oh lovelies


A friend from our Voltron server came up with this Langst prompt and it would be soooo rad if someone wrote it:

“Atla au where Lance is the only waterbender and when they were kids Hunk always insisted that Lance take up healing classes and since that’s where most of the women are of course he does but he never focused on healing, just flirting so when the time comes when one of the group members are severely inujured
…he just freezes up. He doesn’t know what to do or how to heal but he’s the only waterbender and help isn’t arriving soon and Keith is yelling at him and he’s scared and helpless…”

soulesser  asked:

serious question... if sangwoo and bum are brought into the police, would bum sell sangwoo out? I lowkey think he wouldn't

When I read this, I suddenly envisioned Bum and Sangwoo in prison uniforms and wow did it look interesting. I agree with you though! I can’t picture Bum selling Sangwoo out to the police.