oh look twice

okay so i’ve been thinking a lot about Portal!Villainous.

Black Hat’s hat turrets would probably look like this:

(i’m no engineer, so i really wouldn’t know if this thing works lol)

and 505 is Core #505. he’s a friend

i also realized a few… implications.

BH becomes a potato at some point.

and Core!Flug is placed in the chassis.

and… y’know.

Disaster movie Fitzsimmons! People seemed to like the visual idea of Fitz on a motorbike from one of the later chapters of my Deep Impact AU fic, so I decided to draw it. This was an interesting and unique challenge for me, and definitely something I couldn’t have done a year ago, without the resources I have available to me now. Hope you guys like it!

The Universe We Hold Inside


PSA To All Female Kpop Fans

You. Are. Beautiful!!! Just because you don’t look like a certain female idol doesn’t change the fact that you are gorgeous. Always remember this. Own your beauty!

P.S: All you dude fans, you’re gorgeous too 💕

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-oh my girl
-girls day
-basically girl groups in general lmao bcaus im srsly gay for all grilg rrouos and i lo ve and support them all


Please stop making countdowns until underage idols turn 18. That is disgusting and creepy.


uh so I was bored and decided to kinda doodle some of you cuties (I’m bad at drawing so they look bad)
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