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He didn't have a health bar...

(Context- I went off to explore a recently cleared cave while everyone else looted and took a short rest, and decided to ignore literally everything I saw because I thought the DM wasn’t paying attention)

DM: Oh and by the way your Fighter sees a man bound and gagged laying on the cave floor. 

Everyone else: Why didn’t you tell us?

Fighter: I didn’t think it was important to mention so I just walked away

DM: How did you think he wasn’t important?

Fighter (OOC): He didn’t have a health bar 

The Wedding Planner (Part 5)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Word Count: 1,302.

A/N: Finally a new part! Sorry this took a while to post, went through a slight hiatus but not anymore. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Planner Masterlist

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I work in a small restaurant. Besides myself, the only other server is a trans girl (P) who is always nice and gives good service. Last week we had a lady come in for dinner As soon as P went to hand them menus and water this woman starts screaming 'oh god, it's a tr*nny! How dare this MAN think he can just come over here!' Etc. P just started to cry and I brought her out back while the cook told this woman to leave or he'll call the cops. It took forever to calm P down but she was so brave

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If you don't have too many requests yet, how about Dirk in B7 :-) ? I can't wait to see your art!

Hey there!

Sorry for the wait, but here you go! You were actually the first one to make a request, so decided to give you something a bit more than the usual rough sketch/outline that I typically do.

Hope you enjoy, fam! ^^-

Every Word- University! Dan Howell x Reader

Wow, so first of all I AM VERY SORRY. Especially to the sweet anon that requested this. This took way too long and I am sorry. I spent a while in the hospital, found out I have spherocytosis, and got my gall bladder removed. This means LOTS of makeup work. Yeah lmao I’ll stop whining now. Anyway, here it is! Enjoy! (●´ω`●)

Request: hey! i was wondering if you could do this prompt? Dan used to pick on the reader in middle school and then they went to separate high schools but now she is in the same college as Dan and she became hot as hell and really popular

Yes! I can certainly try you sweet, patient anon!


The older you got the more you realized confidence is hot as hell. When you were younger you were teased for how you dressed and for being one of the only girls in middle school who didn’t wear makeup. But, come to find out, the most attractive thing people found in each other was confidence, the self love and trust to strut into a room and act like you own the place.

So, that’s just what you did, walking into your first day working in the campus coffee shop. And although the way you carried yourself made you feel sexy as fuck, you had become the queen of makeup and halfway through high school your boobs had finally come in. Just to reiterate, you were a goddess.

Your new boss greeted you, told you a bit more about the campus, and you began; how exciting! Well, not really. Few students trickled in, and you had started to entertain yourself by sitting behind the counter and decorating a binder. You got off in about an hour and would have an hour to be in your first class of the day. You heard the entrance open, but didn’t bother looking up. “Welcome.”

You heard him yelling something, but it certainly wasn’t at you. You looked up, and the stranger was yelling something out the door, presumably to a friend outside, and his back was turned to you. Cute hair, tall, cute bum. Oh, without even seeing his face you could tell he was fine. Suddenly he turned around, catching you looking at his bum, and when you looked up at his eyes you could not believe who it was you were checking out.

Dan Howell.

He chuckled and you looked back down at your binder. Your middle school bully who you were certain you would never see again just caught you checking out his ass. Splendid. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice who you were?

He approached the counter and you willed yourself to stand and look at him. “Good morning Dan-” SHIT.

He looked a bit taken back but somewhat amused, “Um, what?”

“I said good morning, how can I help you?”

He studied your eyes, causing you to blush a little, then the realization washed over his face. “Oh shit, Y/N is that you? Y/N Y/L/N?”

You groaned, “How could you tell?”

He laughed, “Well you certainly look a hell of a lot different, but your eyes are the same. And that dorky necklace.”

Were you flattered? Offended? Both? “Well, I’m not the same girl you knew back then so don’t pretend you still know me, and I don’t intend on you coming to know me again. How can I help you?”

“Where did you go? I remember my parents telling me you had moved out of the neighborhood.”

“Where I moved is none of your business. How can I help you?”

“Why are you being so defensive?”

The built up emotion within you finally met the surface. “Do you remember anything about growing up? How much you teased me? How you said I was ugly for wearing my hair up and not wearing makeup and how my teeth were gross and how I looked like I dressed myself in the dark and how you felt bad for the guy who’d end up dancing with me at school functions?”

Dan was very taken back and took a second to collect his thoughts, then spoke in a whisper, “You remember exactly what I said? Everything?”

Your gaze shifted from his face to the floor as you quoted him, word for word. “You are the ugliest girl at this school and you will never, ever, have friends if your face remains an instant repellent.”

He looked down at his own feet, and back up at you. “Y/N.” You looked up and were instantly immersed in the sincerity in his eyes. “I’m very sorry for what I said as a kid. I didn’t mean a single word of it. If anything, you were the prettiest girl I knew. When we were friends before I admired how creative and productive and funny you were. I guess I really, really liked you Y/N.”

You blushed a little then gave a smirk, “Just so you know, I have lots of friends, not because I wear makeup but because of who I am. A face doesn’t define who you are, the inside does.”

He gave the prettiest chuckle you had ever heard. “You’re right, I guess I didn’t know that back then.”

“So what do you want? You’re kinda at my place of work and I am assuming before this chat you were wandering in for a coffee.”

“Tell me about your friends.”

You snickered. “I’m friends with everyone, can you believe it? The people love me. How can I help you?”

He laughed. “I was hoping you’d forgive me for what I did back then, and I’d love to become friends again.”

“Forgiven. But you still haven’t ordered anything Daniel.”

“You have got lots of friends now Y/N, but what I want to know is do you have a boyfriend?”

Smile to smile, both of you very genuine. "What do you want Dan?”

“Have a coffee with me?”

sis: so its set in 1899 new york um so like there’s these boys right and they’re all like poor orphans and runaways and so like there’s this one guy, jack kelly, right? and he’s like mr. art man and a cowboy also the leader of the boys. okay so these newsies circulate The World newspaper which is owned by PULITZER! and so-wait i’m gonna go to the bathroom. okay i’m back. where was i? oh yeah! but one day he’s like no! we’re gonna raise the price and then all those boys are like “……no fair….” and then this new kid, davey (he’s smart and stuff and he has a brother named les) he’s like “haha what if we strike” and then um jack, that boy, is like “THATS A GREAT IDEA” and then davey’s like “what no…i was KIDDING” and jacks like “well! we’re doing it.” and so they do it. and then they like dance their way onto the front page. OH WAIT so there’s a girl named katherine and she’s like “i’ll write about it” and they’re all like “but ur a girl” and she’s all like “mhm??” and then she works with them. also there’s this boy named crutchie and he has a crutch and i love him.
me: its a story of family, friends and victory.

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For the sentence fic: "How do we tell Bruce that our little sister just decked a dude in the face?"

“Well Todd, I expect you to figure it out because you were supposed to watch y/n while I got food and you played a video game instead, so you have to deal with that.”

“Oh fuck off demon spawn, a man took her and she decked him, I’m proud of her, besides, he doesn’t need to know.”

“ ‘He doesn’t need to know’, what?”

“BRUCE, you scared me. I said you didn’t need to know what I was getting you for Christmas next year.”

“Sure you did Jason, and that explains why y/n has a bruised knuckle and a giant smirk on her face.”


@avengerdragoness @memento-scribet @solis200213 @batlog @cheyennethefangirl

travis has been so good this fight tho i;m cryin here are some good grog bits:

  • scanlan casting anti-gravity while grog was in the area of effect and everyone just being like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he’s the tank he’ll be fine
  • grog plummeting to earth when the spell ended, and everyone’s disbelief and jealousy when big strong goliath boy only took 20 points of damage
  • travis: my health is so low! i’m in the double digits!
  • laura: oh that must be so terrible for you
  • grog absolutely annihilating the goliath lady and then adding insult to injury by saying “man, doesn’t it suck when you don’t even get one hit in a fight?”
  • grog rage-climbing out of the pit

“I dig till my shovel tells a secret,
swear to the earth that I will keep it,
brush off the dirt,
and let my change of heart occur…”

for @sawadoot‘s graverobber au!

this was supposed to be part two for the khr collab exchange, but i ended up taking like 2 months to finish it lmao

just a note, this is only up to the end of chapter 6 (not including the prelude), because that was how many chapters were out when i was drafting it

(there’s also a bunch of inaccuracies bc i misread a couple of scenes but shHH)

so there you have it, a small 20 year old with a rapunzel worthy braid who fights with a shovel

what more could you ask for

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Oh my god?????? I'm so sorry about your car but that's literally so wild,,,, Twice??

havingbeenbreathedout: oh man :-( :-(

ashleyketchumall: oh no! wasn’t your car just broken into a little while ago? what do they expect u to have in there piles of money???

mmarycontrary: =(  the cost of the window is annoyingly high

ajournalofimpossiblethings: Shit! I’m sorry, D :(

viiranen: sorry to hear that man

schwifty-rick: Wtf is that a common thing that your car gets broken into? Shit .-.

kazemizuki: :(

forgivemebutimustsin: Oh noooo ): 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

diogonen: ach damn! im sorry this happened to u!

thank u guys for the support. i just realized i had been carrying my passport in the one bag they took when they broke in (everything else is fine), so i’m lowkey freaking the fuck out right now and kind of considering booby-trapping my car tonight kevin mccallister-style.  so i needed this <3 love you babies

Well, watched The Day Naruto Became Hokage in English Dub and… It was OK. To be honest I prefer the Japanese voice over this. 

Just a few complaints:

  • Maile Flanagan’s voice as Naruto - Though she did a good job in Shippuden, The Last and even in the Boruto movie, in this special when Naruto tries to tell his children to get going, he just sounds like an old man that took in too much helium. Oh and don’t get me started on the part when Konohamaru transformed into Naruto and the moment he speaks, it felt so cringe-y!
  • Changed a few of Sarada’s lines like in the sub version she wondered where is the Hokage but in the dubbed she just doesn’t care about all that hokage stuff like ‘WHA–?’. I know it takes place before chapter 700 and Gaiden but seriously I don’t get it
  • Himawari trying to look for her brother and the way she speaks in the end while being scary felt like no emotion was put into it compared to the original.

Apart from the complaints, there were some good things:

  • At least Himawari’s voice in dub sounds cute
  • I like Chouchou’s voice in English but I wonder who voiced her? She sounds like Ino in English dub
  • Once again, Stephanie Sheh does a good job as Hinata.

“Oh man, let me tell you, the last few months have been wild. So like, my momma opened up a new cafe and basically begged me to go run as manager until she found someone. Which took like three months mind you, and I never want to be a manager of something ever again,” It was more than that, they knew, but while Temple liked the work, they liked free time also. But it was all said and done, and they moved back to Lanford. Again. For the last time. Hopefully. “Anyways. I kinda wished it would have happened in summer that I could have been back in LA and not the dead of winter but I guess it still wasn’t bad. Surprise though.”

Oh man, took me a while to finish this one, but it is finisheeed! Here’s Vivi’s official (more or less) Pokémon team! mysterybensmysteryblog gave me everyone’s teams a while back after I drew Lewis’s Pokémon team and I plan on drawing all of them! I-it’s gonna take a while, but it’s still doable!

So enjoy, pals. UvU/ I am super proud of how this turned out.

Yes (Lafayette x reader)

Sorry this took so long for me to write…!!  Anyway, enjoy!

It was another day in your bookstore.  All was quiet, and, if you were honest, you were quiet bored.

You were wishing for something interesting to happen when the bell above the door chimed, signaling the entrance of a new, potential customer.  A man with a ponytail full of curls walked in and you couldn’t help but think ‘Damn!’

He was cute.  Very cute.

He wandered the bookstore for a while until he finally noticed you, sitting lonely at the checkout desk, staring.

‘Oh, bonjour–I mean, hello!  My name is Lafayette.  Is this your… oh, how you say–bookstore?’  He spoke with a thick French accent.  Despite your fluency in French, his accent was so cute you responded in English–you just had to hear more.

‘Yes!  My name is Y/N.  Is there any specific book you were looking for?’  You flashed him a bright smile.

‘Oh, uh…’ Lafayette fumbled, and it was enough to make you smile.

‘Never mind–here, I’ll show you some of my favorites.  What’s your opinion on wizards?’

You spent the next 30 minutes leading Lafayette around every section of your little bookstore.  At the end, Lafayette had eagerly bought 5 books–Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

You’d kept the books deliberately Young Adult (Harry Potter, you thought, was for all ages) so they would read easily and have something substantial enough to chew on.

(You also deliberately chose series’ so Lafayette would have to come back again–not that you’d ever admit it, of course.)

You handed Lafayette a paper bag filled with his purchases, and gave him a big smile.

‘Come back soon!’

He blushed and murmured, ‘Tu es trop jolie pour moi de ne pas.’

You’re too pretty for me not to.  Somehow, you managed to control your blush.  This would be fun.

Over the next few weeks, Lafayette visited daily to read in piece.  Every now and again, he’d whisper something new in French.

Merde, elle est merveilleuse.

(Shit, she’s wonderful.)

Je l'aime sourire.

(I love her smile.)

Et son rire.

(And her laugh.)

Elle est si belle.

(She’s so beautiful.)

These little phrases kept you up at night.

The door creaked as Lafayette walked in.  His eyes sought out yours and, when they made contact, he smiled.

‘Bonjour, mon cheri!’

Despite relishing in your secret bilingual status, you finally decided this had been going on too long.

You returned his grin in kind, and said, ‘You and your French… you know I can hear you when you murmur, right?’

‘I will buy you a French… how you say–dictionary, one day.’

You waved the suggestion away with your hand.

‘There’s no need for that!’  You then paused, and let a sly grin sneak upon your face; ‘In fact…’

As you continued to let the silence ring, Lafayette began to look nervous.  Slowly, you walked closer to the Frenchman.

‘… I speak French.’

Quicker than you could say Merde, a blush raced across Lafayette’s cheeks.

‘So… vous avez entendu tout ce que je dis?’

So… you heard everything I said?

You nodded your head; ‘Oui.’  Yes.

Lafayette moved a little closer.

‘Puis-je t'embrasser?’

Can I kiss you?

You moved a little closer; ‘Oui.’  Yes.

Finally, he lowered his lips to meet yours and it felt like coming home.  You’d waited for the right moment and now was perfect–you could smell his shampoo as he wrapped his arms around your waist.  You could feel his smile through the kiss.

Eventually, you had to pull away for air.  There was a dreamy, far-away look in Lafayette’s eyes.

‘Hey, Lafayette–do you want to get some coffee?’

It took a moment for the Frenchman to process your words, but, after a pause, you were rewarded with a smile.

‘Oui.’  Yes.

I just finished reading Crooked Kingdom and oh man- that hit me hard in the feels… 

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My only problem is that there’s only two books- whyyyyy! I admit, I liked this a little better than Six of Crows (I still liked Six of Crows, but for me it took me a while to get into the first book). And then it ends right when I started getting hardcore into it like… aww okay *cries* lol.

*now it will contain spoilers- so beware!*

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I wore such a comfy outfit (I value comfort so highly oh man it’s the greatest).
We cracked & had takeaway after binge watching the originals, I’m so close to finishing season 3 I’m panicking as to what I’m going to do while I’m waiting for season 4, & we smoked & spent the later hours giggling with each other like in first year ❤.
Also how funny that I slept like a corpse & my plaits developed a kink from the angle of my head on the pillow all night 😂 (I didn’t keep it this way, took it out and let it poof).

One coursework took us 6 hours today. It was so painful. Our lecturer has assumed we ALL know quantum mechanics from an optional first term module that quite a fair number of us have never seen before?! You can’t make us sit a compulsory module based off of one not everyone in the room has studied?! I’m already at a disadvantage in that I’m a pretty slow learner in comparison to most people on my course, but this is terrifying! I’m so scared I’m going to screw up my exams 😥 they’re so important &I have very little idea how to cope with so much pressure.

Oh man, this submission has been sitting in my inbox literally for months, just because it took me so long for that goddamn naruto sue… even worse, I actually do have a lot to say about this one here! But is it even worth it after all this time? Well, I thought hard about this and my little brother even pointed a few things out to me since he watched more episodes of Miraculous Ladybug. So let’s get right into it!

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I actually came up the sketch a while ago but I somehow forgot about it, luckily I remembered about it . I pretty much just wanted to draw Osana’s hair (I love her overall design) flaying about in water. Oh man studying the anatomy took me so much time XD.

I think I’m getting the hang of these line art and colouring drawing, I wish to practise to see if I can draw faster with this method.