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One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : Charlotte “BigMom” LinLin vs Captain “Waterfall Beard” Yoruru

“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “So you’ve finally gone and done it LinLin.. You aren’t qualified to give thanks to the Sun! Even if you are a child, there is a limit to how much one can forgive!”
Mother Carmel : “Please stop!! Yoruru-sama!”
“Waterfall Beard” Yoruru : “I’m sorry Carmel, but she is an evil spirit…IN THE FORM OF A CHILD!!!”

T H E   L E G E N D   O F   E L B A P H. Oh man, I’ve been waiting 17 years for this one. Captains Brogy the “Red Ogre” & Dorry the “Blue Ogre” were some of the coolest cats of their time! And meeting the remnants of the Giant Warrior Pirate crew throughout the story and having them each mention the legendary captains and their eternal duel was thrilling. I’m really hoping Oda explores the last remaining Giant Kingdoms because I am all about that Norse mythology. I’m also hoping Oda really flushes out the Sweet Commanders and their fights as well because they’re kind of just sitting around right now (compared to Marco’s grand entrance vs Kizaru). Here’s to the revitalization of my childhood!! E L B A P H!!

♪ : Naruto Shippuden - Girei

You have no idea how hard it was finding a gif to represent a scene in complete darkness. Nonetheless, this will have to do. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]:  First of all. Great chapter of The Tower. Second of all, WHY YOU GOTTA GO HURTING ME LIKE THAT?

No no no no thor you idiot god damn you

Noooooooo….😱 Thor you ass! How will she get back now?? I need to know what happens next! 😳

‘The Tower’ (Part 23)

All Chapters // Part 22

The dungeons of Asgard’s palace were even colder than the forest at night. It was all you could think about as you sat shivering in the dark.  

A set of chains protruded from the wall, stretching only a metre away until they clasped around your wrists. The pink skin underneath threatened to erode under their icy hold. The stone on which you sat was dusty and uncomfortable, but thankfully worn smooth by the hundreds of others who had been in your place. How many of them had also been innocent?

In hindsight, you couldn’t hold Thor’s decision against him. You wanted to – boy, did you want to – but realistically, you knew that he was still grieving. Thinking of your mother reminded you of that. He’d never seen the body, he’d told you. He’d never gotten closure. He’d never said goodbye. The man was blinded by grief.

If only you could’ve made him see; Loki wouldn’t be the only one freed by their being reunited.

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1 - “Oh hell no! Not in MY bed!”
27 - “Whenever we’re together, I feel like at home.”


Even after all the sleep deprivation Daryl’s laying awake in your arms, cuddling as close as possible with his head resting where your heart lays. It hurts you so much to see that strong man in this kind of condition.
Broken, even when not completely.
“I’m sorry we can’t go to Alexandria. I know you’re missing Rick and the others.” You mumble in his hair.
For a moment Daryl stays in silence until he tilts the head and his lips finding yours in a short, lovingly kiss.
“Whenever we’re together, I feel like at home.” He responds with a small, weak smile.
But it’s honest like the words he spoke, making you tear up and giving him another kiss.
It soon becomes more as his hands slide under your shirt, stroking and squeezing your skin in a gentle manner. A moan escaping your lips, getting hungrily swallowed by him as he settles between your legs, ready for more. Fingers tangle in his hair, his growing length pressing with need against your crotch as suddenly the door opens. Quickly he jumps aside, covering you under the blanket even when you’re still fully clothed.
“Oh hell no! Not in MY bed!” Jesus yells jokingly before sending you a wink. “Guess you’re not hungry.” …

pairing: Francis x Reader

fandom: reign

request: For Reign, I just want a fluffy Francis x Reader with ballroom dancing and/or Jealous!Francis. Someone to drunk to realize they were hitting on the future Queen? 


Sparkling lights, dancing people and the delicious smell of food was all over the castle. A great victory in battle called for an even greater feast. For once people put their scheming aside and enjoyed themselves. Something that was needed very much around here.

You had been dancing with your friends the whole evening and retreated to the side lines for a bit, exhausted from so much action.
“Would you dance with me?” The mans speech was a bit slurred and you weren’t sure he would actually be able to dance at all the way he was stumbling towards you.  
“Oh…I’m sorry I would rather not.” Declining his offer as friendly as you can, you give him an apologising smile and continue to watch everyone else dance.
“Come on!” He grabs you by the arm rather harshly, trying to pull you towards the dancefloor.

“What is going on here?”
“Y-your majesty?!” The man takes a look at Francis and back at you, his eyes suddenly growing big as if he had just realized who you were, “I-I am so sorry.” He says, letting go of your arm immediately.
As quick as he had approached you, he vanishes back into the ground. He probably hoped to get away as soon as possible. Assaulting the fiancée of a king wasn’t something that was usually ignored. Though you wouldn’t do anything about it, he had obviously been drunk and meant no bigger harm so all was well. Unnecessary punishments weren’t something you wished to see.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Francis asks, concern laced in his voice.
You smile and laugh a little at the face he’s making, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”
“My queen owes me a dance.” He bows down, holds his hand out for you and waits for you to take it, “I came to your rescue, so you can’t refuse.”
“I could never refuse you.” Taking his hand with a bright smile you follow him to the dance floor, all your exhaustion gone with just a look from him.

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

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golden maknae, jungkook, is ready for your questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

[SUMMARY: Negan finally has sex with Lauren after dropping his wives for her. But instead of it being sweet and romantic the way she imagined, he’s a little too rough at first.]


Negan and Lauren.

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Cool Momma.

Chibs imagine

The first time I met Chibs was while he was picking up Abel at the kindergarten. I had my little brother Daniel in one hand and a pile of books in the other yet I tried my best to get his attention as I passed next to him, I thanked my brother on the inside for screaming at Abel goodbye. Gaining the Scottish man’s attention for a few seconds and getting a small smile.

Encounters like that started being the usual since Daniel and Abel were really good friends, and a couple times was Chibs the one picking up Abel from our home instead of Gemma or Tara, the latest invited us to Abel’s fifth birthday party and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about spending time next to the famous outlaw. The party came and I don’t know who was more excited Daniel for being able to spend time running around with his friends or me, we arrived a bit earlier and I helped Tara finish organizing all the things in the backyard, Gemma was carrying Thomas around and Daniel and Abel were playing around the backyard with a soccer ball, while we were finishing up all the last touches the guest started arriving but still no sight of the Scottish man or even one of the Samcro men.

“YN” screamed little Daniel and I looked at him immediately “Abel said I can go ride with him and his dad and uncles. SO COOL” he screamed and ran back to his friend.

“Like hell he’ll be riding on the back of a motorcycle, my mom would kill me” I said and Tara laughed while nodding. Not long after that I heard the familiar sound of the motorcycles arriving and with that the loud yell of Abel wanting to see his dad and Tara running after him while he took off to the entrance.

I heard the men talk to the boy and slowly approach the garden while I picked up my thoughts and try to keep myself together. I was 22 and still acting like a teenager with a crush but I couldn’t help myself, I saw a few moms laugh nervously when the man approached but I keep serving some drinks for a few kids lining up.

“Hey lass” said a thick voice behind me that made me almost drop the bottle in my hands. “Sorry I scared ya” he said and I just laughed nervously.

“Oh no, I’m just clumsy” I said fixing a lose strand of hair behind my ear. After the awkward how are you’s we had a pretty good conversation going on. I looked at the way certain mom’s looked at the Samcro boys and I felt really bad about I, they knew to whose party they were coming after all and people who acted all uptight but were assholes annoyed me.

“Don’t worry about them, it doesn’t affect us. We are used to it and all we want is to spend time with the little man” he said and I looked at him, drifting my eyes from the judgmental mom’s.

“It’s just that….they do the same to us. To me and Daniel”

“Aye, but you are cool momma. Don’t worry” he said and I laughed while he looked at me clueless.

“He’s my baby brother” I said before sipping on my drink “My mom is a single mom and she’s always working that’s why I take care of him most of the time, it’s easier for me since I only go to class a couple times a week. People don’t understand that my mom is only trying to give us a good life and she wants me to finish my education before anything else”

“Lass, your momma is doing an amazing job. Don’t worry about what those ugly women have to say.” I looked at him and smiled, and nodded slowly. We continued talking about different topics and he even offered me a ride on his motorcycle one day, not long after that Jax called all the guys outside. “I gotta go, but let me know when your momma is free so I can take you on that ride alright?” he said with a wink and I just felt my legs like jelly.

“I’ll let you know” I said with a small smile creeping and he just waved me goodbye.

Oh what an adventure was about to start.

Hello, I know they’re kind of short but I just wanted you to see my writing style, I have lots of ideas and I’m up to writing anything you request. My name is Cat <3

Thank you so much for reading.

“Missed Call”

Tig Trager x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Hey baby… I didn’t expect you to answer, that’s okay. I’m believing one day you’ll give me another chance and pick up… No pressure though… I’m just, uh… I’m not calling to make things worse, darlin’, I’m just hoping that with time you’ll change your mind. I was just calling to tell you how much you mean to me. Since you’ve been gone, I’ve realized how much you changed my life. I miss you so much, baby. I know it’s gonna take you a while to believe what I’m saying, and even longer to trust me again, that’s okay too. You don’t have to make your mind up right now, baby. However much time you need to come back to me, take it…. And I just wanted you to know that I’ll never meet another woman like you, I know that, and I know I brought this on myself. So take your time, don’t rush. I love you. I don’t wanna spend my life with anyone but you, baby. Please come back to me.”

You pulled the phone away from your ear, pressing 7 to delete the message left in your mailbox the night before. That was the 10th one in the week since you’d been gone. You clapped shut the burner flip phone. You had taken one of Tig’s many cheap prepaid phones when you left Charming to stay with your best friend for a while.

You sighed as you studied the phone in your hands.

You had left the number with Gemma to reach you if there was an emergency, but you should have known better that Gemma would do anything to help Tig get you back. She continuously told you that you were the best thing that had ever happened to him, but you didn’t know if you could come back now…

Tig had done the one thing he promised he wouldn’t do anymore once you got with him, he got arrested.

You weren’t an idiot. You knew who you were in love with: An outlaw, a biker, a criminal. You were certain he wouldn’t avoid arrest entirely, but the promise was to TRY to stay clear of the police.
If you were honest, you could have lived with it if he had been arrested for something normal.

Of course the topic of discussion was Tig Trager, so his charges were always going to be anything but normal.

Public lewdness…. A charge that got not only himself locked up, but also the croweater he was caught with.

You felt betrayed when he called you from the jail asking if you’d drive 2 hours out to Reno to post his bail, but when you got there and realized what his charges were, you turned around and left without getting him out, stopping by Gemma’s once you made it home with the bail money and your cell phone number.
You told Gemma that her or Clay could post his bail if they wanted to, but you were done.

Gemma, of course, tried to talk you out of it. She told you Tig had made a mistake and you should stick around and talk it out, chew him out, but try to forgive him.

Unfortunately you knew that sticking around wouldn’t get through to Tig… At the very least you needed time away.

What Tig had done may have been excusable to some old ladies, you knew some who let their men run wild. Other old ladies, like Gemma, probably would’ve been pissed, electing to stand their ground and rip their old man a new one when he got home. You understood the theory, he was on a run, after all.
But in the relationship the two of you had, it wasn’t excusable.
You knew you couldn’t stick around to fight with him about it right now.

You needed to get away.

He had to know it wasn’t okay.

He had to feel it with your absence.

And if he didn’t learn his lesson then you’d just stay gone.

He had broken your trust.

You guessed Gemma or Clay had posted his bail because this missed call was from his cell phone. He was right, you had changed his life, but he had changed yours too. You loved him with the entirety of your being, and a part of you knew you’d end up back in Charming eventually, but the other part of you wanted to be strong, stay gone, make him pay for how he humiliated you.

A knock on the front door roused you from your thoughts as you took a sip of your tea and looked across the room to your best friend who shrugged and stood to answer the door. As soon as she opened it you heard him, Alexander Trager, asking if you were here.

You couldn’t believe he drove the 100 miles away from Charming to get to your friend’s place just in the hopes that you’d be here. You hadn’t told anyone where you were going, so there was no way Tig could’ve known for sure this is where you were.

You rolled your eyes, although secretly impressed at his initiative, and stood from your seat as your friend stepped aside letting him walk in the door. He pulled off his sunglasses and stared at you for a moment in awe before you scoffed and walked into the hallway and towards the spare bedroom you were inhabiting. The soft padding of boots on the carpet behind you told you that Tig was following. He stepped into the room just as you sat yourself down on the edge of the bed.

He closed the door, walking to the bedside and getting down on his knees in front of you. From the look on his face, the dark circles under his eyes, you knew he hadn’t slept much, if at all, the last couple days.
“Baby I–”
“Save it, Tig…” you sighed, “I’ve heard it before.”
“Not from me,” he countered.

He was right, you had been cheated and lied to by other men in the past but never Tig. He was always so honest with you, but that just made what he did sting even worse.

“Oh okay so I’m supposed to be okay with it because this was your first fuck up?” you huffed, shaking your head and closing your eyes.
“No, baby. No. I know I messed up and I know I will never deserve you…. But I need you, (Y/N). I’m sorry and I need you.”

His voice cracked when he spoke the last sentence, making you open your eyes again and look up at him. Your sweet man was torn up, you couldn’t bear to see him hurt, not after all he’d been through in life before God brought him to you.

His head was hung, staring at the floor in front of his knees, silent.
“Hey,” you whispered, his head slowly lifting to meet your eyes, “We have some stuff to talk about…” you trailed off, reaching out to touch his cheek. He instinctively leaned into your touch, closing his eyes and placing his hands on your thighs.
“… But I forgive you,” you finished, pulling your hand back to rest on top of his.

“Oh baby,” he shook his head as relief washed over his face and he pushed himself up to his feet, pulling you up with him and into a hug.

“I love you…. Never again, Alex,” You murmured against his chest.

“Agreed. I love you (Y/N),” he spoke softly as he held you tightly, swaying side to side with you gently in the small bedroom, “Let’s go home.”

Meeting The Family

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader (also features the NOLA team circa season 2)

Word Count: 1,540

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I had these two thoughts and I smashed them together in one fic. I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is great and rad as hell!

It was the week of Mardi Gras, which meant partying from dusk until dawn.  LaSalle was ready to party with the people he called his family.  LaSalle knew he would have to either stay at the office, or get a ride home.  That’s where you came in; you would be the designated driver for LaSalle.  Not only that, but this was the perfect opportunity for the agent to introduce you to his family.

LaSalle was by no means drunk, but he was slightly buzzed.  He had a grin on his face as he finished his drink.  He glanced over at you and he couldn’t help but feel a knot in his stomach.  He recognized that look on your face.  Some guy was trying to hit on you, making you uncomfortable.  It made him furious, but it was Mardi Gras, so he would keep his cool the best he could.

“Come on, at least let me buy you a drink,” the strange man offered.  He stunk of booze.  You wished that Chris hadn’t left you to go get a refill.  If only you had gone with him.  

“No thank you,” you declined politely.  “I’m the driver tonight, I can’t have any drinks.”

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Title: Sway With Me (Part 6.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: A familiar face discovers Ike’s secret affair with his student, Sisi.
Word Count: 1,661
Warning: SMUT (oral)!!
Author’s Note: And the big, bad wolf has finally arrived to this story. Enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

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Imagine coming out to Jack as a trans man. 

 “Hey Jack, can I tell you something?” 

 “Sure, what’s up? Everything okay?” 

 “We’ll see I guess. So. Since a while I’ve realized that I’m not a girl. I’ve never really been one. I realized that I’m a boy. I don’t just feel masculine. I feel actually like a boy. Does… does that make sense to you at all?” 

 “Absolutely. You’re not the first transgender person I’ve met. I’m just sorry I called you the wrong things all this time. So he/him pronouns for you, right? Oh and is there a different name you go by?” 

 “Yes, and my name is Y/N. So you’re… cool with it?” 

 “Yes, sir! Why wouldn’t I be? Parts don’t make a man.”

Imagine: helping harry and Electro with getting revenge on spiderman and helping to get the spider venom for harry.

Warning: spoilers from the amazing spiderman 2

(y/m/p): your mutant power (example:speed/healing)

(y/v/n) your villain name


“you don’t have to do this (y/n),something could happen and you could get hurt and I can’t live with myself if anything happened to you” Harry cupped your cheek and kissed you. You smiled and went to change into your suit. You see you were the infamous (y/v/n) well you were but when you found out that harry was back you gave up your life of crime so that harry wouldn’t hate you. When you returned back to the room you see that electro was ready and you smirked and put on your mask “lets get us a spider” you smirked.

harry smirked “ the infamous (y/v/n) who would’ve taught that someone so beautiful hid behind that mask. You smiled and looked to electro “you sure you can manage to take down the alarms and cameras.” You asked electro “it won’t be that hard with all the power I have” “good let’s go”

-at oscorp-

security saw the three of you and ran towards you ready to attack “I assume you got this” harry gestured to you. Smirking you used your powers to take them down then you got into a fighting stance to take down the rest of the security. You flipped over one and kicked his back causing him to fall then you flipped another guard over and shoved the last guard into the first security guard who attempt to get up knocking both. You turned to the two men who stared at you in awe. “What never seen a girl fight before” you chuckled and continued your way to Harry’s office the two following cautiously behind you.

“ you know babe you are one sexy villain” harry whispers to you making you blush at his comment. You hit his chest lightly “ harry Osborn you can flirt later when the jobs done”

chuckling he walks into his office electro and you just behind him. "Harry what are you doing here” the man said shocked to see his former boss back “I want in to special projects” the man walks back slightly as electro and yo step forward ready to strike “so fairy god mother here’s my-” he was interrupted with a no and immeadiatly electro electrocuted him knocking him unconscious “oh sorry not the answer we were looking for” “babe your turn” you smile and skip over to the unconscious old man and kneel smirking. Harry smirks at my eagerness “clear” the man is brough back to consciousness and you wink at the confused scared man before pulling him up and kicking him towards harry. “The grid is all yours,(y/v/n) wait in the lobby for me” you nod and run down to the lobby -

at ravencroft-

you walked into Harry’s cell with Mr fears behind you.“well look who’s here” harry grins and stands to face you “hello babe” “hello harry forgive me for retreating and not coming back for you.” You bow your head your voice full of regret for leaving behind “don’t worry about it have you gotten a he recruits” you nod and fears tells him about the first recruit aka the rino “good leave so I can talk to my girl.

when he’s out of sight harry pins you to the wall kissing you instantly "god I’ve missed this” you say in between kisses “so have I babe” he continues to kiss you until you both need air. You smile at Harry and peck his lips one last time before leaving “don’t worry I’ll break you out soon” you say to him and evil glint in your eyes. He smirks “ I’m counting on it ” and you leave with Fears ready to take on spiderman

__________________________________________ Request are open. I hope you enjoyed this imagine

*Request: Happy imagine where you’re Abel’s nanny and in college and like in a sorority or something where you’re the opposite of happy but y'all fall for each other*

You were sitting on the couch of your boss’s house, trying to study when the little boy you were babysitting called your name. “What’s up sweety?” You said picking him up. “I want chocolate milk.” He said looking at you with his big eyes. “No sir, last time I did that you peed in the bed. Your mom said no liquids before bed.” You said firmly. Abel sighed and said, “Well, can you please sing me a song?” “Yes sweetheart.” You said smiling. You sung him your favorite song him your favorite song, “I’m carrying your love with me, West Virginia down to Tennessee. I’ll be movin’ with the good Lord’s speed, carrying your love with me.” He fell asleep somewhere after the second verse. You pulled the cover over his body and closed the door silently. “You sing pretty good.” You jumped because a man you didn’t know was in the living room. “Who the fuck are you? You said scared. You knew your boss was in a gang of some sort but you didn’t ask questions because the money was great and for a college student any type of money was good. For all you knew about this strange man in the living room, he could’ve been a killer from a rival of some sort.

“I’m Happy, I was sent here by Jax.” He said. The man looked painfully awkward, standing the way he was. “How do I know that for sure?” You said folding your arms. “He said that he sent you a text.” You walked to you phone and saw a message from Jax. “Oh, sorry my phone was on silent.” He nodded his head. “Do you want something to eat? I made some chicken with rice.”  You said trying to show Happy some hospitality. “Sure.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen to make his plate. You gave him his plate and he scarfed that food down like he hadn’t ate in months. Once he was done with that plate you fixed him another, “You didn’t have to make a second plate.” He said grabbing the plate. “Well I did.” You walked to the couch and started to study again. After about 5 minutes, Happy came in the room and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. “Do you mind?” You asked. He turned off the TV and laid there. “What you studying for?” He asked. “You closed the book, “ I was studying for my test over the play Macbeth.” “That play by William Shakespeare? Where, that duke or some shit kills the king with his wife?” He said and you were shocked. “What? You think I’m stupid right?” He said. “No, but not that many people are into plays, let alone remember them” You said. “Well I’m not them.” “Clearly.” You said.


You sat in your room and talked to your roommate. “Tiffany, he knew so much and helped me study with my test. We talked about so much and about his life and how he ended up in Charming. Happy was so fascinating.” You said in a daze. “Y/N aren’t you forgetting that he is fire and you are ice. They don’t mix sugar.” Tiffany said snapping you out of your daze. “I know we don’t mix okay, I just am happy to find someone different than the boys on campus or in the frats..” You said. “Girl what would your daddy say about that? Get the fantasy out of your head and get ready.” She said. With that you got up and started to curl your hair. You walked into the frat party with Tiffany and two other girlfriends. “Hey Y/N.” Your old boyfriend Justin said grabbing you. “Look, not tonight alright?” You said. “I just want one dance beautiful.” “We are done so dancing for us r even talking. Go dance with Chelsea. You know, the girl you fucked while being in a relationship with me?” You said with a smirk. “If I can’t have you, nobody at this party can have you.” He said to you. “Get the fuck Justin.” You said walking away from him. You checked your phone while walking to the restroom and noticed that you had 3 missed calls from Tara, Jax’s wife. “Hey Tara, what’s up?” You asked. “I’m sorry to bother you on your day off. Could you come over? I have to go help Jax out with one of his wounded friends.” She said sounding worried. “sure thing, I’ll be there in 20 minutes. 

You knocked on the door, which Happy opened. “Where’s Tara?” “She left, and I’m staying here with you and the kid tonight.” He said letting me in. “Aren’t you like the club’s pitbull?” He laughed at that comment. You had never seen his teeth, you liked it. “Well, you have a pretty smile you should smile more.” You said avoiding eye contact with him. “Thanks, so where you coming from?” He said eyeing you up and down. “I was at a party before I came and didn’t have time to change. I just got some clothes and came straight here.” You said. “Well, there sleep. We can watch a movie if you want?” He asked. “Yeah, let me change.” You said walking into the restroom… The two of you were watching “Queen of the Damned” n two separate couches. Every now and then you would glance at Happy but he was too focused on the movie to notice you. You were falling asleep but trying to fight it. Happy got up and pulled the blanket over you causing you to wake up, “I’m up, I’m up.” You said. He laughed and walked back over to his couch. “So, I talked about me. How did you ended up in California.” He asked. “I didn’t wanna be in Louisiana anymore so I decided to come to school out here…” You said which started an all night conversation. The two of you started playing cards and fell asleep on the floor.


You woke up to find Tara walking to the kitchen and Happy gone. “Sorry, did I wake you?” She said. “What time is it?” You asked. “Almost 10.” “Shit! I got an exam at 11. Do you need me later? I can come after my exam.” You said running tot he door. “Yeah, please. Go go! Come after your exam.” She said watching you leave… You raced to campus and barely made it to your exam, which you finished very quickly. Before you went back to Jax’s house, you went to your dorm room. You were done packing and made your way to your car. Tiffany stopped you dead in your tracks. “He’s here!” She said out of breath. “Who?!” You said confused. “Happy!” She said and you ran out the dorms. “How do I look?” You asked Tiffany. “Honestly, like shit.” She said laughing and you gave her a “Fuck you” face. “You walked up to Happy and saw him holding your book. “Does this belong to you?” He asked and you smiled like an idiot. “I was on my way to Tara’s house, you could’ve gave it to her.” “Maybe I wanted to see you.” He said with a sweet tone but a stern face. “You know you can smile with me.” You said looking him in the eye. He opened his mouth to respond but your ex Justin walked up. “Who the hell is this Y/N?” “Look man, back the fuck away or I will pepper spray your ass.” You said holding up your pepper spray bottle.He grabbed you and you pushed him Happy quickly moved you out the way and punched Justin in the gut then in the face.

“Oh shit.” You said smiling. “You wanna go out to eat with me?” Happy asked. “After you just defended my honor? You bet your ass I will, but only if you smile.” You said thinking you were fucked. He stood there for a moment and then he smiled. “When we gonna go out to eat beautiful?” He said. “Beautiful? I look so bad right now.” You said shyly, “Y/N, this is the most beautiful I’ve seen you. I don’t want you to change a thing.” He said seriously. “Who knew you were such a sweetheart Mr. Lowman?” You said smiling. “My mom.” With that comment the two of you busted out laughing. “Well, she was right and she raised a great man.” You said. “He put his arm around you neck and started walking, “Yeah yeah, lets go eat. Or you can make me food.”  He said. “Sure, and then I bake you brownies.” You said. “Sounds like a plan Y/N.” He said smiling.

Scenario: You are a famous twenty-two year old socialite, and you are sixteen years younger than the ever-so-handsome Chris Evans, who you have been secretly dating for four months. You are both at a charity gala hosted by your grandmother when you run into your ex-boyfriend and fellow socialite Nick; the man everyone said you were meant to end up with. You called for a break after you felt like your crippling depression was ruining Nick’s life, and fell for Chris during your recovery period where he did everything he could to help you. Knowing your history with Nick, Chris is insecure about his relationship with you believing that you’ll leave him when you’re ready to get back together with Nick because he’s nothing but a distraction. He starts to act out when he sees you with Sebastian Stan, who frequently flirts with you but is basically like a brother to you. Whoa, that was long. Sorry, it’s cause I pulled out of one of my stories. It’s basically just a fluffy piece to make you smile. :D

*Chris’ POV*

I left the after party without Y/N even though I was her ride and place to stay for the night, and drove back to my house, pissed and on the verge of breaking down in tears. I knew my reaction wasn’t mature, manly, or tough, but I couldn’t seem to react any other way. The second I saw Sebastian with his arms around her, I lost it; it was so bad that even Anthony’s cool and calm demeanor did nothing for me.

“Fuck!“ I punched the steering wheel and my knuckles throbbed with pain.

My phone rang in my pocket and I saw Y/N’s name pop up on my dashboard. I ignored the call via the Bluetooth remote on my steering wheel, allowing whatever excuse she was going to give me to go straight to voicemail.

The garage door opened and I drove in; I parked my car then walked under the closing garage door and headed for the front door. I fiddled with my keys and flinched when I looked up and spotted Y/N sitting on the stairs leading to my porch.

"Really?” She looked about as pissed as I felt. “Are you that fucking insecure that you can’t even handle me hugging him?” She bit angrily as she rose to her feet. “God, Chris-” she groaned in an aggravated tone. “What kind of a person do you think I am?” She frowned when I made no response. “Do you wake up each morning thinking ‘she’s going to leave me today’?” She asked in a mocking tone.

“Yeah,” I admitted sheepishly and I saw her face both soften and drop. “Each and every morning,” I affirmed her mocking suspicion and tears welled in her eyes. “I don’t think I have you, Y/N.” I told her, shuffling uncomfortably from foot to foot. “I feel like I’m just a distraction that you’ll decide to snap out of one day.”

“Chris,” she sighed and walked towards me, snaking her arms around me and resting her head on my chest. “I’m sorry if I made you feel like that, I never intended it.” I managed a small smile as I hugged her back. “I’m with you because I fell in-love with you,” she looked up at me, “that is as simple as our situation is. You don’t have anything to worry about because I am one hundred percent yours,” she promised.

“Can I ask what that hug with Sebastian was about without you getting mad and sweary?”

“I wasn’t mad and sweary on the drive over, then you ignored my call and I got really mad and sweary.” She chuckled softly as she pulled away from me. “Yes, I can tell you what it was about but you can’t get mad or sweary at me. Can we please go inside? It’s really cold out here.”

“When have I ever been mad and sweary at you?” I chuckled, following her up the stairs and to my door. “Even when you have been incredibly aggravating,” I pulled out the keys and unlocked my front door, “I have kept my cool.”

“Yeah, right,” she laughed and walked into my house; I followed, closing and locking the door behind me. “I have evidence of you getting mad and sweary on my phone. Do you want me to show you? It’s not very pretty,” she warned in a teasing tone, kicking off her heels as I kicked off my shoes.

“I don’t believe you but I don’t want to be wrong so no thanks,” I told her and she laughed. “But I promise, I won’t get mad or sweary at you. I’ll be the perfect gentleman,” I assured her then added as I bit back a smile, “as long as your reason is valid.”

“Is wanting to smell his cologne as valid reason?” She asked, feigning innocence as she purposely provoked me. “Of course it’s going to be a valid reason, you jerk-face.” She bit in a playful yet aggressive tone and I stifled a chuckle. “I wouldn’t do that to you, you know that.”

“I know but-” I pouted and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards me. “I can’t help myself with you, Y/N,” I sighed dramatically and she chuckled with a shake of her head. “You bring out my paranoid and protective side.”

“You’re so full of it,” she rolled her eyes.

“Tell me your story and we’ll see if you’re full of it too,” I teased.

“Fine,” she wrapped her arms around my neck. “Don’t flip out when I say his name but Nick’s the reason I ran to Sebastian.” She began explaining and I felt my stomach flip at the mention of her ex-boyfriend. “He’s in town for the gala because apparently my grandmother wouldn’t stop bugging him about it, God knows how true that is.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway, he’d been avoiding me which I was fine with because- we all know I spiral after seeing him.” I nodded with pursed lips. “But thanks to Granddad, I was caught in a situation where we had to talk.”

“Oh,” was all I said.

“Basically, I ended things for good with Nick.” She said and I felt my heart leap. “And-” she sighed, “it got a little emotional and Sebastian was the first person I saw that understood my complicated relationship with him. I would’ve gone to you but-” she sighed again, “everyone already thinks we’re dating and that would’ve confirmed their theory. Plus-” she pressed her lips together, “I didn’t exactly want to cry to you about another man. I’m sorry,” she mumbled sheepishly.

“No,” I cooed and hugged her tightly, pressing a kiss into her hair. “I’m sorry, I should have trusted you a little more. Oh baby,” I pulled back so I could look at her and smiled when she looked up at me. “I’m so sorry, I feel like such an idiot.”

“You look like one too,” she poked me in the cheek and drew a smile from me. “I can’t believe you left me there when I’m meant to be staying with you tonight. All my stuff is here!” She cried, trying not to laugh. “How did you expect me to brush my teeth when my toothbrush is here?” She asked, and I laughed and shrugged. “That was a dick move, Captain.”

“Whoa, language.”

“Fuck you,” she laughed as she untangled her arms from my neck and shoved me back.

“Hey,” I followed after her as she headed for the kitchen, “if that is you really want to do,” I teased in a seductive and playful tone. “It can be arranged!” I grabbed her and tossed her over my shoulder, making her shriek with laughter.

“Chris!” She laughed and clung onto my waist. “Put me down!”

“Captain America doesn’t take orders from corrupted S.H.I.E.L.D agents,” I told her in my character’s voice and she laughed harder. “We’re going upstairs right now,” I continued with Steve Roger’s persona and carried her upstairs. “To punish you for going rouge with The Winter Soldier.”

“You’re such a dork,” she giggled.

“I know,” I chuckled and returned to my Chris Evans self. “But I’m a cute dork so it evens out,” I told her and pulled her back over my shoulder, holding her tightly by her waist as she wrapped her legs around mine. “Forget Peggy Carter,” I whispered when she snaked her arms around my neck and pressed her forehead against mine. “You’re my best girl.”

“I love you,” she smiled.

“I love you too,” I told her then kissed her.


Based on request by anonymous: can you do a Justin Bieber oneshot where he’s your clingy best friend and comes into your class because you won’t answer your phone? 

 Warnings: nothing, mild language I guess.

 *I don’t own this gif*


 It was your favourite time of the week. Not. Every Monday the whole grade would file into the auditorium, every row would be filled and we would be lectured for an hour and 5 seconds (the bell rings 5 seconds late, you counted) on ‘stranger danger’, safe sex, party safety, basically trying to scare the shit out of us so we would do nothing remotely fun. What a way to make Monday’s more fun. You were sitting on the end of one of the rows mindlessly tracing patterns on the bench with your finger trying to tune out all the annoying chatter from your classmates. You glance around and watch people saving seats for their friends, people beckoning their mates over so they can sit next to each other. You’ve never had that. Had the joy and relief of seeing your friend walk in, or the feeling of importance when a friend saves a seat for you. The reality was you had no friends at this school, your parents moved around a lot, you were born in Canada, then moved to Tokyo then Australia then France then Canada again and now L.A. Your parents were worried, you’d been in L.A for over 4 months now and still hadn’t even mentioned another person your age. You didn’t mind, you were used to being alone, used to being invisible. It had its perks, like right now. The popular girls were sitting right next to you and didn’t even seem to notice you casually listening in on their conversation. “Oh my god look at this photo he just posted I’m about to pass out.” One of the girls gasps. “Who?” One of the others chimes in. “Justin Bieber! Look!” The girl says shoving her phone into the girl sitting next to you’s face. You subtly glanced at the photo and slightly rolled your eyes, him and his damn selfies. Of course he posted the one I said not to post, you thought to yourself. “Oh my god yes doesn’t he have like a new album coming out? I’m so gonna die when I hear it!” One says. I smirk slightly, they have no idea I was the first person other than him to hear it. As they continued to talk about him the teacher walks in and quietens everyone. As he begins speaking you feel your phone vibrate against your leg. You slide it out of your pocket and check causing you to roll your eyes. Speak of the devil. Jbean: *yn* I miss youuuuuu *yn*: don’t you have better things to do than text me? I’m in class right now. >:( Jbean: no I wanna talk to you now :( I miss my bestfriend <3 You roll your eyes. *yn*: so needy child so needy, but seriously I need to focus! Jbean: can’t you just ditch? I thought you being in L.A now meant we could see eachother more!! *yn*: well unfortunately we all can’t drop out and make millions just by being a pretty boy with a good voice. Jbean: Ha. Ha. You smile to yourself before locking your phone and trying to refocus on school until your phone buzzes. Again. Jbean: why was I cursed with my best friend being born 3 years after me? *yn*: I don’t know, just shut up and go take selfies or something!! Jbean: Maybe I should come visit you in school? *yn*: If you did I would kill you, I’m putting my phone away now. You hit send and shove your phone back in your pocket. All was silent for a grand total of 2 minutes before your phone buzzed again. You ignore it and continue to listen to the teacher. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I grip my pen tightly as it keeps buzzing as people around start staring at me weirdly. I sigh in annoyance grabbing my phone and checking all his annoying “where are you texts?” To angry to respond I just turn my phone off and continue with listening. About 20 minutes into the lecture I can hear murmurs from around me. “Can I help you?” The teacher says as he stares up at someone from behind me. “Uh yeah sorry I was just wanting to sit in on this class?” Oh my god no. I freeze when I hear that voice. Oh no no no please no. I slowly turn around to see Justin standing there. “Do you go to this school young man?” The teacher asks. Bless Mr Joseph, he’s so old he has no idea who this is. “Uh yeah…” Justin trails off. “Well take a seat I’ve already begun.” He says before beginning to drone on again about making safe choices at parties. The buzz continues as I watch Justin scan the room for me. I turn around before he gets to look at me but a minute later I can sense him standing above me. “Well move over.” He smirks. I roll my eyes moving along the bench as he slides in next to me. “I really hate you.” I sigh as I try to listen and take notes sensing the girls glaring at me, I think one just fainted. “You love me.” He smirks. “Do you know how hard it’s gonna be for me to go to school now? I’m gonna be pestered constantly.” I groan looking at him and he shrugs. “You didn’t answer your phone?” He says cheekily. Ugh god why does he have to be so cute? “Your an ass.” I say. “Have you ever considered that maybe I wanted to learn about being safe at parties? God *yn*, you tryna stop me from being educated?” He says shaking his head at me. I just shake my head and try to ignore the stares from all my classmates. For the rest of the lesson Justin was annoying me, poking me, writing on my paper, going through my bag, everything. A few minutes before the bell goes I shove my stuff in my bag so I can get out first. “Well that was fun.” He grins. “I’m gonna go and beat the crowd, I’ll see you tonight, I loove you best friend!” He grins opening his arms for a hug. You sigh but can’t help the smile that forms at your bestfriend. “I love you to, but my choice of movie tonight!” I say. “Deal, now hug me!” He exclaims and you smile and hug him tightly. He ducks out of the room before Mr Joseph notices. As the bell goes I grab my stuff and head out ignoring all the whispers around me. I guess I was no longer invisible.

Imagine driving away from the family christmas with your car. Sobbing you are sitting behind the wheel, thinking of all the things you had to listen to. Well, listining wasn’t really the worst part. What you hate the most is that nearly no one is willing to be interested in your life. Sure they all are asking your brothers and your father, but you? Nah, not so much. And just when getting the fastes you can with your car on the freeway it makes strange noises and gets slower and slower. Suddenly you notice the black smoke behind you. “Fucking shit!”, you shout and drive on the side, turning off your car. “Why are you doing this to me, shitty car?!”, you hit the wheel and get out to open the hood to check if you would be able to find the problem. So you stand there, red eyes and nose from crying in your best dress since you ran away from the party halfway through with the words “I have the feeling my cat is sick, sorry!”. “Miss, can I help you?”, banned from your own misery you didn’t notice the man who parked his car right behind you. He is kinda handsome with his cheekbones and oceanblue eyes. “Hi! Well, I don’t know! Are you able to prepare my car and give me a better family?” “With the car I might help but the other thing not so much! Even though I might know someone who would kill them and might even be able to replace them if you are interested…!”, with this word he looks into your car. You laugh “Not that of a bad idea!” “Why?” “Well… they just aren’t nice!” “Oh, I see! Misunderstood little girl, right? Nobody understands you, they all are asking too much about your life, like how university is, if you have a boyfriend yet…”, he sounds ironic! “HA! I wish! I seem to be the black sheep in the family!”, sobbing you turn away from the man who just now looks up from the hood. “Sorry, I am bad with people!”, awkwardly he wanders towards you and lays his hand onto your head and pets it softly “There there! I can’t think of someone to call such a humorous, nice and gorgeous human being as you a black sheep!” “Yea, I am worse! I am a woman! Only thing interesting is if I lost weight, got a new dress and what I did to my hair!” angrily you stare him dead in the eyes as you lose yourself in them. “Sherlock! My name is Sherlock!”, the man suddenly stumbles unasked. “And since your car won’t drive without a new motor I would like to take you out on a coffee! What do you think?”