oh man this scene

To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see
To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
Well if you want, I will say my goodbyes to me

I was a-ready to die for you, baby
Doesn’t mean I’m ready to stay

What good is livin’ a life you’ve been given
If all you do is stand in one place

(I wanted to do something for Scerek Week, but my classes have me too swamped to write anything I’d be proud enough to share, so instead I’ve gifted y’all some emotions)


Seriously though everybody should play Final Fantasy Tactics. War of the Lions ver. preferably but either version is great. Just play this game.


Chances by Athlete, from Doctor Who 5x10, Vincent and the Doctor

probably one of my favorite things about Ajin is talking about it with friends (who are also caught up) around people who want to read it but haven’t started yet, or have started but aren’t very far

“Nah, he’s only seen Satou kill himself twice so far“

“Oh man wait he hasn’t seen the fried chicken scene yet“


or my personal favorite, where people ask me to describe a single scene from the comic and my response is “Anime Ron Paul commits 9/11“

and they think i’m joking

anonymous asked:

oh man, bonenzo scenes were so cringe worthy for me that i barely survived (i paid very little attention). i was like damon in this episode, like "yikes get away from her". but its all going in the right direction and damn, those next episodes gonna be something...

Yeah, the overall thing from BE was cute, they weren’t cute, but their actions were of a couple being cute. BD would have been cute, doing the things they did. It’s obvious Enzo makes her happy, but I don’t think she’s being completely honest. She isn’t over Damon, she’s very upset still, very emotional. 

At some points I felt as though she was being extra lovey, and close to Enzo, just to spite Damon. She knew he was watching, and wanted him to see. Which really sucks, and I get she is upset, but, it was a little much for me. My heart was aching for Damon. 

His facial expressions, his eyes, really showed how he felt while seeing them. He was obviously hurt, and at some points looks as thought he knew what he wanted to say, but decided not to, because he doesn’t think it matters anymore. When Bonnie says she loves Enzo, I could feel Damon’s heart stop as he waited for a “It’s always going to be Enzo.” in parallel to Elena and Stefan. She didn’t say it, but, you can see in his face, he is worried that she’ll never care about him like she used to again. 

There is obviously something very important in that damn letter!!! They showed it more than three times with Bonnie, then Damon held the letter to his chest. I am thinking Damon reads the letter to her in 7x20. Since, the synopsis says that Damon does something that changes Bonnie and his relationship forever. I can see him finally admitting to loving her. I am hoping this is what happens, and not something bad. 

Everything really is going in the right direction, I agree. I can see the stitches in the fabric. His longing and looks, were more than just Ian’s natural look. Ian had to have been directed in the script that Damon loves Bonnie, and for him to have a hurt, jealous look in his eyes during the episode. I think that’s one reason both Ian and Kat’s acting was SO intense in 7x19, is because they finally got the script note that said Damon internally realizes his love for Bonnie. And they probably freaked out, and all those emotions went into the episode. 

oh man that supercat promotion scene still is giving me so many feels.  Kara going from shock, to happiness that Cat truly appreciates her.  And then the the bittersweet moment when she realizes Cat is pushing her away to set her free, and even though she is so happy Cat cares about her and wants great things for her, she is sad that she won’t be the one to bring Cat coffee in the morning, be there with lexapro and m&ms when she stresses out, and hear those snarky little comments and see all those little flaws that makes Cat Grant perfect.  And she calls out to Cat to tell her how much the moment means to her  and Cat  turns back to tell Kara she feels the same and then she says her name with that expression on her face and then Kara looks back at her with all the love in the world in her eyes uggghh aljsdlfjsadf