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“I didn’t know I wanted to be an actor straight away. I know I wanted to be in it, but I didn’t think I could; that I could make money out of it. Then I took two years out after school, went traveling, went to America, went to Europe. I traveled around for a long time. And then I just joined a youth theatre in Scotland, where I started working with them and doing productions and I realized that this is what I want to do.” - Sam Heughan


Q  (About Steve’s checklist in CATWS): If you had to recommend anything for Steve, what would it be and why?S: The Godfather for sure, I mean, right? The Godfather and maybe cronuts? I don’t know.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebastian Stan!

{August, 13; 1982}.


au: the godfather/mafia
New York, 1945.
Despite the rivalry between their families, Steve and Bucky managed to grow up as best friends and even joined the army together. They fought side by side and won the war. But when it was time to come back home, Bucky’s father told him that the ‘adventure’ was over and it was time to start acting like a man: “The Rogers are our enemies, son. Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family, again. Ever. That’s not your mission, your mission is to destroy them. To destroy our enemies”. But Bucky wasn’t willing to accept that order. Or he wasn’t, until the day his father was assasinated, and Buchanan decided to take the law into his own hands.
Everything pointed to the Rogers and Bucky declared war, without knowing that Steve’s father had been assassinated just a few days after his own. That was, after all, part of a masterplan to cause a dispute between two of the most powerful families in New York at that time. And it worked.
The year is 1946. The war between both families has started. And Steve Rogers is not willing to fight back.

S.W.: Our people are dying, Steve. I know you’ve tried, but there’s nothing else you can do. You have to kill him. You can do it. You have to do it.
S.R.: I’m not going to kill…
N.R.: I don’t know what you’re going to do, Steve, but we’re going to fight. We’re not dying because you don’t want to go against your 'best friend’.
S.W.: Because in case you haven’t noticed, the man is no longer acting as a friend.

And they were right. Natasha and Sam were always right, but that fact didn’t change anything: Steve wasn’t like his father. He wasn’t going to kill Barnes. He had a better plan: “I’ll talk to him. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

SR: Bucky, this war has to end.
BB: Why, Steve? Because you’re losing it?
SR: Because this is not who we… who you are.
BB: You don’t know who I am.
SR: Of course I do, you’re James Buchanan Barnes, you’re not your father’s son. You’re not this assassin, and I’m not gonna fight you. I actually have a better offer… I…
BB: Wait… you’re not gonna fight me? Why is that, Rogers?
SR: Because you’re my friend.
BB: Oh, Steve… you see? That could be a problem. Because you’re my mission.

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I wonder if Phil ever teases Dan over how they met.. I mean Dan chased him so hard, endless coments on his videos, twitter, dailybooth, that boy was not giving up..

I can just imagine Phil jokingly reminding him, and Dan being all,  Nooooo man, no, oh god, I was so lame, blushing hard and trying to hide, while Phil pulls him close and whispers in his ear how glad he was he did….

So I was watching agents of s.h.i.e.l.d last night and my roommate’s little brother came in and asked what I was watching. I turned the screen around and his face lit up he was so excited. “Oh my god! That show is so great! Where are you??”  so we started talking about it (and how lame it was that I was still watching season 2) which naturally evolved into the ‘who is your favorite character’ conversation. I was gushing about Fitz (because i always fall for characters like him) when he surprised me. I was expecting him to be like ‘oh yeah Coulson’s the man’, or Hunter or someone else but he said “I can’t decide if May or Skye is my favorite, they are both so cool, and May KICKS ASS.” That was so cool to me. Like this show and its characters are important because it is rare to find a show where a 15 year old boy wants to be like a tough, independent woman instead of a buff womanizer, but this show does that. 

As if I needed another reason to love marvel. There it is.   

You know that scene in First Class when “Mom and Dad and Moira come home” and find all the kids ……being fucking kids and having fun and they’re super pissed but Raven is like “We have to call him Havok” and then she points to Erik and is like “And you should be Magneto”

and he’s like

Yeah whatever kid. Charles your kids are super lame wow look how cool I am like a beatnik with a turtleneck and a leather jacket and italian boots wow so cool.

But you know in his head he’s like OH MY GOD MAGNETO IS A PERFECT NAME BECAUSE I AM A HUMAN MAGNET. A MASTER OF MAGNETS. NO WAIT A MASTER OF MAGNETISM. OH MY GOD MAGNETO IS SUCH A COOL NAME. NOBODY CALL ME ERIK ANYMORE. Oh wait is Charles listening? No man…naaahhhh Magneto is super….dumb….man…..

But he’s already ordering Magneto: Master of Magnetism business cards

Author’s Note: I was gonna make this an angsty “Knee Socks” revamp, but I figured I’ve been posting enough stories like that lately, so here is some ultra fluff, requested by a precious anon. Credit goes to kaifuckinsoo for the edit above. Anyways, enjoy ~

The Boy Who Could Fly

Kim Jongin was decidedly spontaneous. He was never a fan of routine. His entire happiness, for his entire life, had relied on the unconventional. He never liked to do anything twice in one week. He made a point of conversing with strangers on a daily basis. He even calculated how many different combinations of outfits he could wear with the same shirt, just to ensure nothing was ever too redundant. There was, however, one thing he never liked to change.

He woke up to her face every morning.  Everyday, the light would hit his lids from exactly the same angle, waking him up at exactly the same time, and he would see her, always facing him, her mouth hanging open just enough for her to breathe, her brow knit in concern, her long lashes fluttering with the movements of her closed eyes. He would press a kiss to her forehead and be gone before she woke up, and that was it, and that was enough, for a while.

But as he sat now, on the floor in the center of an obscure dance studio, he found himself unsatisfied. His chest heaved up and down, a sheen of sweat covering his skin as he stretched out to lie on the floor. He leaned over to grab his phone from his gym bag, staring at the screen void of any messages or missed calls. Without thinking, his thumb slid across the glass, pressing the first number of the speed dial. It wasn’t until he’d heard the muffled “Hello?” that he’d realized what he’d done.

“H-Hello?” he brought the phone to his ear.

“Jongin?” she sounded slightly out of breath, “What’s up? I’m working.”

“Oh- I- Uh-” his tongue tripped over itself as he tried to think of something to say, “I was wondering if you wanna go out later. Like, tonight, maybe. If you want.”

The other side of the line grew quiet. He bit his lip, cursing himself internally.

“Jongin-” he could hear the frown in her voice.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” he replied quickly, “I’m just saying…”

He rolled onto his stomach, resting his head on his arm as he stared at himself in the mirror lining the wall, “We’re friends, right? I mean, with… benefits, or whatever you wanna call it.”


“Well, we’ve kinda been more about the benefits part than the friends part lately,” he felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment he really didn’t need to feel right now, “I’m just saying, we should hang out. When was the last time we even did that?”

He shifted to lie on his side, listening to the cluttering of silverware on the other line. His lips pressed together in a straight line as he waited for her reply.

“Yeah,” she sighed. This time he heard the smile in her tone. “That does sound nice.”

“Great.” he tried not to sound as excited as he really was, “Should I get you from the apartment at 7?”



“I gotta go now. I’ll see you, okay?”


“Bye, Jongin.”

“Yeah, bye, _________.” he hung up, shooting up onto his feet, a sudden surge of energy coursing through his body. He flipped through his playlist, picking a random fast paced beat to practice to, glancing at the clock on the wall every few seconds to watch as the short hand made its excruciatingly slow journey towards the thick black “7”.

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  • Hinata:Okay, so Boruto's bedtime is at eight-thirty; no later. And if you feed him after his bedtime, especially sugary foods, you're done for.
  • Sakura:...
  • Hinata:Oh, and he doesn't like water.
  • Sakura:Trust Naruto to spawn a kid that's as easy to babysit as a gremlin. Shit.

Last drawing of 2015 and of course it is of Markiplier ;u; I have dubbed it “Space is so Cool”. Thank you Mark for all the smiles, videos and good feelings you have shared this year! Hope everyone has an amazing New Years and 2016 is prosperous for all you lovely people~

I hope he gets to see this, I love it so much oh man OTL

Belongs to me~

Teacher, Oh Teacher;


When Jack had signed up for Dragons 101, he had thought it would be more entertaining, have movies that showed the flaming, man eating beasts, less classwork, less homework, less … school like. Yet damn, Jack had no idea that someone could make such an interesting mythological creature so … so … ‘school’ with homework of the different scale types, the different sizes of 'known breeds’, the legends and even an essay over the hording habits of dragons. It was one of the most disappointing things and from the looks of the other students after the first day, the white haired punk wasn’t the only one.

There was one, redeeming quality of the class. The young, attractive teacher with the splash of freckles, who bit his lip when excitedly rambling of the fictional creatures, the auburn hair and Jacks favorite, were the green eyes. Mr. Haddock made class very much bearable, if only for the hour and a half it ran each day. At the ring of a bell though, Jack decided there had been enough time wasted, making his way to the front day. 

“Sir, you said at the beginning of the year you did tutoring. That still open?”


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things i need right now:

  • jily au
  • james and lily are both semi-famous chefs in nearby cities
  • and people always raving about their food or saying stuff like “oh you know what would go great with chef potter’s quiche? chef evans’ light tomato sauce”
  • from what he’s gathered, james thinks evans is an elderly woman who has a great taste for sauces
  • lily thinks potter is an overweight man who knows how to bake any pastry known to man
  • they’re both workaholics 
  • james wants to take after his father who ran a tight kitchen who won lots of awards
  • lily is opening a new restaurant even though her sister constantly says she’ll will go bankrupt
  • they’re always at work or home or gym and never see each other
  • whenever something goes terribly wrong in the restaurant, lily goes to the gym and works out on the elliptical until she can’t feel
  • and he goes regularly to the gym, always has
  • his father had told him the best kitchen has the man who tastes everything but is able to keep up with the pace and stress
  • but recently he’s just been eyeing that sweaty redhead on the elliptical for months now
  • and she pretends not to notice because her restaurant is losing money because of her stupid greedy landlord and she doesn’t have time for dating anyway 
  • an annual charity cooking contest brings them both out to a local town
  • his dad always said charity is the only gift man can give
  • she needs the publicity
  • besides she can probably win this thing
  • he blinks twice
  • wait
  • she’s chef evans?????
  • she’s turning red
  • she can feel it
  • why is he here
  • is he
  • no
  • she wins the contest and $10,000 is awarded to her favorite world hunger charity
  • he approaches her to congratulate her
  • she’s turning red again
  • he’s asking her to drinks
  • she declines
  • says she has work
  • it’s weeks before she’s at the gym again
  • he’s there
  • asks for drinks again
  • fast forward 
  • they’re in lily’s small kitchen, half-clothed, laughing and making food together
  • making each other taste things from each other’s fingers and sharing baking and spices tips
  • they open a joint restaurant and it’s a big hit
  • soon, they’re getting ready to open a second restaurant
  • on the opening night, he proposes with his quiche and her tomato sauce
  • i got so carried away somebody stop me