oh lord i am not worthy


Wait. You look familiar to me… that face…
That Angel… she’s/he’s quite a gal / man.
But this is the first I have really felt a connection with.”
” Like she’s/he’s a part of me
We are going places.”
Who put this here?!
Just the way the little devil likes it.
Oh my god. ______, what were you doing?
Not now.”
”For our lord is calling to us, my little sheep.”
”The time of sacrifice is at hand!

Why, with enough belief, you can even cheat death itself!”
I think he’s lost his mind, but, hey, he writes the checks.
“And boy, can this girl/guy sing!”
“I see you there.”
“Let’s see if you are worthy to walk with angels.”
“This will do.”
“You’re so interesting… so different.”
“I have to say ; I am an instant fan.”
“Looks like you’ve got a date with an angel.”
“Just follow the screams.”
“It took so many of them to make me so beautiful.”
“I had to do it!”
“She/He called me an angel. I liked it.”
“I liked it.”
“Do I kill you?”
“How’s a girl/guy to chose?”
“It could’ve pulled me back!”
“It made me an angel!”
“I will not let the demon touch me again!”
“So… almost perfect.”
“Now that was fun!”
“He/She hates it when I do that!”
“Beware the Ink Demon.”

Ione/Avatar Supports

Round 3! Ione was a bit harder to write than Kameko and Theodora… I think it’s because she doesn’t get a lot of questions on the ask blog and doesn’t say a lot in the few that she does, so it’s harder to get a read on her personality. I hope I did okay anyway!

(Full disclosure: I sent the strangely specific anonymous ask about idioms/metaphors/similes; you’ll see why soon lol)

C Support

  • Avatar: Hello, Ione!
  • Ione: …Lord/Lady Avatar.
  • Avatar: Are you alright? You look… gloomier than usual.
  • Ione: …Do I? I apologize.
  • Avatar: N-No! You don’t have to– I just wanted to check on you.
  • Ione: ………
  • Avatar: …Ione?
  • Ione: I assure you, I am fine. Do not waste your time asking in the future.
  • Avatar: Uh, okay.
  • Ione: Did you need me for anything else?
  • Avatar: N-No.
  • Ione: Then I will be taking my leave.
  • Avatar: Okay. Bye.
  • Avatar: That was… odd.

B Support

  • Avatar: Oh, Ione! I was hoping I would see you.
  • Ione: Of course. How may I be of service?
  • Avatar: Well, I wanted to apologize for the other day.
  • Avatar: I didn’t mean to offend you.
  • Ione: …I am not sure what you are referring to.
  • Avatar: When I asked if you were okay.
  • Avatar: You got so worked up… I was afraid I had insulted you.
  • Ione: Lord/Lady Avatar, I thought I told you not to waste your time checking up on me.
  • Avatar: I know, but–
  • Ione: I will do whatever you say to help end this war.
  • Ione: But I have no desire to be your friend. Understood?
  • Avatar: …I guess so.
  • Ione: …I… have to go.
  • Avatar: Ione, wait!
  • Avatar: Now what do I do?

A Support

  • Ione: …Lord/Lady Avatar?
  • Avatar: Hm? Oh, Ione! Do you need something?
  • Ione: I must apologize for the other day. I should not have snapped at you.
  • Avatar: Oh, you mean– Don’t worry about it. It was my fault.
  • Avatar: You asked me not to pry and it clearly upset you. I should have respected your wishes.
  • Ione: …Lord/Lady Avatar, may I confide in you?
  • Avatar: Of course.
  • Ione: The reason it upset me… is because there is only one other person who has ever cared as much about me as you.
  • Avatar: Oh, you mean…
  • Ione: Yes. Queen Katerina.
  • Ione: She was the only person to ever treat me with such kindness… and I betrayed her in the most horrid way possible.
  • Ione: As you must see, I am not worthy of your kindness, either. I will merely let you down… as I’m sure I already have.
  • Avatar: Ione, you haven’t let me down.
  • Ione: I do not need your falsities, comforting as they may be.
  • Avatar: I promise, it’s the truth. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack.
  • Ione: …For your sake, Lord/Lady Avatar, I will do my best to cut all the… “slack”… that I may need.
  • Ione: Though I will be sure to save some for you and the rest of the army.
  • Ione: Do you know where I can find this “slack”?
  • Avatar: Uh, that’s not what that– never mind.
  • Avatar: So does that mean we can be friends now?
  • Ione: …As long as you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.
  • Avatar: Haha. Yeah, I think I do.

S Support

  • Avatar: …and when Leo realized it wasn’t his cape, he refused to talk to or even look at Camilla for the rest of the week.
  • Ione: Ha… what an amusing story.
  • Avatar: I have to admit, it’s a little weird that you’ve been asking me so much about Camilla.
  • Ione: …Is it?
  • Avatar: Oh, uh… Well, the way she talks about you, I didn’t think you were… um… very…
  • Ione: Attentive?
  • Avatar: Th-That’s not what I meant.
  • Ione: But it is not inaccurate. I certainly mistreated Camilla when she was younger…
  • Ione: She was proof of my disloyalty to Queen Katerina. I could not help but despise her.
  • Ione: However… being around you… I suppose it has softened me.
  • Ione: Lord Avatar… may I confide in you once again?
  • Avatar: Of course, Ione. Any time.
  • Ione: I… do not speak with you to learn more about my daughter.
  • Avatar: …Hm?
  • Ione: Do not get me wrong. I am interested in what she has been doing in my absence.
  • Ione: However, I come to you because… being around you is comforting.
  • Ione: When you are around, it feels as though I am important. That someone cares about me despite all my flaws.
  • Avatar: Wow… You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.
  • Avatar: You are important, Ione. And I do care about you.
  • Avatar: In fact… I care about you a lot.
  • Ione: …Pardon me?
  • Avatar: Spending time with you makes me happy, too. I never want to leave your side.
  • Ione: Lord Avatar, I must demand that you not toy with my emotions so.
  • Avatar: I’m not toying with your emotions, Ione. I promise.
  • Ione: …No, I cannot believe it. There is no way that you can be saying that you… love me.
  • Avatar: I am, Ione. And I do.
  • Ione: How? How can someone like you love someone like me?
  • Avatar: Because… Because I see the good in you. Even when you don’t see it in yourself.
  • Avatar: And I believe that, if you would let me, I could help you see it. I want to make you happy.
  • Avatar: Ione… Will you marry me?
  • Ione: ……..I’m giving you one last chance to back out and change your mind.
  • Avatar: I won’t.
  • Ione: …Then… yes. I will marry you.
  • Ione: I do not understand why or how you love me… but knowing that you do makes me happier than I have ever been before.
Endearments - Part 1: Legolas

[Part 2]

Okay, so I saw this post, and my brain exploded. Because I love Gimlas and I love Tolkien’s languages and combining them makes me very happy. So, have a two-part fic with sappy pining Gimlas, some family quarrels, and an eventual happy ending.

Sindarin translations are at the end. (If anyone has any corrections for my translations, please educate me! I’m getting better, but I’m still learning and I’m fairly sure I’m making at least a few mistakes. -whines- Grammar, why?)

Legolas truly had not intended to make a habit of it. It had been an accident at first, after the terror of not knowing where Gimli was during the Battle of Helm’s Deep. On seeing the dwarf hale and whole, if a little bloody, he had called out, too relieved and grateful and joyous to still his tongue “Ai, Gimli, melethen, guren linna cened ci mae!”

Gimli, predictably, had rolled his eyes and fixed him with an impatient stare. “Westron, blasted elf! You know I can’t understand your fancy trilling. I should speak to you only in Khuzdul, and teach you a lesson in civility!”

Laughing, Legolas clapped a hand onto Gimli’s shoulder. “I am glad to see you well, melethen.” He said, softer and more subdued, but no less happy. Gimli eyed him from under his helm, then grinned behind his beard and returned the sentiment. Well, most of the sentiment, but Legolas didn’t care. As long as Gimli was alive, all was well.

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Suppressed Feelings

Summary: Cas calls the reader after his “date” with Nora falls through, and the reader comes to pick him up, leading to their confession of how they feel about him.

Cas x reader

Word Count: 1,637

Warning: immense amounts of cheese. literally so cheesy. and a few curse words.

A/N: So this is my first fanfic. Sorry for the shitty title and summary lol. Also, I based this off of 9x06 but changed the ending because Cas deserves better :) Feedback is greatly appreciated!! And if you’d like a part 2 with some smut, lemme know! Enjoy :-)

Part 2 

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

   You hadn’t seen Cas in weeks. Not since Dean told him he couldn’t stay at the bunker, at least. You didn’t even get to say goodbye to Cas; Dean decided to tell you after Cas had already left, and you had been furious. Scratch that—you were still furious. Cas had just become human, had just been killed by that damn reaper, and now Dean decides to kick him out? Livid didn’t even begin to cover how mad you were. And the fact that you had been head-over-heels for the Angel ever since you met him definitely didn’t make things easier. 

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You know, what? YOU ARE AMAZING. Yes, you! I’m talking to the person who’s reading this message…

You are doing a great job. Never forget about that, never forget about how much effort you put into everything you do.  Plese, remember that if you are rping as a canon character, an oc, a self-insert — it’s so much work and you are just magnificent in what you are doing. 

I want to thank you for doing so. I want to thank you for showing such passion and love towards every one of your characters. I want to thank you for being here and giving other people, like me, tons of inspiration and wish to improve. Whenever I see people on my dash, whenever I see their threads… I feel blessed. Everyone’s writing is unique and marvelous. I’m so happy to be able to read everything or just glance at those masterpieces that make me heart do a backflip and my mind just screams: ‘ I WANT TO BE LIKE THEM! ’

Because, honestly, if you are thinking you are not good enough… I will scream at you that you are doing an amazign job. You are worthy. You are precious. You are damn gifted, gosh! I just want to give you all hugs and sing cute songs to make you smile and be all goofy ‘n’ silly. 

We all sometimes think we’re not good enough. With aesthetics, graphics, themes and even writing! But really? Who cares about that? I know plenty of people who do not care about this stuff and oh lord am I glad to know them. Seriously, you don’t have to prove everyone that you are worthy by showing cool graphics, super cool styling of text or be all ‘aesthetic and shit’.

YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE COOL. YOU DO A GREAT JOB. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Give yourself a minute to relax, say to yourself that you really did good today, smile at yourself in the mirror. Just don’t forget that it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun and feel attached to your character. 

If you have passion and love for your character — let me shake your hand, give you a tight hug and with a smile say: ‘ THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE. THANK YOU FOR DOING SUCH AN AMAZING JOB. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SUCH INSPIRATION. ’

Seriously, guys. Thank you so much. ^^

Translation of Wasurena Tsukiyo

From <The Seventh Archive>, I have established a connection between <what could be called consciousness> and the seventh horizon…
[She] received a marriage proposal from a certain man in power. However, the woman would stubbornly refuse that proposal even though she knew that she was in no position to do that. A fated, dreamlike meeting that later generations would call <a fairytale>. The woman would die, crucified on a cross, for staying true to her young, faint feelings towards her first love…
The <factor> that was predicted to change the outcome of this tragedy - I attempted a [denial] of [her] ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a.
Well then. Is the cat within the box alive, or is it dead? Let us take a peek inside the cage…

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acesiren  asked:

TOP THREE FAVORITE PARTS OF Kenneth Branagh's 1993 adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" (feel free to be as specific as you like. For example mine are: 1. The men riding in to town on horses with their shirts flapping in the breeze for NO GODDAMN REASON, 2. Everything that happens while Benedick is eavesdropping on the men talking about him, 3. Keanu getting a hot oil massage while wearing leather pants and BROODING)

OH GOD this is so??? HARD????

1) fucking PARALLELS btwn beatrice and benedick’s eavesdropping scenes. they’re both GIANT NERDS and i love them. tho i wish beatrice was allowed to frolic around in a giant pond and be just STUPID and GOOFY like benedick, bc YES. anyways yes, parallels are my fave. their facial reactions are just SO GOOD, SO SO SO GOOD. i especially love when benedick is so surprised that he literally FALLS DOWN ON THE GROUND. ALSO the fact that both he and beatrice are literally incapable of sneaking around and being subtle, they’re so OBVIOUS about their eavesdropping oh my god.

BONUS: “’AGAINST MY WILL I AM BID TO TELL YOU COME IN TO DINNER’…. there’s a double meaning in that ;) “ benedick pls. 

2) everything about the masquerade ball but ESPECIALLY
a) how Denzel plays the prince as just CAPTIVATED by beatrice and how gently he asks her to marry him?? and how disappointed but understanding he looks when she turns him down?? HE IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZES “HOW WORTHY A LADY” she is and i fucking CRY
b) “Come, lady, come; you have lost the heart of / Signior Benedick.”
“Indeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile; and I gave / him use for it, a double heart for his single one: / marry, once before he won it of me with false dice, / therefore your grace may well say I have lost it.”
“You have put him down, lady, you have put him down.”
“So I would not he should do me, my lord, lest I / should prove the mother of fools.”

OK IM JUST!!!! SO EMOTIONAL???? ABOUT BEATRICE!!! this LADY. and like, this has so many rich possible backstories???? GIVE ME THE ANGSTY BACKSTORY PLS. (preferably 50k+, slow burn and then FALL TO RUIN pre-play. i need it) A DOUBLE HEART FOR HIS SINGLE ONE (leave me here to DIE)

(i used two in one bc part B is technically me flailing over shakespeare, NOT just the movie adaptation)

3) literally every scene with keanu reeves angsting in a corner, brooding in his black leather pants (color coded so we know he’s a Bastard not just in status but in attitude!!) BUT ESPECIALLY, as you have said, the hot oil massage. 

dreamingafterdaybreak  asked:

Heyyy can I hit you up for some music recommendations if you're not too busy?

hay mollie here are some

  • Till these tears are gone- young oceans
  • my all in thee- young oceans
  • come to us oh Lord- young oceans
  • mess is mine- vance joy
  • Georgia- vance joy
  • who am i - vance joy
  • ships in the night- matt kearny
  • finally free- rend collective
  • cassy o- george ezra
  • we were young- odesza
  • be still- bethel
  • our father- bethel
  • it is well- bethel
  • worthy king- bryan and katie torwalt
  • it was finished-  bryan and katie torwalt
  • saved my soul-  bryan and katie torwalt
  • he is faithful-    bryan and katie torwalt
  • king of all the earth-  bryan and katie torwalt
  • mercy- phil wickham
  • wont turn back- sam amidon
  • deliverance- strahan
  • hunger of the pine- alt-j

Make me nothing other than that which You want me to be, oh Lord. I may ask for my own desires, but keep me from them, for they are born from that of a broken soul. Lift me, restore me and bring me home, I am the lost son, seeking to be made Your child again, for the whole world is nothing if not but a place that has forsaken the land that I once loved. Return me, oh Lord! Return me to the fields of eternal joy, and let me rest by the streams of Your joy. I am stained, make me white as snow, I am broken and chipped, make me whole.

I do not want to grovel at the feet of beggars, instead, let me approach Your throne, so that I may know the meaning of grace. You are more worthy than all that walk this earth, yet, You died so that we may become worthy of Your love. How wretched I am! Yet, You call me beautiful. How lost I am! Yet, You searched for me. How cruel I am! Yet, You hold me in high regard.

The stars are jealous of the love You show me, and still, I am too blind to see them shining all the brighter for You. Let me be like that, let me not worry about tomorrow, but let me live in what You desire me to do, to bring glory and honor to You.

How great is Your love, oh King of all, how great is Your mercy and steadfastness, lead me to that place that never knows a day without Your goodness. For my redemption is held in the reality of Christ’s torn hands, and my true rest is found at His beautiful feet.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Thy Will Be Done

anonymous asked:

Please do GoM and their s/o in a drinking game only to have the GoM doing both their shots and their s/os shots, resulting in the GoM being super tipsy and sappy as they're proclaiming their love for their s/o


Kuroko: He’d start shedding tears and clining onto your legs for dear life. “{Name}-chan is the greatest human being on the planet and I am not worthy!”

Akashi: Oh lord, he’d start singing a song all horribly, scaring everyone around him. Some of the lryics would include: “I am absolute, absolutly in luv with uuuuuuuu”

Aomine: He’d start throwing things angrily, “{NAME} NEEDS TO GO OUT WITH ME, NOT ANY OF YOU LOSHERS!”  “But Daiki! We’re already dating!"  "WHY DON’T YOU LOOOVE ME, W HY DO YOU HATE ME”

Murasakibara:  You’re surprised that he doesn’t act much differently, there’s just a lot more hugging, and “{Name}-chin is the best-est”

Midorima: (I feel like he’d be pretty against drinking alcohal, but if he did) It was quite the sight to see, one who is very shut-in about his emtions suddenly laying them all out in front of you. “{Name} ish the ony lucky thingy i’ll ever need, becauseh he/she is like, God himself.”

Kise: There’d be a lot of crying and clinging. Basically just him screaming “I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH” at the top of his lungs over and over again. Not any different than any other day.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes during worship at church I'm just not feeling it. How do I keep from being distracted and focus on being connected to lifting praises to God?

I remember those days. 

Man, I used to despise worship (and now I am the worship leader), geez God has a sense of humor. 

Anyways, my mom used to force me to go to church when I was between the ages of 17 and 18. i just wanted to stay home and surf the web. But my mom threatened that she’d take my computer away if I didn’t go to church so I HAD to go, because no one on earth can be without their computers, right?

However, as I began going one day something just clicked. Jesus came to this earth and died for me. Why in the WORLD would someone die for me? Why would someone leave their THRONE and come to this hell hole for me? Me! A sinner. A person who didn’t even want to be in church. A person who rather have been on the computer. 

The answer is simply one word, love. Oh, how he loves us. He loves you. When you’re in worship praise the Lord because of the sacrifice He made for you. Praise Him because He is worthy. Praise Him because you love him. Don’t sing because you have to, sing because you want to. Sing because at one point He gave up His throne to come to earth to die the most horrific death in history for you and I. 

Don’t praise based on your feelings. Praise based on your knowledge. Praise because you know He deserves it. Praise because without Him you are absolutely nothing. 

I am praying that you radically encounter the love of the Father. 

God bless you,