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Draco’s Soulmate

so I saw this au where there was a countdown on someone’s wrist to the moment they meet their soulmate and I’m a sucker for soulmate and muggle au’s so I decided to write one! I might do one in Harry’s POV if y’all want me to. Enjoy!

3 minutes and 34 seconds. The nerves were growing inside him. Draco had always strived to look his best, however this morning nothing seemed right. Even though his hair was perfectly styled and he tried to look casual but not too casual (even though the man almost always wore a suit). Today he wore a white button up under a black blazer and black skinny jeans. Draco didn’t think it was possible for someone to feel overdressed and underdressed at the same time, but that’s what he was feeling.

2 minutes and 52 seconds. He was fidgeting in his seat. Draco had decided to enter a little coffee shop as to escape the chill that winter brought. The snow was falling lightly outside. It really was a perfect day, he only wished that he wasn’t overtaken by nerves. Draco took another sip of his tea before putting it down and continued to flick the side of it. The sound had seemed to calm his a little.

2 minutes and 12 seconds. It could be anybody who walked it. He jumped ever so slightly whenever anybody walked it. Could it be anybody? Draco was the gayest man you’d ever meet in your entire life, but did the rules of soulmates abide by sexuality? What if it was a girl? Would he immediately be taken with her? Or would he have to learn to love her? Or would they be like platonic soulmates? That wasn’t a thing. Or was it? He glanced down at his wrist again.

1 minute and 4 seconds. He decided to get up and go to the bathroom really quickly. Draco looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and left the bathroom. He hadn’t realised how long he’d been in the bathroom, but when he glanced down on his wrist there was only a few seconds left.

5 seconds

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds

1 second… CRASH!

“Shit!” He yelped when he felt hot coffee seeping through his shirt and burning his skin. He looked up and saw an attractive man. The effect of his bright green eyes hindered by round glasses that framed his face perfectly. He also had black hair that stuck up in every direction, though it didn’t look bad at all.

“Oh god, I am so sorry.” He spoke. Draco swore it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. The man grabbed a bunch of napkins and started to dab his shirt. In the moment, Draco didn’t even realise he’d just met his soulmate. He also didn’t care how handsome this man was, he didn’t hesitate to give his snarkiest remark.

“Are you sure those lenses are the right prescription?” He snapped. His nerves had put him on edge and this just pushed him over. Wait, why had he been nervous? Oh yeah, soulmate. Soulmate!

The man chuckled lightly. “Sadly, my ability to look where I’m going is just as bad as my eyesight.” Draco suddenly felt self conscious. His soulmate, god this was his soulmate, was wearing black jeans that were ripped at the knee and a very baggy jumper. Draco had definitely overdressed. The man looked up at him and Draco had noticed their height difference for the first time. It was endearing, if he was being completely honest.

“So, are you going to tell me your name or am I just going to have to call you Soulmate?” He flashed a smile that made Draco weak in the knees.

Draco smirked. “Soulmate is fine, thank you.” He said haughtily. The man rolled his eyes and Draco held out his hand. “The name’s Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” He let his smirk soften into a grin when his soulmate shook his hand.

“I’m Harry.” Harry’s smile grew and it reached his eyes. “Harry Potter.”    

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Six Nights (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Prompt: “We live on the same floor and the dorm between ours always has REALLY loud sex so now we’re both in the main lounge at two am do you want this last bite of ice cream?” aka the college AU that grew legs and went for a walk. 

Warnings: only a few minor curses

Word Count: 5k

A/N: University AUs are a favourite of mine and this prompt was too good to ignore. It was supposed to be short, but as you can see, I got a little carried away… I hope you like it! :)

(Allison is alive because fuck Jeff Davis.)

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The first night, you were woken by the sound of a headboard banging against a wall. You tried turning over and burying your head in the pillows, but the loud noise just persisted until you were left completely conscious.

Groaning, you sat up. After glancing at your phone and discovering it was only a little after 1am, you swung your legs from the bed and pulled on a large hoodie. You debated knocking on your neighbour’s apartment, but decided against it - just because you weren’t getting any, it didn’t mean you had to ruin their fun.

After slipping on a pair of shoes, you grabbed your laptop and decided to go for a little walk. As tempting as staying in bed sounded, you really didn’t want to have to listen to your neighbours having sex, and there were other things you could be doing.

The corridors were desolate, students behind each closed door, undoubtedly busy with things like sleeping or studying. Seeing as your dorm building had a communal lounge, you headed in that direction and quickly set up camp at a small table in the back corner. You dumped your laptop on the desk and made use of the drinks machine to fix yourself up with a hot chocolate before going back at your table and beginning to browse the internet.

You didn’t have a plan, per say, but reckoned your neighbour wouldn’t take more than half an hour to…finish. You would just stay in the lounge for that long, reply to a few emails, scroll through out-dated social media, relax. You’d had a busy week and having a little time to catch up online didn’t sound so bad.

As time began to slip by, you became less and less aware of those around you. The night grew darker and the lounge grew quieter, people draining out until you were almost completely alone.

Absorbed in your laptop’s luminescent screen, you gasped loudly when a photo of one of your friends getting proposed to appeared on your feed, completely unable to contain the surprised exclamation. You slammed the mug on the table, pulling out your phone and immediately going to call her. You couldn’t believe she’d forgotten to tell you - you’d known Allison for years, and she’d just, what? forgotten to inform you of her engagement? It was completely unacceptable.

“Answer, goddamnit!” You growled, glaring at your phone when it went straight to voicemail. You were beginning to construct an angry - yet supportive - text message when a voice cut through the air.

“Y’know, people don’t normally answer their phones at,” the stranger paused, presumably checking the time, “2am.”

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The Way I’m Looking At You // Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Could you do a smut where Jackson from got7 gets jealous in public and whisks you away to have his way with you😅😅 thanks!

“Babe, what do you think of this?” you asked Jackson as you held up a pleated black skirt in front of him. Jackson’s mouth formed an O shape as he nodded his head and widened his eyes, agreeing with your choice.

“It will go with that cute shirt you bought earlier, right? You look so good in black and white jagiya” he smiled before rubbing his nose right against yours. You giggled at his open displays of affection before putting the skirt in your basket and heading towards the cash register to pay.

Jackson had wanted to take you out on a date today seeing as you both finally had some free time. Proper dates were few and far between these days, so upon asking you if you’d like to go and do some shopping and have a meal afterwards, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. You loved more than anything to walk around in public with your boyfriend, holding his hand and having his arm draped over your shoulders. You were the envy of every woman, and you didn’t care at all because you loved Jackson more than there were stars in the night sky.

“I’m gonna have a look at these socks for Gyeomie, (Y/N). You go ahead and get the skirt, I’ll be right there” Jackson said, hanging back to have a look at some socks for the giant maknae who seemed to go through pairs of socks faster than you did underwear in a week. You gave him a quick thumbs up before meandering over to the till to wait for the clerk to assist you.

“Sorry for making you wait Miss, there’s a shortage of staff today” said a voice to your left a few moments later. You turned around to see a rather tall and handsome looking man, maybe a few years older than you. He smiled warmly, taking his place behind the till.

“Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting long at all. Just this skirt” you said, handing him over the basket. He continued to smile, showing his pearly white teeth that stood out from his darker completion. His hair was slightly pushed back, held in place and ruffled with a lick of gel as he lifted the skirt out and scanned the tag.

“You picked a great skirt! I think this would look amazing on you. You have such a good body – if you don’t mind me saying it” he said, a hint of nervousness in his voice as he did so. You chuckled, taken aback by how forward he was but you were flattered none the less.

“Oh…well, thanks for your compliment. The skirt is really pretty!” You smiled back at him politely while taking Jacksons card out to pay for it.

The clerk bit his lip, his eyes glancing here and there before catching your gaze once more. “I’m sorry if this seems too forward, but I think you’re very beautiful. Would you mind maybe…would you like to exchange numbers?” his voice shook a little, making you blush for what reason you didn’t know. You silently chuckled at his nervous boyish charm, thinking back to the time when Jackson first asked you out. Everyone knew Jackson as “wild and sexy”, full of confidence – which he was. But when it came to you, he was as soft as a kitten -  and when he asked you out he could barely put his words together to form a basic sentence which sent your heart soaring at how much you realised he cared for you.

Just as you were about to give the whole “Oh I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend” speech, you felt an arm snake around your waist, and a firm hand gripping your hip. You shot your head to the side to see none other than your boyfriend, steam almost rising from his head as he clenched his jaw tight at the other man. You then realised that he must have heard the whole conversation. “This will be interesting…” you thought silently, as the clerk looked up to see Jackson at your side, glaring at him.

“Oh…I…” the clerk said, glancing back and forth between you and Jackson as you kept your eyes fixed on the ground. “I didn’t realise she was spoken for. I’m sorry for-“ the clerk began but was quickly cut off by Jackson

“Yeah yeah, you’re sorry for hitting on my girl even though she’s just in here to buy a skirt. This ‘aint no club buddy, don’t come up and annoy women like that. Plus, you’re meant to be working and your flirting with customers? Not very professional, are ya?” Jackson said sternly, throwing down the socks he picked up for Yugyeom on to the counter.

You swallowed hard. You’d never seen Jackson become so jealous of another man before. You lifted your face towards his, only to see him burning his gaze straight into the clerks. The clerk fumbled with the socks, scanning the tag and placing them in the bag with your skirt.

“Uhm…that’s 40,000won altogether…would you like to pay with cash or card?”

Jackson, without even looking at you reached for your hand and snapped the card straight out of it, causing you to flinch a little. “Why is he taking this out on me? It’s not like I asked him to start flirting with me…” you thought as you furrowed your eyebrows at Jackson who was still avoiding your gaze. The clerk took the card and swiped it quickly, letting Jackson type in his pin code before handing it back along with your skirt and Yugyeom’s socks in a bag. Jackson whipped the card and bag out of the clerks hands before pulling you in front of him and walking you towards the stores exit.

“Thank you for shopping with us” the clerk said out of habit, to which Jackson scoffed loudly as he continued walking close behind you. You both walked swiftly in silence towards the parking lot, Jacksons hands firmly placed on you as if he were guarding you from some evil threat. You finally decided to break the silence upon getting into the car.

“Jacks…you’re not mad at me right?” you asked shyly.

Jackson revved the engine before sighing, looking at you straight in your eyes. “No, I’m not mad at you. I just hate the way other guys think they can walk up to you and hit on you like that. You’re mine” he said, a hint of darkness to his voice which you couldn’t help shudder at. He placed his hands on the wheel before taking off in the direction of home.

“Aren’t we getting something to eat?” you said in a small voice.

“Later” Jackson said, not taking his eyes off the road as he pulled on to the street where both of you shared an apartment. Why was he being so cold to you? You understood that he was in a bad mood but you couldn’t read his actions well at all in this moment. You continued to stay quiet as he pulled into the complex parking lot. Upon stopping the car, Jackson got out straight away, grabbing the shopping bag as he did. You quickly jumped out too so he could lock the car, before both of you headed inside your apartment.

You got in, taking your coat and shoes off before walking into the kitchen and leaning up against the countertop. Jackson threw the bag on to the table before sitting down on the chair, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at his feet. You hated how he was acting. You hated how he was completely ignoring you when none of this was your fault. You thought back to when you were both in front of the clerk; he stood up for you, right? He told the clerk guy to basically back off and that his flirting wasn’t needed nor wanted, so why was he giving you such a cold shoulder now? Jackson sighed and leaned back in the chair, still not even making any attempt to talk to you.

You decided you had enough. “Jackson, I didn’t want to say anything but now I’m just kinda confused. I don’t know what I did wrong, so can you please tell me why you’re acting like this right now?” you blurted out all in one go. Jackson didn’t respond as he sat in the same position as if he never heard you. You let out a frustrated grunt before turning around so you were facing away from him.

“Fine, behave like a child then.” You murmured under your breath, but just loud enough for him to hear as you stared out the kitchen window.

Suddenly, you felt Jacksons presence right behind you, his chest just ghosting over your back. You jumped slightly, before turning around to look at him. His face being inches away from yours and for the first time since leaving the mall, he looked into your eyes. His stare was intense, as if he were trying to look deep into your soul with his sultry, dark eyes. He licked his lips slowly as you began to feel uneasy.

“Jackson…” you whispered, desperate for him to tell you what was on his mind.

“I don’t like it when other guys look at you like the way I’m looking at you right now. I don’t like it when other guys compliment you and tell you that you have a nice body, or that you’re beautiful…only I’m allowed to tell you that.” He said, his voice deep and almost overpowering to your system upon hearing it. You exhaled, putting your hands on his cheeks and giving him a cute smile while cocking your head to the side slightly.

“You know that I only have eyes for you, right? You don’t need to worry about other guys. I don’t want them, I only want and need you. You know that…don’t you?” you asked with sincere eyes. You stood on your tip-toes slightly, just high enough to press your lips onto his, giving him delicate, chaste kisses. Jackson hummed softly, before inhaling sharply as his arms snaked around your body before he began to deepen the kiss. He nibbled on your bottom lip as he placed his hands over your ass, giving it a tight squeeze before massaging it through your jeans. Your breath hitched in your throat as you ran your hands through his soft blonde locks, feeling his shaved undercut tickle the palms of your hands. Jackson backed you up against the counter, pressing his entire weight on you as he rolled his hips into yours. You could feel his member harden against your abdomen as you threw your head back, allowing him access to your neck as he began to litter it with small pink and purple patterns of his teeth and lips.

“Turn around baby” he purred into your ear as he grabbed your shoulders to reposition you. You turned around, your back lingering against his chest before he bent you over on the counter. You felt his hands roam to the top of your jeans, before all of a sudden he was yanking them down your legs and you were stepping out of them. He placed his hands in between your thighs, smoothing them over your soft skin before parting them and cupping your clothed womanhood with his hand. You placed your arms on the cold counter as you started to breathe heavily.

“I haven’t even touched you and you’re already so wet for me” he almost moaned. You suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing that he was staring at you completely bent over, ready and willing for him to take you then and there. He pulled his hand away – much to your disappointment, as you heard him unbuckling his belt and letting his own pants fall to the ground, flicking them away with his foot. Jackson ghosted his hands over your soft mound once more, before hooking his finger around your panties and pulling them to the side as he massaged your soaking folds with his finger. You let out a breathy mewl at the contact as you put your head to the side to look back at him, completely transfixed by you.  He positioned himself at your entrance -  before slamming into you without any warning. You cried out in shock, pain and pleasure as you felt his thick length fill you entirely as he thrust deep within you, pushing you into the counter further and further. He grabbed fistfuls of your hair with his left hand, while his right kept your panties in place to allow him to continue drilling you from behind.  

“You’re mine. No one else’s. Say it for me (Y/N). Say it for me right now” he grunted animalistically as the sounds of his skin slapping against yours filled the room along with your almost sinful moaning and panting.

“I’m yours…all yours and no one elses” you nearly screamed, only further boosting Jackson’s ego as he began ramming himself into you even harder, his thrusting becoming more sporadic as you both raced towards your orgasm.

“Who’s the only man who can fuck you like this? Who’s the only man that can make you scream his name like this?” he said as he gripped your ass cheek while you held on to the counter for dear life as he hit the spot deep inside you that sent you flying over the edge. You screamed his name as you shut your eyes tight and began to see tiny stars, your legs trembling and shaking from your orgasm as you tried to keep yourself upright. Jackson came inside you, not being able to hold back any longer with the feeling of your tight walls contracting around his cock as he filled you to the brim with his white, creamy seed.

He began to slow down, his movements becoming softer as both of you gasped for air while riding out your highs. Jackson grew limp, not even pulling out of you as he rested on your back. You felt him giving you small, damp and open mouthed kisses on your spine, making you smile gently as you reached around to find his hand, which he held immediately.

“Maybe you should get jealous more often…that was….something else” you giggled, teasing him and making him giggle in return.

“Oh you liked it? Maybe I should then, but I might end up breaking you (Y/N)” he panted, still a little out of breath before he gently pulled out of you and helped you off the counter.

“Shower?” you asked as you nuzzled yourself into his body, both of you drenched in sweat as you heard his heartbeat slowly return to normal. He pulled away slightly, smiling down at you and taking your hand in his.

“Shower.” He replied simply, smiling and nodding his head before the both of you made your way into your bathroom to wash up together.

hannigram - an abusive relationship?

Spoiler alert: it’s not. (But it kind of is. I’ll go in depth about that in a moment.)

I wrote this for a conversation I had in twitter, and thought I wouldn’t need to post it here, but since I saw yet another person claiming that hannigram is abusive I thought I’d post this.

People use the term abusive about relationships that are unhealthy (in their opinion), as evindence for why it should not be shipped/supported. The correct definition of abuse is:

“Treating badly or injurously, mistreating, especially psysically.”

And of relationship abuse it is:

“A pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. Abuse tends to escalate over time. When someone uses abuse and violence against a partner, it is always part of a larger pattern of control.”

So according to this it is abusive, I get it. They both try to kill each other multiple times, they manipulate and lead each other on. They don’t sexually abuse each other though, which at least in my opinion is the worst sort of abuse and I couldn’t ship a couple who did that to one another.

The other thing in this description that doesn’t quite match Hannigram is “abuse tends to escalate over time – it is always a part of larger pattern of control”. The mental abuse between them is at it’s worst in S1 where Hannibal manipulates Will into believing he’s a killer - but this is not to show his power over him, it is simply the only way Hannibal can bring Will into his life. Hannibal has after the first half of S2 been ready to drop the manipulation and violence between them as soon as Will does. And I haven’t seen anyone blame Will of being the main abuser, even though it could be argued that it’s solely his fault that the abuse continues.

The reason why Hannigram doesn’t fit the normal description of abuse is because their relationship is meant to be read as symbolic, not as a literal ideal of love. It’s fiction, and it should be treated as such. Fiction is great, because we can explore possibilities and relationships etc. that aren’t possible in real life. Thankfully the majority in this fandom are really intelligent and understand this, and only few people have failed at understanding what the shoe is about. That group still exists, and that’s why I felt the need to post this

What I believe the antis actually mean when they say it’s abusive is not just that it is violent and manipulative, but that “It’s an abuser/abused relationship, Hannibal is evil and Will is innocent, their relationship won’t work and does more bad than good for both of them, or at least for Will”.

Like I said earlier, it’s not a healthy relationship and it’s not one that I literally want for myself or for anyone I care about - but it’s not unbalanced. At least when we reach the end of third season they are certainly equals, there’s no denying it. I understand that some people don’t ship it because it’s too far from an ideal realtionship, and that’s okay, but hating on it and denying the fact that they’re equals who both choose each other in the end is just plain ignorant.

Will has always been alone, always been different. His relationship with Hannibal gets so close so fast because Hannibal is the first person who actually sees him. I’m gonna quote a Hannigram fic here because I think it described their relationship so well. (Will to Hannibal:) “You always wanted me to be the best version of myself when no one else accepted me for what I already was.” Just like Hannibal let Will see him, Will also let Hannibal see him. Hannibal didn’t “make an innocent puppy become a murderer”, he helped him to become what he already had the potential for.

If the antis and/or deniers have only seen season one, I need to admit that I understand them. Will did kind of seem like an innocent dog loving introvert back then if you didn’t pay much attention to details (like how coldly he treats the parents of the missing girl, how he isn’t afraid of human contact but despises it, how his humor is so dark that it often shocks his colleagues and friends and so on. I could make a post about this, if anyone is interested about that let me know). The first season is about Hannibal manipulating everyone into thinking Will is a killer, experimenting on Will and he does seem like a coldhearted psychopath there.

In season two we see Will gaining more power back, him manipulating and even seducing Hannibal. He isn’t afraid to kill a man in the progress, he eats people with Hannibal almost flirtatiously. This is not what an “innocent” man would do, or even what innocent man physically could do. The darkness inside him is becoming more clear, and even he himself admits that even though he wants to, he can’t hate Hannibal.

Will (to Peter): “I envy your hate. Makes it much easier when you know how to feel.”

He still betrays Hannibal in mizumono (even though he does call him at the last minute to warn him). Before I always though it was just because Will was still trying to cling to some sort of morality, but after Hugh’s comments it is obvious that Will was also afraid Hannibal didn’t and/or couldn’t love him the way he loved him, and so he thought it would be dangerous for him to run away with him and trust Hannibal with his life and wellbeing. Here is what Hugh said:

“I think Will has probably in some way never conceived the possibility that Hannibal could be in love. I mean, he’s got such a black heart. The awareness that they have this connection is something Will knows and is probably in some way profoundly ashamed of, and is also, you know, he keeps coming back to and actually kinda fills him with joy as well. But I don’t think he’d ever give it the name love, because I don’t think he’d ever associate love with Hannibal. – He’s never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love. Because like most of us, he probably had love put off on a kind of pedestal, as an idea, a more perfect thing, as he made the awful realisation: ‘Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is like love.‘”

I think it is clear to everybody at this point that Hannibal loves Will. His love, though, isn’t your typical “murderer obsessed with a beautiful and innocent woman (obviously man in this case)”. Hannibal loves Will because they understand each other, because they share a way of seeing the world, but also because they have interesting conversations and because they share the same sense of himor and have fun together. In a way, it’s just normal love, just deeper and richer since neither of them has ever had a change to explore that kind of love with anyone else before.

So to conclude: if you take it literally, yes, it is abusive, but that doesn’t make it wrong to ship it, by Hannibal standards at least. (The whole show is a little fucked up so if you can’t live with that why are you here?) Also, it has been abusive until this point only because they (well, mostly Will) have still struggled to accept their feelings for each other. Hannibal has only physically hurt Will if he has betrayed his trust or tried to hurt him first. Personally I don’t believe Hannibal would ever hurt Will again if they were to be a real couple. He also stopped the mindgames and manipulation as early as when Will got out of prison, knowing what he was. And Will has hurt and betrayed Hannibal mostly because of the reasons I stated earlier, because he thought it was the only way to save himself. If they stopped their game of cat and mouse (a game of cat and mouse where the roles change from time to time, or maybe even better description would be a game of cat and cat like Bryan called it) I wholeheartedly believe that they could live in a relationship where neither of them abuses the other.

Like Bryan once said, the core of their relationship is that:

“They had imagined they were unique before they saw each other. Obviously it took Will longer to appreciate that because he didn’t quite realize what he was dealing with in Hannibal, but Hannibal sees it instantly. It’s two people who have never been - I mean Will probably wears it heavier - but still, essentially alone in the world and then see some kind of, maybe not mirror image but the other side of their coin.”

And like Hugh said:

“In a sense the two of them have been wandering the Earth, totally isolated, because they have such a specific and elevated mentality. Not identical, but it is as if not only are you the greatest chess player on the planet, you’re actually the only person on the planet that can play chess. And then suddenly you walk into a roon one day and there’s a guy playing chess. I think that’s how they feel about each other.”

If you leave out the murder and cannibalism and manipulation, Hannigram is about two people who are different than anyone else finding love in each other. Their relationship evolves slowly from friends to lovers, and even though they try to move on neither of them can because they share something so intimate. So in its own, weird and symbolic way, i think Hannibal and Will’s relationship is build on a much better base and is possibly even healthier than many other ships and canon couples out there.


Summary: Aviophobia (the fear of flying in an aeroplane) had plagued you for as long as you could remember. Then one day on a flight from Las Vegas to Washington, you end up seated next to Dr Spencer Reid, and suddenly air travel doesn’t seem so bad anymore. 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Warnings: none!! Just our favourite federal agent being a big sweetheart.

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> Kim Taehyung

Summary: Why is your neighbour so attractive? 

Genre: fluff, humor, neighbour!au

Word count: shortie (1k)

masterlist - second pt

A/n: i’ve just survived blackout with 4% on my phone *sounds of applause

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octaviainthewasteland  asked:

1, 5, 13, 22, 28 I can send them five times so you do each one, but I fear you might hate me for this, so I give you a Chichester ("I give you a choice" but my phone has decided I need to give you some British town, and I'd give you that too! It has a nice gallery, I've been there once)

1 - ‘We’re not just friends, and you fucking know it’

Posted to AO3 here.

Who said Prompts have to be answered Promptly?

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Talented Tomato

The one where you are a singer and are in a relationship with Henry — and gets very shy when talking about him.

NOTE: Someone requested a imagine where Henry dates a singer and this is what crossed my mind. Hope you like It! (I was thinking maybe I could do a piece of angst… but I think I wrote too much drama.) Anyway, lemme know what you think! :)

The makeup artists were just finishing some tiny detail from your look and you were checking some notifications on your phone when a producer enters the room to say you had 5 minutes left.

“Ready to face the crowd, rockstar?” Henry said sat on the couch a few steps away from you.

“Eh, you know… it’s not like it’s my first time but it’s different. New album, new single. I haven’t seen the real feedback yet.” You stand up, giving yourself a last look on the mirror and fixing your jumpsuit on your body.

“You look amazing.” He approaches, wrapping his big and strong arms around your waist. “And they’re going to love it. Don’t you worry.” He kisses your cheek.

“Okay way-too-cute-to-be-real-couple, I hate to do that, but now it’s time for Y/N to go.” Your manager said, making Henry letting you go.

“And now, signing live for the first time ever, (Y/N) and her single "Addicted to Love!” Ellen DeGeneres said, introducing you.

You sang your single and the she invited you to sit in front of her.

It wasn’t your first time at her show. You were kinda used to it but you couldn’t deny you were a little bit nervous. The last time you went there, Ellen took a few words out of your mouth.

2 years ago.

It was your second time standing there on the stage. You and Ellen was talking about your last album and your recent video clip when she suddenly changed the subject.

“So, it’s summer right now here in America. Do you like summer? Are you a summer person?” she asks.

You look confusing to the crowd and hesitate before answering. “Yes, I guess…?”

“No, are you, really?” she says with a smirk on her face.

“Yes, I’m a summer person.” You admit. “I’m afraid, Ellen.” You let a laugh slip out of your mouth.

“Do you prefer the American summer or the Brit summer?”

“Why are you asking me this?” You laugh, nervously.

“No… it’s just that you’ve been caught several times in London recently. Is that because of the super amazing weather?”

“I like London. Great place.” now your can feel your cheeks burning.

You knew exactly where she was trying to go. It was something new. You and Henry were seeing each other for not much than 3 months. You used to do your best so you don’t get caught, but lately there was some rumours flying by ever since there was some pictures on the media. Nothing that revealed much, just you hugging or sitting next to one another with a bunch of other people around.


You two met on a concert of yours. He went there with a friend - and it was impossible not to notice a man at his size looking at you while you sang one of your ballads on the stage. He wasn’t very close, but it’s not like he is someone you can not look to.

At the end of the setlist he was waiting in backstage. You were all sweaty, with hair a little unkempt and adrenaline taking over your body. It wasn’t one of your finest moments, but he was extremely kind and nice.

You, your friends and part of your band decided to have a night out so you could meet a little bit more of London as Henry offered himself to be the tour guide.

It hadn’t much to visit since it was late night but you went through a few bars — and had at least one drink in every one of them.

Y'all were very drunk when you decided to finally get some rest. Henry took you to the hotel and offered himself to get you to your room just “to be sure you don’t hurt yourself on the way”. You deny at first, but you weren’t so sure if you were able to get safely to you room as well. He walks with you untill you’re by the door of your room. You rely your body on the door, trying to stand up firmly and to pass the card so you could unlock the door. Henry smiles with his eyes barely opened.

“Who knew you were so cool?” He said, holding your free hand and playing with your fingers.

“You thought I was boring?” you put the other hand on your mouth, looking at him a little bit shook. The card almost fall from your hand, so you finally opens the door. “Don’t even think about It. I’m drunk, a little bit horny, cuz, c'mon, look at you… — you raise your shoulders — But I’m not letting you in. I’m the coolest chick around.”

“Never said you were boring. Just never crossed my mind that you could be cool as much as you are beautiful.” He says, letting his face get closer to yours until your foreheads and noses are one against each other. “And talented, I may add.”

You laugh and feel one of his hands starting to pull your body closer to him.

“You’re a nice guy as well. A super man. You’re huge.” You joke and take a step back removing his hand of your back. “But that’s not happening. I don’t date famous people. That’s my rule.” You say with a smile on your face. Henry is smiling as well. A devilish smile on his mouth.

“I’m a good man. Breaking rules in secret is my hobby, just so you know.”

“Goodnight, Henry.” You finally say before giving him a friendly slapping on his shoulder.


“Are you a fan of hero movies?” Ellen asked. “Cuz I am and I’m gonna tell you… The last superman movie, Man of Steel, it was amazing. Tell Henry he was amazing on that.”

You could tell him yourself.” You say.

“Nah, I’m sure you see him way more than me. Next time you fly to London, make sure he knows I love him. Not as you do, of course. I can’t fight you.”

“Oh, no worries. Zero jealous here, even though I consider you a threat.” You wink and laugh, not realising that people understood a little bit more than what you said.

Now, after talking about your single, you were just talking about your album. It was brand new, not much than 3 weeks since the releasing. It made you very happy how receptive people were being with this project — opposite from the other albums, this one was a little bit more r&b than the pop you were used to do. It was more mature, more deep and a little bit more sexy as well.

“It’s very different from your previous songs. And you’ve written most of the songs! How’s that?”

“It comes naturally. This album just happened, actually. I was writing here and there, went to studio a couple times and when I realized I had 13 songs ready and well-produced. So I just thought ‘Yeah, okay… this sounds like an album. Let’s release it!”

“Looks like you’ve been being very inspired, lately. And it has some pretty steamy lyrics as well… does this all have something to do with your super hot boyfriend? How does he help you? Besides the way we can imagine by listening to the songs.” she laughs and so does the crowd.

“Oh…” You laugh, you face burning in shame. “He’s a nice guy. But yeah, he inspires me very much.”

“We can wonder.” She says, making everyone laugh. “Why are you red?”

You were hiding your face with your hands. You look at the corner of the stage and Henry is looking at you tenderly, smiling, with his arms crossed.

“Are you shy? Look at her, she’s shy! But that’s okay, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about when he is going to put a ring on it!”

You stand up and hide behind the sofa.

“I’m not leaving here until the subject is done.” you say a little bit louder, with only your eyes showing.

You were about to explode. Looking again to the corner of the stage, you see the image of Henry as red as you were — only for laughing. You shake your head as a sign of disapproval.

“It’s okay, t’s okay now. We’re done. But your boyfriend is loving it as much as we are.”

It took a few moments until you recover your normal color. The show goes on and you talk some more about music and stuff untill you finally left the stage.

By the time you get to your room, Henry is sitting on the same sofa he was early on.

“What were you doing, H?” you say as he stands up and hold you tight.

“I love you, do you know that, don’t you?” He says with his face leaning on your neck.

“Hm.” You hugs him briefly.

“It’s just that I love seeing how cute you look all red like that. My talented tomato.” He laughs and kisses you. “But, tell me… are all these steamy lyrics about me?” He looks at you with the same devilish smile he did 2 years ago by the door of your hotel room.

“I would make you this revelation… But this talented tomato here don’t feel like you deserve it.” you grab his butt and falls on the couch with him.

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as much as i love shy!luffy, given his role models and how he was raised i think it would be way more likely for him to absolutely shameless. like i can imagine him casually discussing what law is like in bed with robin and nami while law's blushing bright red besides him.

yo yes deffo, for me he’s either 100% no filter or 100% awkwardly embarrassed bc he’s not used to it

at the dining table for breakfast he’ll just start going off, very very loudly, about ‘man last night was FUN’ and everyone else is slightly more prude than luffy so they’re all finding it a little tense to respond, especially w/ the surgeon of death half-blushing half-glaring at the entire room. 

‘we…we know, luffy’ zoro sighs, trying to placate his captain, awkwardly pushing his food around his plate. luffy gestures wildly and grabs law’s arm as he chirps; ‘man my wrists hurt though’, you meanie, don’t tie it so tight next time torao’, ‘guys you should have seen the look on torao’s face when i -’ ‘mugiwara-ya…’ ‘oh, torao is getting angry? are you gonna spank me agai-’ ‘MUGIWARA-YA’

 robin just giggles sagely. ‘ufufu, i trust you took good care of him, torao-kun?’ and law pauses. ‘…luffy-ya seemed satisfied.’ he finally manages, before realising his GRAVE ERROR.

there is a very brief moment of very tense silence as knives and forks clatter onto plates, dropped in surprise. 

luffy-ya?’ sanji repeats, barely suppressing a smirk .

LUFFY-YA?!’ zoro sputters, face reddening at the development in name-calling. this is too much for him.

‘oh my, how lovely that you’ve progressed to a first-name basis, torao-kun.’ robin replies calmly, the only one completely unfazed by this. 

‘that’s nothing! you should have heard the way i was moaning his name last-’ law quickly smacks a hand over luffy’s perpetually-running mouth, but this last bit of information is enough to send zoro, nami and usopp over the edge, flailing, blushing, and simultaneously yelling ‘that’s it i need to go’

Continuation of this fluffy fic for Annabeth’s 23rd birthday; Just demigods being dorks. I laughed a lot while writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it!

“I always knew you were his favourite,” Clarisse growled. “It’s so obvious.”

Annabeth laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on!” Clarisse waved a hand at the dining pavilion, which was decorated with a huge Happy Birthday banner and far too many blue and silver balloons. “Who else would Chiron extend the curfew for?”

It was the early hours of the morning, and while Chiron had sent all the younger campers to their cabins he’d given his blessing for the party to continue on with just Annabeth’s special guests - which was really more than enough. With ex campers from both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter in attendance, Percy had done a great job of completely blowing Annabeth’s no fuss birthday request.

She blew a stream of air out from between her pursed lips. “Well, technically, none of us are really campers anymore -”

“You Athena kids and your technicalities,” Clarisse snarled, but there was no menace in it.  “Just admit you’re the golden child and get it over with.”

Thankfully, Chris asked Clarisse to dance before she could get properly annoyed with Annabeth, who was too busy laughing to respond to the accusation.

Just as the Ares camper left, Frank stepped in to take her place. “Golden child, huh?”

Annabeth smiled at him, softer than the smile she’d given Clarisse. “Apparently.”

Grover snuck in between them, chewing on his plastic cup. He bleated a laugh. “I can believe it.”

She narrowed her eyes at him over the rim of her cup. “You can?”

“Yeah.” He smiled at her. “You’ve been practically running this place since you were seven. And look at all these people who travelled to celebrate with you…”

Annabeth swept her gaze out over the pavilion, which was packed with all of her demigod friends - people she’d grown up with at the camp, people who had quested with her and fought by her side, people whom she loved. And at the centre of it all, Percy, blue icing smeared across his chin from where Piper had just mushed her piece of cake into his face.

“I don’t think any of these people consider me to be the golden child of camp, though. That honour probably goes to Percy.”

“Eh.” Frank shrugged. “Everyone knows that you two are a package deal, anyway.”

She watched her boyfriend chase after Piper with a cup of blue soda as she shrieked, “No powers, no powers!”

“I don’t need powers to pour this over your head, McLean!” Percy shouted, scaling a table and spilling soda on Calypso’s shoulder as he went. “Sorry!”

Annabeth laughed. “Lucky me.”

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Summer’s Night - 2/? - T - I Didn’t Ask For This (We Never Really Do)

Part I

I’m in really really really deep with this ship and will get back to spooky challenge soon I swear it’s just I have a mighty mighty need.

AO3 Link

Pairing(s): Azriel x Tarquin (#Official Ship name ‘Summer’s Night’ as delcared by @verifiefangirl you can’t stop me it’s a thing now come drown with me y’all), Amren x Varian


All these years of living in the light and reviling the dark; It’s the beginning of a chance or maybe a change and he didn’t ask for it but it’s with him at 3am on his pillow and he thinks that maybe just maybe he likes it.


Tarquin is the High Lord of Summer and yet here he is falling in love with a man born of shadows.

Tags: fluff, dumb angst, amren is done with slow burn fics she ain’t here for that, pretentious af awful writing style

Chapter Two: Harbinger  

They do not speak about the kiss.

At first, Tarquin excuses it as resulting from the absence of opportunity. He has reconstruction to oversee, and two days later Azriel is called away for Rhysand’s stag do. Though apprehension leaves the High Lord restless, it starts as childish excitement.

When the Illyrian’s night away turns into a week, and soon a month, it becomes difficult to call his insomnia optimistic. Even stoic Varian is sympathetic when on pre-dawn runs he catches his lord pacing out on shores and throne rooms. He’d never say anything direct, of course, but he is kind enough to try and reassure with news that Amren is visiting once more in just a week.

And Tarquin, a naïve idiot as all their enemies love to say, is foolish enough to hope.


Amren arrives alone. She does so in her usual fashion, striding into their throne room like it is land she is merely allowing them to live upon. With a kiss upon her lover’s cheek, she turns to face his master.

And Tarquin thinks he is quite over it. He has relocated the blame to the lack of sleep they both had, to how so many nights spent alone together is enough to drive anyone to a fit of delusional passion. He’s even composed enough to give the monster he once condemned to death a smile of perfect civility.

She takes one look at him and leaves.

Varian hasn’t a clue where she’s vanished to, but his nerves show in how he joins Tarquin in his late night fretting. The framework for his new society remains untouched beneath fresh paperwork, abandoned since an Illyrian left him with nothing but headaches. The pair sit and wait and wonder how one court that claims to be their ally has reduced them to this.


Three days later, two members of their plague return. Amren does not physically drag her Illyrian companion inside the palace, but any time he dares slow a sharp look from her soon brings him into her shadow.

“Apologies,” she says with a smile at the baffled court, never having indulged in titles or honourifics. “I realised I’d forgotten someone.” She slips to Varian’s side, living Azriel alone in the centre of the room. “Varian mentioned the pair of you had yet to finish. And I know how Az hates leaving things half done.

Tarquin does not like to think he’s staring, but it wouldn’t matter; the winged male does not look back at him. She can’t fix that though, so she drags her chosen Summer boy away with devilish smiles, and without words says her role is done. This they have to sort out on their own.

Though not a coward, Tarquin doesn’t think he can face that quite so soon, after a month of nursing wounds he refused to deem as such. “I’ll meet you in the library as usual then,” he says, and without noticing the glance thrown his way, he escapes to anywhere but here.


Unexpectedly, the Illyrian arrives right on time. He opens the door to find Tarquin by that same window as before – if he even remembers it in such detail, if he too has spent every other second revising it in his brain – looking out at the sea and the setting sun behind it.

“Do you really want me here?” Azriel asks, closing the door but remaining guard before it.

“I don’t know,” Tarquin answers honestly. It is a mistake to be honest, he thinks, for he was raised to believe that such a thing would only get him killed in a world like this. Yet in the other he’d thought he had witnessed somehow who could be so anyway, who could wear both rage and silence without embarrassment.

“You can say it, you know.” Azriel sounds maybe not so calm as always, maybe there’s just a hint of a wobble in his voice, or maybe Tarquin is just being a naïve young idiot and projecting his foolish hoping onto him. “I won’t be offended if you ask me to leave. I can just tell Amren we finished tonight.” Is he really so thick as to believe that that is why the blood-drinker brought him here?

More importantly, does he really believe that what Tarquin is fighting down with every passing second is the urge to send him away? This man, who seemed so impossibly free from the restraints of their society, who surely had to be impossibly smart to accomplish such a thing. And then he remembers the moonlight, the balcony – the screaming.

“You’re making no sense,” Tarquin breathes, because nothing this man does is comprehensible to him. He fights for so much good but seems to think himself so bad. What is with these Night Court fae and their rejection of their own redeeming qualities? Though Rhysand may have relinquished his act of Tyrannical Dictator, their personas as villains still seem to cling to them like a scent.

Azriel just frowns at him. “I mean, if I just tell her that-” Tarquin doesn’t let him finish, because he’s next to him and kissing him and realising this man is just as naïve and foolish as he himself could ever be.


“Was bringing him here a good idea?” Varian asks from where he is knelt before his self-appointed Queen, her foot playing lazily in his hair.

“Oh please,” Amren drawls. She sits perched atop a dresser, sipping from a golden goblet of blood the petrified servants left for her earlier. “I haven’t seen anyone look quite so tortured since Rhysand. Your little lord will thank me for it later.”

“But if Az didn’t want to-”

“Azriel,” Amren says quite factually, “is an idiot. One who thinks he’s a burden on everyone. And besides, I’d had quite enough of him moping about, especially when there’s a wedding on the way.” She looks down at the male before her and smiles the kind of smile that would put anyone on their knees, were they not there already. “Now please remember who it is you’re supposed to be lamenting about.”

Varian’s calling is not dissimilar, though he was answered much sooner; But then Amren never was afraid of the light.

I’m so sorry

Summary: In which you bump into Bucky at the Avengers Compound and won’t stop apologising and he finds it incredibly cute

Word count: 1178

Warnings: None because this literally a ball of fluff! I think there’s like one swear word but that’s about it.

Originally posted by our-maybe-someday

You were trying to navigate your way through the insanely large Avengers Compund with two boxes stacked on top of another in your hands. You could barely see where you were going but you were just glad you hadn’t tripped yet or bumped into someone because you would never be able to live that one down. You weren’t exactly a clumsy person but you had your moments and your boss and friend Tony Stark alway made fun of you for it but you didn’t mind too much mostly because you knew how much Tony cared for you, you were like his little sister.

You were close to the elevator even though you couldn’t exactly see but you could hear the ping and chime of it in the distance and you thanked the heavens for it. You needed to get back to Stark Industries with the bxes in tow, you needed the contents to be in one piece but you knew sooner or later the boxes would be on the floor with the contents spilled out.

It seemed like it was going to be sooner rather than later because you didn’t see someone fastly approaching you. It all went to shit when you (and the boxes) collided with a rather hard body, you internally cursed as the boxes contents fell out. You huffed blowing a strand of hair out of your face and looking up to face the person you bumped into, when you did you were met with a man with long black hair and straight face.

“Oh my god I’m sorry I bumped into you I’m such an idiot. I’d probably lose my head it wasn’t attached to my body. I’m so sorry.” Bucky stared at you wondering why you were apologising so much considering he was the one who bumped into you in the first place.

You offered Bucky a smile as you leant down to pick all the stuff that came out of the boxes up. Bucky found himself staring at you involuntarily you were just so Goddamn beautiful in his eyes, he shook himself ourt of it when he noticed you were picking the boxes up. He felt like a jerk for not helping you sooner so he quickly leaned down to and helped you put everything in the boxes.

“There’s no need to help it was all my fault, I’m so incredibly sorry for bumping into you sir.” You said and Bucky found his permanent frown curving into a geniune smile, he thought the way you were constantly saying sorry for practically nothing was adorable.

“It’s fine I bumped into you anway.” Bucky replied standing up carrying one of the boxes with him. You smiled at him once more making his heart flutter before picking the other box and standing up.

“There’s no need to say it I already feel like such an idiot already. I’m so sorry, so sorry.” You couldn’t stop saying sorry, it was always like this you were too nice not to apologise even if it wasn’t something you did.

“I’m the one who should be saying sorry not you. I’m sorry.” Bucky said and you nodded.

“It’s fine even though I still feel like it was my fault and I really want to say sorry again.” You admitted slightly embarrassed, you could already feel the heat rising to your cheeks.

“Oh I’m Y/N by the way.” You said smiling widely at him, he smiled he thought your name was beautiful and it fit such a beautiful girl.

“I’m Bucky.” He replied with a smile of his own.

“How did I not realise it before I’m such an idiot.” You spoke only just realising who the man infront of you was. Bucky cringed knowing that you figured out he was The Winter Soldier and thinking you were about to run from him like most people in the compound did hence why the corrdior you were in was empty.

“You’re James Steve’s best friend I should of known afterall you are all Steve talks about. It’s nice to finally to meet you James Steve’s told me a lot about you and you’re just as he described. That was not what Bucky was expecting and he was glad for it. The way you called him James made him smile like crazy, the way it rolled off your tongue made him fall in love with the name again.

Bucky was speechless he didn’t know what to say but what he did know was that he had to wonder around the Avengers Compound more so that he could see you again.

“Anyway I shoud get going I don’t want to hold you up you probably have better things to do then talk to me afterall you are a superhero.” You replied and warmth glowed throughout Bucky because he had never been called a hero not by anyone not even Steve. But here you were some random girl calling the ex-assassin a superhero and in that moment he felt like the happiest man alive.

But of course something had to ruin it, that something being someone called Steve. “Hey Bucky I see you’ve met Y/N.” Steve said clapping a hand on Bucky’s shoulder making him tense up but when he saw the smile on your face he soon became relaxed again.

“Hey Steve I’d would love to talk to your guys more but I have to be at Stark Industries and if I’m late Happy’s gonna kill me I lost my badge and you know he’s a stickler for stuff like that. You said and Steve nodded moving his hand from Bucky’s shoulder and movimng beside his best frend.

“Here’s your box.” Bucky handed you the box but felt guilty about making you carry both boxes to your car. “I can carry for you if you’d like.” He suggested and you shook your head a smile still on your face.

“No it’s fine I can manage as long as I don’t bump into anyone else and I’d hate to bother you with this I’ll be fine. It was nice to meet you James.” You said and James smiled. Steve watched as his friend smiled for the first time in years.

“It was nice to meet you too Y/N.” Bucky replied and you left for the elevator not before saying goodbye to Steve.

Once you were gone Bucky turned to Steve, “Does she work here?” Bucky asked wanting to know if he would able to see you again.

“She works here most days but if she’s not here she’s at Stark Industries.” Steve replied raising his eyebrows slightly why did Bucky want to know if you worked there?

Bucky nodded a small smile forming on his face again, “Why did you want to know?” Steve asked as the pair began walking to the living quarters of the compound.

“No reason. Bucky replied but Steve saw the way he looked at you and he knew exactly why Bucky wanted to know.

“Oh you like her.” Steve said teasingly making Bucky groan, was it that obvious?

“No I don’t Steve shut up!” Bucky said walking ahead and away from his friend.

“Bucky likes Y/N!” Steve yelled and Bucky was thankful no one was around otherwise he would of died from embarrassment.

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I really hate when Scott Stans are like "Scott had to force Derek to bite Gerad, what else should he have done" or "It's okay that Scott told Derek his family probably deserved to die" and I'm just sitting here, totally baffled because in what universe is any of these things okay

The second one I think is actually excusable only in the following circumstances: 

1. That the writers show Scott is an immature, selfish, scared teen. 

2. That Scott realises he has been an immature, selfish, scared teen. 

The first one though? Nope. Not at all. 

Having said that, I’m all for Scott making those hideous mistakes, if he (and the writers) man up and admit they’re so very, very wrong. The problem is, they don’t. We’re expected to just go “Oh, well, Scott’s a good guy so it’s probably excusable”. But how many times can we do that before actually thinking, “You know, maybe Scott’s not such a good guy”?

The problem isn’t that Scott does these things. It’s that they’re never presented as negative things within the context of the show. Which is why after Stiles killed Donovan and he and Scott yelled it out in the rain, I think a whole lot of us sat back and nodded, and went “Yeah, that’s been a long time coming, Scotty boy.” 

If the show had attempted to frame Scott’s actions more honestly from the beginning, I wouldn’t dislike him so much now. Because based on his past actions, Scott doesn’t have the moral high ground, and until he acknowledges that than he is nothing more than a hypocrite. 

Papers - Avengers

Characters: Sam Wilson x Reader
Warnings: None
Synopsis; You go to pick up your brother, upon arrival you meet Sam Wilson

“You’re late”

You grimace at your brother’s expression.

“Only by fifteen minutes though, there was a hold-up at the office. I couldn’t get away, I did text you”

“Hopefully not while you were driving”

A smile fell onto your face, your brother grinned, holding his arms out.

“It’s been such a long time”

“I know it has, I’ve been working so much trying to pay off a loan”

You squeezed your brother tightly. You released your arms, your brother still held on tightly.

“Not yet, I haven’t seen you in about three years”

You laughed and gave him an extra squeeze before pulling away once more.

“If we don’t hurry we’re going to be late for mothers dinner, and you know how she gets when we’re late” You widened your eyes to highlight your point.

“I just have to hand in some papers to Sam”

You nodded and walked with your brother to a door, he slipped inside and you heard small chatter before your brother reopened the door.

“Hey, would you come in here? I want to introduce you to Sam”

You stepped inside, offering a small smile to the man stood inside. He flashed you a big smile and moved forward to hold a hand out. You took his hand, shaking firmly.

“Sam Wilson”

“Sam organises these meetings, he also sets up for those who are still struggling to have therapy and find the right treatment and things for them”

You nodded, impressed, Sam was clearly a very caring man.

“Speaking of, I picked up application papers for you. They’re in the hall I’ll go grab them for you”

“Oh no, let me, I’m sure you two will get along just fine. I won’t be five”

You watched your brother leave the room, suddenly feeling nervous at the prospect of being alone with a handsome man.

“He talks about you sometimes, in the sessions. Says you talk regularly”

You turned to Sam, you played with the buckle on your purse.

“Yeah we do, we haven’t actually seen each other for a few years though. He says these meetings really help. You organise all of them?”

“It’s a charity initiative I set up”

“So you served?”

“Yes ma’am, I didn’t realise what could come with though. I decided I’d set up my initiative before I even finished”

“You must be a very kind man to do this, most people wouldn’t bother”

Sam chuckled.

“What kind of person would I be if I ignored all this. We see a lot of people here”

“I suppose you’d be the average man. What do you like to do outside of these walls?”

“I run every day, I like being outside. I’m a fan of team sports. What do you do outside of these walls?”

“I like to run sometimes, I work a boring office job. I draw occasionally”

You wondered where your brother had got to, hadn’t he said he’d only be a minute?

“What do you draw?”

“French girls”

Sam laughed as you raised your eyebrows, you grinned at him.

“I don’t think anybody’s ever actually laughed at that before”

“I’m a keeper”

You giggled. Was he flirting with you? You were about to speak when the door opened.

“Are these the forms you meant?” Your brother asked, holding up a paper.

“That is the correct form. I also need you to sign something-”

Sam’s voice quietened as he moved to his desk to search through a folder. Pulling a paper out he laid it on the desk and picked up a pen. He sat down at his desk.

“This could take a few minutes, I need to explain some things that come with the membership here, we could do it another time if you’re in a rush?”

“No that’s alright”

Your brother sat down across from Sam, you suddenly felt invasive.

“I’m just going to step out while you do this. Is there like a coffee machine or something around here?”

“There’s a coffee pot in the room across the hall”

You smiled gratefully at Sam, your eyes lingering as he looked down at the papers. You left the room to find the coffeepot. You stared at the coffeepot as you waited, coffee tasted terrible, you just needed a way out that didn’t sound rude. Does Sam like coffee?

“We’re done”

You looked up to see your brother outside the door, you smiled and began walking out with him.

“What did you and Sam talk about?”

“Just the initiative, I asked what he did outside of it, not much”

Your brother made a noise of acknowledgement, he looked pensive and you climbed into the car together. Were you going to be late to dinner?

“Let’s hope there’s no traffic”

He didn’t reply, stayed quiet. A silence came over that lasted about fifteen minutes. You were sat at traffic lights when your brothers voice suddenly pierced the atmosphere.

“Are you sure you didn’t talk about anything else?”

You jumped out of your skin, causing the annoyance in the passenger seat to stifle a laugh as you regained composure.

“Yes, I’m sure. Why are you so focused on that?”

“Sam asked me if you were single”

Corporate Affairs (Harry styles imagine)

From the day i opted to take a business degree at Manchester University my parents have constantly been putting pressure on me. “You’ll never get a job with a business degree Y/N” they would constantly nag down my ear.  

So when i received a call from Styles’ Enterprise informing me that i had been successful with my interview and the job as a PA (personal assistant for whom i’m not sure) was all mine i was absolutely delighted. My parents were happy and I was happy. But there was also a certain someone else who was also very excited for the opportunity I had been faced with.


“Are you ready for today?” my older sister Jessica beamed down the phone. “Yes Jessica!” I smiled to myself whilst standing in front of Styles’ Enterprise. “Babe, that snapchat you sent me this morning. Mr Styles’ is going to be blown off his feet girllll!” she giggled causing me to psychically cringe. “Yeah well i’m probably not even going to see the one and only Harry Styles Jess. He’s a busy man, he probably hasn’t even spared me a thought or checked my CV.” “Babe, of course he knows who you are! He doesn’t let anyone roam into his office you know! Believe me, i have tried” she giggled causing a laugh to erupt from my rib cage. “Anyway, i best be off, just arrived at work hunny. But knock em dead! I’ll see you at home later to find out all the goss. Peace out little one!” “Yeah bye sis…” i replied as i tapped the red button on my phone screen.


The elevator ride up to the main floor was long and tedious. My hands were beginning to shake and i wasn’t sure whether the rice krispies i had eaten no longer than an hour ago had actually settled. BING! I stepped out of the lift and was greeted by the hustle and bustle of this large business.

People were walking everywhere. Some people were on their phones whilst others were nose deep into newspapers, absentmindedly walking all over the place. It was absolute chaos. Barging past people i managed to dodge the strips of desks and oblivious soon to be co workers only to be greeted by an empty reception outside  Mr Styles’ office. This was bizarre. The email i had been sent through clearly indicated for me to go to the desk which was outside the big gaffas door. Yet here i am staring at an empty desk.  

I pressed the small bell on the side only to be ignored. No surprise there then. Growing angrier and angrier i started to stare around at my surroundings. I was beginning to wonder whether this whole thing was some sort of sick joke. Just as i was about to turn away and go home the door to Mr Styles’ office clicked open and out walked the man himself.

Now whenever Jessica rambled on about this guy i never believed her. I mean, nobody could possibly be more attractive than Channing Tatum right? So i thought. The chiseled jaw, long curly locks and pink pouted lips were enough to bring any female to her knees.  

“Can i help you Miss?” a stern husky voice spoke. “Um, oh yes. Sorry. I’ve just been given a job here, it’s my first day and in the email i was told to come to reception outside your office but um, clearly there’s nobody here” i spoke, trying to hide the nervous crack in my voice. “Ah yes. You must be Y/N” the older man replied whilst offering his hand out to shake, which i of course gladly accepted. “Do come inside” Mr Styles spoke as he disappeared back into his office, me trudging along after him like a lost puppy. “Take a seat Y/N.” The plush leather felt comfy on my exposed thighs. This skirt really was shorter than i originally thought.

“So, first things first. Welcome to Styles’ enterprise. And sorry for the lack of assistance. My PA went AWOL meaning that i needed a new one as soon as possible. It’s a good job you were available so quickly” the dark haired man added as he gathered various files together. “Um, sorry Mr Styles but what do you mean?” “You being my new PA?” he replied, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Your PA?” I asked. “Yes. Is that a problem Y/N.” “Oh no, not at all Mr Styles. I just didn’t realise i was going to be the main bosses PA that’s all!” I smiled in a desperate attempt to ease the tension. “Well yes Miss Y/L/N, that’s what I’m going to be paying you for” he spoke sternly whilst walking out of the office door, me following behind.  

“This is your desk. This is your computer. Please do make yourself at home” Mr Styles spoke as he pulled the chair out for me. I hesitantly sat down and swiveled around to face the computer. “This is the on button Y/N” he mumbled leaning over me, his face now dangerously close to mine. “Your password is your date of birth and mother’s maiden name.” His thin fingers decorated in platinum rings caressed the keyboard as he logged on. It was then that I noticed something. A simple, yet symbolic cross adorned his left hand. Not what you would expect a wild, easy going entrepreneur to be inked with that’s for sure.

“There” he bellowed, breaking me out of my trance. “So here is the section for emails. This is where I will contact you with work and instructions. You mainly greet guests for me at this reception, take calls, arrange meetings, and print letters. Your phone has me on speed dial. You just have to ring hash twenty and I will answer. Please only ring me in a meeting if it’s an emergency.” I nodded. “Now then” he stood suddenly becoming aware of his close proximity. He smoothed out his Saint Laurent suit, something I feel he only does when he is nervous.  

“I have a meeting out of town for the rest of the afternoon so use this opportunity to get a feel for the place whilst im out. I’ll email you my mobile number, don’t hesitate to call me if you have any problems.” He entered his office and soon appeared wearing a beige mac. “I’ll see you tomorrow at 9AM sharpish. It was a pleasure meeting you Miss Y/L/N” he complimented kissing my cheek. “Likewise Mr Styles” I smiled, trying to ignore the blush that was creeping onto my face. Before I knew it he was gone and I was left to soak up my surroundings. This job was going to be a challenge.


“So, what was he like?” Jessica shouted from the kitchen. “Yeah he was nice” I replied to occupied with the latest twitter feeds. “Just nice?” she asked, confused by my lack of enthusiasm. “Well he wasn’t really friendly but he wasn’t exactly nasty either” “Right…” she paused. “He did kiss me on the cheek when he left?” “HE DID WHAT?” she shouted. Her figure had soon made its way into the living room, spatula in hand. “He kissed you on the cheek?” she asked. “Well yeah. He was showing me how the computer worked and stuff. Then he said he had a meeting and he would be out all day. He said it was a pleasure meeting me and then he kissed my cheek.” “No fucking way! Wait until I tell everyone at work about this! I didn’t expect him to be that friendly!” she shouted whilst running back to the eggs that were now sizzling in the frying pan. “Yeah it was odd” I dully replied.  

The chime of my iphone text tone soon went off catching mine and Jessica’s attention. “Oooooh, ey up, who’s the lucky man.” “Its Mr Styles” I replied, the confusion apparent in my voice. “OH MY GOD WHAT DOES HE WANT NOW?!” she practically screamed. “Evening Y/N. Mr Styles here, but please feel free to call me Harry. Just to inform you, please dress smartly tomorrow as I will be taking you for dinner after your shift. I like to get to know my employees and the best way to do it is over dinner. My driver will take us and your meal shall be paid for courtesy of me. I look forward to spending time with you. H x” I finished. “Y/N. What the fuck. It’s day two and he’s already kissing you on the cheek and taking you out for dinner. And your on first name terms! AND HE SENT A KISS!” Jessica screeched. “He’s just being friendly. He said he likes to get to know his employees” I justified. “Bullshit. He employs over 1000 people. I doubt he’s taken all of them out for meals! He totally wants you. Oh my god this is so exciting! Why aren’t you excited!” “Because we could be getting our hopes up for absolutely nothing?” “Oh darling I highly doubt it, he wants you, it’s easy to see!” Jessica giggled poking her head through the door. I laughed back, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I rapidly tapped a reply on my phone screen and hit send. It read:

Hi Harry. You really don’t have to treat me to a meal, but I will gladly except if you insist. See you tomorrow. Y/N x

Hello guys! Sorry ive been inactive lately, life has just been so hectic, its absolute madness! But im back. Ive written this as a little taster to a piece of fiction i might start, similar to daddy’s little kitten but obviously a different story line. However, i will only carry it on if i get a good feedback. So please, like if you read and send me feedback in my ask box. You can also send suggestions for where you would like this to go.

For anyone who sent me a request a while back. I still have then and i will get around to writing them sometime this week. I am being graced with Christmas break thankfully. Also, if you do have a request then please message me in my ask box. I love you all and thankyou for remaining patient. 1D may just be beginning their break, but my tumblr break is well and truly over. See what i did there ;) Thanks guys, love you all! All the love K x

doctors- a penvenys AU chapter 3

Dwight knew as soon as his phone rang at 1:45am that it was bad news.

“What.. the fuck ?” He turned the light on and winced at the sudden change of scenery before fumbling for his phone.

“Hello?” He yawned blearily. He hadn’t even had time for contacts, placing his glasses so they more or less hung off his nose.

“Dwight it’s me.” The voice was almost unrecognisable and incredibly shaky.

“Demelza?” He was shocked because if anyone wasn’t a morning person, it was her. “What’s going on?”

“This is going to sound stupid but- I need someone to come and sit with me.” Her voice showed a feigned courage but underlying fear. “Caroline isn’t well.”

Dwight’s heart dropped, knowing how much this meant to her. “I will be there in half an hour- do you want me to bring board games and colouring books?” He knew her favourite car journey distractions could help around about now.

“Sounds good. Sorry I would’ve asked Ross but he’s in surgery you know.” Her voice was dead and this concerned Dwight more than it should.

“I’m going to hang up now, will you be ok?”


He arrived at the hospital and found Demelza looking lost in reception. “They’ve evacuated her room Dwight. None of my flowers are there or anything.” She collapsed into a chair in the waiting room full of late night A+E victims.

“They’ll keep her in intensive care for a while and then move her back I’m sure.” Dwight replied calmly, taking his backpack off and getting out the pocket board games he’d bought.

“But that’s not it.” A tear squeezed the corner of Demelza’s eye. “She’s having surgery now and they’re not sure her body will cope- one of her fractured ribs is interfering with her organs and she’s already in shutdown mode. I don’t even know if she will make it through the night. They won’t let me be on duty because they can clearly see I’m a mess but I’m a bag of nerves.”

As a qualified doctor who sometimes flirted with surgery, Dwight knew that this was not good at all. In fact, there was very little chance Caroline would make it. His heart dropped that he’d encouraged such bottomless optimism in Demelza and somehow in himself? Just by talking to her he felt attached in a way he couldn’t comprehend and so he figured out playing a game was the best solution.

“So Cluedo is out because there’s only two of us.” Dwight decided not to reply to Demelza directly because she needed time. “But I have Kerplunk.”

Demelza offered a watery smile. “I love Kerplunk.”

So Dwight spent the next 5 minutes setting it up in tense silence with both their pagers on the table between them, a constant reminder of what was going on around them.

But once the game started, tension leaked out a little bit. It  was a game that didn’t need any words but could still be enjoyed and could still occupy minds and that was the goal really.

Dwight was also terrible at Kerplunk whereas Demelza could play for England so when finding himself with many marbles and her with very few, her smile seemed to become genuine, almost forgetting the tense circumstances. Dwight was relieved by this.

A nurse came strolling in at around 2:30am to which Demelza asked, “Any news Prudy?”

“Unfortunately not.” Her arms were crossed and she looked as if she hadn’t slept in days. “Also, Sister Keren wants you to clock in now. She says we ought to make use of youse bein’ here while you are.”

“Wait.” Demelza’s eyes widened and eyebrows raised simultaneously. “She’s asking me to start a fucking shift? Like this?” She presented herself with her hands, indicating her watery eyes and lack of scrubs. “Well she can go fuck herself.”

“Ain’t gonna be easy tellin’ her that.” Prudy winced. “But I understand. T’int right t’int fair t’int just t’int proper. Listen I’m supposed ta clock out round three but will stay ‘til six ta cover ye.”

“Prudy.” Demelza stood up, taking her hand. “You couldn’t possibly.”

“I know ya’d do the same.” She shrugged modestly. “And s’truth. Fuck sister Keren.” And with that she turned on her heel and left.

“My god.” Demelza turned back to Dwight and sat down. “I would die for that woman.”

“Maybe I should just become a nurse.” Dwight shrugged. “Doctors are absolutely merciless.”

“Ay, well you’ve gotta stick together when your pay is being docked hourly by the government.” She shrugged. “Fuck Theresa May right?”

“Yup.” Dwight was so tired and his head was swimming. But he knew he could always nod to that.

They packed Kerplunk away and Dwight left Demelza with an adult colouring book whilst he tried to make sense of his hectic schedule for tomorrow where he was scheduled in about 3 places at once. And to think, he became a GP for less work.

The clock struck 4am and it was radio silence all round.

“I’m going to have a wander round.” Dwight told Demelza, putting the random tabloid he was reading down. “See if I can hear anything. I start at six though so I can’t promise I will be back.”

“If you hear anything.” Demelza’s eyes were weeping. “Tell me straight away- page me or something.”

“Ok.” And with that, Dwight stumbled off, to try and hear things and to nap in his office before his shift.

His hands were on his cheeks trying to get some life into his face as he carried his backpack like a lost explorer.

“Oh thank God Ross.” He saw his friend across the corridor and reached out to him. “Have you heard anything about Caroline? Demelza’s driving herself mad.” He yawned.

“It’s 50/50.” Ross frowned. “I’ve just come from putting a cast on at A+E but they had to pull her out of the induced coma to operate and they aren’t sure if her body’s strong enough.”

Dwight sucked in his teeth. “But she’s alive?”

“For the minute, yes. This doesn’t come without risk but they only put her in an induced coma as a precaution you know- it’s just a case of her body being ready to come back at full force.” Ross shrugged. “We won’t know until she’s recovered from surgery but the doctors reckon her other injuries have healed enough for her to come out of an induced coma if she’s successful. All we can do is wait- we should know by about 9am.”

Dwight looked at his watch. It was a quarter to six.

“They’re being so quiet in surgery it’s impossible to know what’s going on. Just start your day as normal.” Ross tried to sound convincing.

Dwight huffed before heading off to his office. He had a packed morning including two hours of doing low-key jobs in A+E like stitches.

Evidently he had no way of napping before a shift. He was due to finish at 12 though so there was a silver lining.

“Dr Enys, the antibiotics aren’t working.”

“Rosina, it’s called antibiotic therapy.” Dwight rolled his eyes. His last appointment of the day was a sad twist of fate. “It means you have to take all of them until you run out. You’ve taken about a week’s worth.”

“You know…” She looked at him, pouting and leaning forward. “I thought this would involve actual therapy- you know like one on one.”

“Sorry Rosina.” He laughed nervously. “My face can’t cure chlamydia.” He backed away. “So really if you just keep taking your drugs you should be absolutely fine- no need to see me again.”

Thank God.

He was about to cry with relief that he’d finally finished his day when his pager went off. It was one of the sisters claiming there was an emergency that he needed to attend to before he clocked out. So maybe his shift would end around three now. He sighed.

“Sorry Miss Hoblyn but I have an emergency to attend to.” Dwight muttered dryly, kicking open the door for her. He had heard a rumour earlier in the day that some idiot had been trying to perform stunts on his motorbike and Dwight was probably needed to do some stitches or something.

He reached the intensive care unit and looked for the right bed- number 64. He had bought his bag with him just in case he was needed for stitches so he thought himself well prepared to do some stitches or something.

He realised when he opened the curtain of number 64 that the answer was or something.

He dropped his bag straight on the floor and his face was white.

Directly in front of him was an incredibly lifelike Caroline Penvenen looking very smug considering not even 24 hours ago she was on death’s door.

“Don’t you just love that they gave me my own pager?” She shook it in her hand. “And you were first on my list to call… I heard you’re the best doctor they have in this godforsaken place.” She was immobile but it was what to be expected from someone who hadn’t moved for months.

“I’m-I’m sorry.” The situation had not yet dawned on him that he was speaking to a real, animate Caroline Penvenen. Of whom he had told several of his secrets too whilst she lay in a hospital bed. “I’m not an intensive care doctor- we have some really good ones though.”

“That’s funny because Demelza told me that you do a little bit of everything- so why not me?” He expected her to be shy but she smiled with ease until it was almost a smirk.


“Did you know, just before my accident, Demelza was so keen to get me to break up with my boyfriend she was going to set us up on a blind date?”

Dwight looked up and into her eyes. Abort. This was a mistake. Her gaze was intense. “Would you have gone?” He asked.

“Dr Enys!” She feigned surprise. “What kind of woman do you think I am? I’m loyal to a man.”

“Oh- I didn’t realise.” Dwight stuttered, embarrassed. “I never saw him call into see you.

“Well I guess the wedding is off then.” She frowned but she didn’t really seem too bothered. Dwight was struck. Demelza was lying? She didn’t just have a boyfriend but she was engaged too?

“I’m just kidding.” She broke the silence. “I do have a boyfriend though and he’s coming for me.”

Dwight’s stomach sank now not just due to jealousy but plainly because he knew this to be incredibly unlikely. He’s seen patients like this before and he just knew that somehow or another, she would end up heartbroken.

Finally - Suho Scenario

Suho Scenario/One Shot (Fluff) (I didn’t proof read it)

It was a normal routine you had every day, over and over again. You would go to school tired after staying up way past a healthy hour to sleep but definitely too lazy to even sleep. That left you only with bad effects on your body and mind.

Every time you took the bus whether it be going to school or coming back you would, usually when you are about to reach your destination, have fluttery eyes that would do nothing rather than turn off your mind and let you sleep. And you would have to do so much your best to even stay awake, often looking around if someone noticed your sleepy self.

And today was no exception, however this time you managed to stay awake very very well. 

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That Boy Is A Monster Part 3

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Word count-878

A/n-FLUFFFFF! You guys wanted a series so a series you will get! Also if you don’t know I now do drabbles-check out my prompt list :) OH AND THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS <3

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It’s been a good few months since Crowley sent your father to Hell, and ever since then yours and James’s relationship is getting stronger and stronger each day.

“Get off me you fart.” You say trying to kick Dean off you.

“You shouldn’t of sat in my place.” Your eldest brother says still squashing you.



Both of you called for your trusty back up to help you. Sam and James rushed in and shared a look with each-other. “Tell Dean to get off me!” You say.

“Tell (Y/n) to get out of my space!” Dean says. Your brother and your boyfriend rolled their eyes.

“Dean how is (Y/n) suppose to get out of your place if your sat on her?” James asked crossing his arms. Dean froze for a moment and looked at you. Eventually he got off.

“PRAISE THE LORD I’M FREE!” You shout panting.

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anonymous asked:

hi I was kind of wondering about the whole shiro paladin ship war kinda thing? because where I live the age of consent is 16 and the main argument against shaladin ships is 'its illegal' which confused me for a good 5 minutes before I realised 'oh right different laws' so I guess what I'm asking is why are you so against it because I'm pretty sure most places are 17-18 so not really illegal in most places. plus I'm pretty sure an 8-9 year age gap isn't that big a deal to consenting adults so???

I’m really not in the mood to discourse but if you look at a 25 year old man dating someone who literally just turned 18 and think “nah nothing wrong here” even though they’re at completely different stages of development and completely different stages in their life… wyd


Request by Anon #120

Tony: Speech! Speech! I wanna make a speech about the soon to be newly-weds!
Y/N: *laughs* This should be good. Tony is so drunk right now!
Steve: It will be interesting.
Tony: I just want to say congrats to the better man. Steve Rogers. You proved to be more of a man than I ever could. You actually told Y/N you were in love with her.
Steve: What is he talking about?
Y/N: I have no idea.
Tony: I mean I fell in love with Y/N a long time go, but I never had the guts to tell her. She always deserved someone better than me and look she got someone! The super soldier! Captain America!
Y/N: Tony…stop.
Tony: Y/N, if I was speaking directly to you right now I’d say…Don’t marry Cap, I mean yeah he is great and all patriotic but we could be so much better.
Steve: Tony get stop now before I make you stop.
Y/N: Steve, I’ll deal with it.
Tony: But I know how much you two love each other, so even though it kills me to say this I hope you have a lifetime of happiness with each other. I just wish I realised how great you were Y/N before someone else saw it.
Y/N: Oh Tony…
Tony: I’m going to head home now, see you at the wedding! *walks out*
Steve: I’m going to kill him.
Y/N: Don’t Steve, he’s hurting enough…let’s just enjoy our party.
Steve: Okay *kisses you*