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do you know any good altean!lance and galra!keith fics??

ohhhkayyy, god damn, like tumblr crashed on me as I was like 3 fics away from finishing this so I had to like start all over, like rip me.

and, I don’t have many altean lance fics so most of this is galra Keith and pretty much all angsty. I tried to find some less angsty ones, I don’t know how well I succeeded xD.

Note: I’ll be starting weekly fic recs in April. just and fyi~

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Summary: Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.
Series: 4 Works
            Work 1 WC: 61497 (19/19)
            Work 2 WC: 111883 (32/32)
            Work 3 WC: 133875 (42/42)
            Work 4 WC: 71480 (21/?)
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY FIC I HAVE WITH ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. gahgldfkjhsa;d, ok so this is just an amazing series, some nsfw tossed in btw, youve been wared. but over all, i just love this series so much and i need to like catch really bad… i didnt know work3 or 4 even existed… >.< 11/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197
Notes: -hands over some tissues- here you will need these. 100/10

I Was Born A Lion by spectralPhobia

Summary: After Keith discovers he is part Galra and Red lion rejects him, there’s only one way he can make himself useful: to join Galra and try to wreck them from the inside, while figuring out a relationship with a guy who turns out to be his biological father.
A comic about one stubborn man’s self-discovery, the challenges of spying, everyone in team Voltron being BAMF, and the universe that needs saving, as usual.
WC: comic, so no words counted by AO3 (11/?)
Notes: Galra Keith because Thace is some kinda of scientist? Uhm yes please. 10/10

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

Summary: “Oh trust me. When I’m done with you, I won’t be able to stop laughing,” Lance says lowly, and his lips curl farther, and there’s something wild in his stare, and it hits Keith suddenly.This isn’t Lance.
Lance falls under the control of Zarkon’s Druids, and although his friends manage to get him back, nothing is quite the same. Maybe the Galra succeeded after all. Maybe the Galra merely wanted to tear Team Voltron apart from the inside.
WC: 49072 (12/12)
Notes: Rip Lance tbh, this is like really angsty and my heart breaks for Lance. but yes, galra keith is there to save the day~ 10/10

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
Notes: -cackles- have some tissues my friend 100/10

Dancing Lion, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Summary: Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost. His aunt, Princess Allura, and his bodyguard, Shiro, are heartbroken.10 years later, an orphan named Keith sets out on his own, trying to find the key to his past. All he has to help him is a small figurine with a cryptic message, a friendly engineer, a technician and her friendly robot, and a cocky con man with a mysterious, yet familiar past.
WC: 35154 (14/14)
Notes: the anastasia au everyone talks about. and like galtean keith gives me life, but conman Lance gives me more. 10/10

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia

Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
WC: 18010 (6/6)
Notes: Smol Keith is like my fav, hes so cute in this. and Ulaz being a dad just heals my heart, like bless. 11/10

Ashes, Ashes by vagrantBreath

Summary: Everyone knew their kitten was destined for something greater.No one guessed it was Voltron.
WC: 26639 (20/20)
Notes: Keith raised by the BoM technically makes him Galra right? xD Hahah no, he does have ties, but yeah i love this, hes a sheltered little shit and its great. 9/10

Purple Marks and Bleeding Heart by TeaParade

Summary: Mark #223-code-violet, Lance’s newest job, is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron, a specialist group designed to take out the universe’s worst of the worst. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is. And Lance is having a very hard time.
WC: 52377 (12/?)
Notes: Sniper Lance and Galra Keith. literally one of my fav pairings. like straight up (tho nothing about this is straight in any sense really) 11/10

To See Blue Skies by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: He scoffed as he watched the fight below, the crowds going wild at the two fighters in the arena. They had such poor taste for entertainment these days.He heard a small sound of amusement from the one sitting next to his standing form, ever vigilant.“As if you were any better your first time in the arena.” They murmured under their breath, a small smile sneaking onto their face, pupiless gold eyes focused on the fight below, but their attention solely on the person standing guard next to him.“I must have have been somewhat impressive to catch the eyes of a certain prince now wasn’t I?"The prince snuck a glance towards the taller, whose face was hidden behind the helmet they wore."You caught a lot more than just my eye that’s for sure.”
WC: 5947 (4/?)
Notes: i,, just love this fic? Like Galra Prince Keith and Champion Lance, you can’t really get much better than this. 10/10

If Only I Could Cry TheSlytherinMudblood

Summary: Galra biology differs from human biology in many ways. For example, Galra are purple. They have yellow eyes. The mammalian ones are able to purr.They also lack tear ducts.
WC: 586
Notes: this is short and sweet (read angsty sorry not sorry) 8/10

The Master of Disguise by NireYllek

Summary: “Wait, what that doesn’t make any sense.” Hunk protested.Pidge shook her head with a tsk. “It does if one of us is disguised as Allura.”Pidge flashed a smirk in Lance’s direction. “I’m sorry, why are you looking at me?” Lance protested. Something in Keith’s brain clicked, he looked at Lance and then at the Princess.Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god.
WC: 33596 (6/6)
Notes: Tbh, this made me giggle so much. Lance dressed as Allura and Keith and his gay awakening™ just give me life ok. 10/10

the blog

And you groaned before snatching the phone away from his hand wherein you subsequently began reading though hearing Tom banter along while your eyes were scanning the page. “Funny thing was that my fans kept tweeting me that this blog was something related to you, and that I should ask you what all of this was about.”

warnings: oral (female receiving), a nsfw gif, unprotected sex, usage of the daddy kink

A/N: but this had so much dialogue i honestly am so mad?? i h8 that shit

Both you and your boyfriend, Tom, were lazily sat against the headboard with your legs under the duvet on a Sunday afternoon. Your laptop was placed against your lap wherein in front displayed a document that you were labeling on Microsoft for a presentation at your office — which honestly has not been working out because you literally had just a hundred words typed out.

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Tsukiyama Tummy Troubles Pt 1

(Okay I’ve done it again. I meant for this to be drabble length/paragraphs and it ended up pages again. OTL. But this is a multi part fic based on AMAZING Tsukiyama art that @dumdumdrawstumtums gave to me a bit ago. I’ve been wanting to write to it forever but either have been busy or hadn’t had the desire. But thanks to Tokyo Ghoul being on TV again, I had extra motivation. I hope the next parts will be a little shorter…And feel free to translate my bad French. I just used Google Translate but it’s also supposed to sound terrible because it’s Tsukiyama. Also note that I’ve made him very uncanon and he is able to eat regular food as well as people but oh well. Disclaimer: This has vore content.) 

Tsukiyama just couldn’t help himself. He knew that he had an important week ahead of him. First, there was a gala tomorrow and then later in the week a special “engagement” with Kaneki (he hesitated to call it a date) that he was dying to enjoy.

“I shouldn’t. I need to look my best this week. I cannot disappoint those at the gala and I definitely cannot disappoint Kaneki…” Tsukiyama said to himself as he bit his lip, first trying to prevent himself from going down the path that his body wanted to go, then down a dirtier path as he dug harder into his own flesh with his teeth. “Kaneki…” he thought to himself for a moment, trying to shake off his lustful thoughts before giving in. He continued to bite on his lip then let his eyes roll back into his head with his head tilting back just a little as he got lost in the dual fantasy of wanting to bed Kaneki and then wanting to eat Kaneki. His imagination ran wild for a moment as he felt himself stiffen in his pants slightly, before he was shaken back to reality again by the very organ that started this whole mess. His stomach.

It growled hungrily even though he was not starving. He didn’t need to eat…he wanted to. Desperately. “I mustn’t! There’s no guarantee I’ll be ready by tomorrow!” Tsukiayama yelled down at his ab-lined stomach. The gluttonous back of his mind worked in tandem with another growl of his stomach. “But what if you were? You’ve digested quickly so many other times! Why you will probably be back, fitter than ever!”, the evil voice in the head said like a terrible shoulder devil though he could tell that the voice was coming not from his shoulder by “other brains” of his anatomy that wanted him to make terrible decisions.

In dramatic fashion, Tsukiyama wrestled with himself, literally. He tossed his head in his hands trying to shake himself out of the thoughts he was thinking and lost his footing, tossing himself side to side. He threw himself against wall, shoulder hitting brick, as he tensed up his face. “La Torture! Tentation divine! Les horreurs d'un repas délicieux et d'un ventre plein! Que devrais-je faire?” He asked himself out loud, drool forming already at his mouth. “Je ne devrais pas le faire…” he said looking down at the ground and then using the back of his sleeve to wipe away the forming drool at his lips. “Mais je dois! Très Bien!” He said licking his lips.

He looked around, now thinking of those around him as potential meals. It was then that he noticed the tell-tale signs of a CCG Ghoul Investigator in a large trench coat, carrying a large metal briefcase. “Très Magnifique! It’s almost like the heavens provide to sanctify this meal!” Tsukiyama said in trite reverence. He caught up to the man and followed him for blocks to make sure that his prey was indeed an investigator. “Mon dieu, I’m practically doing a public service!” he muttered to himself. He watched as the investigator turned down a small, dark alley and then opened his briefcase to fight. Tsukiyama carefully took off his jacket and laid it gingerly on top of a closed dumpster. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation then charged. “Bon appétit…”

The battle hadn’t lasted long. The investigator was strong, stronger than Tsukiyama had anticipated, but that made his victory that much sweeter. His hunger and desire drove Tsukiyama to fight with greater power and speed, though he was so engrossed in his decision that he seemed to fight with an added flair, near dancing around the alley as he dodged every blow that the investigator tried to land on him. It wasn’t long until Tsukiyama was able to overwhelm the investigator and he was left standing in the middle of now abandoned alley, patting his distended belly and arching his head back to let out a gluttonous, wet belch. He pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed the sides of his mouth. “Bof…Excusez-moi! How ill-refined,” he said as he patted his bloated belly over his disheveled shirt. He grabbed his suit coat and proceeded to waddle home to sleep off his meal so he’d be able to be prepared for the gala the next evening. Already the food coma was starting to prick at his consciousness and telling him, he had indeed made the right decision.

Tsukiyama fell asleep, sure in the knowledge that he had made the correct judgement. He patted his belly and slept on his side, letting his belly fill out the side of his bed and dreamt of his upcoming time with Kaneki later in the week. He counted sheep softly, stroking his struggling belly as he did.

However, when Tsukiyama awoke, he did so to a very unpleasant surprise. He tried to turn over, still groggy, assuming that he’d be back to normal shape or at the worst, still a slight bloat that he might be able to cover. But he found that as he turned over to try to stretch his stiff body that he was unable to do so. Wide awake now, and with a sense of terror, he slowly looked down at his torso and saw that his belly still just as big and struggling as it had been before his sleep. “Oh merde…” He said in defeat as he realized that his gamble had ended in utter defeat.

He glanced over at his alarm clock, having decided not to set it to try to work off his meal as much as possible. “Double merde…” he muttered, rolling his eyes. It was only a few hours to the gala and he would need to get ready. He couldn’t let the investigator out, that was like begging for him to be hunted directly or just killed on the spot. No, unfortunately… He’d eaten himself into a corner. Tsukiyama would have to keep him in his stomach for the gala.

Tsukiyama spent the next hour trying to find some clothes that would fit his new girth. At first he tried to focus on something he could wear to the gala and failing that, just something that would fit. Neither seemed to be readily available. His frustration with his own gluttony, his appetite backfiring on him, and anger that his stomach and it’s contents weren’t cooperating with him was making discontented, and rapidly losing his usual French flair. Finally he decided his best shot was to go back to the flashy suit that he was usually wore to such events and would do his best to say that he had just overeaten at a gourmet meal as his gluttonous ways were well known, just not this this…extent.

He showered, and prepped himself, making sure his hair was perfectly coiffed. With some struggle he was able to get his slacks and belt done up, though incredibly strained. The belt buckle was trying to pull itself free as it sat under his incredibly round belly, the added weight of his middle pushing the buckle painfully toward his crotch as it pressed downward. He should have tucked in his shirt first, but he wasn’t even sure he could get his shirt around his new waistline at this point. He buttoned up around his defined chest and then winced a bit as successive buttons got harder and harder to button until finally he was stuck.

Tsukiyama made a face of mixed disgust and determination. He poked angrily at his stomach to get his meal’s attention. “Urgh-! Suck it in! I have a gala tonight, and I’m not letting you ruin it!” he shouted, trying to pull the two halves of his shirt closer together. He struggled and sucked in his stomach as much as he commit, trying to think thin thoughts and apply as much of a vacuum to his distended torso as he could until he was finally able to do up the last buttons.

He cautiously let himself relax and watched the buttons strain tight but was grateful that for the moment they held. Patting the properly contained belly, he tried to tuck what he could into his tight pants, his fingers already being crushed by trying to get them in the tight belt. “Tsukiyama. You’ve really done it this time. You can do this,” He said to himself in the mirror before then putting his suit coat (he decided not to try a button on that at this point) and walked out the door to go to the gala, requesting a driver to take him there. He was glad that Kaneki wouldn’t be at the extravagant affair, having expressed that he didn’t want to be a such a crowded pretentious place with all those people. It would give him time to return to normal. Tsukiyama gulped. Or at least he hoped.

of written feelings and words with meaning

Summary: Recently, Dan’s become addicted to this writing blog. He’s so addicted to it in fact, that he might as well be in love with it. The writer seems to say exactly how it feels and he finds himself wishing he had someone who was so deeply in love with him to write for him like that. Little does he know that there is already someone doing that and he’s closer than he thought.

Phil, on the other hand, has his own feelings and secrets to keep.

Excerpt:  For he was more than happy to stand at the shore, watching the tide roll than to submerge himself into the water, get whisked away by the waves, and before he knew it, he’d be too lost to find his way back.

Words: 5k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst (??)

A/N: FOUR DAYS. THIS TOOK ME FOUR DAYS. Anyyas, this was a whole lot of fun to write and I guess this is my year-end gift as well as my HOLY SHIT GUYS THANKS FOR 1.4K YA’LL ARE AMAZING GIFT.

“his laugh was a work of magic
filling my lungs with fresh air
he brought colour to a life so tragic
and held a heart with utmost care

yet he was a hero who didn’t know he was one
a knight saving people he couldn’t see
i would gladly give him the sun
even if he wouldn’t know it was me

oh what a cruel god rules my life
i write for a man who doesn’t know
and despite it, i hold unto the knife
cause i’ve planted a seed that has grown

so, i sit back and watch him live
because many say we met through fate
and bit by bit my heart i give
although i won’t get it back, ‘till kingdom come i’ll wait”

Dan’s eyes were focused on the addicting blue of the screen (he could think of a blue that looked much better than that), scrolling mindlessly, occasionally breathing out through his nose as a desperate attempt of a laugh when he came across the poem. With text posts, he’d normally read it then just scroll on. However, this one managed to hold him captive, a whisper of his mind told him to pay it more attention.

And so he did.

The brunet clicked on the poem’s original poster. Immediately, he was greeted by a monochrome theme with the title Words Written with Feeling in Search of a Meaning and he must admit, it took a while for his sleep-deprived mind to understand it.

For hours, Dan read this writer’s words. From what he could gather, the writer was a man and most of what he’s written was so tragically beautiful. His way with words was astonishing. They made you feel as if you were the one who felt his emotions.

Granted, most of his writing was in first person but despite that, the way he described his thoughts danced on the line of vague and descriptive. It was symbolic. His words made you think of their meaning enough to get a grasp on the complications that were his feelings.

Besides, he found it ironic that the blog was monochrome for the words of the writer were so colourful. Iridescent hues lacing between the curves of every letter. Splashes of colour highlighting every word.

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zappypot  asked:

Your art style is so amazing and everytime I see it I get really happy because I just love looking at it. Not to mention you alone are an amazing person and your blog makes my day!

Oh Gosh, oh gosh! I just don’t know how to react on it!
I’m so flattered to hear it! That’s so nice to make someone happy!
Then my art worth something!

Well, now you made my day, dear fruit! T-thank you!

@jaspurrlock this is for you and it really got so outa hand i don’t understand. (heh it rhymes) anyway you said you liked succulents so look succulents. Also depth perception is a bitch and im not sure if it comes across correctly but i cant fix it so idk. I haven’t made something this elaborate in a long time and it was really fun so thanks for inspiring this in a way. Im gonna scan it tomorrow it might look better? It looks darker then it actually is.

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 2

Originally posted by sayonaraaolliveira

You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part One   Part Three 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name 

Word Count: I honestly lost track, lmfao 

Craster’s Keep smells, it smells and it gave you a horrid feeling. You were on your black stallion riding behind Jon Snow, you can still feel your bruises from all the practice you had with him. Soon you developed tougher skin and a small scare that crossed the bridge of your nose. 

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“You’re big,” Yuri muttered, face flushed.

Otabek let out a huff that may have been an embarrassed laugh or a sign of mild annoyance or simply a reaction to Yuri’s touch, Yuri couldn’t tell.

“So people tell me.”

Yuri frowned, stopping in his exploration.

“Wait, who does?”

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Swords-master Kolehk, chief of the Sow-Ku tribe and hand of military.

Before Kolehk met Davarius he was the leader of the Sow-Ku warrior tribe who resided on a snowy mountain, usually hunting giant beasts native to the area. They tend to be stronger and beefier than people from other tribes, and make excellent fighters. They are also the most compassionate of the tribes. If you make a Sow-Ku your friend, you’ve got a friend for life. Interestingly, the Sow-Ku are the only tribe to have something resembling hair. Silver threads grow from the back of their head, and it’s very popular among them to fashion them into braids or knots.

As hand of military, Kolehk is responsible for the safety of the people, wether that means defending them from a beast attack or serving justice to criminals within the Citadel of Fire’s own walls.

He is regarded as one of, if not the, best sword wielder among the Sow-Ku, which is something he is very proud of. He oversees the training of all Sow-Ku warriors, and even mentored Zo personally.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I’m new to your comic and I was wondering if there was a way to read in chronological order? I’m on mobile and I clicked the link for the first page, but after that there’s no “next page” option on the post. The only way I can see right now is to scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog and read up.

Oh man, This is something I hadn’t even thought about because I literally have never used the tumblr app. I either check it on my desktop or just through the mobile web. The app seems to completely override whatever changes I’ve made to make the theme accessible on the mobile site, so I’m not sure how to best counteract that other than just using the mobile browser. Blackwater is also up on webtoons however, and I think that might be easier for mobile readers…

webtoons link

Ill try to look into it further, but as far as I can tell I can’t change anything visually specifically on the app, even with mobile default setting checked off, but things work exactly how I want when I just go to the site on my phone browser.

anonymous asked:

1/3 I have a headcanon that like, all the dragons have a soft spot for Hiccup. They absolutely love their riders and would definitely follow them to the death and beyond, they just come to him for their own reasons. Stormfly occasionally wanders in while Astrid is training and gently nuzzles a napping Toothless, then she nudges Hiccup for scratches and sometimes nips at his hair. Hookfang barges in when he's stressed at Snotlout and won't calm down until Hiccup starts talking to him and pets him

2/3 Hookfang tends to leave before Snotlout comes and gets upset, but later he’ll affectionately nudge Hiccup when Snotlout isn’t looking. Barf and Belch creep up and boop him with both heads on either side while he’s working. It scares the senses out of Hiccup but he knows they mean well. Meatlug tends to follow Fishlegs almost as much as Toothless follows Hiccup, so often when they pass by she nuzzles and hugs both of them. Windshear comes in with a gentle head boop, and stands by watching

3/3 curiously as he messes around in the forge, cocking her head a little when he exclaims excitedly. Back on Berk, it’s basically the same. Someone will be looking for their dragon, if it turns out they’re not at the usual places, they’ll find them with Hiccup. There’s just something about the way he talks to them and touches them. It’s not necessarily better than their own rider’s way, it’s just different.

Okay, well, first of all, I just would like to know what I did to deserve such a beautiful headcanon in my inbox. Like, what made this anon think that my blog was a good place to bless with this lovely thing. Oh my gosh. I’ve read this so many times (also, sorry about the delay! I always answer questions on a computer, and I haven’t been on one with free time).

I love this. 

And Hiccup pretends to be mildly irritated in front of the other riders (”Guys, please tell your dragons that I am not their babysitter.”), but in reality, he spoils them rotten. He wuvs them so very much.

belphegor-xin  asked:

did you see aikyan and rikyako's date? if you look closer at the table you can see something that made all the Yohariko (and cnrk) shippers die (if you cant see i have zoomed pics on my blog)

oh yes, I flailed when I saw Aikyan’s tweet XD!! And yes, that sneaky sneaky yocchan-lily umbrella on the table~

Aikyan herself said “ ヨハリリの相席” that’s YohaLily’s table~

Meanwhile Rikyako included a pic with Arisha so this is really a tsurime-trio outing~

tofansesmuna  asked:

Hey! So, concerning those aesthetics you did for the Be More Chill characters - which, by the way, THANK YOU for making them oh my god they were gorgeous and well made and perfect for the characters. But anyway, I'm making my first Aesthetic board, but I haven't been able to find any apps or programs or instructions on how to actually put the pictures together. How did you do your's? (P.S. It's cool if u don't answer, it's not like u have a tutorial blog or something). Thanks again! I ❤️ ur art!

i just compiled images that fit what i was looking for in the overall aesthetic in sai & overlayed/adjusted colors

Heh-llo my pinguins darlings!!!! I’m the grate Karamemetsu and your are watching Dis- wait no sorry my angles, wrong monologue! Ahem-

I! The grate Karamemetsu is travelling in order to promote our team! TEAM KARAMATSU!

I beg you! Oh~ my~ sweet~ meme~! Please help @team-kara win the @matsugames! FOR GLITTER! FOR GLORY! FOR PERFECT FASHION!

Please follow our tumblr: team-kara.tumblr.com and our twitter @mgteam_kara !

And rememeber: 


anonymous asked:

I'm gonna be honest I had to come to your blog for some reassurance that "feel bad for all femmes that are into butches" thing wasn't actually hatred because I've seen so much vitriol thrown at butches over the last couple years that my kneejerk reaction is to assume even something playful like that is hate. I'm glad it wasn't, but ugh I wish my brain hadn't been conditioned to assume that of people.

I think the couple of nasty comments I got actually come out of a couple things, and I’m glad you said this, because I think it’s something, we, as a people, need to talk about

(When I use ‘you’ in the context of this talk I mean ‘all y’all’ not you specifically) 

1. The point you made–People are so used to butch lesbians being attacked that there’s a knee-jerk desire to protec and attac. I UNDERSTAND THIS INTIMATELY, TRUST. 

2. You’re not gonna like this one–the second factor is a pretty uncharitable lack of reading comprehension. Not just in my post, i see this all the time, but I’ve read my post several times now, because I do in fact have a very aggressive communication style, and sometimes I come off TOTALLY wrong. But I think it’s tough to read what I said and take it as anything other than poking fun at how oblivious butches are about flirting, and how we as femmes end up hilariously tossing ourselves at them. 

3. Tumblr’s really really terrible pattern and impulse of seeing a post, looking at the reblogs and comments for something that pisses them off, and popping off about it devoid of any context. One person, that I had never seen in my life, reblogged it, directly from me, with the addition “Feel sorry for yourself, ugly” (which, hilariously, actually that was what I was doing, yes, I do, rest assured I have been this femme writing notes about coogne and hope you get the message) (It was deleted quickly because I assume they flipped over to my blog and figured out they made a mistake) 

Oh of raw curiosity, I went to my blog and searched ‘butch’ for the posts that come up not involving this. First was a huge fanfic, where you would have seen it used positively BUT NO ONE BLAMES ANYONE FOR NOT GOING THERE, but the next two were these: 

my (butch) friend E: I drank Hershey’s syrup out of the bottle as a kid.
me: I drank soy sauce.
my buddy D: there it is folks, the butch- femme dynamic.

Reasons my butch is crying:

today in the Buffalo Bill museum she felt sad that the buffalo no longer freely roam the Plains

Literally a 2 minute search could have told you this was probably being interpreted in an uncharitable way, but we don’t do that on tumblr, we shoot first and ask questions later, and that’s how stuff gets blown up to ridiculous proportions. Maybe don’t flybynight on blogs of people you don’t know and assume the worst of them. It does not take a lot of time to search key terms (my blog even has dates when you search! So you can see that maybe what I thought 3 years ago isn’t what I think now!) 

I really want all of my followers to read this, and think about this next time you want to pop off. 

It is important to be thoughtful in our criticisms, because these things are important, and popping off and crying wolf makes them look silly. 

Thoughtful literally just means sit and think about it. Check your facts. Stop reblogging stuff blindly. Please, for the love of God, Harumichi, chicken strips, whatever you need to swear to, stop and think to yourself: 

  • Am I reading what they really said? Is there another way to read this?
  • What does the rest of their blog indicate about this? Does this maybe ask a personal context I don’t have? 
  • Is this actually a big deal that requires a stranger’s intervention? –picking your battles is literally one of the hardest things to learn to do.
  • If I am unwilling to put my name to a criticism, do I truly believe it’s worth defending? Do I have the courage of my convictions? 
  • If a news story/scholarly thing: Let me google this really fast) PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE YOU REBLOG SHIT EVEN WITHOUT COMMENTARY OH MY GOD. (If I see that anime was a mistake thing passed around again, when he never fucking said that, I am…gonna lose it)  

I think you’ll find in general your experiences on tumblr are more positive and less anxiety prone if you just take on a little bit of this responsibility. For example me: I have a major major major major issue with people removing Tracer’s CA for art. It sucks. It’s disability erasure because her CA interferes with outfits or some dumb reason. When i see it, I go to a person’s blog, i check art tags, i try to figure out as much as I can before I speak to them about it ALWAYS UNDER MY ACTUAL NAME. 

It’s been largely positive! Not always, but often! (Actually its mostly the wide scale rebloggers/content ~curators~ who are really really terrible about this no matter how many times I message them and if it didn’t violate my own personal understanding of lashon hara I would absolutely at them and post about it ahah)

Anyway, you don’t have to agree with me, but I think it’s valuable to sit and think about these things, before you act. Sometimes I just take a walk! I’m impulsive as fuck and I need to not have access to answer for a few minutes. 

IN conclusion: I love butch lesbians, I think tumblr really needs to work on open communication 

It’s the aftermath of the victorious battle with the Brotherhood, and everyone is talking. Titans who have never met each other before are trading names, powers, stories, all the little vocal things which build fast friendships between strangers. Between teammates.
Jericho hangs back, because this is something he can’t take part in. A touch to his throat begs it to work again just once, but as usual the broken vocal cords under the skin make no move to fix themselves.
If only Robin or Beast Boy were nearby, or Herald, he’d be a little less uneasy. If only

animating is hard oh heck

messily-drawn disney jojo because i’ve been leafing through the framexframe blog today and wanted to try to emulate something easy

there’s a bunch of mistakes and a lot to improve on but i do like the way it came out; i might try this again on a free day if i can summon up the energy to put this much effort into anything ever again in my entire life