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But imagine Steve Rogers ferociously defending women who get harassed on the streets. Steve going super red when Darcy tells him about all the shit she faces. Steve publicly denouncing MRA’s and most republicans for making life harder for women and especially getting pissed when governors go on tv and talk about how poor people should just stop being poor because he’s BEEN THERE and he knows how hard it is to function day to day, much less deal with the people running your country telling you you’re a drain on society. Steve Rogers doesn’t like bullies, right, no matter where they’re from.
—  Cam during a super discussion about a Steve Rogers who’s so there for social justice and modern values

If this is to end in fire,

Then we should all burn together.

Twenty One Pilots piano masterpost

Sheet Music:
Addict With a Pen
Before You Start Your day
Car Radio
Drown (Tyler Joseph)
Fairly Local
Fall Away
Glowing Eyes
Guns For Hands
Holding On To You
Implicit Demand for Proof
Johnny Boy
The Judge
Message Man
Oh Ms. Believer
The Run and Go
Stressed Out
Taxi Cab
Tear In My Heart
We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Video Tutorials:
Addict With a Pen
Air Catcher
Before You Start Your Day
Blasphemy (Tyler Joseph)
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Car Radio
A Car, A Torch, A Death
Drown (Tyler Joseph)
Fairly Local
Fake You Out
Fall Away
Falling Too (Tyler Joseph)
Friend, Please
Glowing Eyes
Guns For Hands
Hear Me Now (Tyler Joseph)
Holding On To You
House of Gold
Implicit Demand for Proof
Isle of Flightless Birds
Johnny Boy
The Judge
Kitchen Sink
March to the Sea
Message Man
Not Today
Ode To Sleep
Oh Ms. Believer
The Pantaloon
Prove Me Wrong (Tyler Joseph)
The Run and Go
Stressed Out
Taco Bell Saga (Tyler Joseph)
Taken By Sleep (Tyler Joseph)
Taxi Cab
Tear In My Heart
Time To Say Goodbye
Two (for 2 pianos)
We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

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Icing has Bittynapped them All TwT whelp, finally posted it:Part 3.1 This was supposed to be the last part but i didn’t anticipate that part 3 of the comic would be long hahah😂 so now there’ll be like 2 more? huhu & it might be awhile for me to post them(I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m making this up as I go) Credits, Disclaimers belowww:
fell!Palette(Icing) & Palette @angexci
Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
library!Goth @bunabelldraws
Gloom Pibby& ct!Goth @blogthegreatrouge
sadly, Cupcake aint in any of the panels TwT he’ll come later.

Comic Art & Pot!Eve by Me @butterflypea


Next batch of palette swap weirdness. Why do Kinosaki’s colors look so good on everyone? The usual bonus below, eyes of a dead fish indeed.

Yumoto | Ryuu | Io | Atsushi | Akoya | Ibushi | Kinshiro

We Don’t Make Good Friends [Part 2]

Oh man here we go again

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Unsurprisingly, smut, A lil bit of angst? and some fluff

Summary: You and Jungkook broke up but you were trying to work on a friendship. Until Jungkook decided that friendship just wasn’t working anymore.

Word Count: 4k

Part 1 Part 3

We were stood in the lobby of the massive hotel with our luggage in hand while Namjoon and Jin checked us into our rooms. The room was brightly lit by chandeliers which reflected off of the white marble flooring.

“Okay I have a solution,” My roommate, Cassie, announced, “if anything happens between you two, just put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and I’ll go sleep with Tae,” she told me enthusiastically.

I rolled my eyes. The entire flight here, as well as the car ride to the hotel, I had to deal with Taehyung and Cassie yammering on about how since Jungkook and I started hanging out again, they could “see the sparks flying”. They were both dead convinced that Jungkook and I were going to get back together this weekend, even though I assured them that the likelihood of that happening was very low. Truth be told, I didn’t want to think about a scenario where Jungkook and I got back together because I didn’t want to get my hopes up that it would actually happen. Things were finally starting to feel “fine” with him and I didn’t want anything to ruin that.

We got our room keys, I was with Cassie, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin were in a room together, Yoongi and Hoseok were rooming together, and so were Jin and Namjoon. We took our time unpacking and getting comfortable in our rooms before everyone went their separate ways go shopping in town, sit by the pool, or simply take a nap in the hotel room.

Taehyung and Cassie went off to do “couple things”, leaving me alone in the hotel room. I chose which bed was mine and lounged across it. I put on one of my favorite movies and finally started to relax for the first time this week.

The movie ended and I found that I was bored. I had never been to this part of Japan before so I thought it would be nice to walk around and explore the area a bit. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed the room key and left the room. When I got into the hallway, I heard the door to the room directly across from mine unlock. Jungkook opened the door while pulling his arm through the sleeve of a jacket.

“Oh, hi,” I said when I realized it was him.

He looked up and adjusted the collar of his jacket, “Oh… hi,” he echoed, “where are you going?”

I shrugged, “I’m just gonna go walk around the town a bit. What about you?”

“Same,” he said simply. We started walking down the hallway and he side-eyed me, “Do you want to go out together?”

I pondered the idea for a moment then nodded while looking straight ahead, “Sure.”

We made the short walk to the elevator and Jungkook pressed the down arrow. We stood in silence, looking everywhere but at each other as we waited for the door to open. Finally, the door dinged before sliding open. Jungkook stepped inside the elevator and leaned against the far right corner of the box, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking at the ground. I stepped in after him and stood in the opposite corner to him, mimicking his actions and looking down at the ground. The ride down to the lobby felt a lot longer than the ride up to the rooms had felt when I was with Cassie. I almost let out a breath of relief when the door dinged and opened, this time to the lobby. Jungkook pushed himself off of the wall and quickly walked out of the elevator. I had to jog slightly in order to catch up with his fast pace but when he notice my efforts, he slowed down to a leisurely stride. We walked out of the hotel, still not saying a word to one another and continued this pattern as we walked down the sidewalk and into town.

It was already sunset by the time we came out and the town was filled with smiling faces who were enjoying their evening out. The longer Jungkook and I went without speaking, the more awkward the moment grew. This is often how interactions with us go, but neither of us seemed to be able to change it.

As we walked, I thought back to the times when we were still dating and how there was never an awkward moment between us. Even the silence was comfortable, it was always so easy to be around him. Now, it felt almost painful, and forced, like we were trying to salvage something that wasn’t worth saving.

I shook the thoughts of the past out of my head because I knew that if I kept thinking about it, I would only end up upsetting myself.

We walked along the path until we were on a bridge that went over a massive river. The water was so calm that the reflection of the sunset looked  like a mirror image, with only an occasional ripple from a fish bobbing up in the water to distort the picture. The area we were in was significantly less dense with people, though we could still hear the laughter coming from restaurants nearby.

Jungkook stopped walking and rested his arms on the railing of the bridge. He looking off into the distance, taking in the view of Japan at dusk. I stood next to him and did the same thing, the view filled me with tranquility and I sighed, feeling content to be around him for the first time in a while.

I was jarred out of my peaceful state when finally he spoke. And they were not words I wanted to hear, “You know” he sighed, “I don’t think we make good friends.”

I had been expecting that a moment like this would happen. I knew he wasn’t oblivious the awkwardness between us. I knew he was just spending time with me because he knew it’s what I wanted. Even though it hurt, I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to cut our ties.

Despite thinking I knew his answer, I asked him, “why not?” and tried to ignore the fact that my voice wavered as I spoke.

His eyes sparkled as he continued to look at the sunset. He sighed again and watched the fish swimming below us in the water, “I think that everyone who comes into your life has a role to play. And that role can’t change once it’s been set, you know what I mean?” his eyebrowed creased and he turned his head and looked at me.

I thought hard about what he was saying but drew a blank and shook my head, “I don’t get it,” I told him.

“Let me give you an example,” he looked away from me again, “Your mom will always be your mom, no matter what. Your sister will always be your sister, that role can’t change. That’s how it is with anyone who comes into your life. Does it make sense now?”

I turned my head to the side and furrowed my brow, “ I guess so… Why are you saying this?”

He stood up straight and turned his whole body to me, giving me his full attention, “I don’t think your role in my life was supposed to be ‘friend’,” he proclaimed.

My heart pounded as I was worried what direction this conversation was going to go. I couldn’t help but think that this was a bad time and place to decide to fully break things off with me but still, I asked him, “What was my role supposed to be?” I looked away from him and focused on the water, hoping to hide my quivering lip.

“My girlfriend,” he said simply.

My whole body jolted involuntarily at his words and my eyes shot up to meet his again, “what?” I couldn’t hide the shock in my voice.

His eyes filled with an emotion which I couldn’t quite place and he reached out to grab my hands. The nonchalance of his tone disappeared and he stepped closer to me, “Y/N, our break up was too hasty. We didn’t talk about it. We didn’t think about it. We were mad and we both said things we didn’t mean. I know I didn’t want to break up that night, and I don’t think you wanted to either,” he poured his heart out with emotions I didn’t even know he had been bottling up over the course of these four long months.

I tried to shake myself out of the state of shock but found it to be impossible. I thought this conversation was going to end with Jungkook asking to cut off a friendship but instead, this was happening and I couldn’t seem to find the proper words to respond with.

“Please say something,” he quietly pleaded while squeezing my hand a little harder.

I didn’t want to say anything. I wanted to throw myself into his arms and pretend that the last four months never happened but, the logic in my brain wouldn’t allow that, “What about the things we said that night? I know they were harsh, but they were true. Those were real problems we were having–”

“We’ll work on them!” he cut me off, “I’ll put in more effort, really, I will. It wasn’t fair of me to shout you out the way that I did. Y/N, having you in my life was the greatest thing to ever happen to me and it may have taken losing you to realize that but I know now, I want you. I never want to let you go. I’ve never felt this way about someone before,” his words were flooded with desperation and love. In this moment, I could see the sweet boy that I fell in love with. Not the closed off and distant one who I had broken up with.

My heart tugged and my body moved closer to him, “it wasn’t just you,” I told him.

He looked at me confused.

“I need to put in more effort to,” I acknowledged that I had also closed him off too.

He leaned in close and put his arms on the railing of the bridge on either side of me, blocking me in, “We’ll work on these things together. If it doesn’t work out a second time around then we’ll know it wasn’t meant to be but I can’t stand the idea of not giving it a second try.”

I smiled at him and a lump grew in my throat as tears of joy threatened to come up, “I agree.” I told him.

A smile grew on his face and his sparkly eyes shaped into crescents. He bit his bottom lip and looked over my face, “Y/N, will you take me back?”

I giggled at the slightly cheesy words but nodded confidently. He giggled as well and began to close the distance between us.

Then, he kissed me.

It was soft and sweet enough to make my knees weak. This is the exact this which I had been yearning for, for four months. My body moved closer to his and his arms wrapped around me like a blanket. One hand came up to brush the hair off of my face, then he pulled me closer and kissed me more firmly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head closer to mine. His soft but slightly chapped lips molded perfectly into mine and I breathed in his scent which I had always loved.

Behind us, a woman laughed as she talked to a man and walked across the bridge. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, I pulled my lips away from his and leaned back.

He grabbed my wrists from behind his head and laced his fingers through mine, “Why don’t we go back to the hotel where we’ll have more privacy?” he suggested.

I nodded and immediately started walking in the direction of our hotel, pulling him along with me . He laughed as he was now the one needed to jog to keep up with me.

We walked through the lobby quickly and Jungkook pressed the up arrow to the elevator. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead. The door opened and a small family came out of it before we stepped inside. The ride up was much faster than the ride down had been with him earlier. When we got to our floor, Jungkook guided me down the hall to the front door to his room.

He stuck his hand in his back pocket then turned to me as if he had just remembered something, “Jimin is taking a nap in our room,” he said.

Without hesitation, I turned around and grabbed the key to my room out my back pocket. I slid the card into the door and pulled it out with a click. The door opened and I stepped to the side, gesturing for Jungkook to go into the room, “After you,” I smiled.

He smirked and stepped into the room, taking a moment to look around. I closed the door and slipped off my shoes, setting them next to the doorframe.

“Your room looks the same as mine,” Jungkook observed out loud.

I nodded and noticed that he was acting awkward again. As if he didn’t know what to do with himself anymore. I smiled to myself because of how quickly he went from the confident boy on the bridge to the shy and awkward boy in my room.

He slipped his hands back into his pockets again and continued to look intently at every detail of the room.

“You seem pretty interested in the way the room looks. That’s weird since it looks the same as yours. You’d think you’d already have looked at all the little details in your own room, rather than in mine,” I teased him in an attempt to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

He smirked shyly then bit the inside of his cheek nervously.

“Jungkook, are you okay?” I wondered why there was such a sudden change in mood.

He nodded then shrugged, “I’ve been thinking about this moment for so long and now… I don’t know what to do,” he admitted.

I admired his openness and stepped close to him. I rest my hand on his shoulder and my fingertips drifted up on his neck to play with the ends of his hair, “Well,” I had to look up in order to see his face, “why don’t you start with kissing me the way you were on the bridge?” I suggested.

I could see his confidence spike as his smile turned from shy to slightly coy, “I can do that,” he said.

His hands came up to cup my jaw and turn my head upwards. His deep brown eyes gleamed before he closed them and pressed his lips to mine. I felt the butterflies dancing around my stomach as the excitement from this feeling returned. He parted my lips with his and kissed me the way he had wanted to on the bridge. Only now, there was no one here to interrupt our moment. He alternated between sweet and shallow pecks to deep and long kisses. His tongue lingered at the entrance of my mouth for a moment before he slipped it in. His hands were on my sides and my hands skimmed up and down his broad back.

He pulled back and looked between the two bed, “which one is yours?”

With a cloudy head, I pointed to the bed closest to the window the walked over and sat on the edge of it. Instead of sitting next to me, Jungkook squatted down in front of me and rested his hands on the top of my thighs. He reconnected our lips quickly before telling me to scoot back.

I obeyed and moved backward on the bed until my legs were stretch out in front of me and my back was against the cold wood of the headboard. Jungkook crawled up the bed and hovered over me with loving and lustful eyes.

I scooted down so that my head was on the pillow and I pulled his face to mine again. He brushed his nose against mine and kissed my cheek, then he kissed a line across my lips to my other cheek, then down my jawline. I turned my head to the side to give him of access and his teeth gently grazed my ear before sucking at the sweet spot on my neck.

I whimpered at the feeling then suddenly, I remembered a conversation I had earlier today, “Jungkook wait,” I spoke up.

He looked at me quizzically as I squirmed out from underneath him and hopped off of the bed. With his eyes on me, I walked over to the door and grabbed the “Do Not Disturb” sign off of the handle.

I can’t believe I actually have to do this I thought to myself as I opened the door and slipped the sign on the side of the door that faced into the hallway to signify to Cassie that she would, in fact, need to sleep in Tae’s room tonight. I closed the door and walked back into the room.

Jungkook was sat with his hands in his lap waiting patiently for me to come back, “everything okay?” he asked as I walked back over to him.

I nodded and climbed back onto the bed, this time straddling his lap, “everything is perfect,” I assured him about more than the sign on the door.

He smiled and kissed the skin on my chest that was exposed from the low cut top I was wearing. I tangled my hands into his dark brown hair and played with the soft strands. His lips moved all over my chest and neck as his hands slipped under my shirt and pulled it up my body. I did the rest and pulled the fabric over my head and tossed it to the side. Jungkook instantly grabbed my breasts which were still covered by my bra and he sloppily kissed the newly exposed skin.

I ground my hips down onto his and I could already feel his member hardening underneath me. I rocked my hips back and forth until I got Jungkook to groan against the skin of my neck, which he was biting and licking. His hands expertly unclasped my bra and it slid down my arms. I took the small article of clothing off and Jungkook’s lips found their way to one of my nipples. He swirled it around in his mouth and made the heat between my legs increase as I continued to grind onto his now fully hard shaft. His hands grasped my butt as he began to guide my movements over his hips. He groaned again at the sensation then popped open the button of my jeans.

He lifted me off of his hips and switched our position so that he was now on top of me. He grabbed his shirt by the neck and tossed it over his head, revealing his torso, which had become significantly more toned since the last time I saw it. He grabbed the top of my pants and pulled them off of my body before doing the same to his. He leaned into me and reconnected our lips and he pressed the tent in his boxers against my center. Now, he ground his hips onto mine, the friction causing me to moan slightly and the wetness between my legs increased. His hand wandered down my side and to the hem of my underwear. My stomach fluttered at the feeling of having him so close yet so far from touching me. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and he slipped his hand into my underwear, dragging one long digit up my dripping folds.

“Fuck…” he swore against my lips as he felt my wetness. He rested his forehead against mine and started rubbing circles around my sensitive bundle of nerves, “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long,” he groaned.

My walls clenched and my breath hitched at the sudden feeling of pleasure that I had. He opened his eyes and watched my brow creased and my mouth fell open as small whimpers and moans began to slide passed my lips. I rocked my hips against his hand to make his fingers work magic on my clit. I dug my fingernails into his shoulder and rolled my bottom lip between my teeth and hummed in enjoyment.

His movement got faster and harder and I began to feel the familiar knot in my stomach signifying that I was close, “Jungkook!” I moaned out his name and clamped my eyes shut. He attacked my neck with his mouth and rubbed even harder and faster than before. My back arched off of the soft bed and my body convulsed involuntarily as my orgasm got closer and closer.

Warmth flooded my center as I felt all of my muscles simultaneously contract and the knot in my stomach released. I cried out a mixture of Jungkook’s name and various profanities as I rode out my high.

My legs shook as the aftermath of the strong orgasm set in. The desire to have him as close as possible was overwhelming my mind. I attached my lips to his and kissed him sloppily, unable to sit still long enough to do it properly.

“I want you so bad,” he groaned before taking my bottom lip between his teeth.

“Please…” I pleaded through the pants and heavy breathing which I couldn’t control.

He moved quickly and slipped his boxers down his legs and lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed in slowly and watched my face for discomfort. His eyebrows scrunched as he exhaled a long drawn out, “oh” at the feeling of my walls wrapping around him. Once he was in all the way, he took a second to readjust so he had easy access to my lips and began to rock his hips. He pumped in and out of me at a steady pace, the sounds of his pleasurable moans filling the room. Despite having just came, I felt my body quickly building up once again. I wrapped my legs around his hips which made him thrust even deeper into me. I cried out at the feeling of him thrusting against my g spot at a fairly quick pace. His teeth grazed my chin before he buried his head into my neck, muffling his own moans.

His thrusts began to lose their steadiness as he came closer to reaching his high. Beads of sweat gathered and caused his hair to cling to his forehead. He leaned back and straightened his torso. He grabbed my hips and began to thrust roughly into me. I was already feeling intense pleasure but the feeling reached a whole new extreme when I felt his fingers circling my clit again. The combination of his rough thrusts and fingers was enough to push me over the edge for the second time tonight. I threw my head back and told him I was cumming as a long string of moans spilled out of my mouth. My walls clenched around him and his moans went from low and throaty to high pitched and desperate for release. He thrust into me hard a few more times before his hips froze and his mouth hung open as he came. He swore and moaned loudly with hair hanging over his tightly shut eyes. He grunted as he came down from his eye and his eyes slowly opened while his chest rose and fell.

He stayed in this position and looked at me with now tired eyes. His mouth was still hung open but it formed into a slight smile before he rolled off of me and laid next to me on the bed. He propped himself up on one elbow and kissed me quickly.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed that,” he admitted, still slightly out of breath.

I laughed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, “me either.”

He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close to his warm body. We slipped under the covers and spent the rest of the night catching up on all the things we’d missed in each other’s lives over the last four months.

I watched his eyes flutter closed after hours of talking and I gently moved his hair away from his eyes. As I watched the sleeping boy, I was filled with more relaxation than any spa weekend could ever give me, feeling that, finally, I was at peace.    

Hooray for part 2!

I hope you enjoyed that I’ll have part 3 up real soon!

I’d love some feedback for this and feel free to send in requests!

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Here’s a project I had planned for MONTHS and I finally finished it.
It’s based on the durarara ending picture scroll! Oh man, it took so long, but I’m finally finished and satisfied with the end result!

Ahhh tumblr kinda messed with the quality unfortunately, hope it doesn’t look TOO awful! You can click on each to see them in a bit better quality.

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heart full of headlines


Author: @dantiloquent
Artist: @pinofs (art here!)
Beta: @wonwuo
Word count: 60k
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none! (please don’t hesitate to ask me regarding any possible warnings!)
Summary: Phil Lester has a lot of good things: supportive friends, a lovely dog, a world tour, a famous writing blog.
He also has magic. It shouldn’t be a problem - except, in a world where magic is hated and mocked, it is. After a disastrous run in with Guardian-acclaimed “Modern Beat Generation Boy” Dan Howell ends in an unexpected friendship, Phil finds himself having to make more and more choices. While his blog sends him all over the world, and while their friendship develops, Phil can’t help but bring it all back to one pivotal issue: who can he tell?
Author’s Notes: thank you sm to my beta for helping me out with this!! and thank you so much to my love nikki for creating INCREDIBLE art. i will forever be honoured that this pile of words gets to be accompanied by your gorgeous talent. also, thank you to YOU! i couldn’t have done this without your support. 

i worked on this and syzygy over the summer. it was a lot of work. but it’s done now, and i’m proud i did it. i think it’s worth it. i hope you do, too. (i didn’t have a lot of time to edit, tho, so please let me know of any errors/typos!) if you liked details of an asteroid, then i think maybe you’ll like this, too. 

disclaimer: while it sounds like i’m trying to preach about things that may also exist in real life, i really didn’t mean to spread some agenda/lesson through this. you can take what you want from this, but please don’t think i believe every single thing discussed in this book. while it may sound like it should, lots of this doesn’t apply to the real world. you’ll see what i mean once you’ve read this.

(please reblog/leave feedback if u wish! it really helps me out. love u all.)


allegro-designs  asked:

!!!!!!!!! Illegally awesome aged-up character!!!!!

Took the opurrtunity to draw somebody I don’t draw often enough

Nepeta: *terminally fucks up somebody’s day*