oh man idek

this isn’t an oc… this is a -sona. so in other words it me

uhh i only like drawing it but so im not gonna dwell on it other than in design weh

Happy Birthday, Jade Thirlwall!

I hope you’re having an incredible 22nd birthday together with your family and friends and those, who mean the most to you. I hope you know you mean a lot to me, too, and to many, many more people out there in the world! You’ve changed me and a whole bunch of people for the better and helped us become who we want to be by just being yourself, and that’s what we love you for. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are an amazing role model! We appreciate you and accept and love you the way you are, with your little flaws and imperfections. Just know, we’ll always have your back!

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Name: Inês

Nickname: Nee

Gender: female

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 150cm

Sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ohno Satoshi

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw 

Favorite color: indigo blue

Favorite animal: foxes & cats

Average hours of sleep: oh man idek, I nap all the time so?? probably adds up to a lot

Cat or dog Person: cat person

Favorite fictional characters: Yukito/Yue & Eriol from CCS

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3 woop

Favorite singer/band: Arashi 

Dream trip: Iriomote island /Ine-cho in Kyoto

Dream job: architect 

When was the blog created: October 2016

Current number of followers: 71

The task is to answer these questions with the initial of your first name and what firstly comes in mind

Four letter word: idol

Something you shout: irritante! (means annoying…I say that a lot yeah)

A boy’s name: Ichiro? 

An occupation: interpreter 

Something you wear:  ice skates?

A color: indigo

A food: ice cream

Something you drink: iced tea 

A place: Iriomote

A movie title: Iojima Kara no Tegami

An animal: iberian lynx 

A type of car: Infiniti (had to google that)

Title of a song: Imaging Crazy 

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when u see a nerd and think u could be friends but then u talk to them and they are the wrong type of nerd. i cannot synchronize my nerd-ability with you. nerd incompatible, mission status: disaster.

ob compliments/pickup lines
  • for sarah: wanna show me why you're the wild type?
  • for alison: you have a killer smile
  • for cosima: you take my breath away
  • for rachel: i've got my eye on you
  • for helena: jello
  • for beth: when i look at you i feel like a complete trainwreck
  • for felix: fetch me a kiss
  • for mrs. s: with a bh? why not with the d/v?
  • for delphine: i'll show you something that puts the curls back into your hair
  • for scott: you should be the dragon to my dungeon
  • for donnie: i'd fist you
  • for paul: i may not be a clone but you can still sleep with me
  • for art: you're the only fine piece of art i see
  • for shay: could you heal my spirit with your hands?
  • for cal: want me to take care of your wood in the morning?
  • for leekie: you struck me like a headshot
  • for vic: your daddy must've been a drug dealer 'cause you're dope

Well, this is a thing that happened. :D

I hit 5000 of you guys following me recently and it’s kind of completely amazing to me that so many of you seem to like me enough to do that. Tumblr has been such a wonderful experience for me. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world. I’ve made so many friends, some of whom have become so so important to me, I wonder what I did before I had them. I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing, for art and found a wonderful and supportive community that has helped nurture it in a way that makes me thankful every day.

Thank you all so much for being around, for sending me hugs when I needed them, for flailing with me, for reading my fics, for liking my graphics, for being my friends.

So, this is just a little thing so say thanks and hopefully you guys will be interested. This is primarily for OUAT and Captain Swan since I assume that most of my followers do like these things but if  someone wins who does not want a CS or OUAT Manip, we can always discuss it and I will try and make you something you like as well. :)

I have never really done this before so I’m playing it by ear haha! 


  • Must be following me @seastarved
  • Please reblog to enter, likes will not count.
  • You can only enter once.
  • I will pick winners for each category through a random number generator.
  • Reblog before Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 Midnight EST.


  • 1 Story Style manip which can contain upto 5 panels spanning a story. Can be for a fic that has already been written or a new story. Canon, AU or Spec.
  • 2 Scene Rewrites which can contain upto 3 panels where you get to rewrite a canon scene into anything else you want and I will try to make it happen.
  • 3 Scene Manips which can contain upto 2 panels and depict a single scene, canon, AU or Spec. Can belong to a fic or be independent. 
  • 4 Single Page manips which will be one big panel of any scene you wish. Canon, AU or Spec.

Please note that whatever you request will need to be in the realm of possibility and I will try my hardest to make it happen for you. :)

So yeah, that’s about it! I hope you play and thank you again for sticking around <3

*big hugs*

girl meets picspam → girl meets first date (1x20)

“you realize, maya, that life as we know it has changed?” 


“no. i got you.”

Top of the World - Chapter 29 - Homeo (Wherefore_art_thou_Homeo) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Noya is a sports photographer who can’t stand watching volleyball. So far, he’s managed to avoid attending volleyball games at the local college, but one day the only other member of his department is out sick, so he has to take on the job. He does so reluctantly, and drags himself to the game without the intention of paying any sort of attention at all - he’ll just snap a few pictures, get a quote from the team captain, and then get out and never come back.

Once he’s at the game, though, he lays eyes on a perfectly good reason to stick around in the form of Asahi Azumane, the team’s star player. He’s immediately fascinated by Asahi; he wants to meet the guy, get to know him a little, and then… well, to be completely honest, Noya kind of just wants to bang him. A lot.

But of course, stuff like this rarely goes Noya’s way, and this time is no exception.

Top of the Tuesday to ya. It’s not technically the correct tuesday but you know what I did what I could

Y’all know the drill by now. Please take a minute to reblog this post if you’re enjoying the story. It means a lot to me. Also I check for cute tags. ;D they make my day so if that’s your thing please go nuts

A link to Chapter One for those of you who have not read this and would like to ~

Thank you all again and I’ll see you next week. :D

“That’s how it’s done ladies!”
Daniel Ricciardo’s School of Rock

Just Drive - Four Year Strong
Play It Loud - MxPx

The Future Freaks Me Out - Motion City Soundtrack
What’s My Age Again? - Blink 182

Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years

Equals - Set Your Goals

Seventy Times 7 - Brand New

Ghost On The Dancefloor - Blink 182
Alex English - Dance Gavin Dance

Trouble Maker - Break Even

Pulmonary Archery - Alexisonfire

Youngbloods - The Amity Affliction

It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door - Underoath

The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage

Boneyards - Parkway Drive 
Carrion - Parkway Drive