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My dear trans and nonbinary kids: 

A good response to “But you have a (wo)man’s body!”: 

Looking at them shocked and whispering “Oh gosh, you know about the body i buried under my house?”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: Just kidding. But seriously: You have a body - and that body is your body. You identify as a man? Then you got a man’s body! Wonderful! You identify as a girl? Then you got a woman’s body! Amazing! You identify as nonbinary? Your body is nonbinary! So cool! Doctors assigned a gender to it based on the shape of your genitals and people may perceive it as a certain gender based on cultural norms - but neither doctors nor other people get to decide what you identify as.

|I like you| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x reader

Words: 837

Request:  Hi beauty! Can I ask a reader/peter parker where they secretly love each other but won´t confess. So one day they at a party and Peter hears that the reader is confessing she has a crush on spiderman and that she would date her and (have lot of sex with him) and he takes her out of the party and confess her he loves her. (and maybe if u write smut he have a lot of sex like she wanted to) loveeee

Warnings: I’M SORRY BUT no smut :’( it was so bad lol, kissies, mention of sex and wanting to fuck spiderman :D, language

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Ok, maybe I had a few too many drinks. I mean it’s not my fault, I’m just nervous. Peter is gonna be at this party and so is Spider-Man.

“Y/N-” I jolted my head towards Michelle.


“Stop it- you’re tapping your shoe on the ground and it’s annoying.” I looked down at my feet. My right foot was hitting the ground rhythmically and I hadn’t even noticed. I pushed away from the kitchen counter and then hopped onto it.

“Sorry-” I bit my lip and looked around. Still no sign of Peter. I really need to get over him. And what better way to get over him than drink my sorrows away. He doesn’t like me so what’s the point of falling in love if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.


I took a swig from the cup beside me and it went smoothly down my throat. I winced at the warmness of it and coughed.

“And I felt at one point- he liked me too. But that’s obviously not true- Eh that rhymed… I think.” Michelle nodded along, taking a bite of her sandwich. “I just need someone to hook up with so I can forget Peter…” I mumbled looking into my empty cup.

“Well I mean Spider-Man is gonna be here.” She said, jokingly.

“Honestly I would totally bang Spider-Man. Have you seen his ass? Oh, my god, he’s so hot.” Michelle rolled her eyes and looked around the room at all the people. “And I mean- I wouldn’t just have sex with him. I’d like to date him too. Although I bet the sex would be amazing-”

“How do you even know you like sex? You’re a virgin.” Michelle stuffed the rest of her sandwich in her mouth and sighed as I set my empty cup down.

“Doesn’t matter- I probably will. Wouldn’t it actually be great to fuck Spider-Man though? The things I wish he’d do t-” My sentence was cut off by someone grabbing my arm. I turned my head to look at the culprit.

“P-Peter?” I gasped. He dragged me along with him through the crowd. Oh god did he just hear all that? I’m such an idiot! Ok maybe he didn’t hear it and I’m just overreacting. “Uh- Pet- how much of that did you-”

“All of it-” He said without glancing back at me. My cheeks turned red and I stumbled along behind him. He pushed open the glass door to the backyard and pulled me outside with him. His grip was tight on my arm so I tried to pry his hand off.

“Ow-Peter-” I whimpered.

“Oh- S-Sorry- I didn’t mean to grip you that hard.” He said, letting go of me. I lazily closed the door behind me and when I turned back around Peter was running his hands through his hair. There was an awkward silence for a bit.

“Why did you bring me out here?” My eyes glued to the grass, I couldn’t look at him right now for some reason.

“I- I-” I glanced up at him. “I got jealous. And I don’t know why. Maybe cause you weren’t talking about me like that in there- I mean you were- but-” I gave him a confused look. His eyes widened. “-I mean you weren’t talking about me- hehe…” I blushed. “I’m trying to say- I like you Y-Y/N.” He mumbled the last four words. My mouth hung open in shock. Is he joking?

“P-Peter… I- I like you too.” He wasn’t smiling but his eyes looked like they were.

“Really? Y-Y/N- You do?” I nodded and he rushed towards me, pressing his lips against mine. He took me by surprise but then I wrapped my arms around his neck. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

After a few moments of us just kissing each other a loud bang erupted from nearby. Peter broke away and looked towards where it came from. A blue looking cloud could be seen past some trees in the distance.

“What was that?” Peter looked down at me.

“Y/N- Go inside.” He pushed away from me.

“What? Well, I’m not going alone- you’re coming with.” I said. He glanced back as another bang sounded.

“Ah- um- I’ll explain later but I gotta go.” He seemed worried. I backed up towards the door.

“I know what you’re gonna do Peter…” His eyes widened.

“You-You do? How?”

“Because you’re Peter. You’re gonna go check out whatever just happened.”

“Oh- Yeah… yeah!” What was up with him today?

“Just… be careful.” I said as I opened the door. He smirked and blushed while jogging backwards.

“Don’t worry I will be!” He turned and ran, jumping over the fence with ease. I’m in love with a weirdo. Before I could turn around to head back inside I heard strange ‘wip’ sound. I looked to my left and over the fence, on top of a house, was Spider-Man.

“Holy shit-” I gasped. I wonder if Peter saw him too. Maybe Peter really does know Spider-Man and he was going to help him right this moment. Or maybe… Peter was Spider-Man. I laughed aloud. There’s no way.



okay, so i can’t believe i haven’t seen this, and if i have to do it all by myself, i will so expect posts and fics. i see your cat being protective over lena posts, and that being said:

lena luthor and carter grant being friends

carter tagging around with kara because he misses seeing her and of course they stop by l-corp

and supergirl? supergirl is one thing. (supergirl is kara doing what he knows she’s meant to. helping and caring for people)

but lena luthor?? the brightest mind heading l-corp, turning it into a force for good. she’s amazing

(and oh, her legs. kidding)

carter knows all about people assuming someone’s bad or mean or cold. his mom can make a grown man cry and in the same breath ask how his day was with a tenderness he knows few get to witness

he knows what it’s like to not want to be touched. when his skin crawls and he shies away from his mom’s hand, never missing that quick look of hurt on her face before she masks it

he knows what it’s like to be lonely. his mom tries so hard, but she can’t be everywhere at once. sometimes he doesn’t mention things at school, because he knows she’ll get frustrated with herself when she can’t make it but still- it’s lonely. coming home to a dark house and waiting till she comes home and she’ll try and make the most out of the night until she’s so tired she falls asleep on the couch and he drapes a blanket over her

kara will bring him along her visits and sometimes she has to fly out for a quick rescue. the first time they just stare at the ground until jess comes in and mentions something about lena’s latest project

and carter will ask a question. and another. until they’re both on the couch, shoulders brushing as they talk over papers of layouts and blueprints

kara comes back to see them in some deep discussion and just leans against the door, smiling

after that, as soon as kara leaves they’ll dive right into the latest mechanics. lena being so astounded by him, this young boy asking questions she’s never been asked. who’s hesitancy with her has never been because of her, because she’s a luthor and she’ll send him home with all these papers and journals to review

kara will always try to get him to side with her about what they get for lunch and when he sides with lena, she just- hands on her hips and head bowed i’ve never experienced a betrayal as deep as this

(she’s so dramatic but oh, lena always laughs a laugh he’s never heard for anyone else, loud and full and they stare at each other with little smiles afterwards)

kara will pop up behind them and smugly point out an error in their formulas and won’t give it up until lena’s fingers are wiggling into her sides, carter laughing at the pure happiness on kara’s face because sometimes she gets a little quiet, a little sad but never when lena’s there (or lena remedies it quickly)

all i’m saying is these three dorks hanging out

(l-corp visits become his favorite thing just like kara’s)

Thief [Soulmate AU - Dabi]

Finally, I’ve finished the 100 followers’ special! I’m actually not a huge fan of this, though, since it’s shorter than the Hanahaki AU I wrote earlier and I’m afraid Dabi might be OOC ;; but still, I’m glad that I managed to finish. I hope you guys enjoy, and thank you for your support!! 

Also, a quick note: this takes place before Dabi joined the League of Villains. 

-Admin Shigaraki

Dabi walked quietly down the alleyway, his hands tucked in his pockets and his icy blue eyes focused on the person hurrying along in front of him. He was a nervous-looking businessman, and he seemed to know he was being followed—hence the sudden transition from walking to jogging. To Dabi, however, this wasn’t much of a problem. He knew the man would be an easy target, especially if he incapacitated him with his quirk. Instead of scorching him with his dark flames, however, Dabi picked up his own pace, quickly catching up to the man and grabbing onto his arm. “Sir,” Dabi began calmly. “I’m going to have to ask you to give me everything you have.”

“P-please, take it—” stuttered the man, flinging his wallet onto the pavement. “Just don’t hurt me!”

“Is this all you have?” Dabi asked, unimpressed with the thin, leather wallet the man had dropped. “Surely you have a phone on you, right? Could I have that too?”

The man didn’t respond, save for a nervous gasp and a rapid shaking of his head. By now, Dabi had begun heating up his hand, allowing the tiniest of flames to lick the sleeve of the man’s business suit. “You’d better cooperate with me, or else you’ll leave this alleyway without an arm,” he threatened in a low voice.

“H-here—!” he exclaimed, retrieving his phone from his pocket and shakily handing it over. “Now please let me go! That’s all I have, I swear!”

“Are you sure?” Dabi said, his voice still carrying a hint of a threat as he scanned the man from head to toe. “If I find anything else on you, I’m going to use my quirk to blow your arm across this city.”

Once again, the man slipped a hand into his pocket—but this time, Dabi was surprised to watch him withdraw a small knife. He lashed out at Dabi as quick as he could, managing only to catch his sleeve with the blade. “Damn it. Now you’re leaving with a lot more than an arm missing,” he muttered, sending a violent blast of dark fire at the man.

When the smoke from the attack had cleared, the businessman was laying motionless on the ground, severely burnt and still smoldering here or there. As he looked on at his defeated foe, Dabi noticed something else still burning beside the man. “Ah, damn. I burnt the wallet,” Dabi grunted, leaning down to pick up the scorched piece of leather. “Oh well… At least I got his phone.”

As Dabi turned to leave the alleyway with the stolen phone, however, he was startled to notice someone around his age standing at the alley’s entrance, their mouth agape and their eyes wide with horror. They’d seen everything, and what made it all worse was the one detail Dabi hadn’t noticed yet: their wrists were connected by an ethereal scarlet thread.

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Can I have sidon headcannon when he first see his S/o wearing an zora wedding dress

- oh goodness someone help this man he is WEAK

- the compliments come falling out his mouth so fast he’s even slowing down the ceremony

- sidon do you take- “s/o you look so stunning!! I could look at you all day, I love you so much!!” ahem, do you take s/o to be your- “oh how did I get so lucky? you’re the most beautiful of them all! you’re amazing!”

- he is a Proud Groom and he wants to show them off to the world

- would not be embarrassed about asking people to take pictures of the both of them so he can treasure the moment forever

-mod makar

dearconnmurphy  asked:

can you do some hcs where the reader is taller than Jared??? Im uh, asking for a friend pffff


-okay so like when you first met Jared he was so in love!
-like he was so mesmerized by your beautiful tall self his mouth was wide open when alana introduced you two
-you’re this beautiful Amazonian like person and he’s just Jared
-he felt sort of self conscious bc people have been telling him his whole life “oh the mans supposed to be taller yadah yadah yadah” and you’re obviously the taller one
-but when he looks at you he just melts and he’s like fuck all that bullshit imma ask you out because you’re amazing and if you say no oh well but im totally in love w your tall ass so date me
-he may or may have told you that word for word while on his tipey toes lol
-you say yes obvi bc like who wouldn’t ???
-okay so on to some cute shit
-Jared is the big spoon bc he loves wrapping his arms around you and smooching the back of your head
-but every once in a while you switch it up and he feels so safe wrapped in your arms
-he loooooves when you kiss his forehead he feels so loved and he just stares at you in awe from under his lashes and smiles so big
-he will constantly give you piggy back rides and one time you gave him one and he was like “I can see the whole world from here” bc he’s a nerd
-constant neck kisses bc “well my mouth lines up perfectly to your neck so I don’t know why you think I wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity Y/N”
-shows you off a lot like Jared is just one of those guys who’s so proud of his S/O like he has a pic of you in his wallet and talks about you and how your legs go on for miles etc bc he can
-sometimes when he’s tired or cranky or lazy he’ll wrap his arms around your middle and lean against the side of your chest under your arm and drag himself along side you like a child
-may or may not have gotten in trouble for standing on a bench at school and leaning down to kiss you
-sometimes you wrap your long legs around him and squeeze him real tight and he just starts giggling
-your guys’ friends will tease you about the different dynamics but honestly they love that you two are together
-always catching Jared staring up at you and when you catch him he looks down but you can tell he’s smiling
-loving leaning down to kiss this nerd
-you guys are just so cute I cant

From germany FBM2016
We made the HaikyuuHarrypotterAu real!!!!
Thanks to you and your awesome blog!
We love your art and you are so awesome to us and pls don’t stop with it ♡


You guys look absolutely amazing!!! [YODELS EXCITEDLY]
I’m incredibly honoured that you like my art my good dude!!! I hope you had alot of fun with those cosplays :’DD

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your top 5 seiyuus??? ᐛ

fdgshfjdsfdsj, absolutely. I was about to ask “just from haikyuu or in general?” but then I realized that all my fave seiyuus do voices on HQ so WE’RE GOOD. LET’S GET TO THE LIST!  Thanks for asking!!!

Originally posted by angelotaku

1. Uchiyama Kouki AKA Tsukishima Kei

….I love this man’s voice. Plus at all the seiyuu events he always just looks like he wants to die, and somehow that is endearing to me. I fell in love with his voice while watching Hotarubi no Mori e and I just CANNOT GET ENOUGH. He plays sassy/mean characters so well and YEAH I just love him. Basically I want all of his characters to step on me, is that bad?

Originally posted by yoshino-hiroyuki

2. Yoshino Hiroyuki AKA Iwaizumi Hajime

Uhhhhh noah fence but his voice uhhhh it does things to me. Have you heard his drama CDs??????? Plus I love how he can go from a deep voice like Iwa-chan to playing a character like Present Mic from BNHA fdshjfkdsfdjsffjfdgh i laugh every time i hear him

Originally posted by luxicity

3.  Nakamura Yuuichi AKA Kuroo Tetsurou   

I STG HE PLAYS A CHARACTER IN EVERY DAMN ANIME. I loved him as Nozaki in GSNK and obvs I love him as Kuroo, HE’S ALSO MUMEN RIDER FROM OPM LOL. He’s got a damn good voice what else can I say????

Originally posted by seiyuu

4. Ishikawa Kaito AKA Kageyama Tobio 

I think it’s impossible NOT to love this boy… For one he’s HILARIOUS, he’s easily one of the funniest guys in the whole cast. He voices a lot of my favourite characters, I love Tobes obviously, Iida from BNHA is amazing and Genos from OPM, COME ON, HE’S PERFECT

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5. Kimura Ryouhei AKA Bokuto Koutarou

When people look up “duality of a man”  THIS GUY’S PICTURE SHOULD POP UP. It’s honestly hard to believe that the same man who voices Bokuto also voices Wakamatsu from GSNK….. BLOWS MY MIND. Also… his drama cds….. make my knees weak.

I’m also going to take a second to plug one of my favourite blogs on here: @zeedehale!! They post drama CDs that are voiced by Haikyuu seiyuus and fdshjfkdsfdshfjfdgfdgfdh i love them all so much.

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^^^ OH AND if you love these boys as much as i do and haven’t watched any of the Haikyuu seiyuu events that are on youtube I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO. Just search “haikyuu seiyuu events” and you’ll find them, most have english subs.

Weight Gainer

As Devlin was leaving the gym he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was easily one of the biggest body builders he’d seen around his gym. Devlin always hated those kind of guys. They would get all the attention while he would have to sit on the sidelines. Sure he didn’t have a bad physique; he just didn’t understand why no one else wanted to be around him.

“Hey man,” Devlin said in a friendly tone.

The big bodybuilder looked down. “Oh, Hey man. What’s up?” He did a quick flex and everyone around him ooed in their amazement. His muscle bulged all over the place. Devlin frowned as he was being shown up.

“So, like, what are you on?” he asked. The small group of people just stared a little blankly. The bodybuilder lost his smile only for a second. He had clearly dealt with people like Devlin before. “Yeah to get so big. What are you on? I’m just curious. I’ve got a bit of a physique right now and I was just curious how I could get bigger.”

“Well…” the bodybuilder paused for a second and did another pose. He showed off his deeply cut horseshoe tricep. “Through hard work! Diet! And consistent training!” The small group around him cheered as he performed a different pose with each word. They were eating this shit up. Devlin wasn’t going to let this go. This guy was obviously not a natural bodybuilder. His bulging veins and overdeveloped muscles made that clear. Why couldn’t anyone else see this?

“Yeah but, like, what are you on? Guys like you always have a little bit of a secret. I’m just trying to find out what else you’re taking. I’m really trying to gain some weight,” now Devlin was sounding indignant.

“Oh I’m glad you asked!” the bodybuilder sounded like a game show announcer. His loud baritone voice filled the parking lot. He started into a full spiel on the types of protein powders and other weight gainers he had for sale. The small group of people seem to have grown after seeing some kind of commotion. They all sounded so interested in what looked like sugar pills and flour sitting in brightly colored tins.

“And now for my very special guy, I’ll give you a free sample,” he gave Devlin a punch to the arm. It wasn’t quite as friendly as it looked. “Go on. Take it.” Devlin knew it was going to be a lot better for him if he just took the small bottle of pills. The bodybuilder clearly wasn’t happy about his questions. Devlin smiled to himself knowing he’d just gotten a free sample. That wasn’t his intent but at least it was some sort of consolation prize. And he got to piss off someone he thought was a jackass. So win-win.

He got home and down two of the pills with water. “Might as well regulate my sugar,” he quipped. “Why doesn’t anyone else think I’m funny… Their lose.” Devlin smiled as he went to sit in his favorite chair and turned on the TV. He leaned his chair back and stared blankly at the screen. He was really getting into the show he was watching.

It was distracting him as his body started to gain weight. His stomach started to bulge out in front of him while his pecs started to lose their defined shape. He scratched his belly nonchalantly as hair started to grow. The itch started to grow a little bit stronger. He scratched it again not thinking about it. Another few minutes passed as his stomach grew even wider. The pain suddenly hit him as his pants strained against the extra weight. “What the…” he tried to spring up from his seat. His husky kept him firmly planted. His stomach kept growing wider as he struggled to get out of his chair. Words refused to form in his mouth. He had to see what had just happened.

In the mirror he saw his body. A large belly protruded in front on him. He gave it a quick rub. It felt oddly nice. He stared deeper into the mirror seeing how his face looked a lot fuller. The stress lines from trying to maintain a strict diet to keep his thin waist disappeared. He stepped on the scale. 220. He’d gained at least 60 pounds. He didn’t really mind though. It felt nice being a bigger guy. A part of him actually felt like he was stronger. And for some odd reason he really wanted to snuggle with someone.

“Fuck…” he cursed absent mindedly while scratching the hair between his deep pecs. He gave his reflection a bit of a smirk. “Guess I did say I wanted to be bigger…”

I just realized something. The reason why I feel that I’ll probably be able to handle the generally angry and very hot headed blond, or what you guys probably know well as Kacchan.

He’s literally my brother minus the swear words

Like, all the explosive tendencies and anger and just. The general demeanor?? He just reminds me of him?? How can I not realize like he’s my closest sibling and we watch anime together all the time including bnha???

And then this idea struck me. Whoop.

Warning for swear words because Kacchan’s foul, foul mouth.

The boys as a brother to their sister

Izuku is the best older brother who’s attentive to your needs, and he’s probably going to spoil you rotten because you and your mom are his only family and he treasures the two of you so much.

“[f/name]-chan, I bought your favorite snacks! Oh, and I saw these on sale today, I remember you saying you wanted them, see this?”

As a younger brother, Izuku looks up to you and you’re literally the second after All Might in his top hero list whether you’re a hero or not, and this admiration means that he will mostly consult you about his problems because he usually will feel better afterwards.

“Nee-san, are you asleep? Can I come in? Um, you see… Lately at school…..”

Katsuki is the worst older brother in a sense that he isn’t doting or even showing that he cares about you in the slightest, but when he sees you crying he’s going to find the fucker who made you cry and make them cry blood. 

“Oy, [f/name]! Where the fuck’s my shirt?!! I know you’re wearing them again, god damn it, learn to wear your own shirt, you shitface!”
(Naturally, his mother smacks him after hearing this because that’s no way to speak to your younger sister)

As your little brother who has tendencies to try and one-up you, Katsuki could be a lot to handle, and it’s as if he’s so intent to make everything a competition; from sparring matches to who can brush teeth faster, there’s gotta be a winner and a loser in the end.

“What the fuck, Aneki!? That’s MY pudding! Hah?! Why the hell should I put my name on it, this ain’t some shitty dorm! Damn it, you bitch, you wont get away with this!!”

I feel like Shouto is going to turn up as a rather protective older brother (especially if your quirk turns out to be similar to him), he tries to minimise contact between you and his dad, takes it upon himself to teach you to fight, and basically mothers you over your wellbeing. 

“I told you to dry your hair properly before getting to bed, [f/name]. I told you…. *sigh* …. Stay on your bed, I’ll call in sick for you.”

Having Shouto as a younger brother is going to make you want to spoil him because he’s been through too much and no one deserves that as a child, and you become his second mother figure he can depend and trust on.

“[f/name] nee-san, you’re pampering me again…. Huh? …. It’s not like I don’t enjoy it – okay, now you’re choking me, seriously – stop.”


Fumikage as your older brother: “Don’t be afraid to be different, [f/name]. We’re unique, and it’s not a bad thing.”

Fumikage as your younger brother: “Nee-san, I need your honest opinion on this. Which color suits the curtain better, charcoal or outer space?”

Denki as your older brother: “Oh man, that was some amazing action, don’t you think? Where do you think we should go n– HOLY SHIT [F/NAME] OUR FAVORITE BAND IS PERFORMING WE GOT TO SEE THIS OPEN UP YOUR SAVINGS”

Denki as your younger brother: “[f/name], my dearest, most beautiful, patient and forgiving sister of mine, I, uh, I… ate your cake by accident. Please forgive me with that kind heart of yoOOOOWCH THAT HURTS NEE-SAMA I’M SO SORRY I WAS WRONG”

Eijirou as your older brother: “Come on, [f/name], if he makes you cry, he doesn’t deserve it! I can introduce you to my friends, they’re manly men and they’ll make you happy for sure, not like that jerk… What’s his name and address again by the way?”

Eijirou as your younger brother: ”[f/name] holy shit you’re not gonna believe how amazing All Might looks like in person– I could barely breathe– there’s so much amazing people in the class– we got pro heroes teaching us– Oh man, this is gonna be long, let me fetch some snacks!“

Misunderstandings & Missteps: Japril

(like something out of a goddamn Shakespeare play) 

13x19 AU: When Arizona mistakenly guesses that Riggs is in love with April, instead of Meredith, things get complicated. Jackson makes a misstep that sends him reeling on what he really wants. Will Japril ever be able to find their way back to each other? 

Chapter 1: Misunderstandings

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“Ya know, I never really properly apologized.”

“What for?” They were leaning over the rail of the Bounty, side by side, staring at the clouds.

“Treating you like a bratty kid when we first met.”

“Oh.” Lloyd shrugged. “Eh. It is okay. I kinda was one.”

“Well, you aren’t one anymore, that’s for sure.”

Lloyd turned to Kai, looking up at him with curiosity. “Then what am I?”

“You really wanna know?” Lloyd nodded eagerly. “You are amazing. You are smart, and funny, and kind, and one of the most selfless people I have ever met. You are a great ninja and you inspire all of us. And I respect the hell out of you, man. Don’t ever forget that, okay?”

“Oh.” Lloyd blinked a few times. “Thanks, Kai.”

Kai winked and kissed Lloyd’s cheek. “Anytime, babe.”

Lloyd turned bright red. Kai really did know how to set his weak, gay heart on fire.

(Pun intended.)

Blind Dating {S.M}

requested// imagine where your best friend’s boyfriend is on the hockey team with Shawn and you go to the game and they introduce you to Shawn

author’s note// this imagine has a lil twist like i’m kind of obsessed w/ it. 

masterlist || link to part two

Joey’s hand slipped into yours, his fingers lacing through yours, slightly putting your nerves at ease. His fingers pressed firmly against your knuckles. It made you feel a whole lot better, but it really didn’t expunge all of the tension of the situation. 

“Y/n, it’s completely okay, he’s hot.” Joey insists as he leans over a bit, whispering so no one can hear you. You turned your head and looked up at him, giving him a weak smile. 

“I sure hope so.” You huffed, giving Joey’s hand a squeeze. 

“Y/n you saw a picture, now you’re just trying to be difficult.” Joey nudged against you, causing you to bump into a couple of girls in front of you in line. You instantly received looks of antipathy from those girls. 

“No, I am not. Joseph. I am not getting my hopes up.” You straightened your spine, pulling your hand away from his. 

“First of all, stop calling me Joseph I am most certainly not the guy with the technicolor dream coat. Second of all, stop being so damn picky! I’m literally in line to buy you some fruit gushers and I got you into this game for free, so give me a break.” He insisted. You rolled your eyes at him a bit. 

“It is only because your boyfriend is on the team.” You nudge Joey just a bit. 

“And Shawn has been handpicked by my boyfriend for you, and if you haven’t noticed, Leo has impeccable taste.” Joey flipped some imaginary hair. You rolled your eyes yet again. Joey felt bad for you. It was obvious. Your boyfriend of two years (you started dating freshman year and it lasted two whole years, it was a serious relationship) dumped you for the new girl as soon as he laid eyes on her. It was very insolent and insensitive, and for two months you were completely broken. All of your friends, especially Joey, did everything they could to get you out of that self loathing funk. And just a couple weeks ago, they did, and you felt things start getting back to normal. So of course, Joey decides it’s perfect time to get you a new boyfriend. So of course, Joey asks his own boyfriend to pick a guy from his hockey team. So of course, Leo chooses Shawn. Shawn is great at hockey, but he is also a singer who is a little bit internet famous and went on a tour over the summer to meet some fans and he also is going to release an album pretty soon and a world tour isn’t far behind. Basically, this kid is completely unattainable. 

“Not really he chose you.” You teased, letting a stretching grin spread across your face as you looped your arm through his. 

“Okay, now that hurt. And now i’m not buying you fruit gushers.” Joey pulled his arm away, and started to walk off. 

“Joey!” You shrieked, grabbing his hand and pulling him back in line. “I’m sorry, Leo has amazing taste. You are such a catch, you’re a literal model, if you weren’t gay I would date you so fast. I’m literally in love with you.” You pulled at his arm, him giving you disapproving looks as he knew you were kidding. 

“Jesus, I didn’t realize you wanted those fruit gushers so bad. I might need to tell Leo to rethink, cause you’re so needy.” 

You an Joey sat down in the very front, since Leo had reserved the seats so you could get a good look at Shawn in action, and Joey could see Leo. It was awkward. You were surrounded by the parents of these boys and they occasional girlfriend. One of the girlfriend’s of one of the player came up to Joey and hugged him. It was really weird. It’s like they had a secret society for the lovers of the hockey players. 

“He is number fourteen.” Joey leaned over to you, pointing to a really tall guy that currently had control of the disk… or ball? Or whatever the hell you called those things. He was cute. Okay, cute was a tad bit of an understatement. He was absolutely adorable on about seventeen different levels. He was someone you legitimately wanted to date. Like actually date. You wanted to tell yourself that you should not be basing your feelings towards someone strictly off of appearance. But dang, he was freaking precious. 

“You approve?” Joey nudges you a little bit, his eyes still glued to his own boyfriend. 

“Oh yeah.” You huffed. 

You weren’t gonna lie, Leo did pretty good on this. 

The game was over. Joey said they won, which is good because he would be in a good mood, and it’d be a whole lot better than if they lost and he was all salty and whatnot. 

So naturally, you stood awkwardly by the locker room along with the girls you sat near during the game, as they all tried to one up each other in whose boyfriend was the hottest, or the best hockey player, or whatever. Shawn won all of them by a long shot. 

“Joey, you coming to the game next weekend? It’s away.” A girl with incredibly long jet black hair questions him, as all the heads of the girls turn. You’ve learned that Joey makes most of them slightly uncomfortable, but some are his close friends. 

“Yeah, y/n here may possibly be coming along.” Joey elbows you in the ribs a bit. 

“Why is she here?” Some girl with hair as curly as a labradoodle scoffed, shooting daggers at you. 

“Leo set her up with Shawn.” Joey shrugged nonchalantly. All of the girls’s mouths dropped, and you could tell they were about to say something. 

But then the boys walked out. And the squealing started. They all ran to their respecting boyfriends, pushing through the players without girlfriends to get to their man.

“Oh my god, you did amazing!”

“You were the best one out there!”

“I love you so much!”

You kinda stood there, with Joey, as you both waited for Shawn and Leo. Joey looked over at you, giving you a weak smile right before you saw them. Joey walked quickly over to Leo, embracing him hugely as Leo kissed him on the cheek. Some girls, and even some players, got quite a bit uncomfortable. That pissed you off, because you hated people like that. You wanted to scream at them. Leo and Joey were just like them. 

But your attention was drawn away when Shawn patted Leo on the back and started to walk towards you. His white teeth flashing at you, nearly blinding you. His long strides seemed to take forever, and you felt the gazes of all the girls land firmly on you. 

“You’re Y/n, right?” His hand went behind his neck, rubbing it a bit. The sweat was glistening on his forehead, and he looked as cute as anyone could possibly look in that oversized jersey thing. He was adorable. You found yourself at an utter loss for words. 

“Umhum.” Was all that you could manage to get out. 

“Leo told me about you. He said you were Joey’s best friend, and you were super into film making and stuff?” Your cheeks turned red. Some people thought film makers were crazy, at least at your school they did. They called you freaks and nerds. “I think that’s super cool.” Your shoulders slumped in a relaxed form, his words putting you at ease. 

“Thanks. What you do on the ice is super cool too.” Your hands entwine in front of you. His face turned a shade of pink, which could easily be mistaken for him being sweaty. 

“Thanks for coming.” He laughed a little. “To the game I mean. I saw you, and I got excited. From the second Leo showed me your picture I couldn’t wait to meet you. Of course, the photo didn’t do you any justice. You’re beautiful.” Your face begins to burn. 

“Thank you. You are pretty… um good looking yourself.” You look down at the floor, smiling, not being able to look him in the eyes. 

“Yanno, I know we were supposed to go on a double date with Joey and Leo.” He started, “But we could go somewhere. Just us.” He suggested. Almost instantaneously, you nodded. 

“I’d love that.” Shawn’s eyes lit up and he took your hand entwining his fingers with yours. 

And for some reason, his hands entwined with yours calmed you much more than Joey’s. 

author’s note// THIS IS TRASH YOU GuuuuUUUySS i’m so sorry this had so much potential and went strAIght to the gutter the next one will be better i promise. 

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Why do you like Bellamy? -ask me about my fave things

Oh man oh man I would have to write a damn novel about that now woudn’t I?Ok here we go then.

🔫 First of all his character development. He went from being a bad boy whose “stature couldn’t be challenged” to such a sweet, caring, amazing person who would do anything to protect the people he loves.

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🔫 The way he looks at Clarke when she isn’t looking. He is so in love I can’t deal with this right now.

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🔫 I like it when he smiles. His smile is everything in the world.

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🔫 His freckles and the chin dimple and the lip scar and basically everything about his face makes me want to punch myself in the face.

🔫 His protective instincts. He wants to protect everyone LITERALLY every single goddamn human that exists.

🔫 He gave up his childhood to take care of his little sister.

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🔫 He is really really smart. I mean the guy likes mythology.Damn Bellamy marry me pls

🔫 His arms tho.I like that man’s arms oh my god.

🔫 His flirting skills with Clarke crack me up. I love it how he can do a three way with some random girls but when it comes to Clarke he has no game whatsoever and that makes him even cuter.

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He is the purest human being and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me.  🔫 🔫 🔫

(see how I used a gun emoji lmao)


red vibez w my mans (ik my shirt looks orange in this pic but trust me, iT’S R E D)

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tagging a few of my equally amazing mutuals (who i really want to get to know more of bc i love yall too😭😭😭) @97hoseok @lvckysvn @illicitblue @sweaterpawsyoongz @resi-lient-e @bts-delusional-times @inkpeach @dreamyjh @cypherygi @soft-taehyung @cloudy-kg @je0n @goddammitsuga @jiminslipgloss @namkxooks @pansugah @lucidjimin @jungkooksweetheart @busanjk @philophobia999 @yugy @jitaos @baeni @1oveyoon

also excuse the fact that i look like the devils incarnate compared to a man w a jawline crafted by the gods

( requested by @cupidstupid8499 )

“I’ve never see you at Molly’s, miss. Why don’t you speak to me about you? Just to understand why such a beautiful girl is here, in this cove of strange people”
Antonio’s smile was so pure and reassuring, but you had a lot of disappointments from relationships with men in your life; you couldn’t be able to believe in the detective’s sincere interest for you. You were superior to all, you didn’t need a men or any company, you didn’t care.
“Because maybe I don’t want to?”
Antonio was amazed at how such a beautiful girl looked like so sassy; not every girl was able to resist to him, ‘cause he was an handsome man.
“Oh oh, we have here a Primadonna girl here!” He said smiling, his voice was amused, the whole conversation was kind of funny.
“Incredible how every word you said means a boorish attempt to woo me” you said with an ironic grin, adding an “I can’t figure out whether it makes me enjoy or hurts my nervous system”.
Antonio raised his eyebrows, then sighed and took his glass.
“Wow, okay miss, have a good night” He made it to leave, but a voice stopped him.
“Hey hey, it was a rhetorical question”
He grinned and put again the glass on the counter.
“So, what’s your name mysterious girl?”
You know how it will end.

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first kiss??? maybe as kids please!!!

Iruka sniffled, rubbing his face into his knees. The Third had kicked him from his office. He was too busy to be someone’s father today.

Iruka hadn’t meant to annoy him.

He just didn’t want to go home right now. He had liked how “Grampa” Hokage had let him sit in his office after he left the academy. Sometimes he let him wear his hat and draw seals on scrolls for him.

The memorial stone didn’t have any reassurance for him. Metal and stone couldn’t embrace you the way parents could.

There was a noise in the grass behind him and he jumped up, hoping for a second it was the Hokage to apologize.

Instead it was an ANBU.

Iruka huffed and and rubbed his eyes. “Did Grampy Sandaime send you?”

The ANBU stood from where he had landed after his trasportation jutsu. He wasn’t very tall, or very wide. He was more long and lanky looking. Like the older kids he knew. Iruka decided he didn’t like him.

The ANBU nodded his head silently.

Iruka glared. He crossed his arms. “Well, I’m not going back. And I’m not going home!”

The ANBU shook his head and reached behind him.

Iruka gasped and stepped back. “I’m sorry! I’ll go apologize! I didn’t mean to be so rude!”

The masked face tilted, confused and then drooped heavily, exasperated, before holding out what he had got from his weapons pouch.

“Huh?” Iruka walked forward cautiously. He picked up the note among the wadded up bills and coins in the black gloved hand.

“For ramen,” it read in the Hokage’s writting.

Iruka laughed, rubbing his hair. “Sorry about that. Let’s go get ramen!” He grabbed the ANBU’s arm draging him towards the village.

The ANBU never removed his mask. Never ate, even through Iruka had thrown up two fingers as soon as he entered and excitedly ordered two bowls with his favorite toppings.

“Grampa-sama treats me to ramen sometimes,” Iruka told the curly grinned red and white mask. “It’s my favorite! It smells so good!” His happy hands clapped together to thank the old man and his son for their soup.

The ANBU stared at his. Iruka kept talking. “I think it’s okay he got mad at me. I was being kind of a pain. So I’ll accept his apology I guess. I mean he is the Hokage and I’m just an annoying kid.” He snickered at the ANBU. “You probly are too.”

The masked face tilted.

“Annoyed with me!” Iruka corrected quickly, sitting back from his bowl in a flurry of frantic gestures. “Not an annoying kid.” He laughed awkwardly again, stopped trying and fell over his bowl. “Geez, way to go, Iruka,” he mumbled to himself, before slurping down his soup.

He was used to ANBU. Hanging out in the Hokage’s office after school meant he saw a lot of them. He didn’t think they were scary or intimidating like everyone else did. Just because they were skilled shinobi didn’t mean they were going to attack him, unless they were moving like they were about to attack him.

“You really scared me back there, man. You gotta relax some. If every move you make looks like an attack people are gonna think you’re attacking,” he waved his chopsticks and then looked down again. “Oh…” He’d eaten it all without realizing.

A gloved hand tapped his shoulder and another pushed a bowl towards him.

Iruka looked at it. Then at the swirly grinning face, sort of amazed the older boy would give him his ramen.

He felt his face getting warm. “Th-thank you, ANBU-oniisan.”

The masked face leaned sideways, resting it’s cheek on a fist, elbow on the counter.

Iruka lauged. “Yeah. Like that.”

After his second bowl was done Iruka paid with the money he had been given. He sighed, walking out of the shop, his belly full and happy.

He looked up realizing it was past dark. “Oh! We’re learning about the constellations in school right now!” He walked quickly without looking. Trying to find a view not obscured by street lights or buildings. He pointed up at them. “That one- that’s the- the guiding one. So that way’s true north!”

The masked face was suddenly on his shoulder, making Iruka jump. His face heating up again. He could hear the older boy’s breath inside the mask.

It was even and perfect and nothing like his heartbeat all of a sudden. A gloved hand curled around his slacking, pointing arm, and redirecting it to what way was actually north.

“O-oh…” Iruka’s mind stopped working. The ANBU smelt better than ramen and it was making him queasy.

The teen stepped back again and he felt like he could breathe again. He looked around to get his bearings, trying to figure out where in the village they were.

“I- I guess I got to go home now…” He didn’t like going home. “I don’t like going home.” He shared to the ANBU as they walked towards the street lights again. “It’s too empty.”

The ANBU’s feet stopped, but by the time Iruka noticed he was walking again. “Are you alone too, ANBU-san?”

Their gate grew heavy. “Can you tell Gampa Sandaime that I’m sorry? I won’t go to his office anymore. Just as long as he still takes me for ramen stomtimes?” He watched his feet in the dirt of the road. “I just don’t want to be alone all the time…”

The ANBU stopped for a second time, longer, staring.

Iruka looked back. The red and white face was looking at the ground. Iruka walked towards him. “I know you’re sad,” Iruka said quietly. He reached for the gloved hand. He could feel the warmth of skin underneath and it was doing funny things to his heart again

He ignored it. “But you’re not alone right now.”

The older boy lifted his head. Looking at Iruka and for a second he thought he saw red where an eye should be. “Thank you for spending the day with me, ANBU-san.” He leaned on his toes, not sure why, but kissing the masked cheek, like his mother used to do for him. Only something felt different about it this time.

“Goodnight, ANBU-san.” He let the hand in his go, turning to walk on his own.

Iruka lauged at his former student, boasting, telling stories about his new genin team as they walked towards the ramen shop.

He stepped under the banner holding up his hand to order before even being greeted when another voice echoed his. He looked over at the other body entering the same time.

“Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto stopped Iruka from staring. “You like ramen too?”

“Ma, on occasion,” Kakashi tried to wave him off but Naruto was relentless.

“How come we never see you here? You like the same ramen as Iruka-sensei? Why don’t you ever offer to treat me to ramen? You know I like it!” And on he went.

Iruka smiled at them, watching. When their food was placed they said their thanks but Naruto was still talking.

Kakashi laid his chin on his hand, ignoring his ramen, listening.

Iruka’s heart skipped a beat.


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Hey there! I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to ask or anything, but is there a way to be confident in your work while youre working? I really admire your style, and its a huge influence for me, I'm having a rough time with my art, I don't feel like its good enough or that I'm improving no matter how hard I try, and I see so many people younger than me be better at drawing and animation and I went to art school too, I'm not sure, what are your thoughts, if thats okay to ask ;;

Oh man, it’s totally cool to ask this! I think it’s important to remember that everyone goes through exactly what your feeling. I’ve always gone through bouts of hating my work and laying on the floor feeling like my art career is over.

The important thing is to try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone grows in different ways and you might be surprised at how many people look at your work and think it’s more amazing than anything they could do. Even if you’re still just learning, try not to put yourself down. <3 It’s not easy to do, and sometimes we all just need to sulk and wallow in self pity, but pushing through that and continuing to make art afterward is the mark of a confident artist. (At least in my book. ^^)

I hope that helps! And I hope everyone feeling down about their art right now can still have a great day! I believe in you! <3

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OMG how do you find so many regan fics? I've searched on ao3 but it seems like there's nothing besides one shots

Oh man there are soooo many amazing longform chaptered ones! At least half the ones on the front page right now are chaptered fics…unless you’re just looking for complete ones?

Have some recs- all of these have been completed: 

Shelter from the Storm by sodium_amytal

Devil’s Backbone by magnolia_9

The Land of Milk and Honey by sirachamuchacha

Blue Jello and  5 People Who Noticed Rick Was in Love With That Asshole + The One Time He Noticed it Himself by negickapologist

Ready For Another Life and  Lucky Like a Black Cat by sinnersoprayer

Please and thank you by cherryflesh

911 by GettinGrimey

Riding Shotgun by bigcatsandkatanas

I Want You To Stay by michonneskatana

Red Canyon Outlaw by TheRedBandit

What Kind of Man by TheBlueBicycle 

And, because I’m terrible, one of my own:  5 Times Negan Ordered The Same Damn Thing + 1 Time He Ordered Something Different

This list is a massive testament to how much time I’ve spent reading for this pairing, yikes.