oh man this show is so gr8

  • Aries:Your really chill but if someone messes up your makeup they will have brand new scars
  • Taurus:please notice me lets be best friends you shy dorky thing you aWW
  • Gemini:do you ever nOT have a story to tell like gee whiz do your craft ( your stories r gr8 tho tbh)
  • Cancer:fuckin weeb af but also rly chill af
  • Virgo:your rly sweet but also kinda weird and shy and i like that please show more of your weird to me
  • Libra:ur not hot also get off me also i love you
  • Scorpio:your so Homestuck man. your gr8
  • Sagittarius:stop being so horny your too young for the dirty OH WAIT YOU GOT AN INFECTION FROM DOING THE DIRTY. KARMA.
  • Capricorn:Your really Marvel af, also you think Chris Evans is god, and you are a really good artist, and you draw Pepe VERY good.
  • Aquarius:i dont even know any of you tbh where you at
  • Pisces:your really quiet also weeb and rly weird but ily bbies
  • - a Taurus

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I had a dream that it was ur birthday and u were having a birthday party but u were like "im bored someone come to party" so i left my house and I went to ur party and it was cool u showed me ur cool clothes and a bunch of anime stuff ?? idk im sad cause i woke up and im not in ur party anymore ur rlly cool

oh man that sounds gr8 u should come over for my next bday and we ll make it happen

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heyo :) hope ur having a gr8 day!! ive been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and in the beginning it was awkward and we almost never talked but the past few months we've gotten closer and im so vvvv happy he's such a nerd and he's always talking about tv shows and he has the nicest eyebrows and he's so out of my league. he deserves better i know he does but i love him sosoososososoosisoooooooo much :,)

oh man this is too cute, I’m so glad u guys have gotten closer!!!!!

ventress-caramellatte replied to your post: SRSLY should I watch daredevil???

Yes it’s good, but will take a long time. And it’s very, very violent after about 3 episodes. The violence doesn’t saturate the story, but it’s there and it’s graphic.

oh yeah cuz it’s a netflix show right?? man how violent? like i watched kingsman and kickass and i could barely stomach it so idk.