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hi I'm honestly stunned in every way by tales from the special branch. just curious...how do you have time to write it??? like, I'm just in school and a couple of extracurrics and have zero time for writing??? anyway, you're wonderful and admirable and I can't wait for an update tomorrow

Oh, man. This is a question I ask myself a lot, lol! I have to admit, it takes a LOT of time to write Tales from the Special Branch. Writing takes me anywhere from 25-30 hours a week, plus I usually spend anywhere from 6-12 hours on posting days working on editing/formatting/etc. So that’s a lot of work! Honestly, since I started this story arc, I don’t do much more than write and go to work. I stopped really watching TV, my book consumption went down, I haven’t seen a movie in months. Even being on vacation recently, I’ve spent a huge amount of time writing. I privilege probably 85-90% of my spare time for writing and put everything else aside, which can feel exhausting and overwhelming sometimes, but God, it’s so worth it every time I put up a chapter because I love these characters so much and I really love seeing how much you guys love them too. <3 <3

My wife is also an enormous support when it comes to writing Special Branch. @noeeon does so, so, so much, from helping me plot to unravelling stuck places to talking through the logistics of sex positions to drafting scene structures for me when I start to fall behind and I’m panicking about meeting my deadline. She is amazing and talented and incredible, and this story would not exist the way it does without her.  

And I have to give huge, huge props to @sassy-cissa for all the help she gives me too. Honestly, she’s my continuity keeper who reels me back in and says, hey, dumbass, you can’t do that because it contradicts this thing that happened two chapters ago, and man, do I really need that sometimes. <3 I have two amazing women standing by my side as I write this roller coaster of a story, and I love and adore them both sooooo much. 

  • Me, Starting Kingdom Hearts: Man I can't wait for all the happy memories
  • Me, trying to find shit for the raft: Where :) Is :) The :) Mushroom :)
  • Me, racing Riku: Fine, have the paopu fruit, not like I shipped it anyway.
  • Me, arriving in wonderland: How the hell do these flowers work again?
  • Me, first getting to deep jungle: Oh no.
  • Me, leaving deep jungle: Aint nobody got time for dat.
  • Me, trying to master atlantica swimming: Why this.
  • Me, watching the same cut scene for the 200th time: THERE'S NO WAY UR TAKIN KAIRI'S HEART
  • Me, trying to unlock deep dive even though I've seen it 200 times: I NEED it.
  • Me, seeing phallic final boss: I don't remember it being this perverted when I was 12. Nomura. Why.
  • Me, singing simple and clean at the top of my lungs: My childhood.