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i don’t understand zhong hui’s body armor


is it some weird fabric? pressed to his abs??? so they pop through?????

is it armor??? did he have his armor specially molded for his abs???

if i turned it over, filled it with water, and stuck it in the freezer, can i make ice cubes with it?? IS HIS ARMOR AN ICE CUBE TRAY THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW???

(bonus picture,

did he have it specially molded for his butt too)

Can I have a Jack Barakat imagine where he comes home from the studio and you asleep but your laptop is on and its your old Tumblr and it's mostly porn and pictures of him and looks through if and when you wake up he teases you for it? Then smut..?

AN Omg my first smut I’m excited. Will I be bad will I be good the world may never know. If I am you should request more but if I’m not then tell me so I can stop or at least practice ._. Anyways, here goes my fatal attempt at being awesome. The question is shall I succeed? Oh BTW if that’s your URL, truly-lost-in-stereo then my apologies, I just made it up for the story. Oh and just to be clear, they are dating in real-time.

Warning: Smut

Jack’s POV

“Alright, guys I’ll see you later!” I called out to them. I had just finished recording our new album with them.

“See ya,” Alex called back. “Have fun with Y/N!”

“Oh, you bet I will.” I walked to my car, and drove home. Y/N told me she was gonna take a nap while I was gone. So she should be asleep. I thought I’d grab some Taco Bell on the way home. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, she loves it. I got home with our food and as she had told me, she was passed out on the couch. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was in a giant sweater. Only a giant sweater. I smiled to myself. Hot.

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