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Genre: Smut. Pure, unholy sin.

Word Count: 2,135

Summary: Honestly this is just a straight up unholy threesome between you, Hoseok, and Namjoon.

A/N: Oh man so I’ve never in my life written smut (or anything close), but of course the first one I do write is a threesome because, I mean go big or go home right? So this happened because @monstaccato (who is my favorite human being ever) turned 21 yesterday, and this is my present to her. Mo, be gentle on me. It’s my first time doing this, and I can only hope it is a quarter as good as what you write. But happy birthday (for the third time ^^”) and I hope you enjoy!

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You were nervous if you were honest. Sitting in front of Namjoon, Hoseok on your side, you started to regret even considering asking him. You were still obscenely turned on by the idea, but the silence that stretched across the three of you was mortifying. A million thoughts ran through your head as you sat on the couch in your living room, waiting for a reply. What if he says no? What if this causes tension between the three of you? Oh Christ what if he-

“I’ll do it.”

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The difference between the lunatic and the psychopath… And here you thought Lalna’s day couldn’t get any worse. 

Oh hay, looks like Lalnable picked up the Ender Rifle before taking Lalna back to his hideout. Also I did turn up this Lalnable’s crazy up to 11, hope that doesn’t clash with people’s idea of him being calm and collected but… ah hell, its kinda explained later why this one is like this. ;D

This page was a joy. Friends of mine know I love a good villain scene. Poses, dialogue, lighting, the hammier the better. So naturally Lalnable’s end panel there was the first thing I drew. Man I should draw more evil characters, it is so… relaxing. Now the one part I didn’t like about this page is the fact where Lalna got hit its… covered by his super fluffy hairTrust me, He has one hell of a mark there but.. yeah, can’t show it… Also spacing the dialog was also one hell of a pain. This has been the second trickiest in terms of placing the speech bubbles. I’m only lucky Rythian wasn’t narrating alongside it, maybe next page he’ll be feeling a bit better.

You know, one of these days you guys will stop believing what I write in the page previews… I had a hearty laugh at the response from this page’s preview. Heh heh heh!

“On My List”

This fucking JMR fic took me forever, so I hope you all like it. If not … I’m just sticking with Cockles, because … damn.

“Lindsey Lohan.”

Ew, really? Oh my god. I’ve lost all respect for you, man.”

Misha chuckles and shakes his head “I don’t think she’s that bad.”

Jensen scoffs so hard, he probably dislodged a tonsil. “Bad or not, she’s really your first choice? The one freebee, no questions asked—good to go lay? Her?”

Rob watches his two friends, amused—comfortable and warm nestled between a throw pillow and his generous stack of empty beer bottles.

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m thinking Audrey Hepburn might be a better choice.”

“Isn’ she dead?” Rob slurs, which pulls a pleasant little laugh past Jensen’s just-licked lips.

“Yeah she is … and even if she wasn’t, she’d be like a hundred and two by now. Can you think of anyone age appropriate who currently has a pulse?”

Misha ponders this for a moment, seeming to think long and hard, like it’s a question for the ages. “Justin Beiber” he finally says with fervor.

“Okay, if you’re just going to fuck around, I’ll stop asking” Jensen snips back. He’s soon leaning forward in his chair to snatch up his own beer, taking a swig before plopping it down again—all with a disappointed shake of his head.

Sor-ry” Misha sighs, throwing up his hands. “I didn’t realize this game was so serious to you.”

The green eyed man looks to the far side of the room, shrugging with an air of forced-nonchalance. “It’s not, but I was curious and you’re just dickin’ around.”

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever actually thought about it that much.” He seems more sincere now and Rob thinks that he’s probably telling the truth; Misha Collins doesn’t live through scenarios after all.

“Oh c’mon! Now I know you’re lying!”

Jensen apparently, does not agree.

The two men are soon tilted towards one another, gesturing harshly over the coffee table between them—casting angry shadows on the convention schedules spread out across the glass. Rob smiles to himself, feeling the drunk slosh about his brain, fizzing like warm waters of a jacuzzi. He loves watching Jensen and Misha bicker like this—drunk or not. The two act like an old married couple half the time he’s around—and like flirting teens the other half. All in all, they’re just really cute—no better way to describe them than that, and Rob can’t stop the grin that grows with his friends’ volume.

“Well, fine—since you’ve given it a lot of thought! Who would you do then … if Danneel  and I—uh if she gave you a free pass?” Misha peeks over at Rob a moment, as if to see if he’s still listening.

He is—but he’s fading in and out, falling helplessly into the soft give of the armchair beneath him.

“Sofia Vergara” Jensen answers quickly.

“Typical” Misha spits back steamed and tender, with an eye roll on the side.

Jensen hunches forward some more, propping a defensive elbow atop his knee and puffing out his chest. “What?”

“Oh nothing—just, Macho Jensen going for the biggest boobs he can find. It’s just … typical.”

“Dude … she’s hot.

“I realize she’s hot, but I mean, is that all you’re thinking about? Not personality, just looks? Don’t get me wrong … if she presented me with the opportunity, I’d be a fool to pass on it, but—”

“But nothing! See, you’re exactly as perverted as I am so don’t try to pull some high and mighty bullshit!” Jensen hisses, leering heavily at blue eyes that now avoid his gaze.

Rob let’s out a bubbly laugh with that one—how could he not? His friends get so silly and stupid over one another—over silly, stupid things; so much so that they’re just some brightly colored fur away from being Muppets.

“What?” Misha asks him suddenly, a smile pulling at his cheek once he finally faces the very drunk third wheel keeping them company in the green room.

“You two’re funny” Rob garbles, and watches warmly as Jensen and Misha deflate, smiling back and forth to one another, laying out a new common ground with the sight of the man melting into his own beard.

“And you’re wasted” Jensen counters, standing up from his chair. “We should get you back to your room … it’s already—” he glances down at the watch on his wrist. “Shit, it’s already two in the morning. Fuck, flying tomorrow’s gonna suck.”

“Always does, sleep or not” Misha agrees, pulling himself up as well.

“You didn’t ask me.” Rob’s beer slicked voice pulls both the men’s ears back down, curving their attention to him.

Wha?” Jensen laughs, taking a step closer just as Rob’s eyes begin to flutter.

“You din’ ask me” he chirps again and Jensen turns to Misha, confused, shoulders gathered in a shrug.

“I think he wants you to ask him who his freebee-fuck would be” Misha clarifies, in a tone that makes it seem likes this is a totally normal conversation. Then again, for their group—it kind of is.

Jensen’s eyebrows smash together as another laugh clamors from his throat. “Jesus … give the guy a few Sierra Nevadas and he’s fucking toasted.”

If Rob had the energy, he’d correct Jensen. It was six Sierra Nevadas—thank you very much.

Soon, Jensen is bending down, laying a heavy hand on Rob’s shoulder, shaking him a little to make sure he’s even still awake. “Okay, bud. Who would you do, then? Ya know, if Mollie would let ya.”

Rob peeks back into the questioning face in front of him, and then slumps his eyes to the right to see Misha standing at Jensen’s side. “She’d let’me” the man giggles, finally dropping his head and nestling his cheek against Jensen’s hand.

The action doesn’t seem to faze the guy though, because all Jensen does is lift his other palm and pat Rob’s cheek. “Oh yeah? You two already talk about this or somthin’?” Jensen asks, and Rob blinks slowly as he nods.

“Was this one of those ‘you each make a list’ things?” Misha chimes in, sounding genuinely curious.

Rob nods again.

“Okay, well don’t leave us hangin’ here, man. Who’s on your list?” Jensen asks, giving Rob’s beard a little rub with his thumb.

 “You two” Rob yawns, slipping easily into the press of Jensen’s fingers and smiling as the world goes dark.

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jacques laurent as one of those white boys who just says something funny in the media and ends up in the intro of a rap song and turned into an #Icon

ex: jack after winning his first cup: “man i’d just like to thank all the people who believed in me… and if you didn’t i still hope you doing good but you can choke” “man i’m on top of the world! i feel like i just went to disneyland but i’m, like, richer!” “i hope i made drake proud” “oh my second grade gym teacher is pissing his pants right now”


You swagger into the bunker, struggling to take the smile off your face. Sam noticed your chipper mood straight away.

“Good day?” He laughed.

“I guess, I have news.” You announced which caught Dean’s attention.

“Good news?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

“For me. But first, I’m gonna take a shower.”

Dean’s Pov

I seem to remember Y/N had spent the day with Cas and…Gabriel. My face dropped at the thought of him. I didn’t think one man could single handedly be that annoying.

“You don’t think-” I began, stopping myself to think through what I was about to suggest “You don’t think Y/N’s with Cas…or Gabriel?” 

“Oh god I hope not.” Sam’s face screwed up at the thought.

Y/N came downstairs with half-dried hair and a change of clothes. 
She sat down on the sofa opposite us and me and Sam leaned in.

“I’m in a relationship with Gabriel.” She declared, her face flushed rosey pink just mentioning his name.

I leaned back, sharing a look with Sam.

“Oh come on guys, what’s that for?” Y/N laughed nervously.

“Really?” I couldn’t quite believe it.

“Yes!” She shrugged.

“You sure this is true love, Y/N?” I teased and she shot me a glare.

“Dean, I love him, okay? I didn’t judge Lisa.” Y/N protested and I frowned at her, she really thought bringing up Lisa was a good idea?

“I think what Y/N’s trying to say is that we should see how things play out?” Sam coughed, saving Y/N from my lecture.

“Hmmm.” I grumbled.

“So long as I get to have a talk with him, I’ll allow it.” Sam smirked and I caught Y/N roll her eyes.

“Okay fine. The talk.” Y/N grinned at me and I grinned back sarcastically. She laughed and I broke out of character.

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emllykaldwin  asked:

my hawke is called liara and she's an angry force/entropy mage who loves fenris and sarcasm and the occasional trip to the Blooming Rose (after Carver died she went from elemental magic to entropy, bc she believes her old chaotic nature resulted in her brother's death) :)

WOW FIRST PAINFUL HAWKE RIGHT OFF THE BAT oh man liara u poor child I’m so sorry

I hope she & fenris look after each other & she comes to accept that she’s not responsible for the horrible things that happen to her family & friends. she’s good & lovely & deserves better

oc chat come one come all I want to meet ur kids so bad!!!


So I suppose this is day 12 of the 30 day fatesona OC art challenge, a battle scene.  I hope you enjoy my comic, because I sure don’t!  I should’ve spent more time on it i’m so disappointed in myself!

I put numbers under the text so you know which one to read first, because man oh man, I did not do any pre planning for this or anything and I am so sorry.  Also I apologize for my terrible handwriting, I’ve never been good at it, so again, i’m sorry!

But anyway, Yamato has a way of convincing people who want revenge on him not to do so, and if they’re young (the kid in this is probably about 10) he’ll even recruit them into his “family” (really his raiding party)