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ML Fan Fic Rec/Appreciation List

Hi! Hello! I thought this might be the best way to show love for my fellow fan fiction writers in the ML community on this the day of appreciation for such folks. I’ve posted about the majority of these authors before in a blog rec list, but I want to put out a formal review of each author and their fics because reviews are important. There are so many fic rec lists out already, but writer types NEVER tire of attention (trust me, I know) so here we go (in alphabetical order to keep things classy and neat): 

A Brand New Dawn by @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe 

A lovely university AU. I love the way she writes Adrien and Marinette’s rekindled friendship, it’s just so warm and comforting. There is drama and fluff and romance and it’s just such lovely story. Also, her description of high fashion clothing is just #writing goals 100%.

A Werecat in London by  @i-am-thornqueen

An exciting expanded magical world AU.  This world that Thorn has created is just so rich and detailed and could easily stand on its own entirely. Adrien, Marinette and the whole crew drop so easily right into the middle of it and meld perfectly. Her OCs are beautifully developed characters and stand wonderfully on their own two feet, I could honestly read a whole book just following them. It’s full of action, angst, hilarity and Sin™.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa

An adorable art school AU where Adrien ends up as a nude model in Mari’s figure drawing class. Need I say more? Hilarity and adorable drawing sessions and art lessons ensue. This fic is pure and unaltered cotton candy and Reyxa does a wonderful job spinning it while throwing some Sin™ on top for good measure.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by @bullysquadess

An extremely accurate theatre AU.  The first,  but not the only, Bully fic on the list. (Honestly I had to stop myself from putting them all down.) This short and sweet fic is hilarious and if you were/are a Theatre kid you will appreciate ever inch of it. Bully will capture you every time with her tongue –in-cheek humor and spot on characterization and this little fic is no exception.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink

A perfectly done Project Runway AU. Bee just does an absolutely phenomenal job translating the classic reality competition TV show format into the written word which is no small task. One of the things that impressed me most about this writing is that I could visualize every single scene perfectly. It is clearly and beautifully written and honestly made me fall deeper in love with the cast of ML.

Heartstrings by @seiyakanie

The beginning of the end for me and ML fics. This fic took my ML fic virginity and I have never looked back. If there is one thing Taylor knows how to write its Sin™ and luckily for us she knows how to write more than that. I love, love Taylor’s descriptions of actions and the thoughts and feelings of characters while they’re in the middle of those actions. (I also have this fic to thank for plunging me into the depths of Taylor’s OC heaven. Seriously, the girl has an armory full of AMAZING OCs, go check them out.)

Inking Indigo by @matchaball

An exquisite tattoo/soul mate/flower shop AU. I just…I will never be able to stop talking about Matchaball’s writing. Her prose reads like poetry and in some spots like a song. It has rhythm and grace and leads you slowly and easily through the world she’s creating. It can be a hard feat to find an author who not only writes beautifully but also has the world building, plotting and characterizing skills. Matchaball has all of these and more. Reading her writing is just so lovely and relaxing. I just cannot get enough.

Lady and the Tom Cat by @skaylanphear

I think technically this would be a mating cycle AU? It doesn’t matter because it’s FANTASTIC and I am just so pumped to see where it goes. Written by the fantastic Kay, how could you go wrong?  I will expand more on how much I love Kay’s writing in a bit, but I’ll just say I’m so pumped to see her write some sexier things because I know it will be done RIGHT. Jump on this train, it’s going places.

Pick Up and Chase by @skaylanphear

If you’d like to see Adrien embarrassed and stuttering for once, this is the fic for you. I cannot even begin with the level of cheese that Kay has going on in this fic, but it is just an amazing amount. If you’re lactose intolerant steer clear. This is a purely fun, purely hilarious fic and its just so much fun. If you need to smile, this is the place you need to be.

Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman

This fic is so hilarious it altered my state of mind and caused me to write the most ridiculous and off topic comments on each and every chapter. It got so bad that the author was forced to message me to ask me to stop. Then he followed me on Tumblr just to make sure I would leave him alone. He messages me occasionally to make sure I’m not going to comment on his fic again. Jokes on him. We live in a free country and I CAN DO WHAT—

Okay, here’s what I have to say for real. Anyone can pop open a word doc and start writing a shit post meme fic and throw it up on AO3 and call it a day. But it takes a true writer to do it WELL. Humor does not come easily and written humor is often times one of the hardest forms to nail. Phil nails it (HEH HEH) perfectly. His comedic timing is spot on and the sheer amount of pop culture references are just staggering and I’m sure I’ve missed about half of them. On top of that he stays true to character while exploring edges we’ve not seen (and definitely WILL NOT see) in the show. Okay, now I’m done.  

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman

An extremely delicious, definitely NSFW BDSM/friends with benefits/fake dating AU. This fic is just so much more than it’s AU. It goes so far beyond its BDSM theme and I was just not prepared for it when I dived in. What you might think you’re getting: crazy kinky sex everywhere all the time – What you’re actually getting: deep and meaningful character development, ANGST, FLUFF,  lessons on safe and healthy sexual relationships, lessons on safe and healthy relationships in general, lessons on how NOT to pretend like you’re not in love with your partner. And all of it extremely well written. If you are not an Innocent Child you must go read this. It will save your soul and send it to hell in one fell swoop.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear

*DEEP BREATH* I am still not and never will be over this fic or Kay’s writing. It just cannot be done. Kay’s understanding of these characters and their world is so insanely in depth its mind boggling. She handles each and every one of them with such love that it takes my breath away. Nothing is done without out a cause and effect and everything is woven into an intricate web. I sometimes get so profoundly sad that this is not cannon because it’s just so authentic and accurate. I know I can’t really say that because we don’t know what will be “cannon” or authentic or accurate, but it just is. If you’re not reading SF or planning on reading it, you’re doing yourself a terrible disservice.

Squares, Triangles, and Other Shapes by @sadrien

DOUBLE. FAKE. DATING. AU. Holy hell, how Sadrien even got through the fic summary without getting vertigo I have no clue. This fic delivers something that I think the fandom required. A fake dating square to walk hand in hand with our love square. It’s still early on, but I can already tell it will be filled with a bunch of hilarious situations and shenanigans. I’m just so excited and you should be too!

Sugar, Sugar by @bullysquadess

Who else but Bully would/could deliver unto us a beautifully written…Sugar Daddy AU? Just the mere fact that she fully has me believing this could really happen between Adrien and Marinette is the achievement of the year. This fic is in the early stages, but has such a promising beginning and will surely be a hilarious ride.

The Ladybug and The Bees by @bullysquadess

Oh man. The infamous TLATB. So, this is the third Bully Fic™ on my list and I could talk about how it’s the flagship sin fic and all that, but I’m not. I want to talk about how much I love Bully’s writing and how great of a writer she is, really, truly. As I said in my little blurb about Porte-Boner, humor is a truly hard thing to write and get across the right way. Bully does this flawlessly, every. single. time. But there’s more than that, when TLATB started to take an unplanned off-road detour to angst-ville, Bully managed to keep her readers right with her. Folks, that is an extremely hard thing to do, to keep your readers with you, no matter what crazy shit you do. To keep them believing and to not jolt them out of the narrative. That’s the main job of the writer, to kidnap their readers and keep the believing all the way through to the last page. Bully, you’re a great writer, I know you’re having a rough and unpleasant time right now, but keep your chin up. You’re great.

The Luckiest Man In Paris by Ms. Sophie

The premise of this fic is just so undeniably adorable and everything that follows is undeniably adorable as well. I just love how Sophie writes the dynamic between Chat and Mari. It’s so true to their characters and so adorable. HAVE I SAID ADORABLE ENOUGH. I’ve actually probably said it too many times for the amount of sin happening (and will be happening) in this fic. Sophie captures my attention with lovely turns of phrase she uses and wonderful character interactions. It’s such a great read and you should GO READ IT NOW. Also because Sophie is a sweet little dumpling.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

Okay. So, um…it’s like really hard to get me to actually cry, like blubbering tears and unattractive hiccups crying, during movies/shows/books. I can count on one hand the amount of times a book or movie or show has made me cry. You Don’t Know Me has DESTROYED me.  TWICE. While reading it. If you’re ready for a soul-crushing amount of angst Ferisae is your dealer. She delves deep, deep into Adrien’s character and pulls out everything that is sad and lonely and uses it to crush you in the best way. Even if you’re someone who actively avoids angsty fics (like me) you absolutely must give yourself the chance to read this. Just make sure you have a nice warm cup of something hot and a blanky and maybe some baby animal photos open in the next tab over.  

Okay this got super long, whoops. Sorry not sorry because all these author’s deserve all the love.

Thank you to each and every one of these lovely people and every fic author out there. Y’all are truly amazing for the amount of time, work and love you put into your writing. It shows a true passion and even if writing isn’t what you want to do with your life full time, the passion you have can easily be transferred to any aspect of your life. Passion is fuel to live and live happily. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Candyman [Peter Parker]

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Female!College!Reader [some female pronouns used but not many]

Warnings: None? Fluff- maybe some sexual innuendos but nothing explicit. [Reader and Peter are both over 18]

A/N: Still working on Part 4 to both Ugh and Possibility! Just felt like putting this out here bc its a cute idea. Plus let’s face it, Peter is absolutely a candyman c;

❝Tʜᴇʀᴇ’s ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜs ᴛʜᴀɴ ᴀ ʙᴏʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴄʜᴀʀᴍ.❞

College was absolutely stressful no matter how smart you may or may not be. It was somewhat better than High School in that you could show up to class in your PJ’s and no one would bat an eye. Or that you could skip certain classes and not fail. Though other classes? You could close your eyes a second too long and suddenly your wonderful 97% went down to a terrifying 33%. Also- you had to pay for college. Crazy right? You were paying money to a place that caused you infinite amounts of stress- just so that one day you could make money from a job that, hopefully, didn’t cause you even more stress.

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Smile (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by @native-snowflake.

A/N: Hey guys! So this was another requested fic, this time for Rafe. I must say I’ve never heard of such a concept as flirting so please excuse my awful attempy at trying to write a fic based on that. I’m sorry this kinda sucks, but I hope you will try to look past this and like it. Thanks for making the request, and sorry if it’s not exactly how you wanted.

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anonymous asked:

the tyler/mark/ethan ship is so pure...headcanons for them spending the morning in bed together and being goofy and sweet?

oh man oh man…….i love cheesy and sweet mornings in bed sobs

~depending on how early he woke up, ethan is always trying to take pictures of them (usually tyler bc mark is so easy to take photos of all the time)

~sign me up to soft kisses and wandering hands with no intent at all, just being close n holding each other

~mark is always sandwiched in the middle at night, but ethan aLWAyS manages to somehow crawl between tyler and mark to get more warmth

~tyler occasionally lets them eat breakfast in bed, but it’s rare because it usually ends up with crumbs in the sheets

~“it’s winter and somebody (mArK) left the window open so lets all be as close as humanly possible”

~okay but it’s totally full of kisses and just general kidding around while they try and motivate themselves to actually get up (they use kisses as an excuse lmao)

~tyler spooning mark when ethan wakes up first!!!!! it’s cute!!!! it’s adorable!!!! ethan is yelling inwardly!!!!!!

IMAGINE going on a picnic with jungkook. The sun is bright and the grass is so green that it feels like you’re in an enchanted fairytale. Jungkook’s head is laying on your lap and you play with his soft strands of hair. He holds your other hand and gives it a kiss ,while you smile at him.

“This feels like a dream”, you sigh

He sits up to stand close to you and snuggles his fluffy head on your shoulder

“Then I would rather never wake up”

You chuckled as his fluffy strawberry scented hair tickled your neck and then the side of your cheek

You know where this was getting Jeon jungkook was waiting for a kiss

“No Kookie”


He stares at you with that innocent yet Mischevious gaze before grabbing your chin .This guy knew what he was doing

“ We’re in public, for goodness sake”

“ I don’t care, you’re my girlfriend ”

“Jungkook, don’t be like that!”

With no warning , he pressed his lips on your rosy cheek You held on both of your cheeks with your palms

“ W-Why did you do it !”

He smirked at how he was still able to make you flustered

“ I didn’t even do what I actually had in mind! I was just considerate of how you hate PDA”

“ you sneaky little–”

You raise your fist to hit his arm put he catches your wrist and swirls you into his embrace

“ Yes I know, you love me ”

Cr gif ; owner

It's Our Destiny

“It’s our destiny, Margaret! To save the world and each other, we must become one! You’re the reincarnation of my lost love Maggie but she was taken from me. I swear on my honor as a werewolf and the love I have for you, that I’ll protect you this time and we can be together forever!”

Peggy wakes from her dream actually laughing, sat up and howling into her lap from how ridiculous and hilarious her cheesy romance novel dream was. Steve wakes up purely confused as to why his wife was laughing in the dead of night. She turns to him, grinning wide.

“I had a dream that you were an immortal werewolf stud and I was Margaret, the reincarnation of your one true love Maggie. And we were going to mate for life and have a pack of pups as the werewolf goddess foretold. Straight out of those Mummer romance novels.” She cups her face and hoots into her hands. Just knowing what she was dreaming had steve in stitches. Did she ever read cheesy romance or was that drawn from what she heard?

“Werewolf stud, eh? If you wanted me to bite you, Pegs, all you had to do was ask.” He playfully lunges at her with a growl and kisses all over her neck, getting giggles from her this time.


“Now I gotta tell you about my mermaid seahorse dream where I was the pregnant one and you were the queen of Aquatica.” Of course he was joking and it was so ridiculous she headbutts his shoulder to laugh like a loon.

“We have the worst subconsciouses.”

“If it helps, you’re still the queen of my heart.”

“Oh you cheesy sweet man.” She cuddles into him and lays back down to form a cuddly, smiling puddle with him. “And you’re always my stud.”

Marriage seemed to come easily to them but it was ironing out the odd kinks that would prove amusing.

“Oikawa’s armor was from a time before anyone could remember, and out the back arced the imposing curve of his wings. Even so, the soldier’s eyes always remained steady on Oikawa’s face.”

This is for @suggestivescribe, as always. After a lot of gross sobbing, I finally made it!


Sunshine (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Like I said, I have no life and I’m lonely, so here is another imagine for the lovely anon! Hope you like it! If you want me to write ANYTHING, I will! <3 (i’m so bored)

(I decided to put the ‘In progress’ on my Masterlist, so you know what I’m working on now! Hope that helps!)

Request #67: “My clothes look really good on you.” With like a fall theme to it please? 

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Originally posted by westallengifs

             The clouds in the sky were sickly grey colour and beautiful gold and red leaves were flowing down on the ground. The cold wind blew in my face and I shuddered, trying to keep warm in my coat. The fall came so quickly, it felt like just yesterday was sunny and warm. The weather I really liked, the sun on my face and the fact I wasn’t freezing to my very core in dresses was gone with along with summer.

             I went into Jitters knowing well, that the times I bought ice coffee were also over unless I wanted to die from hypothermia. I ordered hot chocolate and thought that I probably should go and see the only ray of sunshine in my life at that point.

             Yes. That was definitely a good idea. He was going to be so happy to see me, especially with the cup of coffee and bag of muffins I bought for him. Well, he should be happy even if I didn’t do that. But since lately we weren’t really spending that much time together I thought that it was a nice gesture. I was such a good girlfriend.

‘Knock, knock’ I said entering his lab.

             He looked up from his papers and his eyes sparked with enthusiasm. He smiled and I wasn’t cold anymore. Familiar warmth spread in my chest and I returned his smile. He really was my sunshine. Oh man, I was so cheesy sometimes.

‘Hello, beautiful!’ he said, standing up.

             I laid brown baggy and the coffee on the table and stood on my tiptoes to lay a kiss on his lips. He enveloped me into his strong arms, bringing me closer to his body. We made out for good few minutes and when we finally let go of each other I was out of breath.

‘I brought you muffins and coffee.’ I whispered looking into his eyes.

‘Y/N, you are literally the best girlfriend in the world.’

             I blushed, still not really used to him calling me that. Well we did date for the past two or three months, but I still couldn’t believe that he was with me. I couldn’t believe, that I landed a sweet ass like that and he actually wanted to spend most of his time with me.


             I opened my eyes, frantically trying to find the one person that should be in bed with me. But he wasn’t there. I sat up trying to assess the situation and realised that Barry was nowhere to be seen. The room felt empty and cold without him, but I realised that he probably left for work already and I knew well that I should move myself as well.

             But it was so warm and cosy and I just didn’t want to go outside. Especially since my window was clearly stating that it was pouring cats and dogs outside. I grunted not really happy that I was supposed to get up and tried to hide from my responsibilities under a duvet.

             I noticed Barry’s hoodie forgotten on the chair and the best idea came to my mind. Since he left it there, he probably didn’t want it anymore. Which meant that it was up for grabs, for, let say his loving girlfriend. It not only looked warm and cosy, but it probably smelled like him as well. Quietly I made my way to the chair, feeling like a five-year old who shouldn’t be doing something. I put it on and yes, it smelled like him, and yes it was too big for me and yes I felt much better about the whole getting up fiasco.

             I made my way downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee to properly wake up, not really expecting Barry to be there. He was busy making breakfast, singing under his breath, something that sounded worriedly like show tunes. The cup of hot coffee was standing on the counter waiting for me. He put pancakes on a plate and turned around. His eyes got bigger and a smug smile appeared on his beautiful face.

‘That is my hoodie’ he stated, coming closer.

             I looked at him embarrassed. I wasn’t sure at what point it was okay to steal your significant other’s stuff. It was either okay, or I blew it.

‘You look really good. My clothes look really good on you’ he whispered, bringing me closer to his chest ‘Then again, you look good like 99% of the time so…’

             I scoffed quietly enveloped entirely in his smell and I sighed in content. I was in a place I was supposed to be and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the entire universe.

‘Did you actually make me breakfast?’ I asked, smelling the wonderful blueberry pancakes.

             He shrugged, laying a small kiss on my forehead.

‘That I did. And the award of the best boyfriend goes to…’ he said theatrically

‘Bartholomew Henry Allen’ I chimed in.

‘You ruined it, Y/N’ he whispered picking me up and spinning around.

             The weather outside was awful, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I was in arms of the one person that was slowly becoming the most important thing in my existence and for a moment I was truly happy.


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Just a reminder:  I’m taking requests for Barry, Cisco, Harry, Caitlin, Iris and Grant Gustin! <3 <3  

{ forteanima }

Antonio had spent weeks planning out the entire thing, and now it was finally his time to execute it. With the permission gained from staff of the academy, he was able to access the announcement room. Sitting beside the microphone, he cleared his throat before switching the broadcast on. Antonio began playing a special song on his guitar; the sound of each string along with his words echoed throughout the academy grounds. 

The darkness within me washes away when the thought of your smile graces by mind. It’s a warm and gentle light that shines brighter than the sun. Did you know that your voice is my favorite sound? Your laughter, your words - the fact that you exist, all of that makes me feel found. I wish I could translate my feelings in a way that’ll make you hear; there’s a pounding in my chest and it is sincere..~’

Each word was timed perfectly with his strumming. From his right ear, he could hear his playing coming off from a nearby speaker in one of the other rooms, so he hoped that, wherever Lovino was, that he could hear him too.

if you’re ever sad just imagine tos and aos kirks getting drunk and singing karaoke together