in to press a passionate and slow kiss on your lips. You then played with his locks as you reciprocated his kiss. Your lips locked perfectly and they moved in sync, despite the distance between you two and the months you’ve been away from each other.

Isn’t it crazy how love can bond two people together? Nevertheless the long kilometres, the disappointments, the struggles, the difficulties.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #171 - X-Men: First Class

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #104

Format: Blu-ray

1) Poland, 1944

This film hemmed so close to the opening scene of the original X-Men film that producer Bryan Singer thought he was actually looking at the old footage. It is a smart and effective opening to the prequel, as it not only re-establishes a character who has been absent from the series for five years but also sets up his key conflict with the film. Erik is still dealing with the pain from this event in a much more key way than he is during Ian McKellen’s tenure; what he went through in the concentration camp is the driving motivation behind his actions in the film. Making this first scene all the better.

2) Young Charles & Raven.

Originally posted by aromanticmagneto

Raven [upon first meeting Charles]: “You’re not scared of me?”

The adoptive brother/sister relationship between Charles and Raven might be totally invented for this film (as in: has no source in comic book canon which I am aware of) but I freaking love it. I’m a sucker for platonic male/female relationships and the connection these two have is in a lot of ways the beating heart of this film. Which makes it all the more tragic that they drift apart in the future (something I’m hoping will be remedied in X-Men: Dark Phoenix). The key to their relationship is that they feel safe around each other. This is the first time that either of them has realized they’re not truly alone in the world. That someone hasn’t pushed Raven away for her natural form and that Charles realizes his ability to read minds does not make him a freak. There’s a sense of ease, comfort, and community they have with each other that was totally foreign to them up until that moment. A strong foundation to a strong relationship.

3) Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

Originally posted by byfrost

Bacon’s Shaw was all but glossed over in most promotional materials, making his presence in the film a pleasant surprise for first time viewers. And pleasant it is because Shaw is an absolutely wonderful villain. Bacon brings a refreshing and engaging amount of charisma/fun to the part. He’s the bad guy you love to hate with a little bit of Bond villain in him. The first thing he does when we meet him in murder Erik’s mother in front of her 12ish year old son. And then he reacts with unadulterated GLEE when that murder allows Erik to tap into his mutant powers. He’s downright giddy! In a series filled with classic bad guys like Magneto and William Stryker, Shaw is able to hold up with the best of them.

Shaw [after murdering Erik’s mom]: “We’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

4) James McAvoy as Charles Xavier.

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

McAvoy’s Xavier is delightfully more flawed than Stewart’s. He is much more of a cad. He is more arrogant, a bit more green, a bit more cocky, and a lot more naive. BUT he’s not just that. He’s not some douche bag who learns to be a great man. You see the greatness in him still. He is still Charles Xavier after all. When things get serious, he gets serious. He lets Moira know how important this is to him, he has hope for the future of his people and he is able to put away the womanizer we meet early on when it comes to helping people. There’s still that naivety a little but, the belief that everything will be alright after they save the world. That fear will just stop. But it’s mixed in with Xavier’s trademark hope. McAvoy is great as the character and a joy to watch.

5) Jennifer Lawrence as Raven/Mystique.

Originally posted by mcavoy

Raven is in a much different place than Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique was in the original X-Men trilogy and it’s a lot of fun to watch. There is this humor and warmth to the character that we don’t often get to see. A smile, a playfulness with Charles, but we see her develop into the more jaded warrior of Magneto’s crew. Watching that transformation is great and heartbreaking, especially as it shakes up her relationship with adopted brother Xavier. And Lawrence is great in the part. A pre Hunger Games role, I think it’s one of my favorites that she has under her belt. Many of her characters are so serious and dower these days when the actress has a wonderful heart/sense of humor she gets to show off her. It’s lost in the future installments, but that makes sense considering the path the character goes down. It’s a tragedy, but one that’s good to watch.

6) Oh Charles…

Raven: “Would you date me?”

Charles: “Of course I would. Any man would be lucky to have you, you are stunning.”

Raven: “Looking like this?”

[Charles stutters for a second then looks at Raven.]

Charles: “Blue? [Beat.] You’re my oldest friend…I’m incapable of thinking of you that way. I feel responsible for you.”

He changes from, “oh absolutely,” to, “I could never think of you like that,” REALLY fast when he realizes she’s talking about her natural form. And that’s where his naivety comes into play. He doesn’t understand what it’s like hiding who you really are in such a basic and obvious way. Not telling someone you can read their minds is fundamentally harder than having to wear a skin that isn’t your’s because you think people will reject your natural form. And that’s the key to her conflict in this film. Being mutant and proud.

7) McAvoy and Lawrence have such a wonderful natural chemistry as adopted brother & sister, must obvious in the scene above when Raven asks Charles if he’d date her. Her snuggling up to her brother while he reads her his thesis makes my heart melt.

8) Michael Fassbender as Erik/Magneto.

Originally posted by unearthlydust

Honestly the casting of Erik & Charles could have been royally screwed up. This film does it perfectly. Fassbender brings a single determination and focus to his character. He is ruthless, brutal, violent, intimidating, but you still sympathize with him. Hell, you are ROOTING for him. In a lot of ways he’s even more sympathetic than Charles is. Fassbender is able to play the pain Erik has been though with much more relevance than McKellen ever got the chance to because the story allows it. He is in anger mode, with a bit of self loathing (he is what he is because a man murdered his mother, in his mind) but more with a taste for vengeance.  Fassbender is absolutely beautiful in the part and I wouldn’t ask for a different actor to play him.

9) Of course within one minute of meeting Rose Byrne’s character she is strips into her underwear because, hey, sexy women get objectified in film!

(GIF originally posted by @chirrutimwae)

Yes, I understand that the Hellfire club is like a sexy lingerie strip club thing. Yes I understand that Moira is a determined CIA agent who will do her job no matter what. And yes this is the only time Moira does this and she’s actually a pretty great character. But you know what? The Hellfire club did not NEED to be a sexy lingerie strip club. It could’ve been some elegant hoity-toity how do you do thing. And Moira didn’t need to strip down to her lingerie at all in the film. It was not needed. It does not tell us anything about her character or the story.

Ugh, living in a post Wonder Woman world is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I mean, I wasn’t exactly blind before. But I definitely needed glasses to see through the haze which is the male gaze and now I do with Wonder Woman. And now it’s just…oh boy.

10) Rose Byrne as Moira is a solidly written character that the actress plays well. The filmmakers don’t spend much time focusing on the, “Moira in her underwear,” stuff and she turns into pretty much the best government agent in the film. She is intelligent, more focused on the job than any of her coworkers (who are dogged down by fear, bigotry, and male ego), and she forms this nice relationship with Charles which yes ends up romantic but is also more based on mutual respect. I love couples with mutual respect for each other. Rose Byrne plays the part wonderfully. I love the actress now BECAUSE I was introduced to her in this film. She is capable, strong, but not pigheaded or egotistical. She’s good at her job and she knows it so she continues to be good at her job.

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11) January Jones as Emma Frost.

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So I know there is a lot of hate out there for January Jones as Frost, but I don’t really mind her. But I’m not going to like strongly defend her either. I put more blame on the writing than her as she works with what she is given. Emma Frost is this badass in the comics who - yes - dresses in a VERY sexual manor (because she likes to, I believe) but she is also wonderfully complex. She usually has an intense rivalry with Jean Grey, is often romantically linked to Scott Summers, is an extremely powerful telepath, reformed bad guy who is often not so reformed, and over all fascinating read. But the filmmakers sorta just latched onto the, “sexy female bad guy with diamond skin and telepathic powers.” Which would’ve been fine is Emma had been developed a bit more but she never really goes beyond that/Shaw’s hench woman.

And again, the power of Wonder Woman has me asking: why is she dressing so sexually? I mean if there’s like a legitimate reason, like the character is more comfortable with that or confident in her body, than go for it! But a reason is never given she just does that and it seems to be for the sake of the male gaze. Which is disappointing to say the least.

12) The scene which I (and Henry Jackman’s score) refers to as Frankenstein’s Monster.

Originally posted by docmchazzy

This is Erik at his most brutal. He finds those two “former” Nazis (can you ever really be a former Nazi if you’re not repenting for your sins?) in a bar and engages in conversation with them. It’s incredible tense in the most wonderful sense, because Erik is enjoying screwing with these Nazis. And then he cuts them down in the most brutal and badass way possible in a wonderful (and wonderfully simple) moment of action supported by Henry Jackman’s incredible score. I am very much enjoying any and all forms of media where Nazis are absolutely wrecked so this has is even more enjoyable now than it was in 2011.

13) The blonde Charles with looked familiar to me…

Then I realized she’s Annabelle Wallis, who is in The Mummy with Tom Cruise.

As of writing I have yet to see the new Mummy film so I don’t like or dislike this actress. Just noticed it.

14) When I first saw this it took a second to sink in.

Charles [to the CIA agent who accused him of doing a magic trick]: “No agent Stryker. Although I could tell you about your son William…”

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

15) Oliver Platt as the Man in Black.

I enjoy Platt’s performance in this film. He’s not your typical government stooge to keep the heroes in line. He’s like a kid at Christmas. All these years he thought the impossible wasn’t so impossible and now he has proof. And he’s super excited about that and helpful because of it. He’s just a wonderful addition to the film.

16) According to IMDb:

A telepathic battle between Professor X and Emma Frost was going to be in the film, but upon the release of Inception (2010) the concept was scrapped. This was then used in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), between Professor X and Apocalypse.

Originally posted by maryjosez

17) So let’s consider Charles and Erik’s first encounter, shall we:

  • Charles jumps in to save the life of a man he doesn’t know.
  • Charles helps Erik to calm down and find peace because he doesn’t like him to be upset.
  • And of course, this:

Erik: “I thought I was alone!”

Charles: “You’re not alone, Erik. You’re not alone.”

Originally posted by yuzuru-on-ice

Yes this is a strong first interaction between what will be the bromantic frenemy relationship of the century, but more so than that it plays into some strong conscious gay subtext feature in the film. Like in X2 when Bobby came out to his family as a mutant, there are small but important lines between being a mutant and being gay. Two lines stand out in particular: the one above and then…

Hank [when he’s outed as a mutant]: “You didn’t ask so I didn’t tell.”

X-Men have traditional been used as a parable for those fighting for their rights in those world (specifically America). When they were first being published there was a strong line between Professor X & Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Magneto & Malcolm X. But as times have evolved, so have the X-Men. With a number of LGBTQIA actors and characters in the franchise, in the 21st century X-Men has at times strongly paralleled the issues gay people face in this world. Particularly through Hank’s, “don’t ask don’t tell,” line and Erik’s, “I thought I was alone.” Gay visibility was not as much of a thing in the 50s as it is in 2017, and it was in the 60s when things like the Stonewall Riots occurred giving gay people much more visibility. This film is set in the 60s.

18) Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast.

Originally posted by fiddlesticksimagines

Hoult brings a lot of heart to the character originated brilliantly by Kelsey Grammer in The Last Stand (Hoult even watched early episodes of “Frasier” to see if he couldn’t emulate Grammer in any way). He features the same intellect as Grammers’ Beast but is a lot more soft spoken. He has not made peace with the animal side of himself yet or who he really is. Like Raven, he needs to learn to take pride in his status as a mutant. He just gets there in a different way than she does. This was the first film I saw with Hoult and I have to say I’m glad for it. Because I think he’s a talented actor who was able to make the role of Hank McCoy remarkably memorable.

19) There is also a notably strong chemistry between Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence. It isn’t like Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man where you can see them getting hot just by being near each other, but it’s incredibly cute and adorable. There’s a natural back and forth between the pair, a natural trust which means we as the audience are invested in their blossoming relationship as well.

Originally posted by teendotcom

20) While I personally think the relationship between Charles and Raven gives the life its heart, that is not to undersell the intense importance Charles/Erik’s relationship is.

Erik: “What do you know about me?”

Charles: “Everything.”

There is this immediate vulnerability Erik has with Charles which he is NOT comfortable with (since in the past he’s been vulnerable under the worst possible of situations), but Charles doesn’t manipulate Erik with the knowledge he has. There’s an immediate depth of feeling the future Professor X has for his new ally. He wants to make sure he’s okay and the fact that he doesn’t take advantage of Erik’s vulnerability is something Erik is not used to. Meaning Erik trusts Charles more than he has trusted anyone ever before and Charles is able to help Erik reach his full potential as Magneto.

Originally posted by shhh-no-ones-home

21) I laughed SO hard at this line the first time I saw the film.

Hank [when he hooks up Charles to Cerebro]: “Are you sure we can’t shave your head?”

(GIF source is unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

22) The montage where Erik and Charles find all the mutants to make up the first X-Men team is a slick way of covering a sequence which could have easily dogged down the pacing of the film. Instead, “okay, we need to find Angel and Havok and Darwin and Banshee…” they just cover it in about five minutes with upbeat music and clever pacing/editing.

23) The gay subtext in this film COULD have been much more obvious if they had kept this deleted (where Charles shows off his powers to angel):

Originally posted by cherik-ship

24) This is beautiful.

Originally posted by littlerebelrabbit

(GIF originally posted by @littlerebelrabbit)

According to IMDb:

Hugh Jackman accepted the opportunity to cameo as Wolverine, when he learned he would be the only character in the film to use the word ‘fuck’. He improvised the line, “Go fuck yourself,” after using seven other takes to say, “Fuck off”. The reaction from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to the different line was authentic.

My entire process while watching this scene the first time was, “Hey, that guy looks familiar. Huh, he kinda looks like Hugh Jackman. Hey wait, that IS Hugh Jackman!” This is by far one of my favorite cameos in a film EVER and his appearance makes Hugh Jackman the only actor (to date) to appear in every film with the words X-Men in the title (he didn’t appear in Deadpool so he hasn’t appeared in every X-Men universe ever).

25) I mentioned in my recap for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that Jason Flemyng is one of my favorite character actors because of that film. Well he fills out Azazel’s red skin quite nicely.

Originally posted by undeadliz

26) Charles and Erik’s scene at the Lincoln Memorial is very telling of their future rivalry.

Originally posted by nicesinner

Erik: “Identification: that’s how it starts.”

This is where Erik’s naivety truly shines through. He actually believes he can convince humans to not be afraid of what they don’t understand, collectively. While Erik’s output might be a little more dower it’s also a little more realistic.

27) The bonding scene between the young X-Men is great.

Originally posted by thats-just-life

I’m a sucker for superheroes screwing around with their powers as a way to bond with each other (see: the party seen in Age of Ultron). There is strong humor throughout, each character is developed in simple yet unique ways and we begin to understand their relationships with each other. And it’s just a lot of fun to watch!

Note: I really like Zoe Kravitz in this film, but I think that speaks to her natural charisma more than anything else.

28) Professor Xavier is a jerk.

Charles [after he finds his new mutants comfortable with their powers, screwing around like the young people they are]: “I expected more from you.”

29) The way Erik tears through the Russian guard to get to Frost (and, by extension, Shaw eventually) shows how determined he is. He is ruthless and if anyone actively stands in his way he will tear them apart. It’s simple but powerful. The way he handles Emma also shows off this dedication, as well as the dissonance between how far he’ll go versus how far Charles WON’T go.

30) The “Children of the Atom” scene which showcases Shaw’s plan is nicely effective. It has a unique and impactful visual style and its simple enough that the audience isn’t dogged down by unnecessary exposition.

31) Shaw’s attack on the CIA is an incredibly strong turning point for the film. Outside of what’s been going on with Erik, the darkness of previous X-Men films has pretty much taken a backseat in this film. Until this moment. It’s when everything turns to shit, giving an unfortunate end to Oliver Platt’s character and showcasing Shaw’s powers in a unique and threatening way. The few issues I have with this scene are:

  • I wish we got more in Angel’s head about her decision to join up with Shaw; she does so then her character kind of disappears. It’s like she’s his new Emma.
  • Even in 2011, the black guy dies first.

Originally posted by have-some-balls

32) My brother and I both made this joke the first time we saw this film, so thanks to @jakegyllenhaal for putting it in GIF form.

33) Okay, I might be about to get philosophical here.

Stryker: “In times like this, SECURITY is more important than liberty.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

This is an issue in today’s modern age, but here’s the thing: liberty is more important than safety. Above all. “Give me liberty or give me death,” is a famous line that is basically one of the things this country is built on. So no, Security is NOT more important than liberty. Liberty and freedom above all. And if you have to compromise on security to do so than you should. At least, in my opinion.

34) X-Training.

This is - in a lot of ways - what I’ve missed from the X-Men series. Charles actually being a teacher. Actually seeing the X-School in work and seeing students learn to master their powers. You know why Harry Potter is so cool? In part, it’s because we like to imagine taking all the classes. And now we’ve finally get that. It shows Charles being more of a teacher and growing into his role of Professor X more which is wonderful. Also - like the recruitment scene - the montage format is great. The editing and music keep it from dragging down the film. We could easily have spent like, “okay, two minutes on Beast now two minutes on Havok now two minutes on Banshee,” etc. But the montage makes it like a music video. Easily digestible, supported by Henry Jackman’s score, and just a lot of fun. Each character’s development is also continued, making them unique individuals who’s relationships with each other and personalities we understand. It’s just really great.

35) Glad to see they’re trying to maintain SOME continuity with the series.

Hank [about Raven]: “When you’re 40 you’ll still have the looks and sights of a teenager.”

36) Rage and serenity.

Originally posted by your-eyes-were-full-of-regret

This is the moment of greatest trust and vulnerability Erik has with Charles. Erik trusts Charles enough to let him go through his mind and find his most intimate memory with his mother. It’s a holiday I assume (that’s a menorah so I’m thinking Hanukkah as Erik IS Jewish) and it’s this beautiful memory of someone he misses more than anything else. And it shows Charles who Erik is. It is the strongest moment in their entire relationship and defines it’s better qualities in a lot of ways. It’s pure character and I love it for that.

37) Hank and the cure.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

There’s a strong juxtaposition between where Hank is with his self worth and Raven. Magneto has convinced Raven that she should be mutant and proud, that she should embrace her natural form. And she tries to do the same. It doesn’t exactly work though.

Hank: “My feet and your natural blue form will never be deemed beautiful. [Raven changes her skin back.] You’re beautiful now.”

Dude, you just said the girl you like will never be beautiful unless she looks like someone else. And I get that you’re projecting your own issues onto her, but also you’re words hurt her so much that she instinctively goes back into hiding.

Aka: the moment Hank and Raven would not get together (as of now).

38) Charles and Erik playing one last chess game before going to stop Shaw.

Originally posted by xmensource

It is widely foreshadowing of the conflict to come between the pair and an unfortunate piece of dramatic irony for us as the audience. It is the showcase of the dissonance in their relationship at its most basic.

Charles: “Killing Shaw will not bring you peace.”

Erik: “Peace was never an option.”

That is just not applicable to Shaw for Erik, but humans as well. He’s not interested in peace with humanity, he’s interested in supremacy. As we saw in 2000′s X-Men.

39) Mystique seducing Erik always felt a little off to me. I know she’s mad at Hank and that Erik is the only guy in her life right now to make her feel totally comfortable with who she is (along with helping her be mutant and proud) but it feels a little unearned. I don’t get any sexual chemistry between them. I see a nice relationship but not a sexual one. Maybe it’s just me. But the Rebecca Romijn cameo is appreciated!

40) Hank’s gone into Beast mode.

Originally posted by kurt-wagner-is-a-kitten

The practical makeup to get Hoult looking like the blue beast is incredible, because it IS largely practical with a bit of CGI to help enhance some areas. You begin to see a bit more of Kelsey Grammer in Beast now which is fun, but Hoult still makes the role his own. This is what helps him accept the animalistic instincts in him and reach the status of mutant and proud. It’s a great part of the film.

41) Now I’m just thinking about the first X-Men

42) The climax of the film not only shows the team working well together but has some nice surprises in it (mainly when the Russians blow up their own ship). It’s best seen when the team find Shaw’s submarine and Erik says he’s going in. Charles does not question or second guess his teammate’s decision but works with it and sends him back up. It’s a lot of fun to watch this team in action.

43) Erik and Shaw’s final encounter.

Originally posted by atreiides

For most of this scene Erik is silent, just letting Shaw rail on him because it allows Erik’s telepathy to feed through. He says nothing until he’s about to be in control which takes a lot of self discipline.

Erik: “Everything you did made me stronger…That’s the truth. I’ve known it all along.”

And then what Erik says right before he kills Shaw is INCREDIBLY powerful especially when you think of the path Magneto goes down.

Erik: “I agree with every word you’ve said. We are the future. But unfortunately, you killed my mother.”

The way Erik ends up killing Shaw is so cruel and dramatic then, with the mirrored cinematography on Charles’ head (as he’s in Shaw’s mind) just driving the point home. He’s not just killing Shaw. He’s killing any kind of platonic relationship he could have with Charles too.

44) And so Erik’s transformation to Magneto is complete.

Originally posted by magnetosmind

He is now the mutant leader we know from the first film, with his powers under full control. Now that he’s done with revenge he can move on to freeing his mutant brothers and sisters. He’s embraced not just his powers but his role as a leader of mutants and an enemy of mankind. And he’s tired of being vulnerable.

Charles [about the US and Russians Erik is about to kill]: “They’re just following orders!”

Erik: “I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

45) The ensuing fist fight between Charles and Erik could have easily been based around powers. Charles could have used his telepathy to control Azazel or Angel or someone and send them in to fight Erik with him using his metal manipulation to throw them off. But you know what? Seeing this too just get in a freaking fist fight is much more realistic for their relationship, a lot more raw, and a lot more entertaining.

46) Well, if this isn’t a declaration of platonic (???) love I don’t know what is.

Originally posted by marveladdicts

(GIF originally posted by @marveladdicts)

47) It’s nice to see Mystique not go straight for Erik to join him but to make sure that the person who is practically her brother is alright. And then Charles encourages her to go with Erik! It’s still a strong relationship even if it is in tatters.

48) Charles likes to fuck with people’s minds without consent. What he did to Jean in The Last Stand and now getting rid of Moira’s memories without even asking.

49) Oh man.

Moira [talking about things she half remembers]: “A kiss.”

[Room full of male CIA agents groan.]

CIA Agent: “Gentlemen, this is why the CIA is no place for a woman.”

(GIF originally posted by @manofsteel)

50) The ending to this film is very solid, with Erik not only embracing his role as Magneto but also the fashion choice.

(GIF originally posted by @wonho-kihyun)

X-Men: First Class is an incredible amount of fun. Matthew Vaughn’s directing style gives the series a boost of adrenaline it desperately needed. Supported by memorable characters, a strong story with strong themes, and absolutely amazing performances almost across the board, this is the reason we still have X-Men films today. An absolute treat for first time viewers and old fans alike, you all should watch it.

The Charade; Part Five

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1763
Warnings: None?
A/N: Ash’s and my new collab! @d-s-winchester​​


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I’m still super invested in the ROGUE ONE characters, I both want SO MUCH FIXING THINGS FOR ALL OF THEM but also I want background fic that breaks my heart further and there have been some lovely gems coming out so here I sit and go through the usual cycle of Star Wars fic reading: This fic makes me feel better! This fic makes it worse! Now this one fixed things! Oh, no, now that one made it the worst ever! Oh, this one is much happier! OH SHIT FEELINGS. OH YAY PORN.

WELCOME TO STAR WARS HELL. (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

all the rest by tomorrowsrain, cassian/jyn, aftermath of torture, 8.3k
   Cassian and Jyn survive Scarif. Most days, she wishes they hadn’t. It’s never easy to keep on living after you expected to die.
A Man Should Strengthen Himself by Annie D (scaramouche), baze/chirrut, 4.5k
   It’s only after the Jedi Purge that Chirrut Imwe gets to know the great Baze Malbus.
Strongest Stars by Elfpen, obi-wan & qui-gon & chirrut & cast, 2.6k
   The Force works in mysterious ways. A few quiet moments in the dark create a touchstone spanning across three generations, two orthodoxies, a war, time, space, and the galaxy. A maverick meets a visionary and listens for a song. Spoilers for Rogue One, sort of?
heart in a headlock by andromeda3116, cassian/jyn & bodhi & cast, 12.3k wip
   They say that, when in doubt, you should always choose to live. But, as Jyn is learning, it’s much harder to live for a cause than to die for one.
Burn It Down by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, NSFW, 2.3k
   Baze can’t figure out what it is about Chirrut Îmwe that sets him so on edge. Chirrut’s running out of patience.
Beinahe by guineapiggie, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 7k
   (If she had to chose a word for Cassian Andor, it’s almost.)
close quarters by iwritesometimes, chirrut/baze, 4.8k
   a jaunt, a fight, and a shared bunk: three times baze and chirrut got up close and personal. pre-empire era.
Stay in Motion by ignitesthestars, nymja, starforged, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 5.1k wip
   Short stories set in a universe where the Rogue One crewmembers survive.
Tastefully Arranged by nymja, cassian/jyn & bodhi & k-2so, 1.4k
   For the prompt: K-2SO interrupts Jyn and Cassian’s attempts at a first date.
every memory adds another piece by indoissetep, baze/chirrut, 1.5k
   Scenes from a lifetime spent together.
Another Word for Hope by inkandpaperhowl, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi, 1.9k
   maybe (adv): 1. perhaps, possibly; 2. neither yes nor no; 3. allowing for hope where ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would deny it
Kyber Hearts by crowleyshouseplant, cassian/jyn & bodhi & baze & chirrut & cast, 1.2k
   After death, Rogue One lives on through the Force to see the end of their mission.
Meditations by roselightsaber, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   There are so many stories of Baze watching Chirrut train and meditate. It’s Chirrut’s turn.
firefly by peradi, r2-d2 & bb-8 & rey & finn & poe & luke & k-2so, 4.4k
   Humanity is infectious, Finn makes friends with droids, and K2 cannot get any rest: the story of how Rogue One flies again.
Horizon Bright With Light by rosaxx50, cassian/jyn, 2.8k
   (Five times Cassian makes up or changes his mind about Jyn Erso, and one he doesn’t.)

full details + recs under the cut! 

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Hamilton Fic: What Happened in Broadway

Author’s note: holaaa! I’m back with le next chapter of the fic! I’ve been writing like crazy so I hope this is good for you guys! enjoy :)


warnings: I have no fucking idea of how a theatre company works nor anything in between so I might’ve invented some stuff. also there might be some bad grammar and weird sentences. 

Words: 6,284


“Sí” — “Yes”

 “¡Eres maravillosa!” — “You are wonderful!”

| Chapter 1 |  | Chapter 3 |


Chapter Two: The start of something bright

Nine hours later I was nearly jumping off the plane with excitment. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy: this had just been a very long and tiring flight for everyone, with some turbulences all along the way, it was twelve AM and everyone probably had to be up at 6:00 AM and here was I, just jumping around like a 5 year old girl because I had finally made it. Plus, I had slept throughout the whole trip.

 And then, it hit me. 

 Where the fuck was I sleeping tonight? The girl who seemed to be in charge of getting me an apartment said it would be ready by Thursday morning. Then, where was I sleeping tonight and the next night? She hadn’t told me. No one had. They’ve only said someone would be waiting for me when I arrived. No stress, (Y/N), no stress. Whoever comes to pick you up, they’ll know where they have to take you. 

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anonymous asked:

hey lottie! you're always reblogging these fabulous gifsets of boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls, but i never know what they're from or where to find them! can you rec some of your favorite queer shows/shows with strong queer characters+narratives that you're enjoying right now or have enjoyed in the past? and if you're feeling extra bored and need something to do, maybe a bit about why you like em, and some hints on where we can watch em? you're the best and i trust your taste a lot!!



- LOOKINGI screeched Looking’s praises across the galaxy a few weeks ago. tbh I cannot overstate how fucking brilliant this show is. diverse, intelligent, and beautiful to look at. also: Raúl Castillo

- PLEASE LIKE ME – very cute, very Australian, and very, very funny. deals with mental illness in a big way, but also has an entire episode dedicated to them killing their pet rooster, Adele. if you need convincing

- ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – I feel like this show needs no introduction. queer girls everywhere are absolutely robsessed with it for a good reason. it sometimes drops the ball, but: Poussey

- CUCUMBER / BANANA / TOFU – this has a special place in my heart because a) it’s set in MANCHESTER!!! and b) one of the main characters is bisexual… and he’s one of the hottest people on planet earth. PLUS: Luke Newberry is in a Banana episode, and you will never look at Kieren Walker the same way again

- IN THE FLESH – speaking of Kieren Walker! okay, listen. LISTEN. THIS SHOW IS UNPARALLELED. it is absolutely stunning. the fact that it got cancelled after only two (unbearably beautiful and perfect) seasons is the premiere injustice of my life. I cannot believe it. it’s been 15 months and I am still livid. I am FUMING. 

- QUEER AS FOLK – THE ORIGINAL HOT MESS. all the clothes are ugly and the dialogue is… just… abysmal… but despite that it is perfect and beautiful and I won’t hear a word against it! unless I’m the one saying it!

- THE L WORD – see above, but with GIRLS. and… Shane. [sweats]


- BLACK SAILS – I am currently arse over tit in love with this show. it’s about PIRATES and there have been FIVE explicitly queer characters so far, four of whom are on the Main Cast (good luck trying to guess who). al-fucking-so: two polyamorous relationships. like. what the hell, Starz?!

- HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – not only was there a borderline insane amount of gay sex in the first season, after being criticised re: a poorly-handled bisexual subplot the showrunners turned around and made their main character bisexual. Shonda, man. it’s also one of those shows that you KNOW if it keeps going long enough everyone will eventually bang each other. it’s already begun. 

- HANNIBAL – there’s no way you could exist on the internet and avoid finding out they went Full, Textual Romo in the finale season, so I don’t feel bad for spoiling you. the first season and a half is Criminal Minds meets ‘80s French Art House cinema written by, like, a fucking 13th century philosopher, and then suddenly: romance! I still cannot get over it!!!

- CUFFS – lovely little BBC show about police in Brighton, and Brighton is essentially the San Fransisco of England, so! it was truly taken from us too soon. my Wednesdays are hollow. 

- SHADOWHUNTERS – is this show brilliant? no! have Alec and Magnus literally killed me? YES! I AM LITERALLY DEAD! I waited 12 weeks for that kiss and then got up at 7:30am just so I could watch it the second Netflix uploaded the episode at 8:01.16-year-old me read those books and 24-year-old me is watching this show with 16-year-old me’s heart, okay?

- SENSE8 – in short, it’s about a group of people from different corners of the globe who find out they have a mental connection. most of them are low key queer, some of them are high key queer, it’s directed by two trans women, and it’s amazing. watch this scene. you’re welcome. it’s on Netflix. 

- SHAMELESS – Shameless and I are on a break at the moment, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it and that Ian and Mickey are one of my All Times. they take (took… sob) over my life every Jan-April. they are BEYOND FRAUGHT, CONSTANTLY, but when they’re good… my god… oh no… my… hea a r r t t… 

- EMPIRE – I am half way-ish through this show, so I can only speak to what I’ve seen so far. it’s basically about this HORRIBLE KNOBHEAD and the amazing women that, for some reason, seem to like him, and his wonderful sons that he does not deserve. one of them, Jamal, is GAY, and really loves to piss his dad off about it. it’s super great. oh, also, they’re all famous singers.


- BROAD CITY – the most hilarious and relatable show. one of the main characters, Ilana, is bisexual and super vocal about it. she’s also LEGIT in love with the other main character, Abby. I’m sorry, it’s undeniable. I’m fucking serious. 

- PENNY DREADFUL – YOOO, THIS IS THE GOTHIC VICTORIAN MADCAP HORRORSHOW OF MY HEART! sorry for the spoilers, but the Romantic Hero, Ethan, the gunslinging, American werewolf in London, is a TENDER, HUNKY BISEXUAL, and he’s played by JOSH HARTNETT. what more do you need to know?

- BROOKLYN NINE NINE – hilarious and brilliantly diverse buddy cop comedy. you can’t not love it. it’s brilliant. it’s just so funny. I love Charles Boyle. 

- STEVEN UNIVERSE – this is a show about a 12-year-old boy being raised by three lesbians, one of whom is two smaller lesbians in a trench coat. it’s AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL, and has legitimately made me SOB on a couple of occasions, because Pearl was in love with Rose and it’s everything. (I’m serious. UK Cartoon Network actually censored this show because it’s too gay. it’s my fave.) oh, and they’re alien rocks, but that’s nbd. 

- ADVENTURE TIME – AT paved the way for shows like Steven Universe! I generally only watch it these days when Princess Bubblegum and Marceline do something GAY, which is WHENEVER THEY’RE ON SCREEN TOGETHER, because THEY WERE IN LOVE and USED TO DATE. there’s this whole thing that’s been going on with a shirt Marceline gave to PB and it’s been killing me for like 3 fucking years, man. 

- ORPHAN BLACK – clones! gay clone! trans clone! ten billion amazing women, all played by Tatiana Maslany! Felix! Felix and the cute coroner! Felix and Tony! Delphine! [10,000 fire emojis] 

- SKINS – Skins varied from being genuinely compelling and great television (season 1, season 3) to being HOT GARBAGE (everything post-s4), but, listen: Naomi and Emily. if I even mention them irl everyone who knew me aged 16 rolls their eyes like YES, LOTTIE, WE KNOW. 

- TRUE BLOOD – straight up this show is BONKERS, but there are SO MANY QUEER CHARACTERS! they also take great joy in establishing rules early on (e.g. vampires and their makers have sexual relationships 99.9% of the time) and then being like, hey, look at Eric’s maker! or they’ll say ‘yeah, you have sex dreams about vampires when you drink their blood’ and then they don’t strategically forget that fact 6 seasons later. there’s a lot of Immortality Bisexuality and there’s also Lafayette, love of my goddamn life.

- THE MAGICIANS – so this show (and the book it’s based on) stole elements from every classic children’s fantasy you can think of and threw them all together in a story about hard-drinking, drug-taking, orgy-having, mentally ill twenty-somethings, and it’s great. wonderful Eliot is the Queer Char Of Note, but there’s also a surprise bisexual threesome, which you DO NOT EXPECT.

wow… okay. you can watch most of these on couchtuner.ag or Netflix, so… get on that, I guess. this seems like a weak ending. GO FORTH AND BE GAY! SPREAD THE AGENDA! HAVE A NICE CRY! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS HERE YOU COULD FEASIBLY MASTURBATE TO! 

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“hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au Spamano please!

Pairing: Spamano (Spain x Romano/South Italy) (Human names used)


  • Spain (Antonio) as himself
  • Romano/South Italy (Lovino) as the hot older brother
  • Veneziano/North Italy (Feliciano) as the younger brother

Antonio usually got a ride to his apartment with his classmate, Feliciano. However after Feliciano fell ill, he had called Antonio to let him know that his older brother by the name of Lovino would give him a ride instead. Antonio shrugged it off, thankful that he had a ride. Nothing else crossed his mind…until Lovino rode in.

“You Antonio?”

Antonio turned, his eyes widening slightly as he looked up and down at the young man in the car. He had stunning olive colored eyes, and dark brown hair in a hairstyle similar to Feliciano’s, curl and everything…he was attractive as hell.


Antonio snapped out of his thought. He smiled. “Y-Yeah. I’m Antonio. Lovino, right?”

“Yeah, hop in.” Lovino insisted. Antonio got in the car, getting his seatbelt on as he took a closer look at Lovino.

“So you’re Feliciano’s older brother…” Antonio couldn’t help but to glance Lovino for a bit longer.

“Yeah?” Lovino looked over at Antonio, taking not that he was kind of handsome…and that he was staring at him. “What? I have something on my face?”

“No,” Antonio smiled brightly. “He just never bothered telling me you were this hot!”

Lovino gripped the steering wheel tightly, his face flushing and his eyes widening at the honest comment that came out of Antonio’s mouth. “H-Hum, thanks?”

“Your brother always talks about you. It’s great to finally meet you in person, Lovino.” Antonio added. Lovino breathed, trying to calm himself down.

“R-Right…hopefully he hasn’t said anything bad about me.”

“Oh no! Lots of great things. Especially of how stubborn you are.”

“Great~” Lovino could only imagine what Feliciano would run his mouth about while he wasn’t nearby. Where did he find this guy anyways?

“Your girlfriend or boyfriend is rather lucky to have someone like you, if everything that Feliciano has told me is true.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“Is that so~”

Dammit. He fell right into the trap.

“No…What about you? How you know my brother anyways?”

“We’re in the same art class.”

“Really? What kind of medium do you use?”

“Oh I don’t paint. I’m the nude model.”

The phrase alone had Lovino skip a heartbeat as he slammed the breaks, stopping on the red light right on time. His face burned up as he breathed heavily. He snapped at Antonio. “Nude model?! You better not be hitting on my brother!”

“Oh no, of course no.” Antonio assured, suddenly purring. “I’m more interested in you right now.” 

“Go the hell you bastard.” Lovino muttered, continuing driving as the light went green. Now he felt flustered. Not only was the guy flirting with him, now Lovino’s mind wouldn’t stop playing around by trying to imagine the man naked.

“Seriously though. Had Feliciano mentioned how cute you were, I would’ve asked to be introduced earlier. You even have the curl like your brother does.”

“Stop it.” Lovino squeaked, wanting to melt. Eventually the ride came to an end, Lovino parking right in front of the apartment building. “There. You’re home. Get out of my car.”

“Thank you so much, Lovi. I owe you one big time!”

“You don’t owe me anything just get out.” Lovino growled. Antonio was about to get out, but not before stealing a kiss on Lovino’s cheek. Then he got out, walking away. Lovino growled to himself, gripping the steering wheel as he felt his body burn up. 

…he’d need Feliciano to lend him Antonio’s number later.

Lucky Part 31

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

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Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30

Alright guys, this is a little shorter than my other ones. I’m sorry. I was trying to think of what else to write in but couldn’t think of anything. I’ll try to make it up to you with the next one. Enjoy!

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I just reread your knb reincarnation aus and I absolutely love them! Have you ever thought of continuing those? I'm excited to read whatever you write next either way! :)

It would be hard to explain why Furihata Kouki was instantly afraid of Akashi Seijuurou the first time he sees him.

It’s not fear, not exactly. The intense desire to run away warring with the being completely frozen in place by that stare. And of course he didn’t move, of course he didn’t run away; he would never be able to run from this man.

He’s spent lifetimes waiting to see him again.


Thousands of years ago, hundreds of lifetimes ago, he’d said, “I will wait for you. I swear it.”

His king, his emperor said, “Oh? You’re immortal and you never told me? Even after all we’ve been through?”

But he couldn’t joke back, not while his king was dying. “You’ll come back. The great kings always come back, don’t you know that? There’s always a prophecy, and you’ll be needed again. And when you do, I’ll be here. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Don’t—” his king started and stopped. He could see it in his eyes—what he meant to do. “I asked for your service and your loyalty. It does not extend after death. Don’t sacrifice any more than that.”

“Who said anything about sacrifice?” he replied. “My king, you do have my loyalty and my service. You always have. And you always will.”


They were never lovers, although even in their lives, no one believed it.

“The king is a little too close to his sorcerer, don’t you think?”

They always laughed at the rumors when they were alive. It was a little harder to deal with when he still got the accusations in his other lifetimes, when his king was not by his side to laugh with him.

“You cast a spell to return, again and again, to keep your memories, over and over again, all to wait for a man who was not your lover? Who could live such a misery for someone who is not your soulmate?”

He meets the woman (he thinks of her as a woman because she usually comes back as a woman. But of course there are the lifetimes when she is a man, just as there are lifetimes when he is a woman) every so often. There are a fair amount of people like him—the ones who return with their memories. But usually they’re not exactly like him—usually they don’t remember every lifetime they’ve ever had and usually they don’t remember since birth.

But she’s like him—she and her lover both. They come back and they always remember each other and they always seek each other out. And she does not understand.

“He was my king. He is still my king. One day he will return, and I will meet him.”

“I could not suffer so all alone,” she says. “This eternity could not be bearable alone.”

“I would suffer this and more to see him again,” he replies sadly.


Every life he learns all over again how to adapt. How to keep quiet about what he remembers, how to be human, normal, average, how to stop being the greatest sorcerer that ever lived and advisor to the king.

He never learns how to let go, even if every new lifetime it gets harder and harder to still hold on.

He remembers his king and he waits.


The key to not going crazy is to find things in each new life to believe in. If he can’t serve his king, he’ll find other passions. In one life, he is an aviator. In another life, a suffragette. He’s been a soldier, a writer, a baker, an actress, a husband, a mother. He’s never famous, never great at anything (he’s only ever been great at one thing: magic. And that’s not a valuable ability anymore), but he’s passionate about the little things, and he lives, and hopes, and he doesn’t go crazy.

In this life, a girl says “become the best at something and I’ll go out with her”—he’s not going to be the best, he knows that, but it’s a reason to start playing basketball. In this lifetime, he figures, why not play basketball? This can be his thing, until the next life.


Then he meets Akashi Seijuurou.

My king.

And he’s terrified. He’s waited for this for so long, he’s wanted this for so long, he’s never been more scared of anything else in any of his lives.

The only thing he can do is play basketball. He’ll figure out the rest later.


He had lifetimes to think about what he would do when he saw his king again, but now that it’s happened he’s got nothing. He doesn’t know how to approach someone and say, Do you remember our life together? You ruled over everything and I was by your side and I swore I would always serve you.

So he doesn’t.

Not yet. He’s waited thousands of years, he can wait a few more months to figure things out.


Akashi appears at his door, unannounced and unexpected.

“Akashi?” Furihata stammers. “I—can I help you?”

Akashi tilts his head. “Perhaps. Or perhaps not.” Then, without further explanation, he leans in and grabs Furihata by the collar, pulling him in for a kiss.

Furihata yelps—not quite pulling away, not quite kissing back, not believing what is happening. “What—we’re not—Akashi, what are you—?”

“You swore you would wait for me. I swore to myself that if you did, if we had another lifetime again, I would make you mine. I wouldn’t waste time like our last life.”

“You—remember?” Furihata can’t even fully process the rest of what Akashi is saying. He can’t process anything at all.

“I didn’t at first. Not until after—I was myself again, not until after the game. Why didn’t you come forward then?”

“I—wasn’t sure how,” Furihata says. But it seems like a dumb excuse now. “I was scared. I’ve—waited a very long time.”

“Then we should make up for lost time,” Akashi says.

A/N: Thank you, anon-friend! As it happens, I actually had a lot of plans/good intentions with Reincarnation!AU. I would like to write all the pairings, and go back and edit the ones that already exist to make them a little more longer/fleshed out, and then I would like to post all of them on Archive. I *intended* to just do that without posting any more on tumblr, but ahahaha, I am so easily distracted. But, thanks for your ask! It gave me the excuse to write out another one of the stories =) Someday, I will finish/edit/lengthen and post them all on Archive. Thanks again!!! I’m so glad you enjoy these stories!!!!!!

“Do you want bionic babies with me?"-BB

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Imagine: Another family get together has yet arrived, however this time you decide to take along Bucky to meet your family for the first time. It can’t go that badly, right?

Warning: Swearing and major fluff

As you walked into your shared room with Bucky, you noticed how he was sat quite comfortably in the middle of the bed contently reading a book Bruce had recently recommended. Upon your entry he lifted his head up and a smile engulfed his face, resulted in a smile lifting your face.

“Hey doll, how was the mission?” He asked as putting his book down, not without saving his page, and got up to greet his girlfriend properly.

“Oh you know, fine. It was just getting some information, no danger. I missed you though cupcake” You replied smiling at the nickname you had adopted for him, which he hated but you knew he didn’t actually mind it as much as he pretended.

Bucky’s metal arm sneaked around your waist, pulling you as close as possible. Your bodies completely flushed against each other, his other arm creeped up and cradled your cheek, ringing you in for a welcome home kiss. Not wanting to waste anymore time you grabbed his neck to pull him down and crashed your lips onto his. When your lips met the normal erupt of fireworks went off in your stomach and you grabbed his hair to try and pull him in closer, if that was even possible. Bucky’s tongue danced across your bottom lip politely waiting for entrance which you gladly welcomed. His flesh hand travelled to the back of your head playing with your hair, which he deeply missed when you were gone. Your cheeks bloomed red when you felt his excited member pressing against your leg, causing you to let out a moan, resulting in Bucky grinding himself on you.

“Welcome back doll, I really missed you” He breaks the kiss take in a much needed breath. However before you could reply or continue what you wanted, much to your distaste your ringtone echoed throughout the room.

Grabbing it out of your back pocket and checking the ID to see it was your mm calling. Showing Bucky who it was and shooting him an apologetic smile, you answer the phone.

“Hey Y/N, it’s your Mum here” She chirped through the phone, your smile deepened hearing that voice you had missed so much. Since you had joined SHIELD, you didn’t have much time to see your family. Only sparing a couple minutes for a quick Skype. Especially trying to use most of your time with your wonderful boyfriend, you hadn’t visited home in a long time.

“Yeah Mum I know I have caller ID” you joked, making her chuckle on the other end, “Any way, how have you been?”

“Oh it’s fine, nothing really happened over with us. I want to hear about your exciting life, especially this new mystery man of yours.” Already she wanted the juicy gossip. You don’t really blame her, as she has never actually met any of your boyfriends. You always used the excuse as you knew he wasn’t the one so you didn’t want to cause a fuss. But this time it was different. You loved Bucky with everything you have and after spending almost a year with him, you discovered he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

“He’s great Mum, I really like this one” You joked, directing it at Bucky who had resumed his position on the bed and continued to read his book, knowing this conversation would be long. He looked up and sent you a cheeky wink.

“That’s great honey, hopefully we get to meet this one. But I actually called for a purpose and not just a gossip” 

“What? Is everything ok? Is everyone alright?” You worried, thoughts casting over to your elderly Grandma.

“Yes stop worrying! As you know it is your grandparents 60th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and I’m getting the whole family together for a big party. And I know that you have a busy job, but I was wondering if you would like to join us, and maybe your new man?” She asked sweetly, almost begging you to go.

“Of course I’ll take time to come off, I wouldn’t miss it Mum!” You assured, you noticed how this peaked Bucky’s interests

“And your new man?” Your Mum asked in a whisper

“I’ll ask him Mum, I would like you to meet him” You answered, already knowing that she will be over joyed. An excited squeal came from the other end, as you predicted.

“Oh great, I’m so happy for you baby, you are all grown up”

“Ok Mum, before you can bombarded me with questions I should go and tell him the news.” After saying your goodbyes, you turned to Bucky who was already waiting to hear what you were going to say.

“So…?” He questioned, you jumped on the bed sitting next to him and turning to face those blue eyes you fell involve with.

“Well, my whole family are getting together to celebrate my grandparents anniversary. And of course I am going, but my Mum was wondering if you’d like to join us as well?” You asked softly, not knowing how he will answer this.

“Is it just your Mum wanting me to come, or you as well?” 

“I suppose it would be ok if you came, but you might cramp my style a bit” You fired back, smiling widely. He shot you a smile, but then he fell silent.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong? Look I get it if you don’t want to come. My family are loud and full on, so it’s fine if you want to give this one a miss.” Your stomach fell in disappointment, you really hoped he would of come.

“Doll, it isn’t that, but what if they don’t like me? What if they recognise me as the Winter Soldier? Or what if they all say how I don’t deserve you and then you will finally realise it, and leave me?” He frantically questioned.

You brought up your hand to his face and pulled him closer.

“Bucky I love you more that life, nothing they say or thought could ever change my mind about you. What couldn’t they like about you, you’re handsome, charming, fun and must I go on? For the Winter Soldier problem, then you don’t need to worry about that because that isn’t or wasn’t you, you are Bucky who I would trust my life with.” You comforted him, pressing your forehead against his.

“What did I do to ever deserve you?” he questioned before connecting your lips together.

The brunette man next to you clutched your hand hard, desperately trying to calm himself down before you knocked on our childhood home, where he would be met with all of your family ready to meet and interrogate him.

Sensing his nervousness you turned and reassured him that he had noting to worry about and how you loved him no matter what. But before you could say anything else the door in front of you was ripped open and you were met with your brother.

“Yo sis, long time no see” he said as he pulled you into a much needed hug after a long time. Bucky stood there awkwardly, waiting to meet this other important man in your life. After disconnecting your hug, your brother turned to the nervous man bunned man with a nice white dress shirt and a pair of jeans, he cast a glance up and down your boyfriend.

“Hey man, I’m Mike. Y/N’s brother” He introduced himself sticking out his hand for a shake

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. My name is James, but people call me Bucky, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend” Bucky answered politely, dropping your hand to shake your brothers, noticing how he avoided to shake with his metal arm.

“Wow, this is a rare sighting. Little Y/N has actually got a boyfriend” Mike joked

“Hey, I’m older than you! And I’ve had boyfriends, you just know about this one, for a change” Connecting your hand back with Bucky’s you push past your rude brother to find you parents.

“Oh Y/N it’s been too long, I missed my little princess” You heard your Dad call from the living room, surrounded my all your aunts and uncles.

“Hey Dad, I know I’m sorry. But you know how work is.” 

“It’s alright, I’m proud of how seriously you take it. Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” He gestured to Bucky, who stood stiffly next to you.

“Oh yeah, so guys this is my boyfriend of almost a year. He is called Bucky and we work together.” You announced to everyone. Bucky smiled and shook everyones hand. You could see how shocked everyone was when you introduced him as your boyfriend, you guess that’s what you get for never introducing them to any other of your boyfriends in the past.

“Hi, it’s so nice to meet you all.” Bucky said politely  

“Well, Bucky I feel like I should say that if you break my little girls heart then I will come after you, regardless of by the looks of you that you could possibly take me down in a second. But I know people” Your Dad threatened, you rolled your eyes in response, ready to defend Bucky but he quickly interjected before you could.

“Sir I would never dream of hurting Y/N, I really love her.” Bucky said proudly and took your hand back into his. A deep blush grew in your cheeks at his declaration of love in front of your family members.

“I love you too” You spoke softly to him, causing him to look down with a hint of red in his cheeks and a big grin.

“Awwwwww you guys are so cute!” You heard someone scream, upon recognising that voice you turned around to be met with your older sister, Melany

“Mel, its been so long!” You shouted and ran up to hug her. She quickly handed the two year old she was carrying in her arm to her husband. After a long hug and some tears coming from her you guys disconnected, ready to introduce Bucky to the rest of your family.

“Buck, this is my sister Melany, her husband Dave. Lily, who is 7 and Noah who is 2.” You pointed at all the members. The two men shared a hand shake but before Bucky could give Mel a hug Noah jumped out of Dave’s arms and ran to clutch onto Bucky’s leg. You could see him momentarily freeze but after an encouraging glance from you he bent down and picked up the little toddler.

“Hey there little guy. It is nice to meet you” Bucky said sweetly to Noah, he gurgled with happiness but when he caught sight of you, he started wriggling and stuck his arms in your direction. So you took him out of your boyfriends arms and started tickling the cheeky 2 year old. Noah squealed in delight and Lily raced up to you for a greeting of her own.

“Wow Lily, you have grown so much! Aren’t you a pretty girl” You complemented resulting in her to blush and giggle.

After putting Noah down you spotted your Mum in the kitchen talking to your Grandma and sister. Looking at Bucky who was noticelly trying to cover his left arm. You stopped his abruptly by laying your hand on it.

“Baby, you don’t need to do that. No one is going to judge you. They all know you are Bucky who has their Y/N wrapped around his finger”

He chuckled before replying, “I think it is the other way around Doll. Hey why don’t you go over and talk to your Mum. I can talk to Dave, he seems nice.”

“Yeah he is and funny, but are you sure?” You asked, cautious to leave and him feeling out of place. He gave you a smile and kissed you on the lips for reassurance, which you were more than glad to receive. As he turned to walk away you gave his bum a small tap causing him to look back with a shocked expression on his face, giving him a wink you sauntered away.

“Oh Y/N it’s so nice to see you darling” Spoke your beloved Grandma

“Gran, it’s great to see you too. Congrats by the way on 60 years!” you said happily after hugging her

“Oh yes dear, oh lord that is a long time. But enough about me we all want to hear about your hunking new man!” She replied excitedly, quickly giving your mum a hug you looked up to meet the big cheeky grins of your sister, Mum and Grandma.

“Ok guys. Well his name is James Buchanan Barnes, he has had a rough past but now isn’t the time to explain. But he is part of the avengers, so I saw him a lot and worked together often before we got together. But oh gosh, he is so charming, handsome, obviously. He is just everything, so funny and easy to get along with and we just click.” You gushed, letting a smile engulf your face.

“Aw honey, you really are in love” Your Mother spoke, slightly tearing up.

“I really am Mum, and I’m glad you guys can meet him.”

“So, whats he like in bed?” Mel asked cheekily, resulting in you cheeks firing up.

“Mel, I can’t say that!” You squeaked.

“Ok, but I’m going to get it out of you after you’ve had a drink.” 

“Oh no, we can’t we really should be back at the tower tomorrow” You confessed

“Oh come on Y/N, surely you can take two days off to spend with your family.” You Grandma spoke, with hope in her eyes. You really couldn’t say no to her, so you said you would speak to Bucky later.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to Bucky yet, so you can ask him when you introduce us.” Your mum said 

Heading over to the living room where you last left Bucky you couldn’t see him in the sea of your family. Panic surged through you, immediately thinking how he probably was scared off by something your Dad said, but a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“Oh look, there he is outside with the children” Your Mum noticed. And the sight  you were met with truly warmed your heart. Bucky was sat down on grass surrounded by about 10 kids, with Noah on his lap. There were various fridge magnets stuck to his arm, which was stretched out in front of him for the kids who were all gawking at it. As you approached the group and your boyfriend you couldn’t help but think about one day having a family of your own with this incredible man.

“Hey there kids, I see your are all stealing my boyfriend” You joked while crouching down to sit next to Bucky, your Mum also sat down but a bit further away next to Lily.

The children suddenly gasped and all shot surprised looks at Bucky.

“See I told you, she is my girlfriend.” He smiled in triumph, while leaning over to kiss your cheek. Your eye brows creased in confusion and you shot a questioning glance at hm.

“None of them believed that I was here with you, they all thought I was lying” He explained, you let out a laugh and confirmed to the kids he was in fact your boyfriend.

“Babe, whats all this on your arm?” Before Bucky could reply one of your cousins kids interrupted.

“We were seeing how many magnets could fit on his arm!”

Another child exclaimed, “Isn’t his arm so cool! You are lucky that you can touch it any time” There were a collected ‘yeahs’ in the circled, you and Bucky started to laugh.

“I know right, it is cool. But I know what you guys will like, Grandma has ice cream!” With that they all shot off to get their treats.

“Sorry Baby, I didn’t mean to leave you with them” You apologised

“Don’t be Doll, they were really impressed by my arm.” The two of you start to lean in but before your lips could touch your very oblivious Mum interrupted you.

“Hi there, I am Y/N’s Mother, Debbie. It is nice to meet you Bucky” We all stood up and they shared a hug. Whilst engaging in a little conversation you remembered that you were going to ask him something.

“Oh Buck, could we maybe stay over here tonight and then head back tomorrow?” 

“Yeah that’s fine Doll, but I don’t want to impose on your family time or anything.” He said, worrying about his presence.

“Oh don’t be silly Bucky, you are part of the family now.” You Mother interjected before you could. He gave her a big smile, happy to be part of a proper family again. You heard your sister call you over and with an encouraging glance to Bucky making sure he was ok, you headed over to her.

Buckys POV

I watched her walk over to her sister, a bright smile lighting up her very beautiful features. Her white summer dress floating along with her, making her truly look like a goddess, God my girl is beautiful.

“You know Bucky, before you we have never actually met any of her past boyfriends” Debbie said to him, which spiked his interest, turning to face her he asked why.

“Ah something about how she knew he wasn’t the one and she didn’t want to introduce him. That happened for a very long time, but here you are today” After hearing that a waver of happiness raced through my body, she thinks I’m the one?

“Wow, I am honoured to be here today to meet your incredible family.” I said to her causing her to smile in return.

“I’m glad that she has you Bucky, I can tell that you two really love each other, and I hope one day you will be legally part of this family one day.” She said

“So do I” I reply honestly. She starts tearing up and quickly pulls me into a hug.


“So what did he say?” Mel asked hopingly

“We are staying!” You giggled while getting a glass of wine for the two of you.

“Now you can spill the beans” She looked at you suggestively, you know what she wants, all of the sex details. You took a large gulp of wine before continuing,

“Its amazing Mel, so is he. At first he was scared of hurting me with his arm but now. Oh god that arm is amazing” You gushed, she stood there taking it all in with a smile.

“I’m so happy for you, now we can both gush about our partners and not just me” She confesses. “Oh my God look at Mum and him!” Mel suddenly squeals.

You whip your head around and saw your Mum and Bucky hugging each other. That brought a tear to your eye and you quickly wiped it away hoping no one saw.

“Hey guys, what are you starring at-oh” Mike looked over and saw what you were watching dearly. “So the whole family loves your man Y/N”

“What about you?” You asked quickly

“Yeah he is cool, I like him. But I know that he is the Winter Soldier Y/N, are you sure you know what you are doing” He said, causing your sister to gasp, shocked.

“Look, how long has he been here? About 4 hours and all that he has been doing is making friends and playing with the kids. Do you really think that Bucky now could do any of that? Of course not because he wasn’t in control, Hydra brainwashed him over and over again. I love him and I love who he is” You stuck up for Bucky, almost quite offended by what your brother said. Mike shpt his hands up in surrender and muttered an apology.

Attention was then dawn over to Bucky who approached the three of you with a smile beaming. You moved over to his side and planted a kiss on his lips.

“What was going on with you and Mum?” You questioned in content

“Nothing” He said smiling to himself, but that made you happy as he was clearly getting along with your family members and developing a personal relationship with some of the people who mean the most to you.

A few hours later the party died down and everyone who wasn’t staying over at your Mums and Dads house had left. Leaving your Mum and Dad sitting on the love seat in the corner of the living room. Bucky, Mel and Dave were squished up on the other sofa with you sitting in front of Bucky laying your head in his lap whilst he played with your hair. But the best view in that room was the sight of little Noah cuddled into Bucky’s side and Lily clung onto his metal arm. A kids show was playing on the TV to occupy them as the adults talked.

“So how did you and Bucky meet?” Your Mum asked to two of you.

“Well, one day I had to go and see the avengers to complete some paper work and I walked bumped into him.” You replied, but Bucky had to interrupt.

“No no, she did not just bump into me, she hit me like a bus and I dropped everything I was carrying, you knocked your head of the wall. So in the end I had to take her up to the nurse to make sure she was ok, and it happened from there.” Bucky corrected and you smiled at that precious memory while the others looked at you in admiration.

“When you and Bucky have babies will they have a metal arm?” questioned Lily innocently looking up from her programme. Shocked at the question you momentarily gape at her and then a deep bush rises to your cheeks. Looking over at Bucky who matched you in colour caught your eye and sent you a smile,

“No Lily they will have normal arms” He replied in answer to her question. Will, he used the word will, you noticed. That means he thinks it will happen, right? A warm feeling travelled through your body at the thought of having a family with this man that you love. And that was the best vision and feeling.

“That sucks” She complained, making everyone else chuckle at the idea.

“Well, I want Uncle Bucky and Aunty Y/N to have a baby now!” Noah demanded, causing the two of yours cheeks to darken yet again, what were these children doing? It was your turn to reply to this one,

“Maybe in the future Noah.” Which caused Bucky to quickly look at you with at great big smile, almost like the happiest you have ever seen him.

“Yeah the future.” He continued to himself, his smile growing. Everyone else in the room silently awed at the two of yours reactions, happy that you have finally met the the one.

“With that I think we should head to bed” Dave interrupted, which resulted in everyone getting ready to head off as well.

“So will you and Bucky be staying in the same room or separate?” Your Dad asked quietly, almost scared of the answer.

“Um, together Dad. We live together back at the tower.” You answered truthfully 

A blush rose to your father cheeks this time and replied, “No funny business then” Which elected an eye roll and a groan from you whilst Bucky stood there quite awkwardly.

“Oh honey please, this is the twenty first century, no one saves themselves till marriage any more.” Your Mum tied to defend you, but only made matters worse.

“Mum!” You cried

“Don’t be silly Y/N, we are all adults here.” She tutted. Bucky shifted uncomfortably at the stare you father was emitting at him

“Well after that an before Bucky runs for the hills, we are going to bed.” You announced and quickly made your way up the stairs.

“Y/N?” You heard Bucky mutter, locking at the clock signalling it was 2:07 am. 

“Mhhhhm” You mumbled sleepily.

“Do you really want a bionic baby with me in the future?” He whispered, lacing a joke into a question that would effect both of yours futures forever.

“Cupcake, I would love nothing more than to have bionic babies with you.” You replied whilst snuggling into his chest. Ad you drifted off to sleep you herd Bucky whisper,

“You are the damned best thing that ver happened to me Doll” And with that you fell asleep dreaming of your future life with your husband and kids, you couldn’t of been happier.