oh lord this road is lovely

favourite marina lyrics
  • shampain: "the sleep is not my friend"
  • immortal: "all the things that humans do to leave behind a little proof"
  • lies: "you're a coward 'til the end"
  • lonely hearts club: "love will never be forever, feelings are just like the weather"
  • teen idle: "i want blood, guts and angel cake - i'm gonna puke it anyway"
  • hollywood: "i'm obsessed with the mess that's america"
  • mowgli's road: "oh lord, now i can see, the cutlery will keep on chasin' me"
  • i'm a ruin: "you still can't look me in the eye; cos you've been bit once, now you're twice as shy"
  • froot: "i'm pinker than shepherd's delight"
  • electra heart: "for forgiveness, you could always pray that the sickness, it could go away"
Why did I write this now I'm crying

Your boyfriend Calum was never one to really enjoy being on the road persay. Sure he loved being with his boys and seeing all that the world had to offer, but he got homesick a lot. There was nothing that Calum preferred more then being back at home with his parents and sister and a big heaping pile of spaghetti in front of his face. That is until he met you. Once he met you his entire world changed. He no longer wanted to be away from the world, well, at least not without you. And when he invited you on tour with him oh lord everything changed. Suddenly the boys became less annoying, the rumors floated right off of his shoulders, the pain of being away from home went away a little more every day, laughter filled his mouth and happiness filled his heart and mind-he felt complete-he didn’t feel alone at all. Sure the boys were always there and yeah they were great company, but no one quite understood him the way that you did. No one could make him laugh or smile like you. No one could make him feel that comfortable. Calum changed when he met you; he no longer felt the need to return home so badly. No not at all because frankly, when he was in your arms or looking into your eyes, he was home.