oh loverboy

“This is the most ridiculous idea you have ever had.”

jace shrugged mischievously, his lips hooked in a lazy grin as he tilted his head in that adorable way that made simon’s heart flutter and forget everything else. who needed knowledge, money, fame, when jace was looking at him like that, with soft amusement and awe, like a child watching the tiny ballerina of a music box spinning slowly round and around, something so simple like sticking your face out of a car window to feel the wind whip your face and your hair back.

but jace’s charm and beauty was not going to work this time. no freaking way. simon would forbid it.

“where’s your sense of adventure, simon?” jace scoffed in that dramatic, exaggerated way of his and it was times like these that simon seriously believed that if jace wasn’t a shadowhunter, he would be a fantastic actor. He did have the looks and the chops, after all.

“adventure?” simon repeated, his voice cracking on the last syllable of the word from the stupidity and disbelief of the situation, throwing his arms up into the air and gesturing wildly at his boyfriend, who was standing on the other side of the room and had been standing there ever since he walked over about two minutes ago. simon, of course, had been said said two minutes trying to get him to move back towards him.

“adventure is fighting bad guys, saving the day!” simon mimed swinging a lightsaber and jace laughed, endeared at the “zhoom zhoom” sounds simon was making with every swish to add to his point. “ adventure is finding some hidden treasure in a forest or the jungle. this, us in your living room in the institute, is not an adventure.”

“but, it’s a productive and fun way to spend our time!” jace replied, giving simon a dazzling grin that caused the vampire to start to smile back before blinking rapidly and shaking his head fiercely, as if telling himself to not let jace’s smile talk him into this.

“showing me that you now how to do the dirty dancing lift is not a ‘productive and fun way to spend our time.’“ simon deadpanned and jace delivered an eye roll so extreme that even alec would have been impressed.

“well, you shouldn’t have shown me the movie last week.“ jace retorted and simon cursed himself mentally, reminding himself to never do another movie marathon with jace again in order to expand his knowledge on mundane pop culture.

he spluttered for a little bit and then sighed weakly, “is the music really necessary?” indicating the speaker that was softly playing “the time of my life” in the background.

“of course, it makes it more authentic and sets the mood.”

“you’re an idiot.”

“but you love me.”

well, that…well, that simon could not deny.

“why can’t we be like normal couples?” simon whined, scuffing the ground a little bit with his foot. “why can’t we be more like magnus and alec, who don’t do things like this and hold hands and kiss and are, well, normal?”

jace put his hands on his hips. “babe, trust me, you were not there when i walked in on them recreating the spiderman kiss. They had a mask and everything.”

“but how did they… ? upside down…? Oh, nevermind,” simon waved the topic away with a hand. “the point is….well, that’s just it! What’s the point?”

“It’ll be fun! I don’t know, let’s just try it!” jace pleaded and simon huffed, crossing his arms.

“i don’t want to do this.”

“then why haven’t you moved?” simon opened his mouth to say something and jace pointed a triumphant finger at him. “HAH! you so do. a part of you wants to.”

simon grit his teeth in frustration. “we have to go to a meeting soon and you’re being, well, you, so i’m being a good person and staying with you until you stop being so stubborn and we can go together.” he argued, his voice cracking at the end of his sentence.

“uh huh, sure.” jace smirked and simon glared at him.

“What if you drop me?” he asked in an accusatory tone.

“shadowhunter strength, remember?” jace winked, causing simon to blush and stutter and focus on a particularly interesting speck on the floor.

“come on, release your inner jennifer grey.” jace coaxed and wiggled his hips a little bit, and the comment was so adorably stupid that the laughter that fluttered in simon’s chest was too strong to contain. simon put a hand over his mouth as if to hide the fact he was chuckling when it was plain as day, and jace marvelled at the way his eyes crinkled and his face lit up and he thanked the lucky stars for simon lewis, his goofy, beautiful boyfriend.

simon stopped laughing after a while, but he still was smiling and shaking your head. “okay, i give in, patrick swayze. But one time. ONE TIME.” simon held up one finger and jace did a fist pump in victory.

“It’s kind of alarming at how happy this is making you.” simon remarked, but his brain short circuited when jace took off his leather jacket to reveal his very toned, very runed, very much “simon lewis worshipped” arms.

jace shrugged. “I like holding you, anyway. this time, it has a little flair.” and simon’s heart skipped a beat at the comment.

jace held his hands up in front of his chest. “ready, simon?”

“as i’ll ever be, jace.”

“good man, that’s the boyfriend spirit.” jace nodded, almost professionally, a concentrated look on his face.

“okay, here I go.” simon said to no one specifically and jace crooked a finger at him and replied, “come here, loverboy. oh, and remember not to use your vampire speed cause you’re gonna knock me over.”

at this, simon chuckled and he planted his feet before taking a breath and running towards jace, jumping right before they met so jace could catch him and hold him up in the air. they stumbled a little bit and simon let out a scared noise when he wobbled in jace’s grip but eventually they steadied and simon had to admit how impressed he was that they were able to nail it the first time.

“wow, we got it in one try.” simon commented, still up in the air and jace laughed.

“well, we have an advantage, as a vampire and a shadowhunter,” he replied nonchalantly. “spread your arms out, i’ve got you.” he added when he noticed simon’s arms were rigid at his sides while jace’s hands were snug on his waist.

simon nodded and did what jace suggested. “wow, i feel so graceful. no wonder this moment in the movie is considered one of the most magical moments in film history.”

“nobody puts simon in a corner.”

“shut up or i’ll move and fall on you.”

there was another moment of silence before simon asked, “so, do we just….stand here?” and jace thought about it for a while.

“let’s see how long we could hold it.”

“but my arms are tired-” simon started to whine before a familiar voice questioned, “what are you guys doing?”

simon felt his body turning, indicating that jace was moving to face alec, who was standing in the doorway, a shocked yet amused look on his face.

“how you doing up there, simon?” he chuckled.

“questioning my taste in boyfriends.” simon replied with a grin, to which jace responded with a “hey!”

“you guys are strange. like, really strange.” alec crossed his arms over his chest, chortling. “how long have you been holding that for?”

“i’ve lost track of time,“ simon said thoughtfully. “jace wanted to attempt the dirty dancing lift.”

alec stood there for a second before saying, “okay, i’m gonna leave now and leave you to your….dancing.”

“hey, alec, is it easier or harder to kiss magnus when he’s upside down?” jace suddenly called out, smiling cheekily and winking and alec’s face turned red and he tried to stammer out a witty reply before he gave up and just decided walking away was the best option.

“nice one, sweetheart,” simon couldn’t give jace a high five, so he settles for brushing the back of his hand over jace’s. “i love you so much, like you will never know, but please, can you put me down? i miss your face and my back and arms hurt.”

jace giggled, “okay.” he gracefully put simon down, but did so in a way that he ended up wrapped up in his arms. “you liked it, though. it was fun. couple bonding.”

simon guffawed, “you are such a weirdo.” and jace nuzzled his nose with his, kissing him soundly. simon hummed and ran his fingers through jace’s hair as he felt jace’s fingers press into his hips.

they pulled apart and simon realized that he was truly, completely, happy as he twirled around in jace’s embrace as they danced to the music and begged through a voice choked up with laughter to not serenade him with “the time of my life” when in reality the sight of jace singing and smiling and kissing him warmed his heart and made him feeling like the luckiest guy in the entire history of the universe, even when he was being a complete doofus.

Girls Talk Boys

Request:  Hey can you do a Gil imagine where Gil is dating the daughter of Belle? Thanks!

Characters: Gil, Harry, Uma, Lonnie, Jane, Ben, reader (daughter of Belle and Adam)

Warnings: One swear I think but otherwise it’s all fluff

Word Count: 3253

A/N: Finally!!! I’ve been writing this for ages and it’s finally here! 

Requests and tags are always open! Find my prompt list here

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“I can’t believe you roped me into this,” You sighed as you smoothed out the front of your dress again.

“You love me too much to not do this for me,” Ben smiled down at you lightly.

“You sure about that?” You laughed when your brother scoffed before ruffling your hair. “Hey! I spent an hour fixing my hair!”

“You mean you stalled for fifty minutes then did it in ten because there is no way that took an hour” Ben teased you. He simply laughed when you glared at him. “Besides, you love doing this”

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Song Lyric Aesthetics (Again)

What can I say? I really love making these. Two of these were recommended lyrics and the other two were ones that I chose myself. Out of the entire batch, I think that I like the first and second aesthetics the best.

Song lyrics in order from top left to bottom right:
“You put a sour little flavor in my mouth now”
“Sticks and stones will break your bones”
“Hey, loverboy
Oh, now do you believe me?
That’s not all
that I can do”
“Your knife my back, my gun your head”

keith: oh lance~

lance: yes, keith?

keith: how do you call your lover boy?

lance: c'mere loverboy!

keith: and if he doesn’t answer?

lance: oh loverboy~

keith: and if he STILL doesn’t answer?

lance: i say–

pidge: ok. we get it. you love dirty dancing. you’ve seen it a million times. you know every song. we get it. why did you have to show keith? why’d you have to get him in on it too? every time we see you it’s always the same song–

lance: baby, oh baby, my sweet baby, you’re the one

pidge: I GIVE UP

keith: [ignoring pidge and making guitar riff noises]

But imagine you and Chris fooling around your house only in your underwear.

“Chris!” You pick up the pillow that just smacked you behind your head. Chris looked at you with that cute smirk of his.

“Oh, it’s on loverboy!”

You grab the pillow and turn around to hit Chris. Your eyebrows furrow as there is no Chris to be seen.

“What th-”

Strong hands wrapped around you.

“Oh, baby, you’re too slow.” He whispered in your ear which made you shiver.

“God, you’re such a tease.” You turn around to lock eyes with your boyfriend.

“Only for you.”

You just giggle to yourself. God, I love this guy.

Morning After: Sodapop imagine

The sun rays crept into the room as the chilled morning air surrounded the both. But nothing seemed to disturb their blissful sleep. The blanket was tightly wrapped around the bundle as they were locked with each other, almost like puzzle pieces.  

Sodapop had his arms wrapped around the small framed female as if his life depended on it. Holding her was almost like a security blanket she was really there. Just as his arms were around her, she has hers over his.

The bodies were pressed together in the small bed. Her back pressed against this chest as her legs clamped over one of his. Soda had his face buried on her face, his breath tingling her neck.

Sodapop slowly found himself waking up with the mentioned of the sinful night they shared before. He smiled down at (Y/n) as she still slept in his arms. It was their first time and Sodapop couldn’t help but have his heart racing.

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College!Harry AU - Part Three

Part Two can be found here

Tinder’s been on the mind all week x

“Guess who’s on Tinder?”

“I don’t know, Liv. Who’s on Tinder?” You turned to your roommate as you both crossed the field to go to the one of the college’s coffee shops. Liv had a glint in her eye, the type of glint that meant trouble for you

“Loverboy…” She extended the word and you stared at her blankly.


“Oh, for God’s sake, Y/N, I mean Harry!”

“Liv! I’d be shocked if he WASN’T on Tinder! An app for hook ups? Of course he’s gonna be on it!”

“Don’t think I haven’t seen the app on your phone, missy.”

“I don’t go on it, y’know. I haven’t been on it in so long that it sent me a reminder the other day to tell me-…

“…That you’re still single?”

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Also i love matt so much i fucking cried like every time he got excited about his sister. Also shatt was basically destroyed but lol i didnt really like that ship anyway. Im here for the matt/lance rivalry for allura tho lmao these horny college boys. Speaking of lance oh my GOD loverboy lance is my fuckin bf who am i kidding theyre all my bfs and gfs i love team voltron

                The Pierces Roleplay Ask Meme: 
    Thirteen Tales of Love And Revenge Edition

The following are all taken from The Pierces’ 2008 album, Thirteen Tales of Love And Revenge. Change the pronouns, names, punctuation as it suits you. Use or remove things n parentheses. Feel free to shift the spelling to convey your character’s accent and dialect. Some nsfw, some drug mention. Some murder. So it goes.

  • “Got a secret, can you keep it?”
  • “If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said.”
  • “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”
  • “Why do you smile like you’ve been told a secret?”
  • “No one keeps a secret.”
  • “Are you hypnotized by secrets that you’re keeping?”
  • “I have something I want to tell you but you have to promise never to tell anyone.”
  • “I promise.”
  • “Do you swear on your life?”
  • “I swear on my life.”
  • “You swore you’d never tell.”
  • “Two can keep a secret if one of us is dead.”
  • “We’re going out.”
  • “Boring.”
  • “Nothing thrills us anymore.”
  • “No one kills us anymore.”
  • “Life is such a chore (when it’s boring).”
  • Sexy boy, girl on girl, ménage à trois — boring.”
  • Marijuana, cocaine, heroin — boring.”
  • Galliano, Donatella, Dolce & Gabbana — boring.”
  • “Caviar, escargot, Dom Perignon — boring.”
  • “’Love of my life, bear your child, everything I’ve ever wanted’ — boring.”
  • “Hey, domino, I am stopping you from falling.”
  • “I’m the one you want.”
  • “Sticks and stones will break your bones and leave you lying in the mud.”
  • “You get scared when we’re alone like I might suck your blood.”
  • “I could tell you a witch’s spell but it just might blow your top.”
  • “You start to run just as I’m having fun.”
  • “It’s awfully hard to stop.”
  • “Hey, loverboy, oh, now do you believe me?”
  • “That’s not all that I can do.”
  • “Sit back down — I’m afraid we won’t be leaving.”
  • “Can’t undo my spell on you.”
  • “I don’t think I can stop.”
  • “Some people say that I want you for your money but I really want you for your body.”
  • “Pleased to meet you, baby.”
  • “I want to be your honey.”
  • “This won’t get any easier now that your heart is beating in my hand.”
  • “I’ll try not to destroy you, baby, even though we both know I can.”
  • “Clear the bed to lie on, darlin’, make a mess of me.”
  • “Here’s my dress to try on, baby.”
  • “Let me be your man.”
  • “Tell me what I am.”
  • “Can we run away together?”
  • “I would walk on water, I would walk on fire, I would sell my soul to the devil.”
  • “I’m done with compromise.”
  • “You’ve got me, dirty angel.”
  • “Aren’t you ready to come clean?”
  • “Don’t you hear me when I say I’m lonely?”
  • “Do I kid myself to think that I am your one and only?”
  • “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried over you.”
  • “I’ve had one too many sleepless nights over you.”
  • “Can’t you see I’m wounded? (Go ahead and put me down.)”
  • “I’m dying to believe you.”
  • “Cross your heart and hope to die.”
  • “When I woke up this afternoon I knew I felt uneasy.”
  • “No matter what I’d do nothing seemed to please me.”
  • “I couldn’t get out of my head that little fight we had last night.”
  • “Though I would much rather be dead than admit to myself that you were right.”
  • “Now don’t look at me that way. You know I just can’t take it.”
  • “No matter what they say I know that we will make it.”
  • “‘Cause when we are good, we’re grand but when we’re bad we are very bad.”
  • “But I stick around ‘cause the love that you’re giving me is the best I’ve ever had.”
  • “And it’s funny to me, the way that things have worked out.”
  • “There’s no doubt in my mind that you can’t recall what this all was about.”
  • “Love me sweetly and completely.”
  • “Come and sit beside me 'cause you know I need you near.”
  • “This is the end of us.”
  • “You’ll never hear my voice again.”
  • “All that I want is for you to come to ruin.”
  • “All that I want is for you to come crawling back (to me).”
  • “This is the end of us and everything you said we’d be.”
  • “I do not want for you to be happy.”
  • “You won’t forget my name, but I’ll forget your face tomorrow.”
  • “If we built an armour for our tender bodies, could we love each other? Would we strive to feel?”
  • “You say you want to know her like a lover and undo her damage; she’ll be new again. Soon you’ll find that if you try to save her it will renew her anger. You will never win.”
  • “You want never bitter and all delicious and a clean conscience and all its blisses.”
  • “You want one true lover with a thousand kisses.”
  • “You want soft and gentle and never vicious.”
  • “He could bring me to my knees.”
  • “You were walking faster than I could run.”
  • “Boy, you’ve got a lot to learn.”
  • “What were you doing in my dream last night, honey?”
  • “Well it’s a mystery to me how you keep on slipping in my mind.”
  • “And  it’s downright dirty that this old wound won’t heal with time.”
  • “Well you could wash my brain, you could tear out my heart but I would never forget you.”
  • “It’’s killing me that I’m still in love with you.”
  • “Just when I think I’ve got you in safe keeping that’s when your memory, it comes 'round creeping.”
  • “Well it’s an ache I can’t shake and it’s creeped down deep into my core.”
  • “But babe I can’t fake it, I can’t take this heartbreak anymore.”
  • “I asked you please to leave my heart but you refused to go.”
  • “I can’t take this pain much longer.”
  • “You insist on teaching me what I already know.”
  • “Well, I’ve been lying here all alone.”
  • “Wondering if you are ever coming home.”
  • “I left on the light by the bed in case you were to call.”
  • “What is wrong with me?”
  • “I never really thought it would last. (And here I am now, fading fast.)”
  • “No, I could not sleep tonight”
  • “Where would you go? What would you do if it wasn’t me, it was you?”
  • “If only you could feel my heart race.”
  • “Well maybe I am not what you thought.”
  • “Don’t worry, you are not what I thought you were either.”
  • “No matter how hard it gets, no matter how thick your head is, there’s always something more to learn. (Even if you just want to quit.)”
  • “I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I know how to live mine.”
  • “I take home pretty things that I like and baby, you are so fine.”
  • “I swore I would never fall in love with a boy in a rock and roll band.”
  • “Why do I adore you? We’ve only just met.”
  • “I feel I would do anything for you.”
  • “I’ve had too much wine.”
  • “Make love to me until the sun comes up or until we decide we are done. Or until all the prayers that go to heaven get an answer.”
  • “You are absurd.”
  • “You say the cutest things I’ve ever heard.”
  • “I don’t think I can take another word or my head might explode.”
  • “Love me.”
Imagine Clint stole your candy and won’t give them back so Pietro (whose crushing on you) messes with him until he does.

Pietro: Aw, my precious lyubov (love) why are you pouting? Did somebody hurt you?

Y/N:…Clint stole me candy

Pietro: *rolls eyes* you’re serious? Be back in an hour



Pietro: No Robin, I need you to give me Y/N’s damn candy back.

Clint: Oh I see, loverboy wants some sugar from his precious little-UGH STOP IT ALREADY, THEY’RE UNDER MY BED, FUCK. Ugh, for the crap I have endured you better be getting a kiss or something

GIF not mine: done by the amazing http://jamessbbarnes.tumblr.com/ 


The Backstreet Boys 1993-1998: The Debut Album, and the Ascendancy of Max

So our story begins with five young prettyboys from Orlando, bound together by a casting call organized by teen mastermind/creep Lou Pearlman, thrown together in a Swedish recording studio to pound out youthful hits. Hits that would soon conquer Europe, then America, then the World and Beyond the Infinite. Hits that would, for better or for worse, define their career.

The Backstreet Boys saw release in the United States in 1997, but the hits therein had been huge in Europe as early as 1995. Here, we find the Boys in their embryonic stage: funky dancy jock jams, silly attempts at rapping, Boyz II Men ripoffs. These songs represent the Backstreets as cogs in the machine, standard anonymous boy-toys, no different than the likes of 5ive or Color Me Badd. Popular as these songs were, there was no indication that these fellas would soon ascend to Pop Royalty.

But of course, they had their ace in the hole, their ticket to glory: the songwriting genius of Mr. Max Martin.

Now, I trust that many OWOB readers are familiar with Mr. Martin’s work, but here’s a quick summary for anyone who is not: Max Martin may well be the most dominant and important pop songwriter of the past 20 years, a man responsible for a whopping 16 #1 Billboard hits and countless other top 40 charting singles. “Since U Been Gone”? “I Knew You Were Trouble”? “Baby One More Time”? Every Katy Perry hit you can name? All great, and all Max.

And it all started with the Backstreet Boys. Before Backstreet, Max was just some ex-hair metal singer co-producing songs for Rednex and Ace of Base. After Backstreet, he was Pop’s Supreme Chancellor.

It’s impossible to talk about early Backstreet without talking about Max. The two made some serious pop magic together. They just clicked. Max was to BSB what Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were to Janet, what Babyface was to Boyz II Men: a brilliant songwriting force that brought out the best in a promising young pop act. Max’s songs for Backstreet were huge, sexy, glamorous, powerful, hooky, pretty, heartwarming, soul-crushing. Even a lil scary, sometimes! And in the hands of our handsome Boys, these songs soared and conquered the charts. One of pop’s best and tightest collaborations.

Today, we’ll review a few of their biggest hits together (plus one that Max didn’t write but that I’m still gonna talk about anyway cuz I love it so much). Max wasn’t BSB’s only songwriter, but he was definitely their most important in the early days. Without him, the Backstreet Boys might have become the sad young New Kids ripoffs you can see in the above video.

Oh goodness. “Loverboy.” Not on any BSB albums. I wonder why??*

*because its not a very good song at all