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Imagine Dean slowly falling in love with you

Word count: 1094

Request by: @di-the-whovian-potterhead

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Sexual references I guess

A/N: It’s kinda different from what I usually write so sorry if you dont like it <3

“I still remember the day that we first met. You were a complete Jerk,” You said leaning closer into your boyfriend’s chest causing him to chuckle.

Chatter filled the crowded bar as you pushed your way past people in order to buy you and your friends the next round of drinks. You signalled the bartender, telling him your order before turning and looking around the room, your fingers tapped the bar as you waited patiently for your drinks.

Your friends had decided to take you out to cheer you up as you had just come out of a long relationship due to you walking in on your partner cheating on you.

Once your order was finally ready, you thanked the bartender and grabbed the large tray of drinks. Walking back to the table, your mind drifted off to your now ex-boyfriend, sure you would miss him, but how could he do that to you? Tears threatened to overflow your eyes when suddenly, the tray in your hand was pushed and the drinks had covered your body.

You looked up in shock and anger to see a man with gorgeous green eyes wearing a plaid shirt. You had to admit, he was extremely handsome but at this point you were more mad at the fact he had rudely pushed into you and still hadn’t apologised.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked with a joking but serious tone in your voice, “Watch where you’re going jerk.”

He blankly looked at you up and down before speaking.

“Oh I’m sorry, did Daddy’s little princess get her expensive designer shirt all sticky and wet?” Sarcasm laced his voice.

Wow, I didn’t think that it was possible to be that big of an arrogant dick.”

“Arrogant, no, big, yes.” He gave you a mocking smile before turning away still not even apologising.

You scoffed before walking back to the table your friends were on.

“You will not believe what just happened!”

“Yeah, I was a complete asshole,” he spoke, one hand resting around your waist and the other running through your hair, “but you definitely put me in my place when you rescued me and Sammy from them vampires. I guess you always have been the dominant kind,” he joked causing you to laugh pushing him away from you.

“You bet I saved you and Sam’s ass that night. You should be lucky your brother was with you, because there was no way in hell I was just saving ‘the jerk from the bar’.”

You bust open the door to the room, not even taking a glance at the hostages the vampires had caught before kicking, punching and slicing your way through all of them.

The last head rolled to the floor and the only sound filling the room was your panting breath. Eventually, you looked up shocked to see the asshat from the bar tied up, next to him was a man with long-ish hair, I guess it’s his brother or something.

Jerk’s face was filled with shock.

You laughed, oh this was too sweet, the things you could say to him right now.

“Oh my lord! Did daddy’s little princess just get her designer shirt dirty in order to save big dick’s life?” you joked, “Why on Earth would I do that when I can just get my butler to save-“

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled an apology which you obviously heard but you just wanted to saviour the moment.

“What? What was that? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’m sorry!” He said louder, his head moving upwards to catch his eyes with yours, “I was an idiot, I should have apologised there and then, I was stressed and I was stupid, and I took it out on you, so I’m sorry, really.”

The room was silent for a few seconds as you processed what he had just said.

“Okay,” you untied both of them before pointing your finger towards his face, “but if you ever talk to me that way again, or anyone else for that matter, I promise you I will cut of your big arrogant dick.”

“Deal,” he said smugly.

“Dean?” you asked quietly snuggling impossibly closer into his chest.

“Hmm,” he responded.

“When was the first time you knew that you liked me?”

There was a moment of silence as Dean thought.

“I think I always knew but I remember, you had been living in the bunker with me and Sammy for a month and a bit…”

You quickly turned the page of the book. It was 2am, you had been researching all night and day for where the rouge demons would strike next and you still had little to no idea.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened revealing Dean with a look of surprise on his face.

“What are you doing up Y/N?”

“I couldn’t sleep; I need to find where these demons are going to strike next.”

“Come on Y/N you need to sleep, or at least take a break, for me?”

You looked up into his green eyes.

“Fine, what do you suggest we do?”

“Want to get pizza?” he asked knowing that you could never say no to pizza.

“Yes, that is the best thing you have ever said to me Big D,” you jumped up from your chair slamming your research book closed.

“Again with that nickname, I said it one time when we first met, you’re never going to let me live that down are you?”

“Nope, now come on Big D, you owe me some pizza.” you joked

“Oohh! I remember that night we drove over 100 miles at 2am to find a pizza place which was open because you sir, was adamant that we had to have pizza,” you laughed poking his chest.

“Hey! I promised you pizza didn’t I, and you got pizza right?”

“Yes I definitely did.” You chuckled looking up into your boyfriend’s eyes and in that moment you realised how much you truly loved him as did he with you.

“Y/N,” nervousness seemed to lace his voice, “I- I love you”

“I love you too,” you replied, your eyes never leaving his as you leaned in to kiss him but this kiss seemed different to all of the others you had shared with him and anyone else in fact. This kiss was filled with passion and love. His arm snaked its was around your waist and your hand found its way into his hair and in that moment both you and Dean realised how much you both sincerely loved each other.

Time After Time (Part 8 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,587 (omg why)

Warnings: language, drinking, FLUFF, potential swooning hazard

A/N: I’m proud of this one. It made me happy to write and yes I went overboard but idc. PS - This is NOT the end. I have, at minimum, two more pieces I want to write, maybe three. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 22

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Kimbab Admin-ahh~ I miss you💕 minghao flowerboy is so FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE 😆 How r you uri kimbab~ r u healthy? I come here always hoping for new updates ✨ and you're becoming more good in writing 💎 HOW DARE YOU BE SO GOOD *hugs* Can I req? HOSHI BASEBALL AU? MAKE IT SUPER FLUFF 😆 haha thank you💖 I will wait patiently okay~ ❤XOXO

- you and hoshi are on rival baseball teams
- his real name is kwon soonyoung but everyone calls him hoshi aka star because he’s the ace of his team
- you get so heated every time you hear his name because he’s known for NEVER getting his ball caught
- he gets homeruns often, but even when he doesn’t get one, his ball is just so hard to catch and no one can get it to base on time
- he’s never been out in his life
- every time he’s batter, everyone just gives up and all go like “it’s over no way are we going to catch that freaking shooting star”
- except for you
- each game, you make it your goal to try to catch his ball
- you’ve failed each time, but next game, you know you can do it because you practiced your catches and you trained sprinting from one side of the field to the other
- you even motivate and push your teammates to train harder with you to the point they’re all like “you have to calm down omfg”
- just thinking about hoshi pisses you off, but while he may be your rival…. you can’t hate him
- you’ve honestly always found him kind of cute and charming….. and he’s always smiling, positive and hard-working……
- but you refuse to think about it because YOU HAVE TO BEAT HIM FIRST
- the day of the big game is here, and you get this determined look on your face when you see hoshi and his team enter the field
- they approach your team and exclaim “good luck!!” while shaking hands with everyone
- but when hoshi gets to you, you squeeze his hand a little tighter and look into his eyes and say “i’m going to catch your ball.”
- hoshi’s shocked for a second, but then he breaks out into a grin and says “i’m looking forward to that.”
- you just want to slap that stupid grin off his face, while hoshi gets so excited
- because no one’s ever really challenged him before
- each team he’s played against has said “oh man, we’re done for because of your ball” or “it’ll take a miracle for us to catch your shooting star lol”
- but then there’s you…..
- the grin doesn’t disappear from hoshi’s face the entire game and it frustrates you to no end
- you and your teammates do your best and you’re surprisingly tied near the end of the game
- but then hoshi walks up with his baseball bat and everyone in the arena could practically feel your team’s energy drain
- you keep a determined look on your face though, and hoshi grins even wider when he catches your eye from where he is
- the pitcher gulps and throws a curve ball at him, but hoshi hits it and starts running the second the ball goes flying
- you keep your eye on the ball and start sprinting towards it to try to catch it
- when you see the ball getting closer to the ground, you force yourself to go faster and you jump forward with your eyes closed while stretching your hand as far as you can
- the cheering suddenly stops and the arena……. is dead silent
- you slowly open your eyes only to see
- hoshi’s baseball in your glove
- the arena suddenly erupts in cheers and screams as the umpire screams “YOU’RE OUT” at hoshi
- the game is announced officially over, and for the first time…….. hoshi’s team lost
- you slowly turn around to see everyone’s jaws dropped, but your team snaps out of it and start sprinting over to you
- they lift you off the ground and they carry you around while screaming along with the crowd
- while laughing, you take a glance at hoshi, who still has on a smile on his face
- and you’re so offended at this point because WAIT NO YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ANGRY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HATE ME
- he then turns around to give his teammates hugs and words of encouragement and seeing this…… you hate to admit it, but your heart might have just skipped a beat
- after the game, everyone goes their separate ways, but you decide to stay at the field a little longer because you still can’t believe you beat HOSHI
- you’re sitting on the ground, throwing the ball from one hand to the other while grinning widely, replaying the moment over and over
- when suddenly, someone takes a seat next to you and when you look up, you’re surprised to see hoshi
- you say “hoshi?” and he grins “hi again”
- you ask “what are you doing here? i thought i heard your friends say something about getting dinner”
- hoshi shrugs “i’ll catch up with them later…. i just wanted to say good game”
- you squint your eyes at him “why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
- hoshi holds his hands up in defense and says “there’s no catch, i swear. seriously, no one’s ever caught my ball before….. and this is the first time i’ve lost a game…..”
- you say “you don’t seem too upset though” and he says “because you actually tried!!”
- you don’t say anything and he continues “i’ve seen you practice so hard these past few weeks since it’s on my way home….. you’ve worked hard, i don’t mind losing to you. you’re a good opponent.”
- you just smile to yourself and say “wow and to think this whole time, i thought you were some cocky show-off….”
- hoshi laughs and says “well that’s nice of you. you better watch out next game though, there’s no way i’m letting you catch my ball again”
- you say “oh yeah? we’ll see about that”
- hoshi grins “winner pays for dinner?”
- you laugh “really? you’re going to ask me out?” and he just grins at you
- you roll your eyes while laughing “alright, fine. you’re on.”

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Pairings: Peter Parker x Tony’s daughter

Warnings:slightly cursing. No big deal

A/N: this one shot was requested by @eleventhdoctorsangel. she asked a one shot with the numbers 9, 82 and 94 from the prompt list.

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“Sweetie, I need you to stay in the avengers tower just for the weekend. You’ve been there before so you know how to be there” My dad, Tony Stark, was walking me inside the building of the avengers. I’ve been there a few times, everyone knew who I was so it was easy to start a conversation. Vision was always so nice and was always chasing Wanda, I think they might be in love with each other. Steve was a protective man but he knew his limits, he didn’t go where he wasn’t called. Natasha was always giving me tips of beauty, how to fight, how to shoot, etc. But there he was, Peter Parker, my friend, dad was not supposed to see us interacting because he wouldn’t let me see him again. So we managed to establish a formal relationship when dad was around. When he leaves on a mission, Peter and I go out on dates but we never kissed. We are like friends but secret friends. I am still waiting for the day I take courage and tell him how I feel. “Of course dad. I hope you get home safe and sound. Good luck on your mission with Steve” he kissed my forehead and walked away. “See you in a couple of days princess” he waved from the door and I waved back. I dropped all my things on my room. I was tired and had a lot to study. I eventually fell asleep. I woke up with the knock of my door. I walked and opened the door, it was Peter. “Hi Pete, come inside” I said and turned around, jumped again on my bed. “I’m sorry. Were you sleeping? I can go” I grabbed his hand and he stopped talking. “Stay. I had to wake up anyway” he smiled and stayed. “I came here to ask you something” my stomach was filled with butterflies. “What you want to eat? Nat and Sam are ordering pizza, Wanda and Vision are going out. What do you want to eat?” “How about Chinese food?” “Sounds great for me. I call, get on your pjs and prepare yourself for a Star Wars marathon!” He walked out screaming. I laughed, he was so sweet. I wanted to be in my pjs but I also wanted to be sexy. I put on a black t-shirt I stole from the cap that could barely touch my ass. I put on some mascara and concealer under my eyes. Natasha always says that you have to be sexy but you don’t have to force it too much because otherwise you can scare him away. I walked downstairs and the bell ran. “Y/N the money is on the table. Open please” Peter yelled from I don’t know where. “Coming!” Grabbed the money and answer the door. I opened it and found a gorgeous young man. He was around my age or a little bit older but damn he looked fine. “Oh… hi” “Hello there. Am I in the right address? I didn’t know we delivered to heaven” I blushed and looked down “Don’t blush angel. You can tell me your name” “Y/N” I said and he nodded. “ It is nice to meet you Y/N” then I felt something coming behind me and it was Peter with a strange look on his face. He punched the delivery guy in the face and he fell down so quickly. I was standing there in complete shock. “Keep the change” Peter threw the money at him, grabbed the food and pulled me inside. After a couple of minutes I realized what happened. “Oh my gosh Peter! Why did you do that?” I screamed at him. “I hate guys like that. Trying to win women like it was so easy” Was he jealous? “Peter let me ask you something” I sat straight. “Sure” he was eating his food. “Did you do that for me?” He choked with his food. I couldn’t help but laugh. “What? Why would you say that?” It broke my heart, he didn’t feel the same way about me. “No reason, just asking” we remained quiet while we watched the movie. His hand was right next to mine and I wanted to grab it so damn bad. He was super concentrated with Star Wars but I was focused on him. His eyes wouldn’t leave the tv, his soft hair standing there like nothing ever happened. He was so handsome I wanted to grab him and kiss him. I looked to the tv, trying to distract me. He was so handsome damn it. Why was I always hanging around with him? I needed to step aside otherwise I would get hurted. A breeze passed by and I stood up so I could get a blanket. I stood up in a very hot way, I stood up and the Cap’s t-shirt got up and Peter saw my panties. I heard him gasped but every guy would do that, he doesn’t have to love you. I grabbed a blanket and sat next to him. He wouldn’t take his eyes off the tv, geek. “Oh fuck it” I said and he looked at me. I grabbed his face and placed my lips over his. I finally got to kiss Peter Parker. He was kissing me back, our lips were on sync. He pulled me away. “Wow Y/N you are a great kisser but why did you do it?” Oh god he was stupid. “Peter. Can’t you see? I love you!” I said. “Thanks” he said and turned around to keep watching the movie. My heart was so broken that I stood up and went to my room. I removed my makeup and started crying on my bed. I grabbed a kik kat from my bag and started watching Crazy Stupid Love, something that really deserved my attention. Someone knocked on my door and I knew it was him but didn’t answer. He knocked again and still no answer. He was a stubborn boy. He opened the door and got inside my room. I acted like I was asleep but it was pointless because he knew me very well. He sat next to me. “Y/N I know you are awake, you’ve been tweeting about Ryan Gosling” he knew me very well. “Shut up Peter, leave me alone” I was sad. “You love me” “It doesn’t matter anymore Parker” he knew when I called him like that meant that I was mad at him. “You don’t get it. You love me. I was in shock and I didn’t know what to say” he regretted his actions. “You don’t have to say anything. Your ‘Thanks’ said enough” I turned around because I didn’t want to see him. “I love you too Y/N. That’s what I should have said” I turned around to see him and he was honest. “It’s not funny Peter to mess with someone’s feeling-” he cut me off with a kiss. He really meant that, he loved me. Now that I knew how he felt I was going to play hard to catch. I pulled him away “I don’t believe you Peter ” “Believe me. I’ll do anything” “Anything?” I asked him raising my eyebrow. After a couple of minutes thinking, I decided to believe him but anyway he danced Umbrella dressed like a woman. He was such a cutie. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Ooo! Ooo! I have an idea for a fic! The twins finding embarrassing home movies of their Grunkles and watch them before getting caught by them

Whoever was holding the camera was doing a terrible job. It kept moving one way and another and the person did not seem to be great at getting it into focus. Slowly the person holding the camera did figure it out and a boy that could not have been much older than twelve stood on screen with over-sized glasses and a safari hat on his head. 

“Is it working?” the kid hissed through his smile. 

“Um…” a voice behind the camera hummed, “I think so? Here let me…”

The voice trailed off and the camera was suddenly jostled so the screen now showed a way too close of image of braces, a nose, and then a brown eye behind equally big glasses. 

“Stan, that is not how you check a camera,” the voice of the first child whined. 

The two that were watching the screen giggled. Mabel and Dipper had found these tapes while helping their Grunkles get things out of the Shack and into a room McGucket was lending them to hold their thing in while they sailed around the world. They both had agreed it would be a shame to leave them unwatched. 

Now they sat staring at their make-shift screen where the image of their younger grunkles was playing. They had watched about three of these home tapes and each had been as adorable as the last. 

“Okay. Okay, I think it is working,” the small Stan on the video said and turned the camera back around to face the other child. 

The kid that was once again on the screen, which could only be Ford, did not look amused. The child just rolled his eyes and put his arms behind his back. 

“Stop with the annoyed look, Ford,” the small Stan’s voice said, “Get to performing.”

Stanford gave a sigh and lowered his head. A pause happened before he looked up with a smile. 

“I am Stanford-,” He stopped and paused for a second, “No that doesn’t sound right…um…” 

“Sixer,” Stanley whined from behind the camera, “We can’t keep doing takes of this. Pa didn’t give us that much film.” 

“I know. I know, I just…that doesn’t sound so cool,” Ford said. 

Mabel laughed and pushed her brother teasingly. 

“He sounds just like you trying to make your ‘Dipper’s Guides’ thingies.” 

Dipper laughed and pushed her back. 

“Well Stan has your camera man skills.” 

“Does not,” Mabel giggled. 

“Does too.” 

“What are you two giggling in here about?” 

The sudden voice made both the twins jump and look to the doorway as the light was flicked on. Stan stood in the doorway with Ford behind him. The older twins looking at their niblings before a voice from the past spoke.

“Okay! I got it!” The younger Ford on the screen said with a grin. “Doctor Professor Stanford Pines.”

Stanley and Stanford stared at the screen in shock and the air went still. The only noise being the twin’s on the screen readjusting to ‘start over’ with their little documentary. 

Suddenly that was drowned out by Stan’s laugh. The man leaning against his twin with a shit eating grin on his face. 

“I forgot about that,” he chocked out, “Doctor Professor. Oh man.” 

“Turn this off,” Ford gasps out and hurries to the projector but Stan stopped him. 

“No. No. The best part is going to happen soon.” 

The camera suddenly moved over to a box that was made to look like a safari vehicle. 

Stanley grinned wide and pulled Stanford down to the floor to sit next to the twins. 

“Why aren’t you more embarrassed about this?” Ford hissed as the younger him talked away like he knew what he was doing. 

“Because,” Stan hummed and watched as the camera was almost dropped, “This whole video is about you so it ain’t that embarrassing about me.” 

“Don’t worry Great Uncle Ford,” Dipper supplied and pulled a tape from the pile behind Mabel, “We had this one ready to play next.”

Stanford and Stanley looked over at the tape and Stan’s face went pale just as his brother smirked. 

On the tape in marker read: ‘STANLEY’S TOTALLY AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO’. 

[SPECIAL] All Your Hate (and all your love) (G)



A/N: Hi guys! as my name suggests, I’m soonyoung’s trash (even though jihoon is my bias). I write with lots of sarcasm, run-on sentences, parentheses, italics and dashes between words because that’s how i roll ;____: I’ll also sell my soul to the devil for seventeen, memes and The Gay Agenda so feel free to hit me up with any of those :) if anyone has any advice with regards to writing better, please dm/message us (i live for constructive criticism) 


Prompt: Mingyu and Minghao as neighbours 
Ship: Minghao x Mingyu 
Genre: Crack, fluff
Word count: 2,066
Warnings: None!

Originally posted by mvnghaos

Minghao was not having a good day.

His cactus’ health has been on a steady decline for two weeks now, and it seems that it had finally decided to kick the metaphorical bucket overnight. Minghao had watched as his cactus had defied the florist’s instructions of “water every two weeks! It’s hardy.” Hardy, his ass. Ever since the cactus had been placed on his window sill to receive optimal levels of sunlight, it had begun its gradual descent into its current state, a withered yellow stick. The knowledge that he was less nurturing than the desert was more than slightly grating on his nerves, and the jaundiced stalk mocked him from its pedestal on the window sill, the bright sunlight at odds with his darkening mood.

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“Shit, shit shit. SHIT!” You shouted to yourself. How had you been so stupid? There was no safe way to deliver a baby these days, let alone abort one. Both options could kill you and now here you were. Stuck. Terrified. Angry. How would Daryl take this? Not well you imagine. Does he have to know? He’d notice you getting a tummy. Oh fuck, what the hell now?!
“Hey you,” Daryl sighs as he creeps up behind you, sliding his hands around your stomach and gently rubbing your belly. “You okay? You seem tense.”
“I’m fine. Hungry?” You ask, slipping out of his arms.
“Hey, come back here!” He frowns, catching up with you and bringing you back into him.
“Daryl, really, I should start dinner.”
He lets go of you and walks away, confused and upset as to your reaction. Usually you were so affectionate and loving, you’d been the one to show him how to be more like that, and now you were rejecting him. He immediately blamed himself and thought he’d done something wrong.
You sat and ate dinner in silence, smiling at him every now and again, but your smile wasn’t reaching your eyes and he could tell something was wrong. After dinner you washed up and instead of sitting with Daryl like normal, you went straight upstairs. Sitting on your bed you stare at the pregnancy test and sob as quietly as you can. Someone knocks at the front door and Daryl opens it. You hear muffled voices downstairs and he shouts up to you to come down. As you get up the pregnancy test falls from your lap, but in a rush to make sure you check your face before going downstairs you don’t realise it’s gone.
“Hey (Y/N), just wanted to check up on you after earlier… with the, erm, the possible cucumber growing?” Father Gabriel stutters, almost giving it away completely. He’d found you digging around in the infirmary and wondered what was troubling you, then it had all come spilling out when you found a pregnancy test. Damn his calm and soothing voice.
“Erm, yeah, cucumbers will be grown here, not sure how long though, but maybe in around 6 or 7 months. Can’t say for sure, not a doct- gardener. Not a gardener,” you answer, almost slipping up. You can see Daryl out of the corner of your eye looking you up and down suspiciously. He knew there was something up.
“Okay, great!” Gabriel beams, “just let me know if you need to talk about the cucumbers. Any time, I’ll be here for you.”
“Thanks Gabriel.“he nods to Daryl and leaves. Daryl shuts the door behind him and turns to you with a quizzical look on his face.
"The fuck was the cucumber talk about? Ya talking in code?”
“I found some cucumber seeds and Gabriel was passing by so asked him if we should plant them. He gave me a book on vegetables and I’ve been researching what they need to grow.”
“Nah, don’t ya give me that. You’re lying. Where’s the book?”
“I, er, I think I must have left it at the church.”
“Bullshit. Whatever this is, I’m gonna find out, and Gabriel’s an easy fucking target. Alls I gotta do is squint at him and he’ll squeak like a pig.”
“Don’t do that Daryl. Don’t be mean.”
“I wanna know what the hell’s going on with my wife.”
You sigh, “you will, I promise. Just not yet, please?”
He frowns, but then looks concerned.
“(Y/N), yer scaring me.”
“Please don’t be scared. I promise you’ll find out soon,” you soothe, placing your hands on both sides of his face. He nods and takes your hand, leading you up to bed.
You’re both getting ready for bed when you hear Daryl groan. You look over to him and see he’s reaching for something on the floor just underneath the bed. It suddenly dawns on you what it is and your mouth opens, but no words come out. He picks up the stick and his eyes go wide with shock. He turns to you, test in hand.
“This is the cucumber, right?”
You laugh at how ridiculous that sounded, and at how desperate the situation was.
“Yep, that’s the cucumber.”
Daryl looks from you to the stick and back again. You wait for him to say something as you pull your pyjama top down over your head.
“You are keeping it aren’t ya?” He asks hopefully.
“I don’t know, I didn’t know if you’d wan-”
“I want to have a baby with you. No question about it,” he interrupts.
“Okay then, I’m keeping it.”
“Do ya want to?”
“Well, yeah, I mean, I’d love to be a mum. But I’m scared Daryl. So fucking scared. I could die when I have it, I could die if I lose it,” you start to cry.
“(Y/N), we could die taking one step outta them gates,” Daryl comforts you, pulling you down onto the bed and pressing you into his side tightly.
“Good point,” you chuckle, wiping your tears away.
“We can do this together. I swear to ya, I’ll be there every step of the way. Mummy and baby Dixon will be safe with Daddy around. I promise.”
“Oh Daryl,” you cry into his shoulder. He strokes your hair and kisses your head, calming you down. Eventually you fall asleep and he tucks you in, then goes off to talk to Rick.
He knocks on the door and Michonne answers the door.
“Hi Daryl, come in. You okay?” She smiles.
“Hey. (Y/N)’s pregnant, I need to talk to Rick if he’s around.”
“Oh my god! Congratulations!” She beams, throwing her arms around him. He hugs her back and smiles at the reaction, for some reason he thought this announcement would be bad. “This is amazing, I’ll go get Rick.”
Rick comes out of the garage and Daryl walks to wards him. Michonne disappears upstairs so they had some privacy.
“Daryl, you okay?” He asks, noticing the hesitant look on his friend’s face.
“Yeah, its just, I’m gonna be a dad,” he says, shocked at the words leaving his own mouth. Rick’s face lights up as he says this.
“Daryl. Oh man. You’re in for a treat!” He exclaims, pulling him into a tight cuddle. As Daryl’s head rests on his best friend’s shoulder, tears start to fall, tears filled with relief, happiness and a little bit of concern. Rick pulls back and notices Daryl’s reaction.
“Hey, brother, look at me. This is amazing news. You and (Y/N) are bringing life and hope into this world. Not a lot of that happens these days. This is truly a miracle, and you know we’re all gonna be here for you both. Every step of the way.” He comforts, holding Daryl’s arms.
“It is ain’t it, I can’t believe it. I just wanna be strong for her. She’s so scared man, so fucking scared. So am I. I don’t know what I’d do if-”
Rick cuts him off, “Daryl. Stop it. The worst doesn’t always happen. You’ve gotta go with it, and try not to worry too much about everything to come. Just take it one step at a time okay?”
“I’ll try, for her.”
“Good. So tomorrow’s a new day and we’ll get everyone together and talk about what’s gonna happen next which is best for you two.”
“Thanks Rick. Baby’s gonna be lucky to have uncle Rick around,” he smiles.
“Uncle Rick? I like that!” Rick laughs.
The two men say their goodbyes and Daryl heads back to your house. He looks up at your bedroom window and sees you wandering around, stroking your belly. There may only be a small bump, but Rick was right, this was a miracle, a beacon of hope in this otherwise dark world. Daryl smiled as he saw your lips move, talking to your little miracle. He entered the house and headed straight upstairs to you.
“I went and saw Rick,” he says, looking down at your stomach and placing a protective hand on it. “We’re having a meeting tomorrow if that’s okay?”
“Yeah of course, was he okay about it all?”
Daryl laughs, “he’s excited about being uncle Rick, that’s for sure. He made me realise what a miracle this is.”
“A miracle?” You question.
“Yeah, it is. It’s hope for a future generation along with Carl and Judith.”
You grin up at him, “wow, Rick’s good at motivational speeches huh? He’s right as well, damn him.”
Daryl laughs, “yeah he is, all the time, it’s annoying.”
“Well, I guess we’re doing this then,” you sigh happily.
“Yeah, we are. You’re gonna be a mum, and I’m gonna be a dad!” Daryl says, letting his joy get the better of him and breaking out into the biggest smile he’s ever had and jumping up and down a little with excitement. You smile at him and slide your arms around his waist as he brings you into a tight embrace.


Different Leaves (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

A/N: Hello! This is my very first image, I do hope you like it! Feedback is much appreciated, and I do take requests! I may make a second part to this..

wc: 3,311

warnings: none

      “Sally, I swear. That bastard Hamilton thinks he can just do whatever the hell he wants because he has Washington on his side”, The muffled voice of your father filtered through the door. You peeked up from your studies, abandoning the strewn papers, and striding over to turn the knob ever so slightly to get a better range of hearing.

      “I know, Sir.”, Sally replied meekly. It was obvious she was most likely tiding up the house as your father ranted. Which, wasn’t unusual. You slowly opened the door to get a good look at the scene. Daddy’s so distraught.. Despite never wanting to be roped into a conversation about how much the Hamilton’s where ‘slimy, leeching  federalists’, as your father referred to them as, you still stepped out of your quarters, gaining the attention of Thomas, and the two maids that where catering to him, and cleaning.

       You strode over to the table placed in the middle of the room, lightly wrapping your arms around your dad’s shoulders, and kissing his cheek,“Good afternoon” You smiled, and the creasing in his forehead lessened, relaxing.

       “Good afternoon, my beautiful daughter”, You giggled, taking a seat adjacent to your father. The maids rushed to your side, greeting you. Sally brushed your hair from your face, before asking if you wanted anything to eat, and you accepted her offer for biscuits and tea. There was a level silence in the room, the only noise being Thomas shuffling through papers and you sipping on your tea. Slowly, the noise began to increase, before a frustrated groan escaped his pursed lips. “(Y/n)! I swear, Alexander Hamilton must be stopped! He’s a scamming thief! Washington is caressing his ass!”, You jerked, nearly spitting out your tea at such blunt insult.

     “Daddy, please”, You looked worriedly over at him, reaching your hand over to lay atop of his, “Mr. Hamilton is doing his best for his political party, you would do the same if it benefited the Democratic-Republic”, You tried to reason, like you always did. You were constantly sticking up for the Hamilton’s ever so subtly, trying to get him to understand Alexander’s position. Even if you weren’t apart of the Federalist party, you had a tendency to be rational for everyone’s benefit, being somewhat of a peace-keeper.

     Your father looked instantly hurt. “You’re backing him?”, He sounded broken. Fear rose up in your chest, and you stood, shaking your head and coming closer to him.

     “No! No no no, I’m just saying, father. You have to do what you must in politics, you know that better than anyone else! You’re the best politician in New York!”, That part wasn’t a lie. To you, your father was still your biggest inspiration. Jefferson instantly relaxed, sighing loudly. He ran a hand over his face, before he stood.

     “Sally prepare my bed. I need to rest. I’m getting too old for this. Hamilton will not cause me to have a hernia today.”, He glanced at you, slight sadness stirring in his deep eyes. Despite himself, he pulled you into a hug, kissing your forehead. “I’ll see you at dinner, (Y/n).”, He said simply. You nodded, muttering to him to sleep well.

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Snapping and driving - Shawn Mendes

A/N: thank you so much for the request my love! I hope this is okay? I really loved the request I just had a bit of trouble writing it down. xx

You and Shawn were currently on a road trip, so that you could spend some time alone. You loved it when Shawn took you out on these kind of trips because you loved being outside and being in the nature, exploring things.

With a long car journey quickly comes boredom, and sooner or later Shawn started to take out his phone to record some Snapchats. You told him multiple times to stop because he had to concentrate on driving but he wasn’t listening. He was always brushing it off, not really seeing the danger to it. You knew that Shawn was a save driver and nothing has happened before but you also knew just how quickly accidents can happen when a person is distracted.

“Stop recording m- SHAWN! WATCH OUT!!”, you cut yourself off as you noticed the car in front of you hitting the breaks rather hard, coming to a halt. Giving Shawn only a few seconds to react.

The phone dropped to the floor as he tried to grip the steering wheel with both of his hands, pushing the break pedal as far as he could. But it was not much use. His Jeep hit the car in front of you with nearly full speed, sending the two of you flying forwards from the impact.

Shawn still had his hands on the wheel, which kind of helped holding him back but you only had your seat belt to hold you back. Your face came into full contact with the airbag, that exploded just before you hit the dashboard.

“Shit, shit, shit”, Shawn cursed under his breath as he turned to look if you were okay.

Your face was all bloody and you had a few burns from the explosives that opened the airbag. 

“(Y/N)?”, Shawn asked carefully. “(Y/N), can you hear me?”.

Shawn was scared, he was in shock and didn’t know what to do. He reached for your hand, which was lying lifelessly next to you on the seat.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry”, he started to look around himself and noticed that a few people stopped to help and a rather tall man came towards you and Shawn. “You gotta help her! I’m fine, just a little bruised up, please!”.

The man nodded, and went to your side, to see how you were. “The ambulance is on it’s way”, he said as he tried to get the passenger door open. “You two are going to be okay”. 


“@mendesmyman: IS SHAWN OKAY??? WHAT HAPPENED??”

Shawn was anxiously bouncing his leg up and down as he waited for the doctors. He’s been sitting in this room ever since you two arrived in the hospital and he didn’t know how you were. No one would tell him anything and even after his mom went to ask a nurse she just shrugged her shoulders and went into another patient’s room.

“She will be okay”, his mom told him over and over again but he didn’t want to hear it from her. He wanted the confirmation from a doctor.

“Mendes?”, a deep voice asked as the door opened. Shawn immediately jumped up, looking hopeful. “Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is well and resting now, she requested to see you”.

Without hesitation Shawn went to see you in your room. He didn’t even wait to knock, when he opened the door. “Oh god..”, he said more to himself than anyone else as he say you on the hospital bed. “I’m so so sorry”, he started to tear up and took your hand in his. 

“Don’t cry! I’m alive, aren’t I?”, you said and loosely let your thumb run over his fingers. “My nose is broken and I have a burn wound right here-”, you pointed to your forehead. “-but it’s nothing that won’t heal over time”.

Shawn looked at you in shock. Mainly because he still couldn’t believe what happened but also because you were still so positive and energetic. “But I did that… it’s my fault your nose is broken…”.

“It’s not, stop saying that! I’m not mad and you should stop beating yourself up about it… it could have been worse”, you told him sternly and looked him in the eyes. “just please, don’t ever snap and driver again, deal?”.

A look of relive washed over Shawn as he planted a soft kiss on your knuckles. “Deal”. 



“ Can you do one where they are just friends but calvin just starts realizing that he wants to be more than friends :))”

I loved this request so much! I hope you enjoy this one. <3 Thank you for your request. x 

                                                  *Calvin’s POV*

I just finished editing up my latest video, getting ready to post it when my phone starts ringing. I move my hand towards the phone, feeling the cold glass back. I bring the phone towards me instantly greeted with a wide smile on my face and butterflies. (Y/n) was calling. I touch the ‘answer’ button, quickly greeted by her melodious voice.

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Summary: A guy that’s good with kids is sexy.
Word Count: 1,643
Characters: Jay Park (AOMG) x Reader (Y/N)
Genre: Family (ish) / Romance (if you look hard enough)
Warnings: None
Rating: G
A/N: For all us brown/black girls who can’t get enough of Jay Park with kids. Might make a part two but might not. Idk.

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In the two years of my son’s short life, I’ve come to realize a lot of things about his personality. He was nearly identical to me, right down to his dark skin, bouncy curls and loud laugh. Noah was a boy version of me in every sense. He didn’t like to be held down to one place, so if you didn’t have a good grip on the toddler, he would be running laps around you.

On any other day, I would’ve rolled my eyes and laughed at his playful behavior. Today, the mall was swarming with girls and women, walking in packs and huddled closely together. Some had big, professional cameras or their phones out and ready to capture a picture of…some one I was not aware would be here today. If I had prior knowledge of how busy it would be today, I would’ve opted to go somewhere else to eat.

It all happened too fast for me to react. I had grabbed the trash from our lunch and turned to the left to throw it away, when I felt Noah’s tiny fingers rip out of my grip. He was already off the chair and running head first into the crowd before I could reach out and grab him.

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seluest  asked:

an au where levi still cuts his own hair and accidently cut more than he should so he kept on wearing different hats at home which made eren confused. they fought a little and levi cried when eren took his hat off and eren comforted him ♡ thanks! xox

I got carried away with making Eren a huge dork in this, hope that`s okay =v=

“Shit!” Levi hissed, the much too large clump of hair falling from his head.

Levi`s grey eyes widened as he took the strands in his hand, as though they would reattach to his head if he stared in disbelief long enough. He clenched his teeth and turned around to inspect the damage.

Of course he was too proud to go to the barber to get his hair cut, who knows whose hair their scissors had been in, but he supposed this was his punishment for trying to trim his own undercut. The awful looking gap in the back, not to mention he`d botched up his bangs as well, it was all atrocious. Worst of all Eren was coming over and he was going to want to run his hands through his hair like he always did, and-


No, no, nono, nononono! That was Eren, had to be because the idiot was making a remix by repeatedly ringing his doorbell. Levi ducked his head as he flew across his small apartment for something to hide his awful misfortune from his boyfriend, who was now adding beat box sounds to his doorbell masterpiece, and probably spitting all over his fucking door.

Ah! For once he was glad he hadn`t decided to throw out his old as shit beanie that he never wore, he stuffed most of his hair into the hat and took a deep breath, then marched to his door to get Eren to stop his awful production of his mixtape on his doorstep.


“Boom boom, pssh!” 

Spit, a face full of it. This is what he got for letting dogs into the house.

“Oh, Levi! Finally, I thought I was going to have to use the balcony again!” Eren laughed, squeezing past his small lover as he stood in complete disgust. Levi ran a hand down his face to rid it of Eren`s… musical prowess, and followed him inside as well.

Eren turned to face him with a smile, but he faltered. His eyes narrowed like Levi was some kind of criminal, who`d committed a crime he`d just figured out, Levi held his breath. Please don`t ask about the hat. Eren sized him up from all angles then leaned in close to inspect him further,

Levi opened his mouth to make an excuse, but instead got two warm lips on his own. Eren hummed in approval but all too soon he pulled away from him.

“You forgot to kiss me hello, good thing I remembered.” He said through his goofy grin, Levi`s cheeks were surely blushing at his antics but a small smile graced his lips regardless.

“Hey you never wear that beanie.”

And there goes his sense of security.

“O-oh, well I just felt like wearing it today.” Levi lied, averting his eyes from Eren`s wide, curious ones.

“But you told me it was old and filthy and gave you bad hair days.” Eren persisted, of all the times to remember the little details Jaeger! Levi wasn`t good at lying when it came to Eren, the little shit knew him like the back of his hand and his eyes could see through his very soul.

“Well… Well it`s my house so I do what I want.” Levi countered, oh great, he looked defensive now and Eren already knew something was up.

Eren`s sweet smile melted into a slightly concerned, serious look.

“Take off the hat Levi.” He said, Levi shook his head frantically, going so far as to hold the hat against his head. Now Eren wasn`t demanding or even a little bit bossy, that was Levi`s job, but when he said something in that tone he expected it to be done. And Levi knew that, so when Eren took a long stride towards him, he bolted like a frightened deer.

That was his second mistake, he ran and to Eren that always meant chase and catch and oh fucking shit he was right behind him! They must have looked like fools running around an all open apartment, jumping over sofas and hiding behind counters, on Levi`s part, while the raven squealed like a little girl whenever Eren got too close.

But one can`t run in such a way for too long and eventually Levi`s legs gave out and Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the love seat as he squirmed.

“Gotcha!” Eren cheered as he finally yanked the hat from his boyfriend`s head and still clinging hands. He stopped short. Half of Levi`s bangs were just completely gone while the back was uneven on one side. He was going to ask what on earth happened but he realized Levi was shaking under him.


A sniffle, oh Sina he was crying. Great going Eren.

“Baby, what`s the matter?” He cooed, removing Levi`s hands from his face. The glossy eyes full of un-shed tears melted his heart to mush. Levi hiccuped a few times before he could get the words out,

“What do you think? I look ridiculous!” He cried.

“You`re embarrassed?” Eren was shocked, stoic, kick-ass little Levi was embarrassed.

“Of course you dumbass! I- I didn`t want you to see it…” The man sniffed, a warm smile overtook Eren`s features as the words left his mouth.

“Babe, you always look gorgeous.” He assured,

“You`re not gonna laugh?”

“No! And hey, this could work! Maybe we can give you a punk rock look!”

Levi chuckled at the boy`s blatantly overly optimistic ways of cheering him up. Instead of watching Game of Thrones reruns, they spent the night in Levi`s tiny bathroom that was way too small for two people, and Eren cut his hair into a somewhat decent style and made Levi feel like he would be the prettiest thing on earth even if he had no hair at all.

We will

Fic in response to this headcanon I posted: “Viktor can’t keep up with Yuuri’s sexual stamina and starts complaining about being all fucked out by like the sixth time that night.

And Yuuri is all “well in that case, there’s another way to go about it…” and that’s how bottom!Viktor happens.”

Warning: Explicit content, sexual language, rushed 1 hour attempt at a ficlet, all that stuff

A/N: this is my first time writing explicit smut. Though of course, I feel the need to prelude it with some angsty waffling about. Suggestions are very welcome.

Need you have a person’s mind before you have their body?

They spend so much time together. They share their touches, however brief. They laugh, they flirt.

They get nowhere.

Well, not exactly, they’re getting somewhere, but slowly. Yuuri wants, no, needs, to know Viktor, the real Viktor. But the real Viktor is an elusive flighty thing, hidden somewhere in dizzying depths glazed over by winter’s ice.

Sometimes, Yuuri catches his silence, his downcast glances, his genuine upset, but it’s all fleeting. It makes Yuuri want to scream. Viktor is all smiles and heck-care and a seemingly bumbling ditz, but sometimes, it feels like the light that bounces off a thick layer of ice that’s too tough to cut or even to scratch. Yuuri can run and grab and shout, but every step, Viktor is faster, moving further back into the horizon.

Or maybe, Yuuri thought, he himself was just some tragic romantic trying to read sorrow into Viktor’s life. Maybe all there was to Viktor, was all there was to Viktor, though it certainly didn’t feel that way. Everyone in Yuuri’s life, Viktor included, tells him to be more certain of himself. But he can’t find it in himself to ever proclaim being certain of another person’s thoughts.

Sometimes, he feels like he owes Viktor something. They both clearly desire each other’s bodies, but here he is, moping in his room over what he thinks Viktor thinks. He feels like he owes Viktor something, because any gist of any recent sexual conquest disappears from even the tabloids, but of course Viktor would never whine, never plead.

Viktor’s words that night, therefore, come as no surprise. That night, Yuuri had dressed himself up to the outrageous nines for a skating performance solely in front of Viktor. He had a large red rose clip in his hair, with a matching paper fan, and the matching floral prints of his cheongsam, lined and hemmed with gold (lord knows how much he practiced to skate in that thing). The cheongsam was shorn off in places in an elegant pattern, the open areas sewn over in sheer fishnet, with similarly crimson fishnet zigzagging over his lithe legs. If Yuri(o) were there to see the private skating performance, he could have described it as “1 part eye-fucking, 1 part actually skating”. Then again, in that scenario, Yuri had an equally high chance of just running out scream-groan-puking without a word.

“Before you point out the mistakes,” Yuuri stated when the performance was over, “I believe I have a different performance tonight, that should make up for it.”

But then Viktor pulled him close and said something somewhat uncharacteristic, yet seemingly overdue, “Don’t offer me something, because you feel like you owe it to me”.

Except that Yuuri’s had enough of himself and his own self-agony.

“I don’t owe you anything. I simply want to have you. The question is, would you have me?”

“I would,” Viktor quipped.

And that, Yuuri realized, was what he loved about Viktor and that felt real about the man- not the fact that he said yes, but that this reply would either be a firm “yes” or “no”. Not “are you sure you want me?” or “you really don’t owe me anything” or “I think you should think this through more”. He doesn’t question Yuuri in any patronising way, doesn’t assume, he actually has confidence in the younger man, has respect, has trust. Yuuri clings to that spark, clings.

“No one though,” Yuuri thinks to himself, “is without weaknesses”. Yuuri’s lack of sexual experience is the truth and certainly no secret, and so Viktor oh so joyfully assumed a lack of sexual stamina as the truth and certainly no secret.

It was not to be said that Viktor was a bad lover, though Yuuri has little for comparison, he thought the man was a good one, loving and tender in all the right places. But after his first (esquisite) orgasm, and Yuuri looked through his lashes and pouted for more, the flash of shock on Viktor’s face was clear as day. So ready was the man to tenderly tuck a sleepy Yuuri into bed. But Yuuri’s aching coyness, as if pleading for another slice of cake, quickly melted Viktor’s expression into an indulgent grin.

“Of course,” went his reply.

His reply, after their second round, was quite identical, but with a little exhaustion.

Then the third round came and went, and Viktor’s enthusiasm was just as well, but his exhaustion more palpable.

The fourth and fifth, clearly, had a slight “i want you but /are you kidding me/” quality.

By the sixth, Viktor simply went “Help, I think this old man is done for and cannot get up.”

“This is all so tiring, I think I need to go lie down,” he continued, “Except I’m already in bed, of course. Seriously though. I’m all fucked out.”

Yuuri’s brows furrowed slightly at Viktor’s turn of phase. Why was Viktor the one talking about being fucked out, when he was the one doing the fucking? The phrasing did not make sense to him.

Nevertheless, Yuuri thought, perhaps it was less tiring to receive than give? It’s not like he had ever been with any other man, so he wouldn’t know. Only one way to find out.

“You know,” Yuuri said, a seductive, sultry tone evident in his voice, “in that case, there’s another way to go about things…”

Puzzlement flicked over Viktor’s face for the time it took Yuuri to roll over and pin him to the bed. Yuuri caught a glimpse of his words finally dawning upon the older man, before he nibbled on Viktor’s earlobe, eliciting a sharp moan.


“Shh, breathe,” Yuuri soothed, purring his words into Viktor"s right ear . Viktor was practically panting by now, his face helplessly flushed as he desperately rocked his hips, trying his absolute best to gain more friction, trying to fuck himself up and down the younger man’s shaft. But each of his attempts grew weaker and weaker as exhaustion took him over. For his part, Yuuri refused to move, because admittedly, half the fun was seeing the way Viktor crumpled into begging, “please please let ne come already, please”, his pleads turning to incoherent babble as he descended into a heated frenzy. Half the fun was seeing his mind trying to break free of a tiring body, a body that had been keeping him on the torturous verge of orgasm for the past ten minutes, to see that exquisite mind-body struggle play out on the soaked, sharp features of his face.

Suddenly, Yuuri grabbed Viktor by the hips, and just thrusts. It’s rapid, and forceful, but Yuuri’s found the right angle since some time ago, so there’s a pleasure to the pain, that makes Viktor see stars. Viktor clenches tightly around him, so deliciously, so preciously. The Russian was practically screaming out in joy and relief and gratitude at this point, because he’s so close to the crescendo, he’s almost there and knows it-

A hand squeezes tightly on his cock, preventing him from coming. Viktor let out a sharp sound of shock that quickly descended into a mewling whimper.

He found himself gently guided to the shower, where his crotch gets blasted with cold water to soften his cock quickly and completely.

“Shh, you can try again next time,” Yuuri said, “sleep”.


“So you’ve had me then? Was all of me, to your satisfaction?” Viktor quipped as morning light snuck through the blinds, and Yuuri is forced to remember that the man is never too tired for sass.

“Can’t say. I’ve yet to have all of you,” Yuuri replied, running his thumb over the side of the other man’s head (i want you in mind and spirit and soul, i want, but there is no rush, we will reach each other, we will), “But perhaps one day I would?”

“Oh you would.”

Caught (Bucky x reader)

i kno its kinda short but i have nothing 

Word count: 700              

Your friend Nat, despite the fact that you had not been in a date in years, had set you up with one of her new friends, James Barnes. She had described him as old-school, charming, and very handsome. Sure, he was handsome, but the fact was it was the most awkward date you had been on. After holding the door open for you, and pulling out your chair, you both had sat in complete and utter silence. The waitress hadn’t stopped by to get your orders, and so far the only thing you two had gotten were glasses of water.

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Relationship Advice

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Requested by anonymous: Hiiii hope you’re doing well. Could you possibly do a spiderman x reader where the reader and Peter are arguing because she thinks he’s keeping something from her and the reader (who works at Stark industries or something) gets advice from Tony and he tells her to just trust Peter? Thanks xx

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Marvel

Admittedly you weren’t exactly working. You were an intern at Stark industries and honestly you loved it but after what happened earlier with your boyfriend Peter you just couldn’t manage to focus.

Peter’s been different lately. He’s been busy way too often, he was always making up excuses, and he just acted… different. At first you thought you were being ridiculous but decided to confront Peter anyway. That conversation however proved that you weren’t in fact overreacting.

“It just seems like you’re hiding something from me” you said as you and Peter walked out of school “what’s going on with you Pete? And don’t you dare say nothing”.

“I want to tell you, I really do but I can’t”.

“Why?” You demanded.

“I just… can’t” Peter sighed running his hand through his hair.

You flared your nostrils. Did he not trust you? You told him everything. What could possibly be so important that he had to keep it from you? He was only Peter Parker after all, not some freaking secret agent.

“I have to go” you said through gritted teeth “I’m late for work”.

“[Y/N] can we talk about this?” Peter asked attempting to take hold of your hand but you pulled away shaking your head.

“What so you can lie to me some more? No thanks”.
Before Peter could say anymore you were gone. He stood there just watching you leave with a sad look on his face.

Now here you were, regretting being so crossed with him. I mean you probably wouldn’t be able to find someone as sweet as Peter but what was a relationship without trust?

Your phone buzzed and you picked it up to see Peter had texted. You completely ignored it and placed your phone screen face down so you couldn’t see it. You weren’t just ignoring him because you were still upset but also because you didn’t know what to say. You sighed yet again and rubbed your face with your hands. You suddenly felt so exhausted.

“Not working [Y/L/N]?” You looked up and became immediately flustered.

“M…Mr Stark? Oh no I’m working sir I was er just… taking a little break”. ~p>The man gave you a look that said “sure kid” then he pulled up a chair and sat next to you. This was quite unusual. You’ve actually never spoken directly to Tony Stark before so him suddenly showing an interest in you was quite overwhelming.

“You and Peter fighting huh?” He asked making you blink in shock. You knew Mr Stark and Peter knew each other. Peter had taken an internship with Stark Industries as well and from what your boyfriend told you it sounded like he had a bit of one on one time with the billionaire.

“Did he er tell you sir? How could possibly have known that?” You asked shifting uncomfortably in your seat.

“I’m a genius kid” he reminded “plus I heard you talking. If your going to talk to yourself out loud you should probably speak quieter”.

You went red “good suggestion sir”.

“So what’s the fight about?”.

“Er I don’t know if I should be discussing this with you sir. Aren’t we supposed to keep our private lives to ourselves?”.

“Yes but I’m your boss and I’m bored so give me to scoop”.

If there wasn’t the fear of getting fired on your mind you probably wouldn’t have told him anything but you did. In the end it felt good to rant, to tell someone how you really felt even if that person happen to be your billionaire boss.

“I just don’t understand why he’s keeping stuff from me?” You sighed “d…do you think he’s… cheating”.

“I highly doubt it. We all have our secrets you know”.

“Sir no offence but you literally told the whole world that you were Iron Man. That’s the biggest secret a person can have”

“Well yeah but… Think about it this way kid. There’s certain things you wouldn’t tell your partner. For example if you picked your nose…”


“Just for example. Would you want to tell Peter that?”.

Where was this going exactly?

“Well you’re still lying aren’t you? Or at least keeping the truth to yourself. Peter’s a good kid, if he’s keeping something from you I’m sure it’s beneficial to the both of you if you don’t know”.

If you didn’t know better you’d think Mr Stark knew exactly what Peter’s secret was. Just the way he talked… it was as if he already knew everything that was going on. Perhaps he was right though. Peter was practically the perfect boyfriend and if he was keeping something to himself it was silly to think that Peter, Peter Parker of all people could possibly be cheating on you.

“Hey but what do I know right? I’m not exactly the best with maintaining relationships with people… Just talk to him alright” he said standing back up and adjusting his tie “now if you’ll excuse me I have some dangerous inventions to test”.
With that he walked away.

Who knew you’d ever receive relationship advice from Tony Stark. No matter how strange it was somewhat helpful. Yet again your phone buzzed. You didn’t have to guess who it was obviously. You picked it up and finally texted Peter back.

Hey can I meet you at the pizza shop after I’m done at work? I just want to say sorry for everything that happened…
You texted.

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Carefully he led his fellow business men through the crowed room full to the brim with horny men from all ages, young to old there was someone here for all of them. Carefully he studied the room in front him all his girls doing him proud entertaining the guests who paid way too much money to get in only for the night, let alone the members. He was only looking one girl, his girl, the girl who could charm anyone just by looking at them. As soon as he saw the flush  of green hair fly in front of him he saw her grinding on some random stranger who definitely was not worth her time. Only the best of the best of the best for her. He was disgusted that someone who wasn’t worthy of you was anywhere near you. Yet you were the one who had asked to work the floor and there was nothing he could do about that. He couldn’t keep you locked up in your room so this was the only other option.

Suddenly he stopped where all of the men could see her. “Lucky” he states loud enough for the men to hear. “Lucky is her name. She is our best girl here. She will give you the time of your lives but she is the most expensive. You will be missing out because this chance wont happen again” Suga states looking over at all of the mens expressions with a smirk on his face before turning back to look at Lucky. Her light green hair flowing down to her mid back covering the green lace lingerie she was wearing. They were speechless to say the least and she hasn’t done anything yet. They were in pure ecstasy just watching her and he knew they were in the palms of his hands.

“So, what do you think lads?” he asks with that constant smirk that drives all of the girls wild in there. “I’m thinking that I would love to rip that pretty little lingerie set and fuck her up against the wall” one of the guys answers. “I bet she likes it rough. She looks like a right kinky bitch” Another one of the boys continue. Suga’s jaw was clenching as he listened to everyone of their words carefully “Be carefully with what your saying, otherwise you wont even get a ride with that old hag who has been working here for donkeys years” Suga growls shooting a strong glare in the men’s direction and all of them looking down. Finally keeping their mouths shut. “Wait here” he barked at them all as he made his way through the crowd to approach Lucky.

Lucky must’ve noticed Sugas raging expression as she parted from the low life who was wasting her time anyways. His eyes softened as Lucky approached him and stood cheerfully in front of him. “I have a group of very high up business men who are looking for a good time” Suga states nodding his head in the direction of the men who were standing obediently where Suga said for them too. Slowly she leaned past Suga and sent a small wink in the direction of the men leaving them all confused as to which one it was directed to. “Do you think you could take them all?” he asks with concerned eyes. She nodded with a smile and stood in the middle of the group signalling for them to follow her up to the waiting room that remained outside of her sectioned off room. 

Suga trailing behind to make sure no other men were to jump in amongst the crowd. Lucky stood on the stage in front of all the men as they all piled onto the chairs in front of her. Suga closed and locked the door and watched over the four men as he stood next to Lucky. “We have rules, if your going to give her ago anyways, Well I’m assuming you all are as you have come this far” Suga shouts clapping his hands studying all of their faces. Each wearing a terrifyingly similar mix of excitement and nervousness.

 “She better be good” One mumbled but everyone heard and the remaining men turned their head to look at him with shock and sympathy. “Oh Darlin’ your in for a shock if you expect that little from me” She purrs with a thick irish accent and now everything fixed together in the mens mind. Each man finding her accent very enticing and made the lust for her just grow. They were now fully in her trap and Suga couldn’t have been any happier.

She was his prized possession and it wasn’t just for the money. Not any more. The amount of time he spends with her the more his heart fluttered and he knew what was happening to him but he didn’t want to admit it. The one thing he promised himself when he started this strip club. Don’t fall in love with a stripper.

Wow Okay! That was part one of my first series! Gosh this is exciting! I hope you all have a lovely day and that you like this first part!

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Ditzy Surprise

   Guest were talking and laughing about in the decorated living room. Some reunited with old friends whom they hadn’t talked in years. Some met new people who were able to click instantly the moment the conversation started. All were dressed for elegance. All were suited for the night. Stars twinkled brightly in the clear, night sky. The moon shined gloriously upon the special birthday.

Tap, tap, her high heels tapped delicately on the hard floor. The simmering silver dress she wore for the night caught the eyes of many people, either drawing a shy smirk or a gleeful giggle from the brunette herself. Truly, maybe splurging herself on something new wasn’t always that bad. She caught the attention of many; she hoped it caught the attention of the one person who mattered.

 Hazel eyes glinted at the sight of the smart assistant. “Jaehee-ssi!” Tap, tap, tap! She walked faster; God forbid, even in high heels, nothing could stop the petite brunette from running towards the people she loved.

 Looking up, a calm smile beamed the older woman’s lips at her approach. “There you are!” Giving her a quick hug, Jaehee then placed both hands on her shoulders. “I just received a call from the Driver Kim that Mr. Han will arrive in less than 5 minutes.” Her smile always present whenever she was around, Jaehee tucked one strand of her brown hair behind her right ear. “I have to say, you did a wonderful job with the party!”

 Blush tinted each of the shorter brunette’s tanned cheeks. “Thank you!” Palms pressed together, she looked around the living room. Truly, the party looked stunning from every angle. Golden curtains dangled on each end of the glass wall. Small, round tables were placed neatly inside the room, the table itself draped by a white cloth and finished with a beautiful rose on its center. A few waiters and waitresses walked around with trays of delicious delicacies. And finally, the chandelier in the ceiling’s center gleamed gloriously for the night, casting spotlight on anyone and everyone present.

 She stifled a giggle to see Seven casually holding a tray filled with cheese tarts that were in the shape of a cat’s head.

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House of Cards (Intro)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader 

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories. 

Hello Everyone! This is my first ever post on this account. I hope you guys enjoyed this Introduction so far. I promise to continue and post the remaining of the chapters/episodes as we go. I do hope you guys will like and share and reblog!

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It was the first day of spring break, and you reminded yourself that you can finally relax. For the past few days, you’ve been awfully tied up with school work and doing whatever you could to take your mind off your most recent break up with Alfred. Two years. You spent two years hopelessly in love with Alfred. In your mind you thought that Alfred would be your “the one”. You thought that you didn’t have a care in the world, until one day you walked into Alfred hooking up with one of your best friends. Without another word, or asking for an explanation, you broke things off with Alfred. Before you could even dwell on the past some more, your best friend Crystal walked into your dorm. 

“You ready to go out and smell the fresh air for once?” She asked.

You sighed and slowly nodded. You loved Crystal. The two of you first met when you were just  4 and have been inseparable since. Crystal had planned a coffee date with you to catch up with each other. When you guys arrived to the coffee shop around the corner of your dorm, the smell of coffee was so strong yet so soothing. You couldn’t help but stand there and close your eyes for just a little bit to take in the scent. Suddenly someone bumped into you from behind. 

“-oh shi-” you heard the stranger behind you say. 

Just as you turned around, you saw a man probably in his early to mid twenties. But before you could look anywhere else, you were shocked by his choice of hair colour. Mint green? You thought to yourself. From then you slowly started to scan him from head to toe. Thick black framed glasses. Bangs that slightly covered his eyes. Dark brown eyes. Pale white skin. Flawless face. Pink rosy lips. A plain white t-shirt. Ripped denim jeans. Red converse high tops. Damn.. he looks fine. 

Darlin' (ReaderxBenny)

Request: Hi! You’re an amazing writer already! I was wondering if you were up to it, would you ever try a fluffy/smutty Benny fic? Like finding him after dean told Benny it was ‘the end of the line’ for their friendship and helping him? Don’t worry if you don’t want to, no worries! Keep up the amazing work sweetheart! Xx <3

Warning(s): fluff, smut

Words: 2075

Note: (I don’t own the gif) Thank you so much! I have wanted to try to write a Benny fic because that accent..whew! ;)

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I decided to mix two requests to make it easier for me.
So this is a kind of part II of “AFTER THE BATTLE”, mixed with the following request :
-Well if you’re accepting imagine requests… Imagine you’re Clint Barton’s younger sister and Clint thought it would be funny to hide your hearing-aids so Pietro decides to help you

Hope you’ll like it :-)


After the battle, you had healed Pietro’s injuries. Now you knew him, you could say you had an undeniable crush on him. The only problem was all these girls constantly stalking him. It made you feel so vulnerable and small.
Pietro obviously tried to flirt with you however, you weren’t an easy girl. He asked you out multiple times but you used to shrug it off, telling him you were too busy to hang out. Even if your heart was racing in your chest when you saw the speedster, you had to be careful. Deep inside you also knew Clint wouldn’t like that. Pietro may had saved his life but he was still an Avenger and worked with your older brother.
A few days ago, just after you sent the speedster packing once more, Clint told you he was worried about the fact you were still single.

“You know (Y/N), love is great sometimes … I mean why don’t you find a nice guy or something ?”
A slight blush appeared on your face and you tried not to think about your Speedy.
“Clint …” You started to mutter, but he cut you off.
“I know, I know ! It’s not my business. But I’m worried, I don’t want you to be alone …”
“Clint !” You finally mewed in despair.
“Ok, ok, I’m going to shut up I promise …” He mumbled. You let out a sigh and bit your bottom lip. “Is there someone in your life ?” He asked carefully, causing you to groan.
“You said it wasn’t your business ! Anyway I won’t tell you.” You declared before standing up.
His eyes narrowed and you shook your head in dismay, walking away.
“I’ll make you talk !” Clint yelled from the kitchen.

Your brother was always too protective towards you.
However, he also loved to get on your nerves and today, his plans were pretty clear.
Tony, and Bruce were sitting in the lab while Clint was leaning on the desk when you stormed into the room.
“Can someone help me to find my hearing-aids ? ” You asked, desperately staring at the guys.
Bruce frowned and you screwed up your eyes. Of course, they didn’t even know. You turned to ask Clint and you saw his lips moving.
“Ask - your - boyfriend ?”
Your mouth opened as you understood his little game and you flushed. It wasn’t fair at all.
You almost ran back to the living room and looked for them under the pillows, everywhere. Finally, you sat on the sofa and let out a deep sigh. Clint could be so unbearable sometimes.
Suddenly, you felt something grabbing your shoulder and startled, turning quickly to see Pietro standing behind you. What an awkward situation. You blushed when you saw his mouth opening and just moved your hands to explain you couldn’t hear him. You saw a slight frown developping on his forehead and grabbed a pen on the table to write what Clint had just done on a paper.
As he read the three sentences you wrote, Pietro raised his eyebrows and looked around him. He didn’t seem to care about the fact you needed hearing-aids. You felt his hand grabbing yours as he pulled you out of the room to look for your hearind-aids.
Heat flooded your cheeks and you couldn’t keep a smile. Clint wasn’t that stupid after all, now you were forced to spend some time with your Speedy …
You were contemplating Pietro when he turned, his strong arms lifting you effortlessly. Your gazes crossed, as if he was looking for a sign of aproval in your eyes and you nodded. You closed your eyes and circled his neck with your arms. He used his speed to move to Clint’s room. When he stopped, you opened your eyes and noticed his face was unusually close to yours. His lips brushed against your temple and you blushed, releasing your grip around his neck. Your feet finally touched the ground and you pushed Clint’s door. Pietro took a quick glance at the room and before you could do anything, he was rushing around, opening boxes and stuffs. Of course, this would be more efficient.
After 5 seconds, he stopped in front of you and handed you your hearing-aids. You let out a sigh in relief as you put them in. It took you a full minute to realize you could hear again.
“Thanks …” You finally mumbled with a shy smile.
Pietro took a step forward and a smirk crossed his face. You raised an eyebrow as he stared at you.
“What ?” You asked.
“Don’t you think you owe me something now ?” He crossed his arms on his chest.
You blushed and screwed up your eyes.
“Like what ?”
He shrugged, then obviously looked at your lips before looking back at your eyes.
“I won’t kiss you. I’m not that kind of girl.” You giggled.
He made a face and bit his lower lip, still gazing at you.
“Never said such a thing. What about this date ?”
You shook your head with a smile and planted a kiss on his cheek before heading to the lab.
“Oh come on (Y/N) ! I helped you …” He moaned, walking behind you.
You felt his hand grabbing yours and pulling you from behind. His simple touch electrified you at once. A sigh escaped your mouth and you couldn’t keep a stupid and naive smile.
“Gosh Pietro …” You muttered as you turned, amused.
You found yourself face to face with him, your two bodies incredibly close and you swallowed. Instinctively, you put your hand on his chest as he looked straight into your eyes. His fingers ran on your cheek and his hand finally cupped the side of your face tenderly. He pulled you into a passionate kiss, taking your breath away as his tongue entered your mouth to dance around yours, slowly and feverishly.
His lips on yours were the best thing you had ever tasted. Your hand slowly made its way to his shoulder, then your fingers traveled to his silver hair, grabbing it softly. You couldn’t resist to his lips that claimed yours greedily and deepened the embrace, craving his body against yours.
As you kissed lovingly in the middle of the corridor, you heard Tony’s laugh behind you and quickly pulled away from Pietro’s arms.
“I should have brought popcorn !” Tony laughed loudly.
You rolled your eyes as you felt your cheeks burning. The situation was so embarrassing you couldn’t even talk. Pietro raised an eyebrow and let out a sigh in exasperation.
“Tony …” He grumbled.
Tony was so undaunted he stared at you both before going back to the lab.
“Clint ! Guess what !”
You heard him shouting. Pietro and you suddenly looked at each other but before the two of you could react, you heard Clint’s voice echoing from the room.
“WHAT ?! (Y/N) !” Your brother shouted.
You made a face but saw an amused smile on Pietro’s lips.
“I’m sorry …” You whispered, but he shook his head.
“Don’t worry prințesă …” He replied in the same tone.
After all, if your brother wasn’t happy with the guy you loved, it didn’t matter. Clint appeared in the corridor and you stirred anxiously.
“You’re dating my little sister ?” He asked, shocked.
Pietro took a look at you and your mouth opened with surprise.
“It was just a kiss.” You interrupted him.
The speedster bit his bottom lip to avoid laughing and he looked away.
“Oh thanks (Y/N) but I was asking Pietro Maximoff if he seriously plans to date my little sister.”
You screwed up your eyes and hid your face in your hands in exasperation. It was over, the man you loved would never stay with you after that. What a shame. As your thoughts ran through your head, your speedy raised his eyebrows, not impressed at all.
“Yes, I do. Is it a problem ?” He replied spontaneously.
Your heart skipped several beats and you removed your hands from your face. Clint stared at Pietro for a while before speaking again.
“Break her heart and I’ll break your face.” He pointed his finger at the speedster.
You let out a groan and laid your head against Pietro’s chest desperately. Then, your brother’s expression softened.
“I’ll be watching you.” Clint mumbled as he left the corridor.
The speedster wrapped his strongs arms around your waist and let out a laughter. You frowned as you looked up at him.
“What’s so funny ?”
“I’m still asking you out …” He chuckled.
You raised an eyebrow in disbelief as you felt his fingers stroking your back gently.
“What ?…” You asked.
His gaze filled with apprehension and he swallowed.
“Is it another ‘no’ ?”
You shook your head and let out a laughter as you gave him a tender kiss, fully on the lips.
“You’re mad Speedy …” You sighed against his mouth.
“Mad about you …” He groaned before kissing you again more passionately.