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Nickname(s): Flower/Flo AJ

Star sign: Aries

Height: betwen 5′4 (like 163cm)

Time rn: 11:25 PM 

Last thing I googled:quaility wigs 

Favorite Music Artists: Panic, FOB, Passion pit, Glass animals, Lily allen, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, alot theres alot man

Song stuck in my head: It wont be long now (in the hieghts)

Last Movie I watched: oh man uh??? i think Sing

Last show I watched: Steven Universe 

What I am wearing rn: blue off the shoulder shirt with light pinkish “stains” on it, black overall shorts, one pink and one blue sock

When I made this blog: uhhh the second?? or third steven bomb

Do I get regular asks: depends on the week

Why did I choose my url: Photovoltaick is based off photovoltaic whos definition is “ relating to the production of electric current at the junction of two substances exposed to light.” and i find myself inspired or energized by positivity and connecting with those who have an easy time being sunshiney

Gender: Genderfluid (i was gonna make a recoming out post soon anyway)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw 

Number of followers: 4,937 

Pokemon Team: My team oh maN it has been a long time but it was mostly fire/dark/psychic types!!

 Favorite Color: Red or pastels Favorite Characters: Lapis Lazuli (SU), Jade Harley (HS), Aradia and Damara Megido (HS), Jane Crocker (HS), Allura (VLD), Angelica Schuyler (HAM), John Laurens (HAM), Veronica Sawyer (Heathers), Heather McNamera (heathers), Benny (ITH), Usnavi (ITH), Elphaba (Wicked), there’s more but lol

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History Has Its Eyes On You || Part Three

lafayette x reader

prompt: you were tired of being set aside because you were a woman. you decide to disguise as a man so you could fight in the revolution.

a/n: lmao i’m usually a sucker for a happy ending but bring on the angst wow. 

this is also the final part to this short series so here are the other two parts:

part one part two


The next few weeks were rough for you.

Every time you left dressed to gather information from the British, you caught Lafayette looking at you. You knew that keeping this secret was difficult for him, but not being able to talk with Lafayette without forming tension was harder for you.

Your affections towards Lafayette continued to grow. You fought by his side nowadays and having the risk of him dying beside you constantly clouded your mind on the battlefield. You sometimes worried yourself sick that John would ask the General if you could continue on with his Regiment for the day.

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Tom’s mobile beeped. It was a sign that a new video was uploaded by (Y/N). He was on a break while the crew was preparing the set for his upcoming scene. He took his mobile and looked at the video. There she was, the funny cute colleague. She was in her personal caravan, wearing big glasses on her nose and saying: “Being classy makes me gassy, haha, yes." 

The man started to laugh out loud, not holding it back. Robert was the nearest person to him and he had to know why was he laughing that much. "Hey man, what’s with you?” When Tom showed him the video, he understood. “You two are having this war for over two weeks." 

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The Potions Incident |  A Dramione Ficlet

“We’re stuck like this forever?”  Hermione stared at Professor Snape in unfeigned horror.

“Maybe next time, Miss Granger,” the man sneered at her, “you’ll follow the directions more carefully.”

“This is your fault,” Draco Malfoy hissed at her.

“Oh no, Mr. Malfoy.  This took stunning incompetence, charmingly blended with arrogance, on both your parts.”  Snape swept away leaving the two students looking at one another, mouths agape, both trying to figure out how to fix this.

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Merry Christmas, Little Man

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: G

Summary:  After being dragged to an outdoor ice rink by Atsushi and Kyouka, Dazai becomes fascinated with a man who appears to be figure skating casually at the center of the rink. After learning from one of the rink workers that the man is a regular, Dazai keeps coming back to watch the man skate, and they begin to develop a friendship.

Author’s Notes:  Oh my god, two fics in one week??? What is this nonsense??? But anyways, this is a gift for @atarix !! Surprise!! I’m your pinch-hitter santa for @soukokuweek ‘s secret santa!! You wanted something fluffy and Christmas-themed so the first thing that came to my mind was ice skating au LMAO. I really enjoyed writing the banter between Chuuya and Dazai in this fic, and of course, my favorite line: “A short, elegant-looking redhead whose eyes were bluer than the laundry detergent that Dazai had considered mixing in with his coffee that morning.”
I really hope you like this fic, Anna!! Merry late Christmas and happy New Year!!

Read it on AO3

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anonymous asked:

hey! do you have any good klance fic recs? :)

Hey anon! Sure I got :)

Okay, you probably know one or two of these but anyways, in no particular order:

Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe

Basically, Lance makes a deal with Keith “Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?” God I can’t express all the emotions that this fic brought to me. It made me happy, it made me sad, it made me think about life in general. Slice-of-life kinda fic. I really recommend it if you didn’t read it already! :DD

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me 

This fic.. oh man.. this fic. Where do I begin? It starts after episode 11 of the first season and shows how the team gets back together. Problem is, they can’t find one particular paladin. I should warn you… that it’s REALLY angsty. I cried so much T-T It’s a really good fic AND the writer is also an artist so I was blessed with good writing and also beautiful art which really made it a great experience!! well besides the tears lmao

Of booty shorts and Injuries by Queerswimming

“Keith and Lance unexpectantly meet at the emergency room in the middle of the night.” Okay so I have a weak spot for fluff and THIS got the fluff and everytime I read it, I can’t stop smiling ahahah. I can’t poker face with fluff sue me. Keith and Lance are both dorks and in this fic we get to see them pining over each other so badly. I’m smiling as I write this I can’t escape. Still ongoing, can’t wait for more. <3

With legs like these by Queerswimming

“In which Lance finds out that there’s a pool in the castle and challenges Keith to a race.” So this fic happened. Because of the trailer of season 2 in which we see Lance and Keith in swim trunks. And everyone was going nuts ahah I remember so clearly it wasn’t too long ago ahah So now after I watched season 2, although I really enjoyed the pool scene, my klance heart always comes back to this fic.

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

So this fic isn’t finished yet but I’m REALLY enjoying it. I’m just gonna leave the description because it sums it up so well:

“In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.”

I don’t really wanna say anything more because spoilers but  Enemies to Friends to Lovers sign me up

I got more fics but I’m just too lazy to write more right now ahah.

I hope you find something you like! :D

I always forget how utterly unsubtle Hermes is. It’s almost ridiculous. If you have never been personally involved but have heard stories, let me tell you, you have no idea.

Example: I had two books in my cart last week when I was online shopping and an unsettling feeling came over me just before I checked out that I should really just choose one over the other. I did, it came in yesterday, and I just sat down to read it.

The word Hermes appears three times on the second page.


this series of silly doodles is like two days away from becoming a fully fleshed out au oh no so basically eliza and angelica kidnap ham for the summer and write to washington like “listen this tiny man’s tiny heart cannot take all this stress so we’re taking him upstate before he writes himself to death, pull some strings so he doesn’t lose his job thanks bud” they manage to get him upstate for about two weeks which is a much-needed vacation, and when mariah reynolds comes around eliza is the one who gives her a loan and walks her home and makes her promise to come back to them if her no good husband shows up again and you can’t really have a duel if one of the participants can’t actually wield a pistol so they just like. talk it out man. basically this is now a fix-it au



What’s up y’all. Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck. Look, I wanna talk about a lot of things, but this transgender bathroom deal just won’t go away. And you know it’s gettin’ out of hand now cos we’ve got white people boycottin’ Target. God damn! Never thought I’d see the day. But yeah, sure enough, the American Family Association in Mississippi asked for a boycott of Target and they got over seven hundred thousand signatures. And I guarantee every one of them damn people’s so proud of themselves for makin’ a statement, too.

Y’all ever notice how shitty white people get to protest stuff by like, ‘goin to Sears instead!’ or ‘eatin’ two chicken sandwiches this week!’ But yeah. [sarcastically] Y’all are basically freedom riders.

Gah! This gets my red up, man! Apparently, the people signing this petition are doing it because they don’t feel comfortable taking their kids into Target now with their trans-friendly policy. Oh, really? Y’all ain’t comfortable? Yeah? Well if you’ll allow a rejoinder: So the hell what? If my great granny was still alive, she wouldn’t be comfortable eatin’ cornbread next to a colored boy. Guess what: She’d have to get her old ass over it. Cos it’s 2016 and that’s a shitty way to be. And why should we care if you’re comfortable anyway? Have you ever even thought about the comfort of gay people, black people, hell, me! I’m a non-Christian living in the south. I can’t even go to a goddamn potluck without having to thank some space fairy for the broccoli casserole and honey, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Have you ever cared? I’m guessin’ not since Nancy Grace never had a hashtag about it. 

But now you ain’t comfortable so now you’re screamin’ [mocking]: ‘we gotta boycott Target, askeet-da-deet-deet!’

Well, shit. I hope you realize that Target ain’t even gonna THINK about givin’ a damn. Target would love for you to waddle your hateful ass over to Wal-Mart. That’s where all the Duck Dynasty shit is anyway. Target don’t want you, American Family Association. Which, lastly, fuck that name. You don’t speak for my family! I got two little boys, man, and I’ve actually thought about the possibility of one of them bein’ gay or transgender and how I would feel if I knew they had to face the shit that y’all put people though for the sake of your ‘comfort.’ And it pisses me off. So stop trying to pass your bigotry off as a ‘family issue’ because, speaking as a father, that’s bullshit! 

And fuck Nancy Grace, too. 

anonymous asked:

what did you think of episode 7 of taboo?


Okay people so you know the drill TABOO SPOILERS!!


A very intense episode!!!  I swear my heart was in my throat the entire time.  Tom Hardy…. oh my god.. the man can not dig any deeper into the acting well. Just phenomenal what he has to do each week.   Overall I think it was one of the best episodes thus far.  Everything is unraveling, and coming together in a way.  So, I can tell you two things straight away that might not be too revealing:

1) If you don’t love Lorna Bow by now, I think you are vastly missing something.  My love for her shot up about 200% in this episode.   Her heart and strength are the backbone of this otherwise bleak, black, often soul-less show.  Her commitment to find evidence to prove James innocence - my god her heart!!   And I think she may just adopt all the children??   But for now it’s quite a thing that she is basically taking care of things on the home-front for Mr James Delaney, and he’d better appreciate it.    And so should the rest of you who think that it is boring AF – who the heck do you think makes the world go around and holds it up when it’s about to crash?  People like Lorna Bow, who quietly go about just Doing The Damn Work That Needs Doing.    But, I hope I never have to pluck a duck.

I know I know I hear ya – she could still betray him possibly?  Yep - this show could pull anything over on us.  But, I rather highly doubt it at this point because exactly…. how?   About what?  And I am sure Robert was sent to the Delaney home because he trusts Lorna to care for him.   And I have a reason I suspect he’s already chosen her to be with him.  But I will hold onto that for now…

2)  My heart cannot take much more watching James in pain. Like.Enough.Already.  That torture was extremely hard to watch.  My stomach was clenched the entire time.  How much more can this man endure?   LOVE that he got what he wanted in the end.   He’s supposed to be so evil, but how interesting is it that we see the extreme heart of this man when push comes to shove…   … hmmmm sure hope there’s a woman of equally stout heart who could be a good match for him.  *wink*  You know, someone who actually is like him.   Can’t wait for this conversation between James and Strange next week – you just know that he is going to unleash on that man, and probably has something BIG on Mr Stuart Strange that will likely secure his release. 

Among other things, still wondering if Robert is in fact his son??   Because Brace does refer to him as The Bastard – meaning in the old time use of the word folks.  There is absolutely no indication at all that he could be the child of James and Zilpha.  Maybe it’s best to just not say, for his sake?  Besides, by the way Lorna immediately puts her arm around him and takes him inside and continues to care for him?  honestly, who do you think would be a better caretaker/mom anyway?   so speaking of crazy people….

That brings us to perhaps the biggest shock, although if you were just completely enthralled by Tom’s half naked body last week and failed to see the greater detail to the incest sex scene - you perhaps were surprised at how it ended tonight.   I’m sorry people, but the very idea that she thought they could continue on after THAT?  She’s crazy.  The fact that she was even willing?  Crazy.  It truly showed how they are not the same people At All.   The fact that this was the FIRST real conversation they have ever had, and it still was essentially an argument?  A definite case of too little too late.  And honestly, I think James was disgusted by the fact she basically killed her husband to be with him, then tried to suggest that he told her to do it, and then also passed he burden of covering it up to him.  And then gave in to him when he was essentially an ass to her.  Immediately after the funeral.  His eyes have been opened.   He’s changed since he was a young man she could easily play about.   Since Oona is listed for 8 episodes, we haven’t seen the last of Zilpha, but I highly doubt that there will be a last minute change of heart.  That diamond - her second one mind you - slammed on the desk was pretty final.  And personally, I didn’t buy those tears for a minute.   Quite honestly, I don’t have anything but best wishes for her character - I hope this finally means the two of them can find some happiness - in other places. 

So, now its just a matter of James getting free and who is going to sail away with him.  If you had a keen eye, you probably spotted some letters on his writing table – I am pretty sure they will be very important in the finale.  The preview for #8 shows Robert delivering them.   Also, I highly doubt the betrayals are over just yet.  The Crown certainly will try everything, even if the EIC makes a deal with him.  I am sure someone of his league is probably dishonest too. 

It seems to me that James Delaney is very much alive at this point in time. So there goes all those supernatural theories out the window.   The question is, with the Crown and the Company and now the Prince Regent, and probably the Americans too all pressing down upon his head, and likely at least one traitor still in his league….. will he remain that way until the end?  


A tiny X-Files Drabble for @leiascully‘s #OctoberFicFest. Memento Mori.

She remembers reading somewhere that Cancer is the dimmest of all the Zodiac constellations. That it only has two stars of the brightest magnitude and so, swings quietly across the heavens nestled between Gemini and Leo. She thinks that she’ll tell Mulder that later, win one of those rare, face-transforming smiles that only heavy flirtation or excessive nerdiness can summon. 

Maybe she’ll use it as a warm up. “Hey, Mulder! Check out my space fact - oh and also I am dying of cancer. Not the constellation. Don’t worry about last week, about the man or the tattoo or what any of it means. None of that really matters any more.” 

Soon it will slip along with the rest of her into the black hole that opened up without them noticing in the middle of their own small constellation. 

Soon there will be only one bright star in the darkness.

Soon she will be gone. And he will endure, alone with his quest and his trivia and that smile hidden away somewhere in the back of his mind with the other lost things. She thinks she’s sadder about that than she is about dying. 

How can she tell him that. 

How can she tell him goodbye.


“Calm down, dork, we don’t know if it will work.”

Originally posted by onceland

“Hey, I made it. It’ll work.”

“Hey, Stark, I need- Who are they?”

“Oh, man- Howard?”

“Peter, hurry up! We need to go!”

“Hold on a second, I rank higher than you. As Captain I demand you to tell me who you are.”

“First of all, you aren’t a Captain yet. Give it a week.”

“Um, Katy…”

“Hang on, how did you-”

“Howard, it’s time.”

Originally posted by newyorkbellco

“Uh, yeah, just give me one second-”


“Any time now would be great.”

“Three, Two, One-”




To be continued…

Just a lil joke

There were once these two boys who loved to play baseball. one day the ball went out of bounds so one went to go get it. while doing so, he got hit by a car and died. A few weeks later the other boy got a letter in the mail from Heaven, and it was from the boy who died. He said,“man Heaven is so great! We can play baseball everyday! oh and your pitching tomorrow ”

Oh, goodness this episode did have some very great things.


Matron Brannon, omg.

I’m adoring Charlotte more every episode.

Henry being magically healed and yet not seeing how his actions are a good thing?

Samuel making some hard choices. 

McBurney continuing his plea for help from his mental illness and no one caring. Has he met Sister Isabella?

Jed making good choices. NO GREAT Choices. Our little problematic morphine cupcake is GROWING into a great man!


Alphabet Tag!

Tagged by one of my biggest Jongup-loving friends, @ryuutsubasa! Thanks for the tag love!

Age: 21

Biggest fear: Never having anyone to trust; living my entire life surrounded by people, but always alone (dang we’re the same @ryuutsubasa)

Current Time: 2:46 pm

Drink you last had: Water

Everyday starts with: Looking at my phone, wishing I wasn’t awake haha

Favorite Song: Oh my Goddddd just all of NOIR, man

Ghosts are real?: Nahhhh….maybe…..nahhhhhhhhh lol idk

Hometown: Detroit, MI

In love with: BAP

Jealous of: Nobody and nothing

Killed Someone: No

Last time cried: Yesterday but legit all week

Middle Name: I don’t have one

Number of siblings: 1

One wish: To be happy

Person you last called/texted: My sister called me yesterday

Questions you’re always asked: My sister and I are asked literally every time we go out in public “are you two twins????” The answer is always no lol

Reasons to smile: Seeing how lucky I am in life and how things can always get better, family, friends, BAP, nature… there’s a lot of reasons to smile!

Song last sang: I had a bunch of kpop songs on my playlist, so it might have been Blackpink’s “Playing With Fire”

Time you woke up: Today’s Saturday sooooo 11:30-ish?? 

Underwear color: Blue lace patterned

Vacation destination:Take me anywhere istg I just need to leave right now idc where! But if I could choose: Japan, Austria, or Prague

Worst habit: Procrastinate

X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, chest, stomach

Your favorite food: Fries or bubble tea

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Husband Reacts to Harry Styles: Another Man Magazine Covers

Hi friends!

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted one of these, but we’ve been super busy with moving and unpacking and getting settled in our new home. But I just HAD to do a quick Husband Reacts to the amazing Another Man magazine covers that were released this week!

But first, I had to subject Hubs to the weirdness and confusion of Harry’s three blank instagram posts…

“What? He posted this on instagram?………………”

(stares for a minute and gets a slight smile, looking back and forth from the photo to me)

“Did he forget to take the lens cap off?”

“Wait he posted TWO white photos on instagram…..is that a different shade of white? Is this some artsy shit I don’t understand? Lemme guess, the third one is white too?“

“Oh my god this white photo has 725,000 likes. Naturally. It’s probably the best thing ever posted on stupid intagram. It’s nothing. Is the next one all white, too? Is it a penis picture? I swear to God if it’s a penis picture, I’m not prepared for that….”

(stares for a few long seconds) “Okay he’s gone emo. What’s with the spiderwebs? Are they supposed to make him look all tough and two-faced?”

“Is he doing gay porn now?! He’s got some kind of collar around his neck? He’s doing gay porn! He’s dressed as a fuckin’ beast of some sort? He’s doing gay porn! HE. IS. DOING. GAY. PORN. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE.”

“Also, Another Man sounds like a gay porn magazine. It sounds like something Tobias has hidden in the secret room in the Bluth model home.”

(As usual, he’s not entirely wrong……)

(making fun of the tagline) “OH BOY!! He looks like Mark Hamill. And Bugs Bunny with those buck teeth. I don’t understand the 60′s vibe, is he supposed to be Paul McCartney?”

I will say that he looks better with the short hair. The long hair makes him look like a petulant child. I’m not entirely sure what petulant means, but I wanted to use it.”

“So if the second one was inspired by Paul McCartney, is this one inspired by Michael Jackson? With his pasty white face and his nostrils, the hair, and the collar…it’s Michael Jackson. I expect him to break out into ‘Thriller’ at any minute.”

“I’m worried that if I lean forward, I will see his snot. It looks like he was trying to be edgy and have a GQ-esque photoshoot, but I’m not sure if that was achieved.”

At this point, I mentioned to him that I bought the third cover.

“Ohhhh my Goooood, you actually bought one?!? Shipped to this address? With our last name on it? Is the mail person gonna see it? Are we gonna have to move now?! I’m cutting you off from my credit card.”

Any final reactions?

“Why didn’t you buy the cover that was all white?”

See all my Husband Reacts posts here

Future fic where Scott goes away to college far far away from Beacon Hills and his supposed responsibilities, and who should he run into during orientation: Danny Mahealani!

Danny takes one look at him and groans ‘oh no’, because freaking werewolves, man. And Scott’s completely (or willfully) oblivious and is just super excited to see someone he knows.

And two weeks into the semester, Scott bangs on Danny’s door late at night, after he’s already in bed. Danny answers it, blinking all bleary eyed and as soon as he realizes who it is, ‘No’ comes out of his mouth on autopilot. 

“Danny, I need a favor,” Scott pleads, doing that thing with his eyes that Danny has never been able to figure out if he does intentionally or not. If it’s guileless, goddamn God for putting a weapon like that in the hands of someone with no idea how to use it. If its intentional, then Scott has had everyone fooled since middle school and is in fact an evil mastermind. Danny’s not sure which alternative is hotter. No, wait. Neither. Neither is hot. Ugh why did he answer the door why god why.

“No, no, no. No favors, no helping you, no, nyet, nada. I am three thousand miles away from Beacon Hills for a reason. I do not care why you just so mysteriously HAPPEN to be here as well, but I am putting my foot down before you read some grand design into it. I will not be playing Watson to your supernatural Sherlock Holmes, I don’t care if we’re sitting on top of a Hellmouth, if the world is about to end, if Delta Omega Tau is actually a nest of vampires rather than just a collection of the most obnoxiously attractive fratboys on campus.”

"Umm, I was just going to ask if I could borrow your study guide for the chemistry quiz? I left mine in my pocket and accidentally put it through the wash,” Scott says.

Danny deflates. “Oh. Yeah. Yeah that’s fine. Come in.”

Scott’s standing in the middle of his room, nonchalantly looking around while Danny bends over his desk, hunting amidst his stack of notes for the study guide.

Then oh so casually, Scott says: “Funny you should mention vampires though….”, and Danny stiffens.


“Oh c’mon,” Scott whines, and grown men with firm pecs straining against their way too tight Henley shirts should not be allowed to look adorable while being petulant. It should be illegal! Oh no, that just brought handcuffs into the picture frame. Why is his brain like this? Why? No but seriously whyyyyyy. “I honestly was just coming over for the study guide but now that you mention it if you could spare like just five seconds to run a quick background check, there’s been a few assaults with suspicious neck wounds in the area and there’s this one guy on my floor who smells way older than he looks. I dunno, its hard to explain, but now I’m thinking maybe you could look real quick to see if there’s traces of him online going back further than how old he looks, you know? Just to see if I’m right about the smell? I’d owe you one dude, and you’d really be helping me out.”

Danny gives up.

“Fine,” he says, standing arms akimbo. “I’ll do your search for you, but that’s it. And you need to take off your shirt while I do it.”

“Umm. What?”

Danny shrugs. “That’s my going rate for helping with supernatural shit. Shirtless eye candy while I work. You don’t like it, take it up with Stiles. He and his ‘cousin Miguel’ set the rate sophomore year.”

Something that paradoxically was best described like ‘shy mischief’ tinted the corners of Scott’s smile. “You think I’m eye candy?”

Danny’s jaw tightened. He wondered if Scott could hear his back molars grinding together. Probably. Freaking werewolves. “Just take off your shirt and give me the guy’s name, McCall.”

Man oh man! Its been about two weeks since I have actually posted something. For those of you that follow and enjoy my work my apologies for how long its been. Any way I was up late listening to some of my music on shuffle and this guys theme song came on and I just couldnt help the urge to draw him. Im not to sure how familiar you guys are with the JRPG Disgaea but this guy is one of my all time favorite characters I present

“Bite the Dust”


See you on the other side...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY JANE!!!! we are only three thousand years late but here it is at long last, Hannah and Mari’s birthday gift to you, you most wonderful and excellent human. you deserve only the best things in life, and we hope you enjoy this, love

       … … . .

“Hey guys, Percy here. I have some news…” Percy shifted in his plastic office chair as he looked into the familiar big eye of the camera perched on top of a few of his housemate’s books on his desk (he really needed to buy a tripod already). “So it’s been just over two years since I made this channel, and I woke up this morning to see that I’ve now got one million subscribers! which is absolutely insane and I can’t believe so many of you tune into me talking to myself once a week.”

“Oh come on, man. You know why they love you.” His roommate, Jason decided to roll into view on his wheelie chair at that moment, not totally unplanned. He grinned charmingly into the camera.

Percy rolled his eyes. “And here to celebrate my joining of the million subscribers club, is Jason. Cue jazz hands.”

Jason made a meek attempt at jazz hands.

“Dude, that’s terrible.”

“I’m not a jazz hands kinda guy,” Jason protested.

“What kind of person do you have to be to be a jazz hand kinda guy?”

Jason scratched his chin. “I don’t know…Piper?”

Percy nodded. “Piper does love the jazz hands. Anyway, we’re here celebrating my amazing achievement. And because - as my good friend Annabeth likes to say - my imagination stems from a pea, I have failed to come up with an amazing way to celebrate. But here’s a little montage of my videos over the past two years which, yes unfortunately include the very embarrassing early years.”

“So embarrassing.” Jason shook his head.

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