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just saying but most iconic front women from rock/music history have had lesbian relationships. janis joplin? joan jett? josephine baker? debbie harry? amy winehouse? the godmother, the QUEEN, of all rock music sister rosetta tharpe? ALL have expressed in public (or private) their attraction for women as well as men. lesley gore, the 60s pop artist who gave us “you don’t own me”? a lesbian. ma rainey, a blues artist who gave us one of the first recordings of actual, non-subtextual lesbian content in “prove it on my blues”. and these are just the women who are, for the most part, well-known for their music and image. women who love women have done so much for music, and this is most likely only scratching the surface


“To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the all. It is beyond the fire, though few would know that meaning. It is a story of many, but it begins with one. And I knew her. The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer. Laura is the one.” - Twin Peaks Pilot Introduction


starlight challenge: favourite music video » shangri-la (도원경)

“I know the sound of your breath very well, you’re blowing a dreamlike imagination with me inside”

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The mathematicians, the physicists: they care about what is


. The engineers care what is


. Engineers would accept gold-for-a-day. If it should turn to toadstools or snakes or an equal mass of spiders tomorrow, that was fine, as long as they only needed it to be gold for a day. The physicist, the chemist, they would want to watch it happen, they would want to know WHY it happened, they would want to know what happened to the gold, they would want to know what happened to the spiders. (The spiders, for their part, would usually happen to everyone in the vicinity). The engineer might use the gold for its conductive properties, demonstrate the principle and then wash their hands of it, leaving the spiders to happen to an empty lab bench. Those whose curiosity carries them past the horizon and those whose curiosity stops abruptly can both be useful and entertaining in their own ways. But the true prize comes after the first classes on Laplace and Fourier transforms. You see, there are problems that are too complex, too difficult, or too dang tedious to solve through traditional means. Instead, the student is told, we transfer the problem to another mathematical domain, where it is simpler, easier, and more interesting. An opportunistic soul might wait outside the classroom and watch for the starry eyes of the student who internalizes that message. Because you can always offer another domain that promises to solve all kinds of problems. What’s important is to catch them before they learn that sometimes the transforms don’t quite work as planned. Sometimes you can’t find your way back. (all that about Laplace/Fourier transforms is 100% true)


  • Bioware: How will we deal with the players' decisions in the next installment? How can we respect their choices without descending into an endless number of permutations we can't feasibly program, or making the lore prohibitive to new players? What if the Warden did the ritual? How do we make that important without cutting off players who didn't? If a Shepard falls in the forest and no one is around to hear, does -
  • Bethesda: I recognize the player has made a decision, but given it's a stupid-ass decision, I have elected to ignore it.

I watched the MV for Shelter forever ago and this idea has been floating around in my head ever since. The beginning reminds me of Lance every time (; A ;)


Yessir, That’s Our Baby - S8 E15


The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

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