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@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

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please figure out the difference between me and @shenpaidoodles

Like im not mad or anything but ive been getting some inboxes and messages complimenting me on comics that i haven’t done, shenpai’s done them :^)


Heroes Die Here (1/?)

Summary: Gavin and Dan grow up closer than brothers, in a bad town full of bad people, clinging to their ambitions of making a change - until fate and circumstance pull them apart.

Both think the other is gone forever, so the last thing they expect is to reunite on opposite sides of the law. And with the Fake AH Crew about to pull the heist of the century, it’s the worst time possible for Gavin’s past to come breathing down his neck.

(GTA AU OT6, platonic danvin)


America fucking sucked.

Dan had been here one damn day and already none of his charging cords worked, he’d offended numerous people on the way from the airport to the taxi to his apartment building by not tipping them properly, and now – to top things off – he was half an hour late on his first bloody day of work.

“Nice of you to finally join us, Gruchy,” the man at the head of the board room growled when he finally, rather sheepishly slunk into the conference room of the Achievement City FBI Precinct, juggling a briefcase in one hand and a half-finished coffee in the other.

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Dear diary, can’t get enough of seeing the gals at award shows. It feels like watching my own kids. Hope is the scary one, Ali is the pretty one, KO is the goofy one, Rampone is the mom, Abby is the really, really loud one of the bunch and…. Oh man, what’s the name of the other one? She’s like always in the pictures with them even though I never played her, making that zoolander face. Oh man…. Uh…. Aha, Harris! Harris is um… the kid that…. I don’t care for Harris.


I like my privacy, but I do realize that you’re somewhat famous. And if we’re gonna be together, I have to come to terms with that.

I’m so sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of character development.

It’s a little late, but here, have some holiday Pines!!

aha with some bonus Bill Cipher

[headcanon that the twins alternate between Christmas and Hanukkah every year]

magical-awesome-kid  asked:

Prompt: Marinette shows up to school in a dress. Have fun!

Ahaha… aha… oh man. This was not good.

Well, okay it was good but it shouldn’t be, which is why it wasn’t. 

Adrien quickly ran into locker room, a place where only boys could be and the only guaranteed place on campus he could think for a second without looking like a fool. 

It wasn’t something he had to deal with before, and he thought it would seriously be that easy. He was surrounded by beautiful people all the time, it was his line of work, he worked side by side with exclusively attractive people. Despite the proximity to France’s finest though it had never actually been a problem, no one had EVER held a candle to his Ladybug. Just thinking about her… god that was all wrong too now. Usually what he would have felt was tense butterfly like creatures fluttering in his stomach, making him feel warm and happy. Now he also felt guilty. Because for the first time ever… someone held a candle.

Not just a candle as well, Marinette might as well have wielded a blowtorch. 

When he thought about his shy classmate he felt heat blossom on his face and electric like nerves shot through his body. 

It wasn’t like he wasn’t… being loyal or something, him and Ladybug weren’t even together yet, but it was… it was very distracting. He had fallen into a sort of false confidence that the only woman who would ever make him feel like he had utterly lost the ground would be Paris’s leading lady, but now… she had walked in so confident. He hadn’t seen it before, not to that extent, not without the mask. He had been struck with a much tamer feeling along the same vein when he and Marinette had worked together to defeat an Akuma but now, now was nothing like that. 

She was so powerful, sure of herself, and she had every right to be. In the new dress she had designed she didn’t just put every other girl to shame she disgraced them, and he couldn’t look at anyone else. 

When she caught him looking once he wasn’t the only one that blushed, but the light dust of pink on her cheeks coupled with the soft curl of her hair and the dress and- 

thats when he had ran for it. Now he was hiding in the locker room very close to just skipping school and going home.

She was much too distracting…

“Ladybug” he chanted aloud a few times, remembering his Lady and putting her at the forefront of his mind. “Ladybug Ladybug”

God… it was going to be a long day.