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measadreamcatcher  asked:

Who's your favourite paladin?

Who, me? 

A favorite??

From the paladins???

Yes absolutely. It’s Keith. I love him with all my soul look at him he’s amazing I’d die for him in a heartbeat

Fandom has mentioned before that all of Ronan’s dreams love Adam but consider: all of Ronan’s dreams love Declan. Ronan was 3 when he dreamt Matthew, he wanted a brother whose love was uncomplicated, so he was probably upset with Declan when it happened. But Matthew clearly loves Declan, so even angry 3 year old Ronan with no self control couldn’t make his dream creation hate dislike his big brother.

So headcanon that Chainsaw loves him too, she an affectionate asshole who acts like she doesn’t care for him but still constantly vies for his attention. And Opal is apprehensive at first but quickly warms up to him. They get along well in a weird way, she likes to talk to him about everything but especially their family, he spoils her and she wants him to, and she’ll even sleep in his room sometimes.

TL;DR Ronan loves his big brother, even when he’s mad at Declan, which is for most of the series.

marymcmagic-hair  asked:

headcanon that matthew is the best sex alice has ever had and she's often shocked and mortified at how loud she is with him, and finds herself covering her mouth with her hand to drown out her moans. but matthew grabs her wrists and pins them to the bed because he WANTS to hear her. and knowing this turns alice on even more. am i wrong here??

it’s smut.

The mechanics of sex aren’t foreign to her: rut and thrust and press and touch just enough until everything is slick and wet and climax is achieved. It’s perfunctory. Sex is a series of rehearsed steps and she knows them well.

Except Matthew deviates from these steps. 

He bites her shoulder while he pumps his fingers inside her, curling just so and sparking pure heat within her until she is arching up off the bed, clawing at his shoulders, and gasping out his name. 

Vocality is not something she’s accustomed to and it surprises her when her mouth is dry, her throat burning. His name and a litany of Oh god, yes, please, there, more, please had filled the room. Matthew seemed to feed upon it, nipping at her skin, pushing his fingers a little deeper, sucking at her breast more forcefully with each cry.

She thinks this is the end, he will be inside her and they will move in tandem and then it will be over. But Matthew settles himself on top of her, kissing her languidly, taking his time. HIs fingers ghost over her breast, cupping and palming the flesh, rolling her nipple between his fingers while his mouth slides over hers, tongue dipping and sweeping inside and tasting every inch of her. 

The sweat upon her skin makes her feel hot and wet and wanton and she rolls her hips up against him, impatient to have him inside her. But he chuckles, low and teasing, “Patience, sweetheart.”

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