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Oh man I one hundred percent need a fleshed out scene of Derek figuring out how much it bothers Stiles that no one believes him that was perfect and beautiful

Referring to this.

Ah, sweet anon, if only I had the time for such beautiful things at the moment! I am all for Derek getting love and attention but honestly, I need a thousand more fics of Stiles getting love and attention. I hardly see it on my dash or on a03 these days and that upsets so much you don’t even know. Give me the fics where Derek helps Stiles work through his insecurities. 

Give me the fics where it gets to the point Stiles doesn’t even tell anyone anymore when he doesn’t trust someone because it’s not like anyone will believe him anyway. 

Give me the same fics where Stiles goes off on his own, trying to get evidence on this asshole/creature/whatever to take back to the pack and Derek just showing up, Stiles’ bat in hand, giving it to him and saying “yeah, I don’t like them either” and Stiles being so confused but happy because, wait what? 

Give me the fics where Stiles doesn’t think he’s good enough for Derek because he’s gotten it into his head over the years he’s not good enough for anyone. That he’s annoying and that his flaws outweigh all of his good points. He’s always been second choice, he’s accepted it. It’s fact. Except…he’s Derek’s first choice. Apparently. He’s his first choice and Stiles doesn’t get it but Derek does. Derek will go to extremes for Stiles when he learns how insecure Stiles is about all this, alright? He will wait at the door every single time he knows Stiles is coming over, sometimes walking right out to the Jeep (because running would be just a little too eager and Scott like) just to press Stiles against it when he climbs out, kissing him and telling him how much he missed him even though Stiles literally only popped out to buy milk. (This is, subsequently, also the moment Stiles realises his boyfriend is actually a highly romantic dork. Who would have thought?) 

Give me the fics where Stiles is insecure about his body and Derek just being the perfect boyfriend and making sure Stiles knows he loves every inch of him and would never change him. “What if I could find a spell to give myself instant muscles though, Derek? What if we met a genie tomorrow and I could wish to look like a porn star??” And Derek just grins at that, kissing Stiles to shut him up, whispering how Stiles already looks like a porn star and if he wants muscles, fine, he’ll even help Stiles work out, but Derek isn’t going to love him any more or less because of them. He does warn Stiles though if he ever meets a genie and wishes for them to take his moles away- because for some reason Stiles is embarrassed by his moles- he will not be happy. At all. 

Give me the fics where Stiles is told he’s not a bad guy. That it isn’t his fault his mom is dead. That his dad loves him. That he’s not annoying. That Derek will never leave him even when shit hits the fan and he messes up. Give me the fics where Stiles starts believing those things. Because, well, I just need them. 

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I would pay (with bananas) to see you drawing the scene of Santama coming home and find Genos and The other saitama 👀🍌

how many bananas are we talking here


Seriously though everybody should play Final Fantasy Tactics. War of the Lions ver. preferably but either version is great. Just play this game.

[NEWS] 160126 Ryu Jun Yeol says “I will just be everyone’s husband” on Taxi

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Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi are to appear as guests in the talk show ‘Taxi’. Although this is their first appearance in an entertainment program, both of them showed an extraordinary sense for entertainment. Besides Ryu Junyeol’s dance and Lee Donghwi’s singing, on this first part of Taxi ‘Reply 1988 Special’, they will also explore the Ssangmundong alley set with MC Lee Young Ja and Oh Man suk and reveal behind-the-scenes stories that haven’t been shared before.

In particular, MC Lee Young Ja addressed a topic about whether Ryu Jun Yeol was upset that he is not Deoksun’s husband. She asked him to say few words about that to which Ryu Jun Yeol replied, “Because I can’t be Deoksun’s husband, I will just be everyone’s husband.”

This remark made all the staff on set blush and listening to this, Mc Lee Young Ja called him “Honey” right away and run to embrace him and make sea of laughter on set. They will also share their interesting story about the audition that was never revealed before, and talk about the struggle they faced in order to show perfect choreography of Sobangcha (Reply 1988 episode 3).

This first part of TvN Taxi ‘Reply 1988′ special will air tonight, January 26, 8:40PM KST.
Don’t miss it!

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Oh man. THIS SCENE. Helena is finally starting to feel loved and wanted by Sarah. She finally has a family and a twin sister that she’s probably always dreamed of. One minute they’re singing songs, making shadow puppets and the next minute Sarah sees her being carted off to jail. Helena thinks for a moment that her sister would leave her there, but thought better of it. That finally someone wouldn’t abandon her. The officer tells her her sister is there and the look of relief on her face is so apparent. Then she sees it’s not her sister at all and the look of devastation is almost too much to bare. She thought someone would finally love her despite all of her flaws and in one fell swoop she feels like she lost someone she truly cared for.


Chances by Athlete, from Doctor Who 5x10, Vincent and the Doctor

i can’t wait until november oh man that behind the scenes video for fantastic beasts is just.. sdfjksdhkjhasdfsdf i’m so h y p e d

and the celebration of harry potter that’s going on in florida right now !!!! why am i not there

and pottermore and jkr releasing new info about wizarding schools around the world and possibly one about a school in canada pleASE

and the stage play in the summer!!!!!!

AND WHERE IS THE PATRONUS QUIZ i mean i’m glad we got the sorting back but i need to know this

i love harry potter so much aaahhh….