oh look its the same thing i did for the rewatch

Okay listen up losers I'm about to prove a fucking point.

So my presentation will be about proving season 3 Shiro is a clone and why DreamWorks made it too easy. I rewatched a crapton on episodes to make this, I need to sleep. 

If you guys didn’t notice the first thing Clone Shiro, umm wait imma call him Kuro Kuro looks at is his hand and a Galra symbol.

And that in and of itself is a big clue because there’s already a lot of meaning behind that since season 2. In which, Hunk and that team discussed how the arm can be used against them.

Memory is key! How could Galra have Shiro’s memories? The arm! Like Hunk said, if it could create memories than it’s pretty safe to say it can record them too.

Linking that with the shot of the Galra emblem is a huge deal in symbolism. Trust me I’m an English major, I deal with this shit all the time.

(I’m writing this on my laptop and phone at the same time, godspeed)

Speaking of symbolism, Ulaz made an appearance when Kuro was dazed

(Is that even Ulaz? I can’t tell I’m bad with faces)

This does two things. Reaffirm Kuro’s undying trust with his arm, and make a connection with Galra as a comrade. Lemme explain;

During Shiro’s ‘I can suddenly remember shit’ scene in season 2? He die-hard believes the memories are his and not a [insert dream here] from Galra, by showing him Ulaz they are trying to recreate that same feeling.

By showing him a Galra (regardless of being evil or not) you’re connecting the dots with trust.

That could be a good reason why the Galra decided to give Shiro a weaponized arm in the first place. Why would they power him up for shits and giggles? Haggard herself even said this:

(Bitch, no thanks.) They wouldn’t have given him a cool fighting arm just so he could be cooler in the arena. That’s fucking idiotic to arm a prisoner. (sorry)

This wouldn’t even be the first time Haggard had some evil version of Shiro

Remember this scene from season 1? Cuz I sure fucking do.

Speaking of that arm, why would they take it in the first place? Listen, it’s already pretty fishy they gave him a super arm but why would they take it at all? Dare I say, D N A ?

This leads me back to this scene here:

Why would Kuro hurt himself? A French term can explain this, ‘L’appel du vide’ translation: The call of the void. Basically, your brain is telling you to self-destruct in order to take control of a situation.  Now we already discussed how the Galra controls his brain sort of so that’s that.

Now I know what you’re saying: Oh! But that’s so he could close the wound!!

Listen, man, I did training with an Army doctor on quick fixes for medical emergencies. Now I’m not saying I’m an expert cuz I’m not, but if Kuro did that do it to heal himself up it wasn’t done correctly. Or at least done accurately…. Especially with an unknown power. This might be wrong, it was a brief training,  so don’t take this part too seriously.

Adding to this point:

If you’ve ever seen anyone wake up from a long coma, and I mean  l o n g  coma, they don’t have full feeling in their muscles and tend to fall because they do not have full control of their limbs. I’m assuming by the hair this hasn’t been up and about for enough time to get that effect.

Speaking of hair, yes guys, Kuro’s hair is WAY too long to be Shiro.

(Lmao, Shiro/Kuro w/ long hair; hit or miss??)

Kuro’s hair shows that he hasn’t cut it in at least 1 ½ years. There might not be much context of how long he was missing but I’m sure as hell it’s couldn’t be more than a few months since Keith was searching through the Glara rubble.

<Man, all these analytical essays are finally paying off>

This scene here:

Is a big clue. For real why would the Black Lion do that? Send him into more danger? That’s not right.

Well, guess what, she didn’t.

Remeber this gem? I sure fucking do.

She sent him with someone he trusts, Matt. This really makes sense cuz mATT JUST HASN’T SHOWED UP BUT IS OBVIOUSLY REALLY IMPORTANT *cough* sorry, I don’t know what came over me….

Not only does Shiro trust him but so does Pidge, and I know those two never really had a connection but they kinda all share a state of thought while forming Voltron…

So the Black Lion theoretically has seen Pidge’s thoughts and stuff. Theoretically Black has two reasons why to trust Matt.

The Black Lion has so many reasons to send Shiro to Matt and not some Galra base.

This can also help understand why the Black Lion didn’t trust Kuro.

From what I’ve seen (or remember seeing at 4 AM, I haven’t slept in 45ish hours guys, help) all of you guys think that Black knows that’s not Shiro from the Connection they have but that might not be it!

Kuro thinks he’s Shiro, he has the same memories, the same body, the same scar on the face! So the Connection can still be there, what he doesn’t have is Matt with him.

Which wouldn’t make sense because Black sent him there, so it’s ridiculous cuz “hey I sent you to be with your buddy? Why didn’t you bring him along to see his sister who has been searching for him like crazy???”

That could be why the Black Lion found Kuro and trusted that was the OG but then changed its mind and was like ‘no thanks’ when she saw Matt wasnt with him.

I mean look how….happy?? She looks when they find him!

Why would that change after the fact? The Connection had to be there in order to sense him in the first place. It just makes sense.

Also look at the symbolism here again:

Kuro is in a Galra ship, it’s so subtle you might not even catch it (unless you’re used to over analyzing everything in order to fit 3 more pages into a term paper like me)

Instead of animating Kuro getting physically off the fighter they show them apart, separated from Black. They show him in enemy weaponry.  

As an enemy kinda…

(I’m getting too into this…)

This is Kuro while he’s being cloned

This is Kuro after he’s ‘escaping’

Sounds like the plan was a success, but all that happened was Kuro getting away? I don’t know about you but prisoners stay locked up, unless they aren’t.

They even say Kuro’s is approved for Operation Kuron!

Also from that scene:

Kuro was given that codename ‘Subject Y0XT39′

But Shiro already had a codename, and it wasnt that.

Its ‘Prisoner 117-9875′

Subject and Prisoner are two different things and two different codes.

Kuron is already a huge fucking clue. I donno know if you seen this yet but,

Shiro’s name is literally White and the opposite is Black or Kuro which sounds a lot like Kuron

If you think that’s just a coincidence then try this:

Just try telling me this isn’t legit?

To add just a bit more, Kuro and Keith clashed a lot while both trying to lead Voltron.

He also made it so Keith looked like a weak leader, which he was not once he got more use to the role.

Appearance wise, Kuro is different from Shiro in a low key way. First off both haircuts he has where different from Shiro’s. They’re all horrible but that’s a different story.

His cloths is different too, it shows more skin. The sleeve shows his arm and he took off his glove. Symbolically this means he trying to be more open, more free, more approachable.

This would make it easier to give the wrong feeling of trust to the team, which is the plan Kuro was given

*searching through my notes* okay did I miss anything…? Ah Yes!!

When Shiro first meets those two freedom fighters the transmission radio picks of two things; something less important about Lotor and Voltron.

Which one was ignored and which one was heard?

Yes guys, Kuro didn’t even pay attention to Lotor cuz that’s not what he was told to do. He was told to find out about Voltron which, he did.

Also with those freedom fighters, we learn this:

It wouldn’t have been easy to escape injured and tired. When he escaped the first time it was with the help of Ulaz. They didn’t even try keeping him there, he wasn’t restrained and didn’t have any guards. The only thing trying to stop him were those androids they know Kuro/Shiro could easily defeat.

And last thing.

And I think this is the most important thing.

He didn’t finish that sentence.

He didn’t say he wasn’t a traitor.

He didn’t have too.

This concludes my presentation on ‘Proving That’s not Shiro but Kuro the Clone’

Thank you for your time.

For my next presentation, I will talk about why we should save Kuro and love him indefinitely

white blood

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 2,841

warnings: no explicit mention of depression (but implied), self hatred thoughts, angst, LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUFF/CHEESINESS AT THE END THO

a/n: hi guys !! this is my first fic, and this is probably just a one time thing bUT WHO KNOWS AMIRIGHT. anyways, i’m really nervous about posting it so pls just give it a shot; there will be spelling mistakes, repetitive word use, etc., but obviously, writing is a long process that requires a lot of hard work. i have been dealing with depression for a long time, and a few nights ago, i was at a particular low, so i turned to writing, and out popped this little thing. part of this song was inspired by white blood by oh wonder, because i saw them in concert this weekend and this song really got to me, so give it a listen! i also want to put it out there, that you are all stronger than you think, and you will persevere through whatever difficult problem you are struggling with. all the love xoxo.

I’m ready to go

I’m ready to go

Can’t do it alone

Can’t do it alone

every day, it was the same thing. get up, sit in bed all day, go back to sleep. you didn’t leave the house, hell, your brain wouldn’t let you. you were trapped inside the jail cell that was your mind, surrounded by self doubt and hatred. but today, it felt harder than usual. it was like there was a weight that was wedged into your scalp, pushing your body deep into the ground and making you feel as if you were numb. you sighed as you looked at the sun shining in through the windows as if beckoning you to run and bask in its golden glory. but your bad thoughts seem to pull you back towards your bed, whispering, “stay for a while, stay for a while”. at this point, it seemed to hard to fight. you seemed to slay your demons but every day, they seemed to come back stronger than before. but it didn’t mean that your heart didn’t ache to just feel the heat of the sun’s beams on your face because, it did. you wanted to feel alive again, like you weren’t a soul slowly rotting away in a human corpse. you climb back into your warm, inviting, white sheets and pull them over your face. you close your eyes for a moment, but the sound of a buzz causes your eyelids to open. you push off the covers and lean over to look at your phone that was charging on your bedside table. you stare at the screen and see a familiar contact name flashing.

tried calling you last night, but i’m assuming you fell asleep since it was pretty late. i’m thinking of you, and i miss you. call me back when you can x

you sighed and set it back down on the table, not having the heart to talk to him and pretend that everything is fine. that’s the reason why you were dodging his calls. you couldn’t let him see you this way. you couldn’t open yourself up to him when the weight of the world is on his shoulders. you knew that if you told him how you felt, he would be nothing be supportive and kind, which is the problem. you couldn’t be any reason to hold him back; this was his dream, and you would never forgive yourself if you were the one who stood in the way of his goals. at first, he even insisted that he wasn’t going to take the role; he knew that he needed to be with you, to support you, and help you through every bump in the road, but you couldn’t let him do that. as his girlfriend, you felt as if it was your duty to ensure that he was on the path to being as happy as possible. but that meant putting on a mask and hiding how you truly felt. you grabbed your laptop, opened up netflix, rewatching yet another episode of your favorite show, and stared off into space, the sound of characters chattering in the background providing some white noise.

I’m ready to run through the heat of the sun

Can’t do it alone

Can’t do it alone

you wake up to the same old sound of buzzing, and look over, seeing tom’s angelic profile picture pop up on your tiny screen, illuminating the whole room. you hesitate staring at his contact picture, with his glowing smile, and tessa’s big eyes. part of you aches to see his face, so barely thinking, you swipe the accept button. and there is your beautiful boyfriend, looking like an absolute angel as usual. his soft curls sat like a mop on his head; he seemed to have spidey head, which is what he liked to called his hair after hours in the spidey suit. he had dark circles in his eyes, but at the same time, he was beaming. he was tired, but you could tell how truly happy he was. once he saw your face, he lit up, his teeth gleaming and his cute little dimples dancing along the sides of his lips.
“wow hello beautiful,” he whispers in a groggy voice, exhaustion clearly apparent in his voice.
“why are you calling me tom? aren’t you still shooting?”
“what? not excited to see me? i’m offended.” he pouts and crosses his arms across his chest like a toddler. he then notices your stone cold expression and then pushes his hands against his chair, adjusting his position. “you didn’t call me back this morning, so i got worried”
“yeah um.. i’ve just been really busy with university stuff today. that’s all” you lie, sending a weak smile his way, hoping that he would just accept you at your word and move on. and thankfully, he did. so then he started rambling on and on about everything he’s been up to, what his favorite stunt of the day was, how the producer replaced his chair with a toilet, etc. as he continues to speak, your eyes start to wander and end up staring at your face through the tiny reflection of yourself staring back up at you, and you shudder. you hadn’t showered in two days, the grease clearly apparent in your hair and on your face, little red dots poking their way out of your skin. your lips were slightly chapped, and there seemed to be no life behind your eyes.
“y/n? y/n? helloooo” he waves his hand in front of your space, snapping you away from your self hatred infused thoughts, “you’ve been spacing out this entire time. what’s going on?”
“it’s nothing tom, alright? don’t worry about it”
he lifts an eyebrow, clearly skeptical. “well clearly it’s not nothing. i know when something is on your mind”

I’m ready to fall

So tired of it all

Down deep in a hole

Can’t do it alone

you look down at your hands because you knew that if you looked tom in the eyes, then the tears would come crashing down. “can you just drop it, please?” you rub your hands back at forth, trying to calm your excessive shaking.
“not until you tell me what is wrong”
you stay silent.
“I SAID JUST DROP IT, OKAY?” you yell as a quiver begins to escape your lips and tear start to drip down little by little.
“darling, what is-”
“i’m-i’m sorry tom. i don’t know what’s gotten into me. i-i’ve gotta go” you whisper, tears beginning to stream faster and faster down your wet cheeks as you speak each and every word. you wipe them away with your fingers in a brisk motion.
"y/n-” you see tom’s eyes grow wide in worry and you hang up. by now, you were full out sobbing. your body felt like it was convulsing and you lean forward on your bed, your tears spilling onto the perfect sheets. you close your eyes, and eventually fall into a deep sleep.

I’m ready to climb this mountain inside

Impossible heights

you wake up to the sound of knocking. you stand up, puzzled as you stare at your alarm clock flashing 3:35am, which seemed to provide a tiny bit of light to the completely dark room. you  hear the little bugs buzzing around outside your window in the cool summer night, and you yawn, rubbing your eyes. the knocking continues, even more eagerly this time.
“just one minute please!” you throw on a pair of tom’s old baggy sweats lying on the floor beside your feet, wrapping your big blanket around you, and scurry towards the door. you turn the knob, and before you could even process what was happening, you feel a strong pair of arms wrap around you. you begin to push the strong arms off of you, wondering who the hell this man was, at 3 am, on a tuesday. but then he just pulls you deeper into him, forcing you to inhale his scent: vanilla and a tint of mint.

it was tom. for a moment, you tried completely denying it was him. he shouldn’t be back until at least two months from now. so you pull back for a moment, and stare up into a pair of beautiful, chocolate eyes. it was him. he squeezed you so tight to his body that you felt like you couldn’t breath, slowly pulling together the broken pieces of your heart with his embrace. his hands begin to stroke your hair, his fingers playing with it at the ends. you stood there in silence because in that moment, nothing had to be said. a few tears spill onto his white shirt as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“it’s okay,” he whispers quietly into your hair, softly kissing your cheek, “i’m here. i’m here now  darling.”
“what-what are you doing here?” you cry as you pull him closer, refusing to let him go.
"what can i say, i missed my best girl. and despite what everyone says, even spider-man needs a break sometimes,” he coos as he rocks you back and forth. he lifts his head off your shoulder and stares into your eyes, taking in every part of your face. he wipes away one of your tears and grasps your cheek in his hand. you close your eyes and lean into his hand. he continues to caress your cheek as the other takes yours which is resting on his shoulder and brings it to his lips, his lips tenderly kissing each and every knuckle, like there were butterflies landing on each individual finger.
"let’s go inside” he takes your hand and intertwines your fingers as he leads you back into your tiny apartment. he takes you into the kitchen, and pulls out a chair for you. you slump down, wrapping your fuzzy blanket around your body. you stare at tom as he looked through your cabinets, like it was his house. he picks out one of your favorite crematic mugs and then bends down in a squatting position as his eyes scanned the interior of the dark cabinet, his glance finally landing on the silver tea kettle. he then reaches over to the cabinet next to it, standing on his tippy toes and grabbing the box of various tea bags. he flipped through each one, finally landing on which one you knew was your go-to tea when you were sad. he leans over and flips the switch to the radio on, the quiet hum adding a peacefulness to the already comforting silence. he makes his way over to your stove, turning the fire on, and places the heavy kettle on top of it.  “oh i love this song,” tom exclaims as he adjusts the temperature, the bright orange flame simmering down to a darker blue. he hustles over to the radio, turning up the volume just slightly, and then hums along quietly as he makes his way over to you. he wraps his arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder as he sways you back and forth. he kisses your cheek, whispering the lyrics quietly into your ear and sending shivers down your spine. he then tugs on your hand with his, spinning your chair around so that it’s facing him. he pulls on your arm, urging you to stand up. you slouch back further into your chair and shake your head.

“dance with me, love”

“no tom, you know i don’t dance,”

“well, you’re going to,”

he nearly pulls your arm out of his socket, but smoothly snakes his hand around your waist, and grabs your other hand with his. you give him a dirty stare, but he just smirks and pulls you closer to him, your forehead resting on his chest, feeling it rise and fall, rise and fall. it was so constant and strong that you felt like his heartbeat was pulsing through your very own veins. his head rested on tops of yours, and then, he starts to sing the words into your hair so quietly that they seemed to be drifting into the air as he continues to move you back and forth.

Said you’d always be my white blood

Circulate the right love

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

Said you’d always be my white blood

Elevate my soul above

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me, here with me

you didn’t even notice you started crying until you see the new water stains emerging onto tom’s t-shirt. you didn’t really know why you were crying. maybe it was the fact that he was actually here for the first time in four months. or maybe it was the fact that you felt like the world around you was falling apart. no matter what the reason, you feel yourself crying harder and harder, pulling tom closer to you, not wanting this moment to end. you wanted to remember dancing in your kitchen with tom, with no stress or worries. just tom. he looks down at you, concern growing in his eyes, but he says nothing, leading you over to the couch and sitting you down. he sinks into the couch and pulls you onto his chest as you continued to sob. he strokes your hair soothingly and rubs tiny circles on your shoulder, occasionally leaving a tiny kiss on your forehead. in that moment, tom knew that saying anything wouldn’t help; you just needed him to be there. nothing else. once your breathing leveled out, he murmurs, “shh… it’s gonna be alright…just breath… in and out…. in and out…” you calm yourself even further, closing your eyes, and listening to tom’s voice, feeling as if you were in some kind of trance. you hear the tea kettle screeching and you look up at tom. “i’m going to take care of that, give me five seconds,” you sit up slowly and nod, looking into his brown eyes and tucking your long hair that was dropping in front of your eyes behind your ears.

you continue to control your breathing. in and out. in and out. you take one deep breath and let it out slowly. you hear the shuffling of feet and look up to see tom, softly grinning at you with a mug in hand and steam swirling out of it. he spins the tea bag around and hands it to you. he stares at you intently as you take a sip and inhale the steamy scent. you stare at the tinted water as you feel tom’s eyes on you, scared of what he was going to say, or if he was going to say anything at all. you feel your fingers starting to shake again, but tom immediately puts his hands over yours, and holds them to his chest. he traces your hand with his pointer finger.

“i-i’m sorry,” you blurt out, refusing to meet his eyes.

“sorry? sorry for what, y/n? you haven’t done anything wrong” he asks soothingly rubbing your back.

“for making you so worried and making you come all this way. i know you’re busy and i’m sorry i’m all over the place and holding you back”

he shakes his head and holds your hands in his own. “babe, you’re not holding me back. in fact, you’re what’s keeping me going right now. i don’t want you to ever feel like your issues aren’t important, because they are. i want you to tell me everything. if there’s something going on.

“but you’re-you’re just living this surreal life, and i don’t wanna bother you with all my petty problems.”

“but y/n, everyone has their problems. i’m not perfect, i mean look at how many marvel secrets that i’ve given away,” you both chuckle, “but it doesn’t mean that i care any less. i’ll always care about you, because i love you, y/n, and that includes all parts of you.

you wrap your arms around his neck and he squeezes you tightly. he holds you and you feel yourself immediately feeling better.  after a few minutes, you finally pull away, rubbing your remaining tears off your cheeks with the back of your shirt.

“i’m such a mess,” you laugh as you finally look into tom’s eyes.

“aren’t we all,” he smiles at you, setting your cup of tea down on the coffee table, and pulling your blanket more onto your shoulders, “now, sleep.” you lay down onto tom’s lap and he strokes your hair. you start to blink slower and slower and your eyes eventually shut, falling asleep to tom’s angelic voice.

Said you’d always be my white blood

Circulate the right love

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

Said you’d always be my white blood

Elevate my soul above,

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me

I need you right here with me

This is Not a Love Story: part 2

Check out or refresh with Part 1 here.

To tell a good love story on screen, scenes, dialogue, camera angles and shots are important. Usually you have lots of quiet “get to know you” moments. Or single shots showing one of the love interests reactions. You need to give obvious and believable reasons for them to be falling in love. Television caters to the lowest common denominator for exposition. Usually its the big plot twists and mastermind moments that are subtle little easter egg hints.

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Goddammit i said i wasn’t going to do another drunk rewatch

But in fairness i am just lightly tipsy and in even more fairness was already watching TEH and i couldnt handle it silently.

- i love John’s Sherlock cosplay coat. He looks like such a little nerd.

- Wait mycrofts office was always this terrible EMP dungeon

- Mad ppassive aggressive mrs. Hudson is my spirit animal

- I love how when Sherlick says “and what about john watson?” Anthea looks at mycroft like “please i cant with this high school shit right now”

- Mrs. H’s first thought to “moving on” was that John would leave the country before finding someone new. Just saying.

- Also john agreed to “So soon, after sherlock?” So like he wasnt defining it platonically either there were ya mate.

- Oooookkay, i know its a real street, but the fact that their date was on “Mary le bone” Road is a bit too hashtag straight sex wink wink nudge nudge for comfort.

- Sherrlick calling mycroft blood like “blahd” is my spirit animal.

- This whole restaurant scene is so silver screen 1955 and i am Here. For. It.

- “Sorry that took so long,” is a thing that secret agents say when they are using the bathroom as an excuse after they hacked into something.

- Call me a liar but him worrying that john will be “indiscreet” is like the gayest Victorianest thing sherlock could say.

- Forgett the letter, we still dont know what mary’s “Secret Tattoo” is.

- Reblog if you want a Dad Hug from Lestrade and a Daddy Headslam from John.

- I hereby declare Lestrade’s new name is Goldfish.

- The main question of this episode is Why did john only suspect the patient after he tried to sell him pornos? Seriously he gets this look on his face that’s like “oh no, sherlock, you ain’t pulling that porno trick on me again,”?

- I love Molly in this episode. She is so cheeky.

- The suicide chips shop with the sex shelves was off of Mary Le Bone rd too. Gawd. Wait he also offered molly chips? Oh nooooooo, molly…

- This is where molly and sherlock had their closure. That whole shit in s4 was beyond unnecessary

- “Saint James the Less” is just another way of saying “Jim’s number 2” isn’t it, mary. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

- My subtitles say that Mary shouted “Get up, John” when they ran at the fire. Lady, hes ina fire. He thought of that.

- Fuck you in particular, elephant pattern on Moran’s throw pillows

- John’s Down to Business danger walk is my spirit animal

- “What are you doing?”


- Its kinda weird that this episode and v for vendetta and the rdj sherlock movie all have this same parliament explosion plot. Except maybe it was ACD and im being ignorant. Damn i really need to read acd.

- Im not a drunk but i did just notice i have a cut on my finger

- Moran types 051113. Do3ss that mean something. Playse moftiss, may oy ‘ave some'ore.

- Sherlock faking his mind palace so he can make an o face is my spirit animal.

- John interrupts sherlocks fake speech with “yeah i know” as soon as he mentions mary. Hes trying to keep him from saying something “indiscreet.” You’re dying, you pathetic

- Sherlock’s face when john forgives him. It isn’t fake. He didn’t think he would. I can’t

- Codename Lazarus was about the fake death. If i remember my stifled fundamentalist christian upbringing correctly wasn’t the whole point of the lazarus story the fact that they had to convince lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha that he was truly risen from the dead? Oh my god did 5hey name Mrs. HudsoN MARTHA so they could make that one vague bible joke? I hate everything?

- Nobody who wrote three different fake resurrection scenes could write The Final Problem and be serious about it. Stay Anderson, my friends. Stay Anderson.

- Someday i want to feel as free as Anderson, gigglig and getting tangled up in yarn and newsprint.

- Sherrlock and John relievedly pretending they are laughint tears because sherlock tricked john and not becsuse they had A Moment is my spiriblahaha animablalala

- John giggling over mollys version of porn parody sherlock is…everything.

- Im sorry how could anyone not read the end of the episode where Cam realizes Sherlock’s weak spot as John as not complete and utter evidence of…like this whole epusode is so sexually tense i cannot…likr every ingle confrontational scene isnot like haha they are friends but in an almist gay way but no homo haha, like the entire plot HINGES on the tension of him coming back and then Ends by Foreshadowing a Wedding as if it is the literal apocalypse.

EXO | You Feel Insecure About Yourself Because Of What Magazines and “Fans” Say

Anonymous said:

If it’s not too much to ask, could you do a Big Bang reaction and Exo reaction to you feeling insecure about your body because of what magazines and “fans” say?

I kinda changed it up and made it where you become insecure about anything that the fans or magazines could point out about you and not just your body. Hope you enjoy.

“Colored contacts?” Minseok said looking over your shoulder and seeing what you were looking for online, “You looking for some for the costume party?”

You quickly closed your laptop and turned around to face him. “The thought hadn’t crossed my mind.”

“So how come you were looking at them?” he asked.

“No reason?” you replied, not wanting to tell him the real reason why to were looking at colored contacts.

“Is this about what the fans said about your eyes?” he asked.

“You…you saw that?” you said sadly.

“Jongdae did…he let me know about it…I don’t tend to really pay attention to that sort of stuff,” he replied, “You do know that they’re just jealous that you have two different colored eyes.”

“The fans think I’m a freak….”

“Do you think you’re a freak?”

“…………….I just….I don’t know…I’ve always been made fun of because of them.”

“Well you are not a freak, you are beautiful and unique in every way and that’s what a love about you. Your eyes are just another thing that’s special about you.”

Originally posted by enroutetoseoul

“To be honest? These aren’t the most intelligent people I’ve ever met,” Junmyeon said reading the article that you had showed him.

“I mean…do I wear too much makeup? Be honest?” you questioned.

“I would say you wear the same amount of makeup anyone else wears these days…they want to blow it out of proportion because I said you do makeup tutorials,” he replied.

“But…I mean for someone to say that there must be some merit, shouldn’t there?” you questioned.

“I told you stuff like this might happen,” he said, “You’re a makeup artist, you do tutorials so that people can learn how to do their own makeup, yeah it looks like a lot of product but think about what I’ve worn at times,” he said, “Now that is a lot of makeup.”

“You’ve got a point.”

“See…you’re makeup is completely normal for daily use…again, they’re blowing it out of proportion.”

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“Were you expecting me?” Yixing asked, walking into the bedroom to see you standing in front of the mirror in just your underwear.

“Do you think I need to work out more?” you questioned.

“Um…no…I think three days a week works fine for you…” he replied.

“So you don’t think I’m pudgy?” you asked sadly.

“Why would I think you’re pudgy? And why would you think that?” he asked.

“I just may or may not have read somewhere that I looked like I had gained weight…” you said.

He was confused by your statement until he saw the open magazine on the bed. “Oh…that thing. He’s a crackpot reporter looking for attention. He criticizes idols for a living and apparently he attacks their loved ones too.”

“I try really hard when I work out…”

“And it shows…soon you’ll look like this,” he said lifting up his shirt to show you his abs, “That guy’s just a freak show reporter, nothing more.”

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“Come on jagi, you haven’t smiled all day…that’s so unlike you,” Baek whined, “What’s wrong.”

“I just don’t feel like smiling right now…that’s all,” you said, looking away from him. Truth was, you were slightly embarrassed from your recently acquired braces. When you had gotten your braces, your doc told you that you would have them for about a year maybe longer depending on your progress so you had stayed positive about the fact that they would be off before you knew it. However some fans had been commenting recently on some Instagram about how unappealing they were and even making fun of them.

“But you always feel like smiling…and we watched your favorite movie…what’s wrong?” Baek questioned.

“I just…I’m embarrassed to smile…” you said sadly.

“But why?” he asked.

“Cause of my braces…tell the truth…I look funny,” you said.

“You look as funny as I do, I mean look at this…” he said, opening his mouth and sticking it in your face.

“Ah Baek stop!” you said laughing.

“There we go…a beautiful smile.”

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“Hey Jongdae?” you said walking into the living room, phone in hand, “Do I have a ‘rigid and cold personality’?”

“Um…no,” he said, sitting up and looking over the back of the couch at you, “What in the world would make you think you did.”

“Well there have been pictures taken of us and well…people of been saying that I seem to have a rigid and cold personality because we’re never seen holding hands…” you replied.

“You mean because you don’t like PDA and I respect that?” he asked.

“Well…I didn’t really think of it like that….” you said.

“Y/N…when we first started dating you said that you weren’t really into the whole PDA thing and I respect that and you make up for it when we’re out of the public eye,” he said, “Like right now…you owe me some cuddles.” 

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“Do you consider me ‘too short’?” you questioned.

“No…why?” he asked.

“A fan took a photo of us and apparently be you had to lean down to kiss me there are fans that think I’m too short to be with you,” you replied.

“That’s silly,” he remarked, “I think the fact that you’re short is really cute and it has it’s advantages sometimes.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked putting your hands on your hips.

“Um…if you’re thinking what I’m thinking that’s not what I meant…”

“I was thinking it was because you like to tease me sometimes…what were you thinking?”

“Oh crap, this is embarrassing…my mind wandered I’m sorry.”


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“I thought you were going to wear the new skirt you got you?” Kyungsoo said when you walked into the living room in a shirt and pants instead of the intended blouse and skirt you said you were going to wear.

“I though this would look better,” you said.

“But that skirt looked cute on you,” he said slightly disappointed.

“I just don’t think its a good idea…I wouldn’t want my thighs to offend anyone…” you said sadly.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” 

“When we went to the awards show…that dress that I wore…apparently it was too short for me and showed off my ‘fat thighs’.”

“Whoever said that obviously has no idea what they’re talking about…personally I love your thighs just the way they are and if you want to show them…show them. You’re beautiful.”

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“I’m not that bad of a dancer…” you mumbled watching the video that Jongin had posted of the both of you and reading some of the fan comments that were pouring in, “I mean I’m no professional by any means but…”

“Hey Y/N, what are you up to?” Jongin asked.

“Am I a bad dancer?” you questioned.

“Actually, for someone who said that they had never tried choreographed dancing you did very well…why?” he questioned.

“I was rewatching the video that you made and there were fans saying that I danced like a “new born baby giraffe” and “Y/N should be embarrassed dancing next to Kai like that”…”

“You did really really well Y/N. Far from a new born baby giraffe; a few more practice sessions and I think you would be able to keep up with me and the rest of the guys at full speed instead of half.”


“No buts…in fact…why don’t we do some more dancing now…”

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(Y/NH/C -You New Hair Color)

You had dyed your hair; it was the first time you had ever dyed your hair and you had decided to live on the edge and dye it Y/NH/C. When you had first dyed your hair you were quite proud of it. But after a fashion magazine posted a picture of you and Sehun and commented on your hair in a not so positive way.

“I think it would look cuter if you wore the hate with your hair showing,” Sehun said, watching you as you got ready to go out.

“Eh…I don’t know…my hair showing probably isn’t a great idea,” you said sadly.

“Why?” I thought you were proud of your hair?” he questioned.

You sighed and went and grabbed the magazine and showed him the article. He read it and just shook his head. “These people wouldn’t know fashion if it gave them a lap dance,” he commented, “Besides you shouldn’t listen to anyone who says anything about your wild hairstyle…if you want wild, think about when I had rainbow hair.”

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“Maybe they are right…” you said, holding up one of your bras an looking at it.

“Who’s right about what and what does it have to do with your bra?” Lu asked.

“Oh um..well…I was on your fan page and some fans were commenting that my boobs were really big…and they might have a point,” you replied.

“So? It’s not really their place to comment on your boobs…”

“No…not really but still it’s your fans and when they point out stuff and make comments like they did it makes me feel a little insecure…”

“Well you shouldn’t feel that way because of some silly comments especially when you haven’t felt that way before…also I kinda like them just the way they are,” he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

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“Did you raid an organic market?” Kris asked, standing in front of the open refrigerator.

“I just decided to check it out and I bought some stuff…” you said.

“Some?” he questioned, pulling out a bundle of kale, “Do you even like kale?”

“I can learn to like it…” you said snatching it away from him, “Besides, it’s not such a bad thing to eat healthier, right?”

“You already do though…what brought this on?” he questioned.

“Oh…someone may have commented about me and my liking of fast food and I thought that I might just start myself on a diet…”

“Who did?”

“Some fans…”

“Oh jeez, jagi…don’t listen to what they say. You eat healthy all the time and splurge on fast food every once and a while there’s nothing wrong with that…especially when you share the french fries with your wonderfully handsome boyfriend…” 

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“Nope…nope…not that either, nope….” 

“Hey Y/N, what’s taking so oomph-,” Tao said, getting hit in the face with a pair of pants, “What are you doing.”

“Trying to find something to wear,” you replied, walking over to the mirror and holding a shirt up to you, “Definitely not this…”

“I think you’re going to run out of clothes….we’re just going to lunch,” he said, “A shirt and pants will do.”

“But what if a fan or a press member takes a picture of us?” you questioned, “I…I might not look good enough next to you.”

He just looked at you for a moment, confused at what would make you say something like that. “Then they do…as what normally happens…why are you worried.”

“Well, some fans said that I didn’t dress chic enough.”

He was silent before he let out a small chuckle. “If you could wear a paper sack and you would still be chic enough for me. Don’t listen to what some jealous fans say….plus, just think…it could just be all the Gucci I wear scrambling their brains.”

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Stranger Things Theory

Ok, so I was watching a couple of theory videos and rewatching the last season and looking at the parallels of the introduction of both the Demogorgon (The Vanishing of Will Byers) and the Thessalhydra (The Upside Down).

Originally posted by fatalitum

In the first episode, we are introduced to the Demogorgon via the end of the campaign of D & D that Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas were playing. It’s a monster, one that we see is an intimidating one to the quartet. This creature ends up of course as the main antagonist (? kinda sorta ?), even though I think the real one is Dr. whoops did I do that Brenner, of the first season.

Now, with the release of the trailer for season two during the Superbowl last night, we see that (oh shit) there’s a new titan in town.

Originally posted by lettherightfilmsin

Now, if we go back to the first season, something to notice is that the Demogorgon looks not much like its game piece (of course, because the D & D characters are used as a parallel in the show to what is happening in Hawkins). But, it is similar (standing of hind legs, spindly fingers, clawed, almost reptilian feet). So now we see this new creature. Huge with six-plus appendages that are connected to a central body(?). 

The epilogue of episode eight began the same way that the first did. A new campaign, with a new monster.

Originally posted by oldschoolfrp

The Thessalhydra is introduced. The four agree on using Fireball and the creature is destroyed and the campaign is done. But then we see what happens at the end of the episode and oh shit, it’s not over! 

A huge monster with six-plus appendages that are connected to a central body. Of course, it’s no exactly the same (like the Demogorgon) and in this situation, it might be kind of like a Captain America Hydra logo situation (let’s be real, the logo is an Octopus). 

This last bit of episode eight is absolutely FULL of foreshadowing for the next season, so why not have an allusion to a new antagonist?

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Rewatching Dark Cupid

*cracks knuckles* I’ve been looking forward to this one

Juleka’s secret little smile while her cute girlfriend Rose is gushing about true love <3

Nathanaël is carrying… an art project? Isn’t that the drawing of the bracelet from Rogercop? Idk what he’s doing with that… omg is it a present for someone??? Tomato son tell me everything

Tikki whoa


Also Justin Extra and Jean Duparc are hanging out together

This kid looks really sad, I guess Kim’s not the only one who got his heart broken today



This. This is an actual thing that actually happened on the show. This is the real, actual, 100% CANON EXPRESSION ON MAX’S FACE WHEN LOOKING AT KIM. I think I need to lie down.

That’s it, I’m dead. The Ladynoir scenes haven’t even happened yet and I’m dead. My nerd son’s overwhelming gay-ness killed me.

I love how there’s casually a poster of Adrien, with a copy of the exact same poster of Adrien stuck over the top. I also love how the weather girls + some other background children are fawning over him

Chloé’s copy of this exact same poster has a QR code on it, just thought you ought to know

Eat the chair

My son, why do you have a pen in your mouth? You’re not even writing anything that’s just so random

Hey isn’t this that same face Max was making earlier??? Like I’m not saying Max is in love with Kim or anything but like… he’s totally in love with Kim

I found Jean Duparc again

This is that same bridge where Princess Fragrance tries to marry Prince Ali, right? Seems kinda unlucky in this show

Okay I feel really sorry for Kim but WHY DID HE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. DID HE NOT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR MORE THAN LIKE ONE SECOND. I mean to be fair in Lady Wifi Chloé was pretending to cry all over him so like. Maybe he thought Chloé liked him. Maybe he managed to convince Max of this too. BUT SERIOUSLY KIM I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT BUT PLEASE. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN CHLOÉ.

Who is this jerk on a bicycle who cruelly splashed water on my poor son Kim, like THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM ON THIS BRIDGE, YOU DID NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PUDDLE OKAY

This pose just looks so Stereotypical Evil Mastermind, I love it

Hey it’s that kid I adopted in the Copycat episode

I’m sorry this is really dangerous? This guy could fall onto the steps or in the water… tbh I’m surprised the lady didn’t push him in when she got hit with the arrow

Alya why aren’t you looking at Nino’s messages omg (also she’s friends with Mylène, that’s really sweet, my little hobbit daughter deserves all the friendship and support)


Everyone looks awesome with black lipstick tbh. (Also I like that Dark Cupid treats platonic love just as importantly as romantic love. I mean it’s bad that he’s trying to split everyone up but like, it’s nice that he considers friendship so important.)

Yeah Marinette, hiding behind this bench will totally stop people seeing you transforming


Sabrina has an eight pack, Sabrina is shredded

This competent fabulous evil flying being of awesomeness is actually my trash son Kim… I guess anyone can achieve anything (also in the French dub his voice got so growly like wow it’s almost as cool as English dub Evillustrator)

This is the coolest pose Hawk Moth has ever done in the show

I don’t think Max and Juleka are the only gay classmates tbh

And so we are all connected in the great circle of life…”

Ladybug… remember who you are… you are my son and the rightful king of Pride Rock”

I love this guy and his plant. My new faves

Sabrina’s nails are purple

“Ba-ta-la-ta-la-ta!” I can’t believe Dark Cupid is actually Baymax

Did she just jump on his head??? Ladybug what the heck he could have died

I love that Lucky Charm didn’t fix this

“Why do I suddenly ship Ladynoir???” (Hey… psst… Kim! Since Chloé didn’t want that brooch, you could always … you know… give it to Max  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Stuff that happened at CDP

First of all I’ve got to say sorry because I told you that I was going to record a fancam and I did… until my card got full at the end of the warmup *facepalm* so I’ll still post the warmup tomorrow but yeah.

And thank fuck god for @pink-paperblossom​ that I planned to meet with and that warned me that a marathon was blocking the way for me to get there in time!

Now let’s go to the good stuff.

Now let me ask you something, we all have specific(s) image(s) attached to an event right ? Like frames behind your eyelids ? Because I’ll have many for this event but what I’ll remember first when thinking about it isn’t the amazing program Shoma pulled, but *clear throat*THE FACT THAT WHEN I WHEN I WAS STILL IN THE ENTRY SEARCHING FOR @pink-paperblossom SHOMA BRUSHED PASSED ME AND STARTED TALKING WITH TAKAHITO WHO WERE LIKE 3 FT AWAY FROM ME, WTF DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK






I STILL HAVE CAN’T BELIEVE IT I’M SO HAPPY (also what is focus lmao)








weirdmageddon was amazing! FAR better than most finales tend to be.

i wanted to know what the zodiac thing was all about though… i’d never seen it before but it was obviously important to the fans who had theorised about it…. couldnt we at least see what it would have done???? it didn’t have to be the final conflict!

ANYWAY i dont have as much to say about gravity falls as adventure time for obvious reasons so im going to rank it… Without further ado, it’s time to heavily overthink about cartoons!!!

Animation: 5 out of 5 hats - this is one of the most BRILLIANTLY ANIMATED childrens cartoon shows ive seen. there’s no weird inbetweens, the lighting for each scene is absolutely spot-on, it looks and feels amazing! honestly gravity falls looks like one of the strongest arguments for using script-driven shows instead of storyboard-driven shows, because cartoon network has never in its life produced something that looks this good.  When it used 3D CGI it was implemented smoothly. The characters had no absence of body language and cues either, it was never boring to look at. Disney does it again!!!

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Live Drunk Watch of Sherlock s01e03 "The Great Game"

From the studio that drunk-watched TSoT, TRF, and TSoT again, we bring you: “The Great Game that Made Sherlock Realize He Loved John, like Love Loved Him. Also There’s a Moriarty”

This round, the rules are as follows: Drink every time you want to smack their heads together, lips first.

Here we go!

- I really dont get the point of this Belarus scene except to point out that Sherlock hates bad grammar. He flew all the way for this? Drove? Where’s Belarus?

- God, has his voice always been this deep? I’ve been reading fic all wrong.

- Drink every time a scene opens with making you think sherlock is getting a blowjob

- Oh my god John is all shy when he asks if he liked his first case blog entry.

- disclaimer i have read a thousand fics amd watched zero episodes in months, so actually seeing them on screen is a bit of a trip and i should not have mixed this with alcohol i am not prepared send help send

- Newsflash john aint mad cuz you insulted his blog, hes mad cuz you said nothing else matters but the work. NEW MIRROR: JOHN = SOLAR SYSTEM. THATS WHY LATER SHERLICK,CALLS THE STARS BEAUTIFUL. JOHN THOUGHT SHERLOCK WOULD DELETE HIM BUT HE DIDNT. IM DYING.

- oh my god instead of greeting mrs h he just spreads out on the couch like a cat, oh my god

- ok plot hole, john was literally thirty yards from the flat when it exploded. There’s no way he didnt hear it. By the timing of the scene, he coulda been in the blast. Everything from the flat exploding on is in Johns mind bungalow. Explosion Mind Palace.

- What the hell is a lilow, why wont anyone tell me. is it the same as a “lino”?

- There are 0.000009 reasons why John didnt sleep in Sarah’s bed and all of them are named Just Had a Domestic with my Boyfriend.

- Say hi to Travis, hes the one guy in Production that has to light John’s eyelashes at all time. He gets paid more than Sue.

- I want the inner monologue of johns self fladjulating tube ride


- Did he say Battersea station for the smashed in head guy? Is that important?

- I want to marry Johns hair in this episode. Sherlocks hair can officiate.

- Theres so much exposition. This is episode 3.

- My favorite thing about the Speedys sign is that it implies the three meals of the day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Pasta.

- I love how John does his shoulder walk as soon as sherlock says to get his phone out of his pocket. He’s not tense cuz he’s annoyed, he’s tense because he’s summoning the memory of Afghanistan to avoid a boner. Shameful

- Oh gawd it’s trainer deducing time. I need another drink.

- This whole show is Sgerlock making john do things he doeznt wanna do. Like confront his sexuality.

- Carl powers, child with big feet, is sherlock. Stay with me here. Big feet equals libido. Carl came from Sussex (sussex is where shelrock’s crime brain retires and his heartslashdick takes over). Suffered from exzema = discomfort with skin (outer visibility, opinions of the masses). Carl is also a symbol of sherlock before trauma, wbere he began supressing his humanity. Drowned in the pool (emotion). Only moriarty remembers (he knows where sherlocks heart is). The shoes are john because they reopen the case. Also they are an old soul/sole but well loved. Nibody noticed they were missing except Sherlock. And he found them in Baker st. Is this a meta? Or am i drunk?

- Why does their kitchen door slide.

- “I’m not ignoring it. Putting my BEST MAN onto it right now.”
“Good. Who’s that?”
Ummm hiii TSoT, how are you. Leave please.

- Did john wear a suit and tie just to see mycroft??? Cuuuute season 1 babyyyy

- I love how they call businessmen City Boys. Why is everything British so much cuter/pornier.

- Sally shouts “Fishing. Try fishing,” at John and then he immediately grabs Sherlock’s card and follows him. Honey i think John is the fish.

- I misremembered the Height of his Cheekbones

- Connie Prince is Culverton Smith, pass it on. This started out drunk and fun but now its all wild hair and peanuts.

- Around the world is Czech Republic, Cornwall, and Yorkshire.

- John doesn’t like pussy.

- I have drank too much

- Mrs. H said “I should never wear cerise. It drains me.” LOOK UP THE COLOR CERISE. Is that not the exact color the pink lady was wearing? Is mrs H the pink lady cuz she brought them together?


- Travis had to work hard during the Prince house scene.

- House boy???? Seriously britain???

- When sherlock sends the blog posts it sounds like a man breathing in. Like irenes texts are a woman breathing out. Somethin there. Lazy.

- Old lady got shot for saying moriarty sounded “so soft.” Ha. Nothing there to analyze, i imagine. Carrybon.

- My favorite thing in tjis epsiode are lazy news graphics and lestrades dad tummy


- Sherlock is passive aggressive and john falls for it. Every. Time.

- John is Peak Bangs here. Peak Bangs.
(Fringe, sorry lie lows)

- You can see the Golem’s shadow for a second while Sherlock is explaining him to Lestrade. And these people “accidentally” let John’s hair grow 12 inches in an hour in s4.

- Lestrade saying “and happy new year” after sherlock says “meritricious” is the new “God bless you” after a sneeze. Pass it on.

- The painting is a fake. The old art is a lie. You can tell because the stars are new. HINT HINT.

- “Strawberry jam on the line” is sherlock in TRF, ya welcome.

- Memory stick seems important but turns out to be meaningless to the villain. HMMM SEEMS INSIGNIFICANT AND NONE OF SEASON 4 IS IN SHERLICKS HEAD

- “What would you like me to make him say next?” HOW ABOUT ITS NOT ALL FINE I WANT YOU

- God, you guys, just kiss

- Seirously, all it would take is a little pencil on top of Moriarty’s arches and then brush a brow gel upward. He has a good shape and density already, he just needs the thickness.

- - I loce.johns little nod at sherlock befor ehe pointed the gun at the jacket. One inch of chin movement = go ahead, kill us all. Like an old marrie dcouple, these two.

It's 2am and I have work tomorrow so logically I decided it was the perfect time to rewatch national treasure:

1) I forgot nick cages characters full name is Benjamin Franklin Gates (lololololol)

2)❤️riley poole❤️

3) is it still impossible to marry fictional characters. because riley poole.

4) not enough zombies.

5) not enough riley poole.

6) nick cages hair in this movie is atrocious. though no worse than his hair in any other of his movies so


8) one time in eighth grade I went to DC and saw that room that has that declaration. I wish I’d thought to steal it.

9) riley poole.

10) everyone knows the washington monument looks like like a penis right?

11) is this movie really 12 years old? Jesus.

12) where is national treasure 3, I’m owed.

13) how did riley and nick cage even meet I feel like that’s important backstory.


15) sometimes I forget science is a thing. I need to stock up on lasers and invisible finger print solution.

16) this is the best movie

17) I hate in movies how people ring the bell and the door gets answered immediately. no one sits at the front door and waits for the doorbell to ring.


19) I forgot diane kruger has an accent.


21) the part with benjamin franklins stupid looking glasses is my favorite: “I found some kind of ocular device” SHUT UP NICK CAGE THEY’RE GLASSES YOU’RE NOT FANCY


23) never mind my favorite part is when she hides behind the meat counter from her “ex husband” and the sassy black lady saves her bacon (hehehe see what I did there)

24) it’s good that everyone in this movie has terrible aim with a gun. Otherwise it’d be a much shorter movie.


26) god can you imagine what this movie would have looked like with anyone other than nick cage?

27) see good guys and bad guys can work together if they both want the same thing badly enough





32) aaaaand bad guy is going to jail. all in a day’s work.

33) aaawwwww riley loves his Porsche. I love riley. The end. Now it’s 4am and I’m going to bed.

anonymous asked:

could i request RFA + V w/ a super snarky, tsundere MC who has a hard time being vulnerable even though they do genuinely love their s/o? your hcs are super in character and just. aaaaAAAH

sorry for late reply, been lacking motivation haha - i love this because i’m a lot a bit of a tsundere myself! well i know at least i’m p fricken snarky, those this won’t be hard to write lmao


  • quite put off from it at first, actually
  • every time he’d be his usual narcissistic self you were there not to lift his spirits but actually…put him down?
  • of course you would never admit you agreed with literally everything he said because he really is perfect and handsome and amazing
  • it damaged his ego quite a bit because he couldn’t see through you at all
  • you realised this, so you toned it down a bit (from “pfff, you might not be as handsome as you think you are lmao” to “you’re not half bad but i wouldn’t call you strikingly handsome” you would tho)
  • once you started doing this however, he started to realise this whole time that you were simply a tsundere
  • so he got rather teasing, especially once you met in person
  • “you don’t think i’m handsome? babe, your red face says otherwise.”
  • it really grows on him so eventually he’s madly in love with it
  •  “you know i’m perfect. but that’s okay, you are too~”
  •  “i’m not perfect. nobody’s perfect.”
  • “and you call yourself a nobody. so! maybe that makes you more perfect than i am?”
  • whenever he wins you just kinda melt and die on the inside
  • he looooves teasing you


  • actually very intimidated tbh
  • he gets intimidated by most people with strong personalities like yours, it’s just kinda scary
  • you often scold him on his gaming habits and he thinks because the way you word things that you’re trying to insult him, not look out for him
  • of course that’s exactly what you want him to think
  • he doesn’t even realise he has a crush on you, but he does and his bad habits are slowly decreasing cause of you
  • eventually, the poor bab goes to Seven for advice and oh boy, Seven can see through that act even without his glasses
  • he sits Yoosung down and is all like “boi
  • it really raises his self-esteem so he’s a lot more confident when around you now
  • you notice that, not knowing why of course, and can’t help but be even more hopelessly attracted to him
  • but he’s persistent, eventually he breaks your shell and confesses to you everything
  • your only thought was how the bloody fuck did Seven find out
  • you end up dating Yoosung but you now have a grudge towards Seven lmao
  • Yoosung owes him


  • she doesn’t like you is her first impression
  • what that actually means is she’s hopelessly attracted to you and loooooves your sassy demeanour
  • she needs someone sassy to contrast to how dull she can be (no offense to the baehee)
  • but here’s the issue,,, she’s also a tsundere,,, more of a kuudere actually
  • so you both try to bring up girlfriends casually in a chat to see if the other swings that way whilst both trying to hide it
  • “pfff, i don’t need no girlfriend!! i’m an independent woman!!!”
  • “girlfriend? you never told me you like girls too. not that it matters, i just didn’t know that.”
  • “i mean,,, i did just say i didn’t need one”
  • “ah, i see. i don’t really need a girlfriend right now either. working as an assistant is hard.”
  • //both of you casually sweating behind the screens
  • literally 90% of the buildup to your relationship is just “shit did she find out i like her”
  • its actually fucking adorable lmao
  • Jaehee’s all super professional n shit so it kinda intimidates you,, what if she actually was too busy to have a girlfriend??? and she never said directly that she liked girls so-
  • eventually you get into a small argument over something petty and you’re like “you’re so gay lmao”
  • Jaehee figures now out of all times would be a good time (at least now it wouldn’t look like she’s trying to hit on you) to say “i actually am lesbian, are you against lgbt+ people? that’s extremely disrespectful.”
  •  both of you are silent and then Seven comes in and is like “finally you said it, now hurry up and get married or something we both know you like each other jeez”
  • you both say “we don’t!” at the same time
  • you do


  • instantly fell for you as soon as you gave your first sassy remark
  • of course he didn’t realise this till later, but he’s always been drawn to more confident and defiant women, as the annoying women he’s used to are either too sickeningly nice or too snooty and posh
  • it’s like a breath of fresh air to him, and in all honesty he just really loves a girl who can actually say no and stand up for herself
  • whenever Seven brings up romantic interests, you’re always like “i’m an independent woman who don’t need no man!!” and Jumin is crushed because he can’t see through you yet
  • yet
  • jumin is that one person who goes onto wikihow and yahoo answers to find advice for crushes (what a dork lmao)
  • cause one moment he’s 99% sure you like him and the next moment your comments ruin all his hopes and dreams
  • but finally, it just clicks
  • “she’s a tsundere”
  • yes, he did look that shit up on urban dictionary
  • he’s a little uncertain, but when you agree to come to his house to comfort him (after comforting him in your own little way - “don’t get so worked up about it, it’s just some dumbass bitch you can deal with this, stop whining”) he realises this is the real deal
  • he’s constantly teasing you subtly and you think its just you taking things the wrong way since you’re madly in love with him
  • he’s surprisingly good at being subtle
  • by day three at his house you just snap and confess everything, and cover your mouth after realising what you just did
  • he smirks, gets up and pins you against the wall
  • i’ll let your imagination decide if it was just a makeout session or ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • forgive me why do all my jumin hcs end up with you against the wall-


  • this dork watches anime so he’s well-versed with the tsunderes
  • he’s secretly always had a soft spot for them
  • so of course he’s head over heels for you just a little too quickly
  • he just loves to annoy you and tease you
  • although to be fair, he does get kinda tsun-tsun himself whenever you tease him
  • but most of the time its just him annoying you and you love it but will never let him know that
  • istg he rewatched toradora like 5 times because of you
  • i spose you’re not as extreme as taiga but he takes notes
  • eventually he decides to invite you over and watch toradora with you
  • you’re just like “wow she’s so mean and dumb”
  • and seven just smirks “look at yourself before saying anything”
  • he’s just snickering in the corner
  • realization hits you like a brick that he knew this whole time
  • he can tell by the look on your face that his brick landed on the bullseye
  • then he asks
  • “will you be the taiga to my ryuuji?”
  • “maybe…moron.”
  • “i’m taking that as a yes.”


  • he will fall for you quickly
  • but jaehee and seven (post-mint eye) are warning him that this type of relationship with someone like you is unhealthy
  • they’re scared
  • they’re just worried you might treat him like Rika did, they’re just protective of their bby
  • you don’t care about that tho you love this man to death
  • but ofc he can’t know that
  • he heeds their warnings and decides he isn’t gonna hurt himself like that again, but everyone knows the real reason he’s laying off is for them, not him
  • this makes you sad but whatever right,, you’re tough
  • after months of him drawing you in then pushing you away, you get furious at him and accidentally spill the beans again
  • he really wants to be with you but he feels like he shouldn’t
  • he can’t resist kissing you in the moment though
  • instantly regrets it after
  • he tells the rfa what happened and they finally decide to let you guys date
  • happily ever after


  • he’ll probably keep his distance at first
  • so it’ll have to be you approaching him rather than him approachign you, which is extremely difficult with your personality
  • you try to keep it as casual as possible
  • making the poor child think he’s in the friendzone
  • so he tries to be romantic but he’s really not good with it
  • he ends up kinda just like,, forcefully hugging you then looking away and saying nothing
  • lots of silent (apart from your snarky quips) yet comfortable cuddles
  • “are you hugging me?”
  • “…”
  • “omg. you’re actually hugging me, you, the cold-hearted saeran-”
  • “shut up.”
  • other times itll be in his favour, but it doesn’t last as long
  • “you’re hugging me back?”
  • “shut up.”
  • it gets to the point where you’re basically a couple just without the title or the kissing
  • seven points this out like a good brother
  • saeran’s just kinda like “so?”
  • seven has to be blunt and is just like “dude u like each other get married already”
  • it was direct, but it worked

AT LAST i finally posted a headcanon are yall proud im so sorry you guys

MTVS Epic Rewatch #171


BTVS 6x18 Entropy

Stray thoughts


2)   Don’t you just love it when your OTP do stuff together?


BUFFY: I am not telling my friends about us.
SPIKE: Right, I’ll just be dropping him down to you then.
BUFFY: You wanna tell them so badly? Go ahead. You know why? I tried to kill my friends, my sister, last week… and guess how much they hate me. Zero. Zero much. So I’m thinking, sleeping with you? They’ll deal.

And yet, she wouldn’t come clean… I don’t think she was afraid they’d hate her. I think she feared they’d shame her and judge her, much like Xander did by the end of the episode. And at the same time, I think in a way Buffy wanted Spike to be her thing, even if they weren’t really together and they weren’t having sex anymore.

4) I love this vamp’s WTF reaction so much!

SPIKE: In that case, why won’t you sleep with me again?

5)   I thought country was the music of pain, Xander.

Also, what’s up with that pinky? You’re drinking beer, dude, it’s not the 5 o’clock tea with Cheryl and the gals at the country club.

6)   It’s really cute to watch Willow and Tara be all flirty and cute like in the beginning.

WILLOW: We should have some coffee some time. Uh, maybe some day… this week after class?
TARA:  I’m free tomorrow.
WILLOW: Uh, you could, you could bring your friend.
TARA: I wasn’t gonna - I mean, if you have a friend-
WILLOW: No!  I’m, oh, I-I’m friendless.
TARA: Yeah, yeah, no friends. I mean, I have friends-
WILLOW: Right, many dear friends, yeah.

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anonymous asked:

idk if it's all in my head but i couldn't help but notice how yousef and elias's clothes almost matched in the imagine clip? and the way the 'reunion' between them and even focused on them both more so than the rest of the balloon squad. what could it mean? all these possible connections are confusing me tbh.

hey! i rewatched the part of the “imagine” clip where we see them well close together and their clothes are kinda all black so i thought i should go back to all the scenes they’ve had together and i haven’t found them to match most of the time

i totally agree with the focus being on them at the karaoke when even stopped singing more than on mikael tho. it’s something me and other people have been saying. that it seems like the mikael/even connection is a lure. we’re pushed to look for mikael in every shot and believe this is mostly about him and even. but i’m thinking more and more whatever happened was more between even and yousef. yousef looks really annoyed when he sees even and then turns to sana. he’s not looking fondly at her like “oh i see what you did, this is so nice of you to try and reunite the squad”…no he just looks annoyed/a bit angry. and elias grabs him as well, like i said in my meta for the clip. elias doesn’t look for mikael. he grabs yousef when he sees even.
and so far we’ve always seen yousef react more strongly to even than mikael.
and we still haven’t seen the fb battle pic. and what does the pic do? connect even to yousef.

and elias and yousef don’t really match most of the time but you who does? yousef and mikael. it’s something we’ve noticed since the “fy faen” clip and that keeps happening. yousef and mikael are generally wearing same matching colours (or, at the gym for example, they’re the only ones wearing a bandana).

but yeah, elias sure seems to know more than we might think. he had a strong reaction to even’s name in the hei briskeby vid as well.

so yeah my thought, more and more, is that yousef lied about what happened to sana. or at least left a lot of things out of his story. that whatever happened ended up causing more problems between yousef and even than mikael and even.

oh yeah so winter solstice part 1 and 2 is a great two-parter and they’re episode 7 and 8 of book 1, not 10 and 11 like you would expect for the “middle” of the season since atla seasons are 20 episodes long. but we know that atla was originally only picked up for 13 episodes (the blue spirit being the last episode they were guaranteed so they wanted to make it special in case the show didn’t continue), and i find this interesting because that’s the same length as the lok seasons (well, 12 14 13 13 close enough). (i mean, 13/26 is the standard industry episode order afaik, atla’s 20/21 was special)

what’s really interesting is that in season 2 if you look at episode 12 and 13 it’s the big “mid-season finale” two-parter the serpents’ pass and the drill, collectively referred to as the secret of the fire nation. (it wasn’t until book 3 that they split the season in half and put the mid-season two-parter as episode 10 and 11 (day of black sun part 1 and 2))

so basically atla book 1 and 2 were pretty much written as 13-episode seasons followed by an extra 7-episode miniseries afterwards, this is especially evident in book 2 when the extra 7 episodes are all a very tight ba sing se story arc.

i feel like this realization enhances my understanding of atla/lok’s writing, like

  • atla book 1 first 13 episodes vs lok book 2 all 14 episodes
    • 2-part opening in southern water tribe, something spiritually important (aang/spirit portal) is unlocked
    • 2-part mid-season (episode 7&8) where the avatar meets the previous/first avatar for the first time and finds out the impending event– sozin’s comet/harmonic convergence– that ozai/unalaq will use to destroy the world and must be stopped before
  • atla book 2 first 13 episodes vs lok book 3 all 13 episodes
    • first 3 episodes are journey to omashu/ba sing se to learn earthbending/find airbenders
    • mid-season episode 6&7 is beifongs and zuko/lin flashback
    • episode 10/11 has them discover something about the fire nation/red lotus as well as set in the si wong desert and misty palms oasis
    • episode 12/13 is a two-part finale mostly fight scenes

like their choices for structuring lok were so weird, you guys already know i will forever be mad at them for making each season a different plot, but i feel like this similarity to atla wasn’t a smart move. like this is why book 2 and 3 are so weirdly paced, with book 2 i love the plot, worldbuilding, korra’s arc, etc, but i really can’t praise the structure/pacing. like when i’m cutting my lok book 2 edit i keep finding little changes that make it magically flow sooo much better, it’s great. they basically took the first half of atla book 1 and then stuck sozin’s comet on the end lmaoo. if you tighten it up it works really well as a standalone story, but the way they did it is kind of too slow and too fast at the same time

and then with book 3 i feel like this explains why i always found it underwhelming and anti-climactic, like it’s basically a carbon copy of the first 13 episodes of atla book 2– this is why everyone was soo in love with how atla it felt– BUT it doesn’t have the next 7 episodes… it worked in atla book 2 because episode 12 and 13 were the mid-season finale which fed into the climactic ba sing se arc, whereas in lok book 3 it doesn’t develop any ideas and then just ends the season– with a bang, yes, the finale is good, but the whole season doesn’t tell a story.

oh the curse of book 2 and 3, one has difficult times for the characters but tells a great story, the other one has fun times for the characters but doesn’t tell a story at all.

book 1 and 4 don’t really have direct comparisons to atla. like book 1 i think the structure/pacing are EXCELLENT and i think it’s because it’s its own thing. and then there’s book 4 which is just a huge disaster that is neither good on its own nor is it modeled on atla. makes ya think

First Born 9x11: Or the one where Robbie became the biggest Destiel shipper ever

“First Born” gave us a dose of Castiel that should (never) be enough to keep us alive for the coming 5 weeks without him (hoping Misha is indeed in 9x14 “Captives”, an episode written by Rob Berens, who gave us “Heaven Can’t Wait”). By this point, I hope that everybody who reads my reviews (meta?) knows that I always focus on Destiel, so any further discussion on the myth arc is not happening here.

Team Free Will were not together in this episode, but we got very gratifying moments between Dean & Crowley and Sam & Cas. Most importantly, we even got Destiel moments even though Dean and Cas were apart from each other. In fact, the first thing I have to say about this episode is ROBBIE, YOU’RE A FREAKING GENIUS! In my mind, Robbie Thompson has confirmed his position as a Destiel shipper, and he has done it in the most elegant way possible. But let’s discuss this more thoroughly.

I don’t really know if I should bring this up, but I guess I’ll try because some people always find a way to scream “no homo” to their screens. The scene at the bar? Dean glancing at the waitress? Please, don’t say it was the “no homo” part of the episode! The waitress was flirting. Dean just glanced at her the way even I would glance at any man or woman who smiled at me and gave me the once-over in such an obvious flirting way. Why was the person flirting with him not a male? Because… reasons!! There’s a time and place for everything and this episode was not for addressing something of the sort. I think we (Destiel shippers) agree that Dean is bisexual, right? So let’s not be hypocrites and scream “no homo” every time Dean interacts with/smiles at/glances at a woman. Being bisexual is not about being 50/50. You should memorize that and remember it every time you see Dean and Cas interact with females. If you are one of those who are always complaining about it (been there, done that), then you should read a little more about bisexuality because I’m afraid you don’t know the term as well as you thought. You think the glance was unnecessary? Maybe you’re right. But if it was there, there must be a reason, so instead of freaking out, try to ask yourself why they thought they needed that in the scene. My personal answer (and it’s ok if you don’t agree) is that Dean’s self-esteem is at the lowest point you could ever imagine. When you’re like that, when you think so little of yourself, you crave other people’s attention. You want to feel valued, loved, appreciated, and you look for that in all the wrong places. When you don’t love yourself, it’s easy to be promiscuous and pretend to enjoy it. Unfortunately, that only makes you feel emptier afterward. At his lowest points, Dean always finds comfort in sex because he knows what to do around ladies to make them want him, but that’s just proof of how much he objectifies himself and how little he thinks he deserves to be wanted for who he is not for what he does. I can assure you that if Crowley hadn’t showed up, Dean would have hooked up with that waitress and it would have been just another meaningless one night stand. Even Crowley noticed this evidence of Dean’s self-denigration. (“This bar is a bust. That waitress is trouble with a capital VD”). And I’m sure Robbie wrote those lines to make sure the audience noticed too. That being said, “it’s time to move on to more pressing matters” (see what I did there? Lol)

Meanwhile, Castiel is staying at the Bunker with Sam and OMG ROBBIE, that sandwich! The conversation about PB&J. That was so brilliant that I really need to apologize in advance for overwhelming you with all my Destiel feels.

Castiel: When I was human, I had to eat constantly. It was kind of annoying.

Sam: Yeah, a lot of human things are pretty annoying.

Castiel: But, I enjoyed the taste of food, particularly peanut butter and grape jelly, not jam, jam I found unsettling.

Sam: So, what? Now you can’t taste PB&J?

Castiel: No, I… taste every molecule.

Sam: Not some of its parts, uh?

Castiel: It’s overwhelming. It’s disgusting. I miss you PB&J.

Castiel is an angel now and he’s eating, which tells us that it’s possible for him to do it even though he doesn’t need it. However, the experience was very different when he was human. He felt things he hadn’t felt before, and he enjoyed them, though he sometimes thought the urge (to eat) was annoying. He learned to make distinctions between the things he liked and didn’t like. But now that he’s an angel again, he can tell that what he feels in the same circumstances is different because he has something to compare it to. Now he knows that being an angel gives him an infinite understanding of things in such a broad way that he cannot really enjoy it the way he used to when he was human. And you know what? He misses that. He misses what he felt when he was human. He misses PB&J although we all know that Robbie wrote those lines that took one whole minute to tell us something more about Cas, something that has nothing to do with food and everything to do with Cas’ feelings (of regret, guilt, empathy, friendship, love). Why is this important for Destiel? I think it’s obvious. Cas was created to love (God, his brothers and sisters, humans) and he had a huge understanding of what love was supposed to be, but he had never REALLY experienced it, embraced it, or even enjoyed it. We all know that Cas loves Dean, very much, but did Cas know that there are different types of love? What did he feel when he was human? Maybe pain in 9x03 when Dean kicked him out of the Bunker? Confusion, frustration, anger and sadness in 9x06 where Dean was involved? Pain again in 9x09 when Dean sent him away once more? What did Cas learn from his experience as human? What did Cas learn about his feelings for Dean? Did what happened with/to Dean affect him as much as anything that happened with/to Sam or with/to the other angels? What did he learn from his experience with April? Did he ever feel like being intimate with someone else the way his body knew how to do when April initiated intimacy? No wonder why Cas thought some urges/needs were annoying! My point is that there is a question we haven’t been given the answer yet, simply because Cas DIDN’T KNOW THE ANSWER. (8X17)

Dean: What broke the connection?

Castiel: I don’t know.

Do I really have to remind you that Robbie Thompson wrote 8x17? I think that now Cas is getting closer to understanding the answer that we have known all along. Yes, that answer we all (even casual viewers) screamed at our screens the night 8x17 aired.


Dean was the one who broke the connection. The love Cas feels for Dean is what broke the connection. But what kind of love is it? Robbie clearly gave us the answer in 9x04. Platonic love cannot overcome mind control (Haggerty couldn’t save his friend Jerkins). Familial love cannot overcome mind control (Charlie couldn’t save Dean –and we all know she’s like his little sister). So… what kind of love is powerful enough to overcome mind control? ROMANTIC LOVE! (That’s a trope, in case you didn’t know). By the way, who wrote 9x04? OH YES, ROBBIE FUCKING-AWESOME THOMPSON! Do you see why I think Robbie is an elegant Destiel shipper through and through? But that’s not all. We’re still missing some important things. So let’s continue.

How many times did Cas mention Dean’s name? Seriously, what the hell? The moment he noticed something odd in Sam, the first thing he said was “Maybe we should call Dean”. Then he voluntarily brought Dean up to Sam to try to defend him and fix things between the brothers.

Castiel: Sam, the trials… you chose not to go through with them for a reason, didn’t you? You chose to live rather than to sacrifice yourself. You and Dean, you chose each other.

Sam: Yeah, I did. We did. And then… Dean made the choice for me.

Castiel: What Dean did…

Sam: It doesn’t matter what Dean did. Look, I could have put a stop to all of this, Cas, I could have closed the gates of hell…

Castiel: No, Sam…

Sam: Dean’s gone, ok? This is on me now and if I can find Gadreel, I can fix this.

When Sam said “Dean’s gone”, I kind of expected Castiel to pout, like a teenager who’s been told by their parents that they can’t have their boyfriend come over.

Also, I can’t help but notice the way Cas phrased his question to Sam: “Why must the Winchesters run toward death?” He didn’t say “Why must YOU run toward death?” He was talking to Sam and had Sam’s life in his hands, but he was also thinking about Dean. Apparently, Cas can’t get Dean out of his mind. Later on, Cas looked at the PB&J sandwich and what it represents and decided that nothing was worth losing Sam. The way Cas healed Sam was not very gentle. We could even hear the thump when Sam’s head hit the chair. When I rewatched the episode, I couldn’t help laughing because all I could think was “Cas is tired of your bullshit, you stubborn son of a bitch.” Then we had this:

Castiel: Being human didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I mean, I can relate now to how you feel.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Castiel: The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you is me. And now I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry.

Sam: I know.

Castiel: You know, old me, I would have just kept going. I would have jammed that needle in deeper until you died because the ends always justified the means. But what I went through, that PB&J taught me that angels can change, so… who knows? Maybe Winchesters can, too.

That speech was BEAUTIFUL for so many reasons. Beautiful because Sam needed to hear such words (considering his self-worth is very low, too, poor baby). Beautiful because in the end, Cas got to show Sam (and us) that there’s still hope for the Winchester brothers and that they can get rid of their freaking codependency (they can still change). Beautiful because it shows us huge character development for Castiel. How can people be upset because they say Cas was OOC? That was the point!! This is a new Cas. Old cas would have just killed Sam. Cas said it himself! Beautiful because it shows us that even though Cas felt sorry and guilty in the past (seasons 7 and 8), he now understands that he didn’t know what it really meant to feel that way. And that, my friends, is true for all the feelings Cas experienced while human. (Yes!! Love included!!).

And last but not least, the Cain-Abel-Colette and Dean-Sam-Castiel parallels. Please, don’t insult Robbie’s intelligence by saying there are no parallels after I have proved to you how Robbie connected 8x17 and 9x04 to 9x11 (episodes that HE wrote). Robbie is a brilliant man and if we ever doubted how much he ships Destiel, I think we can put away those doubts.

I think we all saw Robbie’s tweet. Now that we have seen 9x11, can someone tell me what 5x13, 6x20 and 9x11 have in common?  

Some people made the connection pretty fast, (X) but I’m sure no one actually expected to hear the line so blatantly obvious.

Cain: I’ve tried, I’ve tried, Colette, to see myself as you did. But I know who I am, and what I am. I know YOU WATCH OVER ME still, but I need you to look away now.

Cain actually prayed to Colette, with the same faith we’ve seen Dean pray to Cas. And what he said before this prayer is an accurate description of Cas in Dean’s life.

Cain: She knew who I was, what I was. She loved me unconditionally. She forgave me.

If 9x10 and 9x11 have showed us something is how unconditionally Cas loves Dean, how ready he is to forgive Dean (even when Dean can’t forgive himself). Cas knows Dean; he even saw Dean in hell when Dean was torturing souls. Cas has seen the darkest parts of Dean’s soul and he still sees Dean differently, as worthy of salvation, redemption, and love –though Dean can’t see himself that way yet. Casual viewers may not remember all this. Casual viewers may not even know all this because maybe they haven’t watched previous seasons (but they must have watched the previous episode). What I really want to emphasize here is that the fandom does know all this. And Robbie pointed us in the direction of the episodes he wanted THE FANDOM to remember. ROBBIE THOMPSON, SERIOUSLY, CAN I MARRY YOU?

The last minutes of this marvelous episode gave us THE HUG. Sam and Cas! Wow! That was sooooo good! I think I can still hear the “just da brothers” fans moaning and grunting in the distance. All the people who think Sam doesn’t like Cas or vice versa, all the people who think Destiel shippers hate Sam… let me revel in my tears of joy. THE HUG will be one of the most memorable moments of the show, IMHO. (Now let’s just hope Cas has the chance to show Dean that he learned how to give a hug properly). By the way, poor Cas wanted to bring Dean up in the conversation until the very end of the episode.

Castiel: You know Sam, we could use all the help we could get to find Gadreel and Metatron.

If season 8 showed us clearly how much Dean wanted Cas to stay with them, season 9 is showing us how much Cas wants Dean to be with them. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna drown in my own feels over these two idjits.

To end this incredibly long meta (I’m not sure if it’s meta, but at least I try), I’ll attempt to share my peace of mind with you, guys. Some people are worried because Cain had to kill Abel to save his soul and accidentally killed Colette when trying to kill Abaddon. They think this means Dean will have to kill Sam to save him and will accidentally kill Cas. Killing Cas off would be a dick move and they know it. I’m gonna play the Misha card here, but no one in their right mind would kill Cas off and risk a gigantic drop in ratings. Besides, I firmly believe that the end-game for our three boys will be a happy one. We already know what Sam wants (a wife and his apple pie life) and that’s gonna be his end-game. We’re starting to realize what Cas wants (because he’s finally discovering it himself) and that’s gonna be his end-game (saving people, hunting things, being human, staying with Dean). Now we just need Dean to get rid of the poison he has inside (codependency) so he finally stops hating himself and discovers what he really wants (somewhere along the lines of saving people, hunting things, having a healthy relationship with his brother, and staying with Cas –“Nobody wants him here more than I do”) and that’s gonna be his end-game. For this to be true, the three of them need to STAY ALIVE! So, NOPE, I’m not worried about the boys dying, but I’m aware that we’re gonna suffer A LOT because shit is gonna get more serious in the rest of season 9 and it’s gonna get even worse in season 10.

“There’s always something with you boys, isn’t there??!!“ We better be ready!

Back at it again with the long post and theories...

Oh hey Rosewood residents,

Kate here <3 And I’m back at it again with the long post and theories! First things first, I was out of commission for 2 weeks with the worst flu and ear infection of my life.. coincidentally the same week PLL was NOT on. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS, MARLENE!! I also ended my Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the ER, so it’s been less than fun over here…

But while I’ve been too sick and weak to type, I’m never too sick to think so grab a little snack (and a PLL-mom approved glass of wine) and buckle in to hear my crazy take on this ride that is Pretty Little Liars EndgAme! I’m going to break my thoughts down into sections so y'all can easily skip around if you would like!

First things first (I’m the realest)… (I am also old and found that funny - don’t judge me!) Let’s travel back to what feels like forever ago… and the reveal that Ali is, indeed, carrying Emily’s baby. I wanted to make the following point but then was bedridden, so the original thought comes before we viewed 7x15…


Yup. They went there. We finally have confirmation (btw, BRILLIANT acting by Sasha in the reveal scene at the baby store!) that Ali is carrying Emily’s stolen-egg baby. I saw a lot of reaction to this in the fandom, a lot of “I knew this would happen” (the best one being my amazing brother’s live blog response!) and a lot of “I was afraid they would do this”.. I saw a lot of comments bashing the storyline and a lot praising it for reiterating just how well-and-truly-evil AD actually is. But I didn’t see ANY reaction that mirrored my own… IN A SHOW WHERE SO LITTLE IS ABLE TO BE FIGURED OUT (by a fandom who spends hours and hours rewatching, blogging, theorizing, screen-capturing), WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS SO OBVIOUS?! Yes, I realize I could be giving the showrunners too much credit here, but as an adult in her mid-thirties who has spent an abnormal amount of time trying to figure out answers and outcomes for this show and constantly figuring out NOTHING, WHY WAS THIS SO EASY TO DEDUCE. Well, to answer that I’m going to reference a movie many of you are probably to young to have seen… Years ago, a brilliant suspense/mystery movie called The Others came out (it starred Nicole Kidman - remember her!?) Anyway, the movie was awesome and mysterious and about halfway through anyone who is paying attention starts to put together the clues and its SO exciting but then you almost get annoyed that the characters in the movie aren’t putting 2 and 2 together, but you’re all proud of yourself for figuring it out, and BAM! Seriously out of left field the twist comes and you realize you were COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG and just lead to believe you’d figured it out… [side note: I watched this movie multiple times after my first viewing with friends who were seeing it for the first time and let me tell you, at the same point that I originally “figured out the mystery” they did too and were SO DAMN SMUG about it, one going as far to say “You know, I actually find it sooo hard to enjoy movies like this because I’m too smart and always figure it out and get bored waiting for the ending”… yeah, she shut up really fucking quick when she saw she was wrong). ANYWAYS (sorry, I ramble)… I’m kind of wondering if this whole Ali/Emily baby thing was made obvious to throw us off in a way. So many of us saw it coming and because we had “figured it out”, we didn’t think to look beyond waiting for the confirmation that we were right.. MARK MY WORDS, THERE IS MORE TO THIS THAN WE ARE SEEING because we’ve all been so stuck on having figured it out or being mad about it… What I keep coming back to is who the father is and who did the insemination… Ali tells Emily she remembers the procedure when she was locked up in Welby. THIS IS A HUGE CLUE OR POINT TO CONSIDER. I mean, clearly all official places in Rosewood are run by a bunch of dumbfucks (Rosewood Police, I’m looking at you…. until the delicious Furey showed up that is) and yes, clearly “Rollins” was lying about his identity in order to be a practicing doctor there… but they ARE NOT going to let some rando in a black hoodie and gloves come in with a turkey baster and shove it up some patient’s hoo-ha. THIS HAD TO BE AN INSIDE JOB! Maybe Rollins was playing the AD game and was forced to do it? That I don’t know. We DO know that AD stole Emily’s eggs… so somehow, Emily’s eggs were fertilized and inseminated into Ali… I’m still thinking on this one… I would love if someone would think about it too and tell me their thoughts because seriously, I think they duped us here (brilliantly!) by making the baby storyline obvious and having us focus on THAT rather than the real clues being shared…

Now that we’ve seen 7x15 and know that Ali is going through with the pregnancy and know that Emily wants the baby and know that they are trying to figure out who the father is, I feel like I am right in their being more to this.


Before I theorize, I just want to point out that I feel this was one of the best PLL episodes ever and don’t think Troian’s directing is a coincidence…. clearly this woman is talented, thoughtful and really GETS how this show should be done. Absolutely brilliant from start to stop and OH MAN the acting has been spot on from all of them..  And now onto the details.


Ohhhh Ostinato. You shady little bastard!! Gavin and I noticed at the same time that Ezra had a small, clear earpiece in his ear while he and Aria were arguing (as he was preparing to head to the airport). Now, let me start with this: I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND THAT HE IS TROTTING OFF TO HELP NICOLE. I have been SOOOOO suspicious for a long while now about this… we only have his word that he’s “helping Nicole”. Yes yes, there was the article Aria saw in the magazine while she was with Holden, but those pictures were all clearly taken on the same day. Do I think *some* of the times he’s gone he’s been with Nicole? Yes… But the little hidden earpiece was a major point for me that he’s hiding a shit ton!! Gavin and I saw it and he included a post with screenshots, so check it out! Ostinato is up to NO GOOD!!!

FURTHERMORE - let’s discuss this whole Wren & Ezra business… From the previous episode’s sneak-peek both Gavin and I were CONVINCED that he and Wren weren’t meeting for the first time… and after seeing the episode, I am even MORE convinced! There is NO WAY these two are being introduced for the first time (great acting, boys!) And beyond THAT… let’s look at the following facts – Ezra was SO set on going to see “Nicole” that he had the fight with Aria (again, as I said above, I don’t believe for a hot second that he was flying off to Maine to see Nicole and her family…) We saw on the flight boards that there were a bunch of delays… then Spencer spots Ezra as she and Wren are clearly arguing… Ezra and Wren “meet”…. and then Ezra magically decides to skip out on going away!? NOT BUYING IT!! I think he stayed in Rosewood because of Wren… AND THEN when Ezra is telling Aria that his flight wasn’t delayed he just “didn’t get on it”… and then the camera pans over to his bag and we see a glow like from a phone ringing.. MY MONEY IS ON THAT CALL BEING FROM WREN!!!


So I hadn’t crossed Mona off my suspect list… until the last episode. Again with the brilliant acting! Her fan-girling over the board game while at the same time the devastation crossing her face that she didn’t create it… pure genius AND also really changed my mind on her possibly being involved… I think we all need to pay attention to the “clues” that Mona gave us about who could have made the game… WHO IS THIS MONSTER!! 


- Fuck, that comic book is cool… I gotta say, this whole Charles and Lucas friendship surprised the hell out of me and I LOVE IT! 

- As many have pointed out, did you see how the “A” in Lucas’s signature on the comic is the “A” a?! Lucas was TOP of my suspect list… but with a revel regarding him coming tonight I don’t think he’s the final AD… AGGH!

- WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE NUMBER 214!!!!?!?! Its shit like this that gives me hope that this storyline has been brewing all along….

- How long before Snapchat releases that creepy-ass Aria filter!? Honestly though, that was super amazingly creepy! I’ve seen a lot of people say the face looks like Paige, like Sydney, like Melissa (my first comparison was to Marlene actually…) but I feel like the clip at the end (YAY FOR AN A ENDING!) indicated that the face and voice are completely digitally generated and not someone talking live with some sort of filter on… Maybe cause AD has a British accent (WREN WREN WREN) or a recognizable voice to the PLL!? 

What did you all think!? Any comments, ideas or further pieces to examine!? I can’t wait to hear what you think and can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!!!!! 


Diego Luna Filmography Exploration Part 1 of ?

Y Tu Mama Tambien
VERY GOOD MOVIE. Weird though in ways I was not expecting and the fast talking voiceover reminded me a lot of Amelie even tho this voiceover was sad while the Amelie one was like ‘there was a fly and a dog ate the fly and then the dog got hit by a car and survived and traveled to Canada.’ But overall this was a MUCH sadder movie than I expected but I enjoyed Diego and Gael Garcia Bernal immensely (I have Rudo y Cursi from the library I’m watching that tomorrow). There was a humor throughout the film but also a deep thread of bittersweetness. Maribel Verdú as Luisa was stunning and wonderful if maybe a touch unrealistic(or maybe the most patient woman on the planet idk she puts up with a lot). Overall it felt like a snapshot of a culture that I do not know very well and it was wonderful to see that captured on film.
8/10 Charolastras.

Open Range
This is a very cheesy western. Very VERY cheesy which a lot more time spent on Kevin Costner’s angst and man pain than was remotely necessary. Diego Luna has a secondary role as a field-hand? A ranch-hand? He helps Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall herd the cows. And his name is Button…why yes you heard me right, BUTTON. As in 'cute as a…’ It’s a ridiculous name but I did recently watch a movie where three brothers were named Kid, Son, and Boy, I shit you not, so there are worse names I guess? Anyway BUTTON has some cute scenes with fellow herder man Mose, played by Abraham Benrubi(look him up you will certainly recognize him from things). Button is supposed to be 16, he acts like he’s 12 and after some cute pouting and a weird scene where he is cleaning his feet???? Some shit goes down and he ends up being kind of a damsel in distress. He’s injured and spends a hefty two thirds of movie unconscious. There’s good stuff in this movie kind of? Annette Benning is a nurse and she’s kind of a badass here and there. Michael Gambon is the villanous leader of the town who just fucking HATES cow herder people so obviously shootouts and such ensue, thats most of the plot. Be warned a dog gets killed in this movie so if that turns you off anything ever skip this. Honestly the movie is worth it for me just for this scene(I hate that they are condescending on his first language but his line delivery cracks me up)
5/10 weird feet cleaning scenes.

The Terminal
This was more of a rewatch but its what made Diego Luna stick in my memory to begin with and like…this whole movie is like a cup of hot cocoa(the kind with the tiny marshmallows). It’s very cute and easy and almost comforting in its sweetness. The basic plot(for those who perhaps weren’t alive back in 2004) Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski and he hails from the fictional Eastern European country of Krakhozia(the rest of the world is the same btw this takes place in 2004 New York there’s just a tiny made up Eastern European country). And after he lands in New York with a mission to keep a family promise, Krakhozia undergoes some sort of revolution and his country is no longer recognized as a country or something? Basically his visa and passport won’t work. They can’t send him back to his country or let him into ours so he ends up living in the airport and cute shit happens. In the year 2017 this film maybe has a few minor problems. Just the general way women are written and discussed and even sweet, sweet Diego wants to break Zoe Saldana like a 'wild stallion.’ The bulk of his storyline is that he is in love with Zoe Saldana who playes Delores Torres, a security person who stamps visas and papers and things and also she’s a Trekkie ahaha this was 5 years before the first Star Trek reboot film. They put that detail in just because Saldana is a Trekkie which is great. Stanley Tucci is still my favorite and he is great in this film as the head of the airport guy who cannot stand the presence of Viktor in his precious airport. Catherine Zeta Jones is kind of a love interest for Viktor and it’s pretty contrived. Also thanks to subtitles I now know that Viktor speaks Bulgarian but there’s a scene where he is able to very easily communicate with a dude speaking Russian…I have a feeling that would not work not all. But in the end it’s a cute and charming Steven Speilberg film, so an easy recommendation for anybody else making this journey into Luna’s filmography. His role is a secondary one but he remains fairly present throughout and is very cute, even in a terrible orange jumpsuit.
8/10 fictional Eastern European countries

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
The crown jewel of Diego Luna’s filmography before Rogue One. I’m sorry I can’t hear your objections over how much I love this GARBAGE MOVIE. It’s terrible. Literally the worst and Diego Luna is so cute and charming in it please watch it immediately. Laugh at the weird postcards to Havana opening that’s so cheesy it should be removed from the history of cinema. Enjoy the whitebread love interest that’s supposed to be ANY KIND OF COMPETITION to Diego Luna’s Javier Suarez. A Cuban boy whose brother really cares about the Cuban revolution that’s happening (because this takes place in the 1950s and that was a thing that was happening), meanwhile Diego Luna just wants to DANCE. And I say let him. Watching Luna wiggle his little butt, and also dance quite competently was an unparalleled delight. Don’t expect this movie, set during the Cuban Revolution that led to Fidel Castro taking power, to have ANY OPINIONS ABOUT THAT THING…because OH LOOK ANOTHER DANCE MONTAGE. The fact that all these character’s lives will get precipitously worse after this movie ends is not even an after thought, let’s all dance to MYA INSTEAD. This movie is meant to take place during the 1950s but the soundtrack is Mya, Jazze Pha, Christina Aguilera, and The Black Eyed Peas and it’s hilarious (it does have some time and location appropriate music but they do their big dance number to MYA I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN). This movie is from 2004 but it DEFINITELY has that 90s feel to it. Not to mention the weird/dumb moments the movie just doesn’t care to deal with. There’s a sequence where Diego Luna and The Girl(played by Romola Garai from The Hour and good BBC shit) get accosted by the cops and she gets away but HE DOESN’T. Is she worried about her new love interest at all and whether he survived that run in with the cops? NOPE TIME FOR A CUTE DANCE PRACTICE MONTAGE. Then he SHOWS UP with a small bruise on his face and he too ENJOYS HER CUTE DANCE PRACTICE…this movie is terrible please watch it. The plot is literally nothing. Patrick Swayze ACTUALLY SHOWS UP FOR AN EXTENDED CAMEO WHICH IS HILARIOUS. What happened to Baby? Is she still in a corner? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. January Jones and John Slattery from Mad Men are in this which is a funny connection. Romola Garai has been good in things since this movie but there are certain scenes where she comes off as wooden or blank. After you’ve watched it feel free to send me an ask about how much you enjoyed this trash experience.
9/10 Cute dance montages(ignoring all political and social ramifications of these real life events)

And for those who are more familiar with his Spanish language work feel free to give me recommendations. I know he’s directed one or two films so those are tentatively on the list. Right now I’m just picking based on Rotten Tomatoes scores and only half of his work from Mexico even has a score.

anonymous asked:

I wonder how differently the summer would have gone for the twins if Dipper had never found the journal. Odds are they would still have run into the supernatural, but I doubt if Dipper would have still ended up as obsessed as he did in canon without the journal's influence. And Ford would never have returned either. And it'd be interesting to see how different the twins' character development would go compared to canon. It's an interesting AU type of situation to think about anyway.

Oh, definitely.

I still see people trying to argue that Dipper should’ve stayed with Ford, but strip away Ford’s manipulation/obvious trauma and staying with Mabel as reasons not to and what you have is: Dipper recognizing that the supernatural is unhealthy for him.

Dipper’s decision to not take Ford’s apprenticeship is Dipper’s decision because he has an unhealthy obsession with the paranormal that wouldn’t have grown to the magnitude it had without the journal. And if you don’t believe me please go back and rewatch the series. Nearly every episode from the second half of s1 and beyond features Dipper creating the episode’s conflict because of his growing obsession with the supernatural, and in those episodes the journal is present more and more. The journal is encouraging Dipper to actively pursue the supernatural/the town’s secrets (along with encouraging him not to trust his family, which is a major red flag in itself).

Alex Hirsch has stated that in s1 the supernatural was just an interest for Dipper, but by s2 it’s grown into a full-blown obsessionTo be obsessed, by formal definition, is to “preoccupy or fill the mind of someone continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.” Basically, the creator himself has stated that this is a problem for Dipper.

Alex makes this clear from the get-go of s2. Aside from Mabel pointing out that Dipper’s looked at the book a billion times already, Dipper raises a zombie to prove to the government that the supernatural’s real so that they’ll help him investigate it. The zombie then grows into an army, which is not what Dipper intended, but puts the entire town in danger. The singular zombie that was intended was dangerous and stupid alone however. Even that could’ve gotten people killed. The most telling example is Sock Opera though, when Dipper willingly makes a deal with a demon he knows according to the journal is very dangerous, just so he’ll have more answers regarding the town and the supernatural. It’s a completely horrifying experience that we find out in TLM Dipper is 100% traumatized from, but despite being scarred Dipper still continues to investigate the town after Sock Opera. And that’s like…really alarming.

We see Dipper put himself and others in harm’s way multiple times just to figure out the town’s mysteries and investigate the supernatural. You’d think he’d take a hint the first time someone nearly dies, but then he’s literally verbally warned by the Shapeshifter that he’s going to destroy himself if he keeps this up and Dipper still doesn’t stop. I know he’s 12, but even 12 year olds can realize something is bad if people almost die a lot from doing a thing, especially ones that are as guilty and intelligent as Dipper.

In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Non-Stop Fun, something that also alarmed me (more than the whole ‘tricking people into signing over their souls to his cause of pursuing the supernatural’ thing) was how Dipper used supernatural spells from the journal on Mabel when he was mad at her more than once. Once is understandable, even twice I mean hell he’s 12, but like 4 times? Um…? Not to mention that shit probably hurt and was terrifying for Mabel. Like I know you feel bad, Dipper, but why would you do it 4 or 5 times then? Like, kiddo, what the heck…?

This all correlates with something else Alex has said before too though, that at the most basic level the plot of Gravity Falls is what the supernatural does to Dipper. Literally. That’s Gravity Falls in a nutshell according to Hirsch: Watching Dipper fall deeper and deeper into this obsession, and then at the end watching him pull himself out of it.

When Ford joins the main cast, Dipper’s internal struggle increases. Ford’s dangerously obsessed with the supernatural. His obsession with his research and inability to destroy it 30 years ago cost him his sanity and relationships and doomed the entire world. He seemed to learn his lesson when he wrote warnings all over the journal in the past and dismantled the portal when he returned, but since settling back into Gravity Falls he’s reverted right back to investigating the supernatural and even wants Dipper to join him, despite Ford’s obsession being the cause of his lifelong misery and the reason they’re all now worried about Bill and the apocalypse. Like that’s even crazier than Dipper continuing to be obsessed with the supernatural after being possessed by Bill. That’s insane!

And then look at the other kid that got obsessed with this stuff, Gideon. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Ford’s broken and Gideon’s corrupted from their obsessions with the supernatural/the town’s secrets? Cause I don’t. I think they represent everything Dipper overcome and chose not to be in the end. Dipper didn’t want to end up like Gideon, which is why he makes his speech to Gideon about how he treated Wendy wrong and was selfish and making bad mistakes but that it’s not too late for him to change and be a better person. Dipper didn’t want to end up like Ford, which is why he decides before even entering Mabel’s bubble that he’s not taking Ford’s apprenticeship anymore. The apocalypse is a hell of a way to do it, but it’s cleared Dipper’s head. This on-going internal conflict in Dipper is finally being resolved, and makes sense considering there’s only one episode left.

This is important character development that I don’t think enough people realize. If Dipper had stayed with Ford and somehow–despite not wanting to spend even a night in the same house separated from Mabel before anything real traumatizing happened–managed to stay like a long time, he would’ve ended up like Ford or Gideon: utterly consumed by the supernatural and severing all ties with the people he cares about, most likely really arrogant from Ford always preaching about how much better they are than everyone else and driven insane over time by his obsession. He’d probably be a lot less caring too since Ford doesn’t trust anyone including his family and most likely wouldn’t encourage Dipper to make new friends. Dipper Pines would not be Dipper Pines anymore. He wouldn’t be someone I’d ever want to meet. The same applies if Dipper were to continue Ford’s research/write his own journals. The whole point is that Dipper’s choosing to keep the supernatural a hobby rather than a life-consuming obsession. Him pursuing the supernatural like Ford or Gideon after Gravity Falls defeats that entire character revelation.

With that said, if Dipper had never found the journal I don’t think there’d be much of a story to tell. He wouldn’t have gotten obsessed, wouldn’t have made as many mistakes, would probably be a lot healthier in all honesty. I’m sure one way or the other Ford would come back–Bill would make sure someone finds journal 3 to make that happen–Dipper just wouldn’t be starstruck over him. He’d probably still drift closer to Ford because he still likes the supernatural and Ford doesn’t mock him like Stan and Mabel do, but I think at the prospect of hiding things from his family Dipper would say no because there isn’t that pressure of ‘oh man i really want this guy to like me!’ and would probably lose trust/some respect in Ford for Ford even suggesting he do so.

Dipper wouldn’t want to be Ford’s apprentice and Ford wouldn’t ask him. Dipper wouldn’t care, so Mabel wouldn’t be worried and they wouldn’t have to have the apocalypse put things into perspective. Instead Dipper, Mabel, and Stan would have to address their family issues by themselves. I’m well aware a big reason Dipper became attached to the journal was to prove his worth to his family because he didn’t feel adequate especially from their constant teasing. I’m not blaming Dipper for everything that went wrong because it’s not all his fault. I’d actually like to see Stan and Mabel’s teasing be brought up in the finale cause that is a big instigator that hasn’t really been addressed yet. It probably will since it’s been hinted at with Mabel realizing twice in different episodes now that she should be nicer to Dipper. But I digress.

Basically, the Gravity Falls story wouldn’t be too exciting if Dipper hadn’t found the journal, and it was crucial that he recognized his obsession with the supernatural was unhealthy and chose to let it go in the end so that he could stay true to who he is.


A/N: Quick drabble about how the Season 4 kiss we’re all speculating probably won’t go down. But it’d still be cute, and hey–we can dream. I want to believe that they’ve maintained a relationship throughout the first three seasons, but if not… C’mon, there’s bound to be tooth-rotting awkwardness taking place. Like bumping noses, maybe? ;)


It was as if gravity, the very force that Hiccup would constantly defy alongside Toothless, was now working in his favor. It pulled them together, pushed them closer toward each other’s directions, drew them into one another’s arms–

And it’s only during the moments that they finally, finallyreach each other that Hiccup realizes that it always has been.

In spite of the fact that he so often travels massive distances on the back of his dragon, he’s been tethered to Astrid in the same way he is to Berk. Though their individual aspirations may have caused their hearts to stray in the past, it was their hearts themselves that never truly faltered in the face of distance and time (or lack thereof) and… and ambition.

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