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"An Inside Man" Overview

In this week’s new episode of Star Wars Rebels, Kanan and Ezra find themselves having to trust an unlikely ally to escape an Imperial factory in Lothal that went on lockdown.


Season three has continued to delivery where it matters, especially when it comes to Thrawn. In “An Inside Man”, chills ran down my spine more times than once. This episode in particular was able to show the threat that the Rebellion is becoming as well as give SWR viewers a look at the ruthlessness of the Empire.

1. Thrawn. I’ve said this before but I need to say it again. Lars Mikkelsen completely dominates this episode. Every single delivery of his as Thrawn is bone-chilling and gives the perfect mood for what kind of enemy Thrawn is. What SWR seemed to shy away from in the beginning that The Clone Wars didn’t have as much of a problem with is showing the casualties of war. Prior, it’s mainly been through non-life-threatening instances that fans have seen what the Empire and Rebellion would both do, with the exception of pilots here and there. As season three has begun, and continued, we’ve already begun to see the effects of war (PTSD) as well the drastic measures each side takes. Gone are the days of Ezra stunning enemies (he gets a clean shot on a Trooper in the very beginning of the episode and only stuns a few when escaping thanks to Fulcrum).

Thrawn’s actions in this episode honestly remind me a little bit of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. There is little to absolute no care for the number of casualties as long as his mission has been completed (see his conversation with Kallus in the S3 premiere). Prior, Thrawn’s threats were chilling and seemed ruthless but in this episode, the audience watches as he follows through with getting rebels out of his areas.

In addition to watching the demise of Morad Sumar, he also has anyone who has caused equipment to malfunction to be exterminated.

With every word, action, and order that Thrawn gives out, it always feels like he knows more than he’s letting on. In credit to Lars’ amazing performance as well as the writing team, Thrawn is just such a unique enemy that poses an immense threat to the rebellion and is even, dare I say it, in the same league as Darth Vader.

At the end of the episode, it alludes to the idea that Thrawn knows Kallus is this inside man that let the rebels escape, yet nothing is done. That’s what can be as chilling as ordering the execution of others. No one but Thrawn knows the plans he has in store and what exactly that he can put into play whenever he wants.

2. Kallus. I honestly love Kallus’ deflection to the Rebellion. It’s an idea that’s been alluded to since getting stuck with Zeb and one that fans have been waiting for. As great and grand as it was to finally have it confirmed that Kallus is indeed another Fulcrum (!!!), this episode also felt like Kallus was signing off on his own death.

Thrawn notices little details and, as said above, the end of the episode alludes to the idea that Thrawn knows Kallus helped out the rebels in the factory. With that small line, and the looks that were exchanged following, the feeling of dread settled into my stomach. Kallus knows what the consequences of his actions will be and yet he still fulfills his promise to the Rebellion as Fulcrum and helps get Ezra and Kanan out. This felt particularly dangerous, more so than previously, as Thrawn is so close to what is going on and his has a keen eye for details.

With the Grand Admiral still around and the stakes rising with each encounter, I can’t hope but think that Kallus won’t be making it close to the end of the series (though I’m really hoping he at least survives season three. Part of me doesn’t have even that much faith).

In any case, I really love getting to see more of how Kallus is still figuring out balancing getting knowledge about Imperial machines without seeming suspicious and being able to help out the Rebellion. His character arc is one I’ve been excited for and now even more so as he’s been revealed as Fulcrum.

•Kanan is back in action more so than ever and it’s absolutely wonderful to see and something I dearly missed.
•Like how TCW has Coruscant, SWR has Lothal and man, it’s nice to be home.
•This season gets more intense as it goes, raising the stakes and finally showing that not everyone in the Rebellion will make it to ANH. That was something that I felt was lacking in SWR, beyond Ezra’s parents, so it’s, not nice per se but…, enthralling to see some familiar characters get their stories cut shut. No one is untouchable.

These are just some things I thoroughly enjoyed while watching “An Inside Man” and what stuck out to me!

man what the actual heck…it’s weird to think that the man who’s influenced a lot of people’s childhoods is gone at such a young age! but we should take the time to thank him for the happiness he’s given all of us through all of his creations with everyone else at nintendo. Mr. Iwata you will be missed! <3 


A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

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Lyrics:  Soft cassie,warm cassie, little balls of souls. Happy cassie, sleepy cassie,pur,pur,pur.