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I just love the au that when you write on your skin it shows up on your partners skin like imagine Hamilton writing notes upon notes all up this arms and Jefferson being like yo what the fuck and Jefferson always writes dates of things but Hamilton has so many scribbles that he can never make anything out. Then imagine that one day Jefferson gets sick of never meeting this stranger so he writes “*name of restaurant* 6pm tonight. Come” and that’s how they finally meet, Jefferson looking his best outside a fancy French restaurant and Hamilton running fifteen minutes late, hair flying in every direction, buttons undone, sleeves rolled up at different lengths, and notes still covering his arms except for one patch on his wrist left bare. Their eyes meet and Thomas just falls in love instantly

Bitty stood in the doorway, his eyes wide open and his hands clasped over his mouth.  He had come downstairs to investigate the noise of shuffling furniture only to find himself with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Oh my lanta! You boys actually did it!” Whiskey and Tango looked up to see Bitty.  Between them was a gorgeous sofa in brilliant robins egg blue.  The cushions were fluffed to their fullest, and a soft scent of lavender filled the room instead of… whatever that smell used to be. Bitty could barely contain himself.

“What… Where… How did you convince… Oh lord, it’s just so beautiful.  What did you do with the old one?  I’ve been trying to burn that thing ever since I moved in.  I can’t believe Holster let you get rid it!”

“What?” Tango blinked at Bitty with his usual confused look as they dropped the sofa into place.  “We didn’t get rid of the couch.”

Bitty’s eyebrows lowered. “Then… then what happened to the old couch?”

“Bitty, it’s right here.” Whiskey gestured in front of him.  Bitty tilted his head at him, looking for an explanation. 

“We just cleaned it.”

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I’ve noticed the decline in Tumblr’s advertiser pull since their parent company Yahoo was sold, and while it’s gotten weird, it hasn’t hit “Oh dear lord, this is what they’ve come to” levels of bad.

Until tonight.

This is a real ad that appeared on my dashboard on this website.

I want you all to see this, because I sure had to.

I find myself wondering a lot where it stops with the wizarding world borrowing muggle technology ??? when did they decide that this specific amount of muggle technology is good. but to hell with the rest!!! bathtubs, plumbing, sinks, clocks, sure. cars???? oh man what the HECK is a car??? dear lord??? also pens????? pencils???? never heard of them. who decides what is acceptable and what’s not?? is there a council?? who decided that trains were ok but cars were Taboo???

Came home from school and found a very familiar cat sitting on our front porch, looking at me with a very put-off expression as if it wanted to You let me wait.

As soon as I saw the familiar black fur and the annoyed green eyes, I sighed. “Buddy, we talked about this – you don’t live here, remember?”


“Yeah, yeah,” I opened the door, letting the cat stroll into the apartment, and went straight for the phone to call my mum’s co-worker and my psychologist. “Uh, hey, Manuela. I found your cat again…”

“What?! Oh for the lord of… honestly, I still don’t know how he knows where you live. I’m so sorry for this rascal.”

“You’re laughing, though.”

“Only a bit. Can I come pick him up in an hour or so? I will be on lunchbreak then…”

“Yeah, sure,” I looked to the side, where Charly – that’s the rascal’s name – was sitting on the table, wiggling his tail while he aimed for my shoulder.

“Don’t you dare,” I muttered over at him.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was talking to your cat. Eh, an hour, you said. I will feed him something and we will wait for you, no problem.”

“Sweet! Thank you.”

I said goodbye and had barely time to put the phone down before Charly basically slammed into my shoulder from behind, claws digging into my sweater as he climbed upwards to perch on my shoulder.

Huffing, I shot him a look. “Happy now?”

Big green eyes stared back at me. “Meow.”

“You’re a handful, I hope you know that.”

I only got purring as an answer.


Short explanation – as I said, Charly is the cat of my mum’s co-worker who also was my psychologist for a while. He’s quite picky when it comes to humans, and his owners had always trouble finding someone who could watch over him while they were on vacation. Not because there weren’t people who volunteered, but because Charly bit and scratched and went completely wild whenever a “stranger” tried to enter the house to feed him.

When my mum’s co-worker heard that I like cats and are pretty good at handling them for some reason, she asked me if I could try feeding Charly for two days while she was on a business trip.

Well, long story short – Charly hissed and spit and went wild as soon as he saw me. He was a bit dumbfounded, though, when I just ignored him, walked past him and filled his bowl with his favorite food. Then I sat on the ground cross-legged, a few meters away from him and the bowl, pretending to be engrossed in a book that I had brought with me.

There was a long pause, before a very confused but curious cat started sniffing at my knee carefully, twitching away as I looked up for a moment. When I didn’t react further, he relaxed and went to eat.

Somehow, that had gained me his respect. The next day, he didn’t even try to fight me, prowling around me while I filled his bowl and purring contently all the while.

You can only imagine how dumbfounded I was when a few days later (my mum’s co-worker had already arrived back home) there was all of sudden a very familiar cat sitting on my front porch, meowing at me when I opened the door to see what was causing such a noise. Charly had come to visit me, entirely too content with strolling through our apartment and claiming my bed for himself. It took his owner coming over and picking him up that he left again.

Funny thing is – he lives at the other side of the town, and nobody knows how he found out where he had to go to see me.

Since then, that stubborn cat comes to visit me every two weeks or so, patiently waiting in front of my door until I come home from school. It’s as if he knows my schedule, always showing up exactly when it’s time for me to be home.

That damn cat adopted me for some reason. XD

Canon Lucaya be like

Lucas : HEY MAYA!

Maya : No, no I’m mad at him no turns around/not facing him

Riley : Awe, he has flowers-

Maya : I’m still mad at him it doesn’t change a thing


Riley : Awe omg-

Maya : blushes I’m still not falling for it


Farkle : Oh my lord

Maya : still not facing him No No No


Maya : What the hell? (Oh my god that’s so cute) blushes


Zay&Smackle : wiping tears from their eyes AWWWWWWW

Riley : Oh he has Tacos too

Maya : screams + runs and throws herself at him


list of things I’m unequivocally in love with  (¬‿¬) 

theres just so much to unpack here………

  • shou is just standing with his legs spread out like. hell yeah. im weaaring this shirt. im OWNING this shirt i loook fucking GREAT. hes happy to be part of the squad. he probably knows it looks like shit but he just finds the whole thing hilarious
  • ritsu is standing in solidarity with his brother. very respectfully. hands behind his back and everything. god fucking shit he is so STIFF  i think hes dissociating a little bit i mean cjust fucking LOOK at him look at his face he is fucking astral projecting as we speak
  • inugawa is dying. he wants to be dead. who can blame him, really. someobe free him
  • mob just Does Not Care he never had a fashion sense to begin with he doesnt understand what the big deal is
  • teru……..oh lord teru……..where do i even start……the hand on mobs shoulder. the sparkle. the hand on his hip and the fuckin leg. his fucking. dreamworks face. honestly i dont think i need to say anything teru is just self-explanatory and i hate him awful AWFUL
  • hoshino is rivaling reigen in his sweatiness. someone help him. hes dying
  • sagawa doesnt care at all hes pretty much exactly like mob but his muscles are just jutting out of his shirt. if he flexes the shirts just gonna rip right off his body

Request:  If requests are open…Imagine seeing Leonard dressed as a cop for a mission (cause oh my lord)

“W-What are you wearing?” you stammer, your eyes wide with shock as you attempt to take in the perplexing sight in front of you.

“What does it look like?” Leonard cuts, his displeasure at the outfit more than apparent as he anxiously tugs at the collar of the uniform.

“It looks like you’ve completely changed your ways, that or become some opposite version of yourself” you shake your head in bemusement, attempting to come to terms with the sight… the rather good sight at that.

“Apparently I get to go undercover, as a cop,” he practically spits the last word.

“Lucky me” you breathe, taking in the sight in the hopes of searing it into your memory for the rest of your days. There was no chance he would put up with wearing it again, but as your mind traced back to when he had had to wear a military uniform for a previous mission, you knew just how damned important it was that you never, ever forget that sight.

“You like it?” Leonard spins to face you, a smirk beginning to play at the corners of his lips.

“Put it this way,” you start, sidling your way up next to him as you correct his tie, your own smirk making it’s way onto your face. “If you keep that on when you get back, I can assure you one hell of a night.”


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but guys imagine jonathan trying to flirt but really freaking sucking at it

“hey yeah i dont completely hate you”

“your eyes are kinda sort of…good”

“are you an ange- never mind”

“you make me wanna…not throw a brick at everyone”