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Kenma recognizes him from the broad lines of his back and the strong muscles that cover his shoulders and biceps. He doesn’t move much but when he does, they ripple like water, flowing so smoothly it’s mesmerizing. Kenma can’t see much at all; there’s no moon out and the street lights are down, but he knows this body well enough.

Kenma opens the door softly and steps out. From the slightest stiffening of Iwaizumi’s shoulders, he knows the man is aware of his presence, which is impressive since he’s always been quiet in his movements. He walks forward and grabs onto the railing, the cold metal biting into his skin.

“Can’t sleep?”

It’s rare for Kenma to initiate a conversation. It isn’t lack of interest so much as it is the fact that he’s rarely comfortable enough to start talking to someone. But his curiosity is far too great when it comes to Iwaizumi. The man is different from the others in the band. He never asks Kenma questions, never tries to pry, and respects his personal space, though he does smile at him occasionally and he makes great coffee.

Iwaizumi doesn’t turn to look at him but he smiles a little, his dimple barely visible. “Yeah, it’s just one of those nights, you know?”

Kenma nods because he does in fact know. Leaning forward, he rests his chin on the metal and winces when the cold hits him harder than he expected, but it’s not a bad sensation. The wind feels nice, just this side of chilly, and the silence is welcome. They don’t live in a good neighborhood, and there’s always fighting and loud music and an absurd amount of yelling.

But on this night, at 2:47 in the morning, with the stars hiding behind the clouds and the moon nowhere in sight, Kenma has never liked this place better. Iwaizumi’s presence is strangely comforting, and the sound of his every inhale followed by a soft exhale makes Kenma unconsciously sync with him.

“Do you like it here so far?”

The tone of Iwaizumi’s voice makes it abundantly clear that Kenma is free to ignore the question if he wants to. He appreciates that, and decides to answer honestly.

“Haven’t really been here long enough to decide,” he says, eyes sliding shut, “but I think I’m going to stay just a little longer, if that’s alright with you.”

Iwaizumi huffs out a laugh, and it’s strangely endearing. “No problems here.” He brings the cigarette to his lips and takes a long drag, and Kenma watches as he blows out the smoke with a sigh, a white cloud forming into the silent darkness of the night. The metal of his tongue piercing shimmers when the headlights of a passing car shines on it, and Kenma’s breath hitches in his throat.

Iwaizumi offers him the cigarette without turning to look at him and Kenma accepts it gratefully. He takes a generous drag of his own and the feel of the smoke calms him with its familiarity. Blowing out the smoke with a lengthy exhale, he hands it back to Iwaizumi, and he feels a new bond form. It’s intimate in a way he’s never felt before, warm even when it’s cold, and he actually likes it. Might even get used to it.

He finally turns to face the man and takes in his profile, and it keeps surprising him, how handsome the raven-head really is. “Has Kuroo always been this insufferable?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen at the question before he starts laughing, loud and deep, and Kenma finds himself smiling along.

“You could say that, though Oikawa is right up there with him.” Iwaizumi winks, a playful smile dancing on his lips, “Don’t tell him I said that though.”

Kenma covers his mouth dramatically and Iwaizumi nods his approval. The two grin and face the street again.

The view isn’t terrible, if Kenma’s being honest. They aren’t high enough for him to feel anxious, but he can easily see the park a few metres away. A sigh of content escapes him and Iwaizumi mirrors it and they just stand there, shrouded by the comfortable silence between them that mingles with the silence of the night.

It’s nice, Kenma decides. It’s nice.

Hurricane AU

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sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


Hey guys.

As you know by now I’ve been absolutely terrible all week, and it’s been very hard for me to pick myself back up.

I’m trying extremely hard and doing the best I can but it’s.. difficult.

I have horrible feelings, mixed feelings, dark thoughts, and it’s just hard to communicate at this point, though I’m trying my hardest.

But I see all of you in my inbox and I see all the messages and I may not have replied yet because I don’t have the real brain power to do so, but know that I do really… really appreciate it. Truly, I do. I love each and every one of you very much.

That being said, hopefully I’ll be able to answer the inbox at some point today, if not (or if it goes slowly) then please forgive me.

I’m sorry for basically being MIA all week but I didn’t have it in me nor did I want to express any of my horrid thoughts or feelings to any of you because I would just feel worse, so, thank you for putting up with me;


I have, at the moment, 2 requests done (I might have more by tomorrow, we’ll see) and I’ll be scheduling them, along with some art reblogs, for tomorrow! Why tomorrow, you ask?

Well! I will be! Drum roll please!


That’s right, while yes I’ve been gone… all week… I have seen everything and tried my very hardest to respond to some of you in PM’s, but I will be completely gone tomorrow!

I’m going to SacAnime!

It’s a con in California completely catered towards anime culture in case that wasn’t obvious by the title;;

But! I’m going as a Female!Saeran, and I am very very excited. If you want, I can try and post some selfies or pictures that I take, since it is technically Mysme related. But that’s up to you. Honestly I worked pretty hard (in such a short amount of time) for my cosplay and I’m /very/ proud of it. I love it! So, you’d have to let me know if you’d like to see or not. 

So! That being said! If any of you are going to SacAnime, and happen to see me, you don’t have to hesitate to come say hi! I may feel like shit but I will always greet you with my arms wide open. 

Okay! Well! Again! Thank you all for sticking with me, giving such encouraging words (like literally guys I;;; do not deserve you;;), and putting up with me disappearing for a week like I did. I’ll try to answer you all later today, and I will try my best to be (or work on being) okay. ^^

I love you all, very much. 

Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading my long ass update ^^ ~Admin 404

  • Jeremy: Why are you putting on sunblock?
  • Kevin: Bc I'm gonna get sunburned
  • Jeremy: But bro, we're not even outside
  • Kevin: But you are my sunshine bro
  • Jeremy: Bro
Heart Of Runes, Posting Update!

Hello you wonderfully beautiful people! It’s been a stupidly long time since I posted, on here and on FF.Net, which is totally unfair to all of you. So, I wanted to apologize for that! On the up side, I’ve recently updated Heart Of Runes with a brand new chapter, mainly featuring Alec! So, if you haven’t gotten a chance to take a look, scurry over!

Now that I’m playing around on here again, I’ll be doing more reblogs and whatnot! Get ready for some Alec and Magnus sugar, and a few other characters I find myself falling in love with lately!

Also, how are we liking Will Tudor’s portrayal of Sebastian?! I kind of adore him, I won’t lie.

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Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy 06 Translation

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-Scene: Eden-

Karlheinz: Kou, Yuma, Azusa.

Kou: … …Karlheinz-sama.

Karlheinz: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. Oh, how’s Ruki?

Kou: Ah… …

Karlheinz: Judging from your faces, all three of you seem to know why you were called here.

Let’s cut to the chase. Where did Ruki take Eve?

Azusa: Now… …if we tell you the truth, can you overlook it?

Karlheinz: Well, it depends. I may forgive him, I may not… …I need to hear what Ruki has to say about this.

Kou, Yuma, Azusa. I have an order for you. Bring Ruki to me.

Yuma: … …Just bring him to you, that’s it?

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88/100 gifs of Lee Byung (。・ω・。)ノ♡ (preview of his cameo on flower grandpa investigation team)

I was about to ask for her attention again, but Spitfire looked downright murderous.

Soarin’ was alright afterward. I said hi to him in the infirmary.