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Despite the HORRIFIC way some Kl@nc3 (or anti-Sh3ith) shippers have been conducting themselves, Lance in particular remains one of my favorite characters in the series(I'm always a slut for lame dorks that need to grow up ;) I'd love to see list of your headcanons about Mexican!Lance? Sorry I don't have any specific questions!


SO. S O. @lancesexual and I have talked so much about this:

  • MY #1 favorite hc for him is that he’s like. a fucking rich mexican fuckboi. I went to a private school in mexico and I knew a lot of them. I drew him dressed as one inspired in one of my old classmates named Diego.

  • Also he can’t fucking handle spice for shit. He makes fun of white people who can’t all the time but when push comes to shove he cries with mole.
  • He completely an 100% unapologetically shit talks in spanish
  • he also shit talks using pet names in spanish. So like, prinesa and principe azul for shiro and mi rey for keith
  • He has a lot of Mexican machismo issues but ALSO he loves getting his nails done, waxes his eyebrows, washes his face a lot with shit from origins
  • He’s actually super sheltered bc his parents are paranoid and rich so he has a driver take him everywhere
  • he has been drinking since he was 13 and says he can hold his alcohol bc of it but he can’t take a fucking shot to save his life. The first time he tried doing a shot of vodka his throat closed up and it shot out of his nose. Also likes really fruity and traditionally “feminine drinks”
  • he has… way too many pumas sneakers, delete them. That goes for most of his wardrobe, actually.
  • He loves tacos al pastor… so much. Whenever he’s in the US he just, suffers a lot bc there is no proper Mexican food. Whenever he goes back home he packs an entire suitcase of tortillas and freezes them. He gets offended when invited to Chipotle or whatever. 
  • Lance loves Mole and enchiladas and all the good shit but he always has to have a special non-spicy salsa made for him
  • has been in private school his whole life
  • He lives in Santa Fe, one of the richest parts of Mexico city in a penthouse
  • Also he’s one of those dumb Mexican rich kids that get tired of their parents’ control and so they sneak out and go to parts of the city where they don’t know how to take care of themselves and luckily nothing’s happened to him but he’s still dumb
  • Can’t eat in food stands because those things are honestly fucking gross and they serve you actual disease in those tacos
  • Doesn’t know how to drive, bc sheltered childhood
  • Watched a lot of shitty latin-american anime dub when he was younger and knows the Mexican opening of digimon by heart
  • Watched La Nina de la Mochila Azul and is completely, 100% unapologetic about watching telenovels with his mom

can u believe how good looking kim seokjin is?? yeah i can’t either (whatta man, good man)

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Couple weeks back when we went to see Ghostbusters I overheard a conversation between a guy and a girl sitting a couple seats down from me and it was almost exactly a flipped script of your stereotypical 2edgy4u comic dudebro and more stereotypically ‘feminine’ comic book fan. I think they were on a date and I think the dude was having a Bad Time.

Her: I just don’t understand why anyone likes Superman. He’s so… boring and lame. He’s too powerful but he doesn’t even do anything with his power, you know? They should kill him off for real.

Him: (quietly) …I’ve always really liked Superman.

Her: (having seen the preview for Suicide Squad) Oh man I am SO EXCITED for that. It looks AWESOME. Like, FINALLY there’s a movie that GETS what people ACTUALLY like about comic books.

Him: …Hmm.

Her: Did you see the Killing Joke movie? Oh man you have to! It’s so great! I mean, I love the story already but the movie was so well done, you know? Some really cool stuff they changed for it, too.

Him: …I uh. I always liked Oracle.

It was just… really funny to me, because 99.99% of the time the edgelord would be some axe-body-spray-smellin’ neckbeard and the hapless date would be the girl who grew up fending off accusations of ‘fake geek girl’ and just trying to enjoy her damn comic books. But this one time, they flipped the script. It amused me.

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Iggy's Recking Balls was actually a childhood fave of mine, even if I had no idea how it worked, lol! Recently saw a playthrough, brought me back!

holy frickle, me too! and oh man, i actually did have a lotta trouble as a kid with this game hahaa~ took me ages to remember the controls and how to do things, like grab onto platforms.

oh man, i think i actually watched a speedrun like a month or two back (im kinda lame pfft) but im so glad im not the only person who remembers playing this game ❤

I’m probably just really salty cause we just came from the normandy in Minneapolis and that place was hella nice and extremely wonderful. Being forced to almost pay more, have shitty receptionists checking us in, and the room is just okay… Uhg. Only thing this place has going for it is it’s clean. I miss my hot tubs and purified water and queen bed and big ass tv… Weeps. Oh oh and the awesome usb plugs in the night stand! Man I’m going to miss that…. This place is so lame.