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The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 32 I guess this week is the most important post since we started our city challenge. Something considerable and momentous. A cultural exchange between Cologne and Munich. While drinking mini beers (so called Kölsch) and having a hard challenge with the Köbes (waiter) who can be the rudest person in the pub (Heiko won). We decided to drink a beer on you all.

This weeks praise to the bad light in Cologne’s pubs that nobody can see that I don’t look like in my selfies. Oh and praise to Heiko @heterotopian for the fun evening.

Oh and praise to the cute mini beers, Prost!

Worst kpop fans...

Every fandom has a bunch of crazies, but I’m sure that the Exo and SNSD fandoms are the worst. I’m a fan of both groups, but even I have to admit that. 

There’s no need for an Exo explanation.

And Sones… those fans are ratchet. I make this a secret because most of the people who I’m associated in tumblr are those ratchet sones that think SNSD releases the best music, that they deserve a grammy and crap, and that attack you with virtual baseball bats if you don’t idolize their SNSD girls. 

Both Exotics and Sones are so freaking annoying, I cannot stand them. I know this is bad, but sometimes I rethink why I’m stanning Exo and SNSD whenever I come across a rabid post. 

And even the fans that appear to be “normal” sometimes turn out to be trolls. For example, I was reading this forum post about BAP’s first win and two of the replies were from a Sone and an Exotic whom I’d assumed were normal. The Sone spammed Mr.Mr’s MV and the Exotic was like “Oh, congrats but Exo won a ton of awards waaay before BAP.” Do I even care? Does the OP of the post care? No, and it only makes us, the not-so-crazy Exotics and Sones look crazy.

Now, If you’re one of those rabid fangirls or fanboys, please stop. It’s not funny. It’s embarrassing.

Three subtle signs that you’re crazy  (this applies to ALL fandoms):

-Going into every post of another group and putting them down so you can praise your bias group.

-Viciously attacking every person that says something negative (not rude, just negative i.e. I don’t like Mr.Mr teaser; Growl is boring) about your bias group.

-Acting all arrogant and creating your own imaginary throne because you apparently stan the group with the best quality music, best visuals, etc.

If you realize that you’ve got any of this, please refrain yourself from continuing with that lunatic behavior and do the kpop world a favor.

I don’t know how many times people before me have said this, but oh my god Moffat stans

- “If you don’t like what Moffat’s doing to the show then stop watching” Yeah, I’m just going to go ditch my favorite tv-show that has always been a huge part of my life and go chill somewhere while it gets turned into an awful illogical mess.

-“You’re not a real fan of Doctor Who if you hate Moffat” No, you dimwits, it’s because we adore DW that we are so angry with what Moffat is doing!

-“Ugh, Moffat haters are so stupid, they never have any legit criticism of him and are just RTD worshipers” Oh yeah. No legit criticism. Absolutely no one makes any good arguments against Moffat. He’s a god, gods don’t ever make mistakes! How can I possibly dare to criticize the amazing Moffat!!

-“Moffat haters don’t allow people to have their own opinion” says the person who writes a post about how brainless anyone who hates Moffat is and that people should love his work because it’s always great.

- Oh, and btw, get off the “Moffat hate” tag or don’t be surprised you made a whole lot of people angry. Wouldn’t you be if you were protesting against something and someone just runs up to you and starts praising the thing you are protesting against?