oh man this show is so gr8

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17, female, 5'7" I have green eyes and black hair currently (but it's blonde naturally and I go back and forth between the two) I love animals and theatre mostly. Game of Thrones is my favorite show. I love amusement parks so Disney would be the perfect date for me (but since that's unattainable for me I'll settle for a local one) and we'll play games and eat candy and nasty amusement park food and go on rides (but only if you like them because obviously I don't want you to be uncomfortable)

wowowow you sound so cute omg

oh man the height difference would be so gr8 bc i’m tiny af

yeah date mosdef but when u turn 18 so my friends don’t call me a predator LOL

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.