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i feel like camren have been in love w each other for some time but they never took that step of actually doing something abt it. Idk...

Oh I think they took that step alright! No only did they take it but they ran for it! Would you look at this shit: 

They’ve obviously seen each other’s naked body during wild love making sessions.

Something occurred to me. Like an hour ago but I needed to re-watch the episode to certain moment to be sure.

It’s long so I’m posting this under the cut.

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Little girl lost in the studio (part 2)

“Excuse me,” i said putting down Malia, looking at Justin in shock. Did he just flirt or..?

“If you actually let me finish my sentence,” he said sighing “call me so i can save your number,” He said with a wink at the end. “In my phone, you know. So i know you’re not a freak or stalker.”

“Oh,” i said feeling guilty “i’m sorry, i’ll do it right now.”

I wrote his number down in my contacts, pressed call and let it ring for a few seconds. He took his phone out of his pocket and wrote something down before slipping it back in his pocket. What did he write? We stood there in silence, why isn’t he saying anything? Should i say bye? Or just stand and wait till he says something? I’m just gonna say bye.

“Well,” we said at the same time and chuckled slightly. He continued “i have some things to finish, i uuh, talk to you later, maybe?”

“Yeah yeah of course,” i said. “We’ll talk.”

We will talk? Really y/n? Did u just give him permission to flirt with you? You were married y/n. You even have a child! He will never date your dumbass.

“Bye.” I said before turning around with Malia holding my left hand. “Don’t you ever do that again okay little lady? I was scared to death.”

“Yes mommy.” Malia said and i heard a laugh behind me and knew it was Justin. I smiled to myself. His laugh is so cute.

“Mommy i’m bored.” Malia said softly throwing her barbie away making her way over to my lap.

“Me too baby,” i said looking up to her taking my eyes off my phone. Justin was repeatedly texting me and he was making fun of me, how i was giving her a speech that it’s not okay to walk away from mommy etc etc. “you wanna go outside baby?”

“Yeees mommy can daddy come too?” She asked and i rolled my eyes without her seeing. I know it’s her dad but still we got divorced for a reason.

“Is it okay if you two go and i don’t come with you guys? I just remembered i have something to do.” I said and she got upset immediately, she got up from my lap.

“You never want to go out with daddy and me. I want to be with you two together mommy..” she said not looking at me, she was picking up her toys from the ground to put them back in the toy box.

“I know baby, but you know your dad and I aren’t really talking that much anymore. He only calls to ask how you are and if you want to be with him and stuff.” I said helping her. “I promise i’ll think about it okay? Let me just call him now so he can come pick you up.”

“Okay.” She said boldly and i kissed her hair.

“I’m sorry baby.” I said but she ignored it and went to her room. I feel so fucked up when i know i broke her heart. But i just hate her dad, he’s an asshole, he was nice before but then he started fucking other women and we just yeah didn’t get along pretty well after that i guess. I still don’t even know why he felt the need to have sex with other women when he has a wife and a child. It’s fucked up.


“Hi james, i’ll keep it short Malia wants to hang with you can you come pick her up.” I said in one breath.

“Alright i’ll come in about two hours.”

“Why can’t you come right now?” I angrily said wanting to punch him in his face.

“Because i’m busy.”

“Busy with what? What in the world is more important than your daughter James? You’re fucking random women again am i right?” I yelled angrily and looked up to see Malia standing silently on the stairs. Looking confused and upset. “You know what? Don’t come back with toys to win back Malia’s heart because this time you actually fucked everything up.”

“Mommy..” Malia said after i hung up the phone. I watched her walk over to me, she took my hand and opened it. She let something drop in my hand something that felt like a necklace. “Daddy and i brought this for you a few days ago…” she said with hurt in her voice.

“I’m sorry baby.” I said taking her in my arms.

“Daddy said it would suit you really good.” She said looking at my face and than at my neck. “But please don’t wear it…”

“I won’t baby,” i said placing it on the couch next to me as i hold Malia tight to my chest. “I’m sorry that your dad is busy. But he’ll come in a few hours.”

“No,” she said shaking her head “i don’t want him to come mommy.” She said suddenly letting a few tears drop from her eyes “i don’t wanna go to daddy’s.” she stood up from my lap and in the meantime the phone rang so i picked up but before i could put it to my ears Malia yelled three words that broke my heart into pieces. “i hate him!” And she ran up the stairs. I wanted to go after her but realized the phone was still on.

“Yes?” I said not even looking at the called id.

“Y/n is everything okay?” Justin..

“Y-yeah,” i lied, he doesn’t have to know about our problems right? “Why did u call?” Rude… why did i say that.

“Oh i’m sorry i didn’t think it would be a problem.” I heard him stutter on the other side of the phone.

“No-no it isn’t i’m sorry,” i said sighing, “i’ll give Malia the phone.”

“Okay,” i heard and walked up the stairs to Malia’s room. “Is she okay?”

“Malia?” I called and saw her on her bed with a teddy bear, it was her favorite one, she was talking to it but stopped when i entered her room. “Justin wants to talk to you.”

She quickly got up and took the phone out of my hand. “Hi justin,” she started and went back to bed “good, yes, noo, ice cream? Yees.”

“What-” i started but she shushed me.

“Shh mommy! …. yes i will give you mommy back… okay …. when? … okay i’m going to put on my shoes right now…” and then she gave me back the phone and ran downstairs.

“Y/n?” I heard Justin’s voice and i put the phone to my ear.


“Is it okay if i come pick her up?” He asked and i just couldn’t say no because he just made Malia happier than she was before. It’s not right if i say no.

“Yeah sure,” i said smiling “is it cold outside?”

“Yeah,” he said “pack her in well.”

“Hahhaha,” i laughed “i will thanks for the info.”

“Alright um,” he said and i continued.

“She’ll be waiting, see you later.” I said and hang up the phone to go downstairs. “I see you’re well packed, but you miss two things little lady.”

She looked up at me “what do i miss mommy? I have my coat, my uggs and my scarf. Enough to keep me warm.” She said in a happy tone.

“Well,” i said grabbing her hat and cloves “your gloves and your warm hat to keep you extra extra warm.” I said helping her wear them. “So you don’t get sick.”

“Thanks mommy.” She said giving me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re the best mommy in the whole whole world.” I took her into my arms and gave her a big hug as the bell started ringing. We were both hugging in front of the door. I picked her up and opened the door with her in my arms. “Hi justin.”

“Hey princess,” he said playing with her hair. He then looked at me, like he was searching for something in my face. “Hey y/n.”

“Hi,” i said looking anywhere but his eyes. “You wanna come in?”

“Thank you y/n but no,” he said as i put Malia on the ground again. He took her hand tightly. “We actually have a movie to catch in 15 minutes. If we don’t leave now we’re gonna be late.”

“Yaaaaay, which movie are we going Justin?” Malia asked as she excitedly jumped up and down.

“That’s a surprise!” He said taking her in his arms throwing her up and down one time. “Oh by the way, i wanted to ask, on the phone, but you hung up. Do you want to join us?”

Because i’m on the phone i can’t change the way some sentences are like bold curvy etc etc so i’m sorry for that:) if you like it make sure to like or send a message so i know you liked it! Enjoyyyyy xoxoxo

The Crazy Doctor - Jim Moriarty/Reader Fic

○A/N:HELLO! Sorry this took so long for me to put out. I feel this fic moves quite quickly, (something im not particularly proud of) but oh well! Doctor Jim is amazing. :)

○Written by me, @rulerofpi, so please do not take and repost as your own.

○Requested by Anon.

○ Hope you Enjoy!

○Y/N: Your Name, Y/E/C: Your eye color


Rubbing your arm anxiously, you walked into the doctors office. Feeling sick with a mild cold, you decided to head to the doctor. Your usual psychisian was out for the day, so you were told over the phone that you would be seen by a Dr. Moriarty, a name that sounded oddly familiar and ominous to you.

Walking down the corridor to the waiting room felt like a death march. Having never liked going to the doctor, your anxiety definitely spiked while you were visiting there. A nurse greeted you at a large wooden desk with a computer on it. She asked for your name and what you thought you were sick with, and you mumbled, “My name is Y/N and I think I have cold.” sniffling as you said it.

She told you to take a seat and that another nurse would be out soon to take you back. Nodding, you took a seat on a hard plastic chair that didn’t match the aesthetic of the room at all. Tapping your fingers on your thighs, you became exponentially more nervous as time went on. Really, you probably shouldn’t have been worried, it was just a cold, and you knew that, but something kept nagging at your brain ever since you called to make the appointment and they said Dr. Moriarty would be checking you out.

Something just didn’t set right with you. Shaking the thoughts from your head, you willed yourself to calm down. The sound of a door opening and latching echoed through the near empty waiting room. A woman: brunette, tall, with bright red lipstick, and in a nurse outfit, stepped into your view from the door. A faux smile unrolled across her lips as she called your name. You stood immediately, just wanting to get this trip over as fast as possible.

“Hello.” The woman spoke, kindly but stern, “My name is Irene and I will be your nurse today.” You just nodded quickly, following her through the door with a sign hanging off of it saying, ‘Employees Only’.

After a couple of turns down the hall and a blood pressure check, she opened a small door, that led into an even smaller patient room. Once you got settled onto the examination table, Irene crisply stated, “The doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

Closing the door as she stepped out, you were left alone in the cool, blue toned room. You waited for a good ten minutes, staring at the door handle, until you finally saw it begin to move. A rush of cold air swept into the door, along with a man with a sideswept messy quiff, in a lab coat. The smile he gave you imitated that of the Cheshire Cats. “Alright, Y/N.” He mewed, his lips curling up even more, “How are we feeling today?” he asked while loosening the tie around his neck.

Noticing the sharp edges of his chin, the stubble growing there, and how lightly his eyes danced around the room, you instantly felt more comfortable around him. You noted that you had a crush on him.

“Um…” you began shyly, avoiding eye contact with the handsome man, “I think I have a cold-” He cut you off, “Ah!” He exclaimed with a flash of excitement showing in his amber eyes. “Textbook case of Female Hysteria, it seems to be going around right now!” He sang in a sing-song tone. He turned to the marble counter he was leaning against and began to throw random things around and opening and closing drawers. All while humming an unfamiliar tune that was offensively off beat.

Swallowing hard, you tried to inch yourself away from this doctor that you now realized could possibly be psychotic. Your mind began to wander as you thought about all of your previous crushes, and you wondered why you always liked the crazy ones. You really wished to get out of this room and get this visit over with. ‘I know he must have been joking, how else would he have become a doctor?’ you thought to yourself. Running that sentence through your mind over and over started to calm your nerves.

You looked over to where he stood, and watched him work. Every so often his broad shoulders would tense under the thin lab coat. Mesmerized while watching his muscles work, you slowly started to noticed that he was lifting up a large syringe. He flicked it loosening the thick medicine inside the tube. His smile was still as wickedly disheartening as before.

All of your prior happy thoughts about his muacles were swept away and replaced with those of horror and fear. A shocked and terrified look came across your features as you whimpered out a weak, “Please no.”

He turned to you with a snarl on his face, eyes seemingly dead to the world, as he advanced towards you. He paused, only to press on the needle, and shoot some of the medicine out.

You pushed yourself off of the vinyl table and rushed to the corner of the dimmly lit room. This was your worst nightmare coming true. Covering your face with your arms you immediately tried to prepare your mind and body for the worst possible scenario. Then you realized it. This was Jim Moriarty, the world’s most infamous consulting criminal, made famous by the great Sherlock Holmes. You hadn’t seen his face in the news for awhile, because he had apparently died on the rooftop of St. Barts Hospital, right before Sherlock jumped. That was over a year ago and you had no clue how this man was still living. Sherlock was, as far as you knew, one hundred percent dead, so there would be no one to stop him if he was still evil.

You feared for your life as you heard him step closer to you. You couldn’t bare to look at him. Then the sound of metal crashing to the floor made you flinch. He dropped the syringe and kicked it away. A soft touch landed on your arm. You instinctively pulled away. “I- I’m so sorry.” he croaked, dropping his hand off of your arm. “It was just a joke. Some of the other patients thought it was funny. I swear, I do not want to hurt you.” He spoke gently, not wanting to scare you away.

Taking your arm off of your face, you wiped away the tears that were beginning to dry there. Not looking him in his deep brown eyes, you clenched your fists, and prepared your words. “Your Jim. Jim Moriarty.” you muttered, hating him with every once of your being. “If your going to kill me, do it quick.” you said, more tears falling from your Y/E/C eyes.

You heard him gasp. You looked up at him to see him genuinely offended. “I do not want to kill you!” He said a little louder now, desperately trying to get his point across to you. “Really?” You asked, an eyebrow cocked up in uncertainty, still wondering if he was lying. “I. Promise.” He breathed, taking your hand in his.

Your breath hitched in your throat at the touch, still not being able to stop your body’s physical attraction to the psychopath. A few moments later he finally inquired of you, “Why did you act out so much at the syringe?”, his irish accent thick as he spoke in a lower tone.

Taking a deep breath, you explained, “I do not like going to the doctor, nor do I much care for needles.” you shuddered, not trusting your voice which was slightly shaky after everything that happened. He wrapped an arm around you, and pulled you closer to his warm core. “Don’t worry. You will not be needing a shot. This time at least, dear.” he slyly said, looking down to you and winking. You somehow trusted this man, a man that you knew had done awful things to people, the man that had ended Sherlock Holmes’ life. You knew he was telling the truth when he said he wouldn’t hurt you. You hated being in such close proximity to such a dangerous man, but it gave you a sense of adrenaline that you hadn’t ever felt before and you liked it.

He pressed a light, small kiss to your forehead and used his thumb to wipe away a drying tear on your rosy cheek. Looking up at him you noticed that he was smiling to himself, a fact which he tried to hide from you. You chuckled, which just made him grin even larger.

You later found out over dinner that he had been trying to change his life completely after Sherlock, and put himself back together in the image that he had always wanted. Grabbing his hand, you vowed to help him make his life right, no matter what you needed to do. All of which ended up with him going back to his old lifestyle, and you becoming the Heiress to the most complex consulting criminal network throughout Europe.

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Short Fan Fic

You went to Tom’s apartment, there’s a couple things you still need to pick up after the break up. You didn’t expect to see him there, you found out he was desperate for a gift you gave him on his last birthday, it was a picture of your lips, that you painted.

You found Tom, reading, the card you wrote when you gave him the painting.

You: Tom?

Tom: hey there! how are you? i didn’t expect to see you.
You: me neither, what are you doing here?… I thought that you where at Nashville or something like that.
Tom: i came as soon as I knew that you were already moving out.
You: i just came for a couple of thing that I forgot.
Tom; Actually  I was looking for, my… you know the painting you gave me on my last birthday.
You: oh yes… i took it, i mean you know there were my lips… so i just  know that you dont want that…

As soon you finish  "I know you don’t want that" you can see him getting very upset.

After all, he do not want to lose everything of you, about the story he share with you. He’s not ready to forget, no matter what circumstances, he still love you and care for you.

“Look Cassandra, there’s something I have to tell you. Ask of you actually,” Don began but noticed Ajay who had come up to them. “Yes, sir, may I help you find something or someone?”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Cassandra said, “Don this is my boyfriend, Ajay Loner. Ajay, this is Don Lothario, he’s the father of Nina’s daughter.”

Ajay held out his hand, but it took Don a second to shake off the surprise and take it.

“Nice to meet you Dr Lothario, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?”

“Of course you weren’t, Don was just about to tell me something.”

She looked back expectantly.

“Oh yes, I came to see if you’d come with me to the next floor up, Cassandra. It’s… well it’s Herb Oldie. I think Mary Sue needs a friend.”

“…Herb? Is he..?”

“Yes. I was his doctor, as you may know. He was rushed into emergency surgery late this morning and, well, we lost him an hour ago I mean, I did. He was my patient.. The family is still in his old room, if you’ll come with?”

Atsushi Character Song Translations

Atsushi for wife!! Yeah I’m biased. I wanted to TL Dazai’s song because he sounds so much like Idol Bedivere (even though the lyrics themselves are a far cry from what Bedivere would sing in my mind), but I’m sure there are enough capable Dazai fans that I can sit back and prepare for college instead of doing that. (spoiler: this year is hell). 

I’m actually not sure if anyone has translated this yet. But considering no one has even TLed Dazai’s song, I think I’m good. Oh well, it only took me an hour. Better time spent than wasting away for mobages.

And so, Atsushi’s character song, “Young Boy, Sprint Under the Moonlight” (title pending) (this is another Namae o Yobu yo again dammit).

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Jai Courtney: “There’s actually a moment that never made the cut where Boomer went to put a kiss on Katana and she palms him in the face and it didn’t make it in the final cut.”

Karen Fukuhara: “I wish it did.” 

Jai: “Yeah, I know. Look, I think it’s fun. It was something that we just kind of played with like on the day…there were a few little lines written in.”

Karen: “I think it was something that we both took it in like ‘Oh, okay!’”

Jai: “But I reckon there’s a future for these two, maybe in a later movie. We’ll see what happens.”

Karen: “We’ll see!” 

Meanwhile Jai is putting his hand on one of Karen’s knees and the interviewer says “I saw touching!”

Jai: “If it’s below frame it doesn’t happen!”


You were having an awful day. The only person you knew could definitely cheer you up was TC/N. You decided you’d pay them a little visit after school.

Upon arriving at their door, you peeped in. “Hi,” You whispered.

TC/N looked up from their desk. “Hi, Y/N.” They give you their signature smile. “What can I help you with?”

You felt unreasonably nervous. “Nothing. I just wanted to see you.”

“Oh.” There was a pause.

You looked up to see them staring at you. You felt your face flush.

They took a deep breath. “I was actually getting ready to leave. If you’d like, I can stay a little lo-”

You cut them short. “No, that’s fine.” This day is only getting worse.

It was silent as TC/N gathered their stuff. You turned yourself away from them, checking your phone.

You suddenly felt something being lightly wrapped around your neck and shoulders. Putting your hand up to it, you realized it was their scarf. It was warm, and it smelled like them. Closing your eyes, you were calmed. Suddenly, you were turned around and brought into an embrace.

“Things will get better, Y/N.” TC/N buried their face in your shoulder. “You’re a great person.”

Things felt like they were right for once. You held them tightly, taking in what was happening slowly.

“Thank you.” You whisper.

Solangelo: It's Getting Hot in Here

After dropping Percy off at the infirmary Will took Nico back to the Hades cabin where they actually cleaned up better.

As Nico tossed his sheets in a corner along with all his dirty laundry he looked up at Will who was busy putting the new sheets on the bed.

“So you said you had something to tell me?”

Will looked up abruptly and blushed as he smoothed out the wrinkles in the sheet.

“Um yeah. Well I just…..,” Will took a deep breath in before striding up to the dark haired Italian, cupping his face, and placing a chaste but sweet kiss to his lips. “ Okay. Here it goes. Nico, I like you….like, like like you. And I hope I’m not reading too much into what we just did but it would seem as though you like me too, which is super cool, and I guess I was just wondering if you would be my boyfriend?”

Will looked expectantly down at the frozen son of Hades who was doing literally nothing but blink before he burst out laughing. Will dejectedly let go of his face and took a step back, ready to leave, but Nico grabbed his wrist as he continued to laugh. Though he was slowly stopping.

“Gods you’re such an idiot. I like like you too Will. And of course I’ll be your….yeah I’ll date you.” Nico said with a sweet smile. That smile made Will’s stomach do an odd flip and his heart flutter.

It was an odd sensation but one he commonly associated with Nico, because only Nico made him feel like that. He called it his Nico Senses. Because sometimes, without even looking, he could tell the younger demigod was around because of those odd feeling showing up.

“Great.” Was all he could think to say before he leaned down for another kiss. Their lips moved together in a way that seemed to say they had done this before, even though they hadn’t. It was perfect. It was wonderful. It was magical.

It was full of love.

Nico was the first to break the kiss as he pulled away and smiled at Will. “Hazel and Reyna are gonna freak.”


“In a good way. Because a while back…I think it was a month ago or so. They both Iris messaged to ask me how we were doing. I said we were both doing good. They said they were happy we were finally together. I told them were weren’t. It was confusing.” Nico explained as the blond gently dragged him to the newly made bed and laid down with Nico wrapped in his arms.

“They thought we were dating?”

“They did. But they’re not the only ones. Last week Annabeth asked if we had gotten into a fight. Remember? Because we weren’t talking to each other. Which was stupid because we weren’t we just got into an intense game of the silent game.”

“Yeah that was fun! I can’t believe you won. I was so sure I could beat you.”

“Shhh, anyways she said that we shouldn’t let a little fight get in between us because apparently we’re a cute couple. ”

“Wow. But I get what you mean,” the son of Apollo murmered as he absently played with Nico’s hair, “My siblings were convinced we had been dating two months ago. And thought I was lying when I said we weren’t.”

“Everyone’s an idiot.”

“But not me right?”

“Especially you dork.”

“I am wounded.”

The two laughed softly as they just laid there, enjoying each other’s company.

Nico quickly decided he liked cuddling.

But his bliss was cut short when Will abruptly sat up, causing Nico to slump into his lap.

“What the hell, Solace!?” He yelped.

“Sorry. But I just got an amazing idea!” Will said excitedly as he smiled down at his boyfriend. He liked that. Boyfriend.

“What is your amazing idea?” Nico’s voiced practically dripping with sarcasm.

The son of Apollo ignored the sarcasm like second nature and just beamed, “Okay so. It’s very clear that our friends and family are idiots.”

“That’s an understatement.”

“What if we don’t tell them we’re dating? What if we try to see how long it’ll take for them to find out?”

“That sounds….interesting. Alright I’m in, but if Hazel and Reyna try to kill me for not telling them, I’m blaming you.”

“I can live with that. Besides I think we both need to worry about Jason more than them.”

“Very true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason found out by the end of the week.”

“Seriously? You think Jason would find out first? I honestly think it would be Piper or Kalya.”

“Why Kalya?”

“Kayla’s a very nosy person.”

“Hm. I still stand by Jason.”

“Alright Death boy. I bet you that either Piper or Kayla will find out by the end of the week.”

“You’re on. It’ll either be Jason or Reyna. And if I win you have to take over my stable cleaning duty for a month.”

“Deal and if I win you have to help out in the infirmary for a month!”

Will declared proudly. Nico scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“I already do that genius.”

“Oh yeah…” Will mumbled as he went deep into thought before what Nico could only describe as a smirk that could rival his father’s spread across the taller demigod’s face. Nico gulped….it was kinda hot.

“ Fine. You still have to help out in the infirmary for a month BUT! You have to do so while wearing a nurse outfit!” Will said smugly.

Nico blushed but glared and held out his hand for him to shake. “You’re on.”

They shook hands for a while before Nico felt something poking his bottom. He looked down then up at Will who was blushing and closing his eyes.

“Are you?”


“But wh-”

“I thought of you in a nurse dress and well….yeah that happened.”

Nico smirked as he straddled Will’s hips and playfully ran his hands through the blond locks and hummed. “Oh so you wanna play doctor?” Nico purred into Will’s ear before he gently bit the lobe. He pulled back to see an impossibly red son of Apollo who looked like a fish out of water at the amount of times his mouth opened and closed.

“Tell me Doctor, can you cure me?” He cooed seductively as he looked at the gorgeous head medic through half lidded eyes.

Nope. Will could not handle this. Not right now anyways. Nico was too cute. Too sexy.

So Will did what he does best.

He fainted.


Requested by anonymous

You took the elevator down to the lab, where you knew you’d find Tony and Bruce. “Hey, boys,” you greeted as you stepped off into the lab.

“Hey hon,” Bruce greeted in return, though he didn’t look up from his experiment.

“Hey, Y/N!” Tony greeted at the same time as Bruce. Though, once he realized how Bruce had greeted you, he looked over a moment before adding “I mean honey. At least I’m actually looking at you.”

You were dating both, and they both knew and were completely fine with it. Of course, Tony’s still competitive as ever and jokingly tries to one-up Bruce when he gets a chance.

“I’d rather avoid needing to re-start this process because I took my eyes off of it for a moment and missed something,” Bruce commented.

“It’s date night,” you informed. “And Bruce, it’s your turn.”

“Oh, crap, I totally forgot. It’ll be a few hours before I can leave this experiment,” he said. “Tony can have my turn, if the both of you don’t mind.”

“An extra night with Y/N? Hell no, I don’t mind at all! You can have two in a row the next two date nights,” Tony offered.

“Sounds good,” Bruce replied with a thumb’s-up.

“Alright, now that that’s settled, what do you want to do tonight?” you asked Tony.

“Well, what were you going to do with Brucy?” Tony asked.

“Dinner and a rom-com,” Bruce replied.

Tony made a face. “How about we do that, but replace the rom-com with an action movie,” he suggested.

“Works for me,” you replied with a shrug.

“And this is why you work with both of us. You’ll watch anything,” Tony said, walking over to you and putting his arm around you.

“Not the only reason,” you said. “One sec.” You walked away from Tony and to Bruce, kissing his cheek so he didn’t have to look up from the microscope. “Love you. Don’t blow anything up.”

“I make no promises,” Bruce replied, though it was hard to tell if he was joking or not.

You smiled and returned to Tony, who again put his arm around you and led you to the elevator.

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"Does my face look realistic?" Hajime asked.

“… Huh? What? Of course it does, why the fuck wouldn’t it?”

What kind of question is that? It’s his face, right? Like, his actual, real face? Why wouldn’t it look realistic? Oh, wait, unless he’d change his face with something? To change how it looks? Didn’t his sister do that too sometimes, with-? Oh. Uh. It was possible, but… He couldn’t really tell?

“I don’t… Know anything about that ‘contouring’ thing, Hinata. So, I… Can’t help you there.”


“Wow, well that was one hell of a scene” Misha chuckled “Great job (Y/n). I can say you absolutely rocked it” he smiled at you.

You laughed awkwardly “Well, thanks. I guess I’m a natural talent then, huh? I can say that it was actually one hell of a first kiss, too, though.” you chuckled but stopped when you saw Misha’s eyes widen.

“That- that was your first kiss?” he breathed out, voice barely audible.

“Yeah” you shrugged seeing Misha only panic more.

“I- I- That- That was your first kiss and I- I took it away. Oh (Y/n)- I- I don;t really know what to say” he looked at you as if he had just taken something really special from you; because he actually thought of it that way.

“Misha, it’s ok. Really, don’t worry. It doesn’t count anyway. We were paid to do it. Besides-” you smirked at him ”It’s a good practice for when the real one when the time comes along” you added.

“Just make sure it is soon, cause I definitely want to repeat that” you winked at him.

[Request by Anon]

The Hobbit Preference #1 - how you meet

(I had to guess some of the eye colors based off of pictures so I’m sorry if I got them wrong. Hope you enjoy!)

Y/N = your name

Bilbo - You bumped into Bilbo at the marketplace in the Shire one day.

You were walking in the marketplace, a bit flustered as you were gathering your things for dinner. You looked down at your feet as you moved through the busy walkway, trying to remember what you would need when suddenly you collided with something rather solid.

You fell back, eyes widening in surprise as you hit the ground with a soft thud.

“Oh dear!” You looked up, surprised to find that the thing you had bumped into was actually a he. A hobbit stood before you, his thumbs tucked into his waist coat and a look of shock plastered on his face.

“I’m terribly sorry!” He reached out a hand which you gladly took. He tugged hard and pulled you to your feet so fast that you crashed into his chest.

His deep blue eyes met yours and everything else seemed to sort of fade into the background. As if you and him were the only two beings in the yard.

“Watch out!” A burly hobbit woman rudely pushed past the two of you, snapping you out of your daydream. The male let you out of his grip and cleared his throat awkwardly. You averted your gaze to the floor and noticed your groceries, scattered across the dirt. You leaned down and carefully began to gather your items back into your woven basket. The man leaned down next to you and helped to gather the supplies.

“My name is Bilbo Baggins. Again, I’m terribly sorry. It seems I wasn’t paying attention.” You chuckled slightly and straightened to a standing.

“The fault is mine. Thank you for the help, but I must get going. It was a pleasure.” You curtsied and turned to move along on your journey.

“Wait! You never told me your name!” Bilbo called after you. You looked over your shoulder and smiled.

“Y/N.” You called, and with that you turned and left.

Bard the Bowman - You were being hassled by Alfrid when Bard came to your rescue.

“Get your filthy hands off me!” You shrieked as you attempted to pull your hand from Alfrid’s iron grip.

“And why should I do that?” He laughed, a horrible, nasally sound that hurt your head.

“I paid your damn fee, now let me go!” You pulled as hard as you could and finally wrenched your arm away. The force of your pull caused you to fall to the ground, your skirts getting tangled on your ankles as you tried to scoot away from the approaching man.

He took leisurely steps towards you, laughing the whole time.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of your shivering form. A man had stepped before you, standing menacingly between Alfrid and yourself.

“Bard.” The worm called, disappointment and a hint of fear in his voice.

“Is this what you do in your free time? Harass the women of Lake Town and hope that it will please your master? She’s done what you’ve asked, now leave her alone.” The gruff voice commanded.

Alfrid hesitated a moment before regaining his composure. He huffed angrily and took a step back.

“Fine. But he won’t always be around to protect you, sweetheart.” With that he made his retreat.

The man turned to face you, grumbling an insult under his breath as he reached his hand down to where you sat.

“My name’s Bard. Pay Alfrid no mind, he’s an overgrown bait worm.” You chuckled lightly and took the hand that was offered. He pulled you gently to your feet and took your hurt wrist in his hands.

“Thank you.” You winced slightly as he squeezed the bruised area.

“Nothing more than some light bruising. But you should be careful out here.” Bard put a comforting hand over yours and then released it. “Might I know your name?”

“Y/N.” He smiled lightly.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Have a nice night, miss.” Your face flushed and you were glad for the dark to hide it.

“Thank you for your help.” Bard nodded and began to walk back in the direction Alfrid had come from.

You stood in the same spot for a few moments before you finally noticed the cold biting through your thin clothes. You turned and continued on with your journey, this time cautious of who may be hiding in the shadows.

Fili - You were the daughter of a nobel in the Iron Hills. Your parents had agreed to an arranged marriage between you and the prince. Your first meeting was planned out so that you could meet your future husband.

You were nervous as hell. In fact, you could hardly keep your knees from shaking. You had been preparing for this moment for most of your life.

You were waiting for your future husband to come through the doors. Your parents had been planning this for many years and this was the man you were going to be spending the rest of your life with.

Mahal you hoped he was at least cordial.

You sat in one of the many sitting rooms of Erebor, waiting for the prince to come and see you. Your parents were spending time with your future in law, giving you some alone time with your fiancé.

The door opened and your heart nearly leapt out of your chest. You rose quickly to your feet and turned to face the opening.

In walked a handsome young dwarf. His golden locks cascaded down his back and his bright blue eyes shone brightly against his fair skin. He was dressed fairly casually but he still managed to make his tunic look elegant as he stood there. His eyes flitted up and down your form slowly, apparently taking you in as much as you were taking in him.

You couldn’t be more thankful that your future husband was quite attractive.

“My lady.” His smooth voice floated above the silence in the room and he took a step forward, letting the door close behind him.

“My lord.” You snapped out of my daze and curtsied low to the floor. He chuckled lightly, a pleasant sound and made his way to the seat adjacent to yours and sat down.

“So it seems we are to be married.” You laughed. This was going better than you could have hoped for.
(A/N sorry I had no idea how to end this.)

Kili - You were the daughter of Dwalin and you met at a birthday celebration for your father.

Your father was a stubborn man. He rarely ever showed his true emotions and honestly, if he had known you were going to throw him a party he would never have let it happen.

But, you were a dwarf. And you certainly were your fathers daughter.

So you gathered his friends in secret and told them of your plan. The king had quite a laugh when he’d discovered your plot, but he was Dwalin’s best friend. He decided to help you to pull everything together.

You knew he wouldn’t want some huge party, so you just pulled together a few of his friends and some mead for them to enjoy.

Dwalin had been quite surprised, but ultimately happy about the gathering.

You sat on the sidelines, enjoying your handy work when one of Thorin’s nephews slid into the seat beside you. He ordered a pint of mead for himself before turning to you.

“Quite the party, eh?” You smiled into your drink and took a sip before responding.

“I should hope so. Father seems to be enjoying himself.” You gestured lightly with your mug to where Dwalin sat, singing merrily with his friends as they drank.

“Dwalin is your father?” The young prince questioned as the bartend plopped his drink onto the counter.

“Indeed. And the King is your Uncle.” You smirked slightly and turned to face the prince completely.

“Kili. At your service.” He placed his hand out to shake, and amused smile plastered on his face.

“Y/N. At yours.” You took the outstretched hand and shook it strongly. This would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thorin Oakenshield - You were Dwalin’s sister so you had known Thorin for as long as Dwalin had. You met a few months after Dwalin had when Thorin visited your house.

“Dwalin have you seen my- oh.” You stopped short when you noticed that your brother had company with him. He was very handsome, his dark hair pulled back into a knot behind his head and his light green eyes shining slightly in the dull candle light.

“Terribly sorry. Wasn’t aware you had company.” You descended the last few stairs and bobbed your head at the two men standing in the doorway. You moved past them, going towards the kitchen and pulling up two mugs for mead.

You didn’t plan to spend much time with the two, just get what you were looking for and go, but you couldn’t help overhearing your brothers conversation.

“You never told me you had a sister.” The black haired man not so subtly said to Dwalin.

You heard a thud behind you and a huff of pain mixed with laughter as the two shuffled over to the table behind you. You filled up the mugs and placed them in front of the boys.

“Y/N, this is Thorin Oakenshield.” You raised an eyebrow at the name.

“What is the prince of Erebor doing with someone as annoying as my brother?” You crossed your arms over your chest. Dwalin sputtered out a complaint as Thorin laughed, a deep chuckle.

“You know, sometimes I have to ask myself the same question.” He said, giving your brother a pointed look.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to… whatever it is you do.” You nodded and made towards the stairs, forgetting all about your missing item, those thoughts replaced by a certain black haired prince.

Valentine’s Day


He had been working on it for a while now.  And while Shadowhunters didn’t actually celebrate Valentine’s day (and really, why did it have to share it’s name with someone as evil as Valentine?), he was determined to give Magnus a special day.

It was the night before when he made the cake, and he may have been slightly delirious, because when he pulled it out, he wasn’t the biggest fan of the message.

He huffed as he set it on the table.  It would just have to do.

Then he went about putting up the other gifts.

Instead of buying a bouquet, he had purchased an actual plant for Magnus.

Next was something they could both enjoy.

Lastly there was a box on the table.  Small, and something that could be saved and used over and over.

Inside was something simple that Alec hoped that Magnus would treasure.

He took a deep breath and looked at everything all set up.

“Oh, God.  Why am I so nervous?”

F2F - Novin

Noah had been hanging out with Audrey on the couch more or less since he’d arrived at the party.  He was a couple of drinks in, but not quite feeling it just yet.  He shifted on the couch to get more comfortable and looked at Audrey as she’d gotten up.  She had said something about getting another drink and walked away.  Noah finished off his drink and contemplated getting another one when a cup was held out to him.

He took it and saw that Kevin had occupied the spot that Audrey had just vacated.  “Hey Kevin, thanks for the drink.  It was actually perfect timing as I’d just been thinking about getting another one.”  Noah smiled over at him and sipped at the drink.  “Oh sorry I lost you when we got here.  Audrey kind of kidnapped me.  She’s not exactly into the whole party thing.  I’m actually kind of surprised she actually decided to come.” 

anonymous asked:

(Still here lmao I got you on notifications) so like, I'd say that you can do pre-t Thomas?? There's no real harm in doing that? I looked different before I took T, and nothing I can do will change that. Honestly I don't find it offensive, you could even do something like (I don't remember their @) does and they have a trans!Alexander au??? It doesn't offend me, and I don't really think it would offend anyone else if you're just trying to be creative.

Oh yeah you’re talking about lozey’s art!!
And yeah I got it. I can do that. I mean, I actually did that?? Idk why I was so stuck on this, because when I draw Aaron he’s usually pre-T. Maybe it’s because in my head Thomas would start T and maybe operate his chest as soon as he could, cause he is p rich. But in a High School au it I could draw him pre-T.
Thank you for helping me and being kind at it!


When I think of my wife, I always think of the back of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brain, trying to get answers. The primal questions of a marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?

Some etiquette

@miraculous fandom, let’s have a little chat.

We are a fandom with many ships and like a quarter of them are with the same two people. THAT’S AWESOME.

But when you reblog something and say: #oh I don’t like this ship #but this is okay/nice/alright

Can you not?

It’s a backhanded compliment to the creator. Obviously they like that ship enough to make something for it and they get joy from producing.

Like you’re not even looking at what someone produced, actually enjoying the product they took time to make. You’re so into NOTP mode that whatever good things you’re trying to say, get overshadowed by your disgust.

If you don’t like something, don’t reblog it. Don’t even try to sugarcoat it. You don’t like it. That’s fine. No one is making you like it.

You want to talk about the reasons you don’t like a ship, create a text post and start a conversation. Don’t use something myself or fellow creators made to state your alternative opinion.

I’m all for discourse, just take your salt somewhere else to rim those margarita glasses.