oh lord legacy


Dean: Does that cloud look like a football to you?

Isabelle: (laughing) Not particularly, Mr.Quarterback-Cliché~

Dean: Fine, what does it look like to you?

Isabelle: A baby lamb? All cute and fluffy! Or maybe a set of headphones.

Dean: (smiling) Those are two very different things.


Preview of chapter 6.2:

I opened my eyes and stretched my limbs. A cracking sound was heard from the joints of my bare arms. Trees rose in the air around me, making me realize I had woken up at a place far from my own bed. Moss was covering the ground next to the almost invisible redwood I was lying on. A small rock stabbed me in the back and I sat up to rub the sore spot where it had stung me.

I stood up and realized I was naked. It was dark around me and the moon was shining bright behind the tops of the firs and pines. My knees and palms were dirty, as if I had been crawling on the ground. A mouse hurried to safety, passing right before my bare feet. I was feeling completely lost and had no idea what caused me to be at this very spot right now. Still, I felt oddly at home here in the forest.