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[English] Luz and Kradness interview from Utattemita no Hon, January 2016

This interview was from the January 2016 edition of the magazine Utattemita no Hon. I thought this one with Luz and Kradness was cute/funny so I translated it, but will later be translating other interviews from the magazine as well~ Enjoy!

-Questions asked by the interviewer are written in bold.
-In this interview, Kradness and Luz were asked to write a kanji that describes their 2015 just like everyone else in the magazine was asked, but due to perhaps a misprint or possibly my eyes not functioning, the kanji doesn’t seem to be shown. I still translated their responses, we just can’t see what kanji they’re referring to, sorry!)

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luz @ Mafumafu’s Official LINE (020516)


luz: “I tried inquiring the creator himself about how I am called “pesticide” if you enter luz into Mafu’s Official LINE” 

(LINE Conversation - 

Mafumafu: “My Official LINE”

Mafumafu: “Has been released-oh~”

luz: “Hello I’m pesticide”

luz: (Sticker)

Mafumafu: “W-wait, I just thought it’d be better if I made it funny”

Mafumafu: “That’s not what I meant”)

Mafumafu: “I spent 7 hours last night thinking of message responses yet I still wasn’t done with even half of it then, so as I was mulling over what to choose out of all the ideas I wanted to write, I decided on pesticide”

luz: “But more than anything, I was the happiest hearing him call me a close friend. Though I won’t forgive him for the matter of the pesticide”


Fan: “What do you think of Mafu-kun?”

luz: “Close friend. When a cockroach appears, he calls me and requests for an extermination. His nickname is an empty can of cockroach spray”


Luz and Kradness Livestream in Taiwan (8/26/15) Report PART I

I watched from HERE (the link still works for anyone who missed it!) and I apologize if I misheard something. PART TWO HERE

The live stream started out with just the announcer, and he talked about a lot of things, but mainly said that this was the first time he’d gotten so many viewers. Before this he mainly interviewed people who had to do with Xin Hua (the Taiwanese vocaloid) (he seems to be a big fan of her) and no one ever really viewed his stuff. In desperation, he asked the crowd if anyone had ever heard of Xin Hua and he was reassured when hands went up in the crowd. He also defended himself by saying the reason why Xin Hua was mentioned was because Kradness and Luz were utaites and utaites had a lot to do with vocaloids. He then proceeded in doing an explanation of what utaites were. 

The announcer read questions/comments from fans while he was waiting for Luz and Kradness to get ready. Soraru was brought up as “the guy who untangles Luz’s headphones” and Mafumafu was brought up as “the guy who is scared of cockroaches”. 

When Kradness and Luz were getting settled the announcer was concerned about the glass breaking (from the viewers), warning everyone to be careful of the glass and to not break it. 

(from left to right: Kradness, Luz, the translator and the announcer) 

Announcer: “Why don’t me make them speak Chinese? Can they speak Chinese? If they can we should make them greet everyone in Chinese.” (I got the feeling that the announcer harbored a hint of jealously that Kradness and Luz were more popular than his beloved Xin Hua ww)

Luz (in English): “Of course.” *laughter*

Luz and Kradness both introduced themselves in Chinese which was met with a lot of cheering. The announcer seemed impressed by their Chinese and asked if this was their first time in Taiwan, which it was.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to eat or places you’d like to go in Taiwan?

A: Luz: I’d like to eat manga kakigori. / Kradness: I’d like to eat Xiao Long Bao. (the announcer told Kradness that fans said he’d been wanting to eat Xiao Long Bao for awhile which Kradness said was true)

Luz asked the fans if they knew any Japanese and the crowd screamed something (I didn’t catch it) and Luz responded with “Taiwan, wo ai ni” (Taiwan, I love you guys). *screams from crowd* (Luz hitting on the crowd) 

Q: During your time as an utaite, what are some interesting moments? (?)

A: Kradness: I can’t think of any? / Luz: Coming here to Taiwan has been the most happiest event. *screams from crowd* (Luz hitting on the crowd) 

Q: Did you every think you’d have so many fans in Taiwan?

A: Luz: Had no idea. / Kradness: No, this is my first time in Taiwan and seeing all these fans gathered here makes me really happy. / Luz: One person coming would’ve been enough for me.

Q: Which songs do you like the best on niconico?

A: Kradness: Niki’s wave / Luz: Mafumafu-kun’s *screams from crowd* Lost in the Maze (Luz hitting on Mafu) 

Taiwanese fans wanted to know if Kradness and Luz would come to Taiwan and Kradness played along and built up the tension by saying things like “I do want to meet everyone in Taiwan… I’d really like to come to Taiwan…” And then they dropped the bomb that Kradness and Luz were going to have a concert in Taiwan! (?) They said that there will be 6 guests as well but they haven’t been decided.

Q: Who would you like to collab with the most?

A: Luz: Mafumafu (Luz hitting on Mafu) / Kradness: un:c 

The announcer also asked them if they’d heard of Xin Hua and he was happy when Kradness said he’d heard Xin Hua’s song by Honeyworks (Magical Melody) saying things like “See, there are people who know Xin Hua.”

Q: What were your impressions of each other when you first met? (?)

A: Luz: We met 3 years ago… we were the same age, around 18 or 19?… we were young. Kradness didn’t have blonde hair back then… he had brown hair, I think blonde hair suits him. (Luz hitting on Kradness) 

Luz said he was very happy when he received his surprise video project (from fans), he said it was really long with each and every piece and filled him with happiness and then he dropped a “wo ai ni” (I love you (guys)) (Luz hitting on crowd) 

Then the announcer decided to bring up the more important question-

Q: (asked towards Luz) Why are your headphones always tangled? *insanely cute laughter from Kradness*

A: Luz: Don’t people in Taiwan get tangled headphones too? (in english) Oh my god

Luz asked Kradness if he ever got tangled headphones and Kradness said he always puts away his headphones neatly after he uses them. 

Luz: If we got married we’d make a great pair. *no objection from Kradness* (Luz hitting on Kradness) 

 Announcer: They (the fans in the crowd) would be extremely happy”

Kradness said that whenever he sees Luz’s headphones tangled, he untangles them and Luz said thank you. At this however, the announcer said “Fans tell me that’s it’s Soraru who untangles Luz’s headphones”

Luz: To Soraru-san who always untangles my headphones- Thank you. 

Then the announcer said, “Luz seems to have a lot of friends…” and brought up the most famous event in utaite history- Mafumafu and the Cockroach. 

Luz: “At around 12am I got a phone call, and my phone screen displayed “Mafumafu”. I picked up and said “Hi.” And then (from here on out Luz starts imitating Mafumafu) ‘Luz-kun, *screams from crowd at his imitation* Luz-kun, where are you right now?, and I said ‘I’m at home what’s wrong?’ and Mafu said ‘A huge coackroch appeared! I’ll pay for your taxi fee so come over right now!’”

Luz: So I went to his house, but (it) was already dead.

Translator: Mafumafu? Or the Cockroach? 

Luz: The cockroach, it would be bad if Mafu died. (?)

Announcer: Wait so if the cockroach was already dead does that mean Mafumafu killed it? 

Luz: Yeah, he killed it.

Announcer: Really?!

Luz: But since Mafumafu didn’t want to touch it, I had to put on a glove, pick it up and toss it away. 

Announcer: Kradness, how do you feel about cockroaches?

Kradness: I’m not scared of them, I just spray them dead and throw them out afterwards.

Announcer: With your hands?

Kradness: I use a tissue.

Announcer: So are you two not scared of any kinds of bugs?

Luz: I don’t like them but if any appeared in my house I wouldn't forgive them. 

Kradness: I’m not good with bugs… 

Announcer: Would you two help us fight against cockroaches (?)

Luz: (in English) Of course.