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I’m not leaving without you.

Author’s note: Part 5 of the ‘I picked this for you’ series.
ALLLLLLL THE ANGST GUYS. I promise I’m gonna fluff up this series soon! 

Missed out on the previous part? Here you go.

Nicholas J Fury hated two things.
Bad guys and complications.

So when Agent Hill had delivered a message from Tony Stark saying you’d left, you could say he was a little pissed. He’d never admit it to your face; but you were his most valuable Avenger. You weren’t just a lab technician, you were a strategist, handy with a sniper rifle and above all you saw the smallest details in everything; which is what contributed to your value. In the wrong hands, you could be a lethal weapon if someone desired it.

‘Where is she?’ Fury demanded down the telephone.

‘Bucharest, Romania’ the voice replied.

‘Go bring her back’ Fury shot back.

‘We thought it would be best to let her come back in her own time, she doesn’t want to be here’

‘Given that is a stupid ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it. Bring. Her. Back.’


‘Do not challenge me, Stark’
Fury slammed down the phone and sighed heavily, hand pinching his forehead. ‘I’m surrounded by idiots’ He murmured.

‘I wonder why she went to Romania’ Natasha pondered, as she clicked her seatbelt in.
‘I can only assume it’s something to do with scrap metal over there’ Tony responded flippantly, as Bucky sat down in the back of the quinjet.
‘Let’s go get our girl back!’ Steve called as he turned the ignition on.

You were sat in a different lab, surrounded by different people.
You knew a few people in high places and you’d made a few calls to secure you a hiding place away from the compound. It was strange, the unknown made you uncomfortable.

‘You alright?’ Your colleague asked. Oh boy, small talk. Your inner teenager grumbled.
‘I’m doing okay’ You lied, small fake smile placed on your face.

You missed the Avengers. It had barely been 24 hours.
You missed Tony and his egotistical, sarcastic remarks.
Steve and his mom like nature – the thought made you laugh inside; but it soon turns to sadness when you realise you’ll never see him again.
You missed them all, dare your brain even think it…but even Bucky.
Another couple of hours went by, little attempts as small talk stopped when you couldn’t be bothered to try produce a lengthy answer.
The silence was broken when your colleague coughed to get your attention.
‘Are you okay?’ You asked, eyebrow raised slightly.
She looked at you and nodded over your shoulder.

You turned on your stool and there they were.
Your family.

Tony, Natasha, Sam, Wanda, Steve and behind Steve, hidden a little, was Bucky.
‘What are you doing here?’ You asked.
‘We’re here to bring you home’ Tony replied, simply.
‘Look I can’t-‘
‘because of boy blunder over there?’ Tony nodded towards Bucky.
Your eyes widened, they knew. They all knew what happened.
‘You should leave’ Your eyes fell to the floor.

‘Doll please!’ The familiar, but painful voice protested.
You looked at him, you felt your body tense.
Bucky had moved from behind Steve and closer to you, if he stretched his arms out, you would touch. How he longed to hold you, he craved your touch. ‘Please…’ he pleaded with you ‘Please come home. We miss you. I miss you’

The Avenger’s looked on as Bucky tore himself apart for the second time for you.
You shook your head ‘Just go Bucky’
‘No! I’m not leaving without you. I need you. Can’t you see how much I’m sorry?’
Bucky could feel the pain in his chest, it hurt. But not as much as what it did when you delivered the final blow to it.

‘I’m sorry too Buck…I’m sorry I ever fell in love with you’ and with that said, you turned your back on Bucky and the Avengers.


The first month without you was the hardest.
You kept the Avengers updated; often sending Tony new tech ideas and calling once a week.
You knew you’d hurt them all by dismissing the idea of making a return.
Bucky had hit a new low without you, at first he used to take his anger out in the gym, but after a week or so, that wasn’t working, so he’d go out, pick up any girl who’d be willing to have him. He’d bring her back to the compound and ruin her. But no matter how many girls that came and left – it still wasn’t you.

 Eventually, Steve intervened in Bucky’s downwards spiral; instead of hearing his friend screw away his days, he enrolled him in more missions. A risky chance given his unstable mind, but it turned out to be a good one when he saw Bucky’s temperament had calmed down.


It was coming to the end of your second month away from the Avenger’s tower. You missed it terribly, the atmosphere wasn’t the same here.
As you packed away the toolbox from your latest idea, your phone started buzzing erratically across the table.
‘Hey Stark, what’s up? You answered.

‘You need to come back – now.

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Finding What’s Right

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Author: Scarlett
Word Count: 1,957

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Anger, yelling, swearing, fight, kissing, mention of past abusive ex, crying, fluff at the end.

Love Interest: Bucky

Note: Should I make a part 2, which would include the smut part?

I rolled my eyes, glaring at Bucky as he continued on his rant. He was obviously angry, and so was I. This had to be the 3rd argument this week, and this time he started it. He came home, I made dinner, and the next thing you know he’s throwing dishes. I guess I don’t make it any better by getting just as angry at him, but in all fairness I tried to calm him down. That is, until, he called me a whore, to which I called him a raging dick.

“If you weren’t so fucking stupid, maybe this wouldn’t happen all the damn time!” He yelled.

“Oh, yeah, sure! Go ahead! Just blame it all on me, why not?!” I shouted back.

“You know what?! I fucking will, because it’s your fucking fault!” Bucky shouted, pointing at me.

“World famine, poverty, death, disaster, it’s all my fucking fault!” I yelled sarcastically.

“Maybe that’s why your other boyfriend did what he did, cause you’re such a fucking ignorant bitch!” He yelled out.

I opened my mouth to say something, but the memories of the past prevented me from doing otherwise. My other boyfriend was abusive in every way to me, and I let the relationship stay like that for a while. I thought it was normal, I thought that it happened to everyone. That is until I met Bucky, and he showed me that that’s not how you treat someone you love. So Bucky helped me leave him, Bucky help me rebuild myself, and here we are.

Tears began to brim my eyelids and I shook my head, silence falling among us both. I looked down, beginning to feel an old emotion set in. I angrily wiped my eyes with the palm of my hand. I took a deep breath, and walked over to the front door. Pain tugged at my heart as I opened it, forcing myself to say the words I didn’t want to leave my mouth. I didn’t want to do this, but he’s left me with no other choice.

“Get out.” I demanded, emotion still in my voice.

“What?” He asked, clearly caught off guard.

“I said get out.” I demanded again, trying to sound firm and tough.

“Fine, what the fuck ever.” He said, leaving quickly.

I slowly shut the door, and slid down it. I took a few deep breaths before giving up and letting the tears fall freely. The memories of my ex-boyfriend flooded into my mind, and I hugged myself as I brought my knees to my chest. I took a deep breath, feeling a headache enter my mind. I ran a hand through my hair, sniffling as the tears continued to fall. I took another deep breath, trying to get the memories to go away.

Since I’ve been with Bucky I’ve managed to shove the old and the bad memories away into a hidden place in my mind. I haven’t even visited this memories in years, and to have them all flooding back into one gigantic wave is overwhelming. I slowly got up, my hands shaking as I started to walk. I saw a picture of the both of us as I made my way to the kitchen, and I stopped to pick it up. I smiled for a moment, before my happiness became anger.

I threw the picture against the wall, along with all of the others. Betrayal sank into my soul as the last picture, another round of crying coming on. I ran my hands through my hair as I tried to compose myself. I took a deep breath, wiping my face clear of any tears. I cleared my throat, entering the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I sighed as I sat at the dinner table, resting my head on my arms. Tonight was going to be a long night.

Bucky’s P.O.V.

He left the room, no shortage of anger in his system. He stomped down the steps, rage still flooding through his body. He didn’t want to admit it, but this time he started the argument. He was too clouded by rage to feel guilty, but once he had a clearer head he’d feel the absolute worst. He didn’t feel anything, that is, until he heard you crying. Then, he felt like the worst person in the world, and everything he said finally set in.

He wanted to go up there and apologize for everything that he did, but he knew better than to do that. If he went back up there, he’d probably get something thrown at him. Needless to say, he’d more than likely make it worse, so he left and went to the only place he knew he could. He went to the Avengers Tower, because that’s where Steve would be, and he would know what Bucky should do.

When Bucky first walked in there, thankfully Steve was the first to seem him. At first he was happy to see his ‘old’ friend, and then quickly realized that Bucky wasn’t in the best of places. Having known Bucky and Y/n for a while now, he knew when Y/n and Bucky had gotten into a fight. From the looks of it, this one was pretty bad. Bucky sat beside Steve, and he sighed as he held his head in his hands. He went too far this time, and he knew it.

“What happened?” He asked.

“We got into another fight.” Bucky replied vaguely.

“I know, but what happened?” Steve asked again.

“Well, I got home and she made dinner, like always.” He began.

“Okay, and?” Steve said slowly, motioning for Bucky to continue.

“And one thing leads to another and the next thing I know I’m yelling at her.” Bucky began to confess, trailing off.

“Alright, Buck, what did you say to her?” Steve asked.

“You know that ex of hers?” Bucky asked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck and avoiding eye contact.

“Yeah, vividly actually, he was a real-” Steve began.

“I kind of might have told her that he did what he did because she was an ignorant bitch.” Bucky confessed quickly, and Steve just looked at him.

“You didn’t.” Steve said in slight disbelief.

“I did, and I feel like the biggest ass, but I don’t know what to do. I can’t go over there because I’m afraid I’ll make it worse.” Bucky said with a sigh, almost crying himself.

“Bucky, I.” Steve trailed off, sighing and shaking his head.

“She’s over there crying her eyes out, and I’m supposed to make her feel better, but how can I when I’m the one causing her so much fucking Hell?” He asked, wiping away a tear that almost fell.

“You messed up big time on this one, Buck.” Steve pointed out and Bucky sighed.

“You think I don’t fucking know that? I do and it’s killing me inside, but I have no idea what to do. Nothing I could say could possibly make it better, maybe I should just stay away-” Bucky began rambling.

“Hey,” Steve interrupted firmly, “Ignoring her is a Hell of a lot worse than saying something to her. How about you start with an apology? ‘Cause I promise you, if you just leave her be, she’s just going to think that you hate her and she deserved everything that her ex did to her.” Steve said, and with that he got up and walked away.

Bucky sat there for a moment, letting the words of Steve sink into his mind. He thought of your crying face, and it just made him feel worse. Steve was right, he needed to got over there. The thought of you blaming yourself and falling into your old behavior struck a nerve in him. He was not going to let that happen, and if you needed to punch him in order to prevent that from happening, then so be it.

Y/n P.O.V.

You sighed, lazily lifting your head up as you sniffled and ran a hand through your hair. By this point, your hair was probably messed up from how many times you ran your hand through it. You didn’t know how long it’d been, but you haven’t left this spot since you sat here. Since he left. Millions of thoughts ran through your mind at a thousand miles an hour. You wondered if kicking him out was the right thing to do.

Even though he was the one that made you cry, you missed him comforting you. You missed the way he’d hug you, kiss your forehead, and tell you everything was going to be alright. You missed the way he’d cuddle you, especially when it was cold. You then began to wonder if he was ever going to be coming back. You couldn’t imagine yourself without him, despite what he did say to you earlier.

“Y/n?” You heard a familiar voice ask.

“What?” You asked, hiding your face in your elbow, “Come to torture me some more? Didn’t get enough?”

“That’s not why I’m here-” He began.

“Oh, right, so what are you gonna do? Call my ex, tell him he was right, and just shove me off to him?” You asked.

“Y/n-” He began.

“Oh, no, let me guess again, maybe you’re just going to leave me and never come back.” You said.

“Listen to me-” He began again.

“I’m sorry, is something wr-” You began, getting cut off by a kiss.

His kiss.

As much as you didn’t want to just to spite him, you kissed back. You couldn’t help it, you loved him all the same. Sure, it might not be the best thing considering what he did say to you, but one little kiss couldn’t hurt right? His hands were firmly on your shoulders, squeezing you gently. You delicately put your hands on his arms, making sure he was actually there. He deepened the kiss, but you didn’t stop him.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am.” He said, pulling away and resting his forehead on yours.

“No, you were right-” You began.

“No, that’s the problem, I wasn’t and now I’ve made you think that I was.” He said gently, “You deserve so much better than that asshole, better than me, and I’m lucky enough to have someone like you. I take you for granted sometimes, forget that you’re the one who tries harder than any other person on this planet.”

“Bucky-” You began to protest.

“No, Y/n, it’s true and I’m not taking anything else for an answer. I will do anything and everything I can to make this better again and to make you better again.” He said, his voice breaking.

“Bucky,” You said gently, moving your hands to his cheeks, “You are the only man for me, and you’re the best anyone could ever ask for. Don’t go putting yourself down just because you make mistakes. We all do, and we all fall down sometimes. We have to pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, and learn from what we did wrong. Then, we try and try again until we find what’s right.” You said, your thumb stroking his cheek.

“See,” He laughed half-heartedly, “There you go again, proving that you deserve the entire world. Your heart is gold, Doll, and I’m so sorry-” He began, but you cut him off with a kiss.

“Shhh,” You said, sniffling, “You’re here now, and that’s all that matters.” You said, and you two hugged one another gently.

“How can I make it up to you?” He whispered, his head buried in your neck.

“Giving me some love might make up for it.” You said and he smiled.

“God, I love you.” He said, beginning to kiss your neck.