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a three part mix for the themes in looking for alaska.

part i. can’t catch the fox. (mischief/rebellion.)   when adults say, “teenagers think they are invincible”, they don’t know how right they are. we need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. we think that we are invincible because we are. we cannot be born, and we cannot die. like all energy, we can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations.listen. ] 

teenagers - my chemical romance / i’m just a kid - simple plan / teenage dirtbag - wheatus / this is war - 30 seconds to mars / uprising - muse / youth - daughter / dark doo wop - msmr / run - daughter / how - the neighbourhood / supremacy - muse 

part ii. to be continued… (love/heartbreak.)   if people were rain then i was drizzle and she was a hurricane. [ listen. ]

letters from the sky - civil twilight / somebody to die for - hurts / mr. brightside - the killers / your life over mind - bribry / almost lover - a fine frenzy / oblivion - bastille / waiting - jeffrey piton (city and colour cover) / let me in - snowmine / read my mind - leif vollebekk / underwater bride - passenger 

part iii. where will i go from here? (grief/guilt/regret/loss.)   i have lost something important, and i cannot find it, and i need it. [ listen. ]

waiting to die - zero 7 / maybe maybe - nico stai / human - daughter / doomsday - murray gold / a sign - seaside / jesus christ - brand new / laughing with - regina spektor / after the storm - mumford and sons / we must be killers - mikky ekko / walking blind - adrian hawken and carina round / therapy - all time low

So I reached my goal a long time ago and never got around to making this (now I’ve reached a different goal oops)! So here’s my first follow forever! The graphic took forever bc I’m new to photoshop (and also my first). Really, really sorry if I forget someone! ❤❤❤

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more recs would be v v nice :) I read rlly fast I literally started and finished all three books in the past four days so it would've rlly great if you could give me more recs? thank youuu❤️❤️❤️

Oh man. Okay. Sorry this took so long but I got lazy thinking about making a list. I like a lot of fics.

I have included some (a lot of) fic recs for Ronan/Adam and Blue/Gansey (as well as Ronan/Blue friendship because those are the best). God there are probably so many more I could rec, but going through the whole tag is very time consuming. 

These are in no particular order but range from the ratings go G at the top, T in the middle, M at the end. I didn’t include anything above M because everyone has their own tastes, but there’s some good stuff out there.


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my ex boyfriend once used the term “feminazi” while we were talking so i asked him to explain to me what it meant and he took it totally seriously and went “it’s basically like extreme feminists who take the whole movement too far” or something like that

so i went “oh! you mean the feminists that run concentration camps? the ones that kill jewish, gay, black and disabled people purely because they’re jewish, gay, black and disabled?”

he just sort of stared at me not knowing what to say so i went “don’t compare women wanting to be viewed as human beings to the fucking nazis”

i don’t think he’s used that term again 

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AU where Abbie and Ichabod are 10 with lots of shy smiles, blushing and holding hands.

Oh, man. Yes, Non. Ichabod the new kid just over from England – or maybe an even more eclectic childhood, maybe a diplomat’s son that took him all over the world so he’s a giant mishmash of cultures and esoteric knowledge that makes it hard for him to relate. 

But then there’s Abbie with her afropuffs, small but clever enough to push bullies in the mud when they pick on him for his funny way of talking and too-long hair. She doesn’t like him much either – know it all – but she likes seeing people picked on even less. So she helps him blend, as much as he’s willing to.

And in return, Crane – Ichabod’s too weird a name, she always goes with Crane, plus he looks like a bird – opens a new world to her. A world of secrets and spells and things that are dark and thrilling but somehow shot through with light. And they grow together, through the years, each sanding off the others’ sharp edges until their rounded hollows fit perfectly together.


Everyone talks about de-aged Ichabod, but hell, that’s practically the premise of the show already. I want de-aged Abbie, a tiny, adorable toddler with big eyes. I want flummoxed Ichabod, who now has to care for himself and this tiny, fragile creature who has Abbie’s big soul crammed into a delicate package. I want to see him cook mac and cheese and read her bedtime stories and play with dolls. I want him to look at her when she sleeps, one hand tucked under her cheek, and whisper, “oh, yes. I see how we went from here to there.” 


I was tagged by soggywarmpockets to post 6 pictures of my favorite rockstar.


DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME JUST TO CHOOSE 30!? Then I chose 20…then 15 and I couldn’t continue when I had 10.

Come on! I spam his such-gothique-oh-so-beautiful face because I don’t have a favorite picture…

so here… here are 10 pictures of this man.

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"Hey man hows your head feeling?" Dipper asked hesitantly, peeking into the elder's shack home with a timid smile.

“Huh? Oh, hey there, Dipper!” The old man set down a screwdriver and walked over, holding aside the hide that fell in front of the entrance. “My head’s been, well, a bit more busy than normal. Come on in!”

One time I met Alex Caplow when he opened for p!atd and I wore my space leggings bc fucking space leggings and I was feeling myself, wearing cute all lipstick and shit. So I had never heard of Magic Man before but I watched their performance and I was like oh fuck (you know the feeling that you’re getting into something you are ready for?) so Al-pal was like hey guys I’m signing out by the mercy table so I made my friend go out with me and find him. I was shaking because I had never met a famous person before. So we got to the line and it wasn’t that long so I jumped in and did the typical “sign my ticket” shit and we took pics and then I went and bought a cd and got back in like and then he signed it and we took more pictures and he like put his head on my head bc I’m like 10 feet shorter than him. So when I was walking away, he said “oh and by the way, I love you’re pants!!” And I whipped around and was like “SIGN THEM THEN” so that is the story of how Alex Caplow signed my leggings and I regret nothing.

oh boy. so i just got my wisdom teeth out last week and i recovered enough so i drew last night and oh my. these were all my feels from the steven bomb last week that i wanted to draw so yeah. this took like five hours but im so happy with it. i might shade it later but eh im lazy. AND OH MAN I LOVE THE FUSIONS IN THE BACKGROUND THEY TOOK SO LONG JEEZ


So i made a goofy comic relating to this post because i kinda helped it become a thing oddly enough! this was not supposed to take a week, it was supposed to be short and goofy and tbh im somewhat disappointed on how long this took me. But i do really love the last two “frames of the comic at least!


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If you're still doing that "things you said" game, could you please do 20 for Sehun? I really liked the ones you did for Chen and Kai <3

Awh thank you bby ;-; Im sorry this took so long and I’m sorry its so lame…

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Oh Sehun was approximately one foot taller than you, with shoulders as broad as the expanse of your outstretched arms and all the features of the most stoic business man on the face of the earth. Oh Sehun, however, was also almost too easy to frighten, and seeing the tremble run through his body and hearing the stutter in his voice had consequently become one of your favorite things.

It was because of this you’d found yourself alone in the hall, back pressed against the wall leading to the emergency exit of the studio. Sehun’s voice sounded from the very end of the adjacent hall, faint, yet still loud enough to hear, as it was a habit of his to speak loudly when he was engaged in a conversation. You kept a hand to your mouth, stifling a giggle as you anticipated the reaction you would witness in only a few moments.

“Hyung!” his whine echoed along the hall, “You can’t just say that and not tell me her name!”

“I didn’t want to tell you in the first place!” you recognized the smooth voice belonging to his friend, Minseok.

“Do I know her?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Is she a trainee?”  

“I already said I’m not telling you.”

“Yah!” he whined louder. You rolled your eyes out of habit, imagining the pout curling his lips. “At least tell me if we’re friends with her. What if-“

His mouth clamped shut, their steps halting as Minseok spoke up, his tone taunting, “What?”

Sehun didn’t respond and you heard the other boy take another step back to where Sehun likely stood frozen.

“Is there someone that you like?” you could practically hear the smirk on his face, “Is that why you wanna know so bad?”

“N-no.” he mumbled. Minseok let out a laugh.

“You’re worried it’s the same girl?”

“I said no!”

“Aw,” the older boy chuckled, turning to continue his way down the hall, “Don’t worry, I already have an idea who it is.”

Sehun scoffed, following behind, “As if.”

“Oh, I definitely know. And don’t worry, it’s not the same girl.”

Sehun didn’t respond for a moment before stammering, “H-How do you know?”

“You’re kind of obvious.”


“You’re always staring at her, for one.” Minseok sneered, “And you try to act cool around her. And you always talk about her when she’s not there.”

“Pft,” Sehun let out a hollow laugh. “What do you know? I don’t do any of that. Like I’d even need to anyways.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You think she likes you?”

His confidence deflated in an instant as he stuttered, “I-I didn’t say that-“

You took a step closer to the opening of the hall, your curiosity piqued as the tall boy continued to trip his way through his words.

“Ah, Sehun-ah,” Minseok sighed, “You really are obsessed, aren’t you?”

Sehun didn’t respond. You bit your lip, peaking your head out for an instant to see why, when Minseok’s gaze caught your own. Immediately, you pulled back, almost slamming your head against the wall, when he spoke up again.

“You should tell her, you know.” His voice was low and mischievous. “I think she likes you too.”

“What?” Sehun gaped, “How do you know?”

“Hey, I just said I think.” Minseok smirked, “Maybe you should call her and ask. Take her on a date or something. She’s probably waiting for you as we speak.”

“R-right now?” his voice approached ever closer, “I don’t know-“

“If you won’t, I will.”

Your heart began to thud as you heard the tapping of keys on Minseok’s phone. Sehun objected loudly, spouting a clutter of words with no precise meaning. The older boy simply laughed, increasing his pace to avoid Sehun’s grasp.

Your fingers fumbled through your pockets as their steps drew nearer and nearer. Just as you were about to silence the device, the screen lit up, Minseok’s name appearing across the top as Sehun’s voice rapped through the speakers.

“Shit!” you whispered, before covering your mouth, automatically declining the call. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed two shadows approach the opening. Reluctantly, you looked up.

Sehun looked on the verge of tears, his usually stony features contorted beneath a deep hue of red coloring his cheeks. His brow curved in distress, his plump lips pulled in as he brought a hand up to hide his face in embarrassment.

“Awh, isn’t that cute?” Minseok smirked, glancing from you to the boy beside him. His fingers swiped across the phone, turning it off and slipping it into his pocket as he waved a hand, “I’ll leave you two to it, then.”

Without another word, the boy vanished, continuing down the hall. You bit your lip, staring down at the floor to hide your own blush, when Sehun spoke up.

“Just for the record,” he mumbled, ruffling his hair, “I don’t try to act cool.”

Kill Phil(emon)

You best watch yourself Philemon. Tatsuya’s gonna light a fire up under yo pretty little mask. 

(Oh man this looks really bad….. You don’t even wanna know how long this took to do….Ok I’ll tell you, it took days!…well 2 months but I had a lot of breaks…. Maybe cause I was using MSPaint like a n00b. ;w; The wording was originally red but it looked really bad so I changed it to black, though I still have that version if people wanna see it. Anyways someone please make a better version than this. Photoshop/manipulation or whatever is not my strong suit. :’D)

6 random things

Was tagged by the awesome huedhaut-the-mudkip   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

1.I had to get plastic surgery TWICE for my lip. The first time was when I was pushed out of a window and got cut (don’t worry, it was the ground floor) and maybe 4 days later I tried to be a ballerina in Kindermusik and slipped AND BUSTED MY LIP OPEN. AGAIN. So I’ll never be a ballerina in my lifetime lol

2. I ALSO BROKE MY FRONT TOOTH IN HALF, because I was so damn smart and ignored the fact that when I tried to be a ballerina the last time, it did not go well. BUT YOLO RIGHT? Anyway, I had to get a crown, then a root canal some time later, and then a permanent crown. And my face was so drugged lolol


4. Our family went fishing one time and my dad caught A ROCK ON HIS LINE. NOT A FISH. A GIANT FRIGGIN’ ROCK. He kept it and named it Bob. I’m serious. 

5. When my dad was working and had annoying customers on the line, he would say to them, “Oh, we have a specialist for that!” and gave me the phone and I told them all about the bunny rabbits that lived behind the shop (since it was basically a prairie) until they hung up. I was probably 5-8 back then lol



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I do, always and forever // closed rp with goddamndeadpool

Claire couldn’t believe it was finally the day. The day she had been waiting for so long.

She was going to marry Wade; the man of her dreams.

“Oh my- It’s really happening. I’m going to marry Wade.“ Claire smiled and breathed deeply trying to calm down as she fixed her dress nervously.

She gave Steve her arm to lead her down the with flower petals sprinkled aisle where her soon to be husband was waiting for her.

The wedding march began and she took her first step down the aisle, wondering if Wade was as nervous as she was and how he would react seeing her like that.