oh man how awkward would it be

NCT U REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he’d try not to show it, however for some time he wouldn’t know what to do.


“Y/N stop being so cute!” TY would try to make you look up and make the ambient better and comfortable while thinking how pretty you look with a blushed face.


Doyoung would be shocked and start the drama.

“Yah! You kissed me and now don’t look to me? Oh man… I feel used…”


Provocative Ten appears.

“Aigo… You have courage to kiss me but not to look in my eyes? Ahh… So ambiguous…”


Feeling a little awkward, Jaehyun would pass his hand on his hair and smile softly thinking how to make you look up.


Mark’d be too shy to look at you too, so he’d feel relieved, laughing a lot.

~ADM Misso

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The Last Nacho

Ohmygosh I love that I wrote this- oh man.


Here’s some Starco drabble. I tried to make it… as random and awkward as the actual show is. 

If things went down, I feel like this is how they would go down.

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“Marco, you should make some more Nachos.” Star whispered loudly, the back of her head sitting atop his stomach as the movie flashed on the screen.

“No way, this is the best part, Star.” he replied, eyes focused on the screen while his favorite Mackie Han movie played.

“Buuut you’ve seen this a billion times, don’t you want me to experience all the wonder for myself?” she asked, waving her arms in the air, causing him to frown and push them out of his view.

“No, shh, you’re missing the movie!”

“Hmph.” Star frowned up at him, though he was still focused only on the screen. She finally looked away, glancing over at the forgotten tray of nacho pieces. There was one left. One perfect nacho cheese covered chip left with a tiny jalapeno on top. “Hmmmmmmnnnngh….” Star muttered quietly, stretching out her hand to try and reach the nacho.

Marco, completely distracted, reached down a second before her fingers reached the tray, and without noticing Star’s distraught expression, took the nacho and stuck the corner of the chip into his mouth.

“Are you seRIOUS-” Star cried in outrage, pulled up sharply, and without a second thought, reclaimed the other half of the chip.

With her teeth.

Both of their eyes widened, blinking at each other. The sound of karate battles were nearly muffled due to the fact that all they could comprehend was each other’s breath much too close for their usual comfort.

Star, never breaking eye contact, broke off the edge of the chip and chewed it methodically as she pulled away slowly, as if nothing had happened at all.

Marco stared at her, unmoving and unblinking.

Star slowly crab walked backwards from the living room till she couldn’t see him anymore and then proceeded to stare at a wall for the rest of the night.

i love the outsider so fucking much i just love everything about his backstory and his horribly awkward interactions with corvo and the fact that he has zero clue how to act human or talk to humans at all i just love him so much oh my god

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I ship George and Rachel (how could I not?), Lee and Sally (I don't know how, please don't ask me), I ship onesided Lin and Rowan (Like, Rowan just crushing Lin but too socially awkward to do anything), and that leads me to my final ship: Poppy and Rowan. I can't. Too cute. (Please tell me Poppy is going to be that one person to make cringy pick up lines like: "Are you garbage? Because I want to take you out.")

1. Can definitely see those two together, 2. OMG CUTE, 3. Yep, pretty much how’d it go down, 4. Oh man yeah Poppy would tell10000% the cringe-iest pick up lines and puns ever in the history of everything.


Une Nouvelle Amie (2014) - François Ozon

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s one of those films that the less you know about the better, so I’m not going to talk about the plot. You have to watch it to see, but I promise it’s worth it. It begins with cliché scenes and it looks like it will be a boring story, but then BOOMYA EVERYTHING CHANGES.
  • It’s funny and touching at the same time, so I cried watching some scenes but I laughed as well. AND I LITERALLY NEVER LAUGH, I DON’T KNOW WHY I FOUND THIS FILM FUNNY. Don’t expect a comedy film, though: the theme is very serious and sad. 

  • The actors are sooo good and the characters get you really involved with the story. Anaïs Demoustier is so cute that it hurts my soul.

  • Oh man, I live for french cinematography. 

  • How awkward it would be to watch it with you parents: well, a lot. I mean, I watched it with my grandmother and I survived. But… ehm… awkward?
EXO reaction to the MC saying you would be a perfect wife/mother

So.. I have nothing to do :D So I’m going to spam you probably until I fall asleep <3 Admin A~
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Chanyeol: *Feeling a little bit awkward* “Well.. he haven’t discussed about children… yeah she would be a nice mom…”

Kris: <Are you serious?! I was going to ask her tonight to be my wife and you just ruined it!>

Sehun: *Nervous laugh* “You think so? She is really something… *Imagines his life next to you and your children*

Tao: “Is he being serious? Telling me how to make kids? I already know this stuff man!!”

Kai: “Oh well the truth is that…. We are going to be parents soon!!”

Xiumin: *Approves what the MC said and starts to make a plan to ask you to marry him*

Baekhyun: *Gets clingy with you* “Jaaaaaaagiii~ Imagine… us with seven babies!”

Luhan: *Manly mode* “Well Y/N” *Looks at the camera* “You just heard… we should make some babies tonight”

Chen: *Starts to feel really nervous because he has the ring but not the plan yet and he knows you will start to think about marriage very soon*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t let the others see his excitement* “Yes she would be a nice wife”

Lay: *Already in the father unicorn mode* “Our babies will be called Pegasus and Tinkerbell”

Suho: *Looks at you all the week hoping you understand it’s his “Iwantbabies” face*

I spend a lot of time thinking about IRL figures in the hockey world and what their interactions w/ check please nhl characters would be like.
-How do Jack and/or Kent handle those awful awkward soundbite moments with Pierre McGuire?
-Are Tater and Ovechkin friendly off the ice? I feel like they’d get along. Russian players tend to gravitate towards one another. What a duo they would be.
-How rude is Don Cherry’s opinion on Jack?
-Has Kent ever partied with Seguin? I bet he has
-You know those awful commercials this year for worlds or w/e that were really not funny at all? Does Kent look as awkward as the rest or does he somehow mange to make his segment less cringeworthy?
-ALSO IN GENERAL JUST…THE OLYMPICS!!! Kent and Tater definitely had to have gone to Sochi. Oh man oh maaan

Midnight at the Hanged Man.

Summer rain fell with soft fat splashes, pinging off the roof and shutters and through the holes in the ceiling onto some of the less sober patrons as Isabela tried to convince Merrill to join in her bet with Varric on how many drops would fall into old drunk Peitro’s slack open mouth before the regular woke or drowned – and which would come first, the waking or the drowning?

Fenris had his money on twenty drops and drowning. Hawke had his on thirty, and waking, and they’d privately agreed to split the difference.

The elf liked nights like this. The ale ran as freely as the jokes and the teasing, until he found the tension eased from his shoulders and his body filled with warmth and good feeling – something content and welcome and so, so alien. Nights when laughter was on the air and Hawke’s hand on his knee under the table, and they could both pretend it was the drink only, pretend not to remember in the morning. Night when the usually serious Hawke would allow himself to be smiling, and warm, and affectionate with the odd group of companions he had gathered, friends who would follow him into the Void itself. Nights when the year and a half Fenris had spent in Kirkwall felt more alive and more real than any other time in his life.

Hawke would insist on walking everyone home at the end of the night, no matter how drunk and unsteady he was. He would save Fenris for last, and sometimes let himself be bullied into staying in one of the mansion’s extra rooms.

“I do like you,” Hawke would always say, before parting ways, whether he stayed or not.

“You’re drunk,” Fenris would point out, whether or not he was drunk as well, and Hawke would smile, that warm, dopey, ridiculous smile he never seemed to give anyone else, and wouldn’t mention it again until the next time the group felt like celebrating, and the drinks flowed like water, and Fenris found him on his doorstep at the wee hours of the morning.

Oh man it’s such a relief when my parents are talking about how great some son of a friend of theirs is and then they mention he has a girlfriend! There’s no way they would try to set me up with a guy who has a girlfriend. I mean it’s a relief because set-ups are so awkward obviously. It’s not that I don’t want to be set up with a boy, it’s just that my parents make things really awkward. Really dodged a bullet there! Awkward set-up-wise, I mean.