oh man joey i miss you

i was tagged by @thrussywhipped to do the music shuffle tag ty!!

1. partners in crime part three - the internet

2. super predator - joey bada$$

3. red dress - red velvet

4. better left unsaid - ariana grande

5. i miss you - mamamoo

6. heartbreaker - nct 127

7. hallucinations - dvsn

8. cliche - jeon jiyoon & samuel seo

9. i - taeyeon

10. when i was your man - bruno mars

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cowboy boots

Dex makes a decision. Oh, boy it’s a bad one. And, it’s just the beginning. 1/?  Nurseydex Fake dating AU (some homophobic language ahead but not much)

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Yu-Gi-Oh Answering Machines

Yugi Muto: Hi there! Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you right away! Oh, and let me know if you want to duel some time!

Joey Wheeler: Hey, it’s your main man, Joey Wheeler! I’m probably off on some crazy world-savin’ adventure, so leave your info ‘n’ I’ll give you a holler when I get back. You know, assumin’ I’m not dead or somethin’.

Tea Gardner: This is the Gardner residence! Sorry I missed your call! I know how stressful it can be to miss out on talking to friends, so I promise to call you back as soon as I can! Have a good day!

Tristan Taylor: What’s up, dudes? It’s the man, the legend, Tristan Taylor! (I don’t care what Joey says, I came up with that first.) I’ll call you back when I’m not busy doin’ what I do best: Saving the world and supporting my friends!

Ryou Bakura: Oh my! It appears I’ve missed your call. Not to worry, though. I’ll make sure to call you back as soon as I’m available! … *whispers* Oh, one more thing. Should you happen to receive any strange responses, please ignore them. I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble!

Seto Kaiba: Whoever is calling me right now, I will find out how you got this number. After I humiliate you in a duel, of course–I can spare a few seconds. (And if this is that pathetic mutt Wheeler, I swear to hunt you down and destroy anything you have that even resembles a phone.)

Yami Yugi: …Hello? Is this working properly? I can’t seem to hear the other line… Yugi, I am just trying to answer the phone! *presses some buttons on the phone. This continues for about half a minute* …This machine has toyed with me for the last time! MIND CRUSH! *static followed by the beep*