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Back Off ♡ Jay Park

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warnings: swearing, slight dirty talk{not a smut}

ps: i was trying way to hard to be funny so dont mind me

“Baby, you gotta wake up before we’re late.. for the millionth time,” Jay exaggerated while shaking me by my waist. 

“I was never the reason why we were late for any occasion. The only reason why we’re ever late is because you can’t take your eyes off of a damn mirror, spray 10 more pounds of cologne, take hour shits, and–” 

“Okay, I get it. Now would you get your lazy ass up, and get ready? We’re meeting AOMG and most of my friends at the club,” Jay sighed.

I wasn’t getting up early, and Jay knew that which is why he made it his goal to try his best, and wake up his lazy ass girlfriend who he loved so much yet wanted to just throw her into a pool and move away to another country so he won’t get murdered by his feisty girlfriend. 

I put my palm against his face, and pushed him away from mine while closing my eyes and regaining my beauty sleep. “Please baby, just get up,” Jay exasperated while putting his face into my neck and plastering little kisses that he knew were my weakness. 

“Give me a minute, baby,” I yawned.

“You like opening your mouth wide open, don’t you?” Jay smirked. Trust your own boyfriend to turn every innocent thing into something naughty. 

I giggled before rolling around and leaning in trying to give him a kiss on the lips. To my surprise, he moved his head real quick before pointing a finger to bathroom and saying, “Toothbrush.” 


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a few thoughts from a former C$waner and the road to Swen

why did I change my mind ? 

I was desperate for some true love story, and ouat was offering that or so I thought …

we can all agree that Snowing is True love and same with rumbelle, but what what I really wanted was a true love story for the savior, Emma deserved it, especially after what she’s been through with Neal and Graham … hook was the perfect candidate wasn’t he ? 

The guy is hot as hell, i’ve always loved blue eyes contoured with eye liner ;), he was cocky but most importantly ; a villain ! who doesn’t love villains ? Loki, moriarty, Rumpelstiltskin… hook was unapologetically selfish and just .. bad, but he starts developing feelings for emma, and starts the road to ‘redemption’, now comes my personal view on this, i’ve always had bad experiences with men, my father being the first ( the guy is a cheater and selfish af ), I was desperate for a good story showing that a man can change but mostly that men can be good, I mean we all want to see that, so I start investing myself in hook and let’s say the truth here, season two and three hook WAS GOOD, he was on the right path to redeeming himself ( with a few mistakes here and there, at the time I thought it was alright, you can’t change overnight ), with Captain swan hints being dropped along the way, I was okay with, more than okay with even, Emma was getting a love story with a man who willing to change for her, we have enough of these stories already but fairytale stories have more meaning right ? so this one was special,,, and things start going downhill from there ( I will never say it out loud, but C$ was disappointing me from there i’ll never admit it out loud but i can say it on here) hook was treating Emma worse and worse, but they always found a way to make him ‘apologize’ for it and just like Emma I bought his crap (because whether i want it or not society has taught me to just do that) even tho’ a part of me still thought that was wrong, I still gave him the 5th 6th 7th 8th … chance! and another part of me also didn’t want to be disappointed in the show that changed my life, I watched the episodes days or weeks later on (never happened in s3 and before ) but I still cling to the hope of happiness for Emma and trusted the writers to make it better, but C$ wasn’t that ooh so worshiped OTP of mine, it wasn’t the true love story I dreamed of, I Got so confused at times ( when Emma lied to hook about him being the dark one for example, OR WHEN SHE KILLED HIM SO HE COULD DIE A HERO?!? I kept telling myself what kind of love is that ? and I’m passing so many more) but because they made sense on paper I didn’t give too much of a thought, I convinced myself that its writers giving us shit drama like always

 and then arrives season 6,the season of realization : while in the previous season hook  was making mistakes, and I forgived him, my brain just couldn’t take it anymore, hook is a living mistake in this season, I even started to question his character, and what was his general goal was ? but then again, I love Emma so much, I wasn’t now just acting like her but like most of the characters at this point ? they all want her happiness and just let her be with that toxic man ? I feel like her parents and everyone else feels the same at this point, in took David 4 seasons to finally ‘accept’ the guy ( and by his look he wasn’t sure of his decision), I just wanted Emma to have her happy ending.

when did I realize that they weren’t meant for each other you say ? 

WHEN HE LIED TO HER ABOUT KILLING HER GRANDFATHER. the guy lowkey wanted to burn the memory of it, he was thinking for an entire episode whether to tell her the truth or not ? and when he finally decides to do so the worst proposal of all times happens and then he just what?  burns the memory of his act. he could’ve interrupted her that night and tell her the truth BUT HE DIDN’T. he was willing to start their married life together with a lie, and not just oh I swear I didn’t at that woman’s chest lie, HE KILLED HER GRANDFATHER, thats a divorce cause material. thats when I realized Emma’s true love wasn’t hook ( plus all the previous moments in the previous seasons) 

let’s talk about Swan queen for a minute:

I was the biggest ‘swan queen friendship’ shipper, in my early oncer days I was against them being romantic, probably because of my personal experience as well, I was having some troubles with my own sexuality at the time, I refused to acknowledge it, even if it’s just watching a queer couple on TV, it made me uncomfortable and I feared that if I gave in in that aspect of my life it’d become too real ( and held into C$ ) Only just last year that I came out to friends as Bi, so yeah Swan queen was no option for me, BUT IT WASN’T for them, I still saw their actions, I still saw their looks their mutual love for each, their deep affection to one another, the fact that they lean on each other, help one another and never ever stopped believing in one another, but still my dumb closeted self refused to believe it.

how does my personal life influence my vision of this ship tho’:

I believe, like ouat has told in ep’ 6x14 the most important thing in life is accepting and loving yourself, after one special event in my life I finally saw the light about myself and admitted what I was denying my whole life and now I love me ( just like regina does now ) and started seeing ouat with new eyes, eyes that could finally see and a heart that could finally admit that swan queen is the real deal, my eyes and heart finally see that the true love I wanted for Emma has always been there the character development I wanted to see was in Regina, her happy ending was there that whole time. 

now thats just my personal take on it, you don’t have to be lgbt to see it, hook isn’t the right one for Emma, Regina is, and I will repeat this as much as i have to … if it is the last thing I do ;)

ps: thanks to that ONE tumblr post who made me go back and re-watch all the swan queen videos haha

Prove it

PAIRING- reader x tony stark 


WARNINGS:  you know the drill, SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap it before you tap it !) SWEARING, consumption of alcohol ? (idk if this is a warning?) 

Request from Anon- Hey doll! May I request Tony Stark x fem!reader, where they been out sassing and flirting with each other nonstop and creating big sexual tensions for eachother. One day they have the hole Avengers tower to themselvs and have smutty time Ps! ilu 😘

I’ve been waiting for a Tony imagine and this didn’t disappoint i live for Tony Smut, I feel like there isn’t enough but thats just me *shrugs* anyway enjoy x 


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You were flirty person; it was second nature to you. Most, if not all of your friends could testify to that. You couldn’t help it, you liked to flirt and tease those around you. So when you became an avenger you found out that the infamous Tony Stark was equally if not more flirty than you. And that was saying something. The rest of the Avengers were quick rolling their eyes whenever you or Tony sent sexual innuendos to each other. Bruce had to physically leave the lab once time, your flirty and teasing were too much for even the most patient man.

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little red riding hood (1/2)

little red riding hood (½)
dom!hoseok x reader // M (smut) // 3233
You better not be wearing anything under that coat when you get here. Or you’re not coming tonight.

warnings: orgasm denial, mild dom and exhibitionist themes, name calling, dirty talk? i’m not sure what to warn about, oh! flashing too.

a/n: hello, this is my first ever smut piece and it’s written for my baby sister @kpopscenariostho​, who has turned me into hoseok trash in the span of four months. this is torn in two~ this is just part one so may the good lord hold you as you swim through this trashy thing. it’s also supposed to be a friends with benefits!au but now im not so sure if it is anymore?! BUT YES, i hope you enjoy and please be gentle with me, it’s my first time uwu

i would like to thank @beansuga, @justanemptydream, @mint-tape, and @apandasmind for listening to me screech about this over and over again. and @minyoongittaemune for going through the first actual draft and giving me notes. :* love y’all. you’re the best i can’t believe you deal with my weird ass all the time~

PS I wrote this to BTS’s Danger so may it also ruin your soul. Have a Danger Era Hoseok too.

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Miss Me? - Part One

Pairing: CrowleyxReader

Summary: Crowley finds out you’ve been spending a lot of time with Dean fixing cars and shit and decides to show you you’re his

Warnings: Smut smut smut ladies and germs. Oh and swearing probably

Word Count: 1,515

A/N: This is going to be a two parter. Pure smut ladies and gents! Requests are open! Leave me some feedback y'all it helps a lot :)
A/N2: I am also currently working on a request for Crowley, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)
(Ps: I hope the tags work because some people were saynig that it didn’t tag them in my last one sooo yep)

Supernatural Masterlist

(gif not mine yo)

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Chance and Choice (Part 7 of 10)

Summary: Reader has just about given up on love. A gag trip to a psychic reveals the supposed name of her soulmate. Will she ever find him?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, some side Natasha x Steve, Wanda x Vision

Word Count: 1,070

Warnings: language, drinking, second-hand embarrassment

A/N: This is a drabble series I’m trying out. It’s my second thing ever posted. PS - Could it really be the James?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -

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American Woman

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers -(mentions of past reader x Tony)


WARNINGS: swearing, little bit of angst! 

Request from @highchu​ - Hey doll! May I request Steve Rogera x reader based on Lenny Kravitz “American Woman”? Ps!Your writing is amasing and your cute af 😚

I’m now obsessed with this song I listened to it that much for inspiration lol, Enjoy xx


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Huh, American woman, stay away from me
American woman, mama let me be

One of the many things that Steve had to get use to the idea of waking up seventy years in the future was women. It was still a foreign concept to him; even after the serum he generated a lot of female attention. But when he was the skinny kid from Brooklyn he had Bucky to take the role of womanizer. Steve liked to think he had a type when it came to the opposite sex. Someone who was strong and independent, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right, maybe that’s why he fell for Peggy all those years ago. But he missed his chance making the decision to put the fait of the word before his and Peggy’s. Now he had a new team of hero’s to look out for and that included you. 

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

 Part III of here

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: YES,  Part 3 to Doll?,  PART THREE PLEASE AHH UR SO TALENTED.. Sorry I got too excited I didn’t specify but your Peter Pan greaser AU is the best thing I’ve read in a while I’m in love!!, Are you gonna do a part three for “Doll?” the Peter Pan imagine? I love the whole concept and I need more!!😫😫😫Love ya!!😘, U should do Part 3 to doll I luv it !😀😀😊😊😍 The doll series is literally my favorite peter pan x reader I’ve ever read! You did AMAZING❤ Really hope you continue it😘Will ‘doll’ have a part 3? Please tell me there is! I love UR writing,  The doll series is literally my favorite peter pan x reader I’ve ever read! You did AMAZING❤ Really hope you continue it😘 ,  Omg I love doll!!!! Please say there’s going to be a part 3!?!? Ps I love your writing!;) x,  please please please make a doll part 3!!!! pretty please 😘💚

Note: gOOD LORD here ya guys go! 

Warnings: SHORT, swearing, greaser!Peter, soc!Reader

Two days have passed since the incident on Friday. It was now currently Sunday in the evening, as Peter raised from his uncomfortable couch in the Lost Boys’ hideout, with a large groan. He rubbed his eyes, the faint sunlight that shined through the windows he mentally cursed at, as a hangover was evident thanks to the past rough and sleepless nights. After what he said to you, he couldn’t bare the thought of you out of his life from now on. He thought he would feel better after telling you his true feelings, but now…he feels like the complete definition of shit. 

Why did you have to be a Soc? Why did he have to be a greaser? 

Those same questions echoed through his head, but were soon dismissed once loud knocking on the door made him cringe with agony. That headache was no joke. 

Getting up in a huff, he threw the now empty beer can to the ground with a small clank, stomping over to the door. Opening it with such force, it practically left a dent in the wall he slammed it into. The person behind the knocking was none other than Felix himself, who was out of breath from sprinting to the hideout. He knew Peter wouldn’t be at home, there was no reason for his mother to know why he was in such a funk, she never liked you to begin with. When his eyes adjusted to the bright light, Peter glared at his friend, waiting for him to catch his breath. 

“What are you doing here, Felix?” 

The boy couldn’t answer, he was out of too much oxygen. With a roll of his eyes, he invited him in, already making his way to the ‘kitchen’ (which was just a mini fridge in the middle of the living area) and pulled him out a cold one. Felix, noticing the drink in his hand, grabbed it without hesitation, practically gulping it down in one sitting. Finally caught up with his breathing, he spoke. 

“I-I’ve…been worried..sick. Man, I haven’t seen or heard from you since Friday, neither has any of the boys, we thought you’ve gone off somewhere and left town. Are you alright?”

With a slight scoff, Peter sat back on the couch, hands behind his head in an act of relaxation. “Never better. The girl of my dreams rejected me, because she only sees me as filthy trash, what more can a guy ask for?” 

Sighing, Felix scratched his head. “So, I take it you’re not doing alright, then?”

“Why are you really here?” 

“Look, man…I know she hurt ya, real bad, but come on! You can’t just lock yourself in the hideout because of some bitch with her nose so high in the air she can smell Jesus Christ himself.”

Peter shot up from his position on the couch, grabbed Felix by his collar and shoved him into the wall. His once dull eyes filled with hatred and anger in one split second as he stared down the taller boy. 

“Don’t you ever, ever call Y/n ‘some bitch’. She is nothing like those girls we always fooled around with, ya dig? Y/n is more than that, and if-” Before he could finish, Felix was staring at him with a grin that just screamed ‘I knew it.’ Letting him go, Peter backed away with his face in his hands, mentally kicking his own ass for spilling too much, too fast. 

“You’re not over her. You never were and never will be.” He crossed his arms, watching as Peter stared at the ground. “Listen, buddy. I care about you, we’re all we have, the gang is worried, man. If you stay in here and be a sap over Y/n, then you’re practically letting the socs win!”

“I don’t care about no damn socs, alright? I care about Y/n and Y/n only…no matter what I do, or what I say, nothing will change that. Not my mum, not socs, not Thomas…but I’m nothing but a greaser…”

“When has that ever stopped you, huh? Last time I checked if a greaser wanted something, he’d take it. Nobody, no one would tell him he could’t have it or get in his way. A greaser fights for what they want, and if you want Y/n, stop being a pussy and fight!” Felix shoved Peter in the chest roughly, almost making him stumble back. With an irritated look, Peter shoved him back, a fire within him burning yet again. “Oh? You don’t like that? What are you going to do about it, huh?”

Felix shoved him again, only harder. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

One more shove sent him over the limit. He was already angry thanks to the hangover, adding on would be the lack of sleep, and alcohol, so of course he was on the verge of exploding. He just needed the right push.

With a swift motion, Peter socked him in the jaw without warning, sending the greaser smack-dab onto the floor, groaning. With one hand on his jaw to put it back in place, he smirked up at Peter. 

“There’s the fighter!” He stood up with his hand still on his jaw, while patting him on the shoulder with his other. “You want your girl? Fight for her at John’s party tonight.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know those girls that was with Y/n at the drive in? One of them is real sweet on me, and I made her promise that Y/n would be there. Fight for her there, take what’s yours and don’t take no for an answer!”

“Not really the best choice of words,” He shook his head, crossing his arms. “But, alright. I’m down. I could use a night out anyway.” 

“Perfect. Peter Pan is back!” 


Nighttime had finally rolled in, and the worst time to have a party would be a Sunday night. Or maybe it was just another way of saying: ‘We’re going back to hell soon, party like it’s your last.’

Everyone was planning to be there, from greasers, to socs, to mid-class, you name it. From ages fetus to skeleton, anyone was invited to the party. As soon as it got started, you and a few of your friends were dancing it up on the dance floor, having a good time. The music was blaring The Rolling Stones, putting a good vibe to the sour mood you’ve had the past couple of days. You were glad your friends talked you into going, you were kind of skeptical at first. Afraid of running into…you-know-who. 

One of your friend’s tapped your shoulder, bringing you back down to earth. 

“Y/n, this is Franklin,” She gestured to the nerdy mid-class boy, him waving shyly at you. “Franklin here wanted to dance with the prettiest girl at this shindig, and I quickly had to introduce you two.”

“Oh uh, hello. Uhm, that’s a nice thought, but…I think I’m doing fine dancing on my own, thank you-”

“Y/n. We talked about this, you need a new love interest to get your mind off that greaser trash!” She spoke through gritted teeth, suddenly making your blood boil.  

“He’s not greaser trash, Cindy! I wish you would stop calling him that!”

“And I wish you would move on like he did! Open your damn eyes, Y/n, he’s not good enough for you and never will be! I brought you out here tonight to find a guy who isn’t a complete dick, and you’re not making an effort of doing so!”

“You know what, I need a drink. Maybe you and Franklin can get to know each other while I’m gone. I’m sure he likes the prissy and uptight ones, with their skirts shoved up their asses.” 

With that, you walked away from the two, leaving them stunned. That Friday night changed you, that’s for sure. You saw yourself and your life in a new light, and it was either for the better or the worst. All at the same time you were almost raped by the man you thought loved you, only to be saved by the man you never gave the time of day since the 7th grade. Never even got the chance to say thank you, either. Once you finally made it to the drinking table, you prayed this time the punch wasn’t spiked, the last thing you wanted was to be drunk and vulnerable in a house filled with almost complete strangers. 

As you poured yourself some punch, a slight chill ran up and down your spine all of the sudden. The drink soon forgotten as you felt hands caress your waist, down to your bum, and the warmth of someone pressed up against you from behind. You were about to turn around and smack the shit out of whoever dared to touch you in such a way, until a whisper struck your ear. You tensed up stiff once you recognized who it was.

“Miss me, doll?”  

Ride or Die


Taehyung’s basically fucked.  He’s cornered on all sides and his back is up against a wall.  There’s no way out, no way he can slither out of this trap unscathed. But that’s okay.  This is what Taehyung lives for.  He lives for violent encounters with bulky, unnamed, shadowy brutes in back alleys in the middle of the night.  It’s his favorite past time honestly.  Even more than executing high-stakes heists.  Which is what has landed him in his current predicament.  “Listen boys,” he says with his hands up as the gang of thugs all take a step towards him, “I really don’t want to hurt you.” That earned him a deep grunt from Thug #4, or Sparky as Taehyung liked to call him. “It’s just a little, teeny, tiny stash of high grade explosives.”  Thug #2, or Boomer, cracks his knuckles and Taehyung has to force himself not to lick his lips because the sound reminds him of popcorn and wow, is he hungry. He shakes his head, letting his sienna-colored bangs fall into his eyes. “Nothing too unusual and it’s not like you guys were going to use them all anyway.  I just wanted to see some pretty lights along the skyline, nothing too crazy.”

“It’s not that you stole the explosives, darling,” an eerily familiar voice drawls into the crisp night air.  Taehyung narrows his eyes as he tries to figure out if one of the thugs is speaking.  As if reading his mind, the voice murmurs, “Excuse me, Theodore,” and Thug # 3, or Scooter, and Thug #1, or Tank, sidestep to reveal possibly the most gorgeous man Taehyung has ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.  “It’s the fact you saw some things you weren’t supposed to see and I can’t have you ruining the punchline to my upcoming joke, now can I?”

Taehyung can’t decide what he finds most attractive about the man: From his disheveled mint hair falling haphazardly over the tops of his sleepy eyes (which seem to be casually boring gaping holes deep within Taehyung’s soul) to his pouty pink lips that contrast so beautifully against his smooth milky skin (which Taehyung so desperately wants to uncover and explore every inch of for hours on end) to his slender neck draped heavily in loose gold chains (all of which Taehyung would happily wrap his fingers in and yank the mysterious man closer as if they were a leash of some sort) to his slender frame that perfectly filled out his aubergine suit (Taehyung had to force himself not to try and reach for the buttons of the suit jacket because now was certainly not the time for his hormones to get the better of him), everything about him was steeped in mystery and dripping in dangerous power, an irresistibly lethal combination.  And his raspy voice…Taehyung hadn’t realized just how much he missed hearing the signature drawl of his home until that razor edged voice spoke to him.  And of course, Taehyung could not ignore the subtle ‘S’ shakily inked right at the corner of the man’s left eye.

The man blinks lazily at him and Taehyung realizes that oh shit, he’s supposed to say something. His mind is racing with a million and a half thoughts and though he’s certain there’s much better ways to start a conversation, he blurts out a cheery, “Hello there, hot stuff! I’m Taehyung!”  He has never wanted to bang his head against a wall harder than he does at that moment, and he was honestly about to when the man’s lips curl upwards into a slight smirk.

“Hello,” he rasps as he smoothly steps towards Taehyung, his casual and confident movements reminding Taehyung of a pet snake he used to have as a young boy before his– “It’s so nice to meet you, Taehyung.”  He offers his hand for Taehyung to shake, which the brunette eagerly does as he notices the comically macabre jester grin tattooed onto the back of the pale hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Mr…” Taehyung’s voice trails off as he realizes that he doesn’t know the man’s name.  “Um, I know this is kind of awkward and a touch bit rude, but who exactly are you?” he asks sheepishly.  He moves to remove his hand from the man’s grasp, but the green-haired man grips his hand tight and cocks his head in curiosity.

“You don’t know who I am?” he drawls amusedly. Taehyung scrunches up his face as he tries his hardest to put a name to this beautiful face, but he comes up short so he shakes his head.  “Now, now, don’t you know it’s not smart for a pretty little thing like you to steal from strange men?”  The slightly shorter man leans forward until his lips are just out reach of Taehyung’s and breathes in quite possibly the huskiest voice ever, “I could be dangerous.”

“We learn from our mistakes,” Taehyung quips with a smirk of his own. “Besides, I like dangerous. It’s fun.”  The man chuckles once and Taehyung swears he has never heard a more beautiful sound and honestly, he would die a happy man if he could be the source of that laugh everyday for the rest of his life.

“That’s something we both have in common then, my dear.” The man winks before he abruptly turns on his heel and strides towards his hired helpers.  “Maybe if you survive the night, I might take you out to dinner some time.”

Taehyung’s heart begins to race in his chest at the thought of being wined and dined by Mr. Deadly, he’s decided to call him.  “Is that a promise, Mister?”

“It is,” he says as his lips curl upwards even further into a wide smile. “Oh, and you can call me Suga.”

“Well if it’s Suga as in sugar then I think I’ll just call you Pudding,” Taehyung blurts out without thinking, the voices in his head all clamoring excitedly about the prospect of being courted by Mr. D (he decides this has a better ring to it) and making it that much harder for him to reason through the chaos in his cluttered mind. Realizing his gaff, he quickly apologizes, “Sorry, the voices in my head won’t shut up.”

Mr. D narrows his eyes slightly as he repeats the nickname, letting it roll off his tongue.  “Pudding…”  There’s a spark in his eyes and Taehyung’s certain he’s never hit a bigger jackpot on a heist before than he’s hit just now seeing the man’s face light up.  “You know, I’ve been called a lot of things before, but never that. Surprisingly, I like it.”

Taehyung giggles and he coyly gushes, “Oh stop it you! You’re making me blush.  How am I supposed to beat your henchmen if I’m a gushing mess?” He can’t help but pout cutely just the way his best friend taught him to, hoping the display of cuteness will make Mr. D laugh again.  It does and Taehyung swears he could have died happily right then and there if he didn’t have an impending fight cockblocking him.  But alas, he rakes a hand through his dark hair and sighs deeply before he gently drops his duffel bag onto the dumpster lid next to him.  “Alright boys,” he props his beloved Louisville Slugger on the dumpster’s side, “I just want you to know that I was going to take it easy on you.”  He slips off his jacket and delicately drapes it over the duffel bag, “But I gotta impress your hot boss over there.”  Mr. D chuckles lightly and Taehyung has to force himself to stay cool. “You can hit me as hard as you like,” he stretches his arms and neck as he steps towards the thugs, “but just don’t hit my face.  It’s my money maker and I gotta look cute for my Pudding.” He tosses Mr. D a wink.  “After all, we’re gonna go on our first date after I’m done wiping the floor with your bulky bodies.”

“That’s a lot of talk from a pipsqueak,” Tank mutters, making his buddies grunt in amused agreement.  Taehyung’s lips spread wide into his signature boxy grin, a wicked glint lighting his dark eyes.  Game on, he thinks as he cracks his knuckles.  Tank didn’t even know what hit him.  Well, he knew it was Taehyung but he didn’t realize that the “pipsqueak” could move so fast and pack quite a punch.  All he knew was one moment, he was cracking a joke at Taehyung’s expense and the next he was blinking himself into consciousness on the cold, hard ground surrounded by his equally dazed but more battered cohorts.  He hears a booming giggle echoing off the bricks lining the alleyway and he slowly turns his head to see the backs of his boss and the freakishly strong “pipsqueak” growing smaller and smaller as they head off.  He drops his head back down as he silently prays his boss doesn’t send his other lackeys to clean up this mess.  It really would suck if he woke up to a bullet buried in his skull.

“So just what kind of crazy are you?” Suga poses as he watches Taehyung tuck his beloved bat into the handles of his duffel bag before strapping said bag onto the rack of his beat up motorcycle.

Taehyung grins and blows the loose strands of his bangs out of his face.  “Clinically, I’m the kind with schizophrenic and psychopathic tendencies.”  Suga can’t help the deep chuckle that rumbles through his chest at Taehyung’s blunt words.  “But realistically,” Taeyhung straddles his bike and gently coaxes it to life, “I’m the ride or die type.”  

He pats the back of his seat invitingly but Suga scoffs, “I don’t ride bitch.”

Taehyung quips, “But you do ride.”

“What can I say,” Suga smirks as he snaps his fingers twice, causing a neon green McLaren 675LT to whip around the corner of the building and Taehyung has to bite his lip hard to keep his jaw from dropping at the beautiful piece of vehicular innovation in front of him.  A hefty driver Taehyung decides to call Hank pops out of the car and hands Suga the keys before holding the door open for his boss.  Mr. D slides halfway into the car and casually slurs in that wonderful accent of his that Taehyung honestly cannot wait to hear purr his name for the rest of his life, “I’m the ride or die type too.”


–Admin Lily

Imagine if you will:

Present day: Pepper Potts divorces her neurotic, workaholic husband Tony Stark and founds a private security company with a chunk of her court awarded money. She recruits strictly women, because no one expects a woman to be dangerous and Pepper is damn tired of being overlooked and discounted (12%, her ass!) . She starts with Maria Hill, who quickly becomes her second in command and head of recruitment; Melinda May only agrees under the condition that she is a combat arms instructor only and will not go into the field (a stipulation that she breaks before six months have passed); Bobbi Morse (do NOT call her Barbara); Natasha Romanov (yes she speaks Russian, yes she was one of the last women to go through the covert Black Widow program, no you may not ask questions); Daisy Johnson (who idolizes May and pretends she doesn’t); and Margaret Carter (Peggy to those she likes, Ms. Carter to everyone else). Pepper gathers up all of these powerful, elite women and quickly dominates the private security sector.

Not one to be outdone and not-so-secretly determined to win back his wife, Tony Stark pushes back by creating his own security company - with all men. He even goes one step farther, does Pepper one better, because they can’t be just any men. Tony knows his weaknesses, and he is not good at organization (or leadership at all, really), so he goes straight for Phil Coulson. Coulson’s a good man with a talent for all those things - he’s also Melinda May’s friend and counterpart from the Academy (and the only known person to have earned her loyalty for life). Tony puts Coulson in charge, but only after he recruits Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse’s ex-husband (”anything to piss off that crazy ex of mine.”); Clint Barton, a crack shot with a bow and Natasha’s best friend (lover? frenemy? no one knows); Bruce Banner (who is just the scientist behind their tech and weapons and armor, thankyouverymuch); Sam Wilson, an unassuming but capable fighter; Antoine Triplett, a legacy who smiles as much as he fights; and Steve Rogers, the All-American dream boy. 

Fitz and Simmons are late additions. Everyone knows that’s a shared custody situation, because there’s simply no separating them, so Fitzsimmons just sort of travel back and forth as needed. They’re the youngest aside from Daisy, whom they befriend immediately, and that trio quickly garners the moniker “the Bus kids” after Hunter makes a crack about them having gotten off at the wrong bus stop after school and then just stuck around. 

What starts as an all out war between the sexes to dominate the private sector quickly devolves into a chaotic mess of friendly (and soon, decidedly more than friendly) competition to be the best, until suddenly one day Pepper turns around and …

“Bee-tee-dubs, Pep,” Daisy says brightly. “You should know …”

“Everyone’s sleeping with everyone else?” Pepper supplies dryly.

Daisy laughs. “Oh, that happened, like, forever ago. No, I was gonna say that you’ve successfully created the world’s only dating service for the Highly Weaponized and Dysfunctional. Congrats.”

And Pepper can’t be mad, not really, because these people risk life and limb every day to make the world a safer place. They’re a motley assortment of misfits, pretty faces over damaged souls held together with crooked stitches, and Pepper loves them all. They’re her friends - her family. 

So Pepper smiles when May pretends not to listen when Coulson starts talking about that damn car of his, and puts in earplugs when Hunter and Bobbi start yelling about God knows what, and blushes when Peggy and Steve look at each other as though they’ve only just found each other again after a lifetime apart. 

And she’s always loved Tony, even when she divorced him to wake him up and prove a point, so she only makes him wait a few days - okay, weeks - for her answer of yes when he proposes again. (”Tell me twelve percent again,” she threatens. 

“I would never,” Tony promises. “We’re up to thirty percent, at least.”

“Anthony Stark, I swear on Jarvis and every last piece …”

“Whoa, whoa, Pep. Point taken. Fifty-fifty from here on out.”)

And that’s how PS Security came to dominate the private security sector with the most dangerous, ridiculous group of lovers the world has ever seen. 

(”Why not SP Security? Stark-Potts sounds better than Potts-Stark …”


“Right. Never mind. PS is good.”)

My kingdom for a gifset of this. 

missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me

word count; 2k

synopsis; dan and phil have a snowball fight

warnings; minor swearing, kissing, food

pairing; phan

a/n; this is for the @phandomcountdown! hope you all enjoy :* 
ps thanks to @glitteringdan for betaing this she is great

((4/5 days of ficmas complete – click here to read others))


“Do you want to play in the snow?” he asked Dan, his eyes shifting out the window, watching as the loose snow fell off trees when birds landed on their branches. His question sounded childish, especially for an almost twenty-three year old man, but his motto was ‘You’re never too old to play in the snow’. He predicted that he would be eighty-five and still continue to making snow angels in the snow; that is, if global warming doesn’t make snow go extinct.

Dan’s mouth turned down to a frown as he looked from the window, and back to Phil. “It’s kind of cold, isn’t it?” Dan poked the single melting marshmallow in his mug, drowning it in the hot coffee.

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so, in all, i wanted to make a ff to commemorate this wonderful moment!! this was meant to be done ages ago, but seeing as i had no time (or skill hah rip me) to actually create a decent ff i’ll just be sticking to the good old original style!! so, without further ado, let us begin~

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The chocolate cake - Wolfstar

Okay so @hohogwarts suggested writing this as a Wolfstar Headcanon.. So here it is. 

PS: thanks so much to all of you who liked or reblogged my Wolfstarhugs HC. I’m so overwhelmed *hides*

  • Sirius Black usually was calm and composed when he was working. He wasn’t in his free time, but when he swirled through the kitchen and conjured wonderful meals he was really concentrated. 
  • The only exception to this was the last Thursday evening of every month. 
  • because then he would come into the restaurant. A tall, scrawny looking guy who mostly wore cardigans and had amber eyes. 
  • and his name was Remus. Sirius had found this out via James, his best friend who was also the inscribed owner of their restaurant (Marauders’ finest. We solemnly swear that we’re up to some really good meals.) and a waiter now and then. 
  • Sirius had been intrigued the minute this guy, Remus, had stepped into the restaurant for the first time. And then immediately disappointed, because he came in with a red haired girl and they looked really close. Also, even if they weren’t together, they would surely be together soon because “this girl is so hot oh my god, Padfoot, do you even see this? I can’t even. I wanna marry her”, how James stated. 
  • But then some weeks later, Peter (also waiter and responsible for their finances), his new best mate Peter who he loved to death since he brought him this news, “Peter, i’ll make you some crême brullé. I love you. Marry me. No, better, give me the number of this guy so i can marry him.” 
    Where was I? Ah, right, so Peter overheard a discussion between Lily (the name of the red haired love of James’ life) and Remus. As it turned out Remus had just broken up with his last boyfriend. 
  • JAMES, HE IS GAY OH MY GOD HE LIKES BOYS.” Sirius had burned three meals out of excitement this day. 
  • So, back to the present: It’s Thursday evening. And Remus just came in with Lily and they sat down at their usual table. And now, after much encouraging from his friends, Sirius sends James out to Remus to ask for his number. He’s peaking through the kitchen door to overhear the conversation. 
  • “Are you ready to order?” “Yes, thank you. I’ll take the number 3 and what’ll you take, Remus?” “Um.. the four.”  “Okay, thank you. It’ll take around ten minutes. Ah, and I have to deliver a small request from our chef. He’s asking you to write down your number.” “Me?” “Yeah.” “I… uh.. okay?” “Thank you. I’ll be right back with your orders.”
  • And then James had brings him the paper napkin with Remus’ number Sirius is just standing there. Blinking. Because, how could anybody have such a beautiful, neat handwriting?! And he kinda freaks out. 
  • “James, what if he now thinks I’m a freak? What if he thinks this is weird?! Oh god you have to tell him that I’m not a freak. Go, TELL HIM!” “You sure that won’t make him think you’re a freak even more?” “Oh my god Prongs I hate you!!!” “…Argh, stop hitting me! Okay, okay, I’ll go.”
  • So Sirius cooks their meals (two times, because the first time he burned them) and then he sends James out to bring it to them. 
  • “So here are your orders, guys. This one’s for you, my lady. This one’s for you. Oh, and greetings from the chef. You know, he’s a cool guy. Very chill. Never freaks out. Really down to earth, man.” “Um.. okay?” “Yeah. And a really good friend. I mean. He’s my best mate. And um.. I guess he’s a good lover. Or well that was what his previous boyfriend said. Before he stood him up. The boyfriend, i mean, not my mate. So well.” “Okay...” “Enjoy your meal.”
  • And Sirius wants to kill himself. Because this was the most awkward thing James could have done. “JAMES YOU RUINED EVERYTHING OH MY GOD. I’LL NEVER LET YOU OUT THERE AGAIN. PETER!!!! You have to go and serve them for the rest of the evening. Please don’t embarass me oh my god Prongs they will never come here again.”
  • because, let’s face it. James Fleamont Potter can’t do subtle. It’s just not in his nature. 
  • So when Remus and Lily have finished their meals Peter gets out to collect the plates and bring them the dessert cards. But Sirius tells him Remus isn’t allowed to order because he has to make up for what James did and he wants to do something. 
  • “So, I hope you enjoyed your meal. Here are the dessert cards for you. You won’t get one, I’m quite sorry. Your dessert will be taken care of.” “I.. uh. Okay..” “Remus oh my god you should see your face.” “Shut up, Lily.
  • Sirius has noticed many things about Remus from all his evenings there. One of them is his love for chocolate. And if there is one thing Sirius can do, then it is creating the best of earthly possible chocolate cakes. It’s an old secret receipt from his uncle Alphard. And Sirius could do it in his sleep. 
  • This afternoon he had prepared this cake. And now, he quickly fixes a chocolate sauce together and decorates the plate with a slice of this cake. And this time he doesn’t let Peter or James bring it. He quickly changes into a clean apron and checks his reflection in a large cooking spoon. And then he goes out to bring Remus the cake and oh god he is so nervous.
  • He awkwardly places it in front of Remus and oh god he can feel himself blushing. And he doesn’t know what to do with his hands. And Remus looks at him and smiles and his eyes are glittering oh god. 
  • “Um.. Sorry for my mate Prongs- James I mean. He. He.. He’s a dickhead.” “No need to apologize. I think he cleared up some things.” And Sirius blushes even more. 
  • “So um… Here’s your dessert. I… I’ve noticed you like chocolate.” 
  • And lets face it Lily sits just there, completely ignored. But she doesn’t care, because they’ve been coming for dinner here for weeks because Remus has spotted the chef once and “oh god he’s so hot Lily. Maybe I can see him again next week? Maybe I can catch him and talk to him oh god.
  • So she watches as Remus takes a bite from the cake and his eyes blow wide and he stares at Sirius. And he mumbles, mouth full of chocolate cake, “thisisthebestfuckingcakei’veevereaten”
  • And Sirius just beams at him and his heart beats so fast. Peter comes and pulls him back into the kitchen because “Sirius we have other guests who want to eat to.” 
  • And if Remus asks James when Sirius shift ends and if he’s waiting for him outside the restaurant, nobody will ever know for sure. But you could kinda guess it, because later this evening, you will see two adorable idiots sitting in St. James’s park (oh the irony) and sharing chocolate cake and kissing each other. 

girlwithsixsmiles  asked:

Felicity doesn't work at Queen Consolidated, instead she's Oliver's next door neighbor when he's forced to move into an apartment once his parents FINALLY kick him out.

The Mystery of the Naked Guy in Her Kitchen
Rated G, no warnings. PS - Not taking any more prompts, sorry. Just finishing the batch.Any prompts received will be deleted. Thanks!

She just wants an omelet. It’s not too much to ask for, or maybe it is because Felicity wanders into her apartment three mornings after she moves in, and there’s a mostly-naked dude in her kitchen.

Felicity does the smart thing: she screams and runs back into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Why the hell did she get a place without a lock on the bedroom door? Oh, god, she’s going to die because she got a place without a lock on the bedroom door and this is why she needs to think things through better. She throws all of her weight against the door even though she’s not that big and mostly-naked dude is kind of gargantuan. “Whoever the hell you are, I’m calling my incredibly built boyfriend who’s totally not made up—and the cops! I’m calling the cops!”

“Whoa, no, don’t do that!” Mostly-naked dude sounds kind of panicked himself. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Oh, so you’re robbing me? Take whatever you want and leave, I swear I won’t do anything. Though I don’t really have anything valuable and the Commodore won’t go for much on eBay, I already tried that.”

“The what? I’m not here to rob you. What happened to Mrs. Harrow?”

Wait, Felicity thinks, that’s weird. How does her mostly-naked robber know about the woman she’s subletting this place from? “You know Mrs. Harrow?”

“I live next door. I’m not trying to rob you. We share a balcony.”

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“Name for the Order?”

Based on this prompt (from this post): “I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU.”

Be on the look out for Part 2: “I’m a busy businessperson and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly, who does this person think they are AU”

I don’t know why this happened or how, but it did, so I hope it’s enjoyable. <3

On AO3 here.


“Yeah, I got his email this morning. Can you have Isaac call him in for a second meeting? There’s a lot we still need to go over and honestly, I don’t know if this is something we even want to sign on for.”

Stiles spun around, his eyes locking onto the greatest source of annoyance in his life, Phone Guy, also known as “Derek”. He was a complete asshole. Why were all the hot ones such jerks? Honestly. Life wasn’t fair.  

“What can I get for you?” Stiles asked. This being the third day in a row Derek had come in for coffee, he remembered the man’s order. But he wasn’t about to make this any easier on him.

Oh no.

Absolutely not.

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davetennant  asked:

ten x rose, 9 please! :) i wish i could prompt all of them to you... you're so talented!! xoxo

#11 The One With Online Dating

2000 words, Teen, #9 - Meeting Online AU

This is so cracky and dumb, I can only apologize in advance. I am so sorry. Thank you gallifreyslostson for helping me with it. Share in the blame. You have to.

Something weird was going on.

Halfway through the day, the Doctor started receiving a lot of messages.

Odd… ones.

He scrolled through his inbox, perplexed. As he read each one, he became increasingly alarmed.

so how much bigger is it on the inside?

I think I need to work on my anatomy, Doc ;) ;)

Hi biggerontheinside, great username! Care to show me in person?

“What the hell?”

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Ron is cornered by a spider, and is rescued by a character of your choice

This was another of the prompts I received way back in may. I can only apologise for my complete and utter uselessness, and thank those of you who have stuck around since then. You are all wonderful :) ps if you have a phobia of spiders, please give this one a miss!

– -

“Okay. Don’t panic. But. We have a situation.”

“…like the time we lost twelve crates of Headless Hats because someone cocked up the invisibility charms?”


“Shit…are we talking having to write stock off? Why? How much?”

“We have to write off all the stock in this shop, burn it to the ground and use the insurance money to open on new premises. I know you were mooting Hogsmeade last month, but I’m thinking we’re going to have to further than that. Like Antarctica, maybe.”

“What the hell are you going on about?!”

“There is a spider back there.”

Ron. It is a bug. You’re six two. Step on it.”

“This is a big spider though.”

“Is it comparable in size to a Hippogriff?”

“Probably two Hippogriffs.”

“Christ almighty.”

“Can you please just deal with it?”

“I am genuinely amazed that you are married.”

“Me too. But please just do something.”

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Relax (a miyusawa oneshot)

rating: M
word count: 2,239
warnings: none (there’s a tiny mention of character injury which you all know about anyway, and it’s nothing detailed or anything so)

summery: It seems that Sawamura’s hands are good for more than just pitching.

it sounds like smut but i swear its not lmao (rated M just in case tho)

ps: big thanks to @liazim for being such huge help with this and putting up with me <3

pps: this is my first fic in years, and its actually my first ever english fic, so i hope there aren’t too many mistakes or weird sentences. comments and everything else would be much appreciated, either on ao3 or here!! i hope u guys enjoy it~


Practice ended hours ago, yet Miyuki still felt like he just finished running 20 laps around the field with the sun working in full force.

He guessed he still wasn’t in his best condition, even though it had been over two and a half weeks since his injury. After all, he was only allowed to go back to training two days ago - on a separate menu, one that consisted mostly of running and stretching, nothing close to him wearing his mitt and catcher’s gear. He could swear he felt coach Kataoka’s threatening stare every time he came anywhere near the bullpen.

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