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- The “Cool” Dad
- always attempting to be your friend more than a father figure, attempts to get their child to spill the latest ‘gosp’
- “dad what the hell is gosp” “its teenage lingo for gossip, i keep up with you youngsters”
- cue eye rolling
- he’s incredibly chill about nearly everything and allows them to do whatevee they want, for the most part.
- the only restriction is that it can’t be illegal
- and if it is he told them to lie about who their father was.
- all their friends are jealous over how ‘cool’ of a dad their have, no matter how many times they tell them how uncool he truly is he has everyone tricked that he’s some super dad

- The Embarrassing Dad
- insists on making their kids lunch one time and puts an embarrassing “have a good day love you -Dad” in the bag without warning.
- all their friends cooed and haven’t let them live it down since.
- he’s the type to make embarrassingly bad dad jokes when talking to others and then looks over at their kid for a reaction
- a pitiful thumbs up and embarrassed smile is the best kind of reaction that he’s looking for
- constantly trying to talk to their kids friends when they’re over
- “why doesn’t that one friend come over anymore?” “because you broke out the baby pictures last time and i would rather not relive your hour ling stories about the past, and neither would she”

- The emotional dad
- constantly crying
- oh my god their kids have never seen a grown man cry so much in their lives
- always reminiscing about their kids past and getting emotional about how big they’ve gotten
- at every graduation that the child has lives through theres always friends that make comment about his screaming once you get on stage
- every picture you have to commemorate this moment has a very red eyed blotchy faced Seungkwan, their child always looks less than impressed.
- it’s nice to have a dad so passionate about their child but sometimes you just need someone that wont cry because you’ve made your first purchase with your own money that you made from your first job

- The Scrapbooking Dad
- always insisting on taking pictures
- it doesnt matter the occasion, it doesn’t matter how relevant any of it is, he wants a picture and he wants it now.
- his kids could make those “365 pictures throughout the year” collage videos you find on the internet dating back to their toddler years just from how many pictures Seokmin had taken.
- he has a bookcase full of scrapbooks hes made
- he takes the time to decorate them, with pretty stickers and dates each picture with a short description of each.
- its not just a picture book, its a life story showcasing every little insignificant thing that his kids have accomplished since birth.
- “dad, can we please take that picture of me on the potty off?” “no, its the first time you took a shit and i didn’t have to clean a diaper, it’s staying for memory sake”

- Over protective dad
- they cab only have a phone because he insists on using the find your friends app when his kids go out just to make sure that if anything happens he could always find their kid and help out
- if they’re one minute past curfew expect said phone to be blown up with questions about where they are.
- “you were suppose to be home at 10:00 its now 10:02, i checked traffic and it is light so there isnt any excuse”
- is protective and inforces his rules but isn’t terribly rude and would never actually punish his kids (he’s too soft, but ultimatey just wants the best for them)
- interogates any significant other that their child brings home, and as they protest in embarassment he simply says hes making sure to rule out any one not worthy of their time.
- always has their best interests in mind though they may not realize it until they’re much older
- probably has a bat near his bed so if needed he could protect them from anything and anyone who trys to hurt their kid

- The Charming Dad
- all their kids friends are completely endeared by him
- they’ve heard the word DILF to describe him one too many times that its starting to take some effect on their mental wellbeing
- he’s able to talk himself out of many things and their kids have had to sit by idly as they watched their dad talk up another worker to attempt to get some sort of discount
- probably has pictures of the family around the house solely to show off how attractive all of them are when guest comes over
- he’s ultimately very proud of how beautiful his family has come out, and wants the world to know about how absurdly beautiful they are compared to other families.
- its not opinion its Fact.

- Passive but Encouraging Dad
- not very good at showing how much they love their kids but try their very hardest without having to say directly that he loves them
- shows he cares by encouraging their dreams and never tries to hold them back from their dreams
- he may not be very involved in their kids lifes but when they come to him with something they claim to be passionate about he’s suddenly #1 dad.
- he’ll always be the first to encourage them to chase after whatever they want
- and even if they drop it after a couple weeks because it wasn’t exactly the right fit Jihoon will accept it and continue to support them through any other projects they wished to pursue.
- their kids know that he loves them through those kind of actions.

- The Expirmentive Dad
- always trying out new recipes for dinner
- his kids have started becoming wary after the his few failed attempts and know to prepare something to eat afterwards just incase his experiment doesnt work out in his favour
- never follows a reciepe
- “dad it said a tea spoon not a cup” “it’s better this way, just trust me.”
- it was not better this way.
- he tries his very hardest to make good dishes for his family and sometimes they actually turn out decent.
- and when they dont, no matter if mingyu himself knows it wasn’t the best, his kids say it was good while only eating a couple bites of it
- he’s grateful that they eat the prepared foods somewhere that hes not (sometimes he goes to their room and they share their snacks with him, but thats only when he’s failed terribly and hes gone desperate)

- The Involved dad
- Their child is apart of a school club? he’ll be apart of it just as much.
- “Do you guys want me to make snacks?” “Dad its not necessary-” “i’ll pack snacks.”
- always insists on going to parent teacher night to talk with each of their kids teacher one on one, he doesnt do it because he thinks his kids are miss behaving just solely for the opprotunity to be apart of their kids lifes just that much more
- was their kids soccer couch for most of their junior soccer days, but when their kids approached them about joining a different team he unwillingly allowed them to do so to allow them to be happy
- he still attenda each game and became the most embarrassing side line dad at the game
- “signs are necessary” chan ignores their kids as he pours another large amount of glitter onto the atrocious sign with his kids name and number on it.

- The Teasing Dad
- constantly making jokes about their kid, it mostly happens when they have friends over or when theyre at a family get together
- some how always managing to make their child the center of attention at the family dinners, each family member taking turns to tease his kid.
- he definitely does not attempt to stop it because he was the one that started it and seeing his kids get all embarrassed is kind of a highlight to being a father.
- Is probably always trying to get a hug or affection from their child especially when friends are around just to embarrass them that much more
- He doesn’t mind being rejected in front of all their friends when he goes in for a hug, because the embarrassed hiden smile that his kid has when they turn back to apologize to their friend is enough of a reward

- The Overly-Loving Father
- he’s wanted to be a dad since he was a child and now that he’s able to do so he doesnt waste any opprotunity to remind his kid about how much he loves them
- sometimes he shows his love in materialistic manners
- he buys they loads of gifts for every special occasion and still insists on making them do an easter chocolate egg hunt well into their teenage years
- he gets really creative when it comes to things like this so their child doesnt really mind, the chocolate is always a bonus
- is always trying to get family outings to be a thing and his favourite holiday is family day. Definitely family day because he can use it as an excuse to force his kids to spend time with him.

- The helpful dad
- the stereotype that dads are suppose to be good at physical labour such as fixing cars and doing sports falls short when it comes to wonwoo
- he couldn’t necessarily fix their car if they asked him to but he could help them ace their  physics exam
- and if they didn’t wish to read a book that was assigned for english, he’s probably already read it front to back more than once and is more than willing to help them out
- he’s not too anal about good grades but encourages them to try their hardest
- they’ve probably had to sit through a small half hearted lecture about genuinely putting their best into things when Wonwoo feels like their grades are slipping

- The “I didn’t sign up for this” Dad
- never really meant to become a dad but it ??? sort of happened and he enjoys it he just was never ready to become one
- therefore he really doesn’t know what to do.
- during toddler years he’d make any excuse not to be alone with the baby for too long, too frighten that he’d mess it up so severly that he usually calls over his mom to help out
- he’s gotten better over the years but still doesn’t properly know how to dad
- tries more to be a friend than a dad
- whenever their child is in trouble, lets the other parent do the scolding and then retreats up to their childs bedroom with a bowl of icecream to try and make amends better.
-he’s sort of getting the hang of things but their kids highly doubt he ever fully will know what being a parent consists of.
- but thats okay, he’s trying his very best.

Really Quick Roller Derby Crash Course

For your Roller Derby AU!

General Misconceptions:

Okay, so there are a few misconceptions I’ve noticed about roller derby, and the one that really truly stands out to me is the skates.

In roller derby, in-lines are not used. Like ever. Even in practices. Quad skates are used. This means the wheels are aligned like :: , not like ….. Usually, the boot section of the skate will not extend past one’s ankles.

The safety gear also stands out, but not as much as the skates. The safety gear used in derby isn’t particularly form fitting, and makes a person’s knees look clunky. There are pads on the knees, elbows, and wrists. The helmets cover more of a skater’s head than a typical K-Mart bike helmet does. Also, mouthguards are required when playing full-contact derby (I’ve never been in a league that requires them during the non-contact, teach you how to skate phase, but they’re still advised.) Usually, Sisu mouthguards are used, because talking and breathing are really nice.

And the last noticeable flaw is the rules. (This is for the more common flat-track, as I am lacking in banked-rules-knowledge). Punching people is not allowed, ever. Elbowing, kicking, and tripping are all again not allowed. Derby usually involves sticking your butt in front of people or whapping them with your butt or shoulders. Or avoiding butts, if you are a jammer. Jammers wear a star on their helmets, but it is not permanently there. There are helmet covers with the stars on them. Pivots are blockers that can become the jammer, and wear a helmet cover with a stripe. The blockers put their butts in front of the jammers.

Other things to liven up your AU!: 

-Is it flat-track or banked-track? Banked is what the movie Whip-It is about, but it is also less common due to the need for a special floor. Flat-track tends to be somewhat less violent.

-Duct tape: lots of derby peeps use duct tape for their skate’s toes (not the toe-stop) and for gear that is coming apart somewhat.

-Stickers! Helmets usually get covered in stickers, at least in my experience

-Derby makeup: It’s very cool and usually not very subtle. I’ve seen half skeleton face, eyeliner scribbled around eyes, glitter eyebrows, spider themed stuff! so many. Not everybody does derby makeup though, but it can look reeeeeeaaaally cool.

(-oh man they call us ‘ladies’ a lot soooo if youve got a closeted trans character… bingo theres some angst

-also like injuries aren’t that uncommon? like usually people don’t get black eyes and stuff, but derby bruises happen, like falling on a wheel is stepping on a lego pretty much, except its your butt, and sometimes arm bruises from teammates fingers happen, that kind of thing. usually bruises aren’t extravagant, BUT there are quite a few concussions and dislocated limbs and broken bones, not too many, buuuut… more of those than black eyes in my experience. 

-many lgbt in derby, manyyy

-ur otp can meet by bumping butts repeatedly)

Now go forth and make really cool and accurate derby AUs!

please do make a lot i really want people to write about my otp playing derby

Ace Attorney {Sentence Starters}
  • "Sorry, I couldn't hear your answer."
  • "I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me. Not like this."
  • "Have you lost your mind?! Focus!"
  • "What is it about winter that turns people into poets?"
  • "So this might sound bad but... who are you?"
  • "What's wrong? You've been staring at me for a while."
  • "Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!"
  • "Don't be foolish, you foolish fool wearing the foolishly foolish clothes."
  • "Don't worry 'bout me! I'll be dead and gone soon!"
  • "Try thinking out of the box! Don't waste time doubting the facts."
  • "Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be."
  • "You can wipe that foolish grin off your face now!"
  • "No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is strive to make up for our mistakes."
  • "Too bad they don't have a test for common sense."
  • "There you are! Where have you been?"
  • "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making these ridiculous allegations."
  • "Doesn't it look delicious? Care for a bite?"
  • "Why do I come here to the office every day ? It's not like I want to work."
  • "The sky is blue, and so am I."
  • "I've got nothing to lose! Except for... well, everything!"
  • "I think I feel a migraine coming on."
  • "What the hell do samurais sing about? Chopping off heads?"
  • "You know, things are really quiet around here like this."
  • "The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out."
  • "I wasn't dumped! She just wasn't taking my phone calls."
  • "Why do I always feel like it's the end of the world and I'm the last man standing?"
  • "W-why are you staring at me like that...?"
  • "I try not to pay much attention to things that don't interest me."
  • "What's wrong? Is something stuck to my face?"
  • "I like a man with a big... vocabulary."
  • "There's no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent!"
  • "Why are you pumping your fists in the air?"
  • "It must be nice to live so free of guilt."
  • "Thanks to you, I'm saddled with unnecessary... feelings."
  • "Uh oh, she's really pissed this time!"
  • "It's never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon."

Oh my god

Dads AU

except this time instead of Tuckington dads au, its muckington dads au

Junior having three dads and hes just like “Theres Dad, Old Man, and McFist-to-the-face”. Junior going to spend time with Sister and saying “There’s so much testosterone radiating from that big guy that I think my voice drops three octaves when he’s around.”  

Junior going to Maine when some kid makes fun of him and Maine drives up to his school in his beefed-to-hell truck and walks with tucker to the door, making sure that the kid Junior pointed out from the car sees his tattoos and neck scar and rippling muscles n shit and then at the door he leans down and kisses Junior’s forehead and tells him to have a nice day. And for the rest of the dayeveryone keeps asking Junior stuff like “WHO WAS THAT?” “Is HE IN A GANG????” “Was that your dad?”  "He’s so cool, can I get a picture with him?“ and Junior is like beaming and stuff and he likes his quiet dad a lot more than the old man.

And when Maine gets back to the house, Tucker asks why Junior wanted him to drive him to school so badly and Maine just shrugs and says that Junior wanted to spend time with him. Tucker rolls his eyes because he can tell when Maine lies n shit and just accepts that its one of those situations where his kid would tell him if he wanted to.

When its almost time for school to end, Junior texts all of his dads to come pick him up so when they get there, they follow Junior’s instructions (because why not humor the kid? Could be interesting) by all going up to the doors to wait for him and Wash just keeps his arm around Tucker with Maine leaning on his side until Junior comes out. They go up to meet him and his friends just have to like look straight up to see their faces because two tall dads plus Tucker and theyre towering over them and Junior beams because his dads are annoying sometimes but they are great when it comes to impressing 12 year olds (And Junior like intro-ed them like "If you thought ONE of my dads was cool, you should see ALL THREE” before he left the school)


Junior being all hell yeah to three dads