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1m 1m since theyve hated me 1m 1m 1m 1m 2m 2m since theyve hated me 2m am i crazy? 2m 2m 2m yes 2m no 2-3m yesno 3m since theyve hated me 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m am i crazy? 3m 3yesm no3m 4M 4 MINUTES SINCE THEYVE HATED ME WHAT DID I DO WRONG 4m 4m 4m 5m minutes since theyve hated me 5m 5m i hate them 5m 5m im disgusting 5m 5m 6m since theyve hated me 6m 6m 6m since theyve hated me and i liked them? 7m since theyve hated me 7m 7m 7m 7m 7am i cmrazy7m 7m ye7sno im notm 7m im fine 7m theres nothing even wrong with me 8m since theyve hated me 8m 8m 8m 8m 8m im going to kill myself today 8m 8m 8m 9m since theyve hated me 9m 9m 10m 10m TEN MINUTES AND IVE WAITED ALL DAY FOR THEM AND THEY HATE ME WHY DID I EVEN WASTE MY TIME FOR TH-

them: oh yeah thats so cool man

me:i know right lmao

Me: It’s so hot in here.
Hubs: No, your fever is back. Can I do anything for you?
Me: Yes. When I die…tell Jared I love him.
Hubs: *eyeroll*
Me: oh yeah, I love you too… I guess.

  • charizard: check it out we all fully evolved i got these sick wings
  • blastoise: oh man that's so cool look i got these sick cannons
  • venusaur: my flower got big
  • charizard:
  • blastoise:
  • venusaur:
  • charizard & blastoise: SWEET BRO
  • venusaur: :D
  • Kieran: You punched me because I'm gay?
  • Julian: What? No, I… Oh, come on.
  • Diego: That's not cool, man.
  • Livvy: That is really insensitive.
  • Julian: I didn't punch him because he's gay, I punched him… and then he happened to turn out to be gay afterwards.
  • Kieran: I was gay when you punched me!
  • Diego: In a weird way it might have been homophobic NOT to punch you because you were gay.

H-hi, um.. I really love your artwork and I absolutely adore the black and white trail of feathers, so I drew it for myself (I know it’s not nearly as good, and I had to take the middle feathers out), and i just wanted to show you and thank you so much for it, and also it’s for personal use (hanging it above my desk) and I won’t be selling it to anyone, but yeah, that’s pretty much it. Have a nice day, Tarah :)

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Can you please do an AU where Nico plays the violin or something and will plays the piano at different schools but their music teachers decide that it would be a good idea to get all the students together and do a concert or something like that? Please

  • between the two schools students get paired up at random to find or compose a song for the two of them to perform. some pairs are perfect matches both as people and instruments and some people get screwed over with two instruments that don’t go well together at all
  • will and nico get paired up and will’s like “ok this might be a little difficult but we can figure it out!!” and nico wants to quit immediately bc hes super not a fan of a piano/violin duet
  • they exchange contact info through the school and they meet up a few times to pick possible songs that they could perform and nico vetos a ton of the songs will picks bc theyre too piano heavy and will calmly talks nico out of a few of nico’s top choices and they finally decide on a piece after like 4 hours
  • they practice a bunch of times and will thinks that its okay like nothing super special but nico flat out hates it and completely writes his own parts instead of following the composition and after a million times playing it through (usually nico stopped every few seconds to fix something) its finally good
  • so they practice a million more times until its perfect and they play it at the rehearsal concert and their teachers are fricken awed ok bc these boys are talented and they’re like “wow u two must have really bonded to make music this beautiful!!” and nicos like nope try again but will does one of those cartoony love-sighs and goes “yeah hes pretty great huh”
  • so the concert is like within that week and they keep practicing all the time and finally they play it for real and it’s as perfect as always and afterwards will’s like ok well it was nice to meet nico but i guess this is over now oh well but then nico comes running full speed at him??? and practically tackles him in a hug??? and he’s like “there were scouts here!! people want to offer us positions in their university orchestras????”
    • ofc wills psyched for that but deep down hes like “ooooh boy guess im gonna be seeing him around a lot more often thats cool thats good” and oh man hes got such a crush ok

thanks for the suggestion!!! i hope this is what you were looking for!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons

no more please!!

everyone  :  star wars tlj
me  :  guardians of the galaxy vol. 3

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ahh you like xenoblade and earthbound?! that's so cool oh man! if you're still doing requests, could you do the heropon and a mr. saturn hanging out? btw your artwork is seriously adorable, and your colors and lineart are so clean and impressive!! (*´∀`*)

i have a feeling riki would be good at playing ladder with them

also toe beans

Mark and Jack's conversation about his cameo in the new video
  • Mark on the phone with Jack: Hey dude, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. It's for a short I'm doing.
  • Jack: Oh cool man, sure! What do you need?
  • Mark: That's great! So, I was thinking. You screaming "Kill me" with me before Warfstache kills us as Septiplier.
  • Jack: ....
  • Jack: *falls off chair while laughing his ass off*

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[about the human headcanons] Yeah, i really like your headcanons and would like to hear them if that's cool .3.

Oh man well uh
I’ll just list a few cuz I have a lot

-when he was human, Eyes’s career involved a lot of talking. Something that would make his mutation horribly ironic.
-fish had grandkids and he’d take them on camping and fishing trips often
-Rebel and Big Bandit were very close but the apocalypse made BB incredibly paranoid and it kinda grew into a Buddy and Brad from LISA situation
-Melting used to actually be a very healthy and energetic individual
-steroids took up physics as his main fields of study
-crystal was a single mom and lost her family to the nuclear apocalypse

Signs of the Shits
  • Jungkook's OH MAN HOLY SHIT: Leo, Tarus, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces
  • J-hope's OH SHIT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius

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there are still people who worship greek and roman gods? oh man that's really cool actually. i'm agnostic, but ive always loved those stories! While like, i don't really believe anything, knowing there are people who do is kinda cool. Do i sound weird? sorry, no disrespect!!

Hey, no prob, it’s good to hear from someone who doesn’t think we’re freaks or devil-worshipers, for a change.Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

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big devil??? I'm shit at irish but is that what ur url is? (love the art btw)

oh man thats a cool interpretation actually! its really just one word - mórdhíobháil - that translates to either “grievous bodily harm” or as another word for murder. i was obviously extremely edgy and looking for words that started with m when i picked it

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Hey there! I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to ask or anything, but is there a way to be confident in your work while youre working? I really admire your style, and its a huge influence for me, I'm having a rough time with my art, I don't feel like its good enough or that I'm improving no matter how hard I try, and I see so many people younger than me be better at drawing and animation and I went to art school too, I'm not sure, what are your thoughts, if thats okay to ask ;;

Oh man, it’s totally cool to ask this! I think it’s important to remember that everyone goes through exactly what your feeling. I’ve always gone through bouts of hating my work and laying on the floor feeling like my art career is over.

The important thing is to try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone grows in different ways and you might be surprised at how many people look at your work and think it’s more amazing than anything they could do. Even if you’re still just learning, try not to put yourself down. <3 It’s not easy to do, and sometimes we all just need to sulk and wallow in self pity, but pushing through that and continuing to make art afterward is the mark of a confident artist. (At least in my book. ^^)

I hope that helps! And I hope everyone feeling down about their art right now can still have a great day! I believe in you! <3

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Personally I think it'd be nice if Cas's death was the set up for a parallel with the story of Orpheus and Euridyke - meaning most of season 13 would be focussing on Dean questing to get Cas back from wherever it is angels go when they die. Or at least, that's what I hope *shrug*

Oh man, that sounds so cool. Probably a hell of a lot cooler and more intriguing than whatever they’ll actually do. But I’d read the hell out of that fic if anyone wrote it.