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A Pinch of Patience, a Peptalk (a TPoH fic, spoilers)

Mm. I was feeling under the weather today and needed to relax a bit after shedding a couple tears, and TPoH is something I’m into right now. So I imagined RGB very reluctantly having to give Hero a peptalk so she’ll get back up on her feet and they can continue forward and.

Yanno, I think he can be really inspirational if he wasn’t such a prick. He’s good at talking. And it did cheer me up to some degree. So I wanted to write it as fic. I may draw it later if I feel the urge.

Anyways. We press on.

Title: A Pinch of Patience, a Peptalk

Characters: RGB, Hero

Summary: After the events in the Plains of Hesitation, Hero feels rather awful. RGB doesn’t want to deal with this.

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