oh man im gonna cry

can we just take a moment to appreciate just how deep the connection between robert and aaron has become, from it just being “a bit of thrill” to “groundbreaking love and trust” where a /single look/ shared between them can tell them whether the other is feeling okay or not and that they can’t hide how they are feeling, despite not having seen each other in (canon) weeks.

it’s just so majestic and … surreal to see such a connection that’s so … deep and soulful and heartfelt and /pure/ and so resilient that they both can tell each other their fears and secrets and the other will listen, giving them their undivided attention, not leaving until they absolutely have to, but also respecting that space they’ve got between them, that they aren’t together, but they’re still /there/ … just a name away, if the other ever needs them for help.


you’ve got your chemo to focus on, getting through that’s what’s important now. this sale could go on for months, and that’s quality time you could be spending with doug. enjoy yourself again, isn’t that why you wanted to sell in the first place? you wanna sell, and i can offer you a good price! we can get it done in the blink of an eye …