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He was doing his cooking, humming till the sound around him begins to lesson every couple of seconds till he notices something.  At first he thought he was so engrossed with his work that the world loses all definition. 

Its his humming that has become very quiet. 

For other monsters aka alternates who use their powers to feel and such. Sat has developed a separate trait. 

Hearing. Is what he is specialized. 

And the world has just become so muddled and quiet. 

Its frightening. 


cries there are more

man what the actual heck…it’s weird to think that the man who’s influenced a lot of people’s childhoods is gone at such a young age! but we should take the time to thank him for the happiness he’s given all of us through all of his creations with everyone else at nintendo. Mr. Iwata you will be missed! <3 

Anyone else notice those symbols are the only ones that stay lit? 

The top comes from Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. The bottom is Arcturus, “the Guardian (or Watcher) of the Bear” as in Ursa Major. The Romans believed its activity was a warning of “tempestuous weather." 

A storm is coming.  

haha WELL, i came up with this AU and now I cant stop thinking about it… (Until Dawn spoilers under the cut) (I swear to god if I spoil Until Dawn for anyone EVER in my LIFE I will never be able to live with myself, its TOO GOOD)

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