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Babe, where’s my razor?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None (fluff)

Word count: 979

Summary: The reader can’t stand Dean shaving all the time so she takes action!

A/N: Have you guys ever fantasized about Dean’s facial hair? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect fic for you!

It all started on a hunt a while back when you and Dean were stuck in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Dean had forgotten to pack his razor and since there was no drugstore in sight, he didn’t care which resulted in the sexy scruff that was starting to show itself on his cheeks.

Of course you didn’t mind. The opposite was the case actually. Watching him sit at the coffee table with his left elbow propped up, his heavenly scruffy face resting on his hand, was a view you thoroughly enjoyed.

Sadly, the morning after you guys returned to the bunker your new favorite thing about Dean was gone. You could have simply told him to keep it but you couldn’t stand seeing that self-satisfied smirk you were sure would play across his full lips once you admitted your weakness.

The next time you went on a hunt Dean did not forget to pack his razor, much to your disappointment.

But you came up with something that would hopefully work. Now it was your turn to smirk.

“I’m going to grab us something to eat. I’ll be back in half an hour,” your gorgeous, green-eyed boyfriend told you before he left the room.

Time to get to work.

You made your way to Dean’s duffel bag and after searching through it for a few seconds you found the evil object which kept that amazing scruff away from you.

Discarding it quickly you stood in the middle of the room but your victory was short lived. You knew Dean would go to the drugstore next to the motel to get a new one when he wouldn’t be able to find it, so you needed a backup plan.

Some may think that you were crazy for doing this but you didn’t care. You were firmly determined to go to all extents in order to accomplish your mission.

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Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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RFA + V & Saeran's reaction to like an MC with a compulsive shopping problem like "MC when will we ever need fifteen scrub daddies?" Kinda thing. Because lemme tell you late night infomercials will get to you eventually.

this sure is a blast to the past.


  • Questions you? This boy enables you.
  • By month two of living together you own a menagerie of snuggies, an armada of specialized shower slippers, and a single Obama chia pet that lives on the kitchen counter.
  • He wanders in at the middle of the night to you sprawled out on the couch, watching the infomercials flicker in a daze, and he sits down in a stupor near you to sip his coffee and watch what’s occurring on the screen.
  • “Flex-tape,” he says to himself softly. “We could fix anything with that.”
  • “Yeah,” you say.
  • “Like the bumper of our car. And that leaky bucket. And the chair that keeps falling apart!”
  • “Yeah,” you say again, pulling out your phone.
  • Seven thinks this is hilarious. Zen tries to stage an intervention. Jumin is endlessly entertained by this silly commoner practice, and ends up taking one of your Forever Comfy Cushions for his own purposes.


  • “What are you buying,” Zen says, accusation permeating every inch of his flat voice. Nothing! you insist, but he doesn’t believe you.
  • He never believes you.
  • Zen loves you and thinks the sun itself shines in your eyes, but he also knows that you have a problem and knows that you do not need another specialty home improvement product.
  • “But these are cool!” You insist. “And useful! They’re feet for your chair and they keep your floors from getting scratches and YOU CAN’T TELL ME OUR CHAIRS DON’T NEED SHOES, ZEN. THEY’RE NAKED.”
  • zen doesn’t understand. he’s lived a life of complete asceticism, often not even having the bare necessities of life. and here you are, filling his home with useless junk.
  • like really.
  • why do you need magnifying lens glasses.
  • you don’t.
  • y o u d o n ‘ t.


  • god save this poor woman it’s like dating jumin if jumin had some weird discount shopping fetish.
  • The word “sale” just gets you going like no other, and more than once have you shaken Jaehee awake saying that oh my god there’s this cooking product on tv and it looks so useful i could use it to make you perfect roasted apples AND over easy eggs and if we order now WE GET TWO
  • “go to sleep, MC,” jaehee says like a prayer, but she knows that god isn’t listening.
  • you’re going to order it.
  • you’re going to inflict this upon her.
  • …she is kind of grateful though when she realizes how damn handy your stupid Chop Wizard is for slicing onions. No more teary eyes. It’s like a miracle.


  • whenever you open your mouth, Jumin hears a great idea while everyone else hears utter insanity..
  • Of course you need five pairs of ant-resistant socks, MC! That sounds like a great idea. Get five for me, too.
  • Of course you need Hydro Mouse Liquid Lawn to promote healthy lawn growth, MC! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a lawn, it sounds useful for the future.
  • Of course you need a Super Duper Ultra Hi-def HDMI cable, MC! That way we can watch cat videos on the TV in crystal clear quality. 
  • Of course we -
  • jaehee has to get a storehouse for the Weird Bullshit you acquire and she also wants to die.


  • He turns infomercial shopping with you into a party game, where you pick random things to buy, and when they arrive, the pair of you try to find the most improbable uses for them ever.
  • Your house turns into this weird, Post-Apocalyptic style wreck where everything is crafted from jury-rigged infomercial products, and Seven is just Loving Life.
  • You have cabinets made out of multicolored duck tape and egg beaters, which you used your 5 Second Welding Wand to create. 
  • Your walls are made out of magic mesh, which you panted with your Specialty Paint Spray Applicator
  • Seven turns the set of miracle knives you bought into a makeshift home security system.
  • The 124-pack of magic, color changing markers was the best purchase of your collective lives, and you color in your ramshackle home, content with no one wanting to visit you ever.


  • V cannot say no to you, which is unfortunate, because someone really needs to say no to you.
  • Egg powder! Super choppers! Hey V, do we need a callous remover? S-sure, he stutters, and you buy that too.
  • You own five different kinds of furniture powder, eighty-one types of cleaning supplies, a drawer full of compression socks, and a case of Furniture Fixes to Lift Your Sagging Cushions™
  • Your house is somehow both pristine and also filled with junk. RIP V’s artsy minimalist lifestyle.
  • …Some of the products actually end up being pretty helpful for helping him deal with his blindness, though, so he’s thankful for that, at least.


  • like seriously, you come home and you’ve got another box of weird gimmicky art supplies like air-blowing magic markers and color-shifting crayons. 
  • You have a jolly old time using them to decorate the new apple-slicer Saeran bought.
  • He gets a “make-your-own-crayon” kit and, well, that’s your Tuesday!
  • He tries to buy you presents, too, like new pots, pans, and a third pressure cooker, and you’re always so happy!
  • Finally, someone who gets it!
  • Finally, someone who understands!
  • You have a tool for every situation! Who cares if your house is going to burst?
  • …Eventually, Vanderwood convinces you to give some of the excess to charity, because this is ridiculous.


  • “Can I - “
  • “No.”
  • "But it would be so - “
  • NO.”
  • “It’s so cheap though –”
  • N O,” Vanderwood declares like a Roman judge, then turns off the television. They are not allowing this. They are not playing this game. They are not –
  • Wait.
  • Was that a shower scrubber?
  • Shit, let’s get ten.
blazing arrows | pt. 5

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 7.2 k

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you enter your room at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ongoing

External image

a month later.

“You look happy.”

If Min Yoongi’s looks could kill, there was no doubt Kim Taehyung would’ve been dead on the spot. Face planted on his damned two packet Splenda, two quarter teaspoon vanilla, and three spoons of cinnamon induced complicated ass coffee, you hoped to yourself as you stared incredulously at the boy across you, wondering how preposterous his previous remark was, no doubt a meme-worthy expression plastered on your face, own mug stopping midair.

“Well, I didn’t exactly spend my time moping and crying myself to sleep, Tae, for your information,” you rolled your eyes, putting down the glass on the table, Where the hell was Park Jimin?

“I just thought—y'know, it’s been like a month since—”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung,” Yoongi groaned, “Doesn’t mean she got her heart broken she has to deal with that shit, crying and isolating herself from the rest of the human race, which, if I’m not mistaken, something you did when that girl from your university who you claimed to be your girlfriend asked who the fuck you were.”

Taehyung pouted, scooting himself closer to the window to distance himself from Yoongi who was rolling his eyes, the younger one protesting all his might to defend his close-to-none dignity. Throwing your head back, you were left with nothing to do but laugh at Yoongi’s mock expression to Taehyung who was muttering incoherently about how he ended up with friends that has a rock for a heart and another with a solid fucking ice.

What Taehyung said after all hit you. If the circumstances would have been different and whatever happened with Jungkook, well, happened, you would’ve been miserable as miserable could ever get—you wouldn’t have been happy and probably soothing your heartache away with nothing but series marathons that would probably run for three days without the word “sleep” in your vocabulary, enveloped in a sea of trash of junk foods and several tubs of ice creams, along the undoubtedly snot-filled tissues you would have thrown wherever and the long list of missed calls and gazillion unread messages from friends and family that wondered if you had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

And it really would’ve been like that if it weren’t for a certain sweet fluffball named Park Jimin.

Days ensuing that one shitty day, Jimin had tirelessly made sure that not even a drop nor a faint trace of sadness was made known to your haze-filled brain; cooking you breakfast every morning—despite your fervent request for him not to after finding the numerous stack of burnt pancakes on the garbage bin and how the kitchen was absolutely and utterly trashed—but you were really grateful for the mini pancakes that had whipped cream on top, shaped into miniature eyes and lips that smiled at you every morning, taking home take-out coffee from your favorite coffee shop that was not even remotely close to your neighborhood after his so-called “jog” that has fallen into his tight routine now, along the bag of chocolate cookies that was sold on the other end of town from where the cafe was, little notes attached at the bag with Jimin’s adorable scribble of a handwriting and the tiny animations he never forgets to put in the corner.

As much you deemed it corny and a little bit cliched, you can’t deny that the numerous random little notes that Jimin leaves every where in the house—may it be in the corner of the milk carton inside the fridge—the little notes now had their own little space in the corner of your dresser box.

“Have you ever talked to him? You know, since then,” Yoongi asked, biting on to his brownie.

“Twice,” you shrugged, “The last one was last night actually. He asked me about our Christmas party tonight. The little fuck actually asked if I was fine with him being around, like shit, we’ve always celebrated Christmas together, like hell would I let out little falling apart break that. And, this is where it gets interesting. He asked me about you two shitheads. Have you been ignoring him?”

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Seth Rollins - I Still Hate Crossfit.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #42 “If if I die, I’m going to come back and haunt you”

Requested for - Anon

Warnings - Swearing (Tbh is this even a warning for our imagines now? All we do is swear)

Word Count - 952 Words. 

Originally posted by stellarollins

I rolled over in the smallish bed (still feeling slightly groggy from last nights alcohol intake) only to discover a certain someone was missing from the other side. I groaned; sounding more like some sort of wild animal than a human as I grabbed my phone off the bedside cabinet and attempted to force my eyes to adjust to the harsh brightness of your phone. Struggling to read the text on the screen; once your eyes had finally woken up you saw the message was from your boyfriend of little over a year, and it had only been sent 10 minutes ago.

Seth: Morning Beautiful, I’m at the crossfit gym next street over. If I’m not back come join me :)

My muscles all groaned (still aching from yesterdays match) as I stepped out of the warm; and surprisingly comfortable bed. I pinged a quick text of to Seth, telling him I’d join him before chucking my phone onto the bed and heading towards the huge pile of clothes in the corner of the of the room that somewhere contained my gym clothes. I pulled them from the bottom of the pile in triumph as I quickly threw them on, grabbed my phone along with my bottle and headed out the door. Ready for the short jog to the gym

The minute I entered the relatively empty gym I instantly saw Seth over and the weights part of the gym, he has his back facing my direction; man does he have a nice back I thought to myself, also realising it gave the perfect opportunity to sneak up on him. I slowly walked my way over to the corner of the gym where he was distracted by re-tying his hand wraps, ready to move on to the next part of his gym regime. 

As I reached my man I wrapped my arms round his waist and lifted him off the floor with a giggle. My laughter only increased upon hearing him squeal like a little girl at the shock.

“Morning Handsome” I smiled through my laughter as he clutched his chest; his breathing a little heavier from the scare I’d given him. After a short minute of us trying to compose ourselves he pulled me into a tight hug, complete with a bruising kiss to my lips; his untamed beard tickling my cheeks.

“Well good morning to you two, It would’ve been better if you didn’t nearly give me a fucking heart attack” he spoke, his voice getting higher and more sarcastic as he pinched my sides in an attempt to tickle me. I promptly wriggled out of his grasp with a displeased look on my face.

“Never try and fucking tickle me again” I glared at him, my eyebrow raised as some sort of warning. “Anyway, what are we doing” I quickly returned to my happy and bubbly attitude.

“Well, considering you’re here were gonna do the box jumps; you promised me last time we were at the gym that you would do the jumps next time we came. And here we are, so you’re doing them. No arguments!” he almost scolded me as he dragged me over to where the boxes where set up. 

He stood you in front of the 4ft (possibly a bit taller) box. “Here try this one”. I turned my head towards him and stared at him like he was insane. He just kept motioning for me to jump onto the box as I continued to look at him with the most displeased look on my face.

“You’re actually stupid if you think I’m even going to attempt to jump onto that” I sassed at him as he stood with his hands placed on his hips expectantly. I rolled my eyes and began to walk back over towards the weights. 

“Oh no no no, you’re not going anywhere until you at least attempt that box” he lifted me over his shoulders and carried me back over to the boxes. “If you do a might reward you later” he whispered placing a few kisses along my neck as I studied the box. “I promise I’ll catch you” he muttered.

“I know I’m going to die, that box is 4ft and a bit tall and I’m 5ft fuck all, it is not physically possible!” I sighed exasperatedly. I heard him chuckled behind me. “Seriously Seth, if I die, I’m going to come back and haunt you” I managed to speak through gritted teeth, just as I bent my knees ready to take the jump.

The next thing I knew I was standing; feet planted firmly upon the middle of box. Sounds of Seth’s claps and small cheers of encouragement sounding from behind me, bringing a small smile to my lips. 

“Oh my god, Sethie! I did it!” I squealed jumping up and down in excitement, as he lifted me down from the box and placed another passionate kiss on my lips. “I still hate crossfit though” you giggled.

“See I told you that you could do it, you can try the 5ft box next” he smiled, pecking my lips once again.

“Look babe, I know I haven’t really been productive at the gym today…but it’s definitely time to head back to the hotel” I smirked a little at the end of my sentence. Seth’s face contorted to confusion. “You said, that if I did the jump I’d get a reward and as far as I’m aware I 100% did that jump” I bit my lip as his eyes widened in understanding.

“We’re leaving. Now.” Seth ordered as he grabbed my wrist and his bag from next to us. “You’ll get your rewards Beautiful, don’t you worry”

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A/N: Woo some more Seth! Hope you guys enjoy this :) ALSO WHY AM I SO FUCKING BAD AT TITLES!! Anyways, enjoy. ~ Moxxii

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But how did beauty blogger Sid and Geno meet? Was Geno at the mall with some friends and saw Sid and proceeded to subconsciously follow him when Geno loses track of Sid near a Sephora and wanders around until he bumps into Sid who's exiting the store with his latest buy and Geno accidentally knocks all of Sid's expensive (he's splurging) eye shadow pallet and it cracks and Geno is horrified because such a terrible first impression. Sid is horrified because gosh those cost so much. then romance!

Geno sees the beautiful man go into Sephora, then tells Tanger that he has to go pee and strays from the group.

Maybe the beautiful man is buying something for his sister? Mom? His girlfriend? He’s wearing a Malkin jersey though, with a Pens cap low on his head, a big one that both seems to swallow his frame and still reveal how bulky he is underneath. Even if Geno’s let down, at least he’ll give a fan a fun surprise. 

Five minutes in, Geno is still pretending to be absorbed by foundation, the closest aisle to man, when the guy is suddenly accosted by two teenage girls. 

“Aren’t you Sidney? From Crosbeauty?” the girl crows, her eyes wide. “Oh my God, I love your channel so much!”

The man’s name is just as lovely, and Sidney blushes a pretty shade of pink as he greets the girls and takes a selfie with them. 

Geno waits for them to chat it out, and by the time he looks up, Sidney has vanished. 

“Fuck.” He fits the little foundation circle…thing–whatever–back into its place and cranes his neck until he sees the jersey again, almost at the checkout line.

He runs.

(And the rest follows: 

He bumps into Sidney, who makes a sharp turn, and drops his pallet, which cracks. 

“That was…that was $60,” Sidney says blankly, like the shock hasn’t settled in.

 Sidney looks horrified, but not as horrified as Geno, who immediately says, “I’m so sorry, I’m pay–pay for all–is for sister–or girlfriend? I’m buy anything”

Sidney looks up and he’s even more stunned at the sight of Pens Captain Geno Malkin standing in front of him, picking up the eyeshadow he was going to buy. Then he’s suddenly wary of his jersey, and that his idol is standing in front of him, and four things register in his mind: 1, Geno Malkin is a hockey player; 2, Sidney has been bullied by hockey players so badly that he quit and pursued beauty vlogging instead, even though his love of the game has not dissipated; 3) Hockey players don’t take kindly to boys with makeup; 4) He’s almost certain that Geno Malkin is going to react poorly if Sidney says that the products are for him, and Sidney isn’t so sure he can take his hockey hero reacting that way to his face.

But he hears himself saying, “Oh, these are for me.” And immediately wants to die.

Geno blinks, once, and before Sidney’s heart can lurch from his throat onto the ground, Geno sounds almost relieved when he says, “I see, is my mistake. But you so pretty already.”

Sidney doesn’t say a word. Geno looks like he’s panicking.

“I mean–not that you can’t wear makeup, you wear if make you happy–I’m bad English–I’m not–I don’t know these–I just mean that you so beautiful, I’m–” He looks like he’s about to hyperventilate. “Please make me shut up.”

“I do beauty vlogs,” Sidney says, when he notices Geno nearly hyperventilating.

———–> and then eventually more bantering and cuteness about Sidney’s jersey and Geno’s obligatory, “Is best jersey” comment and more blushy boys, until Geno leaves with Sidney’s phone number!!!! 

Reita and Aoi don’t like shopping for clothes (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita (reading mail): “Reita-san, Aoi-san, good evening. I’m writing you about one of this month’s themes, Anger. Last week you guys were talking about store employees [who pissed you off]”

Aoi: Ah yes yes (*the one where the cashier kept asking Aoi if he was sure he’d grabbed the right size of underwear as if he didn’t believe him)

Reita: “Last month I also got pissed off by a store employee for the first time in a while. I wanted to buy a new coat, so I was looking at them when one of the staff came and talked to me. Everything was fine until I tried it on, what happened after was the problem. I understand that [the staff] wanted to sell the coat, but they were trying to do so by comparing it to the one I was wearing that day. And maybe it was just the way they were saying it, but it felt like they were making fun of me, and I was really uncomfortable. Have you two ever experienced something like that?” – so I guess it was like, well your coat is like this but our coat is like – more stylish or something? 

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Reita: Like saying her coat wasn’t as good?

Aoi: Yeah exactly. 

(Reita chuckles) 

Reita: I listened to your Anger talk last week you know

Aoi: Oh did you? 

Reita: Yeah, that guy who was like, “is this the right size,” right? (laughs) 

Aoi: Oh yEAH!

(both laugh) 

Reita: He asked u twice right…yeah I listened to that one

Aoi: Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh…but you know I don’t really think many people talk about [the clothes they’re selling] in comparison with the ones you’re wearing…

Reita: Right? I don’t think they usually do that, no one’s ever done it to me…

Aoi: Well I guess everyone’s different

Reita: How do you feel about like – you know when you’re clothes shopping, the staff comes and talks to you a lot. Are you ok w that? 

Aoi: Omg no they talk to me so much omg 

Reita: (laughs) It’s annoying eh? 

Aoi: Yes…..

Reita: So they come up to u and ask “what are u looking for”……wyd


Reita: (laughing) What do you mean nope 

Aoi: I’m like noooope

Reita: They’re like “are you looking for a jacket?”

Aoi: Ughhhhhhh

Reita: It’s annoying when they ask, right?

Aoi: Well-uhh-yeh– (can’t talk)

(both laugh)

Reita: Like it’s fine if they’re like “feel free to try that on” and ur like “k thanks” and that’s it but…when they start explaining their products…

Aoi: Well I mean I don’t really…

Reita: Oh you don’t go clothes shopping that much anyway? Like once every few months?

Aoi: I probably go like once or twice a year. 

Reita: Ahhhh…

Aoi: So I don’t really know what stores are like.

Reita: Yeah same…and I always go to the same few stores, and it’s the same people working there all the time, so like…I wait on the third floor or something, and they bring the clothes up for me. 

Aoi: Wait what, like the clothes you wanna try on?

Reita: No they just bring a bunch of stuff up and I just try it on, and then they bring more stuff (laughs)

Aoi: Oh u famous huh

Reita: (laughing) No no no it’s just – [the store] goes all the way to the basement, so –

Aoi: So just go down there yourself. 

Reita: Nah I’m just like “bring me something good please.”

Aoi: (whispers) Damn,,,,,,,,,,,,

Reita: (laughs) But yeah I don’t really like going to clothing stores…so what, you buy them online?

Aoi: Yeah I do. 

Reita: Yeah I feel u. But you get the size wrong don’t you (laughs) 

Aoi: Yeh….yeh I do…….

Reita: Ruki used to always give me clothes that were the wrong size (laughs) he always gets the size wrong

Aoi: But even when it’s the same brand, sometimes the sizes are a little bit different depending on the thing, you know? 

Reita: Yeah totally.

Aoi: It’s unbelievable. 

Reita: It happens…like u get a shirt that’s way too small for u

Aoi: Like if it’s too big I can deal with it…but when it’s small

Reita: (laughs) if it’s small u can’t do shit w it

Aoi: Yes…

Imagine #65

A/N: Remember when I told you I’d do an imagine based off of a previous imagine (IMAGINE #52) I did? You can read that first if you’d like, but I’d be concentrating on only one part from there.

“How he shows you he loves you:  It was the gesture you found adorable because it didn’t only mean that he loves you but it also meant something else for him. When you’d go out grocery shopping and would already be checking out the items you’ve bought at the check-out counter, Isaac would wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on either your shoulders or on top of your head.”

I actually forgot about this until I stumbled upon Jess and Gabriel’s vlog… you can watch it here >> X <<  (it’s at 10:00 mehehe) so you can say that it was also inspired by the video LOL! And like always, if any errors occur, my apologies :)


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Isaac placed a kiss on your cheek before going ahead and looking for the specific cream you used to make your famous carbonara that Isaac and the pack seemed to love, it would always be gone the minute you’d place it on the table.

As you looked through the aisle that contained the canned mushrooms, you pushed your cart towards the middle in search of the usual can of mushrooms your mother bought when she taught you the recipe.

While you moved the grocery cart further in search for the brand, you felt as though someone was following you. You didn’t mind it though since you thought that you were only imagining things, and since the grocery was packed with people doing some last-minute buying for their meals for Thanksgiving, your mind could just be playing tricks on you that maybe the person was just doing the same thing and looking for the same brand of mushrooms.

Pushing the cart some more, you finally stopped to reach for the brand you were looking for on the shelf. Once you were checking to see if it was the right one, a figure suddenly approached you making you jerk in surprise and drop the can.

Shortly after the can of mushroom slipped through your fingers, you heard an ow coming from the person in front of you.

“Oh my, I am so sorry.” You apologized almost frantically, trying to reach for the can that unfortunately dropped on the person’s foot.

“No, no.” The man said, stopping you from reaching the can. “It’s fine, here, let me.”

“Thank you,” you replied, taking the product from him and putting it in the cart. “Sorry about your foot, by the way.”

“Yeah, no big deal.” He just scoffed, acting like it didn’t bother him. “Just glad it was a pretty one who dropped it.”

At this, you suddenly felt taken back at his words.

“Yeah, sorry.” He suddenly apologized with a chuckle, “I’m not really good at this but I just had to say hi-”

“Oh,” It was the only thing you could think of at the moment, not really sure how to respond to the sudden forwardness this guy was emitting. “Well, hi to you too.”

“- And can I just say how pretty you are?” He smiled before reaching out his hand and introducing himself. “I’m Daniel, by the way.”

“Hi, Daniel.” You reached your hand and shook his.

As he tried to attempt to make a conversation by asking you what were you doing here (boy, I’m grocery shopping, what does it look like I’m doing?), your fingers started to fidget with the ring on your finger as you nodded with a smile and replied to some of the questions he asked. At this point, you were trying to muster up the courage of not being rude and just telling him straight out.

“So, could I maybe ask you-” At that, you cut him off from continuing his question any further.

“I’m… actually married.” You stated. Hearing the words, the guy looked a bit shocked as his eyebrows furrowed saying, “wait, what?”

“Yeah,” The guy looked down on your finger for confirmation. And when he saw the golden band and the large sparkling rock on your finger, all he could manage was an, “Oh.”

“But, like, you’re really young.” The guy looked at you again.

“Yeah, I’m Y/A.” You replied.

“Wow, that’s fast,” All you could do was just smile.

It wasn’t too long before he bid goodbye saying that it was nice talking to you, embarrassment could be seen in his face, and it didn’t take long for Isaac to come back with an arm full of the creams you needed for the pasta.

“That’s a lot,” you could only giggle when he had the big smile on his face showing that he was proud that he didn’t get lost in the groceries again, but he shortly noticed something was up – that something happened while he was away for a good 3 minutes.

“What happened?” He asked worriedly, almost dropping the packs of cream on the floor as his shoulders seemed to sag.

“There was a guy-” you whispered.

“There was a guy?!”

“Shh!” At the volume Isaac asked with, you tried to hush him because you didn’t know if the person was still in the hearing distance. “Not here.”

“A guy?!” he shouted in a whisper. “What happened? What guy? Who’s the guy? Where is this guy?”

He looked around the aisle as his ears turned a pink shade, a shade you knew all too well when he got mad or annoyed at something or someone.

“What happened, Y/N?” He asked repeatedly.

“Later, Isaac.” You replied in a low voice while you pushed the cart farther from the aisle you were at. “I just want to leave.”

At those words, your husband’s eyes widened and the pink shade that colored his ears turned darker. “That bad?”

Isaac looked behind the both of you, eyes still looking for any particular guy.

“Isaac, let’s just go.” You hooked your arm with his trying to pull him away as you pushed the cart in front of you to the checkout.

While you were placing the products you bought, you suddenly caught a glimpse of Daniel a few check-out counters behind you. Isaac noticed this and turned to see where you were looking at and almost the exact time he spotted the guy you were talking about, he saw Daniel was looking at you.

You waited and watched as the prices showed up on the screen while the lady manning the counter checked the product’s and bagged them in the brown paper bags, her small talks making you smile.

As you waited for the other products to be bagged, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist and a chin on top of your head. Isaac’s arms pulled you against him as you looked up and saw that he was looking at you with a smile, the giggle you were trying to hold down was showing as your lips pursed - you already felt the vibe that he already knew where the guy was and this attempt was to show that you were already with someone else – that you were already married to someone, for crying out loud.  

Coffee-Stained Hearts

A/N: the ‘someone just spilled coffee all over me and my computer which had the only copy of my paper due in 15 minutes, and it seems like that someone might be the lead actor in my favourite show’ au that no one asked for

Her last assignment was due in 15 minutes. Lily could practically taste the freedom, could feel the summer months ahead. She sipped her coffee, hovering her mouse over the ‘send’ button. She took a deep breath, about to hit the button, when she heard the high-pitched sound of shoes sliding against the tile floor and all of the sudden her skin was burning - 

“What the hell!” Lily exclaimed, jumping up from her seat in the coffee shop, glaring at the person who had just spilled incredibly hot coffee all over her, her new dress and her computer. She did a double take, because it seemed to be that the asshole who had just ruined her day was the lead actor in her favourite show, The Marauders. But that didn’t matter now. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” he said, immediately grabbing some napkins from the table and handing them to her. “I’m so so sorry.”

Under any other circumstances, it would be a dream to meet James Potter. Devilishly handsome, a phenomenal actor, relatively famous, and just generally a cute person, he was every girls dream. But not Lily’s, at least not at this moment.

Lily scowled, her eyes burning into him. And if looks could kill, well, let’s just say that there would be a lot of crying teenage girls all over the world.

“Say that to my computer. That was the only copy I had of my final English Lit  paper, that just happens to be due in 15 minutes.”

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Brekkie was a bowl of soft fluffy nicecream 🙂🙃🍨
Also loving my new @ecotan products and if you’re looking for a great #vegan eco friendly brand, I absolutely recommend. Been using this (and only) brand for a few months now and I don’t see myself changing my ways any time soon 🤗
Oh boy too many things are happening at once, and if it was possible to skip a certain period of time, I’d skip to the end of this month for sure 🙄 I always try to look at things as “challenges” but damn there better a freaking great reward waiting for me when this is over 🤔
Best of luck to those who have their exams this month and U CAN DO IT and DONT GIVE UP give urself a lil peptalk if u need and have a warm bubble bath love to u all lil chickpeas!!!

IG: @annietarasova

High School Band AU: Ch. 13

This was a mistake.

A really bad one. The kind of mistake you know it’s terrible from the moment you even take action. And yet, you can’t stop, it’s stronger than you, it’s cruel because it catches you on a moment you’re too confused and emotional, which, to a teenage riddled by hormones and immaturity, it can be almost everytime.

Talking back to the teacher was a huge mistake!

And you know that while you’re sitting in detention. But, as ironic as it sounds, staying in a place where nobody knows you and nobody can really judge it’s exactly what you need right now.

You kissed a college guy. So what? The guy has a girlfriend. Well, morally questionable, but it’s not something we don’t see everyday. So why are you feeling so bad to the point you’ve been distracted in class and avoiding the Mystic Messenger crew for dear life? Nobody knows what you’ve done, but it takes a glance at one of them for you to feel like your deepest sins are out for everybody to know.

So lowering your gaze when you notice Saeran sitting on the desk next to you feels like the most natural move.

“Oh yeah… ‘Hi, Saeran! How are you?’ if you don’t know, that’s what you do when you meet someone you know.” He whispers.

“Hi, Saeran…”

“Huh? I mean, yeah, that’s what a normal person would do, but you’re not normal, so you should say ‘shut up, you little piece of shit, it’s not like you would say hi to me either, you jerk! Blah blah blah girl stuff blah blah…”

“I guess…” you don’t need to look at him to know he’s staring at you with a mortified expression.

“Okay, are sure you shouldn’t Go see the nurse? You’re obviously sick!” he reaches his hand to touch your forehead. “You’re really sick, usually you would bite me for doing this or whatever…”

“What are you saying? I would never bite you!” you slap his hand away, lowering your gaze again “Keep your fetishes to yourself…”

“Whew, there she is…” he sighs sharply, and it’s hard not to look at him and laugh at him for being so silly.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, trying to dodge from being the topic.

“What do you think? I did bad shit and this is punishment.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, uhm… because, uhm… anger issues and maybe… walking around with a razor?”

Oh yeah… you already knew about the razor. He used it to defend you from the senior that day. No, why using an euphemism? The guy saved you, just admit it.

But you didn’t know you weren’t the only one to know he had the habit of walking around armed. Probably some teacher found it and… wait, but that doesn’t make sense!

“Shouldn’t you get expelled or something instead of just going to detention?”

“Good to know you want me expelled, MC.” You roll your eyes, and he laughs. “No, I mean, yeah… I should if…the school’s social worker didn’t know I might have some… issues back at home, which explains my violent nature… so uhm… I can stay here as long as I do counseling along with being in detention.”

“Oh, like some kind of social rehab?”

“Yeah, something like this…” he looks away, obviously embarrassed. Well, there’s no reason to, this is something understandable…

“Well, uhm… it’s nice that you have this chance.”

“It is.” Both of you look ahead, you wonder if it is because you’re both thinking of this or just… being a little thrilled by his sudden moment of honesty and no bickering from neither parts. “What about you? Why are you here?”

“Because I’m a mess.” You growl, remembering what brought you here.

“Well, did you… did you just notice this now?” you glare at him, making him laugh. “I mean…  being a mess isn’t exactly punishable.”

“I called the math teacher a… ‘fartknocker’.” He muffles a laugh, bending over his desk.

“You don’t even know how to curse someone! You’re so… dorky.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, I will before you call me a fartknocker.” He laughs, and you try to hold back a wry smile. “I mean, it was only a matter of time for you to cuss a teacher, but you should at least have called him something that it isn’t funny!”

“I was just… look, I was mad, it was the first thing to cross my mind.”

“Why were you so angry?”

“It… it doesn’t matter.” You cross your arms, avoiding his gaze. Like if he could read beneath your eyes.

“Uhh, so dark and mysterious… I’m almost starting to like you.”

“So I’ll shut up before you do.” He chuckles breathlessly. Are you that funny or is he just mocking you? Jerk…

“Let’s get out of here.” He gets up, throwing his bag on his shoulder.

“What? No…”

“Come on! You don’t have to be in detention for such a lame thing like that. And I… don’t want to stay in detention. Let’s ditch this.”


“He won’t wake up. Believe me, I’m here almost every day and he doesn’t even notice when people ditch this.” He notices you were looking at the teacher. Oh… so he’s sleeping? You thought he was just super into that newspaper… okay, he was clearly sleeping and you’re stupid. What the hell?

“But is it… really okay for you to ditch this, Saeran? I mean… isn’t this part of your rehab or something?”

“Well, it’s not like I’ll be recovered and ready to reintegrate the academic environment properly watching that fartknocker snore.” You roll his eyes as he smiles teasingly. “Come on, he won’t even notice we’re gone.”

“Why do you want me to go with you so bad?” he furrows his eyebrows, apparently annoyed.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want. I thought you would like to be out of this hell, but if you want to stay and listen to his fascinating dreams about cars made out of pizza, knock yourself out.”

“As interesting as pizza cars sound…” you hear the teacher inhaling deeply “… yeah, let’s ditch this.”

You’ve never stayed till so late at school. It’s… a little more terrifying than you thought. Are the hallways always that long? And the stairs to the library look like the path to hell with the orange shade of the sunset hitting the walls like that.

“Are you scared?” no, the actual hell is having to hear Saeran’s teasing tone.

“Shut up.” He speeds his steps a little, making you run behind him. “Where… where are we going?”

“You? Have no idea. Me? It’s none of your business.”

“Did you really convince me to get out of there with you and now you’ll leave me here… alone… in the… dark?” you look around, trying not to hug yourself.

“Well, I was going to… but if you’re going to shit yourself and cry, I better be around to take some pics.”  Grrr, he is… Ah he is such an asshole!

“Go fuck yourself!” you turn on your heels and tries to stomp out of there, but he reaches you and holds you by the arm.

“Hey, I was just messing with you! Come on…”

“No, I don’t need this shit right now, Saeran! I really don’t!  You have no idea how terrible I feel and the last thing I need is you making me feel worse!”

“Jeez, calm your ass down, MC! I’m… I’m sorry.” You glare at him, crossing your arms. “Don’t be mad…” oh my god… what’s with the pout? He’s acting like a kid!

You sigh, trying to calm down. He’s a jerk, but you would be even worse if you decide to take on him. Would he ever do something like you did? It’s hard to tell how far can go the morality of a guy who has a razor…

“I’m not mad. I’m just… okay, I’m angry. But… not at you. Don’t worry… I’m sorry for yelling at you…” you look at him. To his hair, actually, you don’t dare to look at him in the eyes.

“Prove that you’re sorry.” What the…

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll only forgive you if you come with me.” He turns his back on you and starts walking. “Hurry or you’ll be alone here and I ain’t coming back to pick you up.”

Pffff, he’s bluffing. Isn’t he? ISN’T HE? Shit, better run!

You go after him. He is going to… the baseball pitch? Wait, no… there is this place behind the pitch, you’ve heard about it, it’s the…

“Welcome to paradise.” He says, making an exaggerated gesture for you to enter. “It looks like it will cave in at any moment, I know, but it won’t… I think.”

“What is here?”

“Hum? Oh, it used to be the gym warehouse before they built a new one. Now it’s where we hang.”


“Yeah, you know… the weirdos.” He scratches the back of his head. “Let’s go!” he snorts in impatience, grabbing your wrist.

Okay, it’s not that bad on the inside. A lot of the weidos are the art kids, so of course there a lot of cool paints in the walls. As you walk in, there ‘s a little tent that it looks made of trash bags, where a punching bag and some instruments are places like someone just left the place.

“Those fuckers… if my sticks aren’t here, I’ll really… oh, here they are!” he twirls them on his hands.

“Is it safe to leave instruments like this here?”

“Nobody has guts to come in here ever since the rumors about the goth kids doing rituals here.”

“Were the rumors true?”

“Well, if you get possessed or something, we’ll find out.” You laugh… trying to not let him see you shivering. “Are you calm now?”

“A little more, I guess…” you look away. “But I’m still… angry.”

“Who made you get so angry?”

“Me…” you sigh, looking at nowhere.

“Ah yeah… you’re pretty annoying.” You glare at him. “I’m just kidding. Why are you mad at yourself?”

“Because… I did something stupid, something… really hurtful to a lot of people.”

“Did you cut someone with a razor?”


“So you’re cool, don’t worry.”

“Oh… believe me, what I did can bring a lot more damage than a razor. I… am such a bad person, Saeran…” you lower your gaze. “And I’m so… pissed at myself, I’m so… grrrrr! I’m so… you know how I can be a itch most of the times? I can be salty, mean and sarcastic, but I never… ever felt this… anger, is just so… ughhh!”

“You know the counselor tells me there’s nothing wrong with getting angry, it’s like… a sign that you still care. The thing is how you… express the anger that makes the difference, or some shit like this, I don’t pay much attention.”

“Said the guy with a razor.”

“Because I’m still learning! Like that shit you said once, how was it… ‘progress, not perfection’?” yeah, at Yoosung’s basement… wait, was he there? Didn’t he make a whole scene before entering? Oh, he was really waiting to make an entrance, huh? “Anyway… you have to learn how to… channel your angry into something productive. Look around you, this place is riddled with anger, whether it’s in paintings, punching bags and…” he hits the ride cymbal “…music.”

He adjusts every component of the drum carefully. It’s fun to watch him like this, so focused and… with his mouth shut. Ugh… drummers are areally cool, aren’t they?

Good lord, you have a thing for drummers. Damn you, Ashton Irwin!

No, but it’s not just that… say whatever you want about Saeran, but the prick is talented! He knows what he’s doing. He… can be really decent when he wants, like that time he saved you, like… right now, when he is trying to comfort you and… prove to you you’re not the piece of shit you are. He is… a cool prick.

Cool enough to make you stand right beside him as your eyes watch his intently. What is this? He’s not playing anymore, why is your heart pounding so fast?

It’s already night when you and him leave the school. You shoot some quick glances at him as you pass next to the baseball pitch, he looks as nervous as you, though he always looks a little nervous about something.



“I…think I made a very rude comment about you being a mama’s boy or something some time ago.”

“You asked me if my mom was going to be mad at me for being late.” Oh… he remembers every single word of it.

“Yeah… I’m sorry for that. I… Saeyoung told me you guys have some problems with her and…”

“She’s an alcoholic and we have to be home early to make sure she’s not doing anything stupid to get sent to jail. It’s a pain in the ass to keep bailing her out.” Oh…

“Oh… shit, Saeran. This is… are you okay?”

“Of course not! Don’t you think I’m terrified to end up like her?”

“Saeran… you… you won’t.”

“How can you be so sure, MC?”

“Because… you’re angry about this, so… it means you care.” He widens his eyes, his eyes look so glossy… is he crying? “I know it probably means shit to you, but… I’m really sorry for you, Saeran, nobody deserves this, your brother doesn’t deserve this, you don’t deserve this, you…”

You stop breathing for a second when you feel his arms circling you. You try to look at him, but his face is buried in your hair. Hesitatingly, you hug him back. When he finally exhales, you feel comfortable to stroke the strands in the back of his head.

“I’ll be the judge if it means shit to me or not.” His voice is muffled, but you’re sure is breaking.

“Whatever you say.” You lean your head on his.

He walks you home. Now it’s your turn to look nervous, what should you say now? The guy who always looked so aloof and ready to tell you to go to hell is actually the most vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to open up with you, like no other member of the band did, like… nobody ever did to you.

“You didn’t need to walk me home. Now you’re late.”

“It’s fine. Saeyoung is home, so it will be fine for today. The hell I would let a girl walk alone at night. I’m not that douchy, you know? I…” you stand on your tip toes to plant a kiss in his cheek, oh, now he is definitely blushing, especially because you miscalculated and kissed a little too close to the corner of his mouth. “What the hell? What… what was… what was that for?”

“I know you’re not the douche you try to be, so I just wanted to shut your mouth.”


“Hey! I could have punched you to shut you, be grateful!” he rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Good night, Saeran.”

“Good night, MC.”

You watch as he walks away. Before he turns the street corner and is completely out of your sight, you can almost swear you saw him brushing the cheek you kissed lightly.

You go to your bedroom feeling a heat glowing inside your chest, your stomach is empty, but you’re not hungry. Oh… could this be… butterflies in the stomach, as people say? You’ve never felt anything like this before!

Is this normal? You didn’t feel anything like this when you kissed V. Oh god… you kissed V! Rika’s boyfriend!

The night with Saeran was so thrilling and sweet it almost made you forget you’re a horrible person.


Chapter 12 | Chapter 14 

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i have a hc that Jared never cleans his glasses. ever. they're the grossest thing you'll ever see and his S.O hates it so much (especially if they also have glasses.) the only time they ever get clean is if they steal them in the middle of the night and wash them with soap and water. possibly a whole bottle of dawn was used in the process

“you can’t seriously tell me that you can see clearly wearing those disgusting things, jared”

“fuck off, i can see just fine.”

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Fake love... (Park Woojin) Pt. 1


  • High school AU
  • Woojin is caught up in a bet where he has to date you
  • Other characters include – Daehwi, Donghyun, Somi, and Chaeyoung (from Twice bc I lovE THIS GIRL SO MUCH U GUYS DONT UNDERSTAND)
  • Minjun is once again a random name that imma use as a character bc why not cough Drunk-en love cough maybe this is what minjun did when he was in high school cOUGH

Part 2 Part 3 Epilogue

Part 1: amicitia pulchra est // friendship is beautiful

“Daehwi and Somi…. Donghyun and Chaeyoung…. y/n and Woojin….”

You got up once the teacher called your name and sat next to your new lab partner for your midterm project.

“Hey, I’m y/n.” You said to Woojin. You’d always seen him around school but had never really been in the same friend group as him so it was your first time talking to each other.

“Hey, I’m Woojin.” He smiled before taking out his notes to start class. “Oh also, can I have your number so we can talk to each other about the project outside of class?”

You nodded, quickly typing your number into his phone before the teacher yelled at you two for having a phone out in class. “Thanks” Woojin mouthed before tuning into the lecture.

You felt the corners of your mouth go up as you noticed one of his teeth charmingly sticking out when he smiled. I never noticed this before but Woojin’s pretty cute… You thought to yourself. Woojin had noticed the way you kept fiddling with your hair as you took notes in class and couldn’t help but find it really charming as well….

“Woojin-ah, who are you texting?” Woojin’s senior Minjun peeked over to look at his phone as they rested in the practice room. “Y/N? Is that a girl?” He gasped sarcastically making Woojin scowl at him.

“Yeah it’s a girl but no not in the way you’re thinking right now. She’s my lab partner for our midterm project and I’m just trying to set up a time for us to work outside of class.”

“Hey, let me see a picture of her.” 

Minjun snatched Woojin’s phone out of his hand and went to his Instagram account and typed in your name. “Is this her?”

“Yeah I guess…” Woojin scratched his head. He had never really given you much thought before only because your paths had never crossed, but of course he had you on social media because, well, you two only lived a few houses apart.

“She’s pretty cute dude!” Minjun slapped Woojin’s arm, making Woojin grumble. “You should ask her out.”

“Wh-What?!” Woojin rubbed his arm. “I barely know her though! We aren’t even close enough to call each other friends.”

“Ahh what a waste.” Minjun shook his head. “What if….” 

Woojin raised his eyebrow at the mischievous glint in Minjun’s eye. “What if what?”

“So how bad do you want to get into 101 Entertainment?”

“No way hyung… you know it’s my dream to be accepted into the company as a trainee.”

“I’ll ask my uncle to give you an audition.” 

“No way!–”

“BUT!” Minjun smiled. “You have to go on a date with this y/n girl.”

“What? What does she have to do with anything?” Woojin frowned. “Besides, I don’t think I really have the time to date anyone plus I don’t have feelings for her.”

“I’m just trying to get you out there buddy.” Minjun sighed. “It’s just one date… and an audition at 101 entertainment could really change your entire life… or whatever….”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Woojin said. It’s just one date right? “Speaking of y/n, since practice is over I have to meet her at the library to start on our project so I’ll see you later.”

“Remember our little promise!”

Woojin put in his earbuds as he took the train to get to the library. He began to doubt whether or not it would be morally right to go through with the bet, but considered the fact that 

1. it was just ONE date

2. an audition at 101 Entertainment, aka the biggest Korean entertainment company, would literally change the course of his life

Woojin shook off any bad feelings he had left and spent the rest of the journey to the library staring out the tinted window.

“Hey Woojin!” You smiled as he sat down next to you but you couldn’t help noticing that he looked tired and kind of sweaty. “Did you just come from a sports practice or something?”

“Yeah, I have dance practice every week but it ends early on Tuesdays so that’s why I can only meet once a week.” He scratched his head. “So I’m sorry about that but… we can just be super productive so we won’t fall behind, right?”

“Yeah sure.” You tried not to stress yourself out over the limited time you had left to work with Woojin but you just tried to focus on not distracting yourself in the meantime. “So I set up the basic outline of the power point so that once we have the results of the research we do in class we can just add to the slides.”

“Oh wow, thanks. You didn’t need to do this by yourself you know.” Woojin felt a pang of guilt as he looked through all of the work you’d done while you’d waited for Woojin.

“No no, don’t worry about it.” You laughed. “I like doing work and honestly I can’t stand it if I leave anything to the last minute because I start getting really paranoid and stressed.”

“Well I’m glad you became my partner then.” Woojin grinned. “So what should we work on tonight?”

Hours passed before both of you realized that it was already 10pm which meant that you needed to be home in 30 minutes. “You live on Blossom street right?” Woojin asked.

“Yeah, don’t you live pretty close too?”

“I live on Blossom street too, at the end of the court.” 

“Oh okay…” You both fell into an awkward silence, neither of you being good at small talk wanting to say something.

“We can just take the bus together then.” Woojin coughed.

“Okay sure.” You nodded. You gathered all of your books and things into your backpack and Woojin pushed in your chair for you as you got up and even held the door open for you once you two exited the library.

He’s so polite… You blushed, thankful for the broken streetlights that hid your cherry red cheeks.

“So do you have any hobbies?” Woojin looked at you as you two stopped at the bus stop.

“I like playing guitar and drawing.” You answered. “Do you do anything else besides dance?”

“No, dance is my entire life. I’m going to try to pursue a career out of it.” He smiled.

“Oh really? That must be really tiring…” 

Before Woojin could answer the bus pulled up and he motioned for you to go first, making you begin to blush once again.

“So you’re friends with Chaeyoung, Somi, and Donghyun right?” Woojin asked once you sat down.

“Yeah, I am.” You nodded.

“I heard they all got paired up with each other plus Daehwi got stuck in there somehow too.” Woojin laughed. “Daehwi was so nervous about being with Somi.”


“Yeah I mean she’s like the most popular girl in the school.” Woojin scratched his head. "Who wouldn’t be intimidated?”

“That’s true…”

Woojin noticed how you kept answering in short phrases, as if you didn’t want to talk, so he laid off on the questions and let the rest of the ride home be silent, except this time it was more comfortable than awkward.

Secretly, you had a fear about dating ever since your old boyfriend had broken your heart. That had been the worst 2 months of your life so you decided that you would postpone dating until you got into college so you wouldn’t let it distract you… except Woojin was beginning to make a huge impression on you already. You didn’t want to give away your heart so easily so you were a little bit closed off and unwilling to get close to him, but you began to fear that you’d given him the wrong impression.

Once you two got off of the bus and he walked you to your house, you gave him a small smile. “Thanks.”

“For what?” He blinked.

“For walking me home I guess…” You felt your face heat up with embarrassment. Why did you say thanks?

“Ah, no problem. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay y/n?” Woojin lightly squeezed your arm before heading down the street to his house.

“What is this boy doing to me!” You groaned.

Part 2

Prom (Peter Parker x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I know I posted a bit ago that posting for the next month and a half is gonna be difficult, so I was gonna hold off posting fics for a bit. I’m almost done with my break from school and have been writing, and I just wanted to give you guys a little something before that fic hiatus really takes effect. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You decided not to go to prom after breaking your arm, but Peter refuses to let you sit at home and do nothing. So instead, he helps you get ready.

Other Characters: None

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 637

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

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Women of OMGCP and their preferred lip products
  • Lardo - she loves all sorts of colour and finishes - from hot red to midnight black, from matte to metallic, she loves ‘em all. Yes, she can only afford drugstore-priced lipstick, which might have a tendency to flake or go patchy or have to be retouched more frequently, but damn, when she swipes it on, she feels empowered.
    • Pink is for days when she is in a lighter mood and more likely, when she is going to spend all day in the studio working her ass off and promptly forgets to retouch. Lilac is for days when she is somber and needs to deal with seemingly endless number of things, plus it looks really good with her hair. Nude is for days when she has her sharpest, cleanest cat eyeliner on. Orange, albeit not really her cup of tea, is for days when she wants to be more energetic. 
    • And red - Samwell Red - is of course designated for match days.
  • Alicia - she has a collection of lipsticks, a lot of which are from designer brands, but her favourite is actually clear lip gloss, or those that only bring a hint of colour, She is definitely the one who passes the “tendency to dress like a Burger King robber while giving no fucks” gene to Jack*, so you can often see her rocking cherry-coke favor lip smacker, red top, blue leggings, and green converses while walking around the town; in fact she does like putting different colours onto her lips, just that she often forgets to remove it properly and directly faceplants to bed, and y’know, it is not good at all. *[the fantastic Alicia does not dress well headcannon belongs to @foxtrotdefencesquad ]

  • Camilla - she loves pastel pink satin lipstick, which really suits her. I mean, just look at how lush her lips are. When she is in a match she usually only wears lip balm, but she often wears bubblegum pink liquid lipstick in the gym.

  • Caitlin - Rosy tones look really good on her! It doesn’t hurt that this shade is relative low-maintenance - swipe, blot, and you’re done. Cait does have a blue lipstick which she proudly wears when watching a Shark’s game, live or not, and she puts it on Chowder too. That Californian ray of sunshine is ecstatic.
  • Mandy & Jenny - they cannot really put on any sort of lip product now, but they can change their lip colour to whatever they want. Still, they miss the sense of being in physical touch with a wand and the feeling of painting the colours on; it might very well be one of their last links to tangibility.
  • George - she prefers lip balm. It is practical, efficient, and on point; her natural lip colour is more than enough. Burgundy shades look amazing on her though.

  • Suzanne - she wears lipsticks with only a wash of colour, though deep in her heart she has a thirst for opaque unique shades. Well, she secretly wants to be a hipster afterall.

  • Bonus: Beth, from my Bittle’s fav cousins headcannon - She is aggressively ginger so her hair alone is already fantastically vibrant. Still, she wears a lot of different colours, and her favourites are reds and mauves. She wears green as a joke occasionally (that combination makes her look like a honest to god carrot, and it is rad, okay) and once when she was rocking it and did not think twice before skyping with Bitty, his immediate response was, “Oh my Lord, Beth, you look fabulous, but are you a Flyers fan now?????”

Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug. All rights belong to Thomas Astruc and his team.

Summary: In Mr Pigeon, Ladybug was witness to Chat Noir’s allergies to feathers. So was Marinette to Adrien’s allergies after being judged winner of the design competition. What if Marinette actually connected the dots?

Notes: Another repost. I’m also looking for a beta to bounce ideas off, since I love to hear feedback about my work. Message me if you’re interested!


“Is this a joke?” Mr Agreste asked, staring closely at the two identical hats.

Chloe gasped dramatically, stamping her foot. “No fair!”

She crossed her arms, wailing: “Marinette copied my design! It’s scandalous! How could you do that!”

If that weren’t enough, she started crying into the podium dramatically.

Mr Agreste raised an eyebrow at her dramatic behaviour.

“I apologise for the situation, Mr Agreste, but I can prove that this hat is my original design,” Marinette said smugly, her arms crossed as everyone’s attention was drawn to her instead of the wailing Bourgeois heir.

Instantly, Nathalie turned the tablet away from the wailing Chloe to face Marinette.

“Go ahead,” Mr Agreste said solemnly to Chloe and Sabrina’s gasps.

“Uhm,” Marinette began as she took the hat off its podium. “Everything on my derby hat is hand-made, from the embroidery to the weaving of the band to the stitching of the brim.”

Chloe scowled as she realised that Marinette was just about to unravel her carefully laid plan.

“It was all done by myself,” Marinette continued. “And last, there’s a special design element that only the true designer knows about.”

She turned the hat upside down, tilting it to expose the gold embroidery that spelled out her name in elegant gold cursive. “I signed mine.”

Chloe gasped in shock as her hands flew to cover her mouth, accidentally knocking over her podium. Instantly, everyone turned at the sound of the crash as the hat too fell upside down, exposing the gold embroidery.

Chloe ran off, sobbing once more as she departed the school grounds. “Daddy!” she wailed.

Nathalie turned the tablet around to face Marinette once more, Mr Agreste looking impressed.

“Very exquisite creation,” Mr Agreste said approvingly as Marinette blushed, staring at the hat in her hands. “You definitely have the labouring hands of a hatmaker, Miss…?”

“Marinette,” Adrien interjected, placing his hand on Marinette’s shoulder as he gestured at the aspiring designer.

“Congratulations on your demonstration, Miss Marinette,” Mr Agreste continued. “You’re the winner.”

Instantly, Marinette and Alya looked to each other, exchanging looks of glee.

“Thank you, thank you!” Marinette gasped in joy, bowing, her face absolutely ecstatic.

“Adrien will wear your derby on our next advertising campaign,” Mr Agreste continued.

Adrien grasped Marinette’s hands, the girl gasping and blushing at the contact.

“Awesome job, Marinette,” Adrien praised, his emerald eyes meeting sapphire. Instantly the blush grew tenfold and Marinette’s smile grew larger as she met his eyes.

Taking the derby hat from Marinette’s suddenly warm hands, Adrien started to put it on his head… only to stop when he felt a ticklish sensation up his nose.

“Ahh, ahh, ah, ah, ah, choo!” he sneezed, startling Marinette and Alya at its suddenness.

He sniffled, eyes lidded as he wiped his nose. Marinette blinked in astonishment, sapphire eyes wide. Then Adrien’s eyes rested on the shocked looks on the designer and reporter’s faces, and he paused.

“Uh, sorry!” he said, looking apologetic at the two. “I’m allergic to feathers.”

As if to prove his point, he sneezed again.

Marinette gasped in realisation. “Oh!” she said softly, before flinching as he sneezed again. Then a smile graced her face. “Gesundheit!” she called, waving at him.

“Ah, ah choo!” Adrien sneezed again, before sniffling and waving to her. “Thanks,” he said weakly before walking off, presumably to somewhere where he could get some tissues.

Behind him, Marinette exchanged another excited look with Alya, before jumping in the air. “Woohoo!” she cheered as the two laughed in joy.

Then a thought occurred to her, and called a quick “Sorry! Gotta go!” to Alya before chasing after Adrien. “Adrien, wait!”

The boy paused, just about to step foot into the limo, derby hat in hand, and turned to her. “Ah choo!” he sneezed once more, before turning to Marinette.

“What is it, Marinette?” he asked, sniffling.

“Uhh, the derby hat. We could, I mean, I could, not to say you can’t, but obviously you’re the model and all, but not saying you’re not because you’re perfect…”

“Miss Marinette,” Mr Agreste interjected sharply from the screen inside of the limo. “Can you get to the point? We’re on a tight schedule.”

“Yes!” Marinette snapped back, and once more confident and all business. “The feather in the derby hat. I could switch it for something else, since you’re allergic to it. I could use a flower, or maybe a fake feather, or some other ornament for derby hats.”

Mr Agreste raised an eyebrow, before looking at the derby hat in Adrien’s hats. “Impressive, Miss Marinette. Most designers wouldn’t alter their completed and submitted designs, particularly switching out the centerpiece of the design - in your case, the pigeon feather. Very well. Nathalie, clear Adrien’s schedule for the rest of the day. Adrien, go help Miss Marinette pick out a new ornament for the hat, since you are the model and we should make sure that you aren’t allergic to the new ornament, or Miss Marinette’s efforts will be wasted.”

Adrien gaped in shock for a moment, before grinning. “Yes, father,” he said, before closing the limo door. Instantly the car zoomed off, and he sneezed again.

“So, where to first?” he asked.

Marinette pondered it for a moment, a comment from Chat Noir suddenly popping in her head about feathers. It was weird, that both of the blonde-haired, green-eyed boys she knew were allergic to feathers…

“Achoo!” Adrien sneezed again. “Sorry,” he said, sniffling.

“Well, you’re not allergic to flowers, are you?”

“Shouldn’t be.” Adrien said cautiously.

“Great! Then first stop is my house to drop off the hat so you don’t sneeze all the time, then we’ll go to the florist’s to see the flowers!”


“Oh, hello Adrien!” Mrs Cheng said cheerily from the counter of the bakery. “It’s good to see you again!”

“H-hello, Mrs- achoo!”

“Well now Adrien,” Mrs Cheng said cheekily. “I doubt my ancestors had the name achoo.”

“No, no!” Adrien said frantically. “Please accept my sincere apologies.”

“Oh, relax Adrien.” Mr Dupain said, coming out from the kitchen. “She’s just teasing you.”

“Oh,” Adrien sighed in relief. “Hello, Mr Dupain, Mrs Cheng.”

“Now, Adrien, you can call us Tom and Sabine, all of Marinette’s friends do.”

Adrien froze. “A friend?”

Marinette smiled at him. “Yeah, you’re a friend of mine!”

Tom grinned. “A really good friend, actually.”

“Papa!” Marinette exclaimed, before making to drag Adrien upstairs with her. Halfway up the steps, though, she suddenly remembered all of the pictures that were still up on the wall.

“Oh no!”

“What is it, Marinette?” the three chorused in unison.

“Uhh, nothing. Adrien, why don’t you stay down here? I’ll just put the hat up. It’ll only take a minute, heh.”

Adrien had barely nodded his consent before Marinette ran upstairs like a whirlwind. He shrugged, before he walked down the steps when he heard crashing upstairs. He made to go back up, but Mr and Mrs - ahem - Tom and Sabine stopped him.

“No need, Adrien. This always happens all the time.”

“Really?” He asked dubiously.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it. Especially in the mornings when she’s in a rush to go to school.”

“Papa!” Marinette exclaimed.

“But Marinette, I’m only telling him the truth!”

Adrien laughed, stopping the incoming banter between the two as they heard him. He stopped for a moment, and smiled nervously.

“Are you staying for dinner, Adrien?” Sabine asked.

“Then he can stay forever!” Tom exclaimed.

“Papa! Mama!” Marinette screamed.

Seeing his cheeky grin, she immediately grabbed hold of his arm and began to drag him out of the bakery door. “Bye Papa! Bye Mama! I’ll see you later!”

“… I still ship them.”

“Me too.”


“What flower is that one?”

Marinette blushed. “It’s called a black cat petunia.”

“Black cat?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of a tribute to Chat Noir. After he saved me from the Evillustrator and all.”

Adrien smiled to himself strangely, before looking closer at the flower. ‘An even more fitting tribute than you think.’

He took out his wallet. “How much is it?” he asked the florist.

“What- no Adrien, you can’t pay for me!” Marinette shrieked, still holding the flower.

Adrien handed the money to the florist. “Too late,” he said, smirking.

Marinette glared at him, before she jolted, rubbing the back of her neck nervously. “Should we- Ahh, I don’t mean in that way, but oh my god, it’s we anyway - go?”

Adrien stared at her, shocked, for a moment, before nodding. “Yeah, I want to see how you’re replacing the feather with a flower.”

“Huh? Haven’t you seen the designers do it? I mean, some of them might replace things like buttons and such, right?”

“I haven’t seen it unless I’m the one wearing the clothes. Models don’t really see the clothes unless it’s the final product. Even then, it’s mostly fixing seams.”

“Oh,” Marinette murmured, rolling the flower in her hand, before her phone beeped. “It’s 4 already. We should get going.”

Then Adrien’s phone rang, and he frowned at seeing the caller ID. “Sorry, I’ve got to take this.”

He picked up. “Hello, Nathalie?”

Marinette sighed at that. It looked like her time with him was going to be cut short once more.

Adrien hung up. “I’m really sorry about this Marinette, I really wanted to watch you work.”

“It’s okay! Tomorrow’s a weekend, so you can come over and watch me work then!”

His eyes widened. “Really?”

Marinette nodded firmly. “Yeah!”

He smiled - a real smile, not the smaller ones he had at school - and grasped her hand. “Thanks, Marinette.”


“Say, Chat Noir, are you really allergic to feathers?”

“Yeah,” the response came. “Why, My Lady, concerned for this poor alley cat?”

“As if! It’s just that my friend, he’s also allergic to feathers.”

“It’s a common allergy, I suppose.”

“Well, it was weird how I found out, I suppose. I didn’t even know until today!”

He laughed. “Tell me about it! Two of my friends just found out, and one of them was really nice about it.”

“Oh?” Ladybug raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, see, she designed a hat for me, but she used a feather in the design. I kept on sneezing, but I had to wear it, so she generously offered to change it for me - and she dedicated it to me, even! Well, superhero me, but she doesn’t know that.”

Ladybug froze. “What?” she said weakly.

“Yeah, it was really nice of her, right?”

Marinette’s mind was racing a thousand miles an hour. Adrien was blond. So was Chat Noir. They were both allergic to feathers. Chat Noir’s friend had designed a hat for him, and she used a feather in it. Marinette designed a derby hat for Adrien using a pigeon feather. Chat Noir’s friend replaced the feather. Adrien and Marinette had gone searching for a flower to replace the feather that afternoon. His friend dedicated it to Chat Noir. Marinette had told Adrien the petunia was a tribute to him.

“-Lady! My Lady!”

“Adrien?” she said cautiously.

It was Chat’s turn to freeze. “What did you say?”

“Adrien. You’re Adrien. Oh my god, why didn’t I see it before! Oh my god, I’ve been so blind!”

Instantly Chat slapped a clawed hand over her mouth. “Quiet! Do you want the whole of Paris to know?”

She stopped then, but her eyes met his. “So, you’re really…”

“You can’t tell anyone!” he whisper-shouted fiercely, before his expression turned melancholic. “Being Chat Noir is my freedom. If my father knew, he’d trap me in that mansion again. Alone.”

Ladybug touched his cheek. “Oh, Chat.”

“Do you understand now? No one can know.”

She nodded. “No one else, kitty.”

They sat in silence there for a moment, before he spoke up again. “How’d you know that I was Adrien?”

“Well,” she said slowly. “First of all, you’re both blonde. Then, you mentioned being allergic to feathers.”

“Those two are common enough,” Chat said. “It could have been a lot of people.”

“I know. What actually confirmed it for me was your friend. The one who replaced the feather for you.”

“How could that have clued you off?”

“Tell me, Chat,” Ladybug spoke, excitement bubbling inside of her. She knew her most closely guarded secret was about to be given away, but to this person, she would entrust all of her close secrets to.

“Did she happen to replace that pigeon feather with a black cat petunia?”

“What- how did you know?!”

“Look at me, Chat, really look at me.”

For the second time that day, emerald eyes met sapphire. Then Chat Noir let out a soft gasp as he realized he recognised the confidence in those eyes. While he always saw them on Ladybug, it was also in someone else’s eyes - someone who had bested Chloe at her own game and impressed his father earlier that day.

“Marinette?” he breathed.

Ladybug exhaled. “Yeah.”

Then he took a deep breath. “Can I… kiss you now?”

Ladybug gasped softly.

“It’s something I swore to myself during the first Akuma attack. I told myself whoever it was beneath the mask, I’d love the girl. It’s not just because you’re Ladybug, it’s also because you’re Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the girl who’s class representative, the one who beat Chloe down and also impressed my father.”

“Chat,” she breathed, before her eyes glowed with confidence again. “I’ve love you too. Since that day in the rain. When you gave me your umbrella. And also when you’re Chat, the one who saved me from the Evillustrator, and the one who protected me from Timebreaker.”



“I love you.”

They both closed their eyes, and their lips met.

Then their lips parted, and now their eyes met, brilliant emerald meeting glittering sapphire.

No words were needed then. Their eyes met and thousands of words passed between them.

Then they smiled.

They knew everything was right in the world.

bubbacaiks  asked:

Hi! I really enjoy your sonamy stories! You're one of the best fanfiction writers I've ever come across. And so, I'd like to submit a prompt idea. :) Could you please write a 'Sonic is worried Amy is moving on to other guys' prompt? Thank you! :D

Sure thing, buddy ;Db



Hedgehog village was same old, same old. However, come to think of it…

“I just watched the latest Tommy Thunder! They introduced that new girl character who gives him a peck on the cheek every time he saves her!” A woman walked by the gang, as they turned to listen for a moment, having eaten at Meh Burger.

The guy next to her looked excited, his fists shaking like a fan as he seemed to know which episode she was talking about. “I know! He saved her like, 20 times!”

“Right!? I ship it!” she also did a little squeal to match his excitement, lifting her leg up as they continued to walk pass the gang.

“Tommy Thunder has a girlfriend?” Knuckles stated at last, before freaking out, “Oh no! Spoiler alerts! I can’t-… ah… unsee…” he suddenly looked like he was choking, before falling over and reaching for the sky, gripping what little of a neck he had.

“Knuckles, you don’t even have a neck to strangle. Trust me, I checked twice.” Sticks nonchalantly commented, before they looked at her but Amy rose a fist, shaking it in disgust.

“Ohh… great! Another terrible depiction of a female lead! Honestly, is it all about the womanly appeal with Hollytimber?”

She turned when she didn’t hear an answer.

Helping Knuckles up, they all suddenly stopped and stared at her a moment, realizing she wanted an answer.

“Oh, yeah, totally.” “Uh-huh.” “Couldn’t agree more!”

“You guys didn’t even hear me… did you?” she looked pretty upset, before looking up at the studio that did small theater productions.

“Huh, I bet I could make a movie that shows a TRUE depiction of a strong female lead.” she smirked, before Sonic stepped in.

“Hey, you can’t just judge all women like you do yourself, Ames…” he folded his arms after gesturing to her. “Why not put yourself in the girl’s shoes?”

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to kiss Tommy Thunder?” Sticks shrugged, as Tails was left to hold up Knuckles on his own, and crumbled under the weight, seeming squished. (Tails died joke inserted into episode cue complete)

“Ah! Is that how it is? Fine! I’ll pretend to be this new diva and show that lot of you how no woman on earth is actually that shallow! Hmph!” she stormed off, but the team all got up and together, looking confused.

“I feel we’ve unleashed a deadly enemy upon ourselves…” Tails gulped, as Sonic waved it off.

“Ah, she’s bluffing. Just watch. She’ll crack before the end of the episode.”

As the next day comes, the team is waiting for Amy at Meh Burger again, but this time, they see a woman dressed just like Stella Storm, the new female lead of Tommy Thunder’s cast.

“Is that..?”


Amy pretends to trip, as the store owner catches her, “Woah, are you okay?”

She turns and swishes her hair around, before fawning a minute and then batting her eyes, “Oh~ My hero~” she kissed his cheek, “Thank you, sweetie~” she waved and moved in a particular fashion of hollytimber like girls, as the store owner looked a bit taken aback.

“Well, that was a lousy first kiss.” the store owner commented, and walked back inside.

“Amy? What are you doin’? You look like you’re wearing what I’m wearing… but shinier and… less.” Sticks got up, annoyed at first before really taken a look at Amy’s appearance and staring for a moment, before looking down. “Are those my shoes?”

“I took the liberty to procure some of your clothes and … change them up a bit!” she puffed up her hair, and then turned to the boys. “Hi, gents~” she winked with a slight flirt.

The guys all ‘yucked’ and then proceeded to ‘wash’ themselves in their awkward ways from that last communication.

“Group meeting. No girls allowed!” Sonic grabbed Tails and Knuckles.

“She’s clearly going all out with this prank, huh?”

“She’s really got the part down though.” Tails responded to Sonic, looking back over his shoulder and seeing Amy slip on the water, but Dave the Intern using his broom to get her up.

“Heeeey… I just washed that..”

“Oh, hehe. Thank you, kind sir~” she kissed his cheek, as he dropped his broom and looked shocked.

“Oh no! It’s happening! My mother told me what to doooo.” He suddenly stopped, dropped, and rolled away.

Amy watched and then shrugged, swinging her hips as she walked away.

Sticks caught her gag-reflex and ran to a trashcan, sticking her whole face in it and barfing before coming out, looking sick.

“What is that SMELL”

“Stella Storm doesn’t ‘smell’, she releases aroma~” Amy spoke as if stuck up, as Sticks crinkled her nose and plugged it.

“Well your aroma is gonna kill the ecosystem!” she suddenly gasped, “My plants!” she raced off, “I won’t let those violins get ya, babies!”

Amy smiled, seeing her plan working before the boys came back up.

“Oh, hey guys~”

For some reason, Sonic’s eyelid twitched, and he looked annoyed…

“Amy, stop acting like someone you’re not. It’s embarrassing!”

“Oh, Tails~” she swiped her hand in a whirl around his face, before ‘boop’ing his nose with her finger. “Your concern for my well-being is sooooo courteous~” She kissed his cheek as he freaked out, and started rubbing the ‘flith’ off his cheek.

“I was saving that space for Zooey! Now she’ll think I’m a player! AHH!!” he ran off, “Where’s the disinfectant when you need it!?” he charged for what looked like Dave’s handsanitizer, seeming to relax once it was on.

“Oh… that’s not.. oh well. I needed to get rid of the strong cleaning products anyway…”

“Strong?” Tails’s cheek started burning, and he raced off again, screaming, “AHH!!”

“Ah! I don’t want my cheeks on fire either!” Knuckles shook his hands out, and took off.

“Grr… Amy! What was that!?” Sonic gestured behind him to where the two ran off. “You’re losing your friends cause of this ridiculous farce! Drop it all ready!”

“Oh? So you admit that a woman shouldn’t be portrayed as spreading her kisses along like a bag of chips?” she raised her eyebrow, leaning forward and waiting for him to admit she was right.

Out of pride, Sonic said nothing, before blurting out quite loudly, “A person has a right to do whatever they want! If Stella Storm wants to kiss the hero, let her! Doesn’t mean she’s not a believable character!” he argued, not backing down.

“Fine. Then you brought this on yourself.”

“B-br-brought what?” He suddenly leaned back, a little causious now.

She started leaning forward.. “Emm…”

Suddenly, Eggman crashed into the party.

“Hello! Just came to say hi- STELLA STORM!? Ugh, I hate one-dimensional characters.. bleh!” He slouched forward, before sticking his tongue out.

“Finally! Someone who gets it!” Amy seemed pretty happy until…

“They should have made you a brunette!”


After defeating Eggman, Sonic actually did save Amy, finally confessing that girls like Stella Storm should have more hopes and dreams, more character given than just liking some dude. And… that kisses were special.

Amy smiled, “Sonic~”

She threw off the make up, and lightly peeked him on the cheek.

“AH! HEY!?” He wobbled a moment with her in his arms as she laughed.

“What was that for?”

“That was me. Giving a kiss was actually worth something.”

“W-worth… something?”

“Phew, you have no idea how much I’ve HATED kissing people left to right.” She got down from his arms, as he shook his head out of astonishment and looked even more nervous.

“The left and right?” he pointed to each of his cheeks. looking worried or even.. scared?

“Ugh, I’m glad that’s over. Some men even tried to get my phone number. Ha! can you believe it?”

Sonic stood straight, his face saying a thousand words.

“Hold on! H-h-how many guys did you-?” he was about to say more, but she was walking off.

“Eh, some I actually did.”

He twitched violently, like a door-stopper being flicked.

“Hehe. Just kidding.” she looked back over her shoulder, sticking ehr tongue out with a wink, before the others came back from fighting off the rest of the robots and were happy to see her without the cosplay makeup on and ‘Stella Storm’ attitude.

Sonic pouted, upset he was tricked a moment, before scratching the side of his face where she had kissed him, slightly lowering his head down, keeping his eyes on Amy.

“Huh… Well, one reward isn’t so bad.” he awkwardly went back to the group.

(You like? :Dc)

King George iii x Reader

Words: 1808 (okay maybe I got a little carried away)

Warning: it’s kind of implying domestic abuse, but not a lot. 

Request: “The king George fic was great, I really enjoyed it! Just in case you didn’t know, to fancy someone is quite colloquial. I just thought it stuck out a bit. Anyway, would you pls be able to write another King G fic about going to a ball together? Thx!" 

Prompt: nah 

A/N: I’m not sure if you wanted a sequel to the last one?? But I didn’t think it would go along well so I didn’t??? Anyways, I hope my writing is better for Hamiltimes 

y/f/c = your favorite color


 You smiled at your parents sweetly as they told you the news, you were heading to a Ball. The Kings Annual Ball, which he held each year. And you were having the honour, well, your family was having he honour, of attending it. 

Your family was close with one of the more powerful families in Britan, only because your father had helped them out when in trouble. So, returning the favour, which their family has seemed to do many times, they invited you. 

 You wanted to squeal in delight, but kept yourself under control, as your mother said, "Please, be on your best behaviour, we know what happened last time you went to a Ball.” You grimaced, everyone knew what happened last time you went to a Ball.

In your mind, it was simple: a man was being quite rude and sexist, so you showed him his place. To everyone else, the story was: You had anger issues, and this man was simply trying to get along with you, as he fancied you. Then, you got so angry that you slapped him in the face in front of everyone. Sure, you had slapped him, but everything else wasn’t true. Him, being a man, he was able to have the bigger word and completely lied to everyone there. You walked out of the Ballroom by yourself, caught a carriage, and went home. When your father and mother returned home, you tried explaining, but your father only called you a disgrace to the family. It was not a fun night. 

 Thinking back to it, you would have done it again in a heartbeat, the man deserved what was coming to him. He made vulgar comments, and he also told you women were too useless to do anything for themselves, then proceeded to ask for a dance! 

 "Y/n, dear, please put on your best dress, the Ball is tonight,“ your mother said, snapping you from your thoughts. You nodded, and walked back to your room. Going through your dresses, you thought, what if I never even see the King? What if I meet him, and he’s rude and arrogant? What if he is like the last guy at the last Ball? You’ve always been like this, and your mother always told you to stop worrying about such things. What happens, happens. So, you brushed those thoughts out of your mind, batting your eyes between two of your favorite dresses. It was hard do decide between them. 

 You ended up choosing a (y/f/c) dress, after a couple of minutes of contemplating if you should ask for your moms opinion. But who were you kidding? She would only say, ‘I think they’re both lovely’ and never actually choose. You sometimes wondered how she dressed herself, let alone making decisions for you. 

 Walking out of your room, you smiled at your mother, "The Final Product, I guess.” Your mother gushed, “Oh, you look beautiful, dear.”

 "Can we go now?“ You father asked, quite impatiently,  you looked at your mother, who nodded, and you nodded as well. Your father smiled kindly and lead you to the carriage that awaited outside. 

 You arrived inside of the Ballroom, where people were talking and dancing and having a great time, the King wasn’t there yet. 

 "Roger, it’s so nice to see you!” Your father said greeting someone, you curtsied towards the man, as he and your father continued talking. You had completely lost your mother, she departed you once you entered. You didn’t know anybody else in there, and if you did, they were certainly ignoring you. 

You walked over to a table filled of champagne, and food. Right at home. You picked up a glass and sipped. No man came up to you, asking to dance, or just to talk in general. It was kind of sad, you could sense other women giving you pity. 

 Just like last time, you were about to leave early, but then you heard something. You heard someone announce, “The King is here!” You almost dropped your glass, but, you set it on the table. Women curtsied, including you, and men bowed, as he entered the room, you looked up at him when he was in front of the room, and you were completely astonished. 

 He was a handsome man, he was better than the portraits. At least, the ones you’d seen. There were some around town, but not many. King George simply walked through the crowd towards the back of the room, everyone moved out of way to create a path. You sighed as he walked the way, but felt a pinch of relief as he didn’t walk your way. 

You wanted to feel the honour to meet him, but you were so embarrassing (told by your dad) that it would be better if you didn’t talk to most people, ecspecially important people. Your dad had stuck that in your mind for so many years, it was overwhelming. 

 You worked your way through the crowd, as they did not make a path for you. You had to shove through them, earning many strange looks, you just repeated, 'I’m sorry’ and 'Excuse me’ until you were outside. Once you were outside, you let out a sigh of relief, you weren’t confined in that room filled with loads of people. 

People who seemed to be judging you as you walked by, at least, that’s what it felt like to you. You were finally able to breathe, no one was around, it was just you and the moon. Nobody to distract, judge, annoy you. You felt free. 

 "Excuse me, miss?“ Someone asked, a male, asked.

 You turned around, and seeing who it was, you jumped up and curtsied instantly, "It’s an honour, sir.” King George smirked, obviously amused by how flabbergasted you were, among seeing him up close and in-person. 

 "May I ask, what are you doing out here, by yourself?“ He asked, sitting on the steps next to you. 

You sat down as well. "I, just, uh–” you stuttered, but he seemed so cool about everything, “I just needed some air, sir." 

 "King George is fine, uh…” He trailed off, leaving you to substitute your name. 

“Oh! Y/n y/l/n, sir– I mean, King George,” you covered your mouth, trying to avoid any further embarrassment. He smiled once again, feeling amused. 

 King George chatted up a storm, talking about the colonies and how he’s losing them, how he’s so angry at the General and a man named 'Alexander Hamilton’? You didn’t know, you were just there to listen. Not ask questions. 

“Would you care for a dance, y/n? I’ve been putting my burdens on you all night, I’m sure you want to make this night worth something,” King George said, standing up, and putting his hand out for you to take. 

 You took it, “I don’t think that would be nessasary, s– King George,” you corrected yourself quickly, “I don’t want to–" 

 "It would be a pleasure, Lady y/n,” he interrupted, “Shall we?" 

 You nodded briskly, "We shall.” King George lead you in, and many–actually, all people stared as you walked in. Except for a group in the corner containing your mother and father, as they were oblivious. 

 This time, a path was made for you, just for being with the King. The King. You would love and hate to see your dads face is he looked, hoping that maybe doing this would prove him wrong, in some way. But there was also a sliver of a chance he would say it was too big of a risk, and you could’ve disgraced the family name. 

 "Are you sure you want to do this, King George? With me, I mean,“ you looked up at him. He continued to direct you into position for the dance, "Please, of course I do. It is a new experience." 

 "You only met me an hour ago, si– King George.”

 "That’s alright.“ The music played, and you both swayed together. You weren’t sure of what he was doing, because you were looking down at your feet. 

 "Are your feet more interesting than me, Dear?” King George asked. 

 You looked up at him, “I’m sorry, I’m not really used to this." 

 The song ended a minute after of pure silence between you two, and you took a step away from him, "That probably wasn’t too pleasant for you, I’m sorry." 

"Oh it was–” he was cut off by a man appearing beside you. Your father. your mother appeared a second after, a little out of breath. "King George, it’s an honour to meet you, sir,“ your father greeted, your mother stood in awe and curtsied. "May I ask, was my daughter troubling you at all?" 

 King George was slightly confused, "No, she wasn’t. It was fine, the dance was fine." 

 Your fathers eyes widened, "Dance? What dance?" 

 You wanted to smirk triumphantly at your father and tell him how wrong he was, how welcomed you were by The King himself without embarrassing yourself completely or your family, but you looked down at your shoes instead. 

"Yes of course, we danced throughout the last song.”

 Your father was silent for a second, “Well, sir, I think it’s best we get going. Come on, y/n." 

 King George stood tall, "I shall walk y/n to your carriage,” he placed his arm out for you to take, which you hesitantly did. Your parents walked ahead of you, whispering. 

You turned to King George, “You really don’t have to do this, George." 

 "Oh, so it’s 'George’ now?” A smirk was growing on his face. The amusement in his eyes flew right over you, you covered your mouth with your free hand, “I’m sorry, Kin–" 

 "Alas, it’s fine. I’d rather you call me George anyway.” You removed your hand and looked anywhere else from where he was standing. Then, you reached outside, where your mother was already in the carriage, your father getting into. 

 King George slid his hand down to yours, and brought it up to his lips, kissing it, “I hope to see you soon, Lady y/n. I will definetly write.” Your face started to flush, you were out of things to say, “I will look forward to it, George.”

 He had a small smile on his face, but gently let go of your hand, allowing you to get in the carriage, next to your father. As soon as the door shut, your father went off, “Y/n, do you know how dangerous that was? You could have done, or said something wrong? You could have displeased him! That was risky, y/n." 

"Yes, father, I know,” you said, looking out the carriage window as the horses started up. You thought back to what happened, that entire night, “And I enjoyed every second of it.”