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I started following you b.c of a pharah/mercy post you made. But you made me love pharah/76. :)

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My Goodness. Oh man oh man oh man this is the best thing I’ve heard all week. As I’ve mentioned before, I came into this fandom with this ship as a complete phantom-ship. I’ve been working hard to make people look approvingly into it as I do write it actively on my blog.

I can’t take all the credit, of course. My partner and babs and waifu @violentnonretirement is my amazing Jack and writes him so perfectly, and is just as invested into this pairing as I am.Thank you so much for this comment, though. You made my day! <3 I hope you have a grand Friday!

What other people see when they watch the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them trailer: oh cool a new Harry Potter gotta watch this movie!

What I see: holy crap they just mentioned Hogwarts they’re talking about Hogwarts. What, what, what, they just mentioned Dumbledore, fricking Dumbledore, will Dumbledore be in the future movies omg Dumbledore.
Newt sounds a lot like Hagrid I fricking love this man already.
What is he doing with all those plants, that looks sorta like weed, yes I knew it Hufflepuff is the stoner house, now I can sort my sister into Hufflepuff yay.
Omg, omg, omg, Hedwig’s theme, oh god the feels, this feels like a new Harry Potter now!
This feels like back in the good all days, with this movie and hpatcc, it reminds me of the feeling I got waiting for Harry Potter when I was younger, oh god the feels and the excitement!
When the heck can I book tickets to see this movie I wanna book my tickets now!!!!

So there’s this armour in Trespasser, and it looks totally awesome on my Inquisitor, like oh yisss…

But then I tried it on other people, and the buff guys, man… It completely changes their body structure. It’s both amazing and horrifying.

So this is why we never get a naked Blackwall scene. That was all padding.

Look at Varric’s waist. This is clearly a corset.

This is so wrong, I can’t… I can’t even.

When I was a kid the concept of a boggart scared and amazed me so much, the fact that you don’t actually know what it looks like, and that became your worst fear fascinated me, like, what is it doing when people aren’t looking at it? Does it sleep? Eat? It is a creature after all.

(Tech’s note: oh man not knowing what the boggart looks like, NO ONE KNOWING, used to freak me out really bad lol and then I wonder what the heck it would turn into when it faced me since I was really scared of just not knowing what it looked like in its natural state xD)

So I was out in town today and I saw a really cute gay couple and I was like ‘aww I’m so happy for them’ and then I kinda looked around and saw all these families with their kids and I was like ‘Awwww they’re all so cute oh my god’ then I kinda was like ‘everyone here today has amazing fashion sense and looked beautiful and like? ?? and then I just felt like sitting down in the middle of the shopping centre and crying at how beautiful people were. I wanted to tell this real cute Chinese girl how amazing her blue dip dye looked but then I thought I’d be a bit creepy so I didn’t but man,

You’re all beautiful. All of you. Whether you think you look terrible or ugly, someone out there thinks you’re beautiful. Embrace your imperfections and learn to love yourselves. <3