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mami’s favorite things are: petal parasol, hammock, milk carton, famous mushroom, sunflower, kotatsu, cardboard box, lotus lamp, purrl’s pic, and vanilla ice cream! ♡

I imagine death so much it feels more like a  m e m o r y

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visited @cinnamonswirlix gorgeous and charming town of lavender! everything flowed so nicely~✧⁺ there were so many pretty areas and details! all the little decorations and mushrooms were so cute! ♡ I loved the consistent flowers used throughout town and the heavy snow fall, they looked very elegant! ♪ the path work was also super lovely and nicely done! beautiful work~ I’m so glad you shared this with me! it was such a pretty town! (*´꒳`人)

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Trini has to cancel a date to watch her brothers and Kim comes over to babysit too and they are Domestic to the max

A/N: I tried to not make it too long! But seriously…my Trimberly feels are real.

“Mom, please.”

“I’m sorry, Trinity.” Marie sighs, and Trini rolls her eyes at her full name. “Your father and I rarely get a night to ourselves, and the boys are too young to stay home by themselves.”

“I made these plans with Kim two weeks ago!” Trini exclaims as she throws her arms up in annoyance.

Marie glances at her daughter and arches an eyebrow, “I’m sure you can reschedule your outing with your…friend.”

Trini flinches at how easily her mother dodges calling Kimberly her girlfriend; Trini has been out to her parents for four months, and her mother still hasn’t accepted it. With a hard sigh, Trini watches her mother and wonders how they grew so far apart; she used to cry when her mother so much as went to the grocery store, and now they’re a million miles apart.

“You’re unbelievable.” Trini mumbles.

She doesn’t stick around to hear what her mom has to say, she isn’t in the mood for another lecture. Instead she sulks off to her room and grabs her phone to cancel her date with Kimberly. Of course she’s bummed they’ll be missing out on their movie, but her little brothers are a huge part of her heart and an evening with them doesn’t sound half bad.

“Trini, mami says you’re staying home and playing with us!” Alec exclaims as he races into his sister’s room. “Will you play superheroes with us? I’ll let you borrow my cape and mask!”

Trini smiles and moves to ruffle her brother’s soft hair, “Superheroes sounds like a great idea. Go grab Mateo and your cape.”

Alec leaves with a whoop and Trini laughs; maybe a night with them is worth missing out on date night.


“Blast off!”

Trini laughs as she watches her six-year-old brother rush through the living room with a cape on his shoulders and messy curls piled on his head. With a loud yell, Mateo crosses the room only to stumble over his footing and land with a hard thud that brought a belly laugh from his twin who bounced on the couch cushions.

“Man down! I repeat, we have a man down! Captain Trini to the rescue!” Trini exclaims as she moves to scoop her little brother into her arms. “Are you okay, bud? You fell pretty hard.”

“S’okay. Not a single ouchie.” Mateo shrugs as he turns his head to press a wet kiss to his sister’s cheek.

The sound of the doorbell causes Trini to frown as she sets Mateo back on his feet and watches him as he moves to throw himself over the couch arm. With a shake of her head, Trini leaves the comfort of the living room and hurries to pull the front door open. All at once, her eyes go wide before she quickly slams the door.


“What are you doing here?” Trini demands as she presses her back to the door. “Did you get my text?”

A soft laugh sounds from the opposite side of the door, “I did. I thought I could come over and help with the boys. We haven’t really had a chance to hang out lately, and I miss you.”

Trini fights her smile as she reaches up to pull off her mask before she turns to open the door once more. Kimberly flashes her a smile that sends a flutter of butterflies through her before she steps into the house and drops a quick kiss to her girlfriend’s messy dark locks. Trini sighs softly as she watches Kimberly strip from her jacket; she constantly wonders how someone like her ended up with someone as good as Kimberly Hart.

“You took off your mask,” Kimberly notes as she steps into Trini’s space. “I’ve gotta say, you make a pretty sexy superhero. I’m really liking the cape.”

“Oh?” Trini smirks as she arches her head while watching as Kimberly’s gaze drops to her lips. “Is it doing something for you, Hart?”

“Oh, totally.”


Kimberly jumps away from Trini in time to brace herself for the two balls of energy that collide with her legs. A smile crosses her lips as she crouches down and opens her arms to the twins who eagerly pile onto her. Trini stands there with a heart so warm she’s almost afraid it’ll burn a hole straight through her chest; Kimberly was so good with the boys.

“Kimmy, did you come to play?” Mateo asks with a curious expression as he pulls away from her neck. “Are you gonna come help me with my puzzle?”

Alec huffs as he curls into Kimberly, “No! She’s gonna help me with my puzzle.”

“How about I help both of you?”

Both boys give a cheer as they latch onto Kimberly and begin to pull her down the hallway to their room. Trini follows behind with a small smile and she peeks into the room to watch as the boys pull out their dinosaur puzzles that Kimberly always seems to get stuck building whenever she comes over. But she never complains, she just does as the boys ask and she does it with a smile on her face.

“Are you going to come help?” Kimberly teases as she looks over her shoulder at her girlfriend.

Trini tilts her head slowly, “I was actually going to go make dinner for you nerds. Mac and cheese sound okay?”

“Nerds?” Kimberly repeats as she lifts her eyebrows and turns to the boys. “Did you guys hear what your sister called us? She called us nerds.”

Mateo drops his jaw in shock, “She did?”

“She did.” Kimberly nods with wide eyes.

“Tickle time?” Alec asks in a soft voice.

“What? No. No, it is not tickle time.” Trini frowns as she backs away hesitantly. “I was only joking so you three stay exactly where you are, got it?”

“Tickle time!” Kimberly yells.

Trini squeals loudly as her little brothers clamber to their feet and run towards her with their hands out. With a burst of speed, Trini hurries through the house only to trip over one of Mateo’s toys and hit the ground with a groan. Without missing a beat, bodies pile on her and Trini goes breathless as fingers dig into her sides while Kimberly pins her legs to the floor and the boys work at her stomach.

“No! No more!” Trini pleads.

“More!” Alec and Mateo yell.

She isn’t sure how long she squirms, but by the time they relent she is breathless and her stomach hurts. Trini lays there and tries to catch up to reality while the boys and Kimberly trade high fives. With a glare, Trini looks to her little brothers and sees a familiar glint appear in their dork orbs.

“Hey, no family telepathy!” Kimberly whines before she notices them scoot closer. “Wait. No. Don’t do anything you three are going to regret…”

Trini smirks and launches forward, “Get her!”


“Five points if I make it in, right?”

Trini nods and Kimberly sucks in a breath as she narrows her eyes and flicks her wrist; the entire room erupts in cheers when the grape lands perfectly in Trini’s mouth. Mateo claps happily while Alec nods and shovels a spoonful of macaroni and cheese into his mouth. With a dramatic bow, Kimberly leans over to steal a kiss from her girlfriend before they go back to cleaning up the kitchen.

“Tree, how come you and Kimmy kiss?”

Trini stiffens at Alec’s innocent question and she glances to Kimberly with a frantic expression. After she came out to her parents, she was given strict orders to keep it all away from her brothers. With a nervous swallow, Trini turns to face the boys and her heart aches as she looks at the pure innocence in their gazes.

“Because…” Trini trails off before she sucks in a calming breath. “Because I like her. A lot. And when I kiss her, it’s just my way of showing her how much I like her.”

She waits, she expects another question. She expects them to tell her it’s gross, that it’s wrong. They’re so young, and Trini knows they don’t really understand but she’s scared of what her parents will do to her if they find out she told Alec and Mateo about her relationship.



Trini blinks in awe, “Oh?”

“I give you, mami, and papi kisses all the time.” Mateo shrugs as he looks to his twin brother. “I do it to show you how much I like you, too.”

Kimberly chuckles as she wraps her arms around Trini’s waist, “Anyone ever tell you your brothers are wise beyond their little years?”

“No.” Trini admits as she watches the pair fling cheesy noodles at each other. “But I know they are, and now you do too.”



“Wearin’ them!”


“Got ‘em!”

“Awesome. Oh. Teeth?”


“Proof?” Trini demands, and she looks between the boys and watches as they flash bright smiles. “Right on. Alright, you’re good to head off to dreamland.”

Alec collapses back on his pillow with a yawn, “Is Kimmy gonna be here when the sun comes up?”

“No, mijo. She has to go home.” Trini sighs as she moves to flip on their night lights. “I love you. Goodnight.”

“Night, Tree!”

Trini smiles once more at her brothers and slips from the bedroom. She hears their whispers and she rolls her eyes when she hears them using their secret twin language. Trini lingers for a moment longer before she moves to the living room where Kimberly lays with the remote in her hand and a scowl on her face.

“They’re down for the count.” Trini yawns as she moves to throw herself on Kimberly who lets out a groan. “How can three hours with two six-year-olds be so fucking exhausting?”

“Babe, we did about a things,” Kimberly reminds her as she shifts so Trini can get comfortable. “I’m sorry for barging in on you guys…”

“Don’t apologize.” Trini cuts in as she moves to hover her lips over Kimberly’s. “I think I speak for the twins too when I say I’m really glad you came.”

Kimberly smiles softly as she sweeps a piece of hair from Trini’s face, “I’m glad I came too.”

With a soft sigh, Trini lowers her head to press a lingering kiss to Kimberly’s lips. No matter how many days that pass, Trini will probably always be amazed that this amazing girl wants her of all people. And she’s going to spend every day that she has making sure Kimberly is as happy as she is.


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Painted Hearts (10)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten;

There was something about having Sehun in your space that felt so good.

Watching him step out of your bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist while he ran his hand through his wet hair, you couldn’t help but swoon as you smiled into your cup of tea, feeling your cheeks blush with a pink flush of heat. As he sipped at his coffee and sat down on top of the covers next to you, your heart fluttered with happiness. If you could wake up like this everyday, you’d live a blissful life.

You slipped your hand into his and leaned your head on his bare shoulder, closing your eyes and savouring the perfect morning. You had been thinking about how much had changed in the last few months while Sehun had been in the shower and finally you’d come to a decision about something that had been bugging you. “Baby?” you asked softly, peering up at him and falling for his warm chocolatey gaze.

“What is it beautiful?” he replied sweetly, reaching up to caress his fingers along your temple, down to where your collarbone met your shoulder. His touch left goosebumps on your skin and shivers shooting down your spine.

Turning to face him better, you pulled his hand into your lap and pinched your lips together. “I want to tell Yuri about us,” you told him, watching his face for a reaction. After telling your parents yesterday, you realised how heavy it felt to keep your relationship with Sehun a secret and you didn’t want to carry that weight around with Yuri anymore. It was getting harder and harder to lie to her everyday.

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Moments In Laser Tag

Originally posted by downunderhood

(calum thomas hood is a fucking babe. I’d do anything for this boy. number 1 bub of life heyoooo)

Pairing: Calum + Y/N

Rating: if you ever been to a laser tag match, sometimes it gets nasty. it’s like a full on war in there, lol. so be warned. 

Requested: nope.

TW: swearing, friendly taunting, the intensity of a laser tag game. some awkwardness present in here.

Key:  (trying something new, heeeeey)

Y/bf/n - Your best friend’s name
Y/bf/s/n - Your best friend sister’s name


Moment 1: Introduction

When your best friend invited you over to her baby sister’s birthday party at an indoor family fun center, you didn’t think one of options for games was laser tag. It was a bit odd considering the birthday princess was turning 5 and didn’t know anything about this game but if you knew one thing for sure, it’s that you’d have to protect your favorite girl since she’d be an easy target to other players. Speaking of which, as the workers were prepping the safety rules video, another worker and a group of 4 people entered which caused everyone’s eyes to fall onto them.

“Sorry Matt, we have a last minute group who wanted to join in on the fun.”

“No problem, we didn’t start the video yet so you made it just in time.” Hushed whispers from your group of friends and two other guys soon filled the room and you would’ve been one of them if it wasn’t for the little girl grabbing your shorts to get your attention. “Y/n.”

“Yes bubs?” Watching her motion her hand to come down to her height, you bent down and offered her a smile as she leaned in to whisper into your ear. “It’s 5sos! Did they come for my birthday party?” Giggling, you looked her in the eyes and held her shoulders softly. “I don’t know, maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. You must be happy either way right?” Watching her nod her head happily, the worker called for everyone’s attention so they could finally play the video.


Strapping on your vest and hearing some of your guy friends wanting to team up with what little guys were in for this match, your best friend tied up her baby sister’s hair as you decided to help out with the small girl’s vest. “Y/bf/n, can I be with you guys?”

“Of course silly. Do you think I’d be a nice a sister if I wouldn’t let you? Come on girl, it’s all about you today and you have to be on the winning team!” Watching them talk, you finally strapped her in and stood up, fixing your hair into a ponytail. “Don’t look now Y/n but Calum is so checking you out.” Y/bf/n teased as you laughed quietly. “Shut up hoe, he’s probably looking at you.” Hearing a gasp from both her best friend and her sister, the girl stuck out her hand for a quarter, knowing you had swore. “Oh yeah Ms. Sassy pants? Excuse me, Matt was it? My oh so dear best friend needs you to make sure she put on her vest correctly!”

Opening your mouth in shock from her bold move, the worker trudged his way towards you as your friends laughed at the obvious set up. When you glanced towards Calum’s direction, you had seen him nod his head while he was laughing to himself then after, continuing on his conversation with Michael, Luke, and Ashton. “Really?” You mumbled to your friend as she shrugged her shoulders as Matt gave you the ok that you had your vest on right. “You deserved that one.”


You were prepared for the dark room but what you didn’t expect was the fog. It felt heavy when they allowed your group to go in first and once the game started, you knew you had to suck it up and play. You also knew some of your guy friends on the other team would play dirty so you kept your best friend’s sister near you at all times. No one was going to shoot the birthday girl, definitely not on your watch. With y/bf/n trying to take down the opponent’s bases, she left you in charge of babysitting as it was part of the group’s plan and not even three minutes into the game, you came face to face with 5sos.

“Y/N! 5SOS!” She screamed excitedly as you told her to quiet down. Spotting one of the two boys she saw earlier in the video presentation, she aimed her gun and shot his vest causing his lights to go down for five seconds. “Dude, don’t you dare or I’ll get your friend to come for you as well!” Feeling your shorts getting yanked again, you focused your attention back on the girl as you heard the noise from your vest getting deactivated.

“Needed to do that.” Michael announced as you smiled. “No big deal. Hi, I’m Y/n, this is Y/bf/s/n. She’s a big fan of you guys as am I.” With all four boys properly introducing themselves, y/bf/s/n asked if she could hug them which they happily agreed to. After all that and shooting some of your guy friends, you looked at your favorite band and grinned. “So what brings you boys here? I figured you’d have a private playing session given that your ‘celebrities’.”

“We wanted to join in and see what all the hype was all about before the rest of our party showed up. Get a feel of the game before we dominate and crush our friends.” Ashton answered as you nodded your head, understanding their situation. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you seem awfully calm about meeting us here. I get that everyone’s different but, actually wait, this is a nice change.” Luke spoke as you chuckled softly. “No harm in that but I would’ve been fangirling if it wasn’t for the fact we’re playing laser tag. Also, just because your one of my favorite bands doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.” Noticing their face scrunch up in confusion, you aimed at Michael’s vest and deactivated it, also doing the same for Luke and Calum. Y/bf/s/n got Ashton who feigned death dramatically, causing the girls to laugh wholeheartedly. 

“That’s your first warning. And tip number one, in here; don’t hang out together all the time. You become easy targets for the other players.”

“Wow, are you a professional?” Calum questioned as you blushed. Thankfully, since it was dark, they couldn’t see your face turning red. “No, it just makes sense. By the way, Ashton, she’s your favorite.” You spilled as Y/bf/s/n looked up at you in horror like you revealed her deepest, darkest secret. “You promised to never tell anyone that!” In retaliation, he defended her by shooting your vest. “So if I’m her favorite, who’s yours?”

“If you want to know, you have to get me! And remember when I said about not hanging out together because you’re easy targets?” Watching the colors fizzle out on all four of their guns and little patches on their vest, you looked behind them and saw the only guy on your team assisting you. “Thanks, bro!”

“I told you I was a good shot ma!”

“I said to not call me that!” Running away with y/bf/s/n following behind you, you glanced back and saw them split up before catching Calum’s smirk and ‘I’m watching you’ motion. Shaking your head, you began to play again.


Moment 2: Stealth at it’s finest

It was your third gameplay and while it was you and your best friend who decided to keep playing before a break, you were against 5sos once more and two of their friends. Besides you and y/bf/n, your team also consisted of the two same guys from earlier which you remembered their names as Tommy and Ryan. “So, mami-”

“Oh my god Ryan. Shut it. I will go friendly fire on your ass if you don’t stop calling me that so don’t test me.” You grumbled as he raised his arms up in defense. “Fiesty but no, let me continue. We need to devise a plan and we’re outnumbered here. That guy Michael, he’s a good sniper and dodger. The other guy Calum is a heck of an observer along with that other dude, Mitchy. Luke is easier but he’s with Ashton who’ll sometimes back him up. I’m unsure about the Casey fellow.”

“That’s a lot of bro terms Ry.” His friend Tommy spoke as you nodded in agreement. “So what do we do?” Y/bf/n asked as you thought up a plan. They loved to hang out in pairs and sometimes, they come together to come up with a plan if there is a slight chance of losing. Thinking of their weak points, it’d probably be that they used the center of the arena as a meeting point and you came up with an idea. “They don’t ever go in alone and since they’ll be busy looking for us, they’ll forget about bases and bases are the ones where you can rack up the most points. It’s a risk but we have to go by ourselves. Activate a mine if you’re cornered and need help but that’s for emergencies only. Don’t draw more attention to yourself otherwise they will all get you. Since Michael is the sniper, he’d be guarding the center while keeping an eye out for the bases but don’t be fooled. He likes to shoot players more.”

“Damn girl, you’re so badass.” Y/bf/n laughed as you high fived her and joined in on her laughter. “If you’re at one of their two bases, shoot it and leave. Don’t wait around for one of us to come. We’ll get to it on our time.” Hearing the horn, signaling the match begun, Ryan looked at you impressed. “So mami, you taken?” Glancing over at his friend Tommy, he shrugged his shoulder as you aimed at Ryan’s vest and watched his smile turn into a frown. “We probably lost 5 or 10 points but we can get it back if you listen to me. Protect our bases when you can.” Splitting up, you ran behind a wall, almost near the center when you heard someone activate a mine and a girlish yelp. “Sorry Y/n! My bad!” Y/bf/n shouted.


Seeing one of the bases, you saw Tommy shooting up towards its ceiling, making the noise that someone got to it. Watching him duck near another wall and Michael running towards that spot from up above, you aimed and fired at him, making him have to wait 5 seconds which allowed Tommy an escape. Moving to hide behind the wall you were using, you heard Michael yell out a quick ‘fuck’ and some other words you wanted to laugh at. Noticing that Calum came into view, you listened intently, hearing one of your team’s bases get destroyed in the process.

“They’re really good at this. Almost like wannabe ninjas or assassins.” Calum vocalized as you made sure to stay quiet. Even if the music in the room was loud, you didn’t want to put yourself at risk at being caught. “I bet it was that girl you like who came up with it.”

“Could be. Can you believe she’s a first timer as well? She’s fucking good at this shit.”

“This game makes you competitive and even if you suck, you become good if you’re the one getting hit at all the time. It feels like the hunger games where only one can come out as champion.”

“True that but there’s something about y/n and it’s not because she’s kinda hot.” Covering your mouth to stop the giggles, Michael chuckled from the pun and pushed Calum’s shoulder playfully. “Bro, that was lame.” Deciding to focus on the game, you carefully hid behind the wall enough to stay hidden but enough to aim at Calum. Sniping him, you crouched and made sure none of the lights from your vest and gun were seen. “What the hell! Who’s there!?”

“Like they’ll tell you.”

“Still!” Aiming for him once more, you saw that he was getting frustrated and you felt good. You really loved this game! “Come on out or are you too chicke-” Michael ran away to another corner when he heard Luke yelp out in surprise. With only Calum in view and watching y/bf/n shoot either Casey or Mitchy to the left of him, you fired once more at Calum who looked everywhere for the culprit. Finding you, you gunned for the base and destroyed it, running away as he chased after you. “Y/n! Get back here you trouble maker!” As you heard the noise of your vest being disabled, you turned around having Calum bump into you as you both toppled over onto the ground, hidden by one of the statues. With him being on top of you, you blushed as he gazes down at you in shock and admiration. Motioning him to get off, he complied as you crouched face to face. Sitting down was against the rules apparently. “That wasn’t nice of you to keep hitting me.” Watching him raise his eyebrows in a challenging manner, you stuck out your tongue and fixed your ponytail. “I said I wasn’t going to go easy on you.” Gaping at the way you released your hair from its tie and putting it back up, he was in a trance. The way you looked doing something so natural like this caused his stomach to flutter around crazily and he didn’t understand why.

“W-wow. Y-you’re really beautiful.” As the music stopped and the lights turned back on, nothing could save you from showing that you were blushing at his words which caused you to cough uncomfortably and for him to grin. Helping you up and following him outside the arena, you inhaled a fresh breath as you checked the scoreboards. “We won by fifteen points! We survived!” your team cheered as you stared at the man in front of you. “Congrats.” Calum beamed at you, sticking out his hand for a hand shake. Accepting his gesture and looking at him shyly, he held onto your hand a bit longer until Michael patted his back, causing him to drop it. “We’ll get you the next round whenever that is.” Michael insisted, letting his friend know the rest of their friends showed up.

“I guess that’s my cue.”


“Y-you fight good.”

“You did not just pull a Mulan quote on me.” You chortled as he joined in before waving good bye to join his friends. Going back into the room to return the vest, y/bf/ waited for you and linked arms. “He was so flirting with you and I seen everything. Let’s rest before we continue.”


Moment 3: I swear he’s after me!

After a few more rounds and a short food break, they were back to playing laser tag again when the group decided to play free for all. Instead of hosting their own event, they decided to play with others again and Calum almost danced in joy when he saw you again. “You really like her huh?” Ashton inquired. “That obvious?”

“You’ve been ogling her and that guy for the past two minutes.”

“I do not ogle!”

“But you haven’t denied you were keeping an eye on them. Come on Calum, I think you should ask her out. Or at least get a number at the end of this round because it’s getting a little sad to watch. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of guys are starting to take a liking towards her. I won’t be surprised if one of our friends ends up liking her as well.”

“Is that supposed to be your idea of a pep talk?”

“Is it working?”

Tommy! That’s so not funny!’ You squeaked out as the boy across of you smirked and winked at you. It had caused Calum to grip his gun a little too tightly and he shook his head, knowing who his first victim was. He did not like this and maybe he’d take Ashton’s advice on what to do. “Good luck.”


While everyone was running amuck, Calum was currently in the center of the arena, staying out of sight until he heard your voice. “I swear to god Tommy! That little boy is after me! He has it out for me and only me! Before I can even aim, he’s already got me and it sucks!” Seeing your chest piece get disconnected, he saw a little boy run past him and decided to avenge you by getting him right back. The boy was so confused but continued moving on as he decided to approach you guys with Tommy disabling him as soon as possible. “Really dude?” Calum groaned as the guy ran away to give you some space. Sensing that you were still feeling awkward about the confrontation from earlier, he leaned against the wall piece and smiled smugly.

“Speaking of which, I hope you’ll be happy to know I got that little boy for you. He’s a quick one.”

“You heard about that?” Observing the way you stroked your arm in hesitation, he shot at the same small boy again as he seen him hiding in a corner, pining after you. “Oh yeah. I really do think he’s after you, Maybe he has a crush and is trying to impress you. It’s a total guy thing.”

“Does that mean you’re doing the same thing as well?” 

“That depends on if it’s working and if you might have a thing with that Tommy guy.” Peering down at your facial expressions, your nose scrunched up in bewilderment as you scoffed. “He has a thing for my best friend and he’s trying to get on my good side.”

“Duly noted. So do I stand a chance with getting a number at the end of this game? It’d break my heart if you said no.” Spotting the twinkle in your eyes, you pretended to think about it and nodded. “Sure thing lover boy.” He rolled his eyes and told you to follow him anyway, excited for the game to end.


Moment 4: You little shit!

In the same round, the game was getting even crazier and when the little boy kept coming for you and you calling him a little punk ass bitch, Calum would diffuse the situation and act as your bodyguard. You didn’t really need help but it was fun getting to know the guy you could only read about online and in the papers. He was super sweet and not to mention very funny. He was quiet and shy a few times but so were you so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. You still couldn’t believe you were hanging out with Calum Hood and it left you feeling giddy most of the time.

Crouching down behind a statue big enough to conceal the both of you, Luke came into your eye sight, alongside with a girl.

“Hey Calum, watch this. You’ll see why they’re my favorite targets.” You whispered as he shook his head in disapproval. “Really? My friends?”

“Just watch. It’s so funny.” Aiming at the girl right at her back, she squealed and turned towards Luke in horror. “What happened to not shooting me!?”

“How can it be me? I was standing beside you! Someone else probably did!”

“Then what happened to protecting me!?”

“I told you I suck at this! I literally have Michael covering us most of the time!” As they started bickering, you fired at her again and done the same thing to Luke which caused him to grumble. “You’re so bad y/n.” Calum murmured as you shushed him. As if on cue, Michael came into view as he crossed his arms. “Come on Hemmings. Defend yourself!”

“Someone has it out for us!” He exclaimed as you told Calum to go at it. Seeing Luke’s face fall even more, you wanted to burst out laughing. This was too hilarious! “See!?”

“It looks like someone has it out for you and just you Luke.” The girl retorted as she was about to walk away causing Calum to act fast and disabling her weapon. “Are you guys serious!?”

“That wasn’t us!” Doing the same thing to both his friends, he saw you giving him the thumbs up and a big smile, watching the scene unfold in front of them. “Okay, who’s there!?” Michael called out with Luke rubbing his head in stress. “You can get both of them but no- STOP IT!” It was Luke’s turn to laugh and Michael was about to growl back at him when you shot his vest making Michael mock him in return. The girl rolled her eyes and walked away, planning to go solo this time. Luke be damned. Pushing Calum to come clean, Michael seen him first and gasped. “You little shit! That wasn’t funny!”

As Luke got his revenge and fired at Calum, he jumped in joy, doing a little victory dance. “I FINALLY DID IT!” Michael waited a few seconds more before he could do the same thing. “That’s what you get Hood!” Leaning against the statue in feigned defeat, he waited for them to leave, signaling her the coast was clear. “You betrayed me and did me wrong. I’m hurt. Did you see the overkill?” He said as you busted out laughing in tears. Holding it in was a bad idea. “I’m sorry but I wanted to see what they’d do. They did not disappoint.”

“You’re lucky I saved you and took the fall!”

“Oh, my hero!” Putting your hand on your heart, he pouted and got vengeance by pointing his gun at you and taking you out for a moment.

“I deserved that one as well.” You giggled as he flicked you off. “I don’t want your number anymore.”

“Suit yourself.” Walking away, you counted to three in your head when you heard him sigh and follow after you. You were so glad you got invited to your best friend’s sister’s party. “I’m kidding. I did not get blasted by my friends just to not get it. I sacrificed my dignity for you.”

“Didn’t ask you to.”

“You pushed me out of hiding!”

“Don’t sass me!”


Final moment: The number

Y/bf/n was waiting for you outside, grinning like a madman when she had told you she had seen everything on the tv. Did you mention that while playing, there were cameras everywhere, tracking your every move? It was for safety reasons but realizing a few people seen you and Calum together, and maybe getting murdered by an 8 year old boy, you felt embarrassed.

“You got 7th place by the way. I was rooting for you to be in the top 5! But that’s expected seeing that all you did was get cozied up with Calum. So hoe, spill the damn tea. My sister has been driving me nuts waiting for you to come play with her again!” About to tell her the situation, Calum walked up to you with Ashton in tow. “I’m finally meeting the legend of this game.” Ashton spoke as you shrugged off his compliments. “Thank you.”

“So, that number?” Calum pressed as he gave you his phone. Inputting your contact information and him doing the same for yours, you switched back and also asked if you could hug him. “We were seriously standing shoulder to shoulder and you’re asking if you want to hug me? That’s backwards.” He teased as Ashton patted your head in mock pity. Pouting at their actions, Calum chuckled and opened up his arms. “Bring it in. I’m just a normal guy after all.”

“Yeah but I don’t hug normal guys and break their personal bubble without permission. I’m like a vampire.” You sassed back, enjoying the short and sweet embrace. Pulling away, y/bf/s/n came and grabbed your hand, wanting her turn to have your attention. “Me time now? It’s my birthday!”

“You planning to play another round?” Calum called out causing you to laugh and smile. “Fuck that, I’m playing mini golf or mini bowling with the birthday princess now! You’re on your own now”

“Why you gotta hurt me like that? Don’t go!” He joked as y/bf/s/n stopped walking and faced him. “No! My turn! It’s not your birthday!” When she yanked you down to her eye level, she grabbed your face and smiled. “You owe me 2 quarters now!” Laughing off the situation, you stood back up and winked at Calum, having the little girl drag you away with your best friend following in tow. “I’m still waiting for the hot new gossip. Should I plan the wedding now?”

“Oh put a cork in it Y/bf/n.”



A/N: ……my comeback is finally here lolol. I know for a fact that there are some errors in here but I couldn’t find them. I’ll probably proof read this again later after I’m done grocery shopping and fix it then but I hope you enjoyed this :) up next comes my first ever; Ashton imagine, wooo! I’m so excited to write that one!

Papi Rafael Barba & Surprises for Mami

Brought about by a suggestion from @yourtropegirl, regarding: Shopping for a birthday present for Mami with your Papi, ADA Rafael Barba.

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

HUGE AMAZING THANK YOU TO @controllingkittens for all your amazing help with the Spanish in this, I sincerely appreciate it more than you probably know. :).

“But Papi,” he had specifically told you this was a ‘secret adventure’, which for some reason absolutely terrified you; “Papi, Mami finds out EVERYTHING.” You knew this, she had told you so many times before, and unless Teddy was a snitch- she wasn’t lying. Mami knew all, whether it was you climbing out of bed in the middle of the night or somehow figuring out that you had been the one to steal a fingertip of icing off a cupcake.

Rafael sighed, and shifted your weight so you’d fit better on his lap without bothering the woman sitting next to you two. This really was a lot for a little girl to take in, you didn’t feel quite prepared to be an accessory to this crime.

“Si, Princesa,” delicately, he fixed the hair tie that must have slipped if it warranted him to be tugging at your curls like that, “but I haven’t told you yet why we’re going on a secret trip.”

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anonymous asked:

“Please don’t do this.” and "Wake up! Please, please wake up!" ? Barba angst! Maybe her ex is some psycho and he has Barba and Y/N trades herself for him and Barba is freaking out when she walks in and he realizes what she's doing? And Barba gets out and she's trying to negotiate with the ex but it doesn't go well! Better yet, the ex is NEVADA!

Oooh Please enjoy this sweet anon! Mentions of death, gun violence, blood. 

You were supposed to meet Rafael for dinner but when you got to the apartment you found a note and you immediately recognized the handwriting as your ex’s.

You pulled out your phone and it hadn’t rang more than once when he picked up.

“Hola mami. Told ya you’d be back didn’t I.”

“Where the hell is Rafael, Nevada?”

“Oye, you don’t wanna know what I’ve been up to? Here I thought you were gonna play nice.”

Please don’t do this, Nevada. Just let him go. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

“I just want mi reina back. He doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t know how to properly worship every inch of your body.”

“If I come to you, will you let him go?”

“Mi vida. Meet me down at the old warehouse. We’ll make the trade.”

“I’m on my way, Nevada. Please don’t hurt him.”

“I’ll see you in thirty minutes, mami.”

You grabbed your keys and sprinted out the door.

You arrived at the warehouse that you thought was long in your past. As you walked in, you could see Nevada standing next to a figure on the ground. You ran over to him and knelt to the ground. “I thought I told you not to hurt him.”

“I didn’t touch him mi amor. But Oscar may have knocked him around a little.”

“Rafi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Y/N.”

“Okay Nevada I’m here now let him go.”

“Y/N no.”

“Tell him you don’t love him.That you never loved him and you love me.”

The tears started pouring down your face. But you had to do whatever it took to save him. “I’m sorry Rafael. I never loved you. I love Nevada. He’s the only one for me.”

“Y/N please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Oye pendejo. She was never yours. She was just using you to get back at me. Isn’t that right mi reina?”

You turned away from both of them. “Yes it’s true.”

“Now come over here and take back your place at my side.”

You let go of Rafael’s hand and curled into Nevada’s side. “Now…” All of sudden he had drawn out his gun and was pointing it straight at Rafael’s head.”

“Nevada, Stop this! You said you’d let him go.”

“This pendejo needs to be taught a lesson. You don’t take things that belong to Trujillo.”

“Nevada please.” You begged. Tears streaming down your face as your grabbed his arm. “Please stop this. I’m here. I’m back now. He’s nothing. Please don’t do this. What do I have to do?” Just then a thought popped into your head. “Kiss me.”

“What?” They both said at the same time. You put on the best seductive face you could.

“Kiss me Nevada. Remind me what I’ve been missing. Show this idiota exactly who I belong to.” You stroked your hand over his chest and down his abdomen. 

“Y/N please.”

“Oye shut up pendejo. Hmm I missed that evil streak in you.” He leaned down and claimed his lips in yours. You let his hands roam over your body and grab your ass. He was definitely making a show of it. Your hands went to his hair then raked your nails down his back. One hand reached around to his front and started to palm his groin. “Oh Y/N.I told you, you couldn’t stay away from this cock.” 

“You’re right Nevada. I couldn’t. I missed you so much. But at this distance. My aim is bound to improve.” Effectively distracted, you grabbed the pistol he kept in the back of his jeans and pointed it at him.

“Oh mami, I thought we were having fun. You’re not gonna shoot me.” He grabbed you and tried to wrestle the gun away from you. You kicked his feet out from under him and you both toppled to the ground. Rafael struggled against his restraints but was having only a little luck with slowly loosening them. Nevada wrapped his hands around your throat and you gasped for air. “You’re not leaving me again Y/N. No one leaves Trujillo.”

Just as Rafael freed himself two shots went off. He rushed to the two of you. Neither one moving.

He pushed Nevada’s lifeless body off of you hoping the other shot hadn’t hit you. But with all of the blood he couldn’t tell if it was Nevada’s or yours.

“Y/N Wake up! Please, please wake up! Please! I can’t lose you! I love you. Baby come back to me. We’re supposed to get married and have a family and grow old together. Please wake up. You can’t leave me!” The tears were pouring down his cheeks as he did everything he could think of to bring you back. He finally found where the second bullet had hit your leg and tied his tie around it to try and help the bleeding.

He grabbed your cellphone from your pocket and dialed 911. He could hear the sirens getting close. When he felt your hand grab his. 

“Rafi, I’m sorry. I had to.”

“Shhh I know, I know. Save your strength, love.”

The ambulance pulled into the warehouse and started to load you. Rafael got in with you and held your hand.

You got enough strength to squeeze his hand. “Rafi…marry me.” Then everything went dark.

“She’s gonna be fine sir. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her. She’ll survive this.”

“I know she is. She’s a fighter.” He held your hand the rest of the way to the hospital.

And he was there holding your hand when you woke up in your hospital bed.

I'm super horny

There, I said it.

I wish I could suck you off so good. Deep throat así papa, making it sloppy, working that dick, showing you who owns that dick. Es mío papi, tú sabes. I want to hear you say “oh shit” or “Fuck, Mami”. That shit drives me wild, gets me so wet.

I want to feel your lips on my lips. Ugh tú sabes they drive me wild. I want to feel them on my hard nipples. I want to see you naked, admire your fine ass self.

Tú sabes how I like it. Culo pa'riba.
Ass up and you behind me deep inside me, giving it to duro.

You make me cum so many times. I love creaming on that dick.

Mami… Oh, Mami, no…

This isn’t your average, every day suffering.

This is advanced suffering.

It was one thing to rationalize Homura traveling through many, many timelines to get to “ours.” But now we’re seeing firsthand exactly why she was so jaded and cold.

Death had lost all meaning. If anyone died, she just had to wait things out and try, try again.