oh man i worked too hard on this

“Don’t work too hard, eh?”

Said with a snippy tone of voice and the most patronizing glare I have ever seen from an old man, while I am running two tills during a huge rush and dealing with loads of impatient customers who don’t understand I’ve got multitudes of crap to get done, and let’s not forget my supervisor flat out up and left and at that point I had no idea where she was. Oh, and no managers or anyone was coming up to help even though we paged them three times.

In other words.

Do not fucking imply I don’t work hard enough to please your ass. I work two jobs, one being full time, and this one here. I haven’t had a day off for a while because my other job keeps popping up. Just because you had to wait a few minutes like everyone else does not give you the right to imply I’m lazy. Kindly go fucketh thyself sir. And have a great day.

a 3x08 Coliver coda - ao3

Spotting him through the glass, Oliver was up and across the room before Connor had even gotten through the ER’s sliding doors. 

“Oh my god. Thank God! You’re alright, you’re alive,” he nearly cried as he wrapped his arms around Connor, crushing the man close in a hard embrace. “I was so worried,” Oliver whispered, tears of relief filling his eyes. “So worried. The news—there was a body and Bonnie—she didn’t—and then you didn’t answer your phone and Michaela didn’t know where you were and I just—” 

“I’m fine,” Connor said cooly, placing a hand on Oliver’s torso to hold the man back as he stepped away. “I’m okay.” 

Too preoccupied with the joy of Connor, alive and well and standing before him, Oliver didn’t seem to notice how his ex was extracting himself from his embrace. “I was just so worried. I didn’t—”

“Why?” Connor asked cooly. 

Oliver blinked. “What?” 

“Why were you worried?” Connor asked again, eyes flat and cool. 

“Why was I…?” Oliver trailed off, eyes puzzling over Connor’s face. “Be…because we didn’t know where you were and…and the fire and the body…and you didn’t have your phone.” Remembering that, how Connor’s phone was still in Michaela’s purse, Oliver tilted his head to the side. “How’d you know to come here?” 

“Micaela’s mom,” he answered. “She’s at the apartment. Said there’d been a fire or something and that Michaela’d gone to the hospital.” The corner of Connor’s lip quirked up, a ghost of a smirk. “Scared the shit out me when I opened the door.” 

“Right.” Oliver nodded absently. He didn’t care about Michaela’s mother. “Good thing she was there.” Fingertips itching again, he reached to cup Connor’s cheek. “Con—”

Connor stepped back again, evading Oliver’s touch. “Aren’t you going to ask where I was?” 

Oliver shook his head and settled for holding the lapels of Connor’s jacket in both hands. “It doesn’t matter. All that mat—” 

“I was with Thomas,” Connor told him, eyes still flat and cold. 

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dID yOU mISS mE?

i mISSED yOU. 


Alrighty so ever since @markiplier ‘s Valentine’s Day special came out I’ve been DYING to cosplay Dark!!! So here it is!!! >U< I had a lot of fun with the glitch editing too!! 

When Jack finally made Anti a thing on his channel, I’ve wanted Mark to bring Dark back so badly, and WOW I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I GOT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!  OH MAN I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! Everything about the special was so well made and I loved each and every moment and every different outcome. I know they all worked so hard on making it, and it turned out phenomenal. Thank you guys so much for working so hard on everything. It really paid off, and each moment was just amazing!! We all really really do appreciate all the work you do for us, and it means a lot to know how much you care about all of us. Thank you so much. >U<

                         VelvetDragon’s Betta splendens Care Sheet    

What are bettas? 

  • Species
  • Scientific Name
  • Lifespan
  • Description
  • Size


  • Betta Aggression
  • Tank Mates

Housing and Environment

  • Size
  • Tank Type
  • Tank Cover
  • Substrate
  • Decor
  • Live Plants, Rocks, Driftwood


  • Water
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Hardness

Quarantine and Acclimation

  • Quarantine Tank/Hospital Tank
  • Your New Fish

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Cycled Tank
  • Water Chemistry
  • Partial Water Changes
  • Uncycled Tank
  • Water Change Schedule
  • 100% Water Changes


  • Pellets
  • Frozen Food
  • Live Food


  • Bubblenests
  • Tank Patrolling
  • Flaring
  • Tail-Biting
  • Fighting

Illness and Diseases

  • Cautions
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment

Since UB has gone down one too many times, I moved and updated my care sheet (9/2015). As always, it is forever under construction, because with animal husbandry, there is always more to learn, as we always learn more and grow in our care.

                   Read the full care sheet here!    

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On the subject of reading way too much into COD…

Haha I’d HC-ed him as Gary’s brother. XD The embarrassment aspect is the same, though.

!!! that’s actually better,  he and Reiji can start a club for- Older Brothers w/ Ponytails that Have Strained Relationships w/ their Younger Sibs

@poisonhypes Oh man your tags,

the stigma against psychics(or close relatives of psychics) doing science- stemming from a genuine ethics concern, that a person with psychic abilities might mentally influence the results of any experiments they work on, in a way that would be hard to measure or prove for certain it Didn’t happen… that’s like a serious reason to worry poor guy

I could also see approximately-current-anime-timeline/preteen!Gary getting a pit in his stomach whenever a light goes out, or something falls unexpectedly, or any little thing like that, where one of his coworkers might be like ‘haha if I didn’t know better I’d worry the lab is haunted” -because it’s probably nothing, he’s pretty sure he’s all clear, but he has a grant proposal to finish and five other deadlines to worry about and the Last Thing he needs right now is somekinda ultra-rare puberty-onset-powers BS starting in his life

Seungkwan is important

I was watching hansols 24 hour self cam and it was so awkward (it was adorable tho), and i remember wishing that some other member had appeared and dispersed the tension.

After thinking some more, I realized that the least awkward person in the group was seungkwan and I realized that he was needed in order to make the entire group feel relaxed.

Like seriously, he is the only one who feels comfortable enough to spontaneously scream and cry and laugh loudly in front of the camera and I think that makes everyone love him ten times more.

Plus he is great at talking. All the members look up to him since he can present great speeches and other formal things on the spot especially in talk shows or even just in their reality show. Dont get me wrong tho, s coups is amazing at that too.

Seungkwan is caring. When Seungkwan is praised as the main vocal, the first thing he says isnt “oh man I worked so hard for that kind of recognition and I am so happy”.

The first thing he mentions is Seokmin.

He is sensitive to Seokmin’s emotions and he shows that he cares. He doesnt use that praise to glorify himself, in fact he immediately praises and comforts DK.

I think that is beautiful, especially since many people would probably be happy for themselves and forget that someone was hurting because of those same words.

Seungkwan accepted those words but even then, he didnt forget for a single moment that DK was there, hurting.

Sorry this is sorta long but hansols video really got me to think about how much I love seungkwan and I just had to write it all down in the heat of the moment.

shadowbreathing  asked:

((Happy Munday! If you were to wake up to find Zaknafein harassing you to wake up and get ready for work or school and helping you get ready, how do you think it would go? How would you react? BONUS: How would he tell you to have a great day?))

// Oh MAN, that’d be a disaster.

I mean, the good news is that I’m pretty self disciplined about getting up and getting dressed in the morning, so he wouldn’t have to harass too hard. He might find my regimen a little tedious, though. I’d probably get annoyed with him pretty quickly, but since I’m a coward, I wouldn’t have the gall to sass him.

Honestly, the whole scenario just calls to mind a big mashup of Disney training montages, some kind of cross between I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan and One Last Hope from Hercules. (I’d love to see that Homeland/Disney crossover, tbh.)

Zak wishing me a good day would also be something along the lines of Mushu and Mulan. “Play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid’s butt.”

Or, the classic short and sweet: “Don’t die.”

Oh my god. I feel like such an idiot. 

Like Monday was the first time in months that my brain decided to fucking turn on for finishing this thesis project. 

I am writing about a cartoon. 

What do analyses of tv shows generally need?

Screen caps.

What is the literal fastest way to fill up empty space?

Adding pictures.

So if I need “four more pages” – what is the easiest thing to do?

Add 8 screen caps to my essay. 

*face palm*

Why am I even trying so hard to add content!?!?! I took out screencaps because the first iteration of this paper was too long!!!! UGH. 

But now I feel obligated to add this shit that I’ve already outlined and plotted out, did extra research for and everything. It helps me make a better argument. I suppose I can include it too. 

But hells to the fuckin yea am I adding screenshots. Make it look longer than it is!

CON. X || @watcherandshield

▌☠ ▌ HE CALLED HIM RAMSAY SNOW——- how dare he disrespect him it earned the Stark bastard a fierce growl from the Bolton bastards’ twin flesh. ( Ramsay Snow ) A name he loathed with all his being. It was Bolton, not Snow. Never Snow. He’s worked too hard to go back being just SNOW again, no one— Not even the STARK BASTARD will steal that away from him. He had no right. Who the bloody hell did he think he was? Ramsay jerks forward, but the chains restrain him, keeping the bastard in place from attacking the man he once called his lover ( oh, how he cherished those times ) ❝ You make me laugh, bastard. ❞ He spats back cruelly, narrowing icy irises at the man before him.  ❝ —I will NEVER beg or plea to you, a BASTARD. You can’t keep me here forever, hoping I’d request for you to kill me. I will not die a SNOW—  I am a BOLTONLORD BOLTON. Keep your mercy and kindness. Why not torment me the way I did my enemies? Wouldn’t you find that more pleasing? ❞ 

Ramsay’s jaw clenches, looking deep into Jon Snow’s eyes. (  stunning but they were different, distant… icy. He couldn’t read his emotions, couldn’t tell what was going through his mind. —- And by the Gods, he hated not being in control   ❝ Bolton, ❞ —-He immediately corrected Jon for his dreadful mistake once again. Sneering as he pulled his head back from the Bastards grasp, glaring DAGGERS at Jon.  ❝ I haven’t LOST—- no. My game is not yet over. It will NEVER be over. ❞ 

How many times will he try to convince himself that he won’t be here forever? That perhaps there is still a chance to WIN. What did he need to do? PRAY? BEG? — no, not beg, never beg nor pray to the Gods. ( there is no Gods ) He can’t let himself stoop to such level. What would father think of him? —— a disgrace? Not worthy to be a Bolton? A failure.  ❝ —–I believe that you are just as tainted as I, Love.  ❞

Why drum corps?

Frequently I find myself having to answer this question of “Why march drum corps?” Too many times the conversation will go like this, “Oh, you travel across the country? How much do you get paid? I bet you get to see really cool places and stay in nice hotels. Man, that sounds like a nice vacation.” And too many times you have an internal debate about whether you should clear up the confusion or let your grandmother think you’re a rockstar. But the truth is, anybody who has ever done this activity is unequivocally, absolutely, undeniably a rockstar. I had never met a more hard-working and disciplined crowd than when I was first introduced to a drum and bugle corps. Think about it - these people had sacrificed their entire summer, time that they could have spent with their family, friends, and significant others, to do something that they love. There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone accomplish their dreams, no matter if the price tag has $3,000 on it. No matter if that means sleeping on gym floors. Every single person that has marched drum corps has inspired at least one if not thousands of people to do what they love.

The wonderful thing about drum corps is that it brings out the best in you. You learn that you’re smarter, stronger, braver, and more capable than you had ever imagined. You learn that you are kinder than you ever thought you could be. After going through a season of drum corps, you can literally do anything in the whole world. But just as this marching art can bring out the best in you, it can also bring out the worst. You learn that you can be selfish, annoying, aggressive, and incapable of controlling your emotions. For many people, marching a season of drum corps can be the hardest thing they’ve ever done or will ever do. So why do it? Why spend all this time, money, and effort on something that will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do? Few people you meet in your life will ever be as close as the people you shared a field with. There are few moments in this world that will truly take your breath away - and I mean literally take your breath away - the same way performing in a dome will. The memories you gain by doing this activity will be with you forever and will come back when you least expect it. The reason that keeps me coming back every year is because I was inspired to do what I love. 

bbkaz fic snippet (pw era)

This is a cut scene from Bizarre Love Triangle. It was originally meant to be the flashback at the end of the Kaz section, but I decided that the tone was incongruous with the atmosphere of the fic. It’s got a lot of the same thematic shit going on under the surface, but feels like it should be accompanied by a laugh track. @thebeccabeast keeps pestering for me to post this somewhere so HERE YOU GO. -_-;

Kaz rears back at the snap of Snake’s wrist, but the punch still lands. Kaz catches himself on the edge of his desk, bringing his knuckles to his nostrils to check for blood. Just a little bit. He pinches his nose shut and grins. “Oh ho hooo, man, that was easy. I usually have to amp it up a bit more than that to actually get you to hit me.”

“This isn’t funny, Kaz. What are you playing at?”

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You think: “Oh Rhys! But who the hell is this guy sitting next to him? He looks quite like Jack but Jack doesn’t have freckles. And his clothes are strange. hmm” - It’s Timothy (I’m waiting for hates). I have strange AU and everything is hard and too long to explain. And this is an ilustration for my and Vrein’s RP.

Nevermind. I’m proud of this work and now I’m able to sleep at night. 

Happy Birthday, Julian!

yes, it’s your birthday.  you’re turning 47.

it’s okay!  we all get older.

there’s no use getting angry about it.

oh, cut the melodramatic act.  we’re throwing you a party!

yay - a birthday party just for you!

maybe it could be a costume party.  any ideas?

i don’t think those will work.

come on.  this sort of thing is simply inappropriate.

are you even listening to me?

have some decency, man!  cover yourself up.

…this may be overkill.

just a t-shirt and hat?  that’s not much of a costume.

okay, now you’re not even trying.

this may be trying a little too hard. 

what else have you got?

what is it with you and the sexy costumes?  i know you like to show some skin, but don’t you have anything a little less… whorish?

FINE.  whatever.  we’re running late as it is - everyone’s already here and they’re waiting for cupcakes.

mmmmm… cupcakes.

well-that-was-dramatic  asked:

Dude I'm checking out your latest works on redbubble and your lil Cas yelling NO is seriously cracking me up, especially the duvet cover. Sadly I won't buy it because I'd probably have to sell my right lung to buy any redbubble duvet covers but just the idea that people might sleep in a bed with angry NO NO NO NO NO written all over it really speaks to my soul

oh my god im laughing so hard because thats EXACTLY what i thought of too when i uploaded the design?? at first i didnt want to enable the option to let people buy the duvet because cmon who even WOULD but then i see this 


[wipes tear from eye] ahh man. the beauty of redbubble.