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Itadaki High Jump 2015.09.02 Yamada Ryosuke, Yabu Kota

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I’ve watched John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) like 50 times since the summer started, so I decided to make icons of my favorite characters, with a bonus Norris Thing.

I got a prompt: “Oliver and Felicity in bed together on a rainy Sunday morning.” from heartstremble. Days ago but life got in the way so here it is now, Its literally my first ever dabble into any sort of fanfic outside my head. I discovered I’m super rusty at any sort of writing right now so it isnt the best but its… 

Sunlight streaked into their cabin, finding Oliver on the edge of wakefulness. Beside him Felicity stirs and he can’t help the smile that graces his face. As dynamic as she is awake, Felicity is a more active sleeper. She babbles completely unfiltered and moves- a lot. She murmurs something about a firewall and shifts on to her front, rewarding Oliver with an all too enticing strip of skin from where her tanktop has risen up.

The wind whistles behind the cracked window. Over the horizon he can see clouds approaching and knows a storm is on its way. Felicity shifts again, this time rolling over, closer to him. Her head finds its new home in the crook of his shoulder.

“Morning” He whispers.

“umm, too early for morning.” she mumbles into his skin, snuggling in closer, “Your hot.”

He somehow manages to reign in his laughter, “Thank you.”

“Too early for joking.” She says, burrowing further into the crook of his neck. He feels rather than sees her smile.

As she presses a kiss to his neck, he finds himself drifting off again, letting the gentle pitter-patter of rain pull him under, her weight pleasent against his side until a rumble of thunder has his heart pounding furiously. Not for the first time since they ran off together, Oliver realises running away hasn’t solved all their problems. He didn’t think that discovering who he was would involve sifting through all his excess baggage. As much as he’d like for Felicity to know all of him, and she has seen most of him, she can’t see this part of him- the cracks that remain eight years later- not yet at least, not when there is still hurt feelings and broken trust lingering behind the euphoria of literally driving off into the sunset. He tightens his hold on Felicity, trying to anchor himself here, in their little cabin.

Felicity smiles up at him, all bedhead and sleep drunk, “You okay?”

Oliver wants very much, to be okay. He isn’t though but looking down at her face, he feels just a little bit warmer. As though the perpetual winter that settled in his bones all those years ago has started to thaw. They’re both safe and warm and together. The whole cabin smells kind of like fresh grass and he can feel her heart beating against his chest.

“I’m getting there.” he murmurs against her lips.

it’s always like oh look boring male character whatever im so tired of boring male characters

“they have a SEKRIT PA S T”

h m m… i may be intrigued very slightly


no jenny dont do this dont fall into this pattern again


jenny no youre so fucking basic dont give into the manpain it’s stupid and overused and often times female characters suffer just to drive male character development


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