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[TianShan Week]

Day 1: Pursuit

…an effort to secure your very own Guan Shan!

Oh man, why do I keep making mini-comic when I don’t have much time~ XD

Pretends I’m not living in UK time… *whistles*

After just finishing a hella mentally and emotionally abusive relationship I’d pretty much decided that I never wanted another relationship again. The past relationship really effected me badly and I was super depressed so my friends suggested I got tinder with them as a laugh to try and cheer me up and oh man was it funny. I never took any of it seriously but then however after swiping left to many odd and weird looking dudes I stumbled upon one guy who caught my interest.

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“Ugh I’m gonna seem like such an asshole for this. But man oh man I really hate seeing people’s follower count updates. I want to be happy for you for hitting milestones, I really do, but when you get 100+ followers within a week and it took me well over 5 years to hit my first hundred, it’s really hard to keep the ugly feelings of jealousy and spite away. I’ll congratulate people anyway, of course, they deserve it, but it makes my heart hurt a lot.”

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“You look like you’re about to pass out.” with any characters of your choice?

Oh man, this is the first Anon request I’ve ever got and it’s sooo exciting! Sorry it took me so long to fill though :/
So this is set during Jamie and Tristan’s first Freshers Week, I hope you like it :)

The Freshers Ball, Jamie decided as he tumbled into bed that night, had been a total bust. Not only had he missed that night’s episode of Bake Off (his favourite unintentional comedy), but he’d also absolutely failed to have a good time. It wasn’t that it had been bad, per se, but the consistently trashy music had made his head ache and the booze had been too expensive to really be worthwhile. Tristan - of course - had wafted around making nice with anybody and everybody, hands flapping animatedly as he talked. Jamie had trailed after him like a shadow, smiling politely and shaking hands, but the idea of making actual conversation had seemed like a Herculean effort. He sighed as he collapsed onto his mattress. A part of him felt bad about dragging Tristan away early, but as his eyes slid closed and exhaustion overwhelmed him he knew that painting the town red the fourth time in a week would have been a bit much.

The cold hit him the next morning like a tonne of bricks.

He woke to the sound of something clattering in the kitchen. Groaning, he reached blindly for his phone, wincing when the brightness of the screen made the previous night’s headache return with a vengeance. 8:30. On a Saturday. What the fuck was Tristan up to? Still half asleep, he collapsed back into the pillows with a sigh, but somehow the air caught in his throat and he found himself curling round his chest, coughing profusely. By the time it had finished, he was gasping for breath, far more awake, and about ten times more miserable.
Despite the lingering grogginess, he was vividly aware of his skin tingling, and the shivers running down the back of his neck which just smacked of fever. What last night had been a tickle in his throat, which he had attributed to the smoke machine in the club, had morphed into a monster. Breathing felt like he was scraping sandpaper down the soft tissue, and when he swallowed the pain flared sharply. He felt like he had a golf ball lodged in his throat.

He needed water and he needed medicine.

Dizziness washed over him when he pulled himself up, and he had to sit on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands for longer than he’d like to admit. His head felt like it had been stuffed with cotton leaving him in a permanent state of not-quite-with-it. He heaved himself up, shuddering as he left the warmth of his bed. Walking proved a challenge. It was as if his limbs were being pulled down with lead weights, and his legs didn’t quite know where the floor was anymore. As he stumbled through to the kitchen, he pulled a black sweater off their clothes rack - his ratty ‘Twisted Wheel’ T-shirt just wasn’t warm enough. The sweater was soft and comforting when he dragged it over his head, and he knew it wasn’t his but he was too tired to care.

'When I agreed to live with you, I didn’t know that meant waking up at such an ungodly hour on the weekends.’

Tristan turned away from the counter where he was preparing a grapefruit when he heard the hoarse voice from the doorway, and one eyebrow twitched upwards at the sight of his friend. The younger boy looked awful. He was attempting to lean nonchalantly against the doorframe, but it was clear from the pale pallor of his face and his hunched shoulders that the doorframe was doing a great deal of the work to keep him standing. His arms were wrapped around his torso, fingers clutching at the fabric of a very familiar jumper.

'And I didn’t know that it meant sharing all my clothes with you, so it looks like we’ve both been pleasantly surprised,’ Tristan quipped back, the corner of his mouth quirking up in a smirk, 'You look like crap by the way.’

'Fuck off,’ Jamie croaked good-naturedly, rubbing a weary hand over his face as he made his way towards one of the stools at the kitchen island. 'It’s not like you never steal my stuff.’

The sentence ended in a rasping cough, the kind that rattles in your chest. Tristan watched as Jamie sank onto a seat. Everything from the slope of his shoulders to the way he rested his forehead in his palm screamed out for comfort, but Tristan couldn’t resist teasing him for his clothing choice just a little bit longer.

'James Allen, that jumper is cashmere! It does not deserve your germs all over it, and it especially does not deserve to be paired with those god-awful jogging bottoms.’

With an overly dramatic sigh, he swivelled back round to the counter. From behind, Jamie raised his head enough to shoot Tristan a glare of mock resentment. He’d known Tristan long enough to know when the other boy was joking, and Tristan had known him long enough he knew exactly how to handle Jamie when he was under the weather. Stealing the sweater was a dead giveaway; Jamie had been jacking this one when he was ill ever since they’d shared a room at the start of high school and Jamie had been homesick and pukey on a pretty regular basis.

'Grapefruit?’ Tristan put the bowl of fruit down with a thunk, a glass of water and a packet of pills following soon after. “I’ve heard it’s really good for sore throats…”

Reaching for the water, Jamie shook his head. After taking a few gulps, he reached for the blister pack and fumbled at it with trembling fingers.

’ ’m really not hungry,’ he murmured eyes sliding shut with frustration as the packet slipped from his grip, 'I think I just need to sleep this off.’

Sighing Tristan reached over, taking the packet and smoothly popping out two capsules. Jamie shot him a grateful smile, wincing as he swallowed them. He coughed weakly, kneading his forehead with his fingertips; Tristan could see from the tension in his shoulders that he was staving off another coughing fit, and nudged the glass closer to him.

'Couch or bed?’ He asked softly, anxious not to exacerbate the headache that his friend was clearly nursing.

'Huh?’ Jamie looked up wth him hazily, heavily lidded eyes tracking over Tristan’s face with difficulty.

'Are you going to sleep on the couch or in bed?’ Tristan repeated, glancing over at the clock. 'I’ve got a choir rehearsal, and you can’t sit at the kitchen table all day.’

Jamie frowned. The pounding in his head was making it difficult to think - each pulsing heartbeat tightened the vice around his skull. Distractedly, he hoped that the medicine would kick in soon.

'J, come on.’

Jamie started when he realised Tristan had made his way around the table to crouch next to him. Almost instantly, he regretted the movement as his headache flared and a flurry of hacking coughs shook his body. The coughing made his eyes water. Bracing one hand against his chest, he reached shakily for his water as he gasped for breath. He became vaguely aware of Tristan rubbing a comforting hand against his arm.

'Bed I think, hmmm?’ Tristan mused, his voice low and soothing as if he were talking to a scared child. 'Lean on me, you look like you’re about to pass out.’

As gently as he could, Tristan hauled Jamie out of his seat, holding the younger boy firm as he reeled off balance. Jamie wavered. Even having taken the medicine, he felt as though he were underwater, equal parts too heavy and too floaty. When Tristan tugged him forwards, he staggered slightly, unable to find his footing when he wasn’t quite sure how to move his feet. Somehow, eventually, they made it back to his room, and he flopped exhaustedly into bed, curling into himself.
The bed dipped slightly next to him, and he cracked open his eyes to see Tristan perched on the edge. Blearily, Jamie watched as he placed a glass of water and some more pills on the bedside table.

'In case you need them before I’m back,’ Tristan murmured, stroking Jamie’s hair off his forehead. Jamie didn’t miss the guilt in Tristan’s voice over leaving him alone, but his lips felt like rubber when he tried to reassure the other boy. Tristan pulled Jamie’s duvet from the base of the bed and tucked it neatly around him.

'I’ll get some chicken soup on the way home. You just rest now.’

Jamie was out so fast he didn’t even hear the door click shut.


“Oh… mother who is this we have here?” The dark haired man asked curiously as he took a seat across from you next to his mother.

Mrs. Cobblepot smiled kindly at you before saying, “this is Y/N. She just moved in next door last week. Y/N, this is my son, Oswald.”

“Hello.” You finally mumbled quietly, setting your teacup down as you spoke. “It’s a pleasure to meet you - your mother has told me such great things.” You’re a bit flustered being put on the spot like this.

Oswald flashed a grin back at you. “Oh believe me, the pleasure’s all mine.”

Planes Are Perfect for Reunions

Title: Planes Are Perfect for Reunions
Pairing: OiYama

“Oh!” Oikawa leaned towards the man, trying to figure out which member of the team he was. He took in the long black hair, tinted with green, and the strand that seemed to stick out. He glanced at the freckles dotting the boy’s nose and cheeks. 

“I don’t think you’d remember me,” he said. “I didn’t really play until second year so-”

“You’re the cute pinch server,” Oikawa cut in. “You scored a point off us at the Spring Tournament.”
Notes: For the prompt “This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and you’re deathly afraid of flying” in this post

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oh it took me by surprise when all the hunger left your eyes
and you never told me why,
only that it’s best if we try just to f o r g e t
but I’m not finished yet
now the days turn into weeks, and we’re just taking turns to speak
and nothing’s clear to me, only that you’re there with
honey in your hair

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Oh I feel ya! I'm just tailing off of a shark week and have suddenly been struck by the head cold from hell!!

Oh man, right?!? I had the worst sinus pressure headache yesterday, then BAM Jaws comes outta nowhere. I actually took a nap for the first time in forever too. Today’s a bit better, though it’s more ‘hit by a truck’ than yesterday. I’d love to just crawl back into bed with a heating pad.

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hi I also take Prozac and when I first started taking it I only took one pill for the first week and after that I took two and just the one pill works fine but two made me fall asleep all the time, idk if it'll be the same for you but that's how it went for me, also it can make you a little nauseous at the beginning and give you headaches so drink a lot of water and it'll help, I hope it works for you! :)

thanks dude!! oh man my sleep is so messed up anyways im rlly not looking forwards to how the meds are gna affect it, also i waS feeling sooo nauseous the first two days that i took them but its the third day today and i didnt rlly feel as neauseous as the past few days so hopefully thats passed

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I've had about 6 hours sleep in the last 3 days... I attempted my first meal last night my bf took me out to cheer me up I couldn't eat half of it. Thank you for trying to cheer me up I love you 💕😘-As Also this week has it out for me First my cat, then my uber cost me $118 then my hair dresser dyed my hair strawberry blonde and not caramel brown and screwed up on my hair cut then my original Xbox got the ring of death 😭😭😭

6 HOURS???!!! Oh man I hope you’re able to sleep well soon omg ☹️☹️ awww that so sweet of him I’m so so glad you have him there to take care of you!!! I know you have zero appetite but OMG PLEASE EAT MY AS PLEASE!!!! At least you ate a little bit though??? 😞😞😞 AND OMG WOWIE THAT IS SOME AMOUNT OF HORRIBLE LUCK!!!! I’m so sorry that’s all happening in one week agh!!! Mm well at least those last two are things that can be fixed right?? well hopefully the ring of death has a miracle idk 😔😔 DON’T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN AS!!! I KNOW YOU’RE SUPER AND I MEAN SUUUPER STRONG BUT YOU’VE BEEN GOING THROUGH A LOT SO YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE SAD RIGHT NOW BUT DON’T LET IT AFFECT YOUR LIFE FOR LONG OKAY??? PROMISE ME??? - Eomma^^

@the-keeping-of-bees : I can understand that. I don’t know if my family would find it very political but it’s the kind of quirky humour and quintessential Britishness that might turn them off. But who knows, they could surprise me!

@thisbirdhadflown : Oh man, I would have kicked him awake. I had a friend tell me Taron “is average looking”. I have never felt so offended.

@theavengerscumbercookie : I used to have it on Netflix!! But Canada took it off, sad D: I watched it once a week for the longest time. I haven’t even attempted to watch it with anyone else because it’s so dear to me and I would be devastated if anyone dared to speak ill of my ridiculous gay British spies.

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Okay first I'm so happy for cricky!!! More kids to spoil :') second, I totally agree with your downton complaints, we already lost Sybil & I couldn't stand seeing Matthew leave too, plus Mary was just a horrible person in general & needed way more than what Edith told her in the finale, but what truly turned me off from DA was Anna's rape. It was so fucking sudden & I was probably depressed for a week and then they dragged it out FOREVER! I'm glad they got a happy ending but god the time it took

OH MY GOOOOD I KNOW. i’m also really bitter about how thomas was treated and written as a character. 

from what i remember julian fellowes (an older white british man) wrote all of the episodes himself so i’m not surprised that some topics and storylines weren’t dealt with very well



Finally finished my wand for my Star Butterfly cosplay! I was having such a hard time with the LEDs but as you can see it all lights up just like I wanted ♥ Gaah I’m so happy.

I build in two seperate circuits, one for the big star, the small pink hearts and the bigger blue heart at the bottom. The other one is only for a nice blue shine in the center. Whole wand took me about two weeks.

Sorry for the dark picture - I’ll definitely show you some cooler pics later c: stay tuned!


Imagine #151 Let’s pretend (Pt.8)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

“How was I so stupid? God!” I said panicking for not calling my mother as I promised I would.

“Calm down (y/n).”

“I need to call her now.” I said as I took out my phone and went in the bedroom to be alone.


“Hey dear, your friends probably told you already.”

“How did it happen? Is he okay?”

“A drunk man drove in to his car. He is awake, but he is still in bad conditions.”

“I’ll find a plane and come as soon as I can.”

“Oh honey, no. You can’t leave a week earlier. We’ll make it without you, don’t worry.”

“No mom, I am coming home. I have to see him, help you.”

After she explained me some other things about the accident and my father’s conditions I hung up and then continued my search for flights.

The problem was that I had no money to buy the early ones. The only option was to fly in Brazil in two days, but since I had to help my mother and see my father as soon as possible, I booked it.

“So you’ll leave us soon?” my best friend asked upset.

“I’m sorry.”

“We get it, don’t worry. You have to be with your family right now.”

“Thank you girls. I’ll go sleep now.” I said as I got in bed.

I could not sleep, I was listening to sad music and I was worried something my happen to my father before I could see him.

“They look nice. I have to say, you did a good job.” I suddenly got a text message from Neymar with three photos from the photo shooting.

“Neymar” I remembered I promised to help him with this fake relationship for another week, but now it was impossible.

However, I noticed he did not send me the photo I was most interested in, the one where he kissed me.

I had no courage to tell him. I knew he would get angry about it, as he did in the club last time when he saw me talking with another guy. Therefore, I decided to talk with him the next morning, since I had the entire day before flying back home.

Before I fell asleep, I looked at the photos for some time. It made me feel a little bit better seeing us smile together, but not for long. He was not in to me and what I saw in the photos was just acting, he told me that several times.

Next morning I called my mother asking her what was going on, she said he the same as yesterday, nothing changed. I was getting even more worried, and then I told her that I have my flight next day in the noon.

So then, it was time to tell Neymar what was going on. I was afraid what he is going to say, I was hoping he would understand, since he seems to always put family first, but who knows. He cared a lot about the image he had in the media and that was what hurt me the most.

“Can we meet?” I texted him. it felt like forever before he replied and I was so anxious waiting.

“Ok, I just finished training. Come over in half an hour.”

By his answer, it looked as if he was not in the best mood. I expected him to give me some sarcastic comment about missing him already or something, but he did not.

Once I got ready, I took my friends car and drove to his place. He was still not back, so I noticed Poker and played a little with him. after around ten minutes I heard a car and walked in front of the door.

“How did you get inside?” Neymar asked once he got out of the car.

“Marcela.” I said as I noticed someone opening the back door. It was a kid, his son.

“Pai who is she?” he asked smiling as he ran to Neymar.

“She is a friend of mine.” He could not lie to his own son, I found it really kind of him.

“Hey, my name is (y/n).” I smiled and got closer to him.

“My name is Davi Lucca” he said and hid behind Neymar’s leg.

He was really cute with his blonde curly hair. However I found the wrong timing, Neymar had to take care of him and I didn’t want to talk about my problem and this fake relationship in front of Davi.

Once we all walked inside and Davi ran to Marcela, Neymar looked at me.

“So? What’s going on?”

“I know this is not the time for this, but I have a pro…”

“Pai! Pai! Marcela made pancakes!” Davi ran out of the kitchen and took Neymar with him to go eat, “(y/n) come!” he said and melted my heart with those cute eyes looking at me.

We walked in the kitchen and started eating all three together, while Marcela went to get some groceries.

“So Davi do you like it here in Barcelona?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s really fun, we do a lot of fun things with pai and mom.”

“So you think I should come live here too?” I smiled joking.

“In this house, if pai lets you.”

Neymar smiled a little as I got embarrassed.

“Oh no. Not here. I mean in Barcelona.”

“Yes!” he smiled with his face full of Nutella.

“What will we do now?” he asked as he finished eating.

“What do you want to do?” Neymar asked.

“Umm let’s play hide and seek!”

“Oh, I’ll leave now. You two enjoy some time together.” I said feeling like a third wheel.

“Why did you come (y/n)?” Neymar asked almost whispering.

“Nothing, we’ll talk tonight.”

“No (y/n) stay, it’s more fun if there is more of us.” Davi said and got out of his chair.

Then I looked Neymar to see if he is okay with that or just confirm me to stay, so he nodded his head “Davi is right.”

Then the three of us started playing. I was the first one searching for the two boys. Of course, I did not want to make the game boring for Davi so I wanted to let him win. Yet I could see him behind the kitchen table. Therefore, I looked around for Neymar and I saw him behind the doghouse in the garden.

“I see you!” I shouted and started running, but Neymar was so fast he picked me up from behind and placed me behind him so he managed to get before me and safe himself.

“That’s not fair!” I said annoyed, but he was laughing at me.

“Davi I am coming for you now!” I shout pretending I had no idea where he was.

“I’ll save you,” Neymar said behind me.

“Oh okay, let’s all get against (y/n) here.” I said acting annoyed.

Then I heard Davi giggling, “I can hear you,” I said and then jumped in front of him so he started running, of course, I pretended to be slow and he managed to get before me. He was laughing and having fun, he was so proud that he made it.

“Okay, since I “cheated” I’ll let you hide.” Neymar said to me and started counting.

“Davi let’s go here.” I said quietly as he followed me in the bathroom. Neymar would not expect us to get in there.

“I’m coming!” Neymar shout and I could see him walking in the kitchen.

“Okay Davi, I’ll go first.” I said as I looked at him, “then I will lead him in to the wrong direction okay?” I said and noticed he was so excited about it, that it made me feel so happy.

Then I walked quietly out of the bathroom and made it to the living room, but I did not see Neymar around the corner so we bumped in to each other.

“Davi! Run!” I shout as I grabbed Neymar’s arms and pushed him in the wall so he could not move, while Davi tried to make it and safe himself.

“What’s going on here?” Neymar said surprised looking at me, but he could not move me so he once again picked me up, but this time he placed me on his arm, “Put me down! Davi help me!” I shout laughing.

Davi made it and saved himself, then ran to us laughing as Neymar slowly put me on the ground and started tickling me. Davi laughed and tried to attack his father to help me get safe before he would, but we just laughed rolling on the ground. Neymar wrapped himself around me,

“You two won’t win against me!” he laughed as Davi tried to pull Neymar’s arm away, but Neymar pulled also Davi in the “hug”.

We were all laughing and I was happy, I didn’t smile like that for a long time. And in that moment I could forgt about everything. I stopped worrying about my father and I was just happy and feeling peaceful.

“Okay, okay stop! I give up!” I shout once I could not breathe anymore.

“I will let you go hide (y/n)!” Davi said, as he got ready to start counting.

It was then that Neymar grabbed my hand and pulled me to follow him. I was surprised, his hand in mine felt so right, but such a lie.

“Here.” He said and helped me get in to a little room that was actually his wardrobe. We were both inside, my heart-started racing faster by the second. We were so close to each other, just like the time before he kissed me at the photo shooting. It was dark inside and I could not really see him, but I could feel his breath.

I suddenly felt his touch on my cheek, as he placed my heir behind my ear. I was standing there in silence, I was getting hot, and could barely breath.

“Found you!” suddenly Davi opened the door, and then ran to count us. Once the light came inside and I opened my eyes I noticed Neymar’s face right in front of me, leaning in to my lips. He looked at me shocked, because I could see him now.

He immediately moved away and got outside the room, “guess this was not the right place to hide.” He smiled pretending nothing happened.

I was so confused, was he going to kiss me or was it just a wrong timing; I had no idea what he was going to do before Davi walked on us.

“it’s your fault.” I said joking, also decided to just ignore it.

“You two are bad at this!” Davi said once we walked in the living room.

“Okay Davi, it’s tie for an afternoon nap now.” Neymar said as Davi got annoyed and walked in the bedroom upstairs that was made for him. Maybe that was also the reason I could not sleep in other rooms when I had to sleep at Neymar’s place.

“Thanks for playing with us (y/n).” Davi said as I was leaning in front the room, waiting for Neymar to get him in bed.

“Thank you for inviting me.” I said back.

“I hope you’ll play with us next time too!” as he said that I felt so bad. There was not going to be a next time. I had to leave tomorrow and after that, Neymar would be just a football player I once met for me.

“Okay time to sleep, bye Davi.” Neymar said and walked out of the room.

I followed him downstairs. It was time to tell him that this fake relationship is over. I was never so nervous to talk to someone in a long time.

“What’s going on?” he asked once we got in the room.

“I’m sorry Neymar, I can’t do this anymore.”

“And then everyone goes, ‘Oh, my God, he’s a genius! Hamilton’s a genius!’ They conflate the two. I’m not a fucking genius. I work my ass off. Hamilton could have written what I wrote in about three weeks. That’s genius. It took me a very long time to wrestle this onto the stage, to even be able to understand the worldviews of the characters that inhabit my show, and then be able to distill that.”

Hamilton: Meet the Man Behind Broadway’s Hip-Hop Masterpiece


Oh how different my life is now… I have never been so respected in my life. I go from abusive relationships, to loving a friend that has dinners and breakfast with my family and is the kindest and most genuine person I’ve ever met. It took years to realize, but he was there all along. I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m so glad the universe put us together. Let it be known this man calls, texts, and skypes me every day. And in just a few weeks, we will be able to call the same state Home. ❤️

(This is super personal and not something I usually would share, but I wanted to because after the extreme lows I had coming out about my abuse, I actually found a true love. So please know, your bad days wont be like that forever. You’re going to go through them and then you’re going to be happy when the good things start falling right into place. Never settle and please please leave toxic relationships. Being alone is hard, but the right one always feels like they showed up right on time.)


ffxii week
 ↳day two // favorite location

It is told of in a song of my people. “On the farthest shores of the river of time…shrouded deep in the roiling Mist…the holy land sleeps: Giruvegan. Who knows the paths? The way to its doors?”


Because just MOMENTS before that scene, Emma watched the man she loves kill someone and cast the Dark Curse. She was holding him in her arms and crying probably SECONDS before they all woke up with their memories gone.

And then she goes and puts on this mask of being a villain, of being truly dark, when she isn’t. She’s only pretending to be so nobody will realize what happened to Hook.

AND THEN SHE CONTINUES TO DO THIS FOR I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG. DAYS? WEEKS? She goes on acting like she’s given into the darkness completely, acting like the villain they expect her to be, but she’s not.