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Minecraft - Episode 257 - Oceancraft
  • GEOFF: Where'd you get all that shit, man?
  • MATT: Yeah, where'd you get a net?
  • RYAN: Oh, just, uh, stole it from this guy.
  • GEOFF: You did what now Ryan?
  • RYAN: I mean... I found an unattended house.
  • JEREMY: 'Atta boy, Ryan.
  • GEOFF: Oh you're... you're a thief, ok. Gotcha.
  • RYAN: No. Nope. There's no one alive to make a claim to this hut.
  • MATT: Ryan, did you just kill that guy?
  • RYAN: What guy.
  • JACK: Jesus.
  • JEREMY: Good man, Ryan.
  • MATT: We need the fishermen! They're part of the economy!
  • TREVOR: What economy.
  • JEREMY: Fuck the economy.
  • RYAN: Welp, now I've just made a job.
  • GEOFF: They're also a part of Ryan's kill-conomy.
  • MATT: Look at you. Makin' jobs left and right.
  • RYAN: Yeah, I'm a job creator!
  • Percy: do you think I'm dumb?
  • Annabeth: no, you're actually very intelligent and quick witted, despite your lack of confidence in those areas.
  • Percy: wow, I thought this was going to end in a 1950's sitcom manner with you shaking your head, smiling, while looking into the camera and saying "oh Percy"
  • Annabeth: this is the new age, meta memes disregarding the boundaries between fiction and reality and ignoring the simplifications of characters are in

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Oh no need to apologize! Jikook….has a way of hooking people in without even realizing it. You’re just firmly in the ship’s before you can get out! I sure as hell didn’t expect to Stan them, yet here I am. A trash blog LOL. And the staring? I’ve never seen so much freaking intensity. You will have to show me that post of yours 😂

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Hey Tammy, so I literally just started my Tumblr a minute ago just to shoot you this message: Thank you so much for the joy you bring to my day! I always look forward to seeing what new things happen here. I have been having some complicated things going on for the last couple of days, and I've been feeling down about it. But me getting on your Splatoon blog today and seeing Jonquil and Clem as Maui and Moana easily made my day. Thank you for being so awesome~

Oh gosh, thank you so much <3 It makes me happy to hear my silly drawings can brighten peoples’ days. And welcome to tumblr!

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Your avatar ask that you just did was actually really interesting and made me look at the arc a bit differently. Can you expand a bit, as what confuses me is, if she already had the avatars that acted as she wants, why upload the originals​ at all? I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'd always looked at it that the characters were uploaded straight into the framework, not that the avatars were the pre upload. So now I'm confused. Thank you oh wise one!

Hi @popsicle86

Certainly!  This might be my favorite meta/ah ha moment EVER here.   For those just tuning in HERE is the meta she is referring too.  Its been a total game changer for me too and if possible I am now loving this arc even more.  

The reason AIDA hasn’t just killed them and thee reason she put them in the Framework/fixed a regret in the first place is she was ordered too.  Unlike our Avatars that are starting to overcome their new programming AIDA can’t do it!  She is a robot, no heart, no soul.  Radcliffe said it himself.  She is exploiting the loopholes in her orders to try to get what she wants.  But she is still bound by those loopholes.  Just like as much as Robo May wanted to beat Radcliffe to a pulp she coudn’t because of her programming.  It was only after she had completed her orders that the May in her was able to break it.

If we go back to my math analogy from the first meta and we need to write an equation where the answer is 48.   There are literally thousands of ways, some easy, come complex to go about getting that answer.  So a simple one:  40 + 8 = 48.  But wait!  What if I said you can’t use 8 in the equation because in this world, 8 never became a number.   Its off teaching high school history.  This doesn’t effect not only the equation you are trying to write…but every other equation where 8 was part of it.  So I do 50 - 2 = 48.  But Wait!  In this world 2 has powers that make it super strong so its really equivalent to a 5 and the math won’t work.  

The Framework world is the same way.  AIDA is using the Framework as to a tool to build what the Darkhold is showing her how to to do.  She needs Fitz to do it for her.  And at the same time she still has to comply with her own programming.

AIDA needs Fitz to build the thing from the Darkhold and who knows what else.  While also dealing with these other factors.

  • She can’t kill them, Radcliffe adjusted her programming after she killed Nathanson.
  • She had to put them in the Framework
  • She had to fix a regret
  • She has to protect the Framework
  • She has to help destroy Inhumans

So she had to adjust the parameters of her world to deal with all those.  

This is essentially a giant game of Sims here.  AIDA built the world, gave them all lives, jobs, and memories into order to work to her endgame.  However, as we saw over hiatus last year when @eclecticmuses did Sims Fitzsimmons…the Avatars played different and made different choices she she would have when she was in control of the game.  Now what has happened is we didn’t just drop one person with a heart and soul into the program we dropped 5 hostages, 1 morally grey out for himself scientist, and 2 women hell bent on getting their friends back.  AIDA doesn’t understand human emotion or free will.  She does not get that just because she made the Fitz Avatar “The Doctor” that once she plugs actual Fitz in there he’s going to play the part just as his Avatar was.  Because that is not Fitz.  Leopold James Fitz is a good man that does the right thing DESPITE everything he has been through.  In our world and he’ll get there in the Framework too.  But not gonna lie, AIDA did a number on him because she needed him The Doctor for her plans.  For her endgame.  

Further evidence for the Avatars being different from actual team we need to look no further than Skye.  Ward said she is different. That is one of the few things that Brett doesn’t dodge in interviews.  Is that that Grant Ward woke up that morning to a totally different person.   Daisy is not his Skye.  Just as The Doctor is not Fitz and Mr. Coulson is not Coulson.  The Skye avatar was doing things our Daisy would never do.  The difference is that Daisy went in as herself and self aware while the hostages had Aida blocking their actual memories. 

This indeed a “What If,” story but now if we look at it from this light.  That AIDA MADE the world, the choices, and the Avatars before she put the hostages in.  What the writers are now showing is that they are all more than their programming.

  • Coulson never joined Shield:  Yet with the right trigger he was with Shield in a matter of hours, in the field, and helping the innocent.  Despite the fact his Avatar had been programmed to live the simple life and teach the lies to the Children.
  • Mack has Hope and was keeping his head down, staying out of the way:  Yet with the right trigger he had joined the Resistance in a matter of hours.  He’s teaching his daughter to do the right thing. 
  • Fitz was abused and manipulated into becoming the Doctor:  Yet within hours he is already questioning what he did. Despite how Alistair raised him.

DESPITE what was done to them once the real versions were in the Avatars all of AIDA”s planning and programming started to go out the window because she can’t factor in things like heart, soul. and emotion.   They are more than their programming, and while we might not see them get their memories back before they leave we will see them coming together as a team and fighting back.

'Frozen' Starter Sentences
  • "Beware the frozen heart."
  • "The skies awake, so I'm awake!"
  • "Do you wanna build a snowman?"
  • "The heart is not so easily changed."
  • "There is beauty in it....but also great danger."
  • "Fear will be your enemy."
  • "Come on let's go and play."
  • "I never see you anymore."
  • "We used to be best buddies."
  • "I wish you would tell me why!"
  • "It doesn't have to be a snowman."
  • "Conceal it, don't feel it. Don't let it show."
  • "I think some company is overdue, I've started talking to the pictures on the walls."
  • "I don't want to hurt you!"
  • "______ please, I know you're in there."
  • "People have been asking where you're been."
  • "They say have courage and I'm trying to."
  • "I'm right out here for you, just let me in."
  • "We only have each other."
  • "What are we gonna do?"
  • "Why have a ballroom with no balls?"
  • "There'll be actual real live people, it'll be totally strange."
  • "Wow am I so ready for this change."
  • "For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light."
  • "Don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone."
  • "For the first time in forever, I won't be alone."
  • "I can't wait to meet everyone!"
  • "What if I meet the one?"
  • "I suddenly see him standing there, a beautiful stranger, tall and fair."
  • "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face."
  • "Which is totally bizarre."
  • "Nothing like the life I've led so far."
  • "For the first time in forever, I could be noticed by someone."
  • "And I know it's totally crazy."
  • "At least I've got a chance."
  • "Don't let them in, don't let them see."
  • "Be the good girl you always have to be."
  • "Make one wrong move and everyone will know."
  • "But it's only for today."
  • "It's agony to wait."
  • "A chance to change my lonely world."
  • "A chance to find true love."
  • "Nothing's in my way."
  • "I'm awkward, you're gorgeous."
  • "Wait, what?"
  • "Like the chicken with the face of a monkey!"
  • "Your physique helps, I'm sure."
  • "Can I just say something crazy?"
  • "I love crazy!"
  • "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place."
  • "It's nothing like I've ever known before."
  • "Love is an open door."
  • "I mean it's crazy, we finish each others-"
  • "Sandwiches!"
  • "That's what I was gonna say!"
  • "I've never met someone who thinks so much like me."
  • "Jinx! Jinx again!"
  • "You and I were just meant to be."
  • "Say goodbye to the pain of the past."
  • "Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?"
  • "Can I say something even crazier? Yes!"
  • "I'm sorry, I'm confused."
  • "May I talk to you please? Alone?"
  • "You can't marr someone you just met!"
  • You can if it's true love!"
  • "Oh, _____, what do you know about true love?"
  • "All you know is how to shut people out."
  • "I can't live like this anymore!"
  • "Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out?"
  • "What are you so afraid of?!"
  • "I'm completely ordinary!"
  • "She/he would never hurt me."
  • "A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the queen."
  • "Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."
  • "Don't let them know? Well know they know!"
  • "Let it go."
  • "Can't hold it back anymore."
  • "I don't care what they're going to say."
  • The cold never bothered me anyway."
  • "You'll never see me cry."
  • "Here I stand, and here I'll stay."
  • "I'm never going back."
  • "The past is in the past."
  • "That perfect girl/guy is gone."
  • "She/he's a stinker."
  • "Snow. It had to be snow."
  • "Ooh, and sauna!"
  • "Hoo-hoo!"
  • "Big summer blowout!"
  • "Now back up, while I deal with this crook here."
  • "Reindeers are better than people."
  • "Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you."
  • "Everyone of them's bad, except you."
  • "But people smell better than reindeers."
  • "That's once again true, for all except you."
  • "We leave now, right now."
  • "Hold on, we like to go fast!"
  • "Wait, you got engaged to someone you just met that?!"
  • Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?"
  • "Foot size doesn't matter."
  • "What if you hate the way he picks his nose? And eats it."
  • "All men do it."
  • "Are you some sort of love expert?"
  • "Because I don't trust your judgement."
  • "Who marries a man she just met?!"
  • "It's true love!"
  • "You almost set me on fire!"
  • "But I just paid it off."
  • "I understand if you don't want to help me anymore."
  • "This whole thing has ruined me for helping anyone else."
  • "Sometimes I really don't like you."
  • "No, not yellow. Yellow and snow? No go."
  • "You're creepy."
  • "It's just a head!"
  • "Why are you hanging off the earth like a bat?"
  • "Hi, I'm ____ and I like warm hugs."
  • "Who's the funky looking reindeer over there?"
  • "I don't know why, but I've always loved the idea of summer."
  • "I'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat."
  • "Sometimes I like to imagine what it will be like when summer does come."
  • "The hot and the cold are both so intense, put them together it just makes sense."
  • "Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle."
  • "I'm gonna tell him."
  • "Don't you dare!"
  • "Somebody's gotta tell him."
  • "Oh look at that, I've been impaled."
  • "I wouldn't put your foot there. Or there."
  • "Nobody wants to be alone. Except maybe you."
  • "That was like a crazy trust exercise."
  • "I'm gonna cry."
  • "Go ahead, I won't judge."
  • "Do you think she knows how to knock?"
  • "It opened! That's a first."
  • "It's a palace made of ice! Ice is my life!"
  • "Please don't shut me out again."
  • "Please don't slam the door."
  • "You don't have to keep your distance anymore."
  • "I will be right here."
  • "You mean well, but leave me be."
  • "Just stay away, and you'll be safe from me."
  • "I'm such a fool, I can't be free."
  • "We can face this thing together."
  • "What power do you have to stop me?"
  • 'It is not nice to throw people!"
  • "Don't talk to him like that."
  • "My hair? Look at your hair!"
  • "You hesitated."
  • "I like to consider myself a love expert."
  • "Take off your clothes!"
  • "Why are you holding back from such a man/woman?"
  • "So he's got a few flaws."
  • "You can fix this fixer upper with a little bit of love."
  • "He only likes to tinkle in the woods."
  • "She/he's engaged to someone else, okay?"
  • "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."
  • "Don't be the monster they fear you are."
  • "Oh, ______ if only there was someone out there who loved you."
  • "Love is putting someone elses needs before yours."
  • "Some people are worth melting for."
  • "The only frozen heart around here is yours."
  • "I could kiss you! Well, I'd like to. May we? May I? Wait, what?"
the signs as bright eyes lyrics
  • aries: As you tear and tear your hair from roots/Of that same head you have twice removed now/A lock of hair you said would prove/Our love would never die (Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh)
  • taurus: And on the way home held your camera like a bible/Just wishing so bad that it held some kind of truth/And I stood nervous next to you in the dark room/You dropped the paper in the water/And it all begins to bloom/Ya they go wild (Old Soul Song [For The New World Order])
  • gemini: I have sat too long in my silence./I have grown too old in my pain./To shed this skin, be born again,/it starts with an ending./So thank you friends for the time we shared./My love stays with you like sunlight and air. (Method Acting)
  • cancer: Well, let the poets cry themselves to sleep/And all their tearful words will turn back into steam/But me I'm a single cell/On a serpents tongue/There's a muddy field where a garden was/And I'm glad you got away/But I'm still stuck out here/My clothes are soaking wet/From your brother's tears (Poison Oak)
  • leo: That is why I'm singing.../Baby don't worry cause now I got your back./And every time you feel like crying,/I'm gonna try and make you laugh./And if I can't, if it just hurts too bad,/then we will wait for it to pass and I will keep you company/through those days so long and black (Bowl of Oranges)
  • virgo: And my father was there, in a chair, by the window, staring so far away./I tried talking, just whispered, "...so sorry...so selfish..."/He stopped me and said, "Child I love you regardless/and there's nothing you could do that would ever change this./I'm not angry. It happens. But you just can't do it again." (Let's Not Shit Ourselves [To Love And To Be Loved])
  • libra: In an abandoned building where/Squatters made a mural of a Mexican girl/With fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl/She's standing in the ashes at the end of the world/Four winds blowing through her hair (Four Winds)
  • scorpio: When I feel lost I am not at all/.../Oh, I've made love, yeah, I've been fucked, so what?/I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up (Hot Knives)
  • sagittarius: I was a fool, you were my friend/We made it happen/You took off your clothes/left on the light/You stood there so brave/You used to be shy/Each feature improved, each movement refined and eyes like a showroom (Take it Easy [Love Nothing])
  • capricorn: And the future hangs over our heads/And it moves with each current event/Until it falls all around like a cold steady rain/Just stay in when it's looking this way (Landlocked Blues)
  • aquarius: So when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing/It's best to join the side that's gonna win/And no one's sure how all of this got started/But we're gonna make them goddam certain how its gonna end/Oh ya we will, oh ya we will! (Road To Joy)
  • pisces: Yours is the first face that I saw/I think I was blind before I met you/Now I don't know where I am/I don't know where I've been/But I know where I want to go (First Day of My Life)

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you would know if there's any interview out there where John shares his viewpoint on religion/ god. Would be interesting to know what his thoughts are on that subject. Anyways, I've been following you for a while and actually made a tumblr account just to look at awesome pics of John Frusciante on your account lol, so yea, I thank you for that. Bye.

oh my god! I’m so honored! hahaha Thank you so much!!!

Let’s see… he has mentioned the topic of spirituality quite a few times but there isn’t just “one interview” where he talks only about that so I’m gonna give you some of his quotes where he says something about that:

Could you describe the spirits?
“I think when you love somebody, you’re seeing something in their eyes your conscious brain isn’t trained to understand. Say, for instance, you love certain movie stars like I love Humphrey Bogart, Joe Dalessandro and Andrea Feldman… If I love those people, that means they have spirits inside them who are friends with me. These spirits connect all of us because they could be in one person one second and another person the next - they go around helping people out and we help them by being creative.” (2001)

“The subject of ‘spirits’ come up a lot when I talk about myself because I’m very influenced by that world, and I pretty much consider them largely responsible for my music and lyrics. I consider myself only responsible for working hard at being able to make myself open to the feelings that they have to offer me, and the ideas that they’ve had to give me. I’ve lived my life in a certain way, so I’ve been able to hear their thoughts, and I know how the ones that are close to me feel about things. I try to do the best in my life to work for them. I mean, they’re what have made my life meaningful, up to this point. I’m just trying to do everything I can to make life meaningful for them. Spirits tend to send messages to you as feelings. You may not know it’s a spirit talking to you, but you feel a feeling, you write a song from it. You’re taking something that already existed in another dimension before it was in your head. And when you turn it into a song, you’ve done something for the spirits by taking this thing that they’re a part of and making it something for everybody , or whoever gets the chance to hear it. So you’ve actually made their place that they live in bigger in this world, because most people wouldn’t be able to hear or feel the same thing. When I say ‘spirits,’ I’m not necessarily talking about people who are living in an afterlife. They’re inside people who are directly connected to the life we’re living. You have spirits inside of you, and when you’re hearing my music they’re hearing it, too. That’s the way I think of it.” (2001)

Guitar World Acoustic: When did your contact with the spiritual world begin?

Around the time the Chili Peppers were writing Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I started playing a little game with myself, where when I was playing guitar I’d say “Okay, I’m going to leave my body now.” And when I would do that, I found that the music coming out of me was much better than anything I’d ever done. It became obvious to me that these energies were possessing my body. I would just get out of the way and let the energies play my guitar for me. So I just started to have this natural sort of belief in these spiritual forces. And as my beliefs became more concrete, they started revealing themselves to me more. I always heard voices in my head as little kid, but now I had an excessive amount of voices in my head all the time. Having conversations with me. Telling me about the future. They’d say something was going to happen in two minutes - and it would. They would do these things to tell me they were in tune with and could see the future. Because the future has already happened many times. They don’t live in a dimension that has time, but they feed off the energies of people who do live in time.So by the time I quit the Chili Peppers in 1992, I was devoting myself to nothing but magical progress. I got to the point, five years later, where I could sit in a room with a ghost or an astral body for half an hour at a time. Which takes a tremendous amount of concentration. (2001)

“I don’t pray. I don’t meditate. I don’t ask for help from elsewhere. I just live my life. But I don’t think what we see is all there is. I’ve been made to be very aware that there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. It was made very clear to me a few years ago. So I just try to be the best person I can be and know a lot can be going on behind my head when I’m not looking.” (2004)

After “time,” “God” and “death” are perhaps the two words that pop up most frequently in the lyrics (of Shadows Collide with People).
“I probably just put God in there because it’s a big image. I don’t have any religious beliefs, and I’m not interested in that as subject matter. But I do like to use strong imagery- I Like screwing around with big ideas. To me, my lyrics are really funny. Like that line in “Carvel” about “sending a dummy to my God.” It’s just a joke, you know- the idea of not really dying and sending a dummy in your place. As far as death goes, it is one of the things that I do love writing about. It’s just my excitement at the though of dying. It’s just part of my joy, intertwined with my love for being alive. I can’t possibly embrace life without embracing death. It’s one of my favorite things to write about, in part because it’s a way of communicating with friends who are not living in this world. Also, I’ve been given enough of a glimpse of death to know that it’s something I have to look forward to. I especially believe that the more effort you put into doing a good job here on Earth, the more interesting the next life will be for you. So part of what makes me so happy to be alive is that I really am so excited about the prospect of dying. (2004)

(about The Empyrean) “Another ‘character’, if we could call it like that, is a ‘driving force’ which incessantly creates and keeps up all the existence. We can also call it an ‘energy’ that creatively drives an engine which, for us, is a brain. A term 'my true self’ is fine, too. It’s sometimes known to us as voices from our head… The more your acts deviate from your 'real self’, the more these voices will disturb you. They are a kind of a guide for you.“ (2008)

I hope this answers your question, and thanks again for your kind message :)

The Little Mermaid {Sentence Starters}
  • "And now, look at me. Wasted away to practically nothing."
  • "I'm 16 years old! I'm not a child anymore!"
  • "What would I do to see you smiling at me?"
  • "Don't you take that tone of voice with me, young lady!"
  • "Oh, I can't make out a heartbeat!"
  • "How many wonders can one cavern hold?"
  • "I set certain rules and I expect those rules to be obeyed."
  • "You could've been seen by one of those barbarians! By one of those humans!"
  • "The human world, it's a mess."
  • "Know him? I don't have to know him! They're all the same!"
  • "I haven't seen this in years. This is wonderful!"
  • "Have you lost your senses completely?! He's a human!"
  • "You went up to the surface again, didn't you? Didn't you?!"
  • "Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything?"
  • "Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it's important?!"
  • "Oh, you really delight in these sadistic strains on my blood pressure don't you?"
  • "They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch!"
  • "It's a talent that I always have possessed."
  • "The only way to get what you want is to become a human, yourself."
  • "You wanna kiss the girl!"
  • "But you'll find that nowadays, I've mended all my ways. Repented, seen the light, and made a switch."
  • "Things are working out according to my ultimate design."
  • "My dear sweet child, that's what I do. It's what I live for."
  • "What a lovely little bride I'll make!"
  • "I've never seen a human this close before. Oh - he's very handsome, isn't he?"
  • "I dunno, he looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me."
  • "I just don't know what we're going to do with you, young lady."
  • "It's she who holds her tongue who gets her man."
  • "I just don't see things the way he does."
  • "Well, it was ruined! That's all, completely destroyed!"
  • "I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."
  • "I'm not asking much. Just a token really, a trifle."
  • "Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation."
  • "Get out of here! Leave me alone!"
  • "She's a demon! She's a monster!"
  • "We haven't discussed the subject of payment. You can't get something for nothing, you know."
  • Deaton: Do you want to talk about it?
  • Scott: I did a bad thing. An unforgivable thing.
  • Deaton: Scott, you're a true alpha, but you are still human. You're bound to make mistakes. What did you do?
  • Scott: It just happened... I lost control
  • Deaton: Scott, it's okay. Tell me please. Did anybody get hurt?
  • Scott: Yes.
  • Scott: It was horrible...
  • Scott: I've never been that out of control...
  • Scott: It just happened so fast...
  • Deaton: What did you do, Scott?
  • Scott: *Crying* I can't even go home as I can't look at my own mother for this
  • Deaton: In your own time Scott. It's okay.
  • Scott: I- I shouted at Liam and I made him cry! I made my Baby!Wolf cry.
  • Deaton: oh...
  • Deaton: ... I see
Send my muse a quote and see how they react (Imagine Dragons lyrics)
  • "Welcome to the land of fail."
  • "Why don't you see what they're saying?"
  • "Did you think that we'd die tonight?"
  • "She barely knew your name."
  • "I am on my knees -- oh, forgive me."
  • "Everything you say is just a lie."
  • "I believe in you."
  • "I said it before, I won't say it again..."
  • "Tell me when you reach the brink of life."
  • "Cross my heart and hope to die."
  • "I don't ever want to let you down."
  • "It's hard, believe me -- I've tried."
  • "Always nice to meet you."
  • "Don't you give up on me."
  • "Leave me, now."
  • "Your eyes are looking runny and red."
  • "Stop, right there."
  • "Is this just an illusion I made inside my head to get me by?"
  • "Welcome to the new age."
  • "Don't get too close, it's dark inside."
  • "Get up, now, get up."
  • "I'm not gonna let you change my mind."
  • "Where do I go from here?"
  • "Nobody else can take me higher."
  • "What am I to you?"
  • "What was right is wrong."
  • "Who am I to blame?"
  • "There's nothing left to say, now."
  • "Where do we go from here?"
  • "Help me be a little more like you."
  • "Will you just wait until I die?"
  • "Let me hear those sounds you sing to me."
  • "I wanna die tonight."
  • "What did you mean by that?"
  • "These are the days of love and life."
  • "I am foolish and I'm sorry."
  • "I'm a lost cause."
  • "If I seem dangerous, would you be scared?"
  • "How come I've never seen your face 'round here?"
  • "We were never welcome here at all."

anonymous asked:

How did you get the correct measurements for your Lance cosplay? Because I want to do the same paladin uniform for Keith but I've never made a custom pattern before. How hard is it to do?

oh man.   I’m EXTREMELY trial and error with my measuring and cutting things out. 

constantly just keep up reference images when you are working. my screen literally looks like this every time I work 

and MEASURE EVERYTHING. The red lines below are about the places I measured 

Measure everything twice! (you NEED a fabric tape measure to do this. not a hard ruler) then take tissue paper or newspaper and draw out the basic shapes.  Then what I do is I just hold it up to my body and look in the mirror to see if it looks right (it might look off because its flimsy paper but its better than nothing)  Then maybe cut out a few more shapes and tape them together to see if it all looks right before you cut into your foam. 
cutting into the foam, cut a little bigger than you planned because its easier to cut excess off than accidentally cutting it too small and needing to start over again. 

If I’m going to be honest.  This is really fucking hard.   I’ve worked with foam before when making Edward Elric’s automail arm so I know a little of what to use and expect out of the foam. Along with the fact I’ve made my own patterns before and know how things fit on my own body really well makes it a little easier for myself but I can’t say for others. It could be extremely challenging.  

again, I recommend Evil Ted tutorials to help you and don’t be afraid to look up other tutorials on youtube for pattern making or anything you can think of. The internet is an awesome resource. USE IT!  And good luck with your cosplay!!!  

So I've always been curious about how all the battles went down in the old days...
  • Hashirama: TIME! That's it for today!
  • Madara: Huh? The sun's barely set!
  • Tobirama: Not all of us can see in the dark, dipshit.
  • Izuna: Hey! Don't talk that way to nii-san.
  • Tobirama: Don't start with me, brat.
  • Hashirama: Hey! Focus! Now, we'll call it a day.
  • Madara: Who died and made you referee?
  • Hashirama: Do you really want an answer to that?
  • *awkward silence*
  • Izuna: Sooooo... When do we come back?
  • Tobirama: Well, I've got an assignment for a daimyo tomorrow.
  • Madara: I've got one the day after tomorrow.
  • Izuna: So do I. Is three days from now good?
  • *everyone looks at Hashirama*
  • Hashirama: Huh? Oh, well in three days I have... *incoherent mumbling*
  • Tobirama: What was that, anija?
  • Hashirama: I have a... *incoherent mumbling*
  • Madara: Did you just say you have a DATE? You're gonna blow me I mean us off for a date? It better not be with that redhead!
  • Hashirama: What's wrong with Mito? You don't like her?
  • Madara: I like her just fine. I just hate that she's taking up so much of your time. All you ever do is talk about HER. Mito this and Mito that!
  • Hashirama: Madara, what is this really about?
  • Madara: I just feel like you prefer her over me now. It's not fair.
  • Hashirama: Madara, no one can ever take your place...
  • *Tobirama and Izuna watch in confusion*
  • Tobirama: Your brother... is quite possessive.
  • Izuna: Tell me about it.

I made some sims based off of my DnD campaign characters and I’m just actually dead

Have your first kiss with Udoril, no homo tho you guys are completely platonic.

From the Analysis Aardvarks

Because the headcanon hamsters are taking a break.

Kat, previously, I remember you mentioning how you were surprised at the sheer amount of positive feedback to reverse. Frankly, it deserves it. If nothing else, the very official looking and dedicated TV Tropes page says something about your fic’s following. *Fist bumps to all the ones that got that up*

So I’m drifting along in my thoughts between the dinghies and I come upon a rather startingly revleation. It’s another one of those epiphanies that seem really obvious when you already have points A and B. Anyways…

Congratulations on accomplishing what Kishimoto failed to do (despite his efforts) and making Kurama a person. A legit person. We see Kishimoto try to do this, making Kurama kinder, giving him a background story, having him stay with Naruto. But honestly? Canon-wise, Kurama ultimately remains a plot device. He’s used to introduce and give Naruto moments, support, and the grounds of which Naruto could confront the other bijuus and have that moment with his dad. When it comes down to it, Kurama remains something of both an ally and an inherited secret weapon (of which he evolved) somewhere between the Summon Toads and the inherited Rasengan techniques (of which he evolved). 

See, I was idly working through another headcanon through my head when, one thing led to another, I amusedly wondered how Kushina would react to Kurama. That particular vague daydream was along the lines of Kushina recognizing Kurama as the Kyuubi and at some point asking him why he decided to take up the name Kurama of all things And he just blinks at her and responds that Kurama has always been his name, given to him by the Sage from when he was first born. Kyuubi/Nine-Tails is what he IS, the same she and Kakashi are Human or Pakkun is a Summon Animal. And Kushina has some reaction or another because he never told her, and he has been sealed inside her for most of her life. Kurama shrugs and replies that she’s never asked. To be fair, neither did Mito. Both of them just told him to be quiet, to stay a good prisoner, and ultimately to just disappear and let himself be used for the good of the village.

In making Kurama a person, you make the bijuu people as well. Again Kishimoto could have done a bit better at this, because you can tell what he was trying for. Kurama being an individual, living being with his own stories and troubles and emotions (like really think on that) puts the whole chain of events that led up to his imprisonment in a new light. To combat Hashirama, Madara seeks out Kurama and mind controls him (and I still firmly stand by my slavery brand/seal headcanon) and puts him through a dog fight. To stop Madara, Mito seals Kurama away, which frees and imprisons Kurama at the same time. He goes from brainwashed fighting dog to prisoner of war one after another, but always as a weapon. Can you blame him for being so hateful and angry?

To be fair, he wasn’t exactly amiable when imprisoned. Like, at all. But I think it says a lot that Mito and Kushina probably didn’t even have the inkling that Kurama even had a name. They knew he was a thinking, feeling being; that he is evil and cunning and tricky. I can imagine that Kushina, at least, would totally be the kind of person who just gave a grumpy stranger a stand-in name at some random tea shop until they properly talked to her. But that isn’t what happened here. What we got instead is Kushina’s determinedly telling Kurama “I will watch you” and rounds back to “I am your warden, and I won’t let you escape no matter what”.Thing is, I can totally imagine Kushina doing what Naruto did with Kurama. Lonely as she was, she had to learn to make friends from the outside in as both a Jinchuuriki and an outsider. The only reason I can tell on why this didn’t happen is because Kushina getting lessons from Mito beforehand. That mindset that the bijuu cannot be let loose and must be controlled is deeply ingrained. And as generations pass, it’s proven over and over again that nobody sees the bijuu as anything worth talking to. This is a classic technique of inhumane prison situations, influencing both the mindset of the guards as well as the prisoner and wearing them down until both almost completely believe that the prisoner is little better than a beast. A technique of dehumanization, despair, and an environment encouraging and stewing violence and rage (sound familiar?).

And the sad thing is, nobody apologizes. Ever. Not canonically. Not to Naruto, not the other Jinchuuriki, not to the bijuu. Only Bee got a sort of half apology from his childhood friend. And that’s what so interesting about reverse! Because with all the allies and people Kurama gathered, I can totally imagine a situation where (if they found out about the brainwashing, resulting imprisonment, continued imprisonment, used unwillingly as a battery and weapon), they would awkwardly apologize to Kurama. Or AT LEAST feel exceedingly uncomfortable with the fact that they never bothered with learning his name. That he was ultimately imprisoned because he was deemed to dangerous to be free, and that Hashirama imprisoned Kurama so that he couldn’t be used against the village again rather than anything Kurama had done wrong. That he was essentially dragged into someone else’s conflict where he was the one that ended up suffering the longest. That this led to the capture and imprisonment and (in some cases, like Shikaku) torture of his siblings who were then traded away as political tokens. That he is probably Konoha’s oldest prisoner, and a number of other things that are just rather heartbreaking. 

When he was a bijuu, all of this seems rather sympathetic and ultimately distant. But because in your fic, now he’s a PERSON. And doesn’t THAT just bring up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings.

And there is an underlying flow of this throughout your story, a subconscious lingering in the reader’s mind because they must come to these realizations. It one of those things where it’s part of the premise of a story, so the reader establishes it in their mind as they’re reading in order to grasp the situation and feel for the characters as time goes on. The way Kurama is indignant about the treatment of the Jinchuuriki, his defensiveness about the other bijuu (“he doesn’t want to be trapped in your soul any more than you want him there”), and his “okay…nope, you’re coming with me, this is just so much bullshit” gathering of people.

So thank you, Kat! You made an extremely vital character in Naruto (possibly the second most important next to Naruto himself) an actual character, eclipsing the canon Kurama’s presence as a plot device. Best wishes for all your writings and looking forward to more of anything. X3

(I hope I worded this understandably. X.x)