oh man that was my first cockroach

First Date (KBTBB Headcannon)

•clam, cool and collected
•this mother fucker is strutting next to you
•takes you to a fancy restaurant that’s fancy af
•he will be throwing money left and right
•wait why are you now on a jet?????
•oh yeah that’s because eisukes rich ass wants to look down on all the peasants below him
•you had to admit that you were having a great time
•and when he put his hand ontop of yours as you looked down on the city below
•you knew he was who you wanted to be with
•and he felt the same

•holy shit was he nervous
•but of course the cool monster couldn’t show that
•gelling his hair back, he posed in the mirror
•"hey, MC. Get ready for the best night of your life.“
•of course he got all cute and blushy and pretends that doesn’t happen
•when he first sees you in your sexy black dress he mentally looses it
•but of course you don’t know that
•he drives the two of you to the movie theatre
•he thought lights out was an educational film about how electricity works
•little did he know it was a horror movie
•and he would be scared shitless
•long story short he spilt the popcorn everywhere
•and you laughed
•and kissed him
•and even tho he was still embarrassed
•he was so happy to be there with you

•at first he wanted to bring you on a walk
•but after you told him to go fuck his self
•he decided he would rather bring you to a live comedy show
•he was watching with a fond smile as you cracked up at the mediocre jokes the guy was making
•little did he know you were forcing out a laugh to make him feel better about bringing you here
•afterwords you guys went for a walk down town
•but then it started to rain
•It started to p o u r
• before you could react, ota pulled you close and kissed you hard
•pulling away, he was a blushing mess
•"S-sorry , Mc…”
•smiling in reply, you kissed him once again, the two of you getting soaked
•but the two of you wouldn’t have it any other way

•you bet your ass it would be the most romantic date ever
•I’m taking flowers, car door opening, random kisses on the cheek
•he ended up bringing you to a drive it theatre
•surrounded by your favourite foods
•you cried
•he hugged you
•the two of you cuddled under the stars are you watched the cute romantic movie
•But baba wasn’t watching the movie
•he was watching you
•when you looked over to him you immediately started blushing
•man, did he love when you blushed
•taking your hands in his own, he looked deeply in your eyes
•and that’s when you knew you loved him
•and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you

•at first he was planning on just taking a nap on his day off
•but when you threatened to sack him
•there was a change of plans
•he ended up bringing you to his favourite soba shop
•but the second he took a bite of his soba
•after you calmed him down, he stomped his foot and refused to eat any soba that wasn’t made by you
•you laughed and brought him back to his apartment
•where you made him a fresh pot of cockroach free soba
•"damn this babe is a keeper.“
•"mamoru, you said that out loud.”

so funny story

i get this in my inbox alll at once (referring to this answer)

first of all, let me say in response to the first one: in my perception you are a cockroach not a person, though unfortunately that doesn’t change your status as a living breathing transphobic asshole

i kept the first one instead of anwering it because i wanted to try something- and surprise, turns out that when i hit block? every single negative message disappeared from my inbox. all of them.

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